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JHReport - Ecke Poinsettia Boycott Spreads Nationwide - Hundreds Of Babies Could Be Rescued From Planned Parenthood As A Result

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
On The Frontlines Of The Culture War!
December 26, 2006

The Church's Finest Hour:
Hundreds Of Babies Could Be Rescued
From Planned Parenthood In 2007

As Boycott of Ecke Poinsettias Quickly Spreads Nationwide:
Ecke Family Funding Of Planned Parenthood Includes $250,000 Contribution
To Carlsbad, California Abortion Clinic in 2005 and thousands of dollars given
to defeat Parental Notification California Prop. 85 in 2006
(The Carlsbad Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Is Named After Mrs. Ecke)

Ecke Ranch, America's Number One Producer Of Poinsettias,
Loses Thousands Of Customers Due To Ecke Family Funding
Of Planned Parenthood Abortionists

JHReport Exclusive - What began as one man's campaign to pull money out of the hands of the abortion doctors of Planned Parenthood, has now turned into a nationwide boycott that shows no signs of abating. James Hartline, a well known Christian activist from San Diego, California, learned a year ago that the family owners of Ecke Ranch in Encinitas, California are America's leading producer of poinsettias. Producing flowers is not the only economic interests within the Ecke Family. They are also major financial contributors to the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood (www.jameshartlinereport.blogspot.com/2006/11/action-alert-how-christians-are.html).

The Ecke Family is so determined to see that the extermination of pre-born infants continues in San Diego County, that they contributed $250,000 to a Carlsbad, California Planned Parenthood Clinic in 2005. The Ecke contribution helped renovate the clinic and allowed the abortion facility to double the number of customers its sees everyday (www.nctimes.com/articles/2005/11/18/news/coastal/23_38_1511_17_05.txt).

As determined as the Eckes are to ensure Planned Parenthood's financial success, James Hartline is just as determined to make sure that Christians and pro-life activists throughout America become aware of what purchasing Ecke Ranch poinsettias means in terms of financing the abortion industry. A poinsettia pot purchased during Christmas time can cost from $8.00 to as much as $52.00 from a high-end retailer like FTD (www.ftd.com). 70% of all poinsettias purchased in America originate from Ecke Ranch.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, the average cost for aborting a pre-born ten week-old baby in the United States was $372 in 2001 (www.guttmacher.org/in-the-know/cost.html). Thus, the average cost of such an abortion is equivalent to purchasing approximately seven expensive FTD poinsettia floral arrangements or twenty-five lesser priced poinsettia pots at most retailers.

Hartline believes that Christians can effectively save thousands of babies from being exterminated at San Diego Planned Parenthood clinics by simply not buying Ecke Ranch poinsettias. And apparently Christians throughout America agree with Hartline. Hartline's poinsettia boycott is rapidly turning into one of the biggest stands on behalf of the pre-born in American history. Hartline also believes that the Ecke family hierarchy will eventually have to decide what their business priorities really are. If the family continues to fund the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood they will eventually lose millions of dollars in lost poinsettia sales.

-One Man's Stand Turns Into A National Tidal Wave Of Support For Life-

James Hartline's passion for the children of his generation is unlimited. For the first fourteen years of his life, Hartline was the victim of terrible child abuse by a family member. Based on that long and painful experience, protecting kids and saving their lives is one of Hartline's highest life priorities. When Hartline found out in January, 2006 that the Ecke Family makes millions of dollars each year selling poinsettias to churches and youth groups at the same time that they give hundreds of thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood, he became outraged at such vile hypocrisy. Hartline immediately went into action by starting a boycott against Ecke products. Hartline tells the JHReport that America is responding big time to his boycott. "From San Diego to Missouri, from Arizona to South Carolina, something has been sparked in the hearts of Christians everywhere," Hartline states.

San Diego Women Go To War To Save Babies From Planned Parenthood:

East County Pregnancy Center Staff Make Big Stand For Life

Director Of Pregnancy Center
Lori Williams

They are some of the brightest and most courageous women in the war to save babies from the abortion holocaust that Planned Parenthood continues to pursue in America. They are the women who staff the East County Pregnancy Center located in El Cajon, California (www.ecpcc.org). Most pro-life activists will tell you that one of their hardest jobs is to maintain public interest in their battle to rescue babies from the death chambers of Planned Parenthood. When the JHReport contacted East County Pregnancy Center Director Lori Williams about the Ecke Ranch poinsettia boycott, it didn't take any prodding to get a reaction from her.

As soon as Williams received the information proving that the Ecke Family had poured $250,000 into a Carlsbad Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in 2005, she responded with the question, "What can I do to help?"

Within days of initially contacting the East County Pregnancy Center, Lori Williams tells the JHReport that she and her staff have responded tremendously. Williams states that she and her staff have emailed hundreds of pro-life activists in four different states as well as California.

The bold women at the East County Pregnancy Center have done more than just talk about the poinsettia boycott. In fact, they have actually followed up their stand to rescue babies from the Ecke-financed Planned Parenthood by demonstrating with financial proof that they mean business.

Lori Williams told the JHReport that last year the staff at the pregnancy center purchased 56 full bloom pots of poinsettias. At an average cost of fifteen dollars each, the center's staff spent approximately $840 on poinsettias in 2005. Because of the boycott, the staff did not spend any money on poinsettias this year. That $840 is equivalent to the payments charged for two abortions performed on women carrying ten week-old pre-born babies. Williams and her staff are ecstatic that participating in the boycott will keep that money directly out of the Ecke's hands and indirectly out of the bank accounts of the abortionists.

School Board President Backs Her Claims With Her Pocketbook:
Priscilla Schreiber - A Real Pro-Life Politician

In today's world of broken-promise politics, most elected officials who claim to be pro-life during campaign speeches, very rarely demonstrate that they are really pro-life once elected. Priscilla Schreiber, President of the Grossmont Union High School District, is that rare exception in the unfortunate world of politics where many elected officials have become masters of deception when it comes to protecting the pre-born. When Mrs. Schreiber heard that the Ecke Family contributes thousands of dollars every year to the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood, she immediately demonstrated that public officials can make a stand for their Christian beliefs despite their elected positions.

Once Schreiber learned that local poinsettia purchases were filling the rich bank accounts of the Ecke Family at the same time that the Ecke's continue to bankroll the abortion industry, she refused to buy any of their products this year. Schreiber told the JHReport that last year she bought six large Ecke poinsettia pots for approximately $75.00 for her home. This year, Schreiber bought none of the blood red Christmas season flowers.

Mission Valley Christian Fellowship: A Church Where Jesus and Life Are Its Mission:
In 2007, MVCF Will Have Saved One Baby By Not Purchasing Poinsettias In 2006

Individuals were not the only San Diegans to make their stand in 2006 on behalf of the pre-born babies in America. Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, a 1,500 member church located in central San Diego County (www.mvcf.com), will have saved a little baby in the next twelve months as a result of not buying any poinsettias this year. During the church's Sunday services, the stage from which Pastor Leo Giovinetti preaches from, is always decorated with a wide array of beautiful floral arrangements and other creative accessories. Each Christmas, Mission Valley Christian Fellowship stage designers Linda Reynolds and Kathy Kuhn create one of the best Christmas season arrangements in San Diego. This year however, there was one item missing from the Mission Valley Christian Fellowhip Christmas display that had many of the pro-life members of the congregation standing proud and rejoicing: Ecke Ranch poinsettias.

Instead of purchasing the $400 worth of Ecke products, twenty large artificial poinsettia pots lined the stage of the church sanctuary. The $400 that could have been spent on Ecke poinsettias this year, will now be considered money that did not fall into the hands of the abortion doctors working for Planned Parenthood. Somewhere in the future, a little baby, perhaps a future preacher, will be alive because Mission Valley Christian Fellowship did not buy Ecke Ranch poinsettias in 2006.

San Diego Republican Activists Make Big Pro-Life Stand
By Saying, "No!" To Ecke Ranch Poinsettias

One of the most aggressive participants in this year's Ecke poinsettia boycott has been San Diego Republican Party activist Kim Tran (www.votekimtran.org). Tran, who recently lost her bid to represent the 76th State Assembly District, told the JHReport that her family purchases a large number of poinsettia pots each Christmas. Last year, she and her relatives purchased fourteen pots at a cost of $120. There was no hesitation with Tran this year once she found out about the Ecke-abortion connection. Tran, a pro-life activist and outspoken critic of the abortion industry, joined all of her family members in the Ecke poinsettia boycott.

Chuck Stout, a well respected investor from El Cajon, California, recently garnered over 6,100 votes in his bid to become a central committee member of the San Diego County Republican Party leadership team (www.smartvoter.org/2006/06/06/ca/sd/vote/stout_c/). In his first run for public office, Stout gained the respect of many conservatives in his community. But more important to Stout than his growing notoriety within local GOP circles, is his stand for protecting the lives of unborn children. It was an easy call for Mr. Stout when he heard about the Ecke-Planned Parenthood connection. Stout told the JHReport that he did not spend any money on poinsettias this year and will be spreading the word to many of his fellow GOP pro-lifers.

