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The Great Rainbow Robbery: Gay Activists Costing America Billions Of Dollars In Medical Expenses To Pay For Unsafe Sex Practices

The James Hartline Report
On The Frontlines of the Culture War
January 29, 2007

The Great Rainbow Robbery:
Gay Activists Costing America Billions Of Dollars
In Medical Expenses To Pay For Unsafe Sex Practices

(JHReport) James Hartline, Publisher of the James Hartline Report, is known throughout the United States as one of America's most vocal Christian activists. However, ten years ago Hartline was anything but a committed Christian. With a history of drug abuse and stealing to support his crippling addiction to methamphetamines, Hartline's life was fast heading towards a destructive end. In the winter of 1997, the final blow was struck against James Hartline. His long record of poor choices and the dark results they brought, paled in comparison to one bleak event in the first week of December, 1997. During one of his many visits to the gay bathhouse called the Mustang Spa, James Hartline was infected with the AIDS virus.

California law bans bathhouses like the Mustang Spa where sexual activities, deemed by the Center for Disease Control to cause HIV transmission, are occurring. Despite the existence of such state laws, numerous California cities still allow dozens of gay bathhouses to stay open. Prior to 2006, San Diego, California had never enforced the state law. The results have been catastrophic, both morally and financially, for San Diego. Currently, there are at least four bathhouses open in San Diego. Recently, San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre became the first prosecutor to actually enforce the state law by prosecuting the 2200 Club, the business formerly known as the Mustang Spa where James Hartline was infected in 1997.

It is possible that Aguirre's actions will not only prevent many new HIV infections, but will also save the taxpayers millions of dollars in publicly-funded medical expenses for men who will have acquired the AIDS virus inside of this one gay bathhouse.

-- The High Cost of AIDS --

There is a high probability that if the gay bathhouses which operate in San Diego were closed, there would be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fewer AIDS cases. Take the example of James Hartline. Hartline was infected with the AIDS virus during a three-day drug binge in 1997 at the Mustang Spa. Hartline's encounter with death at the Mustang Spa was made possible by the methamphetamines he was able to purchase from the drug dealers who sold him the drugs and hypodermic needles inside of the club. Hartline, who has since become a born-again Christian and nationally recognized writer, describes in many of his articles how he used to purchase drugs during stays in all of San Diego's gay bathhouses.

Eventually becoming ill from his HIV symptoms, Hartline's disease quickly qualified him for an AIDS diagnosis. As his body began to succumb to the disease, Hartline was forced to begin taking medications for AIDS in 2003. Today, Hartline must take over a dozen different medications to stay alive. Being infected with the AIDS virus and taking handfulls of medications everyday to stay alive is a direct result of the City of San Diego allowing the death chambers of the gay bathhouses to remain open in their jurisdiction.

Prior to being infected with HIV, James Hartline did not take any of the medications he now must consume every 24 hours. The following medications that Hartline must take everyday and their monthly costs are listed below:
Viracept - $728 per month
Celebrex - $204 per month
Zetia - $93 per month
Hydrocortisone - $12 per month
Viread - $610 per month
Ambien - $134 per month
Emtriva - $384 per month
Aldara - $239 per month
Nystatin - $39 per month
Oxandrolone - $1,112 per month
Androgel - $248 per month
Acyclovir - $44 per month
Pain Med - $186 per month
Mucomyst - $156 per month
*Average cost of medications (source Walgreens Pharmacy)
Total cost of Hartline's medications:
Monthly: $4,189 / Yearly: $50,268

Coupled with the costs of blood tests, doctor's appointments and other procedures related to fighting the AIDS virus, Hartline's medical treatments costs taxpayers approximately $60,000 per year. For the average American taxpayer, they would be shocked to find out that Hartline's medical costs are near the average for other patients who are fighting AIDS. Shock at the high costs for caring for AIDS patients would turn to outrage if those same taxpayers were to learn that many gay activists are doing everything possible to keep open the gay bathhouses and other similar businesses that are breeding grounds for thousands of new HIV transmissions each year. Simply put, the taxpayers are paying for an inexcusable agenda of sexual anarchy and "sex at any cost" which permeates liberal gay communities throughout America.

Factoid from the Center for Disease Control
HIV/AIDS among Men Who Have Sex with Men:
In the United States, HIV infection and AIDS have had a tremendous effect on men who have sex with men (MSM). MSM accounted for 70% of all estimated HIV infections among male adults and adolescents in 2004 (based on data from 35 areas with long-term, confidential name-based HIV reporting), even though only about 5% to 7% of male adults and adolescents in the United States identify themselves as MSM.

Transmission categories of male adultsand adolescents living with AIDS, 2004

Factoid: California's Department of Health Services / AIDS Statistics
Year End, Dec. 2006: HIV/AIDS California Surveillance Report:
Men Who Have Sex With Other Men - Cumulative Total of AIDS Cases:
96,694 or 68% of all AIDS Cases in California Epidemic History.
Homosexual Males, Also IV Drug Users - Cumulative Total of AIDS Cases:
13,445 or 9% of all AIDS Cases in California Epidemic History.
Since AIDS began, Homosexual Males and Homosexual Males who are IV Drug Users
Total 110,139 or 77% of all AIDS cases in California.

Factoid: San Diego County Department of Health & Human Services
HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report
Year End, Dec. 2006: HIV/AIDS San Diego County AIDS Cases:
Men Who Have Sex With Other Men - Cumulative Total of AIDS Cases:
9,506 or 73% of all AIDS Cases In San Diego County Epidemic History.
Homosexual Males, Also IV Drug Users - Cumulative Total of AIDS Cases:
1,302 or 10% of all AIDS Cases in San Diego County Epidemic History.

San Diego County had 319 new, fully diagnosed AIDS Cases in 2006.

The cost to taxpayers for added new medical expenses for these 319 cases
is approximately $13 million dollars per year. This means county and city officials
must find an additional $13 million in their 2007 budget to cover this expense.

AIDS in Men who have sex with other men, County of San Diego, 2004
Time Frames: Homosexual Males - AIDS in San Diego County
1985-1989 1990-1994 1995-1999 2000-2004 Cumulative
83.5% 81.5% 76.9% 74.1% 79.4%
Gay Males/IV Drug Users
1985-1989 1990-1994 1995-1999 2000-2004 Cumulative
9.9% 10.0% 12.7% 9.9% 10.7%

Age at AIDS Diagnosis in Gay Males AIDS Cases
in the County of San Diego:
recent cumulative
39.5 37.7
According to the San Diego County Dept. of Health & Human Services:
Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)
is the most common mode of transmission
reported and there have been 10,209 AIDS
cases reported in MSM in the County of
San Diego since 1981.

Years 2001 -2005 Cases of HIV Transmission in San Diego County:
Men who have sex with men (MSM) = 1,338 / 66%
MSM/IV Drug User = 177 / 9%
Heterosexual = 250 / 12%
IV Drug User = 232 / 12%
MSM & MSM IV Drug User = 1515 / 75% of all HIV/AIDS cases
in San Diego County between 2001-2005.

During this period, the three San Diego gay bathhouses known to
be rabid source locations for HIV transmission have remained open
for business.
These three gay bathhouses are:

Club San Diego
Located at 3995 Fifth Ave. - Hillcrest
(Less than 1,000 feet from Florence Elementary School
in violation of municipal codes)

2200 Club (Formerly the Mustang Spa)
Located at 2200 University Ave.
The San Diego City Attorney has successfully
forced this bathhouse to close in April, 2007.

Vulcan Steam & Sauna
Located at 805 W. Cedar St. (Downtown San Diego)
(Located directly across the street from Monarch Elementary School)

In a June 16, 2004 edition of San Diego City Beat (, Daniel Strumpf reveals the disturbing details from a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control on the sexual behaviors of homosexual males inside of gay bathhouses. In his article, Strumpf writes:

"Los Angeles public health officials are currently working to come up with new ways to regulate bathhouses and sex clubs after a recent study funded by the Centers for Diseases Control showed that HIV infection rates among gay men who sought testing in bathhouses were double those of gay men tested elsewhere, and seven times higher than HIV rates among the county’s general population. The findings come at a time when the CDC says HIV infection rates among gay men in America are on the rise after years of decline.
The same study also showed that 71 percent of patrons visited a bathhouse specifically to have anonymous sex, 16 percent said they had group sex and 10 percent said they had unprotected anal sex.
Additionally, more than one third of participants said they used drugs before visiting the clubs, most commonly a combination of methamphetamine and Viagra, and more than a third indicated that they had riskier sex in the baths than in other locations."

