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Apostasy 101: How Rev. Lou Sheldon & Traditional Values Coalition Betrayed Christianity in 2006 California Governor's Race

Apostasy 101:
How Rev. Lou Sheldon and Traditional Values Coalition
Betrayed Christianity in 2006 California Governor's Race

(JHR) The Bible talks about a great apostasy that will occur in the last days before the anti-christ is revealed. In the second book of Thessalonians it states:

"Don't be fooled by what they say. For the coming of the Lord will not occur until there is a great rebellion against God and the man of lawlessness is revealed -- the one who brings destruction." (2 Thessalonians 2:3)

One major Christian organization is now demonstrating that the great falling away, known in most Christian churches as the great apostasy, is well underway. Traditional Values Coalition ( claims as its organizational slogan, "Empowering People Of Faith Through Knowledge." Founded in 1980 by the Reverend Lou Sheldon, TVC claims to be the largest non-denominational grassroots church lobby in America. Rev. Sheldon and his group claim on their website to speak on behalf of 43,000 churches in America, emphasizing "the restoration of values needed to maintain strong, unified families, focusing on issues such as religious liberties, marriage, the right to life, the homosexual agenda, pornography, family tax relief and education."

A bombshell was dropped this week during the California State Republican Convention when it was reported in the press that a longtime Sheldon staffer is now working for the reelection of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the biggest anti-christian supporters of homosexuality and abortion in the American government. Hypocrisy and betrayal are not strong enough terms to describe Sheldon and his staffer's great sellout of the cause of Christ on this matter. Only the term apostasy will do.

Hints of Rev. Sheldon's betrayal of the cause of Christ really began to unfold in 2005 when he began fawning over Governor Schwarzenegger's appointment of lesbian abortion activist Susan Kennedy as the governor's Chief of Staff ( In a move that reinforced Schwazenegger's rabid support of the radical gay agenda, Kennedy, who lives with her lesbian sex partner, was chosen by the governor to become the most powerful gay activist in his administration. The outspoken lesbian activist and former Executive Director of the California Democratic Party, also gained a notorious reputation as the former Executive Director of the California Abortion Rights Action League. Sheldon, in a February, 2006 interview with the Sacramento Bee, said of Susan Kennedy:

"What I'm hearing about Susan Kennedy is that she's committed to the reelection of the governor and his policies. Maybe, providentially, a Democrat in the administration is going to be a blessing in disguise."

Sheldon's comments about Kennedy, who lives with the lesbian sex partner she joined together with in a commitment ceremony in Hawaii in 1999 (, sparked temporary outrage among Christian Conservatives at the time.

Sheldon's soft pedaling on Kennedy would seem to run counter to the regular press relseases that the outspoken minister publishes regarding his stand against the radical gay agenda. Why would Sheldon build an organization that stands against homosexuality and abortion, but then compromise that same stand when dealing with the Republican Party and the liberal anti-christian governor of California? Perhaps money may play a pivotal role in Sheldon's fluctuating position on morality. According to Guidestar (, the website that posts the IRS filings for Sheldon's various ministries, the Traditional Values Coalition had income exceeding $6.3 million for the year 2004. While marketing his organization to Christians based upon stands popular with regular churchgoers, Sheldon must gain success in the political arena to maintain credibility with the media and ministry supporters. Whatever the reason, compromising the clear teachings of Christ, is not just bad theology on Sheldon's part, but just adds fuel to the fire among those in the secular arena who claim that ministers are "just a bunch of money hungry scoundrels, using the Bible for illgotten gain."

According to the San Francicso Chronicle, Schwarzenegger and the California GOP are now engaged in a major campaign effort to pull in Christian Conservatives for the 2006 election. Sheldon has fallen in line to join that effort. Truly, it is one of the great manipulations in the modern political culture war. To understand how degrading Sheldon's betrayal is, one must be reminded of legislation that Gov. Schwarzenegger has signed into law since being in office. Schwarzenegger has signed into law eight pieces of legislation in the last two years which grant special rights to homosexuals, while degrading the meaning of traditional family in California. One of these bills, SB1234, attacked Christian values by declaring speech, including preaching against homosexuality, a hate crime, if the hearer of said speech fears violence as a result of said speech.

Another bill that Schwarzenegger signed, SB1313, removed volunteers at Planned Parenthood as mandatory reporters of sex crimes against children, when young girls come in for abortions. This makes it much easier for the leading abortion provider to perform abortions on little girls without anyone ever reporting the rape or molestation. And of course, there was Schwarzenegger's major fundraiser last month for the state Log Cabin Republicans, an extremist, anti-christian homosexual group ( During his speech to the gay activist group, Schwarzenegger stated:

" In a rousing speech, Schwarzenegger declared that he was “committed to being a Governor for all Californians” and was “proud to stand side by side with Log Cabin in their work to offer basic fairness for gay and lesbian citizens.”

The Log Cabin Republicans for their part, have declared that the "radical right" (referring to Christian Conservatives) are the last remaining obstacle to gays and lesbians achieving full equality in America ( Imagine, the Log Cabin Republicans view Christians opposed to homosexuality as an "obstacle" and the governor is proud to stand side by side with them.

Schwarzenegger's successful promotion and passage of Prop. 71 in 2004 was perhaps, the biggest attack by the governor on pro-lifers in his long love affair with the abortion industry. Prop. 71 is the horrific initiative passed two years ago which authorizes the taxpayers to spend a total of $6 billion in public bonds on an embryonic stem cell research conglomerate.

It seems that the Rev. Lou Sheldon has granted himself temporary amnesia on all of Schwarzenegger's homosexual and abortion activism. It would also seem that the amnesia is spreading to his staff as well. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Ben Lopez, the Traditional Values Coalition's state lobbyist, has taken a temporary leave of absence from the ministry so that he can work directly for the Schwarzenegger reelection campaign (

According to the Los Angeles Times (,1,2511072.story?coll=la-headlines-california, Lopez and Anna Bryson are heading up the coaltion for Schwarzenegger's Victory '06 effort. The two will be meeting with roughly 200 ministers in the Sacramento area this week to drum up support among evangelicals for Schwarzenegger's relection. It is hard to imagine a more grotesque misuse of Christianity in the political arena. Lopez, armed with years of data from Christian ministries he has access to from the TVC, will now harness that information to help reelect one of the greatest threats to Christian values in America: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Speaking to the Chronicle last week from the Republican Convention, Sheldon told the paper:

"...the doors of (Schwarzenegger's) staff had been opened to evangelicals -- and
Sheldon said, 'we're working hard to turn out our base for the November election.'