Poinsettia Boycott Spreads To Arizona

JHReport Arizona Correspondents
Carl and Julie Fichtner

Pro-life activists and JHReport Arizona Correspondents Carl and Julie Fichtner are reporting that the boycott of Ecke Ranch poinsettias is now fully underway in the Mesa, Arizona area. At the annual JHReport Christmas banquet last week, the Fichtners told the JHReport that they are circulating information on the Eckes and their support for Planned Parenthood. Ms. Fichtner stated that she is recruiting local church members to get the word out on the poinsettia boycott. Carl Fichtner added that he expects far less poinsettias to be purchased next December as the size and scope of the boycott increases in Arizona.

Missouri Says, " No!" To Ecke Poinsettias:
And, "Yes!" To Rescuing Babies From Planned Parenthood.

Gregory Thompson of America Asleep Know More and
Coach Dave Daubenmire of Pass the Salt Ministries

In an exclusive Christmas day interview with Judy Leach, executive assistant to Greg Thompson, Founder and President of America Asleep kNOw More Ministries in Humansville, Missouri (www.asleepknowmore.com), Leach told the JHReport, that her office has gone into overdrive to participate in the Ecke poinsettia boycott. Leach states that she sent out a warning to over 1,000 recepients on her email list to boycott poinsettias this Christmas. In addition to her own email list, Ms. Leach stated that ministry president Gregory Thompson sent the same warning to over 200 additional email recepients as well. Located in Humansville, Missouri, Thompson and Leach head up one of America's most influential Christian activist organizations, having worked with such national figures as Judge Roy Moore and church historian David Barton.

Judy Leach is no stranger to the culture war that is engulfing America. Working with Thompson and many other Missouri activists, Leach was part of the recent Wal-Mart protests in central Missouri. Leach tells the JHReport that during those protests, she alerted the driver of a delivery truck full of poinsettias that the cargo was helping fund Planned Parenthood. The shipment was headed to a local church. Leach believes that the Missouri poinsettia boycott is already having a financial impact. Judy Leach knows of at least seven families who bought poinsettias last year, but they did not buy them this year because of the Ecke-Planned Parenthood connection. Not spending money on poinsettias this year, will mean these families gave life to babies in the next twelve months.

According to Ms. Leach, numerous other nationally recognized ministers were participating in the quickly expanding poinsettia boycott. Leach stated that Coach Dave Daubenmire, a well known conservative talkshow host (http://ptsalt.com/radio) and leader with Minutemen United (www.minutemenunited.org/index.php), has joined the boycott. R.L. Beasley, a Joplin, Missouri-based minister and community leader is also pressing forward with the boycott. Mark Kiser, another outspoken community leader in the area, is joining with Leach in the Missouri boycott. Leach was excited when she told the JHReport that Christian Conservative leader Jerry Blevin in Springfield, Missouri was also expanding the boycott to other parts of the state.

In Their Hunger For Wealth, The Eckes Have Not Gotten The Message:
Christmas Is Not About Flowers - It's About The Life Of Christ

Extraordinary is one of the many terms that can be applied to how quickly this wave of support for Hartline has spread in his war to save little babies from being exterminated by Planned Parenthood. The Eckes are wealthy millionaires who apparently care little about the trauma they are forcing upon America via their massive funding of the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood. The wealth of the Ecke Family is not deterring Hartline. In fact, the response that Hartline is getting nationwide is only emboldening him to press forward with more fierce determination then ever. Taking just one look at one news discussion board website and one can see why Hartline is so encouraged: FreeRepublic.com is showing that 3,500 comments have been made about the poinsettia boycott from readers nationwide (www.freerepublic.com/focus/keyword?k=poinsettia).

In their insidious hunger for more wealth, the Eckes continue to sell flowers at a time when the focus should be on Jesus and His mission to earth: to save life, not kill it. The idea that the Ecke Family gave $250,000 to a Carlsbad Planned Parenthood Clinic in 2005 where possibly hundreds of babies will be exterminated each year, demonstrates how far away from the true reason for the birth of Jesus, the Eckes have fallen. In addition to the surgical abortions performed at this clinic, there will be many more women who will obtain abortion pills via this Planned Parenthood clinic where they can exterminate their pre-born babies at home. The idea that all of this is made possible because of the wealth the Eckes have amassed from the sales of their poinsettias at Christmas time is truly one of the great injustices in America. The Ecke poinsettia boycott will serve as a means of bringing justice to this great national tragedy.

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Breaking News: Two San Diego Christian Heroes Prevail - Priscilla Schreiber & Larry Urdahl Win War Over School Board Leadership Positions

Larry Urdahl
Newly Elected V.P.
Priscilla Schreiber
Newly Elected Pres.
The James Hartline Report
Breaking News!
December 18, 2006 (9:00am.pst)

Two San Diego Christian Heroes Prevail:
Outspoken Christian Leader Priscilla Schreiber and
Community Favorite Larry Urdahl Voted New Leaders
Of Grossmont High School District Board

Overcoming Year Of Anti-Christian Bigotry, Threats
And Hate-Filled Attacks, Schreiber and Urdahl
Triumphant In Campaign To Return Honesty To
San Diego County Republican Politics

Priscilla Schreiber: Christian Business Woman With Backbone
Elected President Of Grossmont Union High School District Board

Priscilla Schreiber
Newly Elected Pres.

Over the last two years, Priscilla Schreiber, an outspoken Christian business woman from El Cajon, California, has been forced to endure one of the most vicious campaigns of prejudice, bigotry and hate that any elected official has had to go through in this country. By most general accounts, the war against Priscilla Schreiber seemed to begin when San Diego County Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring was appointed to the same Grossmont High School District Board that Schreiber has been an elected member of for the past six years (http://jameshartlinereport.blogspot.com/2006/10/san-diegos-political-wars-_116223135418945689.html).

Mrs. Schreiber, the senior member of the Grossmont School Board, has earned a no-nonsense reputation for advocating strong Biblical values during her tenure on the board. Receiving over 80,000 votes during her 2004 reelection campaign, East San Diego County voters clearly confirmed their approval for Schreiber and her reputation of putting the interests of the district's teachers and students above the petty political agendas of some of the other boardmembers. Local GOP County Chairman Nehring, who has in recent years, promoted Republican involvement with a radical homosexual group called the Log Cabin Republicans, was clearly at odds with Mrs. Schreiber's Christian values and her adherence to them.

In 2005, when Priscilla Schreiber should have been appointed by the district school board to be its president, Nehring joined fellow boardmember Evelyn Wills to block Schreiber's appointment. With the help of Nehring and Wills, board president Jim Kelly was confirmed for another year as board president and another year of stagnant board leadership. Determined to break the grip of Kelly and the cronyism that has controlled GOP politics in the school district, Schreiber and fellow boardmember Larry Urdahl made their stand for righteousness during the recent 2006 elections. Facing off against the GOP leadership's drive to continue the cronysim on the school board, Schreiber and Urdahl backed outsiders Ken Stobel and Dick Hoy. This move on Schreiber's part brought her unprecedented and degrading attacks from an old boys' network in East San Diego County which helped spread a hate-filled email campaign that falsely accused her of helping pro-homosexual liberals take over the school board.

Priscilla Schreiber originally ran for the school board six years ago to remove homosexual advocates who were attempting to spread the radical gay agenda in the school district (http://www.cwfa.org/articles/2776/CFI/cfreport/index.htm). Thus, the accusations against Schreiber that she was now attempting to help promote pro-gay candidates were rather bizarre in nature, except for one devious factor: one of the persons who was sending the malicious emails against Schreiber was former school boardmember Rev. Gary Cass, who abandoned California for a position in Florida with the Center For Reclaiming America. Cass' departure paved the way for the Nehring placement on the board.

When James Hartline Report Publisher James Hartline exposed Rev. Cass' malicious attacks against Schreiber, Cass proceeded to send out a threatening email campaign against Hartline as well, claiming that Hartline was attempting to help Schreiber bring in pro-homosexual liberals to sit on the school board (http://jameshartlinereport.blogspot.com/2006/10/san-diegos-political-wars-_116223135418945689.html).

When the smoke had cleared and the November election ballots were counted, the agenda of Rev. Cass, Jim Kelly and the East San Diego County Old Boys' Network had been broken. Priscilla Schreiber and Larry Urdahl had succeeded in defeating the Jim Kelly-Ron Nehring reign of terror. When asked what helped Schreiber and Urdahl through this cruel political battle, both were quick to reply, "Our faith in Jesus Christ, our good friends at Skyline Church, and the thousands of prayer partners in San Diego County who stood with us."

Larry Urdahl: Man of God, Man of Integrity
Elected Vice-President of Grossmont High School Board

Larry Urdahl
Newly Elected V.P.

When Larry Urdahl decided to run for the Grossmont Union High School District Board in 2004, he thought that he would be able to fulfill his passion of helping young kids and teachers in his district. Little did he know that he would become the target of a vicious campaign of hostility to discredit him. For those that know Larry Urdahl, he is a tenacious man who knows how to perservere in the midst of any kind of battle.

