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California Teachers Association Declares War On Marriage

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August 19, 2008

California Teachers Association Declares War On Marriage.

An Uneducated War By An Uneducated Teachers Union:
California Teachers Association Demands That Voters
Give More Money To A Broken Education System
At The Same Time that This Teachers Union is Funding
the Homosexual Campaign to Defeat
Prop. 8, the Marriage Protection Act.

On July 17, 2008, California Teachers Association Gives $250,000 To
Homosexual Campaign To Defeat Prop. 8, the Marriage Protection Act.

(JHReport Action Alert) Recent history has not been kind to families in the state of California. The past three decades have been filled with the tears of California mothers who have lost their sons to illegal drugs, AIDS, prisons and gang violence. Over the same time period, many fathers in California have been confronted with the dark reality of their young daughters being raped by repeat sex offenders. And with an insidious regularity, the media continues to report the horrific accounts of California's sons and daughters who have been victimized and murdered by child molesters. Now, added to all of the miseries that these parents have had to endure, is the shocking news that the California Teachers Association has decided to add to the woes of California families by declaring an all out war against traditional marriage values during this 2008 election season.

On July 17, 2008, the California Teachers Association Issues PAC contributed $250,000 to an effort by homosexual activists to defeat Prop. 8, the Marriage Protection Act. Prop. 8 is the state initiative that would amend California's constitution by declaring: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." In contributing such a large sum of money to defeat Prop. 8, the California Teachers Association joins some of America's most radicalized homosexual groups in their efforts to stop the Marriage Protection Act.

Some of the homosexual groups supporting the No on Prop. 8 campaign have extensive financial ties to the gay pornography industry. For example, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, a major opponent of Prop. 8, lists Frontiers Newsmagazine as one of its major financial donors. Frontiers Newsmagazine is one of the biggest promoters of male prostitution and gay pornography in the Los Angeles area. These are the kinds of groups and people who are determined to permanently enshrine same-sex marriage into law in California by stopping Prop. 8, the Marriage Protection Act. And these are the kinds of groups that the California Teachers Association is siding with in their war against traditional marriage values in California.

What makes the California Teachers Association one of the most suspicious of the contributors to the homosexual campaign to stop Prop. 8, is the fact that this particular teachers union is also engaged in a massive and expensive media campaign to manipulate California voters into putting pressure on Republican state legislators to pass the unresolved state budget. (You can watch the televised advertisement that is paid for by the California Teachers Association here where they are demanding that voters help end the budget impasse so that the tax dollars just keep on flowing into California's broken state-run school system.)

While the California Teachers Association is throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain to help dismantle the institution of marriage, it still wants billions of tax dollars to flow into California's dysfunctional education system: an educational system that will be sure to indoctrinate all of its students into embracing the destructiveness of homosexuality as a way of life. In reality, all that stands in the way of a homosexual takeover of California's educational system is the firewall of Prop. 8.

The financial attack on traditional marriage values by the California Teachers Association is a disturbing assault on California families who have a constitutional right to determine when, where and how they teach their children about homosexuality. While the California Teachers Association is demanding that voters help them resolve the budget crisis in Sacramento, they don't seem to have a problem finding huge amounts of money to spend on a vicious war to dismantle the definition of marriage in the state.

Why is the California Teachers Association siding with radical homosexual activists rather than helping to strengthen the institution of marriage? Two different teachers who are members of the teacher's union have confidentially informed the James Hartline Report that they do not know who makes the decisions to spend the union's money on supporting the No on Prop. 8 campaign. Why is this important? Because both of these teachers state that a majority of the members of the union do not support spending union dues on such attacks against marriage.

Whatever misguided ideology is motivating the California Teachers Association in their diabolical attack on marriage, one thing is clear: such an attack at the same time that the teachers union is demanding that married couples help them resolve union fears about the state budget crisis personifies institutional greed and governmental hypocrisy at its worst.