The Chronicle verifed that the Republican Party had hired Sheldon's staffer Ben Lopez, a move calculated to support the governor's reelection. The Chronicle further revealed this about Sheldon and Lopez:

"Both Lopez and Sheldon, armed with grassroots contacts and donors whom Republican insiders say are priceless in political organizing, have used their clout and contacts to lobby legislators in numerous political fights on family values and evangelical issues. Sheldon has been described as a Republican point man often tapped by Washington insiders, from presidential adviser Karl Rove and Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, to advise on evangelical outreach."

Earlier this year, Christians from around California expressed outrage that the Governor continued to promote his acceptance of the radical homosexual agenda by issuing his annual Gay Pride proclamation on his official state letterhead ( Lou Sheldon has made a living off of attacking politicians like Schwarzenegger for supporting the homosexual movement. In fact, in 2003 Sheldon blasted Schwarzenegger for his promotion of homosexuality and abortion, stating in one of his routine press releases:

Rev. Sheldon was most recently quoted in The Wall Street Journal (August 13, 2003), on Schwarzenegger's run for Gray Davis' post. According to Rev. Sheldon, "We feel that the long-range damage of letting him [Schwarzenegger] define what is a Republican and what is a conservative, and trying to tie it to Ronald Reagan, is just ludicrous. I just can't stand by and let it happen."

It is clear, according to numerous media sources, that Rev. Sheldon is now taking all of the database on Christians that he has gathered over the years via his public campaigns against homosexuality and turning it over to the California Republican Party to access for the reelection of a governor that has destroyed the Christian moral foundation of the state of California. Sheldon's betrayal to the cause of Christ is one of great modern portrayals of Judas in church history and the long term effect on Christian credibility is overwhelming and devastating.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

HYPOCRITES GONE WILD! Leading Sacramento Conservative Group Betrays Christian Voters On Gay Education Bill

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
August 19, 2006

Hypocrites Gone Wild!
Leading Sacramento Conservative Group
Betrays Christian Voters On Gay Education Bill

(JHR) The James Hartline Report has uncovered one of the biggest examples of hypocrisy in the history of California's Christian Conservative movement. It is by far one of the most insidious examples of a conservative values advocacy group using the homosexual agenda issue as a rallying point for the Republican Party during an election year. The revelation from this investigation will be painful and it will be hurtful for many in the Christian communities of California, but it is a necessary casualty of a culture war where Christian voters are nothing more than voting prey for many Republican leaders who have no intention of ever legislating the Christian values that they promise to these unsuspecting lambs on the campaign trail.

The Capitol Resource Insitute (CRI) states on its website that it has been "supporting and defending California families since 1987" ( Organizational Executive Director Karen England and the CRI have become a powerful force in articulating conservative issues in Sacramento and most families in California can be thankful for the hard work of the group. However, the James Hartline Report has discovered that CRI may be doing more damage to the cause of representing Christian values in the California state capitol than anyone could possibly have ever imagined. In fact, an upcoming event being coordinated this week by CRI has revealed evidence of flat out deception by England's group.

According to the Capitol Resource Institute's website, the group will be holding a major rally in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 19, 2006, to put pressure on Governor Schwarzenegger to veto three bills coming out of the California Legislature this year that would force homosexual indoctrination on all school children in state public schools ( One of the bills, SB1437, is the most insidious of the three. SB1437 forces all text books to be inclusive of gay, lesbian and transsexual role models, even in kindergarten classrooms. On the surface, it would seem to be a great thing that the Capitol Resource Institute is doing, having a rally against this bill. At the rally will be a number of powerful conservative groups like Concerned Women for America, the California Republican Assembly and Eagle Forum of California, all fine groups devoted to promoting family values.

Also tapped to speak at the rally against SB1437 are a number of candidates who are running for office. Speakers include Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, Tony Strickland and Assemblywoman Mimi Walters. However, this is where advocacy turns to scandal, and where faith turns to betrayal. On the CRI website advertisement for the event, it states:

"With the amendment of SB1437 recently, there is now even greater danger that Governor Schwarzenegger will sign this horrendous bill into law. Do not be fooled by this election year maneuvering! Even with the new amendments, SB1437 is an outright attack on freedom of opinion and family values that will make it impossible to even question homosexual indoctrination in public schools."

In one of the most callous displays of hypocrisy and hurtful manipulation of Christian voters that this publication has ever seen, Karen England's organization has actually invited to speak at the rally some of the very people that voted for the amendment that her advertisement clearly states as making the bill even more likely to be signed by the governor ( Both Republican Sharon Runner, who voted for the amendment, and State Controller Candidate Tony Strickland, whose wife Assemblywoman Audra Strickland voted for this horrible amendment, are scheduled to speak at the rally. The amendment's author, lesbian Sheila Kuehl, softened the language of SB1437, to ensure that the governor would sign the bill, thus all who voted for the amendment helped facilitate its passage and the governor's signature. Now, the Capitol Resource Insitute wants to have a big rally with the very people that helped pass the amendment that her organization says is very bad news for families.

The James Hartline Report spoke directly with Karen England, Director of Capitol Resource Institute. She did tell JHR that she was disappointed in the votes of those speaking at her rally, but would not be disinviting them over one vote, when they had done so many other good things. What England did not say at the time, proves to be an even darker aspect to this very sad story. These same speakers, who voted for amending SB1437, thus making the homosexual bill much easier for the Governor to sign, are also on the Board of Advisors of the Capitol Resource Institute. According to CRI's website (, State Assemblyman Mark Wyland, Assemblywoman Sharon Runner and Assemblywoman Audra Strickland are all on the group's Board of Advisors. All three also voted for the amendment to SB1437, which will make it easier for the homosexual education bill to be signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger. The idea that England's advertisment calls this amendment a dangerous help to the passage of "this horrendous bill," as she terms it, and then has the very speakers who voted for the amendment at her rally and on her board of advisors, truly sends hypocrisy into a new stratosphere in California's Christian Conservative movement.