Larry's beloved wife Rose has been fighting for her life during the past year. Faced with a tumor in her brain and other debilitating illnesses, Larry has prayed and loved his precious wife like no other husband could. In the midst of Larry's race to find a cure for Rose, he continued to stand up for what he felt was the right thing to do on the Grossmont School Board. Larry refused to bow to the moral bankruptcy of cronyism and stagnation that had permeated the board. Larry says, "I refused to be a yes man, and that put me at odds with board president Jim Kelly." Nothing could have caught Larry off guard more earlier this year then when a cruel attack was launched against this faithful Christian member of Skyline Church (http://www.skylinechurch.org/). A person Urdahl refused to identify filed a sexual harrassment charge against him. After a thorough investigation by the district, no basis to file a charge against Urdahl was found.

Having lived through his wife's illness, and many financial difficulties since being a member of the school board, Larry has been able to call upon lessons he has learned during his many years of sobriety. Having overcome a horrific battle with alcoholism, Urdahl has now been sober for many years. Despite the malicious attacks sent his way for standing up with Priscilla Schreiber against the gross injustices sent their way during his board tenure, Larry has now entered the leadership training program at Skyline Church so that he can be an even more effective community leader from a spiritual perspective.

One common theme heard from Christians throughout East San Diego County when Larry Urdahl's name is brought up, is their respect for him. Knowing about all of the terrible persecution that Larry Urdahl has had to endure in the past year for simply standing up for the principles that he believes in, one community activist said of Larry, "You go boy!"

Priscilla Schreiber and Larry Urdahl:
Christians With Backbone

Thursday, December 14, 2006 was a night when the war was culminated over who would lead the Grossmont High School District out of its current malaise. For the past year, board president Jim Kelly and his board partner Ron Nehring had used their positions on the board to disrespect and degrade Christian boardmembers Schreiber and Urdahl. Evelyn Wills, who did not seek reelection this year, voted regularly with Kelly and Nehring to create a stagnate majority that inhibited any real creativity or forward-moving energy in a school district brimming with tremendous potential.

Grossmont possesses some of California's most brilliant students and dedicated teachers. Commitment to academic excellence and fair compensation for teachers have been two of the higher priorities for Priscilla Schreiber and Larry Urdahl. Instead of implenting these goals, Priscilla and Larry have been forced to fend off gross false accusations made by a group of old cronies in the district who are more interested in power, money and control then the children they have feigned interest in serving in their elected positions. In the past year, Schreiber and Urdahl have even had to retain legal counsel just to protect themselves from the treacherous antics that regularly come their way.

During the Thursday night, standing room only boardmeeting, newly elected boardmember Robert Shields demonstrated why cronyism is still a major problem in the Grossmont School District. Within minutes of being sworn in, Shields could not wait to take his first swipe at Schreiber. Clearly, Jim Kelly's long dictatorial reign as board president was finished. He would no longer have the three votes necessary to maintain that position. Mrs. Schreiber is the senior member of the board and the only one with a Masters in Governance, qualities that demontrate that she should have been appointed board president years ago (http://www.guhsd.net/board/priscilla_schreiber_bio.html).

Raising his hand first when the nominations were taken, Shields shocked the capacity crowd by nominating newly elected fellow boardmember Dick Hoy: clearly a disrespectful punch below the belt against Schreiber. A wave of disbelief spread rapidly throughout the disgusted audience.

Dick Hoy was having none of the Shields game. Hoy, a born-again Christian with over thirty years of teaching experience (http://www.votehoy.com/), quickly grabbed the microphone and refused to play this manipulative game that had tied up the Grossmont School Board during the previous year. "I refuse the nomination, thanks anyway," retorted Mr. Wonderful, the nickname all of Dick Hoy's fellow teachers have lovingly given him. With a fresh boldness, long missing from the Grossmont School Board, Hoy indicates that God's guidance, his fellow teachers and the students will be his priorities as the newest boardmember.

Within minutes, a presidential nomination for Priscilla Schreiber was placed before the board. For one moment, time stood still, and then vindication for Mrs. Schreiber began to manifest as one person after another in the room began to applaud. After all of the attacks, the brutality, the disrespect, the discrimination, Priscilla Schreiber was finally vindicated. With a majority vote, Priscilla Schreiber was voted the new President of the Grossmont Union High School District Board. A standing ovation erupted for newly crowned Schreiber as a stonefaced Jim Kelly appeared to resign himself to a reality that he could no longer fight to avoid: his days of manipulation and control were broken.

A second nominating process then commenced to fill the vacant vice-presidential position on the board. A quick nomination for Larry Urdahl was presented and again a majority vote ushered this godly man into the seat of Vice President of the Grossmont Union High School District Board. His dear wife Rose, recovering from a recent surgery, would have healed just a little quicker if she could have heard the cheers for Larry following his appointment as the new vice-president of the board (http://www.guhsd.net/board/#).

As time quickly crept late into the dark and cold El Cajon night, the Grossmont School Board meeting ended and Priscilla Schreiber and Larry Urdahl walked with tired gaits to their cars. Stopping for a moment, turning to each other, they new they had fought a tremendous battle to maintain their dignity against the onslaught of an East San Diego County pack of thirsty wolves. They are also cognizant of the fact that there will still be wolves lurching about them in the future. They will be ready, for they have one thing on their side that the wolves are lacking. God and dozens of churches throughout San Diego County will be standing with Priscilla Schreiber and Larry Urdahl with this simple message to these two warriors for the cause of Christ: "We got your back!"

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Starbucks Is Major Funding Source For Radical Gay Causes - Churchgoers Must Decide: A Convenient Cup Of Coffee Or A Stand For Jesus Christ

Emblem From SD Gay Pride Website
2006 San Diego Gay Pride
Proudly Sponsored By Starbucks

Millions Of Christians Buy
Starbucks Coffee Everyday.
The Result: Those purchases are funding the
Anti-Christian Radicalized Homosexual Movement.

JHReport Action Alert - Without question, one of the largest American corporate promoters of the anti-family, radicalized homosexual agenda, continues to be coffee giant Starbucks. While children were forced to watch degrading images of male prostitutes, pornographers and other deviant participants in this year's 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade, Starbucks was sponsoring this hellish event to make sure that it was well-funded (http://sandiegopride.org/12/Sponsors.htm).

In 2006, Starbucks' obsession with promoting the political activism of radical gay crusaders was not limited to the pornographic San Diego Gay Pride event. Indeed, this year, Starbucks extended its financial support to one of the most vehemently anti-christian homosexual media groups in America: GLAAD (The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

The goals of GLAAD are to promote homosexual, lesbian and transsexual character acceptance as positive role models in the media. GLAAD was a major player in promoting the acceptance of Brokeback Mountain, homosexual television program Will & Grace, the lesbian coming out of Ellen on the Ellen DeGeneres program, a lesbian kiss during family viewing hours on the Roseanne television show, and in 2004, launched the "I Do" contest to create a commercial promoting acceptance of gay marriage (www.glaad.org/about/accomp.php). GLAAD has had an extensive history of aggressively attacking pro-family groups and individuals who believe that homosexuality is wrong, groups and individuals like Dr. Laura, Senator Trent Lott, and the Southern Baptist Convention. Starbucks' involvement with GLAAD is a clear statement that they are in agreement with the anti-christian, pro-homosexual agenda of the radical, socialist movement in America (www.glaad.org/events/mediaawards/17th_annual/sponsors.php).

Starbucks is so enthralled with the despicable homosexual crusade of GLAAD that it has agreed to financially underwrite the 18th annual GLAAD Media Awards in 2007 (http://www.glaad.org/events/mediaawards/18th_annual/MAsponsors.php).

Starbucks is not happy with just promoting homosexuality and lesbianism among adults. In 2005, the company engaged in a controversial campaign to indoctrinate youngsters who come in for coffee to accept the homosexual lifestyle (www.bpnews.net/bpnews.asp?ID=21387). A quotation by Armistead Maupin, the author of homosexual books, was placed on the coffee cups being given to young customers that stated:

"My only regret about being gay is that I repressed it for so long. I surrendered my youth to the people I feared when I could have been out there loving someone. Don't make that mistake yourself. Life's too short."
Armistead Maupin - Author of homosexual books.

- The Anti-Christian Starbucks Crusade -

While Starbucks continued to be the beneficiary of hundreds of millions of dollars in sales from Christians in 2004 and 2005, there is no apparent evidence that it spent any of its $1.94 million in Starbucks Foundation corporate donations on traditional Biblical values, Bible promotion or Bible reading among children. According to its 2003-2004 IRS tax filings posted on http://www.guidestar.com/, the Starbucks Foundation donated $1.94 million to a wide variety of secular and oftentimes, socialistic children's programs, secular reading programs, abortion rights and homosexual causes.

