Wednesday, April 17, 2013

San Diego Runners Group Sends Powerful Message of Love To Boston Marathon Runners

Over 100 runners showed up to run in downtown San Diego in solidarity with the Boston Runners. Here is the photo we took right after we completed our running session and also my journal entry about the Tuesday night run that I wrote on the San Diego's Runner discussionboard website:


I joined my Running group on Tuesday night to send a powerful message to the world and to the runners who were injured at this weekend's Boston Marathon that we are praying for them and we are refusing to give up our public running in the face of terrorist threats.

My Running Journal Entry on The San Diego Runner's Discussion Board Website:

"A powerful run tonight. There was a tremendous show of Spirit and Love released by all our runners for our running brothers and sisters in Boston. When evil attacks one runner, it has attacked all of us who are runners. And we will respond to such evil as one unified runner. If a Boston runner is temporarily incapable of running, then we will be your legs. If a Boston running heart is weary, then our hearts will beat twice as hard for you. If a Boston runner is gasping for air, then we will inhale extra oxygen from the bright shores of our California beaches and send forth our exhilarating breaths in the form of comforting kisses. Whether it be an intimidating mountain or the wide, hot fatigue of desert valley, you, the Boston runner will run again. And when you do, as the cameras capture you crossing the finish line of a future Boston Marathon, give us a little wink from your eye as sign that we in San Diego crossed the finish line with you."

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