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Priscilla Schreiber: California's Most Courageous Politician

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
September 30, 2008

A 2008 Campaign Profile In Courage:
How one woman went from being a suburban mom
to becoming a warrior for Christian values in
San Diego County's Educational System.

Priscilla Schreiber:
California's Most Courageous Politician

(JHReport) It was 1999 and Americans were finally closing up the tawdry episode of President Bill Clinton's immoral affair with Monica Lewinsky and beginning preparation for the somewhat confusing, yet historical, Y2K computer crisis. As the door to the 21st century began to swing open, voters across America's political landscape were finally starting to recognize the negative fallout that their communities were experiencing as a result of America's thirty year experiment with the sexual revolution of the 1960's.

In the closing days of the 1990's, parents and politicians alike were waking up to a reality that they had never envisioned prior to the 1960's and 1970's. With homosexuality and abortion on demand being forced upon high school teenagers in virtually every corner of the nation, oftentimes without parental consent or knowledge, a growing community consensus was emerging in preparation for the new millennium. From California to Florida, from Arizona to New Hampshire, concerned community leaders were concluding that something had to be done to swing the social pendulum back to a place of rationality and sanity.

As the tumultuous 20th century was finally coming to an end, one community in southern California was about to make a revolutionary stand against the Clinton-era sexualization of America's high schools. This community's revolutionary stand would pit the forces of San Diego County pro-gay radicals against one Lakeside, California mother who believed that the school children in her community deserved a better standard of morality than the one that was being forced upon them in the local school district.

The Lakeside, California woman who would eventually cast aside her private life to make a courageous public stand against the powerful advocates for spreading homosexual indoctrination in East San Diego County schools was Priscilla Schreiber. In 1998, Priscilla Schreiber was living the American dream. As a wife, mother and successful businesswoman, she had it all. Yet, when Priscilla Schreiber learned that pro-homosexual forces had invaded her community and targeted the local school district's children, she cast aside the comfortability of her suburban lifestyle to become California's bravest politician. This is the story of how one woman can make a difference. This is the Priscilla Schreiber story.

As a teenager, Priscilla Schreiber was always engaged in church and school activities. Priscilla, along with her sisters Pam and Patti, were never at a loss for attention in their hometown of San Diego, California. All three were born as a set of triplets. The increased attention that came with her being a triplet, helped Priscilla form an outgoing and friendly personality. As a thoughtful sophomore at San Diego's Crawford High School during the turbulent 1960's, Priscilla Schreiber was becoming concerned that cultural changes in society would have a great impact and effect on her fellow students.

Having become a born again Christian at fourteen, Priscilla's concern for the other teenagers at school was an important part of her faith. Her faith would also help guide many of the decisions that she would make in the ensuing years. Since meeting and marrying Charley Schreiber 25 years ago, both Priscilla and her husband have contributed large sums of money -- money earned from their construction company -- to charities that help orphans, abused children, and those suffering with AIDS. It was her great love for children that made the introduction of radical gay activism in her local school district during the 1990's so personal and so problematic for Priscilla.

What does a wife and mother do when she sees her community invaded by forces that would consequently destroy the traditional family and indoctrinate the children in that community's schools with anti-family propaganda? Born and raised in San Diego, California, Priscilla Schreiber chose to make a life-changing decision in the 1990's when see saw advocates for the homosexual movement sweep into her beloved East San Diego County community.

As a concerned parent, Priscilla had never been involved in political activism outside of her membership during the 1990's with the organization called Concerned Women for America (CWA). She would write letters in response to citizen alerts sent out by CWA, but for the most part, Priscilla was content to work behind the scenes. All that would change as word began to spread among the quiet rural streets of East San Diego County that radical elements of the homosexual agenda were introducing anti-family propaganda in the area's public schools.

During the mid-1990's, the governing board of the Grossmont Union High School District had become a political battleground where the differing ideological world views of the board's trustees generated enormous controversy in the surrounding communities. Shortly after his election to the board of the school district, pro-homosexual advocate Ted Crooks angered parents by supporting Camp Minitown, a controversial off-campus "tolerance" workshop for students conducted by the National Conference for Community and Justice. Camp Minitown, as well as Camp Anytown, is used to indoctrinate students into accepting homosexuality and then getting these same students to promote tolerance for the gay lifestyle once they return to school after completing Camp Minitown's indoctrination courses.

According to Concerned Women for America, conversations at Camp Minitown's "tolerance" camp were to be kept confidential from parents, which many saw as a violation of parental rights. Then Crooks and two school board allies got in more hot water when they backed a homosexuality-inclusive school non-discrimination and harassment code.

In a series of contentious board meetings, hundreds of parents, pastors and other citizens pleaded with Crooks and his fellow liberal board members not to implement the homosexual-inclusive language. The community, looking out for the best interests of their own children, argued that the district already possessed a comprehensive anti-discrimination policy, and that there were no recorded incidents of harassment in the district based on homosexuality. Disregarding the will of the people, Ted Crooks and his liberal partners on the Grossmont Union High School board voted in the homosexual-inclusive language. Crooks, who served as school board president at the time, created so much conflict on the board, that a community-wide recall effort was started.

While listening to local radio talk show host Roger Hedgecock describe the controversial agenda of Ted Crooks and the attempt to recall him, Priscilla Schreiber decided that she had to get involved for the sake of the kids in her community. Having never been involved in any type of political activism before, Priscilla and her husband Charley gave $14,000 to the recall effort, a huge sum by any standard. She also helped collect a portion of the 19,000 signatures for the recall effort.

Unfortunately, the recall effort fell short of the 22,568 signatures needed to recall Crooks. However, Priscilla Schreiber was not finished with her newly found involvement in politics. In fact, she was just getting started. The following year, Schreiber ran for the board and beat Michael Harrelson, one of the liberal incumbents who had voted for the pro-homosexual policy change. According to a 2002 edition of San Diego NewsNotes, Ted Crooks appeared at a meeting held at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center where he belittled Priscilla Schreiber for her Christianity and deemed her conservative values as "extreme." During that same meeting, which included some of the current proponents of same-sex marriage in California, Crooks praised fellow Grossmont school board member Tom Page as one of the "hidden heroes" of the local homosexual community.