History will record that the California Teachers Association is no friend to the millions of churchgoers who place their young children into the daily custody of the 304,000 members of this massive and politically-motivated teachers union. The California Teachers Association could have spent the $250,000 on lunches for poor children or summer camps for disadvantaged youth. Instead, the priorities of the teachers union in 2008 is greed and the promotion of homosexuality and lesbianism. The California Teachers Association is now demonstrating that they are as uneducated as many of the students they are turning out in their broken educational system.

On 07/18/2008, the California Teacher's Association Issues PAC also contributed $100,000 to stopping Prop. 4. Prop. 4 authorizes parents or the minor's legal guardian to be informed when their young daughters are getting abortions 48 hours prior to the actual abortion being performed. Why is a teachers union, that is continuously complaining about the need for more money for teacher's salaries, giving such a tremendous sum of money to stopping parents from having the right to know when their young daughters are getting abortions?

The kind of greed and hypocrisy that the California Teachers Association is now demonstrating via their attacks against marriage and parental rights have no place in California's educational system. The teachers union cannot have it both ways: they cannot ask millions of Christian voters in the state to help them resolve their budgetary concerns at the same time that they are attacking the very values of Christian voters when it comes to marriage and abortion. It is time that the California Teachers Association spends more of their energy finding their souls instead of polluting the state with their radicalized anti-family agenda.

Until the California Teachers Association renounces its involvement with their financing of the destructiveness of the radical homosexual agenda than there is no reason for them to have a state budget to keep their teachers in the classroom. Voters can no longer afford to sacrifice their children on such an altar of catastrophic attacks by the California Teachers Association.

The strongest message that California voters can send to the California Teachers Association is for voters to pass both Prop. 8 and Prop. 4 in the upcoming November, 2008 election. It is time that the California Teachers Association get their priorities in order and leave marriage and parental rights alone.

You can read the official ballot positions of the California Teachers Association on the state initiatives here.

Take Action!
Contact the Leaders of the California Teachers Association:
Tell Them That You Will Not Support Their Budget Demands
As long as they are funding and supporting the radical
homosexual and abortion agendas.

California Teachers Association Leadership:
President - David A. Sanchez - email: dsanchez@cta.org
Vice President - Dean E. Vogel - email: dvogel@cta.org
Secretary-Treasurer - Daniel R. Vaughn - email: dvaughn@cta.org
Executive Director - Carolyn Doggett - email: cdoggett@cta.org
CTA/NEA Coordination - Jim Rogers - email: jrogers@cta.org

Vote Yes on Prop. 8 and Prop. 4

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Friday, August 08, 2008

National Outrage Over Lesbian March in San Diego

Comments have come flooding in on the report of lesbians marching through a San Diego neighborhood with profanity-filled signs and public displays of immorality.
Here is one of many Comments regarding the Lesbian March Through A San Diego Suburb that has terrified many families with children:

"Some gays shoot themselves in the foot once again. In trying to be accepted like regular people wanting to live regular lives, they parade their freaks for all to see...proudly even. These freaks are an embarrassment to those in the homosexual community who just want to live and not bring down anything in order to bring themselves up. So, these freaks will never have my sympathy. They got their attention, now they can kiss the respect that they want goodbye."

Monday, August 04, 2008

Lesbians Terrorize San Diego Community During 2008 Political March

An Exclusive James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
August 4, 2008

Lesbians Terrorize San Diego Community
During Obscene Political Event
As Parents Are Forced To Keep Their Kids
Off The Streets To Protect Them
During The 2008 San Diego Dyke March.

Public Obscenities By Radical Lesbian Group
Spells Doomsday For Family Values
If Same-Sex Marriages Are Not Banned In California.

Warning: This Article Includes Evidence That Contains Graphic Language

(JHReport) In a scene that actually provides a rare and horrifying glimpse into the real world of lesbian politics, a large group of radical lesbian activists, some carrying signs with very obscene language, marched through a major public street in San Diego, California on Saturday, July 26, 2008. Calling itself San Diego Dyke March, the group of approximately 300 lesbians so disturbed a number of residents in the community of North Park, that one fearful churchgoer who resides in the area has alleged that a number of other church members were forced to keep their children indoors to avoid being exposed to the disgusting activities of the women. During the march, one shirtless woman exposed her bare chest. Photographs from the Dyke March show that this woman had had her breast surgically removed. During the march this same shirtless woman carried a sign that read, "I'm A Dyke. Ask Me How."

