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VIDEO SERIES BY CITIZEN JOURNALIST JAMES HARTLINE 📽 The Slumlords of San Diego: San Diego Democrats Turn Their City Council Districts Into City Dumps - PART 1: San Diego City Council District 9 Slumlord Democrat Georgette Gomez.

The Slumlords of San Diego:  San Diego Democrats  Turn Their City Council  Districts Into City Dumps   BUT They want voters to re-elect them in 2020 VIDEO SERIES  by Citizen Journalist James Hartline PART 1: San Diego City Council District 9  Slumlord Democrat Georgette Gomez This is part 1 in a blockbuster, breathtaking photographic series by citizen journalist James Hartline. For twenty years citizen journalist James Hartline has been documenting and photographing the districts in San Diego that have been under the complete control of Democrats for decades. The Slumlords of San Diego are all Democrats who have turned their city council districts into third world ghettos and city dumps--but they want voters to once again re-elect them in 2020 based upon fictitious, fantasy campaign infomercials and deceptive campaign mailers. The Slumlord Democrats are able to manipulate voters and continue to get re-elected over and over again with the help of an enabling, duplicit local media t