Even more disturbing then Strumpf's article, is a recent expose on "Bug Chasers" provided by Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans For Truth, on his website ( Bug Chasers are homosexual men who intentionally seek to get infected with the AIDS virus. In LaBarbera's article, he quotes from Gregory A. Freeman's 2003 Rolling Stones' newspaper investigation on Bug Chasers, where Freeman describes Carlos, a Bug Chaser, stating:

"The men who want the (AIDS) virus are called “bug chasers,” and the men who freely give the virus to them are called “gift givers.” While the rest of the world fights the AIDS epidemic and most people fear HIV infection, this (gay) subculture celebrates the virus and eroticizes it.... In this world, the men with HIV are the most desired, and the bug chasers will do anything to get the virus — to “get knocked up,” to be “bred” or “initiated into the brotherhood.”

"Though he’s older, Carlos lives a life that has a lot in common with Hitzel’s in San Francisco. Carlos estimates that he has had several hundred sex partners throughout his life, and he routinely hooks up with three or four guys a week, all of them HIV-positive or at least uncertain about their status.
That’s a common trait among bug chasers, says Dr. Bob Cabaj…"

"Furthering the epidemic doesn’t bother Carlos. Bug chasing requires a great deal of self-delusion, and he easily acknowledges the contradictions in what he’s doing. He notes that while he seeks HIV, he doesn’t eat junk food or smoke, and that he drinks only socially. “I take care of myself,” he says proudly. He also notes the hypocrisy in his doing volunteer work at (Gay Men's Health Clinic) GMHC, in which he tells other men to use condoms and practice safe sex, while he’s hunting for partners for his secret hobby. The conflict doesn’t bother him in the least…"

-- California: On The Brink Of Statewide Insanity --

California laws requires the state of California to pay for the medical care of patients diagnosed with AIDS. California laws in this arena are based upon a compassionate perspective where patients would die without medical treatment. There is no cure for AIDS and without available medical care, the death rate for HIV-positive patients would skyrocket in a matter of months. Seizing upon the awareness that the government will pay for all consequences for their sexual behaviors, gay activists have turned such governmental mercy into a diabolical opportunity where they are fighting to keep open the death chambers of dozens of California bathhouses. Clearly, common sense has been replaced by these sexual anarchists, with a mindset that proclaims their sexual liberties must never be interfered with.

These advocates of gay sexual anarchy continue to show an utter disregard for the heavy burden they are placing upon the backs of America's hard working taxpayers. The idea that individuals are vociferously fighting to keep open these bathhouses so they can continue to have venues for disgusting public sex acts in the midst of a growing and always fatal AIDS epidemic is both disturbing and cruel. While these gay activists are howling with laughter over the government bowing to their cruelty, the taxpayers are paying the price for this AIDS holocaust.

--The Great Rainbow Robbery--

Who should be held most responsible for this great taxpayer rip-off, this rainbow robbery? The blame should really be shared by a number of entities. The County of San Diego reports that the average age of a gay male who is diagnosed with AIDS in San Diego in recent times was 39.5 years. All of the government-funded education programs, costing taxpayers billions of dollars, are clearly worthless if they cannot convince a grown male adult over the age of thirty to respect the deadly consequences of certain sexual acts. These men know that they will eventually acquire HIV if they engage in unprotected homosexual sex.

The Gay and Lesbian Center in San Diego ( has received millions of dollars in public funds to provide HIV education. An example of one of the poorest investments by the government for HIV programs, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center continues to mock taxpayers by promoting the very sexual behaviors that cause AIDS. In one of many immoral displays of hypocrisy at this gay center, condoms are distributed to clients while plaques honoring the owners of the gay bathhouses can be found on the inside of this agency's walls. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been granted to the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center to obtain their multi-million dollar property, remodel its facility and fund its programs. On the property of this center, magazines full of pornographic advertisements are stacked in the lobby, an office is used to promote gay marriage and its auditorium is used for drag queen contests.

Perhaps, the most culpable party in this bathhouse/taxpayer scandal are the members of the San Diego City Council. With ample opportunities to address the growing AIDS epidemic and the role that the city's gay bathhouses have played in the epidemic, the city council has continued to side with gay activists rather than the taxpayers who must continue to fund the skyrocketing medical costs for these unnecessary HIV infections. State law has given the San Diego City Council all of the ammunition that they need to shut down the city's bathhouses. Yet, the San Diego City Council refuses to follow state law in dealing with this issue. It is a clear case of elected officials who are more concerned with the opinions of vocal gay activists rather than the taxpayers who have elected them.

Here is what California State Law mandates regarding bathhouses in California that allow sexual activities to occur on their premises:

(b) Every building or place used as a bathhouse which as a primaryactivity encourages or permits conduct that according to theguidelines of the federal Centers for Disease Control can transmitAIDS, including, but not limited to, anal intercourse, oralcopulation, or vaginal intercourse, is a nuisance which shall beenjoined, abated, and prevented, and for which damages may berecovered, whether it is a public or private nuisance. For purposes of this subdivision, a "bathhouse" means a businesswhich, as its primary purpose, provides facilities for a spa,whirlpool, communal bath, sauna, steam bath, mineral bath, mud bath,or facilities for swimming

To Express Public Concerns Regarding The City Council Refusing To Enforce
State Laws Regarding Bathhouse Violations:
Contact Your Local City Councilmember via the city council website:

This exclusive article has been provided by The James Hartline Report.
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I Am Making My Stand In 2007!
Have You Started Making Yours?

James Hartline, Publisher
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Spiritual Warfare Training Course - Level 1: Part 1 - Keeping Your Vows To God - A Key To Overthrowing Demonic Forces In Our Communities

Spiritual Warfare Training Course - Level 1
Part 1 - Keeping Your Vows To God
How Our Obedience To God Will Move The Lord
To Overthrow Demonic Forces In Our Communities

"Make vows to the Lord your God and fulfill them;
Let all who are around Him bring gifts to Him to be feared.
He will cut off the spirit of princes;
He is to be feared by the kings of the earth."
Psalm 76:11-12 (nasb)

Cover of San Diego City Beat Newspaper
"How James Hartline Became Hillcrest's
Most Notorious Christian Soldier."

I have been living right in the middle of one of the most dangerous, anti-christian neighborhoods in the United States for nearly seven years. It is a neighborhood composed of some of the most vicious homosexual activists found anywhere in America. It is a community where honor is given to men who parade down the streets wearing dresses, but Christian values are bashed with a hatred that stands on equal footing with anything found in the former Soviet Union. Many have asked me, "Why do you live in the midst of a community that hates and despises you so?" I can easily answer that question, "Because the Lord asked me to." The story of my life inside of Hillcrest, San Diego's gay community, was a front page, 2005 cover story in San Diego City Beat, a very liberal local newspaper (

My testimony of coming out of thirty years of bondage to homosexuality has been told all over the world. Many newspapers and magazines have published articles about me, and just last year I was featured on an international broadcast of the 700 Club ( With this much notiriety comes a very steep price. Nearly every week, for many years, I have received hate mail from gay activists who despise my testimony of leaving the homosexual lifestyle ( Countless gay websites devote columns and webpages to mocking me ( I even receive emails from those who claim to be Christians, some from right here in my own town of San Diego, who berate me for my stand for Christ.

It would be tempting to think: "Wouldn't it just be easier to fade to a place of quiet contemplation, where I could remain hidden behind the four walls of my home, not bothering anybody and believing then, that everyone else will stay on their side of the street not causing me any trouble either?" That might be the nice, easy path for some Christians, but that could never be the life for me. Why? Because I have made a vow to the Lord and I believe that breaking a vow to the Lord is equal to taking the Lord's name in vain, a violation of the second commandment.