Mrs. Schreiber tells the James Hartline Report that in 2000 she was considered to be a very appealing candidate by those who had worked with her on the Ted Crooks recall campaign. In addition to the $14,000 that Priscilla and her husband Charley had contributed to the recall effort, East San Diego County church leaders, pro-family advocates and parents in the school district had also noted the time and energy that Mrs.Schreiber had invested in the effort to oust Crooks. This mother-turned-political activist had taken a courageous stand on behalf of the kids in the Grossmont school district and East San Diego County Republican leaders now considered Mrs. Priscilla Schreiber to be a perfect candidate for the district's school board.

"I was scared to death," Schreiber says of the idea when she was first approached to run for the Grossmont Union High School District in early 2000. "I never had any ambitions to run for public office when I was considered by East County Republican Party leaders to run for the school board."

Mrs. Schreiber's hard work, commitment and community support paid off in her first attempt ever at public office. Earning 59,903 votes in the 2000 general election, Priscilla destroyed her competition and knocked off Michael Harrelson, one of the liberal board members who, along with Ted Crooks, had backed the homosexuality-inclusive school non-discrimination and harassment code. To put Schreiber's landslide victory into perspective, Ted Crooks had received 39,273 votes two years earlier when he was elected to the Grossmont school board. Schreiber, in her first campaign ever, beat Crooks' vote total by over 20,000 votes. Despite her overwhelming victory, Mrs. Schreiber says that it wasn't long before realizing why she was asked to run for the school board by local political leaders.

Soon after assuming the duties as an elected school board member, Schreiber says that she began to get very disturbing counsel from those who had enlisted her to run for the board. In conflict with her outgoing disposition, Priscilla was told she shouldn't meet with teachers or students, nor should she go on campus to interact with personnel.

Furthermore, Schreiber was advised not to take the California School Board Association's Masters in Governance program, a program designed to help support new school board members in their roles. For all general purposes, Mrs. Priscilla Schrieber was being put in her place, nothing more than a yes vote for the agenda of a group of men in East San Diego County that quickly resembled what is commonly known as "A Good Old Boys Network." According to Schreiber, these directives were given by those she thought were her friends and mentors. Instead, she says they only wanted her on the board to do their bidding.

Priscilla Schreiber did not sacrifice so much of her own time, money and privacy just to become someone else's yes vote. In the years since she was first elected to the school board, Schreiber has gone on to earn her Masters in Governance, spent time visiting school campuses, had meetings with parents, teachers and students, and served on various district committees. One of the district committees that Priscilla is especially proud to serve on is the Wellness Committee which seeks to educate students, as well as faculty, about fitness and nutrition.

Schreiber's involvement in so many different aspects of her district's educational system has been well received by the voters who first elected her to office. However, her streak of ethical independence infuriated the East San Diego County Old Boy's Network. These Good Ole' Boys simply wanted a nice, popular housewife on the school board to meet their gender equality quota. Mrs. Schreiber was having none of that.

Despite the continuous hostility now being directed at Schreiber due to the ethical standards she had established for herself on the school board, community leaders, parents and many powerful politicians were appreciative of the leadership that this first-term board member was bringing to the school district. In 2004, Priscilla Schreiber was reelected to the Grossmont Union High School District with 80,985 votes, the biggest vote total for any school board candidate in the history of district elections.

In an era when California's intrusive state government is being controlled by radical lesbian politicians like state senators Sheila Kuehl and Christine Kehoe, Priscilla Schreiber has considered it an honor to uphold the very family values that are so important and sacred to America. When so many women in politics are pushing faith to the back of the bus, Priscilla Schreiber has continued to embrace her Christian faith. She also says that her faith will continue to play a fundamental role in the way that she governs one of the largest school districts in southern California.

It has not been easy for a woman of faith to stand strong for eight years in a political arena dominated by men -- particularly men who often think that women should not be in elected positions that give the woman dominance over the man. There have been many days in the last eight years, when Priscilla Schreiber has had to draw extremely close to her beloved women's prayer circle at Skyline Church. Although Schreiber now attends another church with her extended family, it is the praying women at Skyline Church who have prayerfully interceded for her during the many difficult times that she has faced on the school board and in her personal life.

When asked if there have been any personal issues that have caused her to want to quit in the face of so many political battles, Priscilla, not one to talk about her personal health and family issues, reveals the extent of the health problems she has endured over the years. Although it is manageable for the most part, Schreiber says that she contracted thyroid disease after giving birth to her daughter 29 years ago. She also deals with the residual effects of Fibromyalgia and immense inflammation throughout her body. Auto-immune diseases are some of the most painful diseases that women can face in their entire lives. For her part, Schreiber presses on through the physical pain she endures everyday because the goal of helping students to have a better way of life is not something she is willing to give up on.

Schreiber was also asked if the shocking actions by those who once thought so highly of her had given her any thoughts of quitting the school board. She replied, "My thoughts are about the students and the community I serve. My faith is too strong to quit. I refuse to allow myself to be influenced by the bad acts of men who are so desperate to hold onto power merely for the sake of having power on this school board."

Schreiber says that the most humiliating thing that she has had to endure in her political career is when people just listen to one side and then participate in helping members of the Old Boy's Network smear her character, integrity and record of service, all in an effort to stay loyal to those who have forgotten how to serve.

Mrs. Priscilla Schreiber is one of the most loved and respected women in San Diego, California. In 2004, California State Assemblyman Jay LaSuer named Schreiber "Woman of the Year," an annual award each state legislator bestows on a woman in their respective district who has exemplified outstanding dedication to community service.

