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San Diego Mayor Endangers City's Children By Honoring Organization Plagued With Missing Children Cases

The James Hartline Report - On The Frontlines Of The Culture War - August 27, 2007 ~ A Generation Under Seige ~ ~ A City With A Broken Moral Compass ~ San Diego Mayor Endangering City's Children By Honoring Organization That Has Been Plagued By Missing Children's Cases And Years Of Bureaucratic Mismanagement San Diego's Neighborhood House Suffers Ninth Missing Child: As Mayor Sanders Honors Organization With Citywide Proclamation Declaring July 10, 2007 Neighborhood House Association Day "I'm really proud of what you do!" Mayor Jerry Sanders tells Neighborhood House of San Diego during July 10, 2007 San Diego City Council Proclamation Hearing when the mayor honored the troubled organization. "Another child toddler wandered away from a Head Start preschool operated by Neighborhood House of San Diego, the ninth time in three years a child has disappeared from a center run by the giant nonprofit." August 25, 2007 Union Tribune article by Jeff McDonald.

DISTURBING! In Answer To Your Many Requests! Current Photos From Gay Community Children's Easter Egg Hunt Event.

The James Hartline Report has been receiving many requests for photographs from the San Diego Gay Community Children's Easter Egg Hunt. We have now prepared a photo album containing some of the photographs taken at the event. In some of the photos is a man wearing a woman's wig who our reporter identified as one of the individuals who was seen going into the portable bathroom. He left the bathroom door open while he pulled out a 'Pink Envelope' and used the contents. Shortly after that, our reporter states that he began to stumble around the park, going into trash cans, and hanging out with the children at the event. Did the gay bars and the transvestite organizations review the records of all of these people to determine if they had sex offender records? Did they review these individuals to see if they were having drug problems? We will not rest until every child in San Diego is protected from predators who see children as nothing more than trophies and commodot

GET READY! James Hartline on the Fabulous Pam Stegner Program, Monday - August 27, 2007

James Hartline joins the fabulous Pam Stegner for a power-packed, one hour segment of her national conservative talkshow - Preparedness Now! Monday, August 27, 2007 - 7:00am (pacific standard time) You can listen live on the internet by going to Prepardness Now with Pam Stegner at: Listen as Pam interviews James about his life after leaving thirty years of homosexuality, his stand for Jesus Christ and his campaign for the San Diego City Council. To speak with James or to convey issues which you feel should be addressed at city hall, contact him at: email - Did you know? Pam Stegner manages an entire media corporation through the internet. James Hartline is currently in negotiations with Pam about the possibility of James hosting his own weekly talkshow via her media company. The James Hartline Show will certainly be one of the most popular new, controversial and interesting programs to be cr

JHReport Exclusive - A Mother Goes Undercover Inside Of San Diego Gay Community Children's Event

A James Hartline Report Exclusive! ~ On The Frontlines Of The Culture War ~ August 21, 2007 A San Diego Mother Goes Undercover Inside of A San Diego Gay Community Children's Event: The Shocking Details! Mother Reports Transvestites, Some Appearing To Be Using Drugs, Accessing Children At Gay Community-Sponsored Easter Egg Hunt Undercover California Christian News Reporter Arnae Davison Joins James Hartline For a Shocking Journey Inside of a San Diego Gay Community Children's Event. “All In The Name Of Easter” Reported By Arnae Davison - Produced By James Hartline She is a woman that has lived through some of life's most difficult battles over the past two years. From raising two young children to battling a near-terminal case of bone cancer in 2006, Arnae Davison has faced it all in recent times. Yet, nothing prepared this San Diego mother, wife and business owner for the people and debauchery that she encountered during a dangerous assignment that she undertook in April of

James Hartline On Night Lights - San Diego Christian Television Talkshow

James Hartline will be appearing for the third time on San Diego's Number One local cable Christian TV Talk Show - Night Lights with nationally recognized author and host James L. Lambert. The Night Lights interview can be seen on Sunday, August 26, 2007 at 8:30 pm on Cox Cable, Channel 23 (San Diego City Area). You can learn more about Night Lights and its recognized history of having outstanding guests which include famous athletes, business leaders, entertainers, politicians and ministers: all with a Christian flavor by going to James L. Lambert's website: You would be amazed at how many professionals in secular, non-Christian arenas, actually profess Christ, but you never hear about their Christianity being mentioned in the press. Night Lights provides a counter to that type of secular media bias. The secular media seeks to supress the idea that Christians are growing in their influence and involvement in all areas of the United State

Rally For San Diego Firemen At City Hall

Save The Date! San Diego City Council Chambers 202 "C" Street - 12th Floor Rally For The Four San Diego City Firemen Who Were Forced, Against Their Will, To March In The 2007 San Diego Gay Pride Parade San Diego City Council Candidate James Hartline and The "Not On My Watch" Team Invites You To Stand Up For The Four Christian San Diego City Firemen Who Were Forced, Against Their Will, To March In the pornographic 2007 San Diego Gay Pride Parade. (These four fathers and committed Christians were forced to listen to graphic sexual taunts, pornographic gestures and obscene perversions, while in uniform and driving in the gay parade. They had told their superiors that they did not want to participate in the parade. Their supervisors responded by forcing them to participate in the parade despite these Christian men objecting to such participation.) If we don't stand up now to such dictatorial immorality within our goverment, what will be the next step along this

ACTION ALERT -- Stand Up For San Diego's Christian Firemen Who Were Forced To March In Gay Parade

The James Hartline Report Action Center 12,000 Members Taking Action Everyday! Action Alert - August 10, 2007 Four San Diego Firemen Forced To Endure Humiliating Assault Against Their Moral Beliefs, Values and Faith: Told they had no choice, four San Diego Christian firemen were forced by the City Fire Department to participate in the 2007 San Diego Gay Pride Parade. During this pornographic parade, these four honorable and courageous firemen were assaulted with extreme sexual language, xxx pornographers, nearly nude male strippers and sexualized male transvestites dressed up as Catholic Nuns. ( You can listen to the live news report at One News Now ) Tell The City of San Diego To Stop Burning Our Firemen! Firemen That Risk Their Lives For Our Safety & Well-Being Should Not Be Exploited By The Radical Gay Political Movement. Action Alert - For the past four years, the James Hartline Report has been informing Americans about the degrading pornographic filth that is a mainstay of th

Hometown Heroes of San Diego Series: The Mike Farmer Story, A Real Hometown Hero

The James Hartline Report Presents The Hometown Heroes of San Diego: Telling The Stories of Christians Who Are Making Their Stand For Righteousness In 21st Century America ~ How One Man Became San Diego's Most Valuable Baseball Fan ~ This is The Story of Mike Farmer, A Real Hometown Hero Out of the thousands of fathers who take their sons to San Diego's Petco Park, Mike Farmer and his eleven year-old son Christopher would not stand out much. At first glance, they appear to be like any other father-son fans of the San Diego Padres. Oh, they might scream just a bit little louder than the average baseball fans when a Padres slugger hits a homerun, but Mike and Christopher are simply another good example of families who have fun at Petco Park. Having spent thousands of dollars over the past few decades on baseball tickets, hotdogs and sodas, Mike Farmer has helped finance Petco Park, a new downtown stadium that he proudly takes his son Christopher to on their many father-s