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My Response To Boston University's Giddy Portrayal Of The Boston Islamic Terrorist

Everything We Know About Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Dead Bombing SuspectBy Timothy Burke  Boston University wrote an article on the Boston Islamic terrorist in 2010 as if he was a funny, disciplined athlete with morals.  My response to their giddy idolization of this murderous terrorist was posted this morning. I wrote: So, why is a major university so giddy about reporting on the Islamic aspects of this terrorist as if what he believes is just a fun day walking in the park (or a sidewalk at the Boston Marathon)? Why is a major university writing a story about this Islamic terrorist's demeaning beliefs about women as if his hatemon-ghering of women is a honorable training characteristic among boxers. A major university would never promote or highlight a Christian student in its newspaper, nor would it publish an article about the dating habits, hobbies and training techniques of a Christian athlete. So, why would a university paper paint a positive of picture of this Islamic terro

San Diego Runners Group Sends Powerful Message of Love To Boston Marathon Runners

Over 100 runners showed up to run in downtown San Diego in solidarity with the Boston Runners. Here is the photo we took right after we completed our running session and also my journal entry about the Tuesday night run that I wrote on the San Diego's Runner discussion board website :   I joined my Running group on Tuesday night to send a powerful message to the world and to the runners who were injured at this weekend's Boston Marathon that we are praying for them and we are refusing to give up our public running in the face of terrorist threats. My Running Journal Entry on The San Diego Runner's Discussion Board Website: "A powerful run tonight. There was a tremendous show of Spirit and Love released by all our runners for our running brothers and sisters in Boston. When evil attacks one runner, it has attacked all of us who are runners. And we will respond to such evil as one unified runner. If a Boston runner is temporarily incapable of running, then

Running4God: The Miraculous Runner James Hartline - Stronger, Faster and Healthier Through The Power of His Holy Spirit.

I could barely walk in January after having major emergency surgery that required seven days in the hospital. I was not permitted to start doing any exercise until the first week of February. I slowly started jogging and ran my first 5k race on March 2, 2013. I completed that race in 25 minutes with a pace of 8:03 per mile. I recently joined the San Diego Runner's Meetup group which has over 4,000 members and some of the top competitive runners in San Diego County. This past Tuesday, I ran the five mile run with about 100 other runners and finished in the top 15 with a time of 35:56 or 7:11 per mile for five miles. I will be turning 55 on May 5th and fighting AIDS, Hepatitis C, AIDS-related wasting syndrome, joint degeneration and many other ailments. Yet, I refuse to give up and God is helping me to get stronger, faster and healthier through the power of His Holy Spirit. I am now running faster than many runners in their 20s and 30s who have no diseases to contend with - That

Surviving Armageddon - A Christian Daily Devotional For Overcoming Disease, Demons, Disaster and A Few Near-Death Experiences." A Soon-To-Be Published Book by James Hartline

"Surviving Armageddon - A Christian Daily Devotional For Overcoming Disease, Demons, Disaster and A Few Near-Death Experiences." by James Hartline. Why I am smiling now after battling AIDS, Hepatitis C, Cancer, Knee and Ankle Reconstruction, Homosexuality, Drug Addiction, Imprisonment, Suicide Attempts, Mental Illness and A Few Near-Death Experiences.