Thursday, July 02, 2009

This is the reason I stand the way I do in my city

This is the reason I stand the way I do in my city. This is the reason I am not ashamed to stand in obedience to my Lord in my city. You will not see me betraying my Lord in my city because of who my king is. I will be standing on behalf of my king at the City Hall and in my neighborhood, at the hospital and in the church, at the grocery store and in the midst of my persecutors. Alone, or with many, this is why I stand against those who mock my Lord. I am not ashamed of my king. I will not stand on the sidelines while the government mocks my king. For my king is worthy of my complete obedience and allegiance.

And who do you give your allegiance to?


Gerald J. said...

That video presented a huge list of exaggerated claims but absolutely NO EVIDENCE to back them up.

Kings rein only when approved by the people they serve. History is filled with deposed kings. For example, on July 4th, 1776 the American colonies served notice on King George III that he was no longer our king because he had failed to perform in a satisfactory manner. Our Declaration of Independence declared that we are a free people and that henceforth we would govern ourselves.

When kings fail to live up to their promises to their people, the people can choose another king or find another form of government. James, this seems to be the case with YOUR king as more and more people are choosing to follow other kings. The promises and claims outlined in your king’s “holy book” are being proven by science and experience to be baseless. Since you will be the last to leave, please turn out the lights.

Anonymous said...

The devil never stops chattering for he has nothing else to do but to lead the sheep astray. People are like sheep. They get lost easily. They don't even know when the devil speaks through them.