The Starbucks Foundation 2004 IRS 990-Filing form for year 2003 reveals some very disturbing contributions:


For that filing year, the Starbucks Foundation gave $7,500 for the promotion of homosexual values to young children attending a junior high school. The organization's IRS statement identified the $7,500 recepient as the Robert C. Murphy Junior High School Gay-Straight Alliance Club at 351 Oxhead Rd. Stony Brook, NY. The Gay-Straight Alliances are devoted to promoting acceptance of homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexualism among young children and teenagers in public schools, oftentimes without parental knowledge.

The Starbucks Foundation also gave $1,500 to the radical pro-abortion feminist organization The Global Fund for Women, located at 1375 Sutter St. in San Francisco. While Starbucks Corp. was supporting a multitude of homosexual groups who are on the move to dismantle Christian influence in America, its foundation donated $5,000 in 2004 to the Earth & Spirit Council, a Portland, Oregon-based group devoted to the promotion of the spiritual traditions of indigenous Indian tribes. It also gave $15,000 to the National Conference for Community & Justice (NCCJ), a radical group that holds homosexual camps for young children and teenagers each year called Camp Anytown and Camp Minitown. Youth that attend these camps end up so indoctrinated into the homosexual lifestyle, that they often return to school to start gay-straight alliance clubs to spread the radicalized gay agenda throughout their schools.

The Starbucks Foundation filed its 990 IRS Statement for the following 2004-2005 year revealing even more chilling anti-family contributions: http://www.guidestar.org/FinDocuments/2005/911/795/2005-911795425-0237c699-F.pdf

These contributions include $10,000 to the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth, Inc.

Churchgoers Must Now Decide:
A Convenient Cup of Coffee
A Stand For Jesus Christ

The time has now come for Christians everywhere who seek to save America from being redesigned by the morally bankrupt and socialistic minds of pro-gay corporations like Ford (www.afa.net/Petitions/IssueDetail.asp?id=194) and Starbucks, to take decisive action. Christians must finally come to terms with the severity of the moral decline in America. Either, we believe the Bible and its historical importance to America, or we allow the anti-christian secularists to redefine morality in America by supporting Starbucks and its
radicalized corporate philosophies.

Take the "I Am A Righteous Coffee Drinker" pledge!

Until Starbucks Stops Its Radical Gay Activist Crusade
Please Do Not Buy Starbucks Products.

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I Have Been Making My Stand! Have You Started?

Southern California Christian News Service

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Citizen's Alert: The Real Grinch Who Supports Abortion - Audrey Geisel Is Major Supporter of Planned Parenthood

The James Hartline Report
Citizen's Alert
December 6, 2006

Audrey Geisel: The Real Grinch Who Supports Abortion
Widow of Dr. Seuss Is Major Planned Parenthood Supporter

According to the biography of Ted Geisel, the now deceased author of the successful Dr. Seuss books and entertainment paraphernalia, Geisel made this statement shortly before his death: "The best slogan I can think to leave with the U.S.A. would be, 'We can...and we've got to...do better than this.' " (Morgan, p. 287) (www.seussville.com). Apparently his extremely wealthy widow, Audrey Geisel, didn't get the message. In the annals of abortion extremism, two San Diego women are in the highest echelons of supporting the abortion industry: Jinx Ecke of the Ecke Ranch Flower industry and Audrey Geisel, controller of Dr. Seuss Enterprises.

Audrey Geisel's fanatical obsession with supporting the abortion industry seems to know no bounds. Like her counterpart Jinx Ecke, Geisel's appalling support for abortion is masked by her funding of child-friendly causes that makes her look like a great female shepherd of society's littlest of lambs. In reality, Audrey Geisel's tremendous support for the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood demonstrates that she is more of a wolf in sheep's clothing than a shepherd of the lambs.

-The Audrey Geisel Abortion Record-

According to a May 2003 report in San Diego NewsNotes, Audrey Geisel was one of the chairpersons of the annual San Diego/Riverside Counties Planned Parenthood Dinner held at the Sheraton Hotel on Harbor Island (www.sdnewsnotes.com/ed/notes/0503note.htm).

In an explosive revelation entitled Rogues' Gallery, San Diego NewsNotes reported in its May 1996 edition that Audrey Geisel served on the honorary committee of the same Planned Parenthood organization for its April 23, 1996 annual abortion dinner fundraiser (www.sdnewsnotes.com/ed/notes/0596note.htm). Geisel's involvement that year with San Diego's top abortion mill organization helped to honor Chula Vista abortionist Fred Schnepper who was given the Margaret Sanger Award. Margaret Sanger, an avowed racist who idolized Adolph Hitler, was the original founder of Planned Parenthood.

The San Diego Foundation, which is associated with numerous radical pro-homosexual and pro-abortion causes, described Audrey Geisel this way in its 2001 annual report:

"Audrey Geisel brings a special passion to her work, preserving and expanding
the work of Ted "Dr. Seuss" Geisel. Her story is constantly changing as the
energy of her philanthropy touches almost every corner of the community. The
beneficiaries of Audrey Geisel's kindness and generosity are many. Among them:
the Boys and Girls Clubs, the Birch Aquariam, Human Rights Watch,
Planned Parenthood, the San Diego Center for Children, San Diego Hospice
and Mama's Kitchen."

In its 2002 annual report, the San Diego Foundation includes participation from Geisel, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center and this disturbing statement from Elizabeth Ecke of the radical abortion-supporting and poinsettia-farming Ecke Family:

Elisabeth Ecke - Isabella Fund 1999
This Advised Non-Endowment Fund supports
general charitable purposes, excluding religious causes.

Audrey Geisel is not just supportive of abortion causes. She embraces the radical homosexual agenda as well. In their 2005 year-end list of Donors and Supporters, the Gay and Lesbian Center of San Diego (www.thecentersd.org) listed the Dr. Seuss Foundation among its cheering squad of supporters. As strong of a warrior as Geisel is for aborting babies, she is just as strong in opposing pro-life groups. Published comments on the Independent Televison Service in late 2005, reveal just how nasty Audrey Geisel has been towards the pro-life movement:

AUDREY GEISEL, WIDOW OF DR. SEUSS (Theodor Seuss Geisel), became "very disturbed" when she found out a pro-life group in Ottawa, Canada used a line from her husband's book Horton Hears a Who on a poster. The line, "A person is a person no matter how small," accompanied a picture of an eight-week-old fetus. "We don't want to take a position one way or the other," said Geisel's San Francisco lawyer, Cathy Bencieengo. "But this is not an area in which Dr. Seuss participates.".National Post, January 29, 2001 Ontario: Use of Seuss protested OTTAWA - The lawyer representing the widow of Theodor Seuss Geisel, known around the globe as children's writer Dr. Seuss, is protesting the reprinting of a quote from the author's work, Horton Hears a Who!, on an anti-abortion poster being distributed in Ottawa Roman Catholic churches. Cathy Bencieengo said she will ask the local anti-abortion group Action Life Ottawa to remove the line "A person's a person, no matter how small" and Dr. Seuss's name from a color poster showing an embryo.

Christians, Christmas and The Grinch

Photos From "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" At San Diego's Old Globe Theater

Each year, the Old Globe Theater in San Diego produces its extravagant production of Dr. Seuss' "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" (www.oldglobe.org/productions/DrSeussHowtheGrinchS435.html). And each year, hundreds of Bible-believing Christians will line up and pluck down the $49 for adult tickets and $25 for children's tickets. In times past, one has even seen Audrey Geisel sitting in the audience. One must also wonder, if Geisel continues to have her way, whether or not Planned Parenthood will leave any future child actors to perform in her plays. Planned Parenthood could invaribly put Geisel's Grinch play out of business, having killed off all future child actors. Does Audrey Geisel actually envision herself as the real Grinch when she is watching the children cooing over the fictitious Grinch as he steals the Christmas gifts from Whosville, knowing that her rabid support for the abortionists of Planned Parenthood are killing precious children?

As Christians throughout America walk their children into churches this Christmas, holding onto a little baby in one hand, and a Bible in the other, isn't it time to consider where they are spending their money and what they are really financing. It is the greatest of hypocrisies to go to church while giving money to a woman who supports the killing of millions of babies via the Planned Parenthood abortion rampage.

Save A Little Baby This Christmas

Save a baby this Christmas by refusing to finance Dr. Seuss Products,
and his wealthy owner, Audrey Geisel and her obsessive support
of Planned Parenthood.


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Sunday, December 03, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: San Diego Republican Party Hits New Low - Invites Cult Member As Christmas Party Guest Of Honor

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
Breaking News!
December 3, 2006

San Diego Republican Party Hits New Low:
Local GOP Leaders Invite Mormon Cult Member
As Christmas Party Guest Of Honor

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney Is
An Avowed Member Of Mormon Church Cult:
Mormonism Teaches That Jesus & The Devil Are Brothers!

San Diego Christians Outraged At GOP Disrespect
For Their Faith During Christianity's Most Important Event

(JHReport) The idea that leaders of the San Diego Republican Party would invite a member of a cult to be their guest of honor at the local GOP's annual Christmas Party is not sitting well with Christian voters. In fact, many voters are dumbfounded that San Diego's GOP leaders would pick Mitt Romney, an avowed member of the Mormon Church, as their guest of honor during an event that is supposed to be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Among many serious problems with the Romney invitation is the fact that Romney's Mormon religion teaches that Jesus and Lucifer (aka Satan) are brothers.