As she enters her third campaign for the Grossmont Union High School District, Schreiber is already getting a powerful lineup of Republican Party leaders to endorse her candidacy. 2008 Republican Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter, San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob and California State Senator Dennis Hollingsworth are listed on Schreiber's campaign website endorsement list. Senator Hollingsworth is one of the chief co-sponsors of Prop. 8, the ballot initiative that seeks to restore the traditional definition of marriage in California via a constitutional amendment.

Despite the fact that Mrs. Schreiber has never wavered in her faith in God or compromised her values, either politically or personally, it astonishes many within her community when they learn about the dirty deeds that are being done to her by East San Diego County's Old Boy's Network. In 2006, the disturbing actions of one former school board member revealed just how low the Old Boy's Network was willing to stoop to destroy Priscilla Schreiber's reputation.

Gary Cass, the former Grossmont school board member and minister who abandoned San Diego to take a job in Florida, circulated a letter among San Diego Republicans in an attempt to undermine Schreiber's efforts to clean up the school board. In that letter, Cass falsely accused Schreiber of being involved with liberals in an attempt to take control of the school board. When the James Hartline Report exposed the corruptive actions of Gary Cass in 2006, Cass responded by sending out a second letter to Republicans to undermine Hartline's investigations of the school board. In the second letter, Cass wrote:

"James Hartline, a former homosexual, is generally sound on his opposition to homosexuality, but has entered into league with the liberal, pro-homosexual teacher’s union in the Grossmont Union High School District."

In 2008, Gary Cass and other members of the East San Diego County Old Boy's Network are up to their dirty tricks again in an attempt to regain control of the Grossmont school board.

In a desperate attempt to divide the district's Christian vote and defeat Priscilla Schreiber in the upcoming general election, some in the Republican Party have recruited two apparently naive Christian candidates to run against her and Larry Urdahl, another Christian member on the Grossmont School board who supports Schreiber's efforts to stand up to the Old Boy's Network in East San Diego County. Because Larry Urdahl has consistently supported Mrs. Schreiber's efforts to stand up to the Old Boy's Network, he has also been targeted for removal from the board.

To demonstrate the kind of dark hypocrisy which has marked the actions of Gary Cass and his political brethren, Cass has endorsed Meg Jedynak, Schreiber's opponent. Cass' endorsement follows on the heels of his starting an organization called the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. Rubbing their eyes in humorous disbelief, many in the Grossmont school district are watching Cass' actions and wondering if they are seeing a movie on the Comedy Channel rather than the actions of a man who was once a member of the Grossmont Union High School District board.

In one of the most disrespectful political acts done to Mrs. Schreiber and Larry Urdahl after their twelve years of combined experience on the Grossmont School Board, the San Diego County Republican Party endorsed the two rookie candidates who were recruited as part of a plan to divide up the Christian vote and knock off Schreiber and Urdahl. One of those candidates, Meg Jedynak, just recently moved back to California after a nine year absence. Yet, despite the fact that Jedynak had not lived in the school district for nine years, the San Diego Republican Party endorsed her over Mrs. Schreiber.

The other Christian candidate recruited as part of an attempt to knock off Schreiber and Larry Urdahl, is Gary Woods, a member of Shadow Mountain Community Church -- the same church Priscilla Schreiber attends. As a committed Christian, Woods must have a very difficult time explaining how he could be running against two of San Diego's most respected Christian leaders, if his goal all along has been supporting elected Christian officials like Urdahl and Schreiber. The fingerprints of the Old Boy's Network are all over Jedynak's and Wood's campaign endorsement lists. Cass and his cronies are also on Gary Wood's endorsement list.

The Old Boy's Network has tried to control East San Diego County politics for nearly a generation. They are rabid in their desperation to see that Priscilla Schreiber's independent voice is silenced and the board is returned to the entrenched political powerbrokers who care more about party politics than about using this opportunity to be leaders for the sake of a new generation of students. What many are coming to understand in this battle against an entrenched Old Boy's Network is the realization that Priscilla Schreiber is San Diego's version of Sarah Palin.

Christians in California are constantly demanding that their elected officials stand up for the values of the faith community, and to serve with honesty, integrity and trust. Voters in East San Diego County have once again been given an opportunity to reelect an honorable woman -- a woman who decided nearly a decade ago to sacrifice her comfortable suburban lifestyle -- so that she could help save the kids of an entire community.

As stated many times by Mrs. Schreiber, “There is more to being a school board member than running on traditional family values; one must learn the role of a school board member and the many facets to their responsibilities. A school board member must be involved with the community and the district and learn all they can in making sound judgments for the betterment and success for all students and the community they serve.”

You can visit Priscilla Schreiber's campaign website by going to www.priscillaschreiber.com. Mrs. Schreiber would gratefully appreciate your much needed financial contributions to her campaign by going to the contribution page of her website. You can also contact Priscilla to encourage her, endorse her reelection, or to volunteer for her campaign by going to her contact page here. Or take a look at her campaign website photo album to visually learn about all of the lives Priscilla has impacted as California's most courageous woman and politician.

This has been a 2008 Campaign Exclusive from The James Hartline Report:
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I Am Making My Stand in 2008!
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Listen To Audio Archive of James Hartline on National Broadcast of The Drew Mariani Show.

You can now listen to the audio archive of James Hartline being interviewed on the national broadcast of the Drew Mariani Show.
Go to www.relevantradio.com and The Drew Mariani Show and click on the following link to listen to the broadcast:
Click on Hour 3

Listen to this exciting nationwide broadcast and learn how James Hartline completely left homosexuality after being involved in the homosexual lifestyle for over thirty years.

Leaving homosexuality is possible -- If obeying God is your highest priority! Each man and each woman must decide what their highest priorities in life are.

There is God's plan and there is man's plan. At the end of one's life, each person will go before God, whether you like it or not, and you will give an account to God as to whether or not you chose God's way of living. Always, Always, Always, CHOOSE WISELY! Why? Because when you die and go before the Lord, you will not get a second chance to go back to earth and do it all over again. This is it!

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What Do You Think? A New Project of The James Hartline Report

What Do Think?
A New Project Of The James Hartline Report.