Equally disturbing, is the fact that Assemblyman Mark Wyland is also on the CRI Board of Advisors. It was Wyland who was the primary political figure in the promotion of pro-homosexual Republican candidate Steve Francis for the mayor of San Diego in 2004 ( Francis and his wife have been aggressively involved in the promotion of the more radical aspects of the gay agenda, including Francis' wife being one of the original producers of the Laramie Project, a homosexual indoctrination play that is performed in public schools around America. Wyland and his office staffer at the time, Duane Dichiara, were extensively involved in the Francis campaign ( Both Wyland and Assemblyman Ray Haynes, who is also on the Capitol Resource Institute's Advisory Board, are on the Francis campaign flyer.

Why Karen England would have these types of advisors on the board of a Christian Conservative organization is baffling. Unless, of course, the real motive of the organization is, in fact, not promoting Christian values in the state capitol, but rather the political leaders of the Republican Party who need the support of Christian voters to get elected.

This entire SB1437 manipulation is eerily reminiscent of the scandal last year involving California State Senator Bill Morrow, another conservative Republican who had sold himself for years to local Christian voters as being a pro-life advocate. That is, until the James Hartline Report uncovered the fact that Morrow's wife is the Vice President and General Council for the biggest promoter of the pro-abortion, embryonic stem cell industry in California, the California Healthcare Institute (CHI) ( This revelation defeated Morrow in his bid for the 50th Congressional race and exposed a gaping naivity among pro-lifers with regards to the politicians they place confidence in. Mrs. Morrow continues to work for CHI as that group continues its insidious march for expanding the entire embryonic stem cell industry in California.

When James Hartline questioned England about the obvious hypocrisy that was manifesting itself in her organization that promotes itself as a Christian group, she retorted that the Capitol Resource Institute was not really a Christian organization. Hartline responded that there were numerous Biblical passages on her website. England replied that there might be a few, but that did not necessarily imply that they were a Christian group, although, England did state that she was a Christian. The CRI website actually has an entire section devoted to getting churches involved with their organization (, as well as an entire page devoted to Bible scriptures ( Somehow, the scriptural page didn't seem to address the utter hypocrisy of CRI's compromising boardmembers.

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The James Hartline Report Action Center
- Action Alert -
August 19, 2006

San Diego Elementary Charter School Brings Young Children
Into Pornographic Gay Pride Parade:
Tell The Board of Education To Stop The Madness!

(JHR) At this time last year, the San Diego Gay Pride organization ( was under investigation for employing numerous pedophiles as volunteers and staff superviors during it annual parade and festival. The scandal involved dangerous sex offenders working for San Diego Gay Pride who had been convicted of having sex with young male minors or young children ( One of those pedophiles was hired by the San Diego Gay Pride group to work in its children's garden during their 2005 festival ( Most San Diegans would have thought that in 2006, the last place that public schools would allow their children to be on July 29, 2006, would be participating in the pornographic event of the San Diego Gay Pride parade, especially in light of the previous year's pedophile scandal. These San Diegans have guessed wrong.

In one of the most appalling displays of gross disregard for the safety of young children, the San Diego City School system allowed a number of small children to march inside of the San Diego Gay Pride parade under the banner of one of its schools, despite the fact that these children were brought into the midst of a number of businesses promoting pornography and nearly nude men and women in graphic sexualized demonstrations. It is by far one of the most grostesque and heinous acts that the San Diego City School system has ever engaged in and action must be taken to sanction the school that did this horrific act.

The San Diego Cooperative Charter School ( operates a public school, grades K-8, under the jurisdiction of the San Diego Unified School District at 2850 Sixth Avenue. Sharing the same building with this charter school, is the notorious abortion clinic, Family Planning Associates ( Opening at that location on September 3, 2002 (, the school chose that location even though the abortion clinic was operating inside of the building.

With daily reports across America of school teachers molesting their students, and female teachers posing nude in adult magazines, one would think that the last place a San Diego City Charter School would bring young children is to the San Diego Gay Pride parade. Photographs taken at this year's parade reveal nauseating displays of graphic sexuality and pornographic businesses being promoted ( How the teachers of an elementary school thought it was okay to march as a group under the official banner of the charter school along with children is beyond the pale of anything that the taxpayers and parents of San Diego ever invisioned when they voted to allow the establishment of the public satellite charter schools.

In a true slap in the face of decency and what is in the best interest of children in the public school system, teachers employed with the San Diego Cooperative Charter School can be seen in a photograph in the school's current newsletter posing with very small kids during the parade. It demonstrates the absolute danger that exists in the public school system for many children and what is being placed in their young and impressionable minds. In the photograph, one little girl can be seen holding up a shark with the letters "Diversity" printed on it. Standing in front of a taxpayer funded yellow school bus, another adult in the photo can be seen holding up a sign that reads, "SDCCS - School With Pride". It should also be noted that on the principal's web page is the slogan "You've never seen a public school like this one!" ( Considering the fact that the school's principal, Dr. Wendy Ranck-Buhr, allowed her staff to march children into a pornographic-filled parade, that is probably a very appropriate slogan.

Here is the unbelievable photograph from the SDCCS School Newsletter:

What school being funded by the taxpayers of San Diego would be so immoral as to allow small children under the official banner of the San Diego school system to march in the midst of this pornographic gay parade? Did the teachers miss the man who marched down the street giving out goodies while only wearing a g-string? Did they overlook the car filled with men that advertised for RentBoy, the male escort service? Or did the teachers not hear the blasting music from the Powerhouse Productions float that had nearly nude male dancers gyrating for the crowd? What kind of parents bring their kids to something so harmful to their kid's young minds? What message is this sending to the trouble youth of America?

Take Action Against The San Diego Cooperative Charter School!
This school is funded with your tax dollars and they must be
sanctioned for bringing small children into the Gay Pride Parade
under the banner of a school that you have paid for!

Tell Dr. Wendy Ranck-Buhr, principal of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School, that you plan to take action against her with the school board for allowing the small children to be exposed to the pornographic imagery of the San Diego Gay Pride parade all under the banner of your tax dollars funding her school.