Romney's bizarre religious beliefs truly disgrace the birth of Christ. The Book of Mormon indoctrinates its followers about the relationship between the devil and Jesus this way:

"Mormonism teaches that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers who competed for the opportunity to become the savior of planet earth. Jesus' plan won approval and Lucifer rebelled and became the tempter and deceiver of planet Earth."

Most Christian Conservatives will never vote for a Mormon because of the extreme cult beliefs of Mormonism. Honoring a member of a cult that believes Jesus and Lucifer are brothers is considered blasphemous in most churches. It is simply a disgrace to do so at a Christmas Party where the focus should be the birth of Christ and not a person who believes that Jesus is a brother of the devil.

Mitt Romney and his Mormon beliefs degrade Jesus the only savior of the world in many other ways as well:

"Mormonism teaches that Jesus is only one of many saviors who are each responsible for the salvation of the population of other planets like Earth. Mormon men are working with the promise that they, too, will eventually become gods and be given a planet of their own to populate. This will be accomplished by their intercourse with many wives who will bear millions of spirit children to inhabit the bodies of the people on their planet."

"Instead of the eternal Jesus co-equal with the Father, the Mormon Jesus was once a man who achieved godhood by his own virtuousness during a preincarnate existence. His spirit was then impregnated into the virgin Mary by the "Eternal Father" who came from the planet Kolob for the physical union with her.

Are Mormons Christian?

Let's see what Mormon leaders say...
Brigham Young said that the "Christian God is the Mormon's Devil..." (Journal of Discourses, Volume 5, page 331).
John Taylor said that Christianity was "hatched in hell" (Journal of Discourses, Volume 6, page 176) and "a perfect pack of nonsense...the Devil could not invent a better engine to spread his work..." (Journal of Discourses, Volume 6, page 167).
Bruce R. McConkie said, "What is the church of the devil in our day, and where is the seat of her power?.... It is all of the systems, both Christian and non-Christian, that perverted the pure and perfect gospel.... It is communism; it is Islam; it is Buddhism; it is modern Christianity in all its parts. It is Germany under Hitler, Russia under Stalin, and Italy under Mussolini." (The Millennial Messiah, pp. 54-55.)
Christians Have Been Burned Before By Mormon Politicians

While Mormon politicians will find common ground with Christian voters on social issues, a pattern has developed in recent years which demonstrates that such common ground only exists when it benefits the Mormon politicians. Take the recent example of Mormon Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. While he will claim to be pro-life for the appeasement of Christian voters, he recently became one of the biggest supporters of embryonic stem cell research:

"But the lines aren't clearly drawn. Anti-abortion politicians such as Republican Sens. Orrin Hatch of Utah and Gordon Smith of Oregon want Bush to permit federal funding for research because of the embryonic cells' potential in fighting disease.
Hatch said he decided to support embryonic stem cell research only after studying the legal, medical, religious and ethical issues involved."

Mormon politics is more about promoting the economic interests of the Mormon Church and its wealthy members rather than any pseudo Biblical beliefs. With Mormons investing heavily now in the biotech industry, Senator Hatch and other Mormon elected leaders have quickly divorced themselves from any true pro-life claims to support the federal funding of the biotech industry's insidious experimentation and killing of human embryos:

"But more than population shifts may be involved, interviews here in St. George, one of the most conservative areas of the state, suggest. The Mormon Church, to which both Utah senators, Mr. Hatch and Robert F. Bennett, also a Republican, belong, said last month that it had taken no position on stem cell research. By recommending only that the research "merits cautious scrutiny," the church sidestepped the more sensitive question of whether body and spirit merge at conception or later in the development of the fetus.
In general, the church opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest or when the health of the pregnant woman or fetus is at risk. Mr. Jones called the church's pronouncement on stem cells "a roar of silence." And it may explain, in part, why the five senators who are Mormon — the two from Utah; Michael D. Crapo of Idaho; Gordon H. Smith of Oregon; and Harry Reid of Nevada, the lone Democrat — are supporting federal spending on the research, as are Utah's three House members. Like Mr. Hatch, they have drawn a distinction between embryos outside the womb that might have scientific value in fighting disease and embryos destroyed by abortion.

Mitt Romney: The Great Immoral Flip-Flopper

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romey: The Great Immoral Flip-Flopper. While Romney is now claiming a pro-life persona that is conveniently being coordinated with his drive for the presidency, his past record has been one of pro-abortion extremism http://www.leadercall.com/opinion/local_story_336211208.html?keyword=secondarystory. According to syndicated columnist Dick Morris, during Romney's 2002 run for Massachusetts governor, Romney said that he would preserve, maintain and not change a woman's right to choose an abortion.

Romney's recent claims of being a defender of traditional marriage between one man and one woman are as repulsively fraudulent as are his pro-life ones. While he now is trying to play to conservatives on the marriage issue, the Boston Globe revealed a far different Romney as recently as 2004:


"Just after the General Court voted 105-92 to ban same-sex marriage while recognizing civil unions, Romney made a public statement proclaiming that he would seek a stay of the SJC decision that sanctioned gay marriage. (source: Boston Globe, 3/30/2004)(Explainer: the Executive Branch can only seek a stay with the cooperation of the attorney general.)And then Romney split. Without taking questions. And before anyone could ask, "er, (fraud) Governor. Will Attorney General Tom Reilly work with you to stay the decision?"Because it turns out that Reilly had already told the Fraud Governor that he (Reilly) did not support a stay, and was now prepared to implement the law "in a very dignified and respectful manner" despite his personal objection to the law. (source: SHNS, 3/29/2004)Wait a minute. Reilly told Romney he (Reilly) would not help him (Romney) file a stay, yet Romney claimed he (Romney) would work to file a stay through Reilly (him)? Even though he (Romney) knew he (Reilly) would not help him (Romney) help himself (himself)?Of course, Romney would most likely parse that as his "official" motion had not yet been delivered to Reilly. As such, Reilly could not very well make an "official" ruling. Ergo, his public statement as to his pending challenge was as legitimate as any other official action he has taken since becoming Fraud Governor."

Of course history now reveals that Gov. Romney did nothing to stop
the issuance of illegal homosexual marriage licenses in Massachusetts.

It is becoming more and more apparent that GOP leaders, both nationally and locally, did not learn any lessons from their great 2006 election debacle. By inviting Mitt Romney as the guest of honor at a Christmas party, San Diego Republican leaders are demonstrating their determination to pass legislation to legalize physician-assisted political suicide in the next two years.

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

And The Gates Of Hell Did Not Prevail: Christian Activist James Hartline Receives Miraculous Healing Report!

The James Hartline Report
November 30, 2006

And The Gates Of Hell Did Not Prevail:
Christian Activist James Hartline
Receives Miraculous Healing Report!

And I say unto thee, "Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church;
And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
Matthew 16:18

When San Diego Christian activist James Hartline learned nine years ago that he was infected with the virus that causes AIDS, he knew that his life would never again be the same. Besides the lifetime of mental and spiritual battles he had waged before his HIV diagnosis, he would also now have to fight a physical war against a disease that has no cure. Testing positive for HIV was not the only bad news Hartline would face in the ensuing years. Two years later, James was also told that he had a deadly reinfection with Hepatitus C. The combination of being co-infected with AIDS and Hepatitus C is nothing more than a slowly developing death sentence. In fact, the Center for Disease Control says this about patients who are co-infected with these two deadly diseases:

Coinfection with HIV and Hepatitis C Virus
HCV infection is more serious in HIV-infected persons.* It leads to liver damage more quickly. Coinfection with HCV may also affect the treatment of HIV infection. Therefore, it’s important for HIV-infected persons to know whether they are also infected with HCV and, if they aren’t, to take steps to prevent infection.

For the last several months, the blood tests for James Hartline have shown very elevated liver enzymes, a sign that liver disease is progressing. Everyday Hartline must take approximately ten different medications for AIDS and other related symptoms. Oftentimes, it is the medications that cause toxicity of the liver, thus accelerating the hepatitus disease and its effect on the body. Coupled with the enormous fatigue and insominia created by the HIV, doctors at UCSD's Owens AIDS Clinic were moving Hartline ever closer to beginning another medical treatment for the Hepatitus C virus. Interferon treatments, a weekly injection that causes the patient to experience extreme flu-like symptoms, were being proposed to James to treat his hepatitus. Imagine adding 52 weeks of injecting a chemotherapy-like medication to all of the other medications he is already taking, and one would think that James Hartline might start questioning his faith in God's willingness to heal him. James Hartline, however, is not your average Christian. He knows where to go when he is in trouble.