The Lord saved me from surely going to hell. I was absolutely doomed with no hope of getting out of homosexuality or the life of destruction that that sin had trapped me in. When Jesus Christ came into my life and imparted into me the Holy Spirit, God's word became alive and set me completely free. What then, do I owe the Lord in return for such a marvelous gift? One day the Lord answered that question: "James, I want you to stand as my witness in the dark places where you once were held captive."

Shortly after the Lord spoke to me about His desire for my new life, an image came into my mind: I heard a mother crying out in the night, "Where's my boy? Oh, where's my baby boy?" That mother was Sandra Giovinetti, the wife of Leo Giovinetti, the pastor of my church, Mission Valley Christian Fellowship. "Who will help me bring my boy home?" Sandra Giovinetti was crying out into the night. She was weeping over her oldest son, Bill Giovinetti. Over fifteen years ago, after Leo and Sandra had sent their son Bill away to college, he came home one day, completely indoctrinated with an anti-christian ideology. Bill had been raised all of his life to know Jesus and to serve Him. However, after one year in a secular college setting, Bill came home and renounced any belief in God. Even worse, he had completely given himself over to homosexuality and has now lived for many years with an older man in a very diabolic homosexual relationship.

Six years ago, when God first sent me to Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, I learned of the dark trap that satan had set for Bill Giovinetti. Without a tremendous miracle, Bill Giovinetti will die and go to hell. His mother Sandra has been crying out in the night, day after day, year after year, "Who will bring my baby boy home to me?" God spoke to me one day, "James, I saved you from the very trap that Bill Giovinetti now is imprisoned in. You go in there and you get him out." What could I say in response to this request from the God who had given me eternal life? I had made a vow that if God would save me from the bondage of homosexuality, I would give him my life to be used for His glory upon this earth. I made a vow to God. And that vow I will keep.

I said to the Lord in response to His request to rescue Bill Giovinetti, "Yes Lord, as you command me, that will I do." The Lord said to me, "You stay in the midst of Hillcrest and your presence, with My annointing upon your life, will eventually force the demonic prince sitting over that neighborhood to flee. It is that demonic prince that is guarding the prison that keeps Bill Giovinetti's mind ensnared. You will be threatened, you will be persecuted, you will be hated, but remember, before they hated you, they hated Me."

Our Hillcrest Mission Team during the Prayer Walk on Bill Giovinetti's Street
Crying Out to God to rescue him from the enemy's captivity.

It is this commitment to keepng my vow unto God that makes the passage in Psalm 76:11-12 so true and so relevant. If we keep our vows according to the assignment that God has given us, then we have given the Lord a place of cooperation, a path of connecting heaven to earth, where the Lord will come forth and drive out the demonic princes that enhabit the principalities controlling our communities.

How do we know that the Lord is moving forward to cut off the prince in the land as a result of our fulfilling our vows to God? One needs to look no further then what has happened in the gay community of Hillcrest since I accepted the assignment that God gave me to stand firmly rooted in that neighborhood. Many demonic businesses that we have prayed to God to shut down have fallen and continue to fall. Here are just a few of the many examples of ungodly enterprises that we have targeted in this battle and seen fall by the power of God:

ReBar shuts down after 20 years
Long-established gay leather bar closes Dec. 27, 2005
Copyright © 2003-2006 Uptown Publications

Local gay bathhouse, formerly called Mustang Spa,
in the Hillcrest/North Park area agrees to close down.
Copyright © 2003-2006 Uptown Publications

Celebrating the closing Of Sensual Delights,
An F-Street Gay Porn Store in Hillcrest

Celebrating the closing of the F-Street Video,
another Gay Porn Store in Hillcrest

The Bible gives us a simple point of order when conducting our spiritual warfare. It is written in the second book of Chronicles:

"If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray,
and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I shall hear from heaven,
and will forgive their sins, and heal their land."
2 Chronicles 7:14

This is our simple battle plan. It is ordained by God and if we will utililze His word correctly then we will see every community in this nation revived and changed for the Glory of the living God. We must keep our vows and our commitments to God. We are His people. We have made promises to Him and He has made promises to us. Keep your vows and God will move to save your families, your friends and He will drive out the powers of darkness and save our nation as well.

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Plot To Legalize Gay Marriage in California Uncovered - Gay Republican Leader Working With Governor's Office & Key Gay Democrats

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
On The Frontlines of The Culture War
January 22, 2007

Plot To Legalize Gay Marriage In California
Uncovered By The James Hartline Report
(Log Cabin Republican Leader Working With Governor's Office
And Key Gay Democrats To Establish Same-Sex Nuptials)

(JHReport Exclusive) Stunning and disturbing, are just two of the many terms being used to describe the contents of an email newsletter being distributed to members of the homosexual GOP group, the Log Cabin Republicans, by the organization's leaders. James Vaughn is the new California State Director for the Log Cabin Republicans. Vaughn's occasional column "Director's Cut" is included in that newsletter. It is that column which is creating outrage among conservative Republicans who have read it. Vaughn's recent column revealed how he is working with some California Republican Party officials, Governor Schwarznegger's office, and key gay Democrats to plot a strategy for legalizing gay marriage in the state.

Who Is James Vaughn and Why Is He In The GOP?

James Vaughn (right)

The Bay Are Reporter, a San Francisco area homosexual newspaper, wrote about the true ideology of James Vaughn in a recent front page article. The article reveals the agenda and goals of Vaughn as the new state director of the Log Cabin Republicans and it should serve as an emergency wake-up call for all conservative Republicans in California. Author Matthew S. Bajko wrote of Vaughn:

"He (Vaughn) said he also plans to work closely with the legislature's LGBT caucus, made up of five Democrats, on issues such as marriage. He met this week with caucus consultant Eric Astacaan as well as Daniel Zingale, a Democrat and the openly gay chief of staff to the state's first lady Maria Shriver. As for Shriver's husband, Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his chief of staff Susan Kennedy , a lesbian and Democrat, Vaughn had no meetings planned as of yet. He did meet with other members of the governor's staff.
A main priority for Vaughn will be getting more LGBT Republicans elected to public office. He identified the central coast area as a prime spot where an openly gay or lesbian member of the GOP has a chance of winning an election"

Bajko's article also details some appalling statements from Vaughn on marriage, family and Vaughn's relationship with his gay sex partner Kevin Broadwater:

"Vaughn and his partner of four years, Kevin Broadwater, also a Republican, left the D.C. area for California over a year ago after Broadwater took a new job. Vaughn, who joked he was the "trailing spouse," grew up in Corona, California in Riverside County. He laughed when asked, as a Republican, if he feared incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "San Francisco values."
"Not at all. I am a centrist on many things," he said. "The problem with the Republican Party is their definition of family. And I think both sides can look and find commonalities. The gay community is running on a conservative platform, talking about stable marriages, raising children, and defending their country. Those are as conservative Republican values as you can get."

As to the twisted political mindset of James Vaughn, his recent comments to IN LA, a homosexual magazine, reveals he is far more in line with the radical left of the Democratic Party, then he is with any level of the GOP:

"The far right has secured a philosophical gerrymander on the Republican legislative districts for now, so a better strategy is for us to focus on the most important aspect of the gay marriage fight, securing the governor's signature."

"Inclusion Wins," the title for the Log Cabin Republicans' bi-weekly newsletter, is distributed to subscribing members who support the group's agenda of promoting homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexualism within the Republican Party. Despite the radical concepts that are a part of Log Cabin Republicans, nothing could prepare many GOP veteran's for the outrageous contents of Vaughn's January 18, 2007 column. One senior member of the California Republican Assembly, who prefers to remain anonymous, told the James Hartline Report that the contents of the column were far worse then even he could have imagined.

Presenting an entirely new manifestaton of just how low politics can go in betraying voters, Vaughn's January 18th column details Republican Party leaders who met with him during the recent Log Cabin Republican's disturbing party to celebrate the inauguration of Governor Schwarzenegger's second term.