Tell the San Diego Board of Education to Sanction SDCCS
and its principal, Dr. Wendy-Ranck-Buhr for bringing small children
under your public school-funded banner into the perverted San Diego Gay Pride Parade:

Dr. Wendy-Ranck-Buhr
tele: 619-574-0694 - fax no. 619-0861
office email:

San Diego Board of Education Members:
Luis Acle
Mitz Lee
John de Beck
Sheila Jackson
Katherine Nakamura

Parents Support & Board Services
telephone: 619-725-5634

Superintendent, Dr. Carl Cohn
Telephone: 619-725-5525

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Friday, August 11, 2006

76th Calif. State Assembly Candidate Ralph Denney's Catastrophic Assault On Conservative Values:Causes Outrage Among GOP Activists

Youth At Hillcrest Youth Center Where
Ralph Denney Volunteers
(A Place To Help Foster Gender Confusion)

76th State Assembly Candidate Ralph Denney's
Catastrophic Assault On Conservative Values:

San Diego GOP Activists Are Outraged
After Learning Of Denny's Homosexual Activism

Homosexual Republican 76th Calif. State Assembly Candidate
Ralph Denney riding In the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade
that featured pornographers, near nudity and children exposed
to graphic sexual degradation.

(JHRexclusive) Perennial Republican candidate Ralph Denney seems to have finally run into the reality that he has attempted to steer clear of in his current campaign for the California State 76th Assembly seat. Nowhere on Denney's campaign website does he mention his long term history of being homosexual or his aggressive involvement in the more radical elements of the gay political agenda ( Denney's campaign website seems to paint him as a do good grandfather figure that is the best thing families could ever have hoped for. After a lengthy investigation by the James Hartline Report, it is clear that Denney has revealed almost nothing to Republican voters in his district about his very dark sexualized and immoral history. The findings of this investigation are so disturbing that it will certainly force the local Republican Party to run as far away from associating with the Denney campaign as a Duke Cunningham fundraiser.

A number of Republican Party leaders are so offended by information beginning to surface about Denney, that panic and concern about what Denney's lifestyle choices could do to the party are beginning to spread throughout the local GOP. In fact, one Republican activist from San Diego's Vietnamese community was so concerned about the threat that Denney posed to her neighborhood's morality, that she has started a massive write-in campaign to beat out Denney in the November general election. Kim Tran ( was so shocked to find out that Denney never mentioned anything on his campaign website during the recent primary about his serious involvement in homosexuality while campaigning for the 76th Assembly seat, that she immediately went into war mode to stop Denney from indoctrinating her community's Republican members into voting for his hidden gay agenda. "I am not for Mr. Denney who wants to push homosexuality on my people and then not tell them that is his plan," said an irked Tran.

A number of other Republican Party leaders are expressing similar concerns about Denney. That concern has translated into fresh endorsements for Kim Tran's historical write-in candidacy. Jeff Schwik, Founder of the San Diego Minuteman, Susie Hawkes, Chairman of USA Border Alert, Priscilla Schreiber, Grossmont School Boardmember, San Diego City Council Candidate Judy Riddle, and Anthony Porrello, Republican Party Central Committee are just some of the New Generation Republicans who are standing with Tran.

Tran's husband, attorney Robert Sutton, believes that if Denney had been open about his gay activism and his extensive involvement with homosexuality, he would not have won the primary this past June. In that race, Denney beat out his Republican opponent Jeff Perwin, by less than 3,000 votes. "People in our conservative area of Linda Vista would simply not have voted for Denney had he been honest about his gay activism," said Sutton.

Ralph Denney states on his campaign website that his greatest achievement to be his three grand kids..."they are also my greatest concern and the main reason I've decided to run for public office..." ( While Denney is busy attempting to sell himself as a concerned caretaker of children, the James Hartline Report has obtained evidence so disturbing on Denney, that many will ponder how this candidate, who is a long term member of the radical homosexual organization, Log Cabin Republicans, could possibly claim concern for the children of California?

According to Denny's biography that is published on Project Vote Smart (, the gay Log Cabin Club member has been a volunteer with the Hillcrest Youth Center since 2001. For the last three years, the James Hartline Report, in partnership with a large group of concerned citizens, have been attempting to shut down that youth center because of the overwhelming evidence that minors were being exposed with a adults to a sexualized environment. Photographs of magazines featuring explicit gay sex ads were taken at the Hillcrest Youth Center during a November, 2005 tour of the area and were the subject of a city council presentation by Hartline and his group at a November, 29, 2005 hearing. You can watch that presentation by going to ( (and click on Nov. 29, 2005 and slide time ruler on non-agenda public comment to the time of 1:08:40).
Photo from the Hillcrest Youth Center's Website: Helping To
Create Gender Confusion Among San Diego's Youth. This is also
where Ralph Denney volunteers.

The Hillcrest Youth Center is notorious for allowing teens as young as 14 years of age to be brought inside of the facility and then indoctrinated into homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexualism. Employees and volunteers at the Hillcrest Youth Center are hired via the adult San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center, an organization that has stacks and stacks of sexually explicit magazines and newspapers in its front lobby. The indoctrination of youth into homosexuality is so aggressive at the youth center that they actually feature a workshop for minors that states:

"A discussion and support group for youth who have just
come out (of the closet), are thinking about coming out
or are 'questioning' their sexual orientation or gender identity."

In 2005, JHR Publisher, James Hartline
shows pornographic materials that
were found on the property of the
Hillcrest Youth Center. In the background
under the front window was a pile
of human excrement and a young
teen's underwear. Ralph Denney
lists himself as a volunteer at the
Youth Center during this time period.

Far more disturbing then Ralph Denney's volunteer work at the sexualized environment of the Hillcrest Youth Center or his proud ride in the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade that featured men dressed up as Catholic Nuns, nearly nude men dancing through public streets or the many xxx gay porn promoters that advertised their products around small children, is the findings from a 2002 restraining order that Denney filed against his homosexual lover of 5 1/2 years at the time.

The shocking revelations that have come forth from the court records obtained at the Madge Bradley Courthouse will place the San Diego Republican Party in a very precarious position considering that they are promoting Denney on the party's official website (

Denney's restraining order, number DV013297, was filed in May of 2002, the same time that he was volunteering at the Hillcrest Youth Center. It describes a horrific relationship between Denney and his homosexual domestic partner, Edward Estrada. Denney states at the time that he was 48 years of age, while his gay partner Edward, was thirteen years younger. Ironically, while Denney was requesting a restraining order against Estrada, the report describes Estrada as weighing only 130 pounds and being only 5' 3" tall, a very tiny young man, to say the least. Denny wrote in the restraining order:

"My name is Ralph E. Denney. I am requesting a restraining order against my
domestic partner Edward Estrada. We lived together for five and a half years. Edward has a history of drug abuse and he has served time for residential burglary. Edward served two years in prison. Edward's attitude over the last several weeks has changed. I questioned him about it. Edward said he was only 'smoking crank' which is pot laced with speed."

