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San Diego Mayor Endangers City's Children By Honoring Organization Plagued With Missing Children Cases

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
August 27, 2007

~ A Generation Under Seige ~
~ A City With A Broken Moral Compass ~

San Diego Mayor Endangering City's Children By Honoring
Organization That Has Been Plagued By Missing Children's Cases
And Years Of Bureaucratic Mismanagement

San Diego's Neighborhood House Suffers Ninth Missing Child:
As Mayor Sanders Honors Organization With Citywide Proclamation
Declaring July 10, 2007 Neighborhood House Association Day

"I'm really proud of what you do!"
Mayor Jerry Sanders tells Neighborhood House of San Diego
during July 10, 2007 San Diego City Council Proclamation Hearing
when the mayor honored the troubled organization.

"Another child toddler wandered away from a Head Start preschool operated by
Neighborhood House of San Diego, the ninth time in three years a child has
disappeared from a center run by the giant nonprofit."
August 25, 2007 Union Tribune article by Jeff McDonald.

(JHReport) From routinely marching in an annual gay sex parade where school children are exposed to xxx pornographers to forcing San Diegans to celebrate an entire gay pride month in his city, there aren't too many controversial areas that San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders hasn't explored. However, a new proclamation put forth by the scandal-plagued San Diego mayor where he honored an extremely troubled non-profit charity, is bringing further scrutiny on the moral bearings of Jerry Sanders.

The new proclamation in question was submitted to the city council by Mayor Jerry Sanders on July 10, 2007. It declared July 10, 2007 as Neighborhood House Association Day in the City of San Diego. Most citywide proclamations are, for the most part, non-controversial. However, many recent ones submitted by the mayor have become marked with bitter dissension by many San Diego Conservative Christians due to the sexualized nature of the groups being honored by Sanders. The Sanders-proposed Neighborhood House proclamation that was unanimously approved by the city council on July 10th is running into tremendous criticism in light of the fact that Neighborhood House just suffered its ninth reported missing child from one of its Head Start program properties.

Many conservative family leaders in San Diego are becoming so concerned about the disconnect between Mayor Jerry Sanders and the welfare of their city's children that one confidential source has told the James Hartline Report that panic is beginning to settle in within certain GOP circles.

Mayor Sanders outraged many church leaders when he once again pushed for a dangerous proclamation to honor the annual San Diego Gay Pride organization despite overwhelming evidence that children were again being exposed to xxx gay pornography, nearly-nude male strippers and other degrading anti-child imagery. The 2007 Sanders-proposed gay pride proclamation came with the knowledge that the San Diego Gay Pride organization had previously hired dangerous pedophiles to work for the group. One of those pedophiles, Martin Ramirez, was hired to entertain children in the 2005 San Diego Gay Pride Festival Children's Garden. Sanders not only embraced that year's festival, but rode in the 2005 San Diego Gay Pride Parade.

Why Jerry Sanders seems to be so bent on putting the political interests of certain groups over the safety of vulnerable children has not been fully ascertained. What is clear, however, is that this latest controversy over Sanders issuing a proclamation to grant Neighborhood House Association a citywide day of honor will further paint the mayor as a man with a truly broken moral compass.

According to a disturbing new report in the San Diego Union Tribune by staff writer Jeff McDonald, nine children under the care of the Neighborhood House Association of San Diego, have disappeared while under the direct supervision of the organization. What makes the report of these missing children all the more traumatic and despicable are the new revelations being provided by the James Hartline Report which show that during the San Diego City Council meeting on July 10, 2007 Mayor Jerry Sanders issued a proclamation to honor Neighborhood House despite the plague of missing children under the organization's care.

The docketed item put forth by Mayor Sanders to honor Neighborhood House on July 10, 2007 reads:

Adopt the following resolution:
(R-2007-1286 Cor. Copy)
Commending Neighborhood House Association for the exemplary work they do each and everyday;
Proclaiming July 10, 2007, to be "Neighborhood House Association Day" in the City of San Diego.

In an incredible display of naitivity and political ignorance, on July 10, 2007, Mayor Jerry Sanders honored Neighborhood House Association at the same time that the group continued to have problems with children missing from its programs. Whether or not the mayor and the councilmembers who supported the proclamation were seeking to score political points with an influential voting constituency will be worked out in the hearts and minds of the parents who feel threatened by the irresponsibility of the mayor's constant gravy train of disturbing anti-child proclamations. What is now known among San Diego voters is that the many missing children from Neighborhood House were overlooked while the mayor was scoring a photo-op during the council meeting in which his proclamation was issued.

You can watch the video where Mayor Jerry Sanders issues the proclamation to honor Neighborhood House Association by going to the following:

San Diego City Council Meeting Archives
Go to View Video: Tuesday - July 10, 2007
Click On Item 31, Neighborhood House Association Day

The July 10th proclamation by Mayor Sanders and the San Diego City Council reveals a deepening chasm between families and the politically motivated actions of a governmental body that has demonstrated an unwillingness to clean up the moral destruction that they have created on their watch.