"Is any among you afflicted? Let him pray. Is any merry? Let him sing psalms."
James 5:13

Living inside of the homosexual neighborhood of Hillcrest in San Diego, California, James sometimes feels as if he is the one lone voice in the midst of a great bowl of darkness. Every morning James gets up and reads his Bible and sings songs to the Lord. That voice of worship pierces the darkness. If one were in outer space, one could look down into the darkness that permeates the Hillcrest area and see one speck of light, the glory of God, that rests upon the home of James Hartline who is singing up, and crying out for safety, healing, and a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

"Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church;
Let them pray over him, annointing him with oil in the name of the Lord."
James 5:14

James Hartline is not alone in the battle for his health. The Christian activist also knows how to take it to his friends around the country that support his ministry. Mission Valley Christian Fellowship (www.mvcf.com), the home church of James, gives him this regular message of encouragement:

"We Got Your Back Brother!"

The prayer team at Skyline Church (www.skylinechurch.org) and the Christian warrior ministry, America Asleep kNOw More (www.asleepknowmore.com), have also been interceding on a regular basis for Hartline and his ministry.

On the Frontlines of the War on AIDS:
Inside of the UCSD HIV Clinic

The majority of HIV patients in central San Diego come to Owens Clinic at UCSD for their medical care. The clinic lobby is regularly full of men and women who are very sick, some close to death. Sadly, it is also a commentary on how amiss and lost the American culture is. Having fully embraced the concept of "separation of church and state," UCSD provides no Biblical materials or lessons when treating patients, thus most stay bound up in the destructive behaviors that led them to be infected with HIV. The promotion of homosexuality and transsexualism is rampant in the HIV-patient system. The ideology of continuing homosexual behavior, but playing it safe, rules the day at Owens Clinic. While doctors encourage patients to take more and more medication, they do nothing to discourage homosexual relationships. The idea that sinful sexuality can be destructive is a frowned upon concept with most of the pro-homosexual, liberal medical professionals.

James Hartline always goes to Owens Clinic with the intent of demonstrating his witness for Christ. He seeks out the sick to pray with them. He lets them know that he is no longer involved in the destructive lifestyles of homosexuality and drug use. His witness for Christ has also made him the focus of great ridicule and hostility by gay activists who also sit in the clinic waiting room. That has not deterred Hartline one bit. Once sold out to the devil, Hartline is now more sold out to God. Those opposed to Christ will have no say in the matter of James Hartline's boldness for the Lord who has saved his soul.

On Monday, November 27, 2006, Hartline returned to Owens Clinic to receive the latest news on his liver biopsy, the last step before he would begin the tortuous Interferon treatment for Hepatitus C. Nervously, Hartline waited for Nurse Practioner Mary Verbeck to bring in the results of the biopsy.

Bringing in a large file, Verbeck, a tall pleasant woman who has seen every sickness imaginable while working in Owens Clinic, sits down with a strange smile on her face. "Well, Mr. Hartline, the results of your biopsy, are amazing, incredible!"

"What do you mean?" enquired Hartline.

"You have no liver damage on your scan. None! No scarring, nothing," she replies.

Hartline, who has a reservoir of medical knowledge himself, states, "Isn't that unusual after all of this time with HIV and Hepatitus C?" He knows that Hepatitus C with a co-infection of HIV will quickly lead to scarring of the liver tissue.

"Very, very unusual! And there is no hurry now for you to go on any Interferon treatments! The treatments can be postponed indefinitely," concluded Nurse Verbeck.

Truly this medical report was a welcome miracle for James Hartline. And welcome news to the hundreds of Christians around America who regularly pray for this well known Christian activist.

As James Hartline, walked through the clinic, passing those very ill gay activists that were mocking him earlier, he just holds his head up, smiles and reminds himself that God is still in the business of defending His servant. And healing a sick body as well.

"Jesus was wounded for our trangressions, He was bruised for our iniquities:
the chastisement of our peace was upon Him: And with His wounds we are healed."
Isaiah 53:5

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Action Alert: How Christians Are Funding Planned Parenthood By Purchasing Poinsettias!

The James Hartline Report Action Center
Action Alert!
November 28, 2006

How Christians Are Funding Planned Parenthood:
Welcome To The Garden Of Death:
Ecke's Ranch - America's Biggest Supplier of Poinsettias
One of The Biggest Financiers of Planned Parenthood

Lizabeth Ecke of Carlsbad gave $100, $900, & $3,000 to the No on 85 campaign.
Jinx Ecke of La Jolla gave $2,550 & $4,500 to the No on 85 campaign.
Thus these two Ecke women continued their financing of the abortion industry
by giving thousands of dollars to prevent the Prop. 85 - Parental Notification Law
from passing in 2006.

Purchasing Poinsettias from the Ecke Family is allowing these women to fund
the abortion industry!

(JHR) They are red, blood red to be specific. During the Christmas season, millions of pots of red poinsettias can be seen in nearly every church in America. It is also a good possibility that those same poinsettias were purchased from an Ecke Ranch broker or supplier (http://www.ecke.com/new1/poinsettias.asp). The Ecke Family, which owns Ecke Ranch in Encinitas, California, supplies 70% of all of the poinsettias sold in the entire United States (http://www.pauleckepoinsettias.com/html/comp_fset.html). The Ecke Family is also one of the biggest financial supporters in the United States of the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood. The red in Ecke Ranch poinsettias are not just red from a horticultural perspective. They are red, stained with the blood of thousands and thousands of exterminated unborn babies courtesy of the Planned Parenthood abortion mills which have been funded, in part, by the very networks tied to the Ecke Family.

The insidious and destructive ties of the Ecke Family to Planned Parenthood cannot be understated. In the Fall, 2005 San Diego/Riverside County Planned Parenthood Newsletter, the Ecke Family entrees on the Planned Parenthood President's Council major donor list to the abortion provider took up a good portion of the list. Here is a list of Ecke Family connections listed as Planned Parenthood's biggest San Diego donors:

1. The Ecke Family
2. Elisabeth (Jinx) Ecke
3. Lizbeth A. Ecke and David Meyer
4. Paul Ecke III and Julie Hampton
5. Paul and Magdalena Ecke Poinsettia Foundation
6. Sara Ecke May and Andrew W. May Family

Carlsbad, California will now be more capable than ever of continuing to exterminate unborn babies thanks to 74 year-old Ecke Family matriarch Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke. According to a November 17, 2005 North County Times report (http://www.nctimes.com/articles/2005/11/18/news/coastal/23_38_1511_17_05.txt), Mrs. Ecke, who did not abort her own children, joined those same three grown children, Paul Ecke III, Lizbeth Ecke and Sara Ecke May, to contribute $250,000 of the needed $340,000 for the renovation of the new Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic at 1820 Marron Road in Carlsbad (http://www.planned.org/site/PageServer?pagename=HS_CarlsbadClinic). At the dedication of the new Carlsbad abortion provider, clinic staff honored the Ecke Family with a catered reception. While many of those in attendance chowed down on fancy food, some of the women there, gleefully reiterated their increased drive to support the abortion movement.

According to a Logan Jenkins column in the San Diego Union Tribune (www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20051119/news_1mi19jenkins.html, the Ecke financed abortion clinic in Carlsbad will now be able to "service" up to 1,500 patients a month, twice the number of the old Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Oceanside, California. He also quotes Paul Ecke III, the abortion fanatic's son, who seems to be as agressively supportive of abortion as his mother:

"As children, we licked a lot of envelopes, we made a lot of phone calls, we walked door-to-door to encourage people to vote. Those causes were political campaigns,
4-H club, school bonds, Planned Parenthood and others.

"Our mother demonstrated to us that a family like ours -- even though you've got a business and we all chipped in and worked hard in the business -- we also learned to give back. You don't do things because you should, you actually have to do them, they become must-do things."
Paul Ecke III

Without question, this Ecke Family name will forever be enshrined in the halls of pure evil. The diabolical efforts of the San Diego Ecke clan to associate its name with family and children's charities while pouring huge amounts of money into the abortion industry, is one of the great satanic stories in modern America.

Magdalena Ecke, the original wife of Ecke Ranch founder Paul Ecke, has her name attached to the YMCA: Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA (http://ecke.ymca.org/). The idea that the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), would allow the family name of one of America's biggest financiers of abortion to be attached to its Christian organization is truly an abomination of Biblical proportions. This marketing of evil by the Ecke Family seems to know no scrupulous boundaries.

While the Ecke Clan is assuring that there will continue to be an assemblyline of unborn infant exterminations at Planned Parenthood's abortion mills, they are actually utilizing a network of charitable events with young children to counter their true
devious image. The Paul Ecke Poinsettias programs (http://www.pauleckepoinsettias.com/) merchandises children's fundraising programs at Christmas time, as well as other elementary school endeavors (http://www.pauleckepoinsettias.com/html/merch_fund.html).

The Paul and Magdalena Ecke Poinsettia Foundation is mentioned on the Planned Parenthood donor list for their abortion supporting President's Council list. It is truly one of the most obscene hypocrisies in America. While the Ecke family foundation is helping to exterminate new life via rampant abortions, it is using some of America's must vulnerable citizens - elementary school children - to alter the family's profile. One of the Ecke's most vile efforts in this dark repackaging effort, is their program, "Kids Flowers" (http://www.kidsflowers.com/). With Kids Flowers, Ecke Ranch supplies their poinsettias and other flowers to elementary schools for fundraising projects for those same schools. The company website states about the Kids Flowers program:


"It's All About Kids. And Folks saying "Ooooh!"
A refreshing new way to raise funds for your school."

