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The Sick and Warped Entertainment Industry Loves AND Protects Predators and Child Rapists: Johnny Depp Defends and Celebrates Convicted Child Rapist Roman Polanski

Part 1 In A Series The Sick and Warped Entertainment Industry Loves AND Protects Predators, Child Rapists and Affluent Abusers. Who, What, Where and Why? Authored by James Hartline: I was abused sexually, physically and mentally for the first thirteen years of my life. Because of the horrific and unending abuse I endured as a child, coupled with the reality that I had no way of escaping the abuse or anyone who would intervene to stop the abuse, my entire life was stolen from me. My abuser and those who enabled the abuser have never admitted to the abuse nor have they ever attempted to apologize or make amends. For the last twenty years I have devoted my life, at great cost to myself, to defending abuse victims and to stop predators from abusing more victims. I decided the one thing I could do with my life in response to the unjust experiences that were forced upon me as a minor is to be a courageous advocate and public voice for the voiceless victims of abuse. I have attempted to do