San Diego City Council candidate and community activist James Hartline happened to be at the city council hearing on July 10th where he saw, firsthand, the Sanders anti-child political machinations in action. Hartline and his organization, the "Not On My Watch" Team, were at the city council on July 10th to confront the political and sexual corruption of the San Diego Gay Pride organization. For five years, Hartline has been fighting the city council's support for events that he deems harmful to children. An August 25, 2007 report in the San Diego Union Tribune by Jeff McDonald provides some important support for Hartline's faithful war to protect the children of his city.

The August 25th Union Tribune report paints a far different picture than the one that Mayor Sanders, Councilwoman Toni Atkins, Councilman Ben Hueso and Councilman Anthony Young painted of Neighborhood House during the July 10th city council meeting when they showered the organization with platitudes.

After dripping words of honey upon the many faceted programs of Neighborhood House, Mayor Sanders concluded his comments by saying to Neighborhood House representatives, "I am really proud of what you do!"

Demonstrating just how disconnected Mayor Sanders is from the real problems facing families and their suffering children in San Diego, this is how the August 25th Union Tribune article by Jeff McDonald described the same Neighborhood House that the mayor had honored just one month earlier:

"The non-profit has had trouble keeping track of children in recent years."

Mayor Sanders said this about the same organization during his July 10th speech to honor Neighborhood House:

"I'm really proud of what you do!"

According to the Union Tribune, from June 2004 to July 2006, eight children wandered off from Neighborhood House Head Start centers. State officials were so concerned that they placed the agency on special status and ordered extra security measures and staff training.

A July 2006 incident was especially troubling for regulators. In that case, an 18-month-old and a 19-month-old roamed away from the Pacific Beach center, which is on a busy street lined with apartments. That case was the latest in a series of violations there, prompting the state licensing office to begin revocation proceedings against the facility.

In addition to the nine missing toddlers, the program has been plagued with chronic under-enrollment and inaccurate record-keeping. Recent audits have cited Neighborhood House for enrolling too few children, for signing up families that do not meet income guidelines, and for doctoring sign-in sheets to make attendance appear higher.

McDonald wrote in the Union Tribune that officials already working to revoke the license of a Neighborhood House center in Pacific Beach called the latest episode “a very serious incident.” They have opened a new investigation. According to the California Department of Social Services, a 3-year-old boy was riding his bicycle on the playground at Rolling Hills Head Start in Rancho Peñasquitos the morning of July 30. The boy rode off and was found three-quarters of a mile away by a passerby, officials said.

Mayor Sanders was the not the only city official who was demonstrating a tremendous lapse of judgment on July 10, 2007 when they overlooked the ongoing failures at Neighborhood House Association to honor the organization with a citywide proclamation. It is this same city council which continues year after year to honor the sexually-destructive San Diego Gay Pride organization.

"They simply don't get it," says community activist James Hartline. "And until they get their own morals straightened out they probably never will stop issuing these deplorable citywide proclamations to honor gay sex groups and troubled, anti-child organizations," Hartline added.

. According to a scathing June 24, 2006 report in the Union Tribune by Jeff McDonald, government regulators ordered Neighborhood House to clean up its records within six months, but that might be difficult. Similar audits going back to 1997 found the same kinds of deficiencies.

Full enrollment in Head Start has been elusive, despite a waiting list of 3,000 names. The government requires full enrollment, in part because it pays Neighborhood House $8,000 a year per child for the approximately 10,100 children who participate. But attendance sheets had been forged or photocopied to make it appear that the organization was complying with federal enrollment rules, according to internal documents obtained by The San Diego Union-Tribune. Confidential records also showed that 30 percent or more of the children in Head Start may not actually qualify for the federal program, which is designed to aid the poorest families.

San Diego Councilwoman Toni Atkins, a liberal lesbian who managed a number of abortion clinics prior to her election to the city council, stated this about Neighborhood House during the hearing by Mayor Sanders to honor Neighborhood House:

"I just want to say how much the citizens of San Diego should be really pleased
with the services you provide."

Councilman Tony Young was just as jubilant about the troubled organization:

"I just can't tell you how proud I am of you."

One week after Mayor Sanders and the city council issued the proclamation to honor Neighborhood House, they issued a proclamation to declare gay pride month in the city of San Diego. As a result of the gay pride proclamation, a disturbing San Diego elementary charter school was emboldened to once again march numerous children in the parade surrounded by xxx gay pornographers, male strippers and other harmful adult entertainment businesses. One month after that parade, the ninth child was declared missing from the Neighborhood House Association. Once again, the battle against children by Mayor Jerry Sanders and his liberal partners on the San Diego City Council was in full war mode.

This exclusive article has been provided by The James Hartline Report.
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Published By California Christian News
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James Hartline, Publisher

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DISTURBING! In Answer To Your Many Requests! Current Photos From Gay Community Children's Easter Egg Hunt Event.