In another Ecke program, this major abortion-supporting family utilizes Christmas to remarket its holocaustic profile. Its Christmas program fundraising poster, which includes a child-like drawing of numerous children holding hands around a Christmas tree, reads:


"Help A Cause
This Holiday Season"
Help Support Our Cause -
Give Back To The Community
This Holiday Season.

The abortion-supporting Ecke clan is now spreading its namebrand to college sports as well. The recent, December 22, 2005 inaugural San Diego County Credit Union-Poinsettia Bowl held at Qualcomm Stadium was an intended Ecke poinsettia advertisement gimic, as evidenced by the event's promotion by Ecke Ranch guru Paul Ecke III (http://newsinfo.colostate.edu/index.asp?url=news_item_display&news_item_id=425893244).

Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke has aggressively attempted to spawn her abortion rampage within conservative Republican circles as well. According to a December, 1999 report in San Diego News Notes (www.sdnewsnotes.com/ed/articles/1999/1299as2.htm), Ecke, a liberal Republican, seduced disgraced Congressman Duke Cunningham to visit an Escondido Planned Parenthood clinic. At the time, Ecke was a board member of Planned Parenthood - San Diego/Riverside Counties. Both Ecke and Cunningham were also supporters of pro-abortion Republican candidate Charlene Zettel in her successful run in the 75th State Assembly race at the time. "Duke" Cunningham went on to support increased funding for Planned Parenthood while he was in congress, as well as his support for embryonic stem cell research.

Mrs. Ecke's socialistic beliefs and abortion fanatacism even extends to limiting the role of parents in their children's lives. In the recent Prop. 73 initiative which would have legalized parental notification when their little girls are considering abortions at Planned Parenthood, Mrs. Ecke was a big financier to defeat the proposition. According to the website Election Track, Mrs. Ecke donated $4,500 to the No On Prop. 73 campaign (http://www.electiontrack.com/lookup.php?committee=1276142).

The Ecke clan has continued to extend its poisonous tenacles to affect major aspects of the entire economy of the county of San Diego, California. Unknown to many pro-life advocates and other concerned citizens, is the fact that Christians have poured in hundreds of millions of dollars in other revenue into the Ecke bank vaults. In 1957, the Carltas Company was formed by the Ecke Ranch to secure major agricultural land holdings. These holdings include Carlsbad Ranch and Encinitas Ranch. Since 1987, the Carltas Development Company has developed or planned more than 1,300 acres of prime California coastal land and more than 850,000 sq. feet of commercial and industrial buildings (http://www.thecoastnews.com/articles/570/).

When parents, who object to the horrific Ecke-sponsorship of Planned Parenthood, bring their children to Legoland, they may not realize that Legoland sits on Carltas Company property (http://www.carltas.com/). The connection between the Ecke family and Legoland is clear. On the the Legoland website for youth programs, the Ecke named Magdalena Ecke YMCA is listed as a location for Legoland Youth Camp (http://www.lego.com/legoland/california/GroupSales/youth.asp?locale=2057). It is truly disturbing that thousands of parents opposed to abortion, are unwittingly paying millions of dollars in ticket sales to Legoland, while the amusement park landowner is tied to the Ecke Family.

When history is recorded and reviewed, the keen observer will pause to analyze the Ecke Family's obsession with the infanticidal insanity of the abortion industry. The mockery of family values by the Ecke-Planned Parenthood connections will be scrutinized by Christians for decades to come: How could Christians fill churches with Ecke-produced poinsettias and the bank accounts of Ecke-subsidized Planned Parenthood clinics at the same time? Hopefully, history will also record that one of the great moral indignations occurred as the result of an informed and awakened Christian community becoming aware of, and outraged over, the Ecke-Poinsettia-Planned Parenthood-Abortion connection.

JHReport Action Center
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Introducing the new James Hartline Report Action Campaign:

"Choosing Babies Over Poinsettias!"

Take The "Choosing Babies Over Poinsettias Pledge!"

Until the Ecke Family completely stops funding the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood, will you commit to stop purchasing poinsettias?
Will you encourage your church to stop purchasing poinsettias?
It's that simple. Spread the word. Encourage everyone in America to stop purchasing poinsettias until the Ecke Clan stops supporting the killing of unborn babies.

You can also contact your local nurseries, stores and florists and tell them to stop carrying Ecke products, until they stop funding Planned Parenthood.

For a list of Ecke Retailers and distributors:

You can also express you displeasure with the Ecke family's support for the
abortion industry:

JHReport Action Center
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Saturday, November 25, 2006

JHR Action Alert: National Hockey League Endorses Gay Film Featuring 11-Year Old Male Drag Queen

The James Hartline Report Action Center
Action Alert!
November 25, 2006

National Hockey League Backs Gay Movie
Promoting Homosexualization of Small Children:
"Breakfast With Scot" Features 11 Year-Old Boy Performing
As A Drag Queen Under Guardianship of Homosexual Couple

(JHRActionCenter) If anyone has had any doubts as to how far the extremist elements of the radical homosexual movement are willing to go to destroy the traditional institution of family, than be prepared to be shocked at the degrading film production of "Breakfast With Scot." (http://www.tsn.ca/ctvnews/sportsstory.asp?story_id=185693)

In one of the most obscene betrayals of children in motion picture history, Miracle Pictures Inc. is now filming the gay-themed tale of two male homosexual lovers who take custody of an eleven year-old boy. The young boy is portrayed as a "budding" drag queen. While Breakfast With Scot is seeking to pervert society's standardized views on family, the film does more to reveal how intent the radicalized homosexual movement is in creating an epidemic of gender confusion to justify the institutionalization of its beliefs on transsexualism and transvestitism.

365gay.com (http://www.365gay.com/Newscon06/11/112406leafs.htm), a leading homosexual news service, reports that producers of the movie describe their production as a "thoughtful comedy." Taken from a book bearing the same name, Kerry Fried of Publisher's Weekly describes the horrific and effeminate actions of the little eleven year-old boy in Breakfast With Scot this way:

"...prone to wearing pantyhose, nail polish, and various other affronts to things
masculine. He's also a catalyst for disaster, pointing up the shame and social
booby traps that (homosexual lovers) Sam and Ed have done their best to ignore."

As horrible and degrading for children and male role models as Breakfast With Scot is, there is an even darker aspect to this immoral escapade. The movie is also being sanctioned and approved of by the National Hockey League!

The National Hockey League & The Toronto Maple Leafs
Support Breakfast With Scot

In Breakfast With Scot, one of the male homosexual lovers who takes the eleven year-old boy into his home is described as an ex-hockey player with the Toronto Maple Leafs. What will now be one of the great degradations in modern professional sports, the National Hockey League and the Toronto Maple Leafs are reported by 365gay.com to be supporting the perversion of Breakfast With Scot by allowing the league and team logo to be used in the movie.

Instead of sticking to the sport of hockey and making billions of dollars for its teams and players, the National Hockey League has now decided to join forces with the radicalized homosexual movement in their declared war on traditional family values and children. By issuing a licence to the producers of Breakfast With Scot to use the league logo in the movie, the NHL has said that it wants family dollars without family values.

While gay activists throughout Canada continue their declared war on families by forcing their appalling promotion of gay marriage and transsexualism, the National Hockey League is trying to play all sides of the spectrum in Canada, as well as America. While marketing its sport to traditional families to garner financial wealth for its team owners and players, the league is now partnering with one of the most destructive and immoral portrayals of homosexual activism in motion picture history: two male lovers acting as guardians for an eleven year-old boy drag queen. The National Hockey League is now becoming a willing partner with the fringe elements of the radicalized homosexual agenda and their ultimate goal of worldwide sexual anarchy.

Take Action Against The National Hockey League

Contact The National Hockey League and tell them to protect children.
The league's degrading action of allowing their logo to be used in a movie
that promotes homosexuality and transvestitism among
pre-teens is truly despicable.

Tell the National Hockey League if they will not pull their support for
Breakfast With Scot, then you are placing their sport and products in
the penalty box via a boycott of all NHL merchandise and ticket purchases.


