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And The Gates Of Hell Did Not Prevail: Christian Activist James Hartline Receives Miraculous Healing Report!

The James Hartline Report
November 30, 2006

And The Gates Of Hell Did Not Prevail:
Christian Activist James Hartline
Receives Miraculous Healing Report!

And I say unto thee, "Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church;
And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
Matthew 16:18

When San Diego Christian activist James Hartline learned nine years ago that he was infected with the virus that causes AIDS, he knew that his life would never again be the same. Besides the lifetime of mental and spiritual battles he had waged before his HIV diagnosis, he would also now have to fight a physical war against a disease that has no cure. Testing positive for HIV was not the only bad news Hartline would face in the ensuing years. Two years later, James was also told that he had a deadly reinfection with Hepatitus C. The combination of being co-infected with AIDS and Hepatitus C is nothing more than a slowly developing death sentence. In fact, the Center for Disease Control says this about patients who are co-infected with these two deadly diseases:
Coinfection with HIV and Hepatitis C Virus
HCV infection is more serious in HIV-infected persons.* It leads to liver damage more quickly. Coinfection with HCV may also affect the treatment of HIV infection. Therefore, it’s important for HIV-infected persons to know whether they are also infected with HCV and, if they aren’t, to take steps to prevent infection.

For the last several months, the blood tests for James Hartline have shown very elevated liver enzymes, a sign that liver disease is progressing. Everyday Hartline must take approximately ten different medications for AIDS and other related symptoms. Oftentimes, it is the medications that cause toxicity of the liver, thus accelerating the hepatitus disease and its effect on the body. Coupled with the enormous fatigue and insominia created by the HIV, doctors at UCSD's Owens AIDS Clinic were moving Hartline ever closer to beginning another medical treatment for the Hepatitus C virus. Interferon treatments, a weekly injection that causes the patient to experience extreme flu-like symptoms, were being proposed to James to treat his hepatitus. Imagine adding 52 weeks of injecting a chemotherapy-like medication to all of the other medications he is already taking, and one would think that James Hartline might start questioning his faith in God's willingness to heal him. James Hartline, however, is not your average Christian. He knows where to go when he is in trouble.

"Is any among you afflicted? Let him pray. Is any merry? Let him sing psalms."
James 5:13

Living inside of the homosexual neighborhood of Hillcrest in San Diego, California, James sometimes feels as if he is the one lone voice in the midst of a great bowl of darkness. Every morning James gets up and reads his Bible and sings songs to the Lord. That voice of worship pierces the darkness. If one were in outer space, one could look down into the darkness that permeates the Hillcrest area and see one speck of light, the glory of God, that rests upon the home of James Hartline who is singing up, and crying out for safety, healing, and a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

"Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church;
Let them pray over him, annointing him with oil in the name of the Lord."
James 5:14

James Hartline is not alone in the battle for his health. The Christian activist also knows how to take it to his friends around the country that support his ministry. Mission Valley Christian Fellowship (, the home church of James, gives him this regular message of encouragement:

"We Got Your Back Brother!"

The prayer team at Skyline Church ( and the Christian warrior ministry, America Asleep kNOw More (, have also been interceding on a regular basis for Hartline and his ministry.

On the Frontlines of the War on AIDS:
Inside of the UCSD HIV Clinic

The majority of HIV patients in central San Diego come to Owens Clinic at UCSD for their medical care. The clinic lobby is regularly full of men and women who are very sick, some close to death. Sadly, it is also a commentary on how amiss and lost the American culture is. Having fully embraced the concept of "separation of church and state," UCSD provides no Biblical materials or lessons when treating patients, thus most stay bound up in the destructive behaviors that led them to be infected with HIV. The promotion of homosexuality and transsexualism is rampant in the HIV-patient system. The ideology of continuing homosexual behavior, but playing it safe, rules the day at Owens Clinic. While doctors encourage patients to take more and more medication, they do nothing to discourage homosexual relationships. The idea that sinful sexuality can be destructive is a frowned upon concept with most of the pro-homosexual, liberal medical professionals.

James Hartline always goes to Owens Clinic with the intent of demonstrating his witness for Christ. He seeks out the sick to pray with them. He lets them know that he is no longer involved in the destructive lifestyles of homosexuality and drug use. His witness for Christ has also made him the focus of great ridicule and hostility by gay activists who also sit in the clinic waiting room. That has not deterred Hartline one bit. Once sold out to the devil, Hartline is now more sold out to God. Those opposed to Christ will have no say in the matter of James Hartline's boldness for the Lord who has saved his soul.

On Monday, November 27, 2006, Hartline returned to Owens Clinic to receive the latest news on his liver biopsy, the last step before he would begin the tortuous Interferon treatment for Hepatitus C. Nervously, Hartline waited for Nurse Practioner Mary Verbeck to bring in the results of the biopsy.

Bringing in a large file, Verbeck, a tall pleasant woman who has seen every sickness imaginable while working in Owens Clinic, sits down with a strange smile on her face. "Well, Mr. Hartline, the results of your biopsy, are amazing, incredible!"

"What do you mean?" enquired Hartline.

"You have no liver damage on your scan. None! No scarring, nothing," she replies.

Hartline, who has a reservoir of medical knowledge himself, states, "Isn't that unusual after all of this time with HIV and Hepatitus C?" He knows that Hepatitus C with a co-infection of HIV will quickly lead to scarring of the liver tissue.

"Very, very unusual! And there is no hurry now for you to go on any Interferon treatments! The treatments can be postponed indefinitely," concluded Nurse Verbeck.

Truly this medical report was a welcome miracle for James Hartline. And welcome news to the hundreds of Christians around America who regularly pray for this well known Christian activist.

As James Hartline, walked through the clinic, passing those very ill gay activists that were mocking him earlier, he just holds his head up, smiles and reminds himself that God is still in the business of defending His servant. And healing a sick body as well.

"Jesus was wounded for our trangressions, He was bruised for our iniquities:
the chastisement of our peace was upon Him: And with His wounds we are healed."
Isaiah 53:5

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Anonymous said...

Your testimony is so awesome. I am so glad that we serve an awesome God Who still heals and answers our prayers. I have been praying for someone for healing from the same sickness that you have. I have seen God brought this person thru PCP and there is no side effects to medication. And thats healing in itself. I know God healed you from your previous lifestyle. I will be praying for your complete healing and restoration of your health. And also for your ministry as you go about gloryfying Jesus' name and building up His kingdom. May the Lord bless you like you have never experience before, beyond your expectation.

Anonymous said...

My Partner, Roger, who also has HIV with Hep C co infection was on deaths door back in 1996, he slowly recovered over the next couple of years.

In fact, in 2003, a couple years after moving to San Diego, a Doctor told him he must have never had HEP C because he could not find any evidence of it in his body and there was NO damage/scarring to his liver.
We laughed when the Doctor claimed that a mistake was made because we both know how close to deaths door Hep C and HIV brought him.

My Partner and I prayed together along with several prayer chains.

Praise God!