Friday, July 17, 2009

The Hypocritical Christian Politicians Who Run A Whore House in Washington D.C.

Why our side is being destroyed in the political arena: Read this shocking expose on the Christian Fellowship of Lawmakers (known as "C" Street), a group of powerful politicians in Washington D.C. who publicly claim they are Christians, but are running a sex house in their organizational residence in the nation's capitol. These are the dark hours before the storm.

Another Alleged Affair Tied to Christian House on Capitol Hill
By Jonathan Allen | July 16, 2009 7:29 PM

A Capitol Hill townhouse that serves as a dormitory and meeting place for a band of conservative Christian lawmakers has been linked to a third episode of marital infidelity, this time in a Mississippi court filing by a former lawmaker's estranged wife.

In an "alienation of affection" lawsuit, former Rep. Charles W. Pickering Jr.'s estranged wife, Leisha, alleges that he carried on an extramarital affair with a onetime college sweetheart while he lived at a house at 133 C Street in Southeast Washington. Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., and Gov. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., both of whom admitted to cheating on their wives in recent weeks, are members of the Christian fellowship of lawmakers known as "C Street" for the address of the house where several of the members live at any given time.

Leisha Pickering alleges that some of the "wrongful conduct" on the part of the woman accused of breaking up the Pickering marriage "occurred and accrued" in Washington, D.C., "at the C Street Complex."

A source familiar with the C Street group said it is difficult to envision a resident carrying on relations with a mistress in the townhouse where he lived with other lawmakers.

The extremely tight-knit and secretive group is described by those with knowledge of its practices as a prayer group in which members seek to discuss personal issues and "hold each other accountable."

Pickering was once seen as the natural successor to Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., who retired in the 110th Congress. But the lawsuit alleges that Pickering turned down an offer by Gov. Haley Barbour, R-Miss., to take Lott's seat and instead retired from the House this year because his mistress gave him an ultimatum: either continue in Congress without her or leave Congress to be with her.


Anonymous said...

They have been led astray by Satan. Their love for God is not strong enough for them to overcome temptations. Satan had made people think that adultery is not a big deal these days.

If you truly love God, you'll not want to offend Him by committing adultery. Only forgiveness and love can save marriages. We must stop blaming our spouses when we face marriage problems.

Mike Licht said...

There's nothing sinister about the C Street Fellowship. The group just believes that "love thy neighbor" trumps the Ten Commandments if you're rich, white, male and Republican.


James Hartline said...

So enlighten me Mr. Licht: what commandments are the following Democrats upholding:
Pres. Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky.
Congressman Barney Frank with a male prostitute.
Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and his pro-homosexual bribery rot.
New York Governor Elliot Spitzer and his call girl harem.
Senator John Edwards and his cheating on his wife who is suffering cancer.
Congressman William Jefferson and his Nigerian bribe money in the freezer.
Senator Gary Hart and his mistress-ending presidential affair.
And the ever lovely Senator Ted Kennedy who left the very dead Mary Jo Kopechne at the scene of an accident without reporting the car crash he caused.
And the burning bright candle on all of the Democratic Party cakes is the historically whorish President Kennedy and his disgusting affairs with Marilyn Monroe among others.
Oh, that's right the Democrats only have one commandment: keep on corruptin' and the Democrats will keep on truckin', at least until they've rotted away what country they leave behind after Obama's reign of rottenness.