National Hockey League Fan's Association
Jim Boone: email - boone@nhlfa.com
telephone: (613) 224-7661

Contact Form for the NHL Officials Association

Contact Form for Affiliate Organization, U.S. Hockey League

Contact Form for the NHL Player's Association

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Monday, November 20, 2006

My Gethsemane: Wrestling With Death To Gain Eternal Life - From The Journal Of James Hartline

The Journal of James Hartline
November 20, 2006

My Gethsemane:
Wrestling With Death
To Gain Eternal Life

"Then cometh Jesus with them unto a place called Gethsemane,
and saith unto the disciples, "Sit ye here, while I go and pray yonder."
Then saith He unto them, "My soul is exceedingly sorrowful,
even unto death: tarry ye here and watch with Me."
Matthew 26:36,38

Oct. 5, 2005 Cover Story In San Diego CityBeat:
"How James Hartline Became Hillcrest's
Most Notorious Christian Soldier"

I have found that place where eternity has staked out a burial plot for the carnality of all mankind. It is the place where all personal dreams and ambitions are brought into direct conflict with the will and purposes of God. It is called Gethsemane. Gethsemane, the garden of anguish, the garden of death. It is the last place that Jesus went to prior to His betrayal. It was in Gethsemane, that the Master wrestled with His humanity and overcame it. With drops of blood flowing down His tormented brow, Jesus crucified each and every emotion and thought, bringing them into subjection to the will of the Father. All of His fears, His anxieties, His entire shuddering flesh: brought into alignment with the impending cross of cruxifiction. And the cross prevailed upon the mind of Christ. That is Gethsemane's purpose: the wrestling out of all spots and blemishes from the resisting soul until nothing remains but the purified will of the Father.

I, too, have been to Gethsemane. Strangely, and unfortunately, I find myself returning again and again to Gethsemane to wrestle with my humanity. It is always a low blow to my carnal mind, when I know I must drag my screaming carcass back to that garden of death to bring some place of resistance into agreement with the will of my heavenly Father. It seems that there is a daily resurrection of some portion of my buried flesh. And when that triumphant hand raises itself up out of the dirt of its burial plot, I must once against drag that snarling, rebellious corpse back to Gethsemane. In this life, Gethsemane's existence will always be an unfortunate and painful necessity.

We all must go to Gethsemane. Each man's Gethsemane is uniquely different. We all will surely know when we have entered into that place where human reality fades and the critical debate between our flesh and spirit will fight to the death over our eternal priorities. Each time we enter into Gethsemane's dark and eerie domain we get ever closer to the place where Christ, Himself, surrendered all. Oh, how I moan at times in fearful thought, that Christ should ever find me on the outskirts of Gethsemane, asleep, while He intercedes with the Father for more of my will to be given over to His heavenly purposes.

And He came and found them sleeping, and said to Peter,
"Simon, are you asleep? Could you not watch for one hour?
Keep watching and praying, that you may not come into
temptation: the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."
Mark 14:37-38

My Gethsemane has been a lonely and arduous battle for me. The long shadows of death have encompassed me for nine years now. On December 1, 1997, I was infected with the virus that causes AIDS. There is no cure. That is the beginning and the end of the matter. Without a miracle from God, I will one day succumb to this wretched disease. Those who engage in homosexuality will eventually bite into what the Bible calls the "Vine of Sodom." Once I bit into that seductive fruit, the poison began to make its parasitic march throughout my bodily organs and systems. Oh, what a fatal flaw, did my thinking provide me, when I thought that sin's consequences would pass me by on its deadly way to others.

I have had to go to Gethsemane many, many times to wrestle with God and my flesh in dealing with AIDS. Each time, the wrestling has brought me closer to Him. Most bound in homosexuality will die in their sins rather than repent and surrender to Christ. The mind, once given to that reprobate state, will rarely find its way out of that pit of delusion and eternal damnation. I am most fortunate. For, in my wrestling over this disease of AIDS, I have surrender my flesh and all homosexual desires to God. In the process of seeking healing from AIDS, I have been completely delivered from homosexuality. Gethsemane has served me well in the eyes of God.

Arrows of Hate, Arrows of Scorn

"Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you
from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil,
for the Son of man's sake."
Luke 6:22

Most American Christians are obvlious to the extreme hate that is now manifesting in major metropolitan areas of the United States towards those that adhere to a belief in the Bible. Nowhere is that hate more intense then inside of the homosexual communities within America's urban areas.

Living inside of Hillcrest, the homosexual stronghold of San Diego, California, it seems as if I have been swallowed up at times, into a great caldron of hostility and bigotry because of my faith. What have I done wrong? What have I said that has germinated such anger towards me. Simply, standing for Christ and proclaiming the Word of God, has brought me into a war that I did not invent. Nevertheless, by surrendering to the will of God, I have enlisted in such a battle. It is a war over philosophies. It is a war over ideas. And most assuredly, it is a war with titanic spiritual dynamics: it is the war of ages between God and the rebels under satan's spell. Everyone who chooses to pick up the cross of Jesus Christ will enter into this conflict. To wave a white flag in surrender to satan, is to drop the cross and deny Christ.

There is a permeating emnity between those bound in the snare of homosexuality and those that speak the truth of the Bible. Once I renounced my former life and its sinful attire, I too, became the focus of a major campaign of hate and intolerance by San Diego's homosexual advocates. On a daily basis, I am ridiculed and mocked by those that claim that I am hateful and demented because of what they term "religious zealotry." They claim that opposition to the sin of homosexuality is intolerant zealotry. I say, in stark opposition to them, that those who will actually die in their quest for sexual fulfillment, are the ones who are demented zealots.

On August 21, 2005 the entire world was made aware that my life was constantly threatened by radical members of San Diego's homosexual community, when World Net Daily published an international story
detailing a death threat made against me
that had been posted on the Hillquest Website:

For nearly seven years, I have lived just one block from San Diego's Gay and Lesbian Center. I have been the target of many threats living in that location. The Gay and Lesbian Center is the physical manifestation of an entire neighborhood in complete rebellion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From the promotion of homosexual marriages and pornography to an orchestrated campaign against the Boy Scouts of America, this government funded temple of immorality stands as a testament to rebellion against the Word of God. It was, however, the indoctrination of young teenagers into homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexualism by the Gay and Lesbian Center, that really stirred my soul to go to war against this organization of evil.

"Even so, it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven,
that one of these little ones should perish."
Matthew 18:14

"Greater love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for his friends"
John 15:13

This is where I have many times had to go to Gethsemane. I know that those who are determined to take these little ones and steal their innocence for ungodly purposes, have plotted my demise. But God has commanded me to stand for Him in the midst of such gross darkness. I have taken my fears, my burdens, my pains: all potential negative outcomes, to Gethsemane. I have wrestled them down to the earth, and pinned them to the ground into submission to the will of my Father in heaven.

There is no place in Hillcrest that I can walk where I am not recognized. My photographs have been circulated throughout the city. A cover story in the widely read weekly newspaper, San Diego CityBeat, circulated my picture under the title "The Enemy Within: How James Hartline Became Hillcrest's Most Notorious Christian Soldier." On many days, as I walk about the streets of Hillcrest, hateful glares will come my way, but my eyes stay focused on Christ and His mission for me. How we have come to a place in our society where the alledged "victims" of intolerance and hate crimes, have turned out to be an army of victimizers against Christians, is truly a sign of how asleep the watchman on the walls have been.

So the shipmaster came to him, and said unto him,
"What meanest thou, O sleeper? Arise, call upon thy God,
if so be that God will think upon us, that we perish not."

Photo from Fox News placed
on gay website that regularly mocks me
called the James Hartline Watch.

Free From My Steel Cocoon

How HIV Turned James Hartline to Christ
By Amy Reid and Tim Branson On CBN"s 700 Club
You can watch the interview and story of James Hartline that was told
internationally on CBN's The 700 Club:

Free From My Steel Cocoon:
What Do I Do With This Liberty?

"Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise Thy name:
the righteous shall compass me about;
for Thou shalt deal bountifully with me."
Psalm 142:7

"And I will walk at liberty: for I seek Thy precepts."
Psalm 119:45

Once we have been to our Gethsemane, where do we go from there. Well firstly, we know we would not have been to Gethsemane, if the Lord had not drawn us there. Thus, we know that since God brought us there, to crucify our own plans, and our own ambitions, He will also draw us into His purposes afterwards. For so many years, I had known nothing but sorrow, sickness and failure. How could a man who had been involved in homosexuality for thirty years, been in prisons for nineteen years, as well as mental illnesses and drug use, do anything worthwhile for the Lord Jesus Christ?

And Jesus looking upon them said,
"With men it is impossible, but not with God:
For with God, all things are possible."
Mark 10:27

If the devil could have killed me, he would have already done it. God has called me, and it is irrelevant what man thinks of that, or of me as a person, for that matter. Whom God calls, He qualifies. It is not a matter of education, or societal standing, or physical prowess. Simply, I am the least likely. In all facets, in the eyes of man, I am qualified for only one thing: the trash heap of all things failed. My God has called me to look the devil in the face and remind him that he has no say in my destiny or my success. It is God. He called. He qualifed. He equipped. And the devil has lost. I am eternally grateful for Gethsemane.

Nov. 1, 2004 Rally To Save The Mt. Soldedad Cross
Plotting to save the Mt. Soledad Cross with Pastor Leo Giovinetti.
Pastor Leo & Mission Valley Christian Fellowship adopted me
as their "Christian Pit Bull" and son in the Lord.

James Hartline In Chicago Preaching The Word Of God
During The World Gay Games in July of 2006

The Journal of James Hartline
Preparing For My Departure:
But Running My Race Until I Leave

James Hartline, Director
The Hillcrest Mission