The James Hartline Report has been receiving many requests for photographs from the San Diego Gay Community Children's Easter Egg Hunt. We have now prepared a photo album containing some of the photographs taken at the event. In some of the photos is a man wearing a woman's wig who our reporter identified as one of the individuals who was seen going into the portable bathroom. He left the bathroom door open while he pulled out a 'Pink Envelope' and used the contents. Shortly after that, our reporter states that he began to stumble around the park, going into trash cans, and hanging out with the children at the event. Did the gay bars and the transvestite organizations review the records of all of these people to determine if they had sex offender records? Did they review these individuals to see if they were having drug problems?

We will not rest until every child in San Diego is protected from predators who see children as nothing more than trophies and commodoties for their dark agendas!

Welcome to the dark world of homosexual family values!
Here is the current photo album:

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GET READY! James Hartline on the Fabulous Pam Stegner Program, Monday - August 27, 2007

James Hartline joins the fabulous Pam Stegner for a power-packed, one hour segment of her national conservative talkshow - Preparedness Now!

Monday, August 27, 2007 - 7:00am (pacific standard time)
You can listen live on the internet by going to Prepardness Now with Pam Stegner at:

Listen as Pam interviews James about his life after leaving thirty years of homosexuality, his stand for Jesus Christ and his campaign for the San Diego City Council.
To speak with James or to convey issues which you feel should be addressed at city hall, contact him at:
email -

Did you know? Pam Stegner manages an entire media corporation through the internet. James Hartline is currently in negotiations with Pam about the possibility of James hosting his own weekly talkshow via her media company. The James Hartline Show will certainly be one of the most popular new, controversial and interesting programs to be created in Southern California during the upcoming 2008 season. We will keep you posted as the negotiations progress.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

JHReport Exclusive - A Mother Goes Undercover Inside Of San Diego Gay Community Children's Event

A James Hartline Report Exclusive!
~ On The Frontlines Of The Culture War ~
August 21, 2007

A San Diego Mother Goes Undercover
Inside of A San Diego Gay Community
Children's Event: The Shocking Details!

Mother Reports Transvestites, Some Appearing To Be Using Drugs,
Accessing Children At Gay Community-Sponsored Easter Egg Hunt

Undercover California Christian News Reporter Arnae Davison Joins James Hartline
For a Shocking Journey Inside of a San Diego Gay Community Children's Event.

“All In The Name Of Easter”
Reported By Arnae Davison - Produced By James Hartline

She is a woman that has lived through some of life's most difficult battles over the past two years. From raising two young children to battling a near-terminal case of bone cancer in 2006, Arnae Davison has faced it all in recent times. Yet, nothing prepared this San Diego mother, wife and business owner for the people and debauchery that she encountered during a dangerous assignment that she undertook in April of 2007. On April 9, 2007 Arnae Davison became an undercover journalist for the California Christian News. During that assignment, Davison entered society's dark underbelly to investigate some disturbing allegations connected to a children's Easter egg hunt that was being sponsored by various elements of San Diego's gay community.

The average Christian in America has been sitting on the sidelines while a nationwide homosexual political movement has been infecting the minds of this nation's youth with oftentimes dramatic sexual propaganda. What Arnae Davison discovered on that Easter morning four months should move every complacent Christian into active war mode.

What Ms. Davison discovered will leave most readers of this exclusive report wondering if there is any way of protecting San Diego's youth from the onslaught of the gay community's agenda of rabid sexual anarchy.

Arnae Davison is a 21st century Christian woman. She knows that she is raising her two young daughters in a world that is vastly different from the one that she grew up in. The days of cooking, cleaning and singing songs from a congregational hymnal have been replaced with church mothers who must worry about their children being molested, their teen daughters coming home pregnant and their sons being arrested for crashing the family car while under the influence of methamphetamine. Arnae first contacted James Hartline, founder of California Christian News, after she found out that a dangerous rapist had moved into the apartment complex where she lives with her husband and her two vulnerable daughters.

Knowing that Hartline had a reputation for aggressively fighting to protect San Diego's youth from child molesters, Davison invited James to meet with the management at her apartment complex to discuss concerns she and other women were having over the presence of the rapist in her neighborhood. It was based upon that meeting, that Davison and Hartline developed a friendship which would also lead to her accepting a reporting assignment with California Christian News. Several months later, Arnae read a James Hartline Report article about a disturbing children's event being sponsored by members of San Diego's gay community. Davison's reaction was swift and decisive. Arnae Davison agreed to go undercover and investigate what was happening inside of the San Diego gay community children's Easter Egg Hunt. Ms. Davison was about to enter a world that few Christians had ever gone before.

What Davison discovered while working as an undercover journalist at this gay community children's event will shock even the most experienced Christian. Arnae Davison's report should alarm every family in San Diego that the gay community is actively enlisting children in its army of sexual anarchy - one event at a time.

According to a report in the Gay and Lesbian Times, it was a male transvestite by the name of Nicole Murray Ramirez who first conspired five years ago to begin holding a gay community Easter egg hunt for children. Ramirez, who has a notorious history of promoting xxx gay pornography and dressing up as a Catholic Nun during bingo games at a San Diego gay bar called Bourbon Street, wrote in his weekly column that the Easter egg hunt was created to accomodate the children of homosexual families. Ramirez states that gay bars such as Bourbon Street and Bacchus House, both of which have promoted explicit gay porn companies, are sponsors of the children's Easter egg hunt.