Other signs that these women carried during the public march included one that read "Vagina 100% Organic." Another woman riding on a bicycle had a sign on her chest that read "I Love Boobies" with two breasts painted on the sign and a heart on the sign signifying the word love. Incredibly, in the midst of this entire perverted escapade, a number of small children were included in the Dyke March. Also participating in the event was Pat Washington, an elected member of the San Diego Democratic Party's Central Committee. The most disturbing aspect of this vile event can be seen in the photographs of children carrying signs along with the adults. One child had a sign that read, "I Love My Dyke Mom." Another small child had a sign that read "Queer." Near these children, a woman was carrying a sign that read, "I Love My C*unt" with a heart signifying the word love."

Reports of parents who were forced to keep their kids off the streets so that they would not be exposed to these lesbians carrying obscene signs should give voters a prophetic look into where the gay movement wants to take California. It is a nightmarish vision that should leave parents fearfully involved in efforts to stop the madness of same-sex marriages which were recently forced upon Californians via the activist California Supreme Court. If such a large group of politically active lesbians are willing to carry obscene signs down a public street with small children present, where do California voters think these women will be taking society if no legal restraints are put on such behaviors in the future?

Oftentimes American voters have a very difficult time obtaining factual information regarding the true motives of the gay political movement in the United States. When most conservative, pro-family activists attempt to inform the public about the true reality of the more radical elements of the homosexual agenda, they must contend with misinformation and pro-gay propaganda being disseminated by the liberal media. This confusing manipulation being created by the pro-gay media makes it very difficult for parents, teachers, and many politicians to protect children in a culture that promotes pornography over education and homosexual rights over the rights of parents to choose when and how they discuss sexual issues with their kids.

There is perhaps no greater manipulation of the public by gay activists and their liberal media allies than the issues of same-sex marriage and the promotion of the gay community's newly defined forms of family. Research has demonstrated that long-term and committed gay and lesbian couples are the rare exception to the rule in the homosexual movement.

As part of their aggressive campaign to fight the Prop. 8 California state initiative to ban same-sex marriages, the 2008 San Diego Gay Pride Parade featured a number of homosexual couples who have lived in committed relationships for many years. Yet, for every one of these couples on display, there are literally thousands of cases in San Diego of homosexual couples who use illegal drugs, engage in domestic violence and have sex with multiple partners despite being in publicly professed "committed" relationships. Thus, a certain sense of hypocrisy, intermingled with a fair amount of dishonesty, was driving the recent display of older homosexual couples in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade.

At the end of the recent San Diego Dyke March, the lesbians gathered at a pornographic business called the Rubber Rose. The Rubber Rose is located just blocks from a Christian pre-school, a private Catholic elementary school, as well as a number of churches. Oblivious to how their actions were affecting churches and families with children in the area, the lesbian women of the San Diego Dyke March callously engaged in shocking and disturbing behaviors as they clamored for public attention.

What voters are about to learn from the 2008 San Diego Dyke March is that such shocking public displays of perverseness, profanity and obscene imagery are the foundational principles of the lesbian community. Added to the fact that these lesbians were willing to march small children in the midst of such sexual anarchy, voters should now have a good idea of where these women want to take California if a ban on same-sex marriages is not enacted.

Perhaps, more than any other event in recent history, this radical lesbian event will provide California voters with the information they need to understand where the homosexual movement wants to take society by legalizing same-sex marriages and redefining the meaning of family. Simply put, families should not have to live in a community where they are in constant fear that their children will be exposed to the perverseness of events like the San Diego Dyke March. To create such an atmosphere of fear for San Diego families with children, these lesbians are acting more like terrorists than they are San Diegans.