At the James Hartline Report we have rapidly expanded over the summer months. Our database of email readers has reached over 50,000 email readers. We have several exciting projects and websites that will be launched over the next few months. As part of the exciting group of services that we provide to our readers, there will now be a new interractive report called What Do You Think?

What Do You Think? will present news stories that include some of the chosen opinions of those who respond to our regular What Do You Think? questions. We know that there are many people who do not agree with the opinions of the James Hartline Report. Oftentimes, readers with opposing opinions are frustrated that they cannot contend with the opinions of the James Hartline Report because they do not have the extensive readership of our various publications. Not that we will necessarily agree with our opponents, but we humbly understand what it is like to be marginalized and not heard.

There was a time when publisher James Hartline was not listened to by anyone and he paid the price. When he was a young kid, he was beaten, tortured and abused for fourteen years by a family member. He had no one he could tell, thus the abuse went on unstopped for years. After he was lured into the gay community as an 18 year-old, and subsequently exposed to intravenous drug use, James was sent to prison for stealing to support his drug habit. For nineteen long years, James was imprisoned AND for nineteen years, the voice of James Hartline did not matter. He had no free speech rights and no platform at all to express his opinions.

Indeed, everyone at the James Hartline Report truly understands through the story of James Hartline, what it is like to be in a place where a man or woman does not have an opportunity to epress their opinion, whether that opinion is a good one or a bad one. The life story of James Hartline causes all of us to understand why he is so passionate about protecting kids from abuse. Like James when he was young, too many of our kids today have no one who listens to them when they are being abused.

Understanding the traumatic things that James saw and experienced in the gay community as an 18 year-old, causes all of us at the James Hartline Report to have a better understanding of why he is so determined to let the world know about the corruption, the plague of illegal drug use and the damaging sexual behaviors which are epidemics in gay communities throughout America. To not speak out against such terrible things going on in gay communities, would make James and his ministry partners and volunteers just as bad as those who are committing the bad things going on in those communities. Someone, finally has to rise up and stop this madness. Too many lives are being destroyed in gay communities. True Christianity shows true love by confronting the very works of darkness which steal, kill and destroy the lives of our youngest generation. To remain silent is to feed the darkness.

Needless to say, so many of our young men and women are being destroyed by these destructive plagues that are core elements of urban gay communities throughout our country. Despite the many who continue to dishonestly defend the gay communities when they are confronted by these accusations, they cannot cover up the evidence. In their attempt to paint America's gay communites with the broad brush of justification and deception, many defenders of the gay agenda would rather see young men and women perish than to admit that they are wrong.

What Do You Think?

Is it fair to cover up the terrible things going on in America's gay communities? Do you think that there are people who would actually cover up the truth, even to the point that lives are being destroyed, because their political goals are more important than lives?

Or are these just lies to make the gay community look bad? Do you believe that accusations of illegal drug abuse, destructive sexual behaviors, and corruption being widespread in America's gay communities are just statements and lies being made by anti-gay accusers who do not like the gay agenda?

Your answers will be considered for inclusion in an upcoming What Do You Think? James Hartline Report publication.

And, as always, we never read, consider or have respect for postings that include profanity or overt anti-christian bigotry. We receive hundreds of requests each day to have responding posts published. Occasionally, we will publish posts. We are fair, and when we do decide to publish posts, we will publish posts, even from those of opposing opinions, as long as they are respectful, intelligent and sincere.

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Massive God Rally Coming To San Diego - And Everything Is About To Change!

When you watch this video about The Call - San Diego, you will know that there is something about to happen in California unlike anything that has been seen before in the Golden State.

The Video: Watch and Tremble! For a confrontation between light and darkness will occur on Nov. 1, 2008 in San Diego, California at Qualcomm Stadium.

The rules have been changed. The game has changed. And a new generation of Christians have changed the way Christianity is going to be done in San Diego and, for that matter, California.

You see, expectations among those who are opposed to true Christianity in California are such that they think that it is only a matter of time before the spiritual fires of Bible-believing Christians are permanently extinguished and the progression of homosexual promotion, Jezebel feminism, youth anarchy and secularism and atheism will finally have their way in controlling the more sought after positions of governmental control and economic authority in our society.

These advocates of anti-christianity could not be more wrong!

Get Ready! It cannot be stopped. Here comes The Call - San Diego.
And things will not be the same.

November 1, 2008, 100,000 Christians from around America will assemble in San Diego to begun a revolution that has been ordained by God. Do those who seek to silence the divine purposes of God actually think that they can stop what God has ordered? I would certainly not want to be on the side that is fighting God Almighty. What do foolish men and women actually think happens to them when they end up fighting God?

We have seen this all before. They thought when they executed Jesus, that Christianity was sent to the grave forever. Just as it was 2,000 years ago, the enemies of Christ will be very, very, very wrong again in 2008.

The video: Watch and Tremble!

For further education on the coming of The Call - San Diego, watch this!

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James Hartline To Appear On America's #1 Catholic Talk Radio Network

James Hartline is pleased to announce his upcoming appearance on America's #1 Catholic Talk Radio Network, Relevant Radio. Relevant Radio and The Drew Mariani Show will present James Hartline as he shares his story, "How I Overcame 30 Years of Homosexuality."

To hear the James Hartline nationwide interview on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008 at 3pm (pacific standard time): go to the Relevant Radio website and click the icon link that reads: Click Here to Listen Online

With an estimated audience of nearly 30 million listeners via 35 stations in major urban markets, affiliate stations and worldwide live on the internet, Relevant Radio is a major force in the Catholic, pro-family community.