As if he is writing in his personal diary, Vaughn states in his column:

"What a week! I am up in Sacramento recovering from a whirlwind of events surrounding the inauguration of Log Cabin friend Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Log Cabin sponsored an Inauguration Celebration Reception at Vallejo's Mexican Restaurant, with over 70 attending. There were many key players from the Horseshoe (what they call the governor's executive suite of offices) including newly appointed Legislative Secretary Chris Kahn. Once word got out he was expected many lobbyists and others asked to come.... He was joined by Director of External Affairs John Kabateck, health policy advisor Herb Schultz and his partner and many others including Jimmy Orr, who I knew from my DC days when he managed all of the online media activities in the White House. He created the Barney cam. He is currently handling online media for the Governor..."

Then Vaughn reveals the beginning of the nightmare scenario for the millions of families in California who are fighting back the insidious war declared against them by radical gay activists within the Democratic Party:

"Assemblymember Bonnie Garcia's chief of staff Richard Harmon and 3-4 of his staff attended as well. (Good luck with the house offer, Richard!)"

The hypocrisy of Assemblywoman Garcia and her staffmembers could not be more clear. In her various bids for public office, Garcia has marketed herself as a Republican conservative who seeks to protect children from sexual predators, as well as other issues relating to their physical and mental well being ( In the past several months, one of the Log Cabin Republicans' biggest scandals unfolded when Congressman Foley, a long-term friend of the Log Cabin Republicans, was exposed for his predatory behavior with young male Congressional pages ( The Log Cabin Republicans are on an insidious quest to legalize gay marriage and homosexual sodomy in the United States military.

The fact that Garica's chief of staff, along with several other Garcia staffers, was participating in a party with the Log Cabin Repbublicans, reveals the extent of betrayal to the familiess that voted for her based upon her claims of protecting their family values. In fact, last year when the James Hartline Report revealed that Garcia was compromising on a key homosexual bill, SB1437, her chief of staff went into high damage control. Here is what Richard Harmon wrote to refute Garcia's role in that controversy:

"There is a serious discrepancy in James Hartline’s article today regarding SB 1437. The vote he cited in the article regarding the bill was a vote on a set of amendments to strike most of the offensive parts of the bill. It was not a vote to pass the bill out. The bill most likely will be voted on today in the Assembly, and you will see a dramatic difference between that vote and the one Monday to gut the bill. My boss would appreciate a correction run immediately". Call me if you have any questions. Richard A. HarmonChief of StaffOffice of Assemblywoman Bonnie GarciaState Capitol, Room 2002Sacramento, CA 95814

This is the same Richard Harmon that James Vaughn states was at the Log Cabin Republican's gay celebration party for the governor's second term inauguration.

Vaughn continues: In the "Post Partisanship" spirit we were joined by several Democrat supporters including Assemblyman John Laird. I nearly forgot to introduce him in my remarks and noted I was in a GOP state of mind. He replied "I'm the one over here on the left..." Also joining were Richard Stapler from Speaker Nunez' office and Alan Lafoso from the BOE. ..

James Vaughn (far left) with gay Democratic
State Assemblyman John Laird (second from right)

Assemblyman John Laird

As one of the most vocal advocates of promoting homosexuality in the California State leglislature, Democratic Assemblyman John Laird has authored a multitude of gay rights bills during his tenure in the assembly. Laird's bio reveals that he lives with his homosexual lover John Flores in Santa Cruz, California ( The fact that the Log Cabin Republicans joyously met with Laird during the Log Cabin Republican governor's inaugural party says more about the group's liberal agenda, then it does about Laird. It verifies that the Log Cabin Republicans are really the GOP's trojan horse: liberals who are working inside of the Republican Party to dismantle its conservative core and replace it with a radicalized gay-friendly foundation.

The Shocking Gay Marriage Plot of The Log Cabin Republicans

At one point in time, the Log Cabin Republicans used to feign some sort of conservative family values as a ploy to gain entrance into the Republican Party heirarchy. Those days are over. The true agenda of the Log Cabin Republicans is now revealed in the following statments made by Vaughn in his column. Vaughn continues:

"There were many key players from the governor's campaign staff and the CRP such as Sheryl Main, Ann Whitley (party membership director) and Jalene Forbis who is running for CRP Vice Chair.

"Key political advisor to Maria Shriver, Steven Rivers and handsome escort also attended and grilled me on our marriage strategy and praised our efforts and developing farm team of candidates for political office... "

To demonstrate just how badly the GOP leadership is selling out the conservatives and families within the Republican Party, Vaughn writes this account of his encounter with the California State Senate minority leader's wife:

"From there it was off to the Sponsor's Reception where word of our event had already spread. David Rappel, LCR board member and all around CRP go-to-guy helped me connect with key party figures. Linda Ackerman, wife to Sen. Minority Leader Dick Ackerman was a charming delight and the first thing she said to me was "Why weren't we invited to your party! We wanted to come." Turns out they hadn't checked their personal e-mail for the late invite I sent..... She was a delight and very sweet and I told her she and her husband had a standing invite to any of our events... "

Senator Ackerman, who was chosen by the Senate Republican Caucus in a unanimous vote, to be the state senate minority leader in 2004, was recently one of the main supporters of liberal pro-abortion State Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher in her bid for the 34th Senate District seat. A blog with the Orange County Register described Daucher as being an extremist on the abortion issue for supporting a resolution to honor Roe v. Wade:

"But her values are left wing, as we see from her near-attendance at the
Planned Parenthood Roe v. Wade Wade celebration that was a who's who
of lefties in the area. Being on the confirmed attendance list was a way
of rubbing the conservative grassroots' faces in her pro-abortion viewpoints.
Ackerman (in supporting Daucher) argues that the party needs
a moderate in central county."

Demonstrating that James Vaughn is not real competent when remembering names, he then goes on to detail his relationship with one of the new San Diego County Republican men being promoted to run for State Assemblyman George Plescia's seat in 2008:

"Mindy and David Fletcher apologized for having to back out of our event at the last minute. Mindy is Deputy External Affairs and her globe-trotting military husband and I bonded over intel stories. He is in intel and I was a contestant on the reality TV series Spymaster. (That counts, right...) He is also running for George Plescia's Assembly
seat... "

Fletcher's real name is Nathan, not David. Here is what California Republican Assembly President Mike Spence recently wrote about Nathan Fletcher:

12-15-2006 10:58 am
Jon has posted a letter to the editor in the Washington Times from Nathan Fletcher. Fletcher served two years overseas in Iraq and Africa fighting for our country. He is also a top-notch political operative. I first met him when he was working for the CRP. He was the speaker along with his wife (Mindy Fletcher, Deputy Campaign Maager for the Gov.) at the San Gabriel Valley Lincoln Club and will also be the speaker at the South Bay chapter.Nathan lives in San Diego. Why would he travel up her to LA? 2008 George Plescia is termed out and guess who is running for that seat?Fletcher almost ran in '06 when it looked like Plescia might run for Congress or State Senate. He raised around a 100K in that limited time. He will be one candidate that will have to be beat."

The idea that conservatives within the Republican Party are already promoting a Fletcher candidacy reveals much about the recycled politics that are rapidly eroding public confidence in the GOP. Capitol Weekly reminded voters in 2005, that Fletcher was the former chief of staff for convicted Congressman Duke Cunningham. Cunningham was a rabid supporter of Planned Parenthood and embryonic stem cell research. Fletcher was chief of staff during the days of Cunningham's insistent demands for increased funding for Planned Parenthood. Thus, the idea that conservatives are promoting Fletcher is made all the more damnable in light of the James Vaughn column where he acknowledges a relationship with Fletcher.

"Among the losers after Wyland's decision are Assemblyman George Plescia, who would have run for the Senate if Wyland had run for Congress. Cunningham's former chief of staff, Nathan Fletcher, husband of Schwarzenegger Deputy Chief of Staff Mindy Fletcher, would have run for Plescia's Assembly seat, but now Plescia will run for reelection."

Vaughn proceeds to take a very dark turn in his column when he discusses his encounter with lesbian Democrat Susan Kennedy, Governor Schwarzenegger's Chief of Staff:

"Chief of Staff Susan Kennedy and I spoke briefly about the marriage bill and we'll get together to talk about how Log Cabin can help."