"...Edward threatened me to call the police and turn in a tape of my supposed
confession of me stealing from Edward's sister and molesting my twenty one year old son."

Perhaps Denney's involvement with the Hillcrest Youth Center while his homosexual lover was involved in illegal drug use may not seem like a big deal for those at the Gay and Lesbian Center who allowed Denney to work as a volunteer around the 14 year old troubled kids, but for the hard working moms and dads outside of Hillcrest's disturbing sexually exploitative world, Denney's activities and beliefs are shameful and unacceptable for a state legislative candidate. It is Denney's beliefs that run counter to nearly every sound element of the California State Republican Party Platform, as well as the true Christianity that Denney claims to adhere to. Yes, Denney claims to be a Christian. According to his biography on, Denney's form of Christianity is the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), an organization that also marched in this year's 2006 Gay Pride Parade along with the many porn promoters and nearly naked male dancers. Denney's church MCC has beliefs that run counter to all sound Biblical teaching. MCC preaches acceptance of lesbianism, transsexualism and a twisted belief that homosexuality is a "gift" from God that should be embraced.

While Denney is embracing the paganistic beliefs of MCC, he has also affiliated himself with one of the most anti-christian, homosexual political organizations in America. His biography states that he has been a boardmember of the Log Cabin Republicans since 2001. For many Christian Conservatives, it is hard to imagine that there could be a more hardcore, anti-christian hate group within the GOP then the Log Cabin Republicans. In fact, the Log Cabin Republicans are so supportive of homosexuality that they even refused to support the reelection of President Bush in 2004 because of his support for a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

The frightening and dark belief system of the Log Cabin Republicans and the organization's avowed hate towards Christian Conservatives is best articulated from the group's Sacramento Chapter which states:

Why It's Okay To Be A Gay Republican
"Defeating the radical right and transforming the GOP will allow gay and lesbian Americans to achieve full equality much sooner-decades sooner. The radical right represents the last obstacle on the path to full equality. Defeat them in the grassroots of the GOP and all of us can enjoy the benefits of liberty much sooner."

While Ralph Denney has been embracing the radical, anti-christian propanganda of the Log Cabin Republicans for a number of years, he has also been helping push forth homosexuality as a marital institutional as well. According to a March 10, 2005 edition of the Gay and Lesbian Times, Denney stated that he believes the right of same sex marraige couples in filing joint tax returns should override DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). The Gay and Lesbian Times wrote of Denney:

"Denney believes the IRC (Internal Revenue Code) is then unethical. “By both statute and court decision, our Federal Tax Code is and must be amoral. “That is, the IRC is not allowed to make moral judgments or apply moral standards in the course of applying the tax code and in its collection of lawful taxes,” he said.
Denney further explained he believes the IRC would take priority over any law or statute including DOMA. “In my opinion, if they are legally married in that state, then they are legally allowed to file a federal married return and DOMA does not affect it.”

Ralph Denney in a March 10, 2005
Gay and Lesbian Times article
where he stated "legally" married
same-sex couples can file tax returns jointly.

Voter Information:
The 76th State Assembly District Encompasses
Much Of Central San Diego County, including:
Point Loma, Clairemont, Mission Hills, Hillcrest,
Old Town, Mission Valley, Linda Vista, Clairemont Mesa,
Pacific Beach, North and South Park, Kearney Mesa,
and Tierrasanta

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Thursday, August 10, 2006


The James Hartline Report
Breaking News!
August 10, 2006 (8:00pm.pst)

San Diego Christian Stand At City Council
Creates Tidalwave Of News Reports Around America

(JHR) On July 25, 2006, the San Diego City Council attempted to silence three dozen Christians who had turned out for a council hearing to protest the city issuing a proclamation declaring Gay Pride Week. At that hearing, the Christian team led by Christian activist James Hartline, Biblical Family Advocates Director Phil Magnan, public school teacher Bill Daniel, Republican State Assembly candidate Kim Tran and Conservative Catholic writer Stephanie Hopping, were repeatedly attacked by homosexual activists who were present at the hearing in support of issuing the proclamation. All eight council members, including four who claim to be Christians, sided with the gay pride advocates, and voted unanimously to approve the gay pride proclamation. The war declared against the Christian speakers at that council hearing by the councilmembers and their homosexual activist partners can be reviewed by going to the San Diego City Council video archives ( (click on July 25, 2006 View Video. Hearing begins at 2:00 minutes into video).

The councilmembers assumed that they had dealt a death blow to the Christian hopes of standing up against the homosexual movement in their city. They also assumed that that would be the end of the matter and the Christians, who were outnumbered 3-1 by proponents of gay pride week at the hearing, would just fade away in the sunset of political defeat and moral humiliation. They were wrong.

Something is happening. Something that is taking on a miraculous form of unprecedented phenomena. News services from around the United States are now beginning to report on how the Christians were treated at that dark July 25th city council hearing. Like a wildfire reminiscent of the old prarie day revivials, websites from around the United States are now churning out news stories of the Christian stand in San Diego. Amazingly, while radical gay and lesbian advocates attempted to deny the pornographic nature of the San Diego Gay Pride event that featured a children's garden, a youth zone, and a multitude of xxx pornography vendors, news wire services are now including the amazing photography of Allyson Smith in their growing body of news reports. Smith's photographs completely contradicts the claims made by the gay pride activists at the hearing. More importantly, the photos confront the moral lapses in judgment that were personifed at the hearing by the elected city officials.