Michigan Catholic Radio says this about The Drew Mariani Show:
Experience “life as you’ve never heard it” with The Drew Mariani Show, a daily four-hour afternoon drive-time program with down-to-earth sensibility and sharp insights, good humor and intelligence.
The Drew Mariani Show blends reality with strong moral and Catholic values complemented by sound orthodox teaching. This mix has been a hit with listeners. “Your show is absolutely right up my alley,” says Greg W. “It's got excellent, timely and relevant topics. Keep up the good work, Drew! You da man!”
Topics on The Drew Mariani Show explores a myriad of issues ranging from the contemporary to the traditional, covers current affairs, pop culture, and matters of faith, family, and finances in relationship to our Catholic moral standard and will offer an intersection of faith with personal and real life experience. Drew’s message? “Hosting a faith-based show doesn’t mean we have to limit our discussions to Scripture, encyclicals and feast days. Our faith and values extend into every area of our lives.”
Respected as an award-winning journalist, writer and broadcaster, Drew Mariani’s skills and talents are wide-ranging: he has produced everything from music videos to producer of international films and documentaries, and combines his experience, insight and entertaining wit to make any topic interesting. His skill as a journalist enables him to successfully interview guests and get to the heart of the matter.

The Biography of James Hartline

Publisher, California Christian News

James Hartline, Director of the Hillcrest Mission
A Christian Outreach to San Diego's Homosexual Community

Publisher, The James Hartline Report
San Diego's Leading Online Christian Activist Newsletter
Now Read Daily By Over 23,000 Concerned Citizens of Conviction

James Hartline is the leading voice for Christian activism in the San Diego, California area. James Hartline is the least likely man to change one of the largest cities in America, but that is exactly what he is doing. From closing over eight pornographic businesses in the last four years to fighting overt corruption within the radical homosexual agenda, James Hartline is definitely confronting the powers of immorality and political darkness in San Diego, California.

The effective and bold stand for godliness and common sense morality that James is making has earned him respect from Christians throughout the United States. It has also made him the target of vicious opposition from leaders of the leftist homosexual movement. In 2005, national news services like World Net Daily and LifeSite reported on a serious death threat made against James. Despite the fact that he continues to receive many anonymous death threats from members of the gay and atheist communities, James continues to stand up and to stand strong in his assignment to protect the youth of America. In 2005, the Gay and Lesbian Times, a popular San Diego homosexual newspaper, named James as its "Menace of the Year".

Because he was a victim of child abuse for fourteen years when he was a minor, James has taken on the mantle of being the number one advocate for protecting the children of San Diego from predators and child abusers. James considers the rampant sex industry within San Diego's gay community to be one of the biggest perpetrators of teen sex abuse. Subsequently, James uses his well-read online newsletter, The James Hartline Report, to confront and overcome the gay community's pornography industry. In 2005, the James Hartline Report was responsible for discovering that a multitude of convicted sex offenders were working for the San Diego Gay Pride organization. As a result of James Hartline's important work in exposing this child molester scandal, the San Diego City Council, for the first time in eleven years, refused to issue a citywide proclamation to honor the annual gay pride parade and festival.

The focus on exposing all corruption that is harming San Diego, California, has led James to target immorality in both liberal and conservative arenas. This has given him a credibility in the mainstream media that most Christian activists rarely achieve in today's partisan world. Many Christian and secular media sources have taken note of the stand that James continues to make for righteousness. In 2006, an international telecast of the 700 Club broadcast the life story of James. James Hartline has also been featured in San Diego NewsNotes, San Diego City Beat, San Diego Magazine, San Diego Reader and Vyuz Magazine. Interviews on James Lambert's Night Lights, Fox 6 News, KUSI News, the Paul McGuire Show, USA Radio and American Family Radio have made James Hartline one of America's top Christian Conservative trailblazers.

National recognition of his radical stand for Jesus Christ did not come easy for James Hartline. In fact, one Calvary Chapel pastor said of James several years ago, "He is a Lazarus, a man once dead!" In 1997, two critical events occurred in James' life which set the stage for the transforming work and ministry that he is now involved with. That year James was released from his fifth term in a state prison for a 1989 conviction for burglary, a crime he committed to support a deadly drug addiction. 1997 also saw James infected with the virus that causes AIDS. Up until that time James had also spent nearly thirty years in the homosexual lifestyle. It was during his involvement in the homosexual community that James was first introduced to intravenous drug use. These consuming and self-destructive behaviors led James to battle a grave mental illness and suicidal depression.

Truly, James should be dead, perhaps in hell. However, the living God decided to write a different ending to the script of the James Hartline story. God is in the business of taking society's misfits from the pits of horrible destruction and placing them in the palaces of overwhelming victory. Imagine the wonderous, real life story of a man who spent over nineteen years in prisons and mental hospitals who has been so radically changed by Christ that he recently helped lead the charge to prevent the cross atop the Mt. Soledad War Memorial from being torn down by the ACLU.

Today, James speaks at many churches, conferences, youth groups and civic events. He is a regular commentator on radio, television and in print publications, speaking on issues of moral consequences in America. His newsletter, the James Hartline Report, started with only twenty subscribers in 2003, but has now grown to over 23,000 daily readers. His JHReport Citizen Alerts have allowed thousands of Christians to contact their local political leaders to influence governmental policies on family values. James has created a group called the "Not On My Watch" Team which regularly speaks out at the San Diego City Council and the San Diego School District Board.

James Hartline knows what it is like to suffer disease, loneliness, imprisonment and bondage to homosexuality. That is why it has been the great pleasure of James to start a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry, the Hillcrest Mission. The Hillcrest Mission helps those struggling with the destructive aspects of homosexuality, the AIDS epidemic and other life threatening problems. The ministry also prays fervently for the sick and oppressed, and provides food and nutritional supplements free of charge to those in need.

One of the most important parts of the ministries of James Hartline has been a revolution in taking spiritual warfare right into the heart of those neighborhoods trapped in demonic captivity. The Hillcrest Mission conducts regular educational tours and prayer walks in different areas of San Diego. The result has been an ending of many destructive adult entertainment businesses inside of the gay community.

