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76th Calif. State Assembly Candidate Ralph Denney's Catastrophic Assault On Conservative Values:Causes Outrage Among GOP Activists

Youth At Hillcrest Youth Center Where
Ralph Denney Volunteers
(A Place To Help Foster Gender Confusion)

76th State Assembly Candidate Ralph Denney's
Catastrophic Assault On Conservative Values:

San Diego GOP Activists Are Outraged
After Learning Of Denny's Homosexual Activism

Homosexual Republican 76th Calif. State Assembly Candidate
Ralph Denney riding In the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade
that featured pornographers, near nudity and children exposed
to graphic sexual degradation.

(JHRexclusive) Perennial Republican candidate Ralph Denney seems to have finally run into the reality that he has attempted to steer clear of in his current campaign for the California State 76th Assembly seat. Nowhere on Denney's campaign website does he mention his long term history of being homosexual or his aggressive involvement in the more radical elements of the gay political agenda ( Denney's campaign website seems to paint him as a do good grandfather figure that is the best thing families could ever have hoped for. After a lengthy investigation by the James Hartline Report, it is clear that Denney has revealed almost nothing to Republican voters in his district about his very dark sexualized and immoral history. The findings of this investigation are so disturbing that it will certainly force the local Republican Party to run as far away from associating with the Denney campaign as a Duke Cunningham fundraiser.

A number of Republican Party leaders are so offended by information beginning to surface about Denney, that panic and concern about what Denney's lifestyle choices could do to the party are beginning to spread throughout the local GOP. In fact, one Republican activist from San Diego's Vietnamese community was so concerned about the threat that Denney posed to her neighborhood's morality, that she has started a massive write-in campaign to beat out Denney in the November general election. Kim Tran ( was so shocked to find out that Denney never mentioned anything on his campaign website during the recent primary about his serious involvement in homosexuality while campaigning for the 76th Assembly seat, that she immediately went into war mode to stop Denney from indoctrinating her community's Republican members into voting for his hidden gay agenda. "I am not for Mr. Denney who wants to push homosexuality on my people and then not tell them that is his plan," said an irked Tran.

A number of other Republican Party leaders are expressing similar concerns about Denney. That concern has translated into fresh endorsements for Kim Tran's historical write-in candidacy. Jeff Schwik, Founder of the San Diego Minuteman, Susie Hawkes, Chairman of USA Border Alert, Priscilla Schreiber, Grossmont School Boardmember, San Diego City Council Candidate Judy Riddle, and Anthony Porrello, Republican Party Central Committee are just some of the New Generation Republicans who are standing with Tran.

Tran's husband, attorney Robert Sutton, believes that if Denney had been open about his gay activism and his extensive involvement with homosexuality, he would not have won the primary this past June. In that race, Denney beat out his Republican opponent Jeff Perwin, by less than 3,000 votes. "People in our conservative area of Linda Vista would simply not have voted for Denney had he been honest about his gay activism," said Sutton.

Ralph Denney states on his campaign website that his greatest achievement to be his three grand kids..."they are also my greatest concern and the main reason I've decided to run for public office..." ( While Denney is busy attempting to sell himself as a concerned caretaker of children, the James Hartline Report has obtained evidence so disturbing on Denney, that many will ponder how this candidate, who is a long term member of the radical homosexual organization, Log Cabin Republicans, could possibly claim concern for the children of California?

According to Denny's biography that is published on Project Vote Smart (, the gay Log Cabin Club member has been a volunteer with the Hillcrest Youth Center since 2001. For the last three years, the James Hartline Report, in partnership with a large group of concerned citizens, have been attempting to shut down that youth center because of the overwhelming evidence that minors were being exposed with a adults to a sexualized environment. Photographs of magazines featuring explicit gay sex ads were taken at the Hillcrest Youth Center during a November, 2005 tour of the area and were the subject of a city council presentation by Hartline and his group at a November, 29, 2005 hearing. You can watch that presentation by going to ( (and click on Nov. 29, 2005 and slide time ruler on non-agenda public comment to the time of 1:08:40).
Photo from the Hillcrest Youth Center's Website: Helping To
Create Gender Confusion Among San Diego's Youth. This is also
where Ralph Denney volunteers.

The Hillcrest Youth Center is notorious for allowing teens as young as 14 years of age to be brought inside of the facility and then indoctrinated into homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexualism. Employees and volunteers at the Hillcrest Youth Center are hired via the adult San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center, an organization that has stacks and stacks of sexually explicit magazines and newspapers in its front lobby. The indoctrination of youth into homosexuality is so aggressive at the youth center that they actually feature a workshop for minors that states:

"A discussion and support group for youth who have just
come out (of the closet), are thinking about coming out
or are 'questioning' their sexual orientation or gender identity."

In 2005, JHR Publisher, James Hartline
shows pornographic materials that
were found on the property of the
Hillcrest Youth Center. In the background
under the front window was a pile
of human excrement and a young
teen's underwear. Ralph Denney
lists himself as a volunteer at the
Youth Center during this time period.