The culture war in America doesn't get anymore dynamic or controversial than the two sides coming into direct conflict during this battle over Easter. On the one side of this battle is a dynamic born-again Christian mother of two, and on the other side, a children's event being sponsored by transvestites and notorious gay bars with ties to the gay pornography industry. Among the other groups that Ramirez says were involved in the April 9th Easter egg hunt were the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the "leather community". The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is one of the most vile, anti-christian transvestite organizations in the nation. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have male members who dress up like Catholic Nuns, some with extremely putrid, sexualized names.

It was the type of frightening information that Ramirez provided that originally motivated Arnae Davison to investigate the April 9th event. Davison had to know if something harmful was happening to the children at the event. This is the story of one courageous mother and what she discoved in her quest to save the children of her city from the sexual anarchy of San Diego's gay community.

~ In A Mother's Own Words ~
From the Journal of Arnae Davison

On April 9, 2007, Easter Sunday, my husband and I attended an Easter egg hunt that was sponsored by the San Diego League of Gentlemen. I would not normally attend an event that is sponsored by a homosexual organization, especially one that has ties to a gay bar called The Eagle. However, I thought that it was important to see for myself what business an openly gay organization had associating itself with children and Easter Sunday. As Christians, my husband and I believe that Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I knew from the moment that I heard about the gay community's Easter Egg hunt with children that it was not as innocent as the organizers would want the public to believe. Certainly, I knew it wasn't going to honor the real reason for Easter. I personally believed that from the moment when I heard about the event that there was a hidden agenda at work.

When my husband, my twenty month-old daughter and I arrived at the park where the Easter egg hunt was being conducted, I immediately noticed how grand of an event it all was. Being the mom of two small children, I have attended many Easter egg hunts and this one, by far, was one of the most alluring. There were lots of enticements, such as a large amount of Easter baskets, brand new bikes, approximately 20 pizzas and thousands of Easter eggs both dyed, as well as candied ones. There were even fun activities like games in which the kids could win the Easter baskets. The Trolley Barn Park has outdoor equipment such as swings, slides and jungle gyms for the children to play on: What mom wouldn't want to bring her kids to this park!

"We could not believe what our eyes were seeing..."
Arnae Reed describing her reaction to transvestites instructing children
at the San Diego gay community Easter Egg Hunt registration booth

Registration For Darkness - To begin the festivities each child with a parent was required to start at a registration booth.

Many of the older children who stood in line approached the registration booth with puzzled and confused looks on their faces as they were spoken to, and instructed by transvestites, in regards to registration information. I must admit that my husband and I too had the same puzzled looks on our faces and found ourselves staring uncontrollably. It is quite a confusing sight to see what you think is a woman, but as you get closer you realize that it is a man. We could not believe what our eyes were seeing. Whether or not an individual is a man or women should be the last question on the minds of children at an Easter egg hunt.

Unfortunately, we and some of the other parents were the only ones who were disgusted by this sight and found it to be abnormal. The transvestites and the other homosexuals carried on as if this was just another normal day at the park. This I quickly interpreted as part of the bigger agenda for this event. It was evident to me that the homosexual groups who were sponsoring this event in the name of Easter wanted it to be the first of many events for children where these young kids are targeted with exposure to visions of men dressing up as women, and men being affectionate with other men. I concluded that the overall visual message that was being conveyed to the children is one where there is no difference between homosexual and heterosexual couples.

Lastly, after the registration, the festivities moved right along with prize giveaways, pizzas and the finding of Easter eggs. Each activity was set up at a booth in which there was a female in charge or what we thought was a female. However, as we got a better view of the individuals at each booth, we realized that many of those who we thought were women were actually men dressed up as women.

~ A Real Hansel and Gretel Nightmare Story ~
"Lost in the forest, Hansel and Gretel find a house made of gingerbread, with sugar windows, which they begin to eat. The inhabitant of the house, who is an old woman, invites them in and prepares a feast for them. The woman, however, is a witch who has built the house to entice children to her, so that she may fatten and eat them."

Detailing Depravity: Arnae Davison Continues Her Shocking Report - As we studied the faces of some of the adult men at the Easter egg hunt, we noticed that there was something very dark and unclean about them. Specifically, we noticed that these particular men had teeth that were black and rotten and their faces were full of bumps, their eyes extremely red. Overall, the appearance of these men was horrible and they did not look like they should have any contact with children. However, they all had direct contact with the children.