James is also a prolific writer and Bible teacher. His weekly email Bible class, In The Classroom of James Hartline, has influenced many readers with fresh insights in spiritual warfare, as well as Biblical answers to overcoming some of life’s greatest difficulties. Recently, James authored and self-published his first powerful testimonial booklet, "After The Gay Life Isn't Gay Anymore." With an unshakeable faith and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, James Hartline has the potential to be used by God to help many who are struggling to overcome homosexuality, AIDS, drug use, mental illness and other life-controlling issues. In these last days, there is going to be a major move of God sweeping through homosexual communities around America. Great prophets of God will be birthed in this mighty move of the Holy Spirit. James Hartline has firmly planted his feet in the midst of this move, volunteering his life up to God, as a catalyst for this revival.

You can schedule interviews with James Hartline by contacting him via the following information:
Office Telephone (619) 757-1295
Email: hartline08@gmail.com

If you wish to correspond with James Hartline or wish to make a contribution to his ministry, The Hillcrest Mission, you can do so by mail.

Mailing Address:
James Hartline
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P.O. Box 632763
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Contributions to The Hillcrest Mission are tax-deductible. The Hillcrest Mission is a registered 501(c) 3 organization.

Liberal Democrat Backs Prop. 8, The Amendment To Ban Homosexual Weddings in California

A James Hartline Report Exclusive

Polls published by left-leaning pollsters are declaring that Prop. 8 is on its way to defeat. This has helped homosexual publications, and activists working to defeat Prop. 8, to fuel a flood of reports highlighting the idea that they are winning the battle to permanently legitimize same-sex marriages in California.

However, behind the scenes, an entirely different scenario is becoming abundantly clear: Prop. 8 is beginning to receive overwhelming approval among important voter constituencies in the Golden State.

Certain historically liberal-leaning pollsters tell voters that Prop. 8, the voter initiative to ban homosexual weddings in California, is losing according to their most recently conducted polls. These are the same pollsters who published polls in 2000 prior to that year's vote on Prop. 22, the California initiative that declared marriage in California is to be limited to one man and one woman. While these liberal-leaning pollsters, like the Field Poll, were reporting right before the election that Prop. 22 was only supported by 53% of voters, over 61% of voters did, in fact, vote for Prop. 22 on election day. That was an 8% differential reporting error in the Field Poll.

Why would pollsters, like the Field Poll, regularly under report the actual support for a propostion dealing with traditional marriage values?

In the great culture war over homosexuality and its place in society, the homosexual political movement is dependent on the promotion of its agenda and ideas through the media. Without the intentional exaggeration of support for homosexuality in America, via liberal media proponents of the gay community, the homosexual political movement would have never accomplished what it has accomplished politically. For example, statistics show that approximately 2-3% of American males actually engage in continuous homosexual sexual behaviors. Compare that to the now-discredited, but highly promoted by gay activists, Alfred Kinsey research which claimed that 10% of American males were homosexual. The Kinsey study has been used as a tool for manipulating state legislatures to inact laws protecting those engaged in homosexuality as a protected class. Kinsey's distorted research has also been used to access schools and legitimize the promotion of homosexuality in classrooms throughout America.

Or, take for example, the claims by liberal media sources that there are an estimated 65,000 military enlistees who engage in homosexuality. The Washington Post quotes a study from the Williams Institute of UCLA. What they conveniently leave out when quoting that study is that the Williams Institute was founded by Charles R. Williams, a rabid supporter of the homosexual movement. Williams has given in excess of $10 million dollars to the Williams Institute (named after him) for the purposes of "studying" the effects of laws on gays and lesbians. Any study or poll conducted by the Williams Institute is designed to promote the interests of the homosexual political movement. Thus, the idea that this group can accurately estimate the number of men in the military who engage in homosexuality is preposterous. There is simply no credible way to claim that there are 65,000 closeted homosexuals in the military. In reality, like so many in the gay-friendly media, the purpose in claiming 65,000 homosexuals in the military is for the purposes of legalizing, sanctioning and establishing such behavior in the Armed Forces. In other words, the repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

Countering the deceptive message and goals of the Williams Institute is as easy as finding the truth behind the numbers of California voters who are actually supporting Prop. 8. For example, Washington Monthly cited a survey of 3,400 military officers from Foreign Policy which shows that only 22% of 3,400 officers holding the rank of major or lieutenant commander and above from across the services, active duty and retired, general officers and field-grade officers, support allowing openly homosexual and lesbian enlistees to serve in the military. This counters claims by gay-friendly media sources and leaders within the homosexual political movement who often claim 70% or more of military personnel, and the public, are ready to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

And then there are the claims by the homosexual political movement of the financial clout within the gay community. A recently published report from gay community leaders in Los Angeles quoted the following study for the purposes of highlighting a claim of the financial power of that community: According to a newly published analysis by Witeck-Combs Communications and Packaged Facts, the total buying power of American GLBT adults in 2008 is projected to be $712 billion, up from $690 billion in 2007. What the article did not disclose is the fact that Bob Witeck, founder of Witeck-Combs, is a rabid support of the most radical elements of the gay political movement in America. Witeck served five appointed terms on the board of directors for the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, and currently is on the board of the Commercial Closet Association. He also is a member of the Honorary Board of the Matthew Shepard Foundation. He formerly served on the board of directors for the NEA Foundation and on the first national board for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), and for the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

With so many in the gay community suffering from AIDS, working for government-funded social service programs, and dealing with drug addictions and alcoholism, incomes and total financial worth within the gay community hardly supports the claim that $712 billion was the real buying power of that community in 2007. The study form Witeck claims that the financial power in the gay community jumped to $712 billion in 2007 from $690 billion in 2006, an increase of $22 billion. These kinds of preposterous claims serve only one purpose: to present to the world, a Goliath-like image that benefits the homosexual agenda being promoted by people like Bob Witeck.

It is the David vs. Goliath principle. Like Goliath, the modern homosexual political movement, presents itself as being much bigger and much more accepted in America than it really is. This is done as a means of intimidating and manipulating opponents of the radicalized homosexual agenda. This goes to the core of why the Field Poll would report the numbers that it is reporting on voter opposition to Prop. 8.

Like the recent and extremely questionable Field Polls on Prop. 8, the goal is to intimidate and discourage supporters of Prop. 8. They want Prop. 8 to fail so that the goals of the homosexual political movement can be achieved.