Far more disturbing then Ralph Denney's volunteer work at the sexualized environment of the Hillcrest Youth Center or his proud ride in the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade that featured men dressed up as Catholic Nuns, nearly nude men dancing through public streets or the many xxx gay porn promoters that advertised their products around small children, is the findings from a 2002 restraining order that Denney filed against his homosexual lover of 5 1/2 years at the time.

The shocking revelations that have come forth from the court records obtained at the Madge Bradley Courthouse will place the San Diego Republican Party in a very precarious position considering that they are promoting Denney on the party's official website (

Denney's restraining order, number DV013297, was filed in May of 2002, the same time that he was volunteering at the Hillcrest Youth Center. It describes a horrific relationship between Denney and his homosexual domestic partner, Edward Estrada. Denney states at the time that he was 48 years of age, while his gay partner Edward, was thirteen years younger. Ironically, while Denney was requesting a restraining order against Estrada, the report describes Estrada as weighing only 130 pounds and being only 5' 3" tall, a very tiny young man, to say the least. Denny wrote in the restraining order:

"My name is Ralph E. Denney. I am requesting a restraining order against my
domestic partner Edward Estrada. We lived together for five and a half years. Edward has a history of drug abuse and he has served time for residential burglary. Edward served two years in prison. Edward's attitude over the last several weeks has changed. I questioned him about it. Edward said he was only 'smoking crank' which is pot laced with speed."

"...Edward threatened me to call the police and turn in a tape of my supposed
confession of me stealing from Edward's sister and molesting my twenty one year old son."

Perhaps Denney's involvement with the Hillcrest Youth Center while his homosexual lover was involved in illegal drug use may not seem like a big deal for those at the Gay and Lesbian Center who allowed Denney to work as a volunteer around the 14 year old troubled kids, but for the hard working moms and dads outside of Hillcrest's disturbing sexually exploitative world, Denney's activities and beliefs are shameful and unacceptable for a state legislative candidate. It is Denney's beliefs that run counter to nearly every sound element of the California State Republican Party Platform, as well as the true Christianity that Denney claims to adhere to. Yes, Denney claims to be a Christian. According to his biography on, Denney's form of Christianity is the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), an organization that also marched in this year's 2006 Gay Pride Parade along with the many porn promoters and nearly naked male dancers. Denney's church MCC has beliefs that run counter to all sound Biblical teaching. MCC preaches acceptance of lesbianism, transsexualism and a twisted belief that homosexuality is a "gift" from God that should be embraced.

While Denney is embracing the paganistic beliefs of MCC, he has also affiliated himself with one of the most anti-christian, homosexual political organizations in America. His biography states that he has been a boardmember of the Log Cabin Republicans since 2001. For many Christian Conservatives, it is hard to imagine that there could be a more hardcore, anti-christian hate group within the GOP then the Log Cabin Republicans. In fact, the Log Cabin Republicans are so supportive of homosexuality that they even refused to support the reelection of President Bush in 2004 because of his support for a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

The frightening and dark belief system of the Log Cabin Republicans and the organization's avowed hate towards Christian Conservatives is best articulated from the group's Sacramento Chapter which states:

Why It's Okay To Be A Gay Republican
"Defeating the radical right and transforming the GOP will allow gay and lesbian Americans to achieve full equality much sooner-decades sooner. The radical right represents the last obstacle on the path to full equality. Defeat them in the grassroots of the GOP and all of us can enjoy the benefits of liberty much sooner."

While Ralph Denney has been embracing the radical, anti-christian propanganda of the Log Cabin Republicans for a number of years, he has also been helping push forth homosexuality as a marital institutional as well. According to a March 10, 2005 edition of the Gay and Lesbian Times, Denney stated that he believes the right of same sex marraige couples in filing joint tax returns should override DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). The Gay and Lesbian Times wrote of Denney:

"Denney believes the IRC (Internal Revenue Code) is then unethical. “By both statute and court decision, our Federal Tax Code is and must be amoral. “That is, the IRC is not allowed to make moral judgments or apply moral standards in the course of applying the tax code and in its collection of lawful taxes,” he said.
Denney further explained he believes the IRC would take priority over any law or statute including DOMA. “In my opinion, if they are legally married in that state, then they are legally allowed to file a federal married return and DOMA does not affect it.”

Ralph Denney in a March 10, 2005
Gay and Lesbian Times article
where he stated "legally" married
same-sex couples can file tax returns jointly.

Voter Information:
The 76th State Assembly District Encompasses
Much Of Central San Diego County, including:
Point Loma, Clairemont, Mission Hills, Hillcrest,
Old Town, Mission Valley, Linda Vista, Clairemont Mesa,
Pacific Beach, North and South Park, Kearney Mesa,
and Tierrasanta

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Anonymous said...

This site is really disturbing.
scary to think that people can be so one-sided in their hatred instead of using elements of reason to make a thoughtful argument.

krispi said...

I stumbled upon this site while researching candidates. I may not agree with a lot here, but I'm so tired of people like "anonymous" using the word "hatred" against anyone that disagrees with their agenda. In the city's 3rd City Council district, we've had 2 consecutive councilmembers that touted their gayness as the reason to vote for them. Why should it not be a consideration for all candidates?

joeknapp said...

The myth that only Democrats can be gay is getting really old. Time for a new playbook. Your homophobia is showing - and it's really ugly. Almost as ugly as your racism.