Smith, in a daring and bold move, went undercover during the recent San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival and photographed some of the most shocking pictures of what really goes on inside of one of these depraved gay pride events. This is truly the first time in modern America, that the real story of gay pride is finally being told, not just the falsified propaganda that has been filtered out to the public through secular, pro-homosexual media outlets. Allyson Smith, who had for many years stood alone in her battle to reclaim San Diego from the hands of anti-family radicals, has partnered with the James Hartline Report to present a truly revolutionary look inside of the perverted landscape of the San Diego Gay Pride enterprise. You can view the photography of Smith, who risked her own safety to obtain this evidence by going to (

American Family Association (, the nation's leading Christian news service with over three million subscribers, published James L. Lambert's article on the San Diego City Council's mistreatment of the Christians during the gay pride hearing as one of its top stories yesterday ( This has created the effect of catapulting the story to news wire services throughout America, including WDC Media Service, a major Christian news enterprise ( WDC's clients include Jay Sekulow, the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and JCTV Youth Network (

The Conservative Voice, one of the top Christian Conservative websites in America founded by 2004 Republican Congressional Candidate Nathan Tabor, has quickly become one of the primary destinations for America's most respected Christian Conservative politicians and activists ( Yesterday, saw the Conservative Voice publish the James Hartline Report's account of that dark city council hearing, which has further fueled the national outcry against the mistreatment by San Diego's liberal elite of the Christian warriors who opposed the 2006 Gay Pride proclamation (

As to the councilmembers who disrespected the Christians on July 25, 2006 by standing with the gay pride activists to declare San Diego Gay Pride Week: alledged Christian Republican Councilman Brian Maienschein, lesbian Democratic Councilwoman Toni Atkins, pro-abortion Democratic Councilman Scott Peters, and alledged Christian Republican Councilman Jim Madaffer: they all were all named yesterday as responsible for the city's financial catastrophe in the San Diego city audit scandal. All four, who opposed the Christians on July 25, 2006, were reported in the audit to have knowingly defrauded the citizens of San Diego and will possibly be referred for prosecution in federal, as well as state court.

James Hartline best summed up the battle lines on this entire matter during his speech to the council on July 25, 2006:

"A line has been drawn this day. It is a line that divides evil from good. And we will never again allow that line to be erased or mixed together in a way where this city can no longer tell the difference between right and wrong. To each person on this city council, this day you must choose which side of this line you are on, but choose
very, very wisely, for the entire city is watching how you vote on this matter."

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Allegations Of Public Obscentiy Made Against San Diego Gay Pride Festival - Eyewitnesses & Photogtraphs Reveal Disturbing Public Adult Sexual Activity

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
August 5, 2006

Allegations Of Public Obscenity Made
Against San Diego Gay Pride Festival:
Eyewitnesses & Photographs Reveal
Disturbing Public Adult Sexual Activity
Around Potential Teen Onlookers

(JHR) Two women who attended last week's San Diego Gay Pride Festival are now alledging that young minors were possibly exposed to obscene sexual demonstrations during the event. The disturbing allegations have led the James Hartline Report to conduct an investigation to verify the veracity of the accusations. Preliminary findings of the investigation have, in fact, uncovered some horrific photographs and other verified evidence that is shocking even to the most hardened of sexually liberal minds. The ensuing scandal could surpass the severity of last year's pedophile scandal that rocked the local San Diego gay organization.

One of the women, Allyson Smith, a nationally recognized conservative Catholic newsreporter who has gone undercover numerous times to report on sexual misconduct at many gay and straight events that have featured advocates of NAMBLA, sadomasochistic abuse of children and adults, as well as investigations of corruption inside of her own religious denomination, spoke with the James Hartline Report after she went undercover inside of the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival. Smith attended the parade and festival and was seeking to determine if the San Diego LGBT Pride organization was still allowing the same amount of sexually explicit materials and events as the group had allowed in year's past. For a veteran of many of these type of events, even Smith said she was absolutely repulsed at what she observed and photographed during this year's annual gay and lesbian festival.

In an August 3, 2006 interview with the reporter, Smith told the James Hartline Report, that she entered a sadomasochistic tent at the Gay Pride Festival called the Leather Realm. Smith said that what she saw, both shocked and repulsed her. "A women was strapped to an object that looked like a giant spider web with 'spider-like' figures attached to the web," said a grieved Smith. "Her pants were pulled down, exposing her underwear. Women were then taking turns with a wooden paddle and beating the victim on her buttocks and surrounding area."

Smith said she became so repulsed that she had to leave that part of the Leather Realm demonstration area, but returned ten minutes later, only to find the same woman still tied up, and was further being beaten with the paddle. Smith stated, "After ten minutes, the girl was still being hit with the paddle, only this time there were large red welts swelling up on her skin from being hit so many times." Smith also stated that one women in the tent had her breasts completely exposed with no clothing covering them. Shockingly, while Smith states that a sign was posted at the entrance to the Leather Realm alledgedly forbidding those under eighteen from entering the venue, she said that she never saw anyone checking for identification to verify whether minors were coming and going inside.

Taking photographs inside of the Leather Realm were banned by the coordinators of the sexually degrading venue. That did not stop the James Hartline Report from obtaining pictures posted on the internet of those who did take photos at the Leather Realm. A warning: pictures contained in this article are very disturbing, but necessary for documentation purposes.

The following photographs were obtained from an online photo album taken at the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Festival in Balboa Park ( Clearly, several photographs posted on this website feature young people appearing to be under eighteen years of age staring in shock at a man who had his buttocks completely exposed. Calling the pictoral collection "Staples at San Diego Pride '06", the website describes how a woman named "Daddy Karen" shot staples from a staple gun into this man's torso inside of the Leather Realm. Chains were then hung from the stapled wounds inflicted upon the willing victim. It is worth noting that in this first photo, the Viejas Indian Casino booth with purple roof can clearly be seen near the exposed male. This pornographic picture demonstrates that there was no barracade erected inside of the San Diego Gay Pride area to segregate attending and unescorted youth from seeing the sexually degrading performers.

The Following Disturbing Photographs Are What The City Of San Diego
Approved To Occur In Balboa Park. This Is What The San Diego City Council,
And Mayor Jerry Sanders Endorsed For The Families Of San Diego.

What appears to be young teenagers looking at this exposed
man who had been shot full of staples from a staple gun
inside of the Leather Realm at the 2006 San Diego
Gay Pride Festival. There is no barrior to prevent any child
from walking by and seeing this degrading behavior.

This is what the San Diego City Council
voted to have the City of San Diego
celebrate during San Diego Gay Pride Week.
Note the public is freely walking by,
including minors to see this nearly naked man.