Evidence shows that the 2008 San Diego Dyke March began at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center in Hillcrest. One of the most chilling attacks on taxpayers in this battle over same-sex marriages in California is the fact that public funds pay for the property that is being used by the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center. The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center is a location where radical gay and lesbian activists are promoting same-sex marriages and opposing Prop. 8, the state proposition to ban same-sex marriages. Among the activities occurring on this taxpayer-funded property is The SD LGBT Center's Marriage Equality Project. Evidence from the My Space website affiliated with this project shows that a telephone number from the taxpayer-funded San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center is listed on a press release to stop the petitions that were being gathered to put Prop. 8 on the ballot.

Nearly $2 million per year in tax dollars flow into the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center. In turn, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center has allowed its property to be used for the promotion of same-sex marriages and obviously, as the starting location for the obscene 2008 San Diego Dyke March. For years, the taxpayer-funded San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center has operated a Public Policy Department that includes an aggressive campaign to legalize same-sex marriages, as well as new efforts to oppose Prop. 8. According to their IRS filing statement for the year ending 6/30/2007, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center received government grants totaling $1,886,286. Additionally, the organization has received millions of dollars in direct public funds and grants to purchase, remodel and maintain the property that is now being used for such radical events as the 2008 San Diego Dyke March and the legalization of same-sex marriages.

On July 26, 2008, the 501(c)3, non-profit San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center was used as the starting point for the San Diego Dyke March. As the march exited this taxpayer-funded property, photographs were taken and then posted on a number of radical homosexual websites and some of these photographs are simply grotesque. These are the kinds of activities that are occurring inside of San Diego's gay community on property paid for by taxpayers. From the photograph of a woman wearing a painted sign that reads "I Love Boobies" to the shirtless woman who showed that she had had her breasts surgically removed, the San Diego Dyke March is a Frankensteinian political event that should leave every parent in California ready to fight for the very survival of their children.

Without question, this event proves that radical gay activists cannot be trusted with children. What mother in her right mind would bring small children to an event where women are carrying signs that read: "Vagina 100% Organic," "I Love My C*unt" and "Lesbian Born and Raised?"

This is not the first time that such public displays of profanity and obscenity have been a part of the Dyke March events. Indeed, there is ample evidence that this group has a long history of engaging in public displays of obscene behavior. According to The San Diego Independent Media Center, the 2007 Dyke March included extremely graphic language and attacks on Christians. The lesbians involved in last year's event declared: "We're Here, We're Queer, We're Fabulous, Don't F*ck With Us" and "If You're Queer and You Know It And You Really Want To Show It, Clap Your Hands." Demonstrating that religious bigotry against Christians is a key philosophical component of these Dyke Marches, lesbians in the 2007 San Diego Dyke March declared, "We Don't Need Your Christian Hate, Separation of Church and State!"

These are the voices of women who are working to fight against the ban on same-sex marriages in California. They are the voices that will take California's families to an incredibly immoral place and leave children in a hopeless and insane society. They are determined to destroy any remnant of traditional American values and replace them with social and sexual anarchy and a big state government holding together what they have created.

Pictures from the 2007 San Diego Dyke March are equally filthy, thus demonstrating a long term pattern of immoral and anti-family activism among San Diego's lesbian community. One photo from that year shows a sign containing a picture of a female pubic area with the term "Good Bush" next to a picture of President Bush and the term "Bad Bush."

This year's Dyke March, which included small children, ended up with a festival at one of San Diego's porn stores called The Rubber Rose. The Gay and Lesbian Times described The Rubber Rose this way in a recent article entitled, "The Little Porn Shack That Could":

"The Rubber Rose is certainly kicking the sex-factor of Ray at Night up a notch, occasionally hosting gallery exhibits open only to patrons more than 18 years of age. Caughlan and Delso-Saavedra explain that although some of the more traditional Ray at Night patrons may suffer from slight disorientation upon wandering into a sex shop, the outcome is almost always positive."

An ad for the San Diego Dyke March and Festival at The Rubber Rose sends a chilling reminder to San Diego voters of the difference between traditional family values and those of the homosexual community. The ad for the event reads: "The Fest will also feature workshops, queer-friendly vendors, and a 21+ beer garden on Ray St. This action-packed and family-friendly festival is FREE and open to all! We invite YOU to celebrate with your queer sisters!"

This has been an Exclusive James Hartline Report:
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