In an almost diabolical, matter-of-fact manner, Vaughn actually reveals that he is getting together with the Democratic chief of staff of the governor to plot out a strategy for passing gay marriage in the state! And if that wasn't enough to make the 62% of Californians who voted for the Defense of Marriage Act angry, then look at the statement that Vaughn makes after his Susan Kennedy comments:

"The next day was glorious for the Inauguration Ceremony. My partner Kevin Broadwater nearly didn't make it after Southwest Airlines misplaced his luggage. He might have been a hit at the Ball with no trousers, but not the impact we wanted to make... "

These are the people that want to run the state of California. These are the people who are demanding access to the minds of the children of California. These are the people that are are insistent that all Christian values be eradicated from public policy in exchange for a dark immorality that borders on sexual arnarchy.

The urgency for Christians and other traditional Californians to counter the deviousness of gay marriage advocates could not be more urgent. The betrayal by some Republican leaders who were elected based on their public claims of being Christian, or at least conservative in their social beliefs, could not be more devastating.

As the smoke clears, Christians need to realize that while they have been sleeping, Log Cabin Republicans have been strategically placed in leadership positions on many Republican Central Committees within most major counties in California. These central committees will be sending delegates to the state GOP Convention in February of 2007 where they will be establishing the party's direction and core principles for the next several years ( There will be no doubt as to what these radical Log Cabin Republicans will be advocating for placement in the party's new mission statement.

This exclusive article has been provided by The James Hartline Report.
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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gay Republicans Demand Schwarzenegger Sign Gay Marriage Bill - Even As Gay Log Cabin Activism Continues To Erode GOP Base

Gay Activism Inside Of Republican Party
Continues To Erode GOP Conservative Base:

Log Cabin Republicans Now Demand Schwarzenegger
Sign 2007 Gay Marriage Bill In California:
(Governor's Signature Would End Christian Support For Calif. GOP)

Promotion of Homosexuality By Gay Republicans
Has Dismantled Christian Coalition Within GOP:
The Cost: GOP Lost Control of Congress in 2006
SENATE : GOP Loses Control
To Democrats
33 at stake, 0 undecided

49 Republicans

51 Democrats

0 Independets
HOUSE GOP Loses Control To Democrats

435 at stake, 0 undecided

202 Republicans

233 Democrats

* Total for Senate Democrats includes two independents

(JHReport) Apparently, some Republican Party leaders have not gotten the memo. The memo reads: Gay Republicans are destroying the GOP's ability to hold onto its majority Christian base, costing the party their majority control in both houses of congress.

Despite the fact that Republicans suffered numbing and devastating losses in the 2006 general elections, GOP officials, in an almost suicidal fashion, are continuing to tolerate the party's biggest enemy from within: the Log Cabin Repubicans ( Except for the very naive, most GOP veterans know that the Log Cabin Republicans are nothing more than Democratic Party gay activists who, in parasitic fashion, are destroying the GOP from within. In reality, the Log Cabin Republicans are the GOP's Trojan Horse nightmare come true.

There is really nothing that separates the Log Cabin Republicans' verbage or ideology from their liberal homosexual Democrat Party counterparts. Both groups are for gay marriage. Both groups despise Christian Conservatives. Both groups promote the legalization of homosexual sodomy in the military. And both groups are on a mission to remove Christian Conservative influence from America. One group does it through the Democratic Party. The other does it within the GOP as the Log Cabin Republicans.

Talking points from the Log Cabin Republicans' website reveals just how radical this group's war against Christian influence within the GOP is:

Talking Points: Why It's Okay Being A Gay Republican
2. Defeating the radical right and transforming the GOP will allow gay and lesbian Americans to achieve full equality much sooner-decades sooner. The radical right represents the last obstacle on the path to full equality. Defeat them in the grassroots of the GOP and all of us can enjoy the benefits of liberty much sooner.

It won't take a GOP novice very long to see the Log Cabin Republicans in action to prove where this double agent group's dark hearts and priorities lie. A recent article by the News Center demonstrates just how married the Log Cabin Republicans are to their liberal Democratic Party brethren:

Log Cabin Pressuring Schwarzenegger On Gay Marriage by Newscenter Staff

(San Francisco, California) California gay Republicans have begun a major effort to convince Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign a bill legalizing same-sex marriage if it passes the legislature.
The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act was introduced in the Assembly last month by Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-San Francisco). The bill is identical to a one passed last year in both the Assembly and Senate but vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The legislation has the backing of the full LGBT caucus at the legislature - all Democrats and is again expected to narrowly pass both houses. But this is the first time the governor is being pressed by gays in his own party.
Log Cabin Republicans have mounted a full scale lobbying effort San Jose's KNTV reported Monday.
"When it comes to marriage, we believe in the fundamental fairness of the American people. There has never been a major civil rights movement that has failed in the United States," statewide director of the Log Cabin Republicans, James Vaughn, told the station.
Despite his attempts to be seen as a moderate most Republicans do not believe Schwarzenegger will sign a marriage bill this year if it reaches his desk.
Nevertheless, Log Cabin Republicans are busy building support - meeting with the Schwarzenegger administration, seeking appointments to state boards and commissions as part of their grassroots campaign.
Leno's bill would amend the Family Code to define marriage as a civil contract between two persons instead of a civil contract between a man and a woman, and reaffirms that no religious institution would be required to solemnize marriages contrary to its fundamental beliefs.
It will go before policy and fiscal committees in the Assembly and Senate later this year.
Meanwhile, the California Supreme Court this year will hear an appeal of a lower court ruling that upheld the state ban on gay marriage.
The case dates back to 2004 when San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Some 8,000 couples exchanged vows before the state Supreme Court ruled Newsom had acted illegally.
The court nullified the marriages but said its ruling dealt only with Newsom's actions. The justices said at the time the question of whether barring same-sex couples from marrying violated the state's equal protection clause of its constitution was a separate matter.
Legal challenges on the constitutional question were begun almost immediately. Three separate suits ultimately were wrapped together into a single case.
In March 2005 a Superior Court judge in San Francisco ruled that the law denying same-sex marriage was unconstitutional.
"It appears that no rational purpose exists for limiting marriage in this state to opposite-sex partners," County Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer said in a written ruling.
In striking down the state ban on same-sex marriage Kramer wrote that the state's historical definition of marriage, by itself, cannot justify the denial of equal protection for gays and lesbians.
Kramer stayed his ruling while the state appealed. In October, the California Court of Appeal in a split decision overturned Kramer's ruling.
"The time may come when California chooses to expand the definition of marriage to encompass same-sex unions. That change must come from democratic processes, however, not by judicial fiat," the Appeals Court ruling said.
In a dissent, Justice Anthony Kline wrote, "[T]he inescapable effect of the analysis the majority adopts is to diminish the humanity of the lesbian and gay men whose rights are defeated. The right to marry is of fundamental important for all individuals."
The Supreme Court has not set a date to hear arguments.
© 2007

San Diego: Ground Zero For The Culture War

San Diego is home to one of the largest concentrations of Christian Conservatives in California. Without the support of Christian Conservatives, the local Republican Party would virtually be diminished to the point of losing nearly every elected office in the county. That is why many San Diego GOP Christian leaders are bewildered as to why the county GOP leadership continues to promote the interests of the Log Cabin Republicans. Take for instance the statements of San Diego GOP Vice Chair Michael McSweeney when he spoke at the San Diego Log Cabin Republicans monthly meeting in 2005:

( Michael McSweeney, first vice chair of the San Diego County Republican Party, told the Log Cabin Republicans San Diego chapter at a public meeting held at The Abbey CafĂ© that the GLBT community had “great untapped potential” and insisted the community’s voice was both welcomed and needed within the Republican Party. He contended that the Republicans did an “abysmal” PR job within the GLBT community and that far-right stereotypes of the party would only be overturned by the inclusion of groups such as gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. “We do an abysmal job of selling what our party stands for,” McSweeney said, “and there’s a high number of people in the gay community who have a hard time identifying with the [Republican] party they see on TV. I bet a third of people in that [the GLBT] community think as we do, but do they see themselves as Republican? Hell, no! It’s those people we have to reach out to, and it’s the two or three voters in each district that can make that big difference.” McSweeney added: "It's the people in this room who are better sales people for what this party stands for than I could ever be... [as] a straight, white man in a suit."