All of the man's ropes and chains have been attached to
punctured holes in his skin where a staple gun shot staples
into his body during an "educational" class inside of the
Leather Realm during San Diego's 2006 Gay Pride Festival
endorsed by Republican Councilman Brian Maienschein,
Republican Councilman Kevin Faulconer, Republican
Councilman Jim Madaffer and Democratic Councilman
Tony Young, all four who claim to be Christians.

Tony Lindsey (aka: Papa Tony):
Leading The Degradation At San Diego Gay Pride

Lindsey who calls himself "Papa Tony" is
one of the ascribed leaders of the
San Diego League of Gentlemen, a very
disturbing gay S & M leather sex group
that helped coordinate the Leather Realm.

The San Diego S & M leather sex leaders were out in full force mixing with minors and other vulnerable citizens who went into the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival. Tony Lindsey is one of those leaders and his hostility to Christianity and Catholics is so pronounced that he allowed a group of men who mock the Catholic Church called the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" to conduct a pagan ritual on their Gay Pride float prior to the parade. Lindsey posted the photographs of his sadistic parade ritual on his website Papy Tony Web (

The attacks on the Catholic Church by the degrading images presented during the transvesite nun's ritual is especially distressing for Allyson Smith, a long time Catholic Churchmember. Smith cries, "I don't know how they can claim to be discriminated against all of the time (referring to gays and lesbians) while they attack my faith and my church with the approval of the city of San Diego endorsing it. It is absolute hypocrisy on the city council's part and a violation of their own laws." Smith, who recently lost a beloved sister, had honored her at an East County Catholic Parish memorial. "It is just very, very painful to see these sadistic men dress up as sisters of my faith and mock and spit on them, much less do it with the approval of the city of San Diego."

Men of the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" mocking the Catholic Church by
dressing up as Catholic Nuns as they stand in front of their 2006 San Diego
Gay Pride Float entry. Note the sign attached to the float reads RHSD, the signage
for Red Hankies of San Diego, a a group of men who engage in fisting (the inserting
of a fist into the rectum of another human being).

Mocking the Catholic Church by these drag queen nuns who perform a ritualistic "blessing" over this group's sadistic 2006 San Diego Gay Pride float on the streets of
North Park prior to the pornographic event that was endorsed by the San Diego
City Council.

The other woman who attended the Gay Pride Festival agreed to speak with the James Hartline Report on a condition of anonymity. This witness spoke with JHReport publisher James Hartline because of the traumatic activities that she encountered at the Gay Pride events, including seeing very young children in the parade, watching the parade and inside the main festival venue, seeing young people at both events, some of whom could have been minors.
What made this quite traumatic for this witness is that she noted at least 8-10 sexually explicit vendors set up throughout the Gay Pride grounds where anyone, potentially including minors, could take their free products and literature. Allyson Smith photographed items at a vendor called The Lubery where she obtained free samples of condoms and sexual lubricants. Smith also photographed literature being given out form a gay porn company called, where a photo of a young looking male was apparently created to give the apprearance of being a minor.

Like Allyson Smith, this other witness verified nearly verbatim what Smith had seen inside of the Leather Realm. She stated she had never seen a woman completely barebreasted in public and was just shocked that women would act like that around other women in a municipal city park. She went on to say, "I was just horrified to see a woman being beaten until red marks were left on her body by other women inside of that tent (Leather Realm). It was very scary to see that kind of abuse."

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

JHReport Exclusive - San Diego GOP Politicians Re-Abuse Jessica Lunsford All Over Again: Reception Features Numerous GOP Gay Pride Supporters

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
August 1, 2006

San Diego GOP Politicians Re-Abuse
Jessica Lunsford All Over Again:
Jessica's Law Reception Features Numerous
Gay Pride Anti-Child Republican Supporters

(JHRexclusive) It was one of the most heinous crimes committed in American history. The victim: little 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, an innocent and precious young girl full of life and the potential to love a world that ultimately did not treat her in the same way. In the spring of 2005, police officials near Tampa, Florida found the body of Jessica wrapped in two plastic bags and buried under a pile of leaves (,2933,154109,00.html). John Evander Cousey, a 46-year-old drug addicted and registered sex offender had kidnapped the little girl from home and raped her and buried her alive--only 100 yards from her home. Buried alive, Jessica died of asphyxiation, the result of Cousey not confessing sooner to the police where he had buried Jessica. Cousey has not yet been tried for Jessica Lunsford's murder (,2933,203341,00.html).

Named for Jessica Lunsford, Jessica's Laws are being initiated in states throughout America ( Jessica's Laws, like the one in Florida passed after Jessica's death, call for minimum 25 year sentences and a maximum of life in prison for first time sex offenders. There is no higher a priority for state governments then the protection of children and Jessica's Laws allow for a perfect cooperative effort between the citizenry and their elected officials to accomplish this most noble of goals.

While California has, in recent years, continued to be soft on child predators, a move is underway to enact a voter generated Jessica's Law, Prop. 83, which has qualified for the November, 2006 ballot ( The James Hartline Report has been at the forefront of exposing the pedophile epidemic in San Diego, California. In 2005, the James Hartline Report uncovered a pedophile network that was operating inside of the San Diego Gay Pride organization ( The national firestorm surrounding the San Diego Gay Pride organization's pedophile scandal was further fueled by more revelations that one of the dangerous pedophiles, Martin Ramirez, entertaining under the name "Marty the Clown", had been hired for years, including 2005, to entertain small children in the San Diego Gay Pride's Children's Garden ( According to a Gay and Lesbian Times article written during the controversy, many supporters of the Gay Pride organization were more upset with the "civil rights violations of the sex offenders" than they were with the organization that had hired the pedophiles ( Two weeks after the pedophile network had been revealed by the James Hartline Report, the San Diego Gay Pride organization had still not fired any of the sex offenders. After weeks of public pressure, leaders of the San Diego Gay Pride group acknowledged that they had removed all of the pedophiles from staff involvment with their parade and festival. That turned out to be a lie.

According to the Gay and Lesbian Times (, Gerald Garrett, a registered sex offender and full time staffmember with the San Diego Gay Pride organization continued to work during the event, after promises were made to city officials that all of the child abusers had been removed. This deceptive and promisory note provided the avenue city officials were looking for to allow them to march in the parade with a mulititude of pornographers, nearly nude males, including one man almost completely naked who handed out candy to small children along the parade route, and bare-breasted lesbians marching in the same event that featured young minors with the San Diego Youth & Community Services organization. These governmental officals included Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders, Republican lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, San Diego Police Chief William Landsdowne, Chula Vista Mayor Steve Padilla, Republican County Supervisor Ron Roberts and San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre.