This was disturbing because at some point during the event we believe that there were drugs being used by the unclean looking men. We concluded this because of our observations that some of the transvestites kept going in and out of the portable bathroom while carrying little pink envelopes. The door to a portable bathroom was left open and we could clearly see one person in particular who went into the bathroom and used one of the pink envelopes. When he came out it was very obvious from his conduct that he was under the influence of some type of drug. He began to stumble while walking and proceeded to look into the garbage cans while he adjusted his fake anatomy in public. ~ At this point my family and I had seen enough and decided to leave. ~

After attending this event I am more convinced than ever that the homosexual community has targeted innocent children with the desire of infiltrating their minds with a false, hidden agenda. This agenda, I believe, consists of targeting children so that they can make them believe that same-sex relationships are moral, good and overall, normal. These homosexual relationships cause children to be confused, to stumble and to partake of an immoral lifestyle.

When a group of transvestites gets together to hold an Easter egg hunt for children, the consequences will certainly create as much confusion for the children as that which already exists in the lives of the transvestites themselves. Adding to the chaos of this transvestite-sponsored debacle were the images of men intimately connected to other men. While many Christians have no concept that events like this gay community Easter egg hunt even exist, they are occuring everywhere, everyday, all over America.

For the homosexual movement in San Diego, it is clear that they want to access children, as they did during the Easter egg hunt, making something very dark and sinister to become something routine and normal. Surely, this horrible Easter egg hunt will cause children to question the truthfulness of the Bible. Even worse, children will be led to call natural, what the Bible calls unnatural.

I believe that the agenda of homosexuals inside of San Diego's gay community will cause children to question their sexuality at a very early age. I have now concluded that this will lead to sexual confusion and will lead to further deterioration of the traditional American family. ~ This has been Arnae Davison reporting from the frontlines of the culture war for California Christian News.

Publisher's Note: Arnae Davison also documented the entire Easter egg hunt with multiple photographs which are available upon request.

~ This investigative article has been published by The James Hartline Report ~
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The James Hartline Report
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James Hartline On Night Lights - San Diego Christian Television Talkshow

James Hartline will be appearing for the third time on San Diego's Number One local cable Christian TV Talk Show - Night Lights with nationally recognized author and host James L. Lambert.

The Night Lights interview can be seen on Sunday, August 26, 2007 at 8:30 pm on Cox Cable, Channel 23 (San Diego City Area).
You can learn more about Night Lights and its recognized history of having outstanding guests which include famous athletes, business leaders, entertainers, politicians and ministers: all with a Christian flavor by going to James L. Lambert's website:

You would be amazed at how many professionals in secular, non-Christian arenas, actually profess Christ, but you never hear about their Christianity being mentioned in the press.
Night Lights provides a counter to that type of secular media bias. The secular media seeks to supress the idea that Christians are growing in their influence and involvement in all areas of the United States. The press wants the world to believe that Christians are unimportant, irrelevant and uninvolved. Night Lights wrestles that deception to the mat and pins it to an absolute defeat!

James Hartline is pleased to be a part of the outstanding history of Night Lights guests and topics that are important to San Diego voters.

Also, on the program, look for the interview with 20-year San Diego public school teacher Bill Daniel. Bill has many important insights to share in his work with disabled kids, teaching and as a candidate for the Republican Central Committee. Mr. Daniel is also among a growing list of San Diego teachers who are endorsing James Hartline for the San Diego City Council!

To contact James Hartline: email -

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Rally For San Diego Firemen At City Hall

Save The Date!
San Diego City Council Chambers
202 "C" Street - 12th Floor

Rally For The Four San Diego City Firemen
Who Were Forced, Against Their Will, To March In
The 2007 San Diego Gay Pride Parade

San Diego City Council Candidate James Hartline
The "Not On My Watch" Team
Invites You
To Stand Up For The Four Christian San Diego City Firemen
Who Were Forced, Against Their Will, To March
In the pornographic 2007 San Diego Gay Pride Parade.
(These four fathers and committed Christians were forced to listen
to graphic sexual taunts, pornographic gestures and obscene perversions,
while in uniform and driving in the gay parade. They had told their superiors
that they did not want to participate in the parade. Their supervisors responded
by forcing them to participate in the parade despite these Christian men objecting
to such participation.)

If we don't stand up now to such dictatorial immorality within
our goverment, what will be the next step along this dark path
of anti-christian oppression? Soon, Christians will be prosecuted
under hate crimes charges for merely speaking out against
homosexuality. We must stand up now against this dark tyranny!

Will You Make A Stand For Righteousness In Your Community?
Will You Demonstrate That Christians Care About The Condition
Of Their Culture?

We must stand up against the immoral and tyrannical political
agenda that is forcing homosexuality upon the Christians in
our government and in agencies like the San Diego Fire Department.

For too long, Christians have remained silent while immoral forces
have hijacked our goverment and are now using the government
to force an unpopular homosexual political agenda against
Bible-believing Christians!

Please, join San Diego City Council Candidate James Hartline
and the "Not On My Watch" Team as they speak out at the city council
about the mistreatment of these four Christian San Diego Firemen
who were forced to march in the 2007 San Diego Gay Pride Parade.

Sometimes Love means
You have to fight for the ones
you love!

Please RSVP James Hartline with your intentions of attending
this important and historical city council meeting. Over the last
five years, James Hartline and his team have begun to take San Diego
back for the Cause of Jesus Christ!
And you can keep this vital movement going strong
with your attendance at the city council.