McSweeney, who stepped in at the last minute in place of scheduled speaker Ronald Nehring, chair of the San Diego County Republican Party, faced a barrage of heckles during a question and answer session, in which some Log Cabin members felt unsupported by the party and called for public solidarity.

McSweeney concluded that if a gay candidate could successfully campaign and be elected for the Republican Party, “I can guarantee that this party will be all over them” with support.

Perhaps, some of the energy that feeds the local GOP leadership's agenda of harvesting the Christian Vote without actually giving any respect to the will of Christian voters can be seen in the mission statement of the San Diego Lincoln Club. The Lincoln Club is a group of wealthy Republican business leaders who hold sway with much of what the local GOP leadership does in its candidate recruitment and ideology. The membership focus from the Lincoln Club website reads: The Lincoln Club has emerged as the premier business and political organization in San Diego County. The Lincoln Club maintains and advances the effective message of providing quality education, job creation, personal and fiscal responsibility. The Lincoln Club fills a huge gap in the public discussions as a reasoned, pragmatic voice on education and fiscal matters. The Club avoids divisive social issues, uniting and building political victories in a political market overcrowded with more picket signs than actual accomplishments. From school boards and judicial seats to legislative and congressional offices, The Lincoln Club identifies and supports those men and women who will effectively move this message forward. The past couple years have seen a remarkable 300% increase in membership, as the San Diego community realizes the importance of engaging in the process.

Larry Stirling, a former judge and state assemblyman, typifies the very message of the Lincoln Club, as well as the contaminating influence that that message has had within the local Republican Party. Stirling professes to be a born again Christian who attends Horizon Christian Fellowship ( Stirling and his wife Linda profess active involvement at Horizon ( Stirling has long been involved in Republican Party campaigns as well as the Lincoln Club as noted in this San Diego City Beat report:

( State Senate - This seat currently belongs to Democrat Dede Alpert, who’s being termed out of office. Alpert endorses Christine Kehoe, and so do we. Kehoe’s opponent, Larry Stirling, gave $1,500 to the Lincoln Club of San Diego County this year, and the Lincoln Club gave $5,000 to George W. Bush.

In true hypocritical fashion, Stirling betrayed the Christian Community he claims to represent, by recently endorsing Ralph Denney for the 76th State Assembly race ( Denney is one of the homosexual leaders of the local Log Cabin Republicans (

The same can be said for Mike Turk. A long term leader with the Lincoln Club (, Mike Turk has also been involved with Horizon Christian Fellowship (
The same hypocrisy that permeates Larry Stirling's politics, is clearly manifested in Turk's political affairs as well. During the recent campaign for mayor, Turk and his wife hosted a liquor bar fundraiser in their home for pro-homsexual Mayor Jerry Sanders. Despite the fact that Sanders had particpated in eight San Diego Gay Pride parades, and is a big proponent of homosexuality and abortion, Turk and his wife were not only financial donors to the Sanders' campaign, but they aggressively supported his campaign as well (

The same kind of hypocrisy can be found swirling about Republican millionaire Phil Thalheimer. Prior to 2004, few San Diegans had heard of Thalheimer. Owner of the San Diego Flight Training International School (, Thalheimber has become a very wealthy and influential GOP businessman. Wealthy enough, that he has been able to throw large sums of money into some of the most popular public-issue campaigns in the past two years.

After losing the 2004 San Diego City Council race to Scott Peters, Thalheimer began pouring in huge sums of his own money into initiatives that he knows are important to Christian Conservatives. San Diego City Beat is reporting that Thalheimer is preparing for a 2008 return run for that city council seat when Peters is termed out ( Whether Thalheimer is trying to buy a reputation with Christians so they will vote for him when he runs for the 2008 city council seat, is a matter of some debate. What is known about Thalheimer, is that he is a big supporter of the radical homosexual agenda and he is sure to advocate that position on the city council if he is elected. Homosexual activist Nicole Murray Ramirez had this to say about Thalheimer when he interviewed him in 2004 for his column in the Gay and Lesbian Times:

( "Our popular District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, the first GLBT elected to this office in the nation, has endorsed Phil Thalheimer for San Diego City Council along with other GLBT leaders like Big Mike Philips (board member at The (Gay) Center), City Commissioner (transsexual) Julia Legaspi and many others.
"This past Monday, I had a meeting with Phil Thalheimer at City Deli and let me tell you, all those rumors and stories about Phil being anti-gay, aligned with the Christian right, etc. are all completely false. I found Phil Thalheimer to be very down to earth, blunt and honest and just really a nice guy. Thalheimer supports the use of marijuana for cancer and AIDS patients when prescribed by their doctors. He has come out against the federal marriage amendment, he believes that the Boy Scouts organization should be paying the fair market value for rent in Balboa Park, and he supports the AIDS needle exchange program and study that is now going on in our city…. Phil Thalheimer’s grandparents are Holocaust survivors; he understands oppression, hate and bigotry. Phil Thalheimer will be making an outreach effort to the GLBT community and I urge you all to get to know him and ask him questions… he will be in our parade and have a booth in our festival. By the way, one of Phil Thalheimer’s highest-ranking executives in his company is a transsexual!"

The Republican Party: Minus The Christian Vote

What will the Republican Party look like without the Christian Vote? A taste of that image was manifested in the recent 2006 general election. Close votes in key U.S. Senate races were lost by Republicans because Christian voters refused to vote for Republican candidates that had betrayed their previous promises to support family values issues. Virginia Senator George Allen suffered a deafening defeat due to his support for embryonic stem cell research and his support for the radical left's inclusion of homosexuality in federal hate crime's legislation ( Allen's loss was made all the more sharp in light of the fact that a state constitutional ban on gay marriage passed overwhelmingly by voters in the same election (

One thing can be guaranteed in California should Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger entertain the venemous demands of the Log Cabin Republicans to sign the gay marriage bill being pushed by the radical left in the state legislature. If he signs that bill, there will be a mass exodus by Christian Voters into a newly formed political party. This will surely drain the California GOP, forcing them to beg from the paltry ranks of the Log Cabin Republicans' morally bankrupt accounts.

It is clear that Christian voters will no longer allow themselves to be used as a GOP doormat where politicians walk over it on their way to their own self-serving interests. Throughout America, Christian leaders are engaging their followers with one simple message: "If you want our vote then you must also uphold our values. The selling out of Christian voters in America is now over!"

This article has been provided by The James Hartline Report
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Saturday, January 13, 2007

San Diego's Gay Community Fast Becoming America's Most Dangerous Place For Teenagers

The James Hartline Report
On The Frontlines Of The Culture War
January 13, 2007

San Diego's Gay Community Fast Becoming
America's Most Dangerous Place For Teenagers:
Concentration of Registered Sex Offenders and Recruitment of Youth
By Extremist Gay Organizations Seen As Dangerous Combination in
San Diego's Gay Neighborhood of Hillcrest

(JHReport) Inside of San Diego's gay community, all of the signs are clearly pointing to the inevitability that a young male teenager will be sexually assaulted and murdered in the near future. It is really not a matter of "if it happens," but rather a matter of ,"when it happens." As these crimson red warning flags snap in the morally polluted winds blowing throughout this San Diego homosexual bastion called Hillcrest, many will one day point accusatory fingers, but who will really be held responsible for this teenager's impending demise?

Thousands of homosexual activists call Hillcrest home. Hillcrest has become the fourth largest gay community in the United States ( With such large numbers of professionals, teachers, and counselors living in Hillcrest, one would think that some wisdom could be found lurking among the many gay porn stores, sex clubs and drug dealers which populate this southern California gay mecca. Sadly, for the youth in San Diego, common sense in Hillcrest has been replaced with an institutionalized communal philosophy of sexual gratification at all costs. A community so obsessed with sexual gratification, that such demented obsession will eventually lead to the costing of some wayward teenager's life.

Hillcrest has a disturbing record of producing some of the most heinous homosexual crimes in American history. Take the case of Andrew Cunanan who terrorized America during a 1997 killing spree. It was in Hillcrest that Cunanan was known to engage in prostitution as well as illegal drug use. His serial killing crime wave culminated in the murders of five men before he committed suicide on a boat docked in a Miami harbor. Eyewitness reports indicate that Cunanan was known to engage in the darker aspects of Hillcrest's sexual fetish community ( It was only a few, short years prior to the full manifestation of Cunanan's relationship with the darker sexual spirits of Hillcrest, that he was a young student at the Episcopalian Bishop School in La Jolla, California.