An abundance of credible information has now become available which indicates that Prop. 8 is supported by many important voting groups in California, far in excess of the 50.1% needed to pass Prop. 8. Contrast that with the recent poll put about by the Field Poll showing that opposition to Prop. 8 is growing and now sets at 55% voting no on Prop. 8. It is simply ridiculous to think that there has been a 16% swing in just 8 years among voters regarding their opinions of homosexual relationships being given the same status of marriage as that of the norm of one man and one woman. Even more telling as to questioning the validity and motives behind the Field Poll is the fact that the San Francisco Chronicle reports this: The most recent polls, conducted in 2006 and 2007, found that 51 percent and 49 percent of survey respondents opposed making gay marriage legal, while 43 percent and 45 percent endorsed the idea.

From the enormous number of donors to the various Yes on 8 campaigns, it is clear that support from across the political spectrum is growing for the passage of Prop. 8. This counters the questionable polling from the Field Poll.

Perhaps the best example of how wide is the support for Prop. 8 comes from this report in the Los Angeles Times of a liberal Democrat who is supporting Prop. 8:

Protecting marriage to protect children
Marriage as a human institution is constantly evolving. But in all societies, marriage shapes the rights and obligations of parenthood.
By David Blankenhorn September 19, 2008

I'm a liberal Democrat. And I do not favor same-sex marriage. Do those positions sound contradictory? To me, they fit together.

Many seem to believe that marriage is simply a private love relationship between two people. They accept this view, in part, because Americans have increasingly emphasized and come to value the intimate, emotional side of marriage, and in part because almost all opinion leaders today, from journalists to judges, strongly embrace this position. That's certainly the idea that underpinned the California Supreme Court's legalization of same-sex marriage.

But I spent a year studying the history and anthropology of marriage, and I've come to a different conclusion.

Marriage as a human institution is constantly evolving, and many of its features vary across groups and cultures. But there is one constant. In all societies, marriage shapes the rights and obligations of parenthood. Among us humans, the scholars report, marriage is not primarily a license to have sex. Nor is it primarily a license to receive benefits or social recognition. It is primarily a license to have children.

In this sense, marriage is a gift that society bestows on its next generation. Marriage (and only marriage) unites the three core dimensions of parenthood -- biological, social and legal -- into one pro-child form: the married couple. Marriage says to a child: The man and the woman whose sexual union made you will also be there to love and raise you. Marriage says to society as a whole: For every child born, there is a recognized mother and a father, accountable to the child and to each other.

These days, because of the gay marriage debate, one can be sent to bed without supper for saying such things. But until very recently, almost no one denied this core fact about marriage. Summing up the cross-cultural evidence, the anthropologist Helen Fisher in 1992 put it simply: "People wed primarily to reproduce." The philosopher and Nobel laureate Bertrand Russell, certainly no friend of conventional sexual morality, was only repeating the obvious a few decades earlier when he concluded that "it is through children alone that sexual relations become important to society, and worthy to be taken cognizance of by a legal institution."

Marriage is society's most pro-child institution. In 2002 -- just moments before it became highly unfashionable to say so -- a team of researchers from Child Trends, a nonpartisan research center, reported that "family structure clearly matters for children, and the family structure that helps children the most is a family headed by two biological parents in a low-conflict marriage."

All our scholarly instruments seem to agree: For healthy development, what a child needs more than anything else is the mother and father who together made the child, who love the child and love each other.

For these reasons, children have the right, insofar as society can make it possible, to know and to be cared for by the two parents who brought them into this world. The foundational human rights document in the world today regarding children, the 1989 U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, specifically guarantees children this right. The last time I checked, liberals like me were supposed to be in favor of internationally recognized human rights, particularly concerning children, who are typically society's most voiceless and vulnerable group. Or have I now said something I shouldn't?

Every child being raised by gay or lesbian couples will be denied his birthright to both parents who made him. Every single one. Moreover, losing that right will not be a consequence of something that at least most of us view as tragic, such as a marriage that didn't last, or an unexpected pregnancy where the father-to-be has no intention of sticking around. On the contrary, in the case of same-sex marriage and the children of those unions, it will be explained to everyone, including the children, that something wonderful has happened!

For me, what we are encouraged or permitted to say, or not say, to one another about what our society owes its children is crucially important in the debate over initiatives like California's Proposition 8, which would reinstate marriage's customary man-woman form. Do you think that every child deserves his mother and father, with adoption available for those children whose natural parents cannot care for them? Do you suspect that fathers and mothers are different from one another? Do you imagine that biological ties matter to children? How many parents per child is best? Do you think that "two" is a better answer than one, three, four or whatever? If you do, be careful. In making the case for same-sex marriage, more than a few grown-ups will be quite willing to question your integrity and goodwill. Children, of course, are rarely consulted.

The liberal philosopher Isaiah Berlin famously argued that, in many cases, the real conflict we face is not good versus bad but good versus good. Reducing homophobia is good. Protecting the birthright of the child is good. How should we reason together as a society when these two good things conflict?

Here is my reasoning. I reject homophobia and believe in the equal dignity of gay and lesbian love. Because I also believe with all my heart in the right of the child to the mother and father who made her, I believe that we as a society should seek to maintain and to strengthen the only human institution -- marriage -- that is specifically intended to safeguard that right and make it real for our children.

Legalized same-sex marriage almost certainly benefits those same-sex couples who choose to marry, as well as the children being raised in those homes. But changing the meaning of marriage to accommodate homosexual orientation further and perhaps definitively undermines for all of us the very thing -- the gift, the birthright -- that is marriage's most distinctive contribution to human society. That's a change that, in the final analysis, I cannot support.
David Blankenhorn is president of the New York-based Institute for American Values and the author of "The Future of Marriage."

What's Your Opinion? Should truth trump political goals? Is anything gained when any agenda is built by deceiving the public?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Study: Homosexual lifestyle strongly linked to depression, suicide

LONDON - A new study in the United Kingdom has revealed that homosexuals are about 50% more likely to suffer from depression and engage in substance abuse than the rest of the population, reports Health24.com.