The Fire of Revival Has Been Ignited!
Keep it burning bright!

Rally For The Four Christian San Diego City Firemen

~ Sponsored By ~
~ San Diego City Council Candidate James Hartline ~
~ The "Not On My Watch" Team ~
~ The Law Office of Robert Sutton ~
~ Community Activist Kim Tran ~
~ California Christian News ~
~ The Hillcrest Mission ~
~ The San Diego Christian Chamber of Commerce ~
~ The James Hartline Report ~

RSVP for further information.

(Parking is free at Horton Plaza Parking Garage by getting your
ticket validated at Long's Drug Store in Horton Plaza)

After the city council meeting join San Diego City Council
Candidate James Hartline for lunch to hear what he plans
to do to promote strong Biblical values once he is elected
to the San Diego City Council.
Remember: It only takes 16,000 votes in District 3 to get elected
to the San Diego City Council!

Friday, August 10, 2007

ACTION ALERT -- Stand Up For San Diego's Christian Firemen Who Were Forced To March In Gay Parade

The James Hartline Report Action Center
12,000 Members Taking Action Everyday!
Action Alert - August 10, 2007

Four San Diego Firemen Forced To Endure Humiliating
Assault Against Their Moral Beliefs, Values and Faith:
Told they had no choice, four San Diego Christian firemen were forced by the
City Fire Department to participate in the 2007 San Diego Gay Pride Parade.
During this pornographic parade, these four honorable and courageous firemen
were assaulted with extreme sexual language, xxx pornographers, nearly nude
male strippers and sexualized male transvestites dressed up as Catholic Nuns.
(You can listen to the live news report at One News Now)

Tell The City of San Diego To Stop Burning Our Firemen!
Firemen That Risk Their Lives For Our Safety & Well-Being
Should Not Be Exploited By The Radical Gay Political Movement.

Action Alert - For the past four years, the James Hartline Report has been informing Americans about the degrading pornographic filth that is a mainstay of the annual San Diego Gay Pride parade and festival. Each year the annual San Diego homosexual event gets more sexualized and more perverted. Here are just a few examples in recent years of what occurs during the annual San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival:

2005: Martin Ramirez, aka Marty the Clown, was again hired to entertain young
minors inside of the children's garden of the San Diego Gay Pride Festival.
Ramirez is a dangerous pedophile registered on the Megan's law website for
having sex with a child.

2005: Numerous, dangerous sex offenders were hired as paid or voluntary staff
with the San Diego Gay Pride organization to help supervise their annual festival.
The gay pride organization resisted firing these sex offenders and only fired them
after weeks of intense public pressure and concerns that law enforcement groups
were going to pull out of participation in the gay parade.

2006: Shocking revelations that an elementary charter school marched numerous
small children in the gay parade even though the parade is replete with male
escort services, pornographers, transvestites and nearly nude male strippers.

2007: Four Christian San Diego Firemen were forced against their will to participate
in the annual San Diego Gay Pride Parade. The firemen claim that parade
attendees made sexual gestures at them and directed filthy sexual comments
towards them during the event.

Since 2003, James Hartline has regularly stood before the San Diego City Council to plead with councilmembers to stop forcing Christians to be a part of a city-sanctioned celebration of the annual San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival. Each year, Hartline has presented overwhelming documentation of the disgraceful activities that occur during the annual gay pride events. In reality, solid evidence proves that this annual event is nothing more than a putrid porn-fest masquerading as a gay rights celebration. What other parade or festival in America includes trash cans that advertise sexual lubricants on them?

Now, it appears that the taxpayers of San Diego are going to suffer financially for the terrible decision made each year by the San Diego City Council and Mayor Jerry Sanders to declare Gay Pride Month in their city. Four San Diego City firemen have filed a formal legal complaint against the City of San Diego after they were ordered against their will to march in the 2007 San Diego Gay Pride Parade. The firemen have retained counsel with the Thomas More Law Center, one of America's finest legal defenders of religious liberties.

Charles LiMandri, Director of the West Coast Office of the Thomas More Law Center, is litigating on behalf of the four firemen. LiMandri gained national attention when he successfully litigated the case to preserve the cross that sits atop the Mt. Soleadad Veteran's War Memorial in La Jolla, Calfiornia. In the Mt. Soledad Cross case, Mr. LiMandri provided hundreds of hours of free legal work to fight for the religious rights of Christians in America. LiMandri's law firm bore the entire cost in that case because he and the other attorneys in his office are that committed to preserving religious freedoms in America.

The Thomas More Law Center issued a press release regarding the terrible assault that was inflicted upon the San Diego firemen during the gay parade. The August 6, 2007 press release stated in part:

"During the course of the ensuing three hour long ordeal, the firefighters were subjected to vile sexual taunts from homosexuals lining the parade route. This included the following statements: “show me your hose,” “you can put out my fire,” “you’re making me hot,” “give me mouth-to-mouth,” “you look hungry, why don’t you have a twinkie (from a man wearing a “Girth and Mirth” t-shirt),” and “blow my hose.” These firemen are devoted husbands and fathers. When they refused to respond to the crowd, some in the crowd turned hostile and started shouting, “F—k you firemen” and others began “flipping them off.”