Hillcrest Gay Serial Killer
Andrew Cunanan

Rather than learning from the tragedy of the Cunanan sex and murder spree, homosexual activists in Hillcrest have really only changed one thing since Cunanan's 1997 holocaust: the form and fashion with which they recruit teenagers into their destructive sexual anarchy. The average adult in the United States will go the extra mile to keep young minors away from pornography, as well as predators. In Hillcrest, the opposite is true. The Gay and Lesbian Times, which contains an enormous amount of degrading and sexually explicit advertisements, is distributed free throughout the Hillcrest area in sidewalk newsracks. Any child walking home from school can reach in and pull one of these free pornographic newspapers out and ingest its immoral contents.

Brenda Watson, born a man, now lives as
a transsexual artificial female and demands that
the San Diego Boy Scouts located in Hillcrest,
allow him and other transsexuals and homosexuals
to be openly active in the Boy Scouts.
San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center Promotes War Against Boy Scouts
Demanding That Young Boys Be Exposed To Transsexual Scout Leaders
Gay and Lesbian Center Advertising Rally Against Boy Scouts
The Boy Scouts Facility is located in the Hillcrest area.

Despite the fact that there are over 200 dangerous registered sex offenders living within the Hillcrest community area (, the Gay and Lesbian Center opened up their youth center in an area where a concentration of these pedophiles live ( Called the Hillcrest Youth Center, the agency has already earned a notorious reputation for mixing young minors with adults in the same support group programs.

(c) David Brooks photo/Union Tribune
Lesbian Deputy Mayor Toni Atkins riding in the 2005 Gay Parade despite the pedophile
scandal inside of the San Diego Gay Pride organization.
Other participants ranged from drag queens to scantily-clad dancers,
to religious groups. The parade is a mainstay in the three-day
San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Festival.

To Watch The Explosive NBC News Video On
Child Molesters Involved in the 2005 San Diego Gay Pride:
View Video:

In 2005, the James Hartline Report conducted an extensive investigation into the internal philosophies and activities of the San Diego Gay Pride organization. That investigation resulted in the discovery that San Diego Gay Pride was allowing a network of pedophiles to operate inside of their organization ( Initially, even after the pedophile scandal broke into an international story, the San Diego Gay Pride organization refused to remove the sex offenders from its organization ( In fact, the protection of the rights of the pedophiles was so institutionalized within the organization, that the group only agreed to terminate the pedophiles when they learned that their parade was in jeopardy of being disrupted (

To further fuel the controversy, it was also learned that the Gay Pride organization had been employing for years, Marty the Clown, to perform in the Gay Pride children's garden. Marty the Clown (Martin Ramirez) has a criminal record of being convicted for having sex with a minor under 14 years of age (;bp=t).

One can only assume that if the James Hartline Report had not reported on the pedophile infestation inside of the San Diego Gay Pride organization, that the sex offender network would still be operational. Although San Diego Gay Pride was forced to remove the pedophiles against their will, it did not stop members of the Hillcrest gay community from expressing their anger and outrage towards JHReport Publisher James Hartline for interfering with the pedophile network within San Diego Gay Pride. Hartline has become the target of many death threats for his work in protecting kids in the Hillcrest area, including one public threat that became an international story told around the world in 2005 (

In 2006, San Diegans began to get a clearer picture of just how driven is the sexualized agenda of San Diego Gay Pride. Agape Press author James L. Lambert detailed in an explosive September, 2006 news report that San Diego City Councilman Scott Peters ( censored James Hartline and his team of fellow Christian activists to prevent them from showing pictures of children and teenagers who were being exposed to sexually explicit materials and activities during the 2006 Gay Pride parade and festival ( According to Lambert's article, when Hartline was preparing to show the photographic evidence duing the Sept.12, 2006 hearing, Councilman Peters blocked him, stating, "I can't allow you to put these pictures on television."

To Review Photos of the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade On
The San Diego Union Tribune Photo Album:

The city council hearing where Councilman Peters censored the photographs showing minors being exposed to sexually explicit activities in the San Diego Gay Pride parade can be viewed by going to:

Click View Video on September 12, 2006
Click Non-Agenda Comment and slide time ruler to 01:11:40

Councilman Peters' efforts to block public information on just how dangerous the Gay Pride events have become for minors in the city of San Diego was preceded by a volatile July 25, 2006 city council hearing where Peters led the charge with fellow lesbian Councilwoman Toni Atkins to proclaim San Diego Gay Pride Week in honor of the gay parade and festival. During that hearing Hartline and other witnesses presented overwhelming evidence of the extreme amount of sexual activities occurring around children at the events.

Click View Video on July 25, 2006
Slide Time Ruler to 2:00

San Diego Gay Pride Hits A New Low:
Using Kids To Recruit Kids For Porn Parade

'); //document.close(); document.getElementById('mainviewDiv').innerHTML = ''; //-->
Bringing Children Into the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade
to watch pornographers, prostitutes and male strippers.
Photo Courtesy of Hillquest Photo Album
Following on the heels of the San Diego City Council approving of San Diego Gay Pride's sex parade and festival, gay activists have now become even more emboldened in their efforts to make sure that the army of pornographers, who are a mainstay of the annual pornographic event, will now have a steady flow of young minors at their disposal.

In one of the most disturbing and blatant acts in recent memory, the San Diego Gay Pride organization has just issued a press release that announces the group's new initiative for recruiting minors to participate in the gay pride events. This dangerous attempt to lure young kids into the world of gay sexual anarchy is made all the more terrible by the organization's directive that it will being using youth to recruit other youths for the gay pride events:

- The Darkest Press Release in San Diego History -
Here is a copy of San Diego Gay Pride's Youth Recruitment Announcement:

San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride has established a first-ever, paid internship position for a high school senior as part of its resolution to further involve LGBT youth into the long-term planning of Pride's annual celebrations. The position, which partly involves direct outreach into the youth community, sponsorship involvement and volunteer training, begins in January and runs until the end of August with the possibility of an extension.
Qualified candidates must be in their senior year in high school and able to work through the Pride office for up to 30 hours per week in late spring and early summer, and 5 to 10 hours per week in winter and fall.
Pride's board of directors recently passed a resolution that reaffirms its commitment to take on additional youth representation within the organization to increase wider youth involvement.
"The voice of teenage youth is an integral part of the everyday planning process for our annual events," said Ron deHarte, executive director of San Diego LGBT Pride. "The internship program is yet another growth step of the organization."
The selected candidate for 2007 will enjoy frontline exposure in the LGBT community and related events while gaining a professional understanding of the daily operations inside the Pride organization. Course credit for the internship will depend on the policies of the particular academic institution the student is attending. Applicants are required to complete a parental consent form and sign a confidentiality agreement.
Applications and a detailed outline about the position are available on the Pride web site at:

- A Rotten Tree Produces Rotten Fruit -
(To view the horrific photographs of inside programs at the Hillcrest Youth Center
where homosexuality, lesbianism and tranvestitism are being promoted to minors):

The Hillcrest Youth Center

The HYC is a drop-in center serving all of San Diego County for
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning "youth"
between the ages of 14 and 20.

On November 29, 2005, community activist James Hartline brought a large team of concerned citizens to the San Diego City Council where they provided documentation during a council hearing on the sexually dangerous activities occurring at the Hillcrest Youth Center. That presentation can be viewed by going to:

Click View Video on November 29, 2005
Click Non-Agenda Comment and slide time ruler to time of 1:08:35

During the presentation, photographs were provided by Hartline proving that sexually explicit magazines were being distributed at the Hillcrest Youth Center. This particular center is operated by the adult gay and lesbian center ( It should be noted that this taxpayer-funded youth center mixes children as young as 14 years of age with grown adults over 18 as one classified group that the adult gay and lesbian center classifies as "youth." According to the Hillcrest Youth Center's resource page, numerous groups are recommended to these young kids, but these groups are really nothing more then homosexual indoctrination organizations (

There is a disturbing trend among social service agencies operating inside of the Hillcrest area, where organizations specializing in working with minors, are mixing adults with young minors and then classifying the entire client group as "youth". For example, one of the group activities operating at the Hillcrest Youth Center is called "Multi-Cultural Awareness." The group profile reads like this on the youth center website:

"Presents a unique opportunity for youth to interact
with leaders from various community groups and to
learn about the rich diversity of experience that
makes our community."