2006 Gay Pride - Increasing The Harm To Children
And The GOP Leaders That Helped Make It Happen

Despite the fact that many of the same organizational leaders who hired and defended the pedophiles working for San Diego Gay Pride in 2005, were still with the organization in 2006, a number of elected San Diego Republican officials, not only embraced the 2006 Gay Pride porn festival and parade, but actually voted to issue a citywide proclamation to celebrate Gay Pride Week in the city of San Diego. During a July 25, 2006 city council hearing, a number of family protection advocates presented overhwhelming evidence that graphic sex, S & M sex leather abuse, pornography, drug use and other activities harmful to children would be occuring during the parade and festival. Republican City Councilmen Brian Maienschein, Kevin Faulconer, and Jim Madaffer rebuked these child protection advocates and voted to force the city of San Diego to celebrate the degrading event.

Photograph of two small children at 2006 San Diego Gay Pride.
Little boy holding San Diego Gay Pride Program which contained
xxx porn advertisement images
and photos of nude males at a gay bathhouse.
(photo courtesy of Hillquest)

Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders and Sheriff Bill Kolender
Stand With the Gay Activists,
Pornographers and nudity
of the 2006 Gay Pride event rather than protecting
the families and children of San Diego.
(Courtesy of Hillquest)

Two of many of the perverted public demonstrations of
nudity at the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Event.
This is what Repubican Councilmen Brian Maienschein,
Kevin Faulconer, and Jim Madaffer voted to celebrate
when they voted to declare San Diego Gay Pride Week.
(Courtesy of Hillquest)
Phil Thalheimer hosting his campaign booth at the 2004 Gay Pride Festival
that featured young minors being given condoms, pornography and
Marty the pedophile Clown in the Children's Garden.
(Courtesy of Hillquest)
Lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis shortly after her 2002 election, riding
as the Grand Marshall of the 2003 San Diego Gay Pride Parade, that featured
pornographers, children being exposed to near nude male strippers and other
anti-child perversions. Dumanis also participated in the 2003 San Francisco
Gay Pride Parade with gay state Assemblyman Mark Leno, one of the biggest
supporters of pedophiles in the California Legislature. It is Leno who has
proposed legislation to allow pedophiles to possess up to 24 images of child
pornography before they are charged with a felony.

- The Re-Abuse of Jessica Lunsford By San Diego's GOP Politicians -

In one of the most grotesque and hypocritical moves ever seen in San Diego GOP history, many of the same Republican leaders who endorsed and participated in the pornographic and anti-child, 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Festival, are now using an August 14, 2006 Reception for Jessica's Law to associate their names with the protection of child via the Prop. 83, Jessica's Law Initiative. It is truly one of the blackest manipulations against San Diego County's conservative families who will vote for many of these politicians in their upcoming campaigns. Here is a copy of the email advertisement obtained by the James Hartline Report on the upcoming event:

Please join us at
San Diegans for Jessica’s Law
Keynote Speaker
Mark Lunsford
Father of 9-year old Jessica, the namesake of the initiative
Featured Speakers
Mayor Jerry Sanders
San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis
San Diego Sheriff Bill Kolender
Master of Ceremonies: Rick Roberts, with the Rick Roberts Show
Monday, August 14, 2006
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Town & Country Hotel, California Ballroom
Table Sponsor (10 Tickets) $1,200
Individual Tickets $150
Sponsorships are available
RSVP or for more sponsorship information, contact Mary England at (619) 466-1111
or email to San Diegans for Jessica’s Law Host Committee
Host Committee Chairs
Governor Pete Wilson
Senator George Runner
Assemblywoman Sharon Runner
San Diego Regional Co-Chairs
Republican Leader George Plescia
Senator Dennis Hollingsworth
Senator Bill Morrow
Assemblymember Bonnie Garcia
Assemblymember Shirley Horton
Assemblymember Jay LaSuer
Assemblymember Mark Wyland
Phil Thalheimer
Founding Host
Rick Gann
Local Government Officials
San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox
San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn
San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob
San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts
San Diego County Supervisor Pam Slater-Price
San Diego City Councilmember Kevin Faulconer
San Diego City Councilmember Brian Maienschein
San Diego City Councilmember Jim Madaffer

According to the RSVP attachment to this event, information indicated that politicians were paying to have their names added to the event. For example the first three items on the attachment stated:

X - Yes, I will serve as a Regional Co-Chair of Jessica's Law. Enclosed is
my check for $10,000. (25 tickets, announced on radio, website and signage.)
X - Yes, I will serve as a Sponsor and Co-Host of the San Diego Jessica's Law
Reception. Enclosed is my check for $5,000. (15 tickets, radio mention.
website, and signage.)
X - Yes, I will serve as a Co-Host of the San Diego Jessica's Law
Reception. Enclosed is my check for $2,500 (10 tickets, website
and signage.)

Those politicians who have been voting and supporting the anti-child and pornographic enterprises of San Diego Gay Pride, as well as their recent support of giving new hypodermic needles to street drug addicts in the city of San Diego, are not committed to creating a world where children are protected from pedophiles. If they were, they would not have celebrated the 2005 Gay Pride festival that had numerous registered pedophiles, including Marty the Clown working in the Children's Garden. In recent days, Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders supported, and Republican Councilman Kevin Faulconer voted to give out free needles to drug addicts during a recent city council vote. It should be noted that Jessica Lunsford's pedophile killer has admitted to being high on drugs when he kidnapped, raped and then suffocated her little soul.

Outrage among conservative voters in San Diego for Republicans Jerry Sanders, Brian Maienschien, Kevin Faulconer, Sheriff Bill Kolender, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, GOP County Supervisor Ron Roberts, as well as professing Christian Democratic Councilman Tony Young for their continued support of the pornographic enterprises of San Diego Gay Pride, is growing rapidly. The idea that these GOP anti-child advocates want to now pay to have their names placed on a Jessica's Law Reception to present themselves as the caretakers of child protectors is repulsive and will only serve to further turn families and voters away from these, the biggest hypocrites in San Diego County Politics.

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