Take Action!

It is time that the San Diego City Council stopped forcing San Diego voters and
our brave and courageous firemen to be a part of the San Diego Gay Pride
Parade and Festival. Last year, it was Mayor Jerry Sanders and the San Diego
City Council who named lesbian Tracy Jarman as San Diego's new city fire chief.
Jarman has actively participated in the annual gay pride parade.
The city council clearly created the situation which led to the four firemen
being forced against their will to participate in the annual parade.

In real terms, the four San Diego firemen in this case had their constitutionally-
guaranteed right to "freedom of association" and their religious liberties violated.
In America, U.S. citizens still have the right to choose when and where they
participate in parades. They still also have the right to not have their religious
freedoms infringed upon. Although many gay activists want to force their
sexual lives on everyone else, this is still America, not communist China.

When the San Diego City Council votes to declare Gay Pride Month in San Diego
they are forcing San Diegans to embrace the pornographic filth of the gay parade
and festival. There is no doubt that police chief Jarman and the city council have
a pro-gay activist agenda.

It is time to remind the San Diego City Council and Mayor Jerry Sanders
that they are public servants working for the voters. It is time that they stop
their aggressive pro-gay agenda and leave our firemen alone
to do what they do best:
Save Lives, Fight Fires, and Make Our City a Safe Place to Work and Live In!

Please Contact the Following City Officials to Express Your Support For
These Four San Diego Firemen AND Your Opposition To the City Council's
Gay Pride Political Agenda.
Contact Information:
Mayor Jerry Sanders: telephone: 619-236-6330
District 1 Councilman Scott Peters:
District 2 Councilman Kevin Faulconer:
District 3 Councilwoman Toni Atkins:
District 4 Councilman Tony Young:
District 5 Councilman Brian Maienschein:
District 6 Councilwoman Donna Frye:
District 7 Jim Madaffer:
District 8 Ben Hueso:
San Diego City Attorney:

Other city council staff emails to contact:

Thank You For Making Your Stand In 2007
So That Our Society Is A Better One In 2008!

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hometown Heroes of San Diego Series: The Mike Farmer Story, A Real Hometown Hero

The James Hartline Report
The Hometown Heroes of San Diego:
Telling The Stories of Christians
Who Are Making Their Stand For Righteousness
In 21st Century America

~ How One Man Became San Diego's Most Valuable Baseball Fan ~
This is The Story of Mike Farmer, A Real Hometown Hero

Out of the thousands of fathers who take their sons to San Diego's Petco Park, Mike Farmer and his eleven year-old son Christopher would not stand out much. At first glance, they appear to be like any other father-son fans of the San Diego Padres. Oh, they might scream just a bit little louder than the average baseball fans when a Padres slugger hits a homerun, but Mike and Christopher are simply another good example of families who have fun at Petco Park. Having spent thousands of dollars over the past few decades on baseball tickets, hotdogs and sodas, Mike Farmer has helped finance Petco Park, a new downtown stadium that he proudly takes his son Christopher to on their many father-son outings.

Surely, Mike Farmer never contemplated that his avid support for the Padres would one day lead him into making one of the great moral stands in San Diego history. Yet, when it comes to making big plays for the home team, no highly paid Padres player comes close to the moral homerun that Mike Farmer recently hit for the families of San Diego.

In today's sex-obsessed culture, many parents end up neglecting their own children as they fantasize about being back in their pre-marital days of debauchery and irresponsiblity. The same cannot be said about Mike Farmer. Farmer has not only embraced the honorable role of fatherhood, but he considers his young son Christopher to be one of the preeminent aspects of his life. While many parents will simply give their kids more and more money to keep them occupied and out of the way, Mike Farmer is thrilled with the opportunities he makes to spend time with Christopher.

Mike credits his own father for instilling in him the qualities necessary for being a good dad. Unfortunately, the years that Mike had with his dad were far too few. "One day he was with me....and the next he was gone," Mike says in a very sad tone. "He died of a brain anyeurism when I was only sixteen," he adds. Perhaps it is the realization that a loved one can be taken away at any moment which motivates Mike to cherish every opportunity that he can to spend time with his son.

Since the 1960's when the Padres were part of the old Pacific Coast League, Mike Farmer has been cheering on the team. Mike Farmer and the Padres are very old friends. Three months ago, Mike could have never imagined that the baseball team which has brought so much joy to him and his son would soon turn on him and become an anti-family enemy. Sadly, on July 8, 2007, the San Diego Padres would become notorious for partnering up with an organization that promotes homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexuality. Incredibly, on July 8, 2007, longtime baseball fans, Mike Farmer and his son Christopher, were shoved aside by the Padres to make way for the celebration of the San Diego Gay Pride organization at Petco Park.