In 2006, there was no better example of just how terrible conditions are in Hillcrest for minors who are being forced by liberal parents to participate in the gay community. During the 2006 Gay Pride Parade it was discovered by the James Hartline Report that an alternative charter school actually marched young children in the parade along with xxx gay porn companies, males strippers and gay marriage activists. That incident resulted in national condemnation of the school and its radicalized principal (

According to sources close to the school, the San Diego Cooperative Charter School fully intends to continue its involvement with the pornographic gay pride parade. This seems to be in line with an article in the school's newsletter from June of 2006 which reads:
"The Gay Pride Parade is July 29th at 11a.m. We are the only public school
that marches in this parade every year as part of our community outreach program and to demonstrate our support of diversity. The kids hand out pencils along the
route which read "SDCCS - A Diverse Public School" and includes our web address."

Community Leaders and Politicians Are AWOL
When It Comes To Protecting Kids in Hillcrest

While teachers, parents, churches and law enforcement agencies are attempting to stay one step ahead of pedophiles and pornographers, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to protect minors from their sex offender foes. The embracement of homosexuality by liberal elected officials and politicians is not making the task of protecting these kids any easier. San Diego may be the worse case scenario in this battle.

Republican millionaire Phil Thalheimer proudly supporting
San Diego Gay Pride with his campaign booth at the 2004
San Diego Gay Pride Festival. (Photo courtesy of Hillquest
Website; Thalheimer is embracing lesbian owner of Hillquest in photo)

Lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis Riding in
the San Diego Gay Pride Parade

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders just participated in his eighth San Diego Gay Pride parade last year ( Despite the fact that a multitude of xxx porn companies, male prostitutes and other sexually destructive acts are involved in the event, Sanders continues to proudly embrace the fact that kids are in the parade. In an interview with San Diego Magazine, Sanders actually bragged about being the grand marshall of the gay parade when he was with the United Way organization:

TBlair: The right wing of the party here attacked you for marching in the Gay Pride parade as police chief. And last month, right after your primary win, you marched again.

JerrySanders: Yes, I did. I was in the parade when I was chief of police, and I rode in it as grand marshal when I was at the United Way. I was in the Columbus Day Parade, the Martin Luther King Parade, the Cesar Chavez Parade, too. I think every community deserves that respect. As chief of police, I policed every community in San Diego, and they needed to see me, no matter what the community.

The Gay and Lesbian Times named Sanders and city police chief Wiliam Landsdowne as their "persons of the year" in 2006 ( Like Sanders, Police Chief Landsdowne fully participates in, and embraces the pornographic gay pride parade. This unholy lovefest between these two San Diego governmental leaders and the pornographic events of San Diego Gay Pride is a truly caustic and catastrophic reality for the vulnerable children of San Diego. Coupled with the fact, that lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis rides in the gay pride parade with her lesbian lover every year, there is virtually no hope that the current government of San Diego will be protecting the kids who are being lured into Hillcrest.

Cover from the Gay and Lesbian Times Newspaper (c) 2006
San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and Police Chief William Landsdowne

According to recent statistics, there are approximately 1,700 churches in San Diego County, yet only two churches are operating reputable youth ministries in, or near, the Hillcrest area. Those two ministries are operated by Horizon Park Chapel ( and Calvary Temple Assembly of God ( With local governmental leaders in partnership with every destructive aspect of the gay pride organization, perhaps it is time that the 1,700 uninvolved churches of San Diego County step up, join forces and open up a real Hillcrest youth center that seeks to protect kids, rather than sexualizing them into obvlivion.

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Friday, January 05, 2007



News Brief - More to follow :

The James Hartline Report is pleased to announce that a four year war to shut down a San Diego gay bathhouse has been won by San Diego Christians.

According to the Gay and Lesbian Times

The bathhouse has agreed to cease operations on April 30, 2007.

Christian activist James Hartline and many other Christians have prayed, fasted and fought in the name of their God for over four years to shut down this demonic enterprise.

In January on an international broadcast of the 700 Club, James Hartline took reporters on a tour right up to the front doors of this evil place, in the hopes that more citizens would be involved in shutting its front doors. You can watch that episode by going to:

James Hartline refused to give up and God has rewarded him and his fellow Christian warriors.

More will be told of this amazing battle and victory in upcoming JHReports.

Gay and Lesbian Times Article:

Local bathhouse agrees to close in April
City has been targeting 2200 Club for quite some time, general manager says
by Anthony Baldman, Reporter
The 2200 Club has negotiated with the city of San Diego and agreed to voluntarily cease operation on April 30, according to the bathhouse’s general manager, Charlie Sharples.
The sauna and steam club for men has been operating at its location at 2200 University Ave. in North Park for more than two years. Bob Smith and John Tennis Smith purchased the business in 2004.
Sharples, 2200 Club’s general manager for the last year and a half, said the decision to close in April was “strictly a business decision” and that the city has been targeting their business for quite some time.
“They were going to continue to harass us in different ways,” he said. “They were going to send undercover agents in and so forth and then bring criminal charges if they found anyone having sex.”
According to Sharples, about a third of all 2200 Club patrons “lead heterosexual lives.”
“They’re married and have wives and children,” he said. “Those people get scared when they read in the paper something involving the police.”
Sharples said the only violation undercover police officers found was that 2200 Club allowed more than one person to occupy a private room.
“[The City Attorney’s Office was] going to just keep going after us,” he said. “Their intention was to close the club. So they announced they were going to bring criminal charges [and] they were going to send undercover agents in, so we decided the club wasn’t making enough money. It was a business decision.”
Sharples said the club will continue to operate with their required current health permit and with the complete cooperation and approval of the city and county governments until it closes in April.
Deputy City Attorney Brian Ziegler said he could not comment about the negotiations with 2200 Club on its upcoming closure until the case is officially filed and made public record.
“We’ve been in the process of actively prosecuting this property for violations of the San Diego municipal code criminally, and we’re in the process of filing a civil complaint for red-light abatement action against the property for sexual activity that’s going on at the property,” he said.
2200 Club pleaded guilty last year on April 12 to a misdemeanor charge for not having a bathhouse permit issued by the county department of health and was placed on three years probation. All charges against the bathhouse’s owner, the building owner and two others were dismissed by a Superior Court judge.
2200 Club obtained the required permit, paid a $1,200 fine, reimbursed the city $538 in costs and agreed to the terms of probation, including an agreement to rent rooms to single occupants only and to oust anyone using illegal drugs.
2200 Club was also required to have a local health center set up a table weekly in the large TV lounge area to provide health care education, counseling and free HIV testing. North Park Family Health Center was listed in court records as the agency appointed to provide these services.
According to California Penal Code, Ziegler said, any bathhouse where sexual activity takes place may be enjoined from operating. He said due to previous undercover operations, the police have documented that sexual activity is occurring at 2200 Club.
2200 Club returned to court on Sept. 6 for violating the terms of its probation. After hearing testimony and arguments for about four and a half hours, San Diego Superior Court Judge Michael Smyth revoked and later reinstated 2200 Club’s probation for renting a single-occupancy room to two undercover officers, but turned down a request by the City Attorney’s Office to shut down the North Park bathhouse. The only probation condition Smyth found to be violated was the single-room occupancy code. At a Sept. 13 follow-up hearing, attorney John Barriage, who represents the bathhouse, said Club co-owner John Tennis Smith accepted the terms, probation was reinstated and the 2200 Club was fined $1,100.
The location has operated as a bathhouse primarily frequented by gay and bisexual men since 1985. 2200 Club originally opened at the old Mustang Spa site at 2200 University Ave. on Dec. 19, 2004. The building is owned by Alma Vasic, who also owns F Street Corporation.
Bob Smith and John Tennis Smith previously owned Choices nightclub and CCBC gay resort hotel in Cathedral