Baseball fans from around America were shocked as they learned that the Padres were celebrating an organization that had hired a dangerous pedophile to work in the children's garden of the 2005 San Diego Gay Pride Festival. Shock soon turned to revulsion as fans were informed that the Padres had scheduled the gay pride celebration in Petco Park at the same time that the team had already scheduled a children's free floppy cap giveaway at the stadium.

Something quite powerful was provoked within the heart of Mike Farmer when he learned about the San Diego Padres Gay Pride attack against the children of his city. Farmer's provocation soon turned this quiet and unassuming father into a real life warrior who decided to take on the powerful money interests of professional baseball.

"Families throughout America owe a debt of gratitude to Mike Farmer," says San Diego Christian activist James Hartline. Hartline says that he has received dozens of emails from supporters throughout America who are applauding Farmer and the other Christians who stood up for the kids at Petco Park during a July 8th protest against the sexually destructive San Diego Gay Pride organization.

It was Farmer who helped Hartline coordinate the 100 Christian protesters who held an educational vigil outside of Petco Park for three hours while the Padres were hosting the San Diego Gay Pride event. "While the Padres were allowing homosexuality to be honored in front of thousands of young kids, Mike helped to make sure that thousands of parents were given literature on the disturbing history of the San Diego Gay Pride organization," adds Hartline.

"I can't even imagine how the Padres could intentionally schedule a group with a history of hiring pedophiles to be around young kids," Farmer told the James Hartline Report. The San Diego Gay Pride organization hired numerous sex offenders to work for their group during the 2005 San Diego Gay Pride parade and festival. One of the pedophiles, Martin Ramirez, was employed by the organization to entertain young minors in the gay festival children's garden. Based upon that kind of information, Farmer and Hartline were motivated to plead with parents to keep their kids away from Petco Park on July 8th.

Mike Farmer never set out to cause trouble for anyone when he became a Christian. However, once the Padres decided to expose the kids of San Diego to homosexuality at Petco Park, Farmer decided that the team needed some trouble from their number one fan. Farmer made his feelings known regarding the Padres and their promotion of homosexuality at a July 10, 2007 San Diego City Council Meeting. Mike demonstrated his passion for protecting the kids of San Diego in a powerful three-minute clarion call that was reminiscent of the founding fathers during the early days of the Revolutionary War.

Farmer told the members of the San Diego City Council that it was the first time he had ever spoken at city hall. "Mike's speech was one of the best that I've ever heard. What is so incredible is that it was the first time he'd ever spoken at the city council," said Hartline, a veteran of many city council meetings. You can watch the entirety of Mike Farmer's speech by logging onto:

San Diego City Council Video Archives
View Video - July 10, 2007
Go to Non-Agenda Comment - Slide Time Ruler to Time of 1:04:50

"We as parents have a right to determine if and when we choose to discuss issues of sexuality with our kids, not the gay pride organization," declared Farmer. Mike's speech culminated with a powerful challenge to the city councilmembers who claim to be Christians, particularly during elections when the Christian vote is needed to win. Farmer stated, "There's Christians on this council. I'm looking at a couple. Every year you vote for this gay pride celebration. It is time for you to reconsider your vote on this matter!"

Oftentimes a man with the potential to hit a homerun for destiny does not demonstrate such greatness until he is placed in an environment that is conducive to producing such greatness. It appears that destiny and Mike Farmer have bonded with each other at the right time and under the right circumstances.

When he became a Christian approximately thirteen years ago, Mike Farmer didn't know much about the Bible or Christian activism. He never even imagined that in 2007 he would find himself in the middle of a battle to save the kids of his city. Yet, that is where Mike's love for his son and his commitment to Jesus Christ have taken him.

At the same time that Mike married his loving wife Suzie they were studying Christianity under the Bible teaching of an up-and-coming young pastor by the name of Leo Giovinetti. Mike and Suzie made the pilgrimage with Pastor Giovinetti to help start a new church called Mission Valley Christian Fellowship (MVCF) in 1994. In the ensuing years, Mission Valley Christian Fellowship has become one of the great stories in civic responsibility. Having produced many of San Diego's finest Christian activists, MVCF has the unusual title of being America's largest homeless church. Unbelievably, while well-known Christian activists like James Hartline and Mike Farmer have learned many of the tools necessary for making a difference in San Diego, the church itself has moved from location to location due to not having its own physical church property.

Over the years, Giovinetti has encouraged his thriving congregation to stay steadfast in their commitment to some very basic Christian principles. "Read your bible every day and take what you learn and enter the story," Pastor Leo reminds the 1,500 weekly attendees of Mission Valley Christian Fellowship.

Enter the story means active involvement in the culture. And that is exactly what Mike Farmer has done in his very public stand on behalf of the young kids and their families in San Diego County. Hopefully thousands of other dads in San Diego will follow the example of Mike Farmer and go to battle for the youth of their city. In a time when the San Diego Padres have chosen to promote homosexuality over Christianity, the kids of San Diego are desperately counting on real men like Mike Farmer to step up to the plate each and everyday to be the real heroes in America.

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