After analyzing 25 earlier studies on sexual orientation and mental health, researchers, in a study published in the medical journal BMC Psychiatry, also found that the risk of suicide jumped over 200% if an individual had engaged in a homosexual lifestyle.

These findings strongly support the results of similar studies conducted in the United States, which have unveiled the severe physical and psychological health risks associated with homosexual behavior. Drs. Paul and Kirk Cameron of the Family Research Institute revealed in 2007 that research shows that the lifespan of a homosexual is on average 24 years shorter than that of a heterosexual. As a health threat, even smoking pales in comparison, as studies show smoking can shorten one's life by only 1 to 7 years on average.

While the Health 24 article suggested that homosexuals may be pushed to substance abuse and suicide because of anti-homosexual cultural and family pressures, empirical tests have shown that there is no difference in homosexual health risk depending on the level of tolerance in a particular environment. Homosexuals in the United States and Denmark - the latter of which is acknowledged to be highly tolerant of homosexuality - both die on average in their early 50's, or in their 40's if AIDS is the cause of death. The average age for all residents in either country ranges from the mid-to-upper-70s.

Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons, a psychiatrist and member of the Catholic Medical Association, says there is evidence that homosexuality is itself a manifestation of a psychological disorder accompanied by a host of mental health problems, including "major depression, suicidal ideation and attempts, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, conduct disorder, low self-esteem in males and sexual promiscuity with an inability to maintain committed relationships."

Fitzgibbons said the American Psychological Association, which is known for its support of homosexual "marriage," ignored the evidence he presented that homosexuality presents significant danger to psychological health.

What's Your Opinion?

Do you think that men and women who engage in homosexuality are more likely to be depressed, engage in substance abuse, and attempt suicide because of their actual involvement in homosexuality or because of society's attitudes towards homosexuality and those who engage in the homosexuality?

We will publish your opinions in an upcoming story.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How I Overcame 30 Years of Homosexuality -- From The Journal of James Hartline

The Journal of James Hartline
Preparing For My Departure
But Running My Race Until I Leave!

How I Overcame 30 Years of Homosexuality
A Chapter From The Journal of James Hartline:
Gaining Life By Overcoming Death Through Jesus Christ

Part 1: August 4, 2008 -- Facing Death

It was another very hot, muggy day as I walked towards the UCSD Owens Clinic, a medical clinic in San Diego where I have been treated for AIDS and Hepatitis C for the past ten years. Throughout the early part of the summer of 2008, I had been experiencing episodes of extreme fatigue, heavy night sweats and weight loss. I attributed most of the symptoms I was enduring to my exhausting schedule. From competing as a candidate for the San Diego City Council to a recent speaking tour in the state of Ohio, I was tired and I really had pressed myself to the limit. However, this day was an even more trying time. It took all of my strength just to get over to the doctor's office.

As I headed quickly towards my appointment with the physician who specializes in treating patients who are co-infected with AIDS and Hepatitis C, I was really laboring to walk the three miles to the clinic. With each passing minute I was becoming sicker and sicker. Something was wrong -- very wrong. I was literally pouring sweat from every pore in my body and the loss of fluids was draining every ounce of strength left in me.

With a faith in God that has been tried and tested in the fierce fires of great affliction over many years, I walk everyday with an unshakable confidence in the promises of Jesus Christ. His promises to me are ultimate truth -- truth that will see me through every trouble that I will face today and everyday that follows. Despite the fact that I suffer daily with physical pain, I am confident that Jesus Christ will heal me from every disease because His word promises me this eternal gift: His body was broken and crucified so that I might be healed.

This is the attitude that I woke up with on the morning of August 4, 2008 when I was scheduled to see the liver specialist at Owens Clinic. The previous night had been a miserable one for me. I barely slept, waking up every two or three hours soaked in my own sweat. Throughout the night, my joints hurt so much that I felt like my back was being realigned by an invisible and cruel surgeon. I sluggishly got dressed and then ate a couple of spoonfuls of cold cereal before heading out the door. With anticipation that the doctor would provide some answers to why I was enduring such an unusual affliction, I headed as quickly as my tired carcass would carry me to Owens Clinic.

Upon arriving at the clinic I fell into a waiting room chair. Within a matter of minutes I was wisked into the nurse's room where my vitals and weight could be checked. As the nurse was taking my blood pressure, I suddenly jerked my head up and declared, "I am going to throw up!"

"Hold on!" the nurse responded as she ran out of the room to get me a plastic bucket to vomit in.

Within five minutes I was vomiting convulsively. The room began to spin and I was headed for a black out. Something was terribly wrong and I was sinking fast from my harsh reality, a reality that I had not previously experienced in the nearly eleven years I had been fighting the AIDS virus.

Things soon went from bad to worse. The doctors were so concerned with my disintegrating condition that they decided to immediately admit me into the hospital. Left for a few moments alone in one of the examination rooms, I began to weakly cry, "What is happening to me Lord?" I really just wanted to go home and lay in my own bed, but I simply had no strength to move, much less make it to my house. There are times in life when the most we can communicate to God is the simplest, but most sincere of all prayers, "Help me God." And that is what I prayed as I nearly blacked out.

For two agonizing days, I laid in a hospital room at the University of California, San Diego. It was a mysterious illness that had attacked my body. With IV's in a number of sites on my arms, I was pumped full of pain medication and at least five or six other medications designed to make my bodily functions work more normally.

The doctors tested me for everything imaginable, but mysteriously, they could not find any foreign viruses, bacteria or other culprits that were causing my bleak condition. To this day, my doctors have not been able to diagnose what attacked my body earlier this summer. Like I have done so many other times during the past eleven years of fighting the AIDS virus, I simply drew close to my God, crying out for His revelations and a resolution to my affliction.

Over the weeks that have followed since the attack against my body, the Lord has revealed to me a reality that brings me so much closer to a deeper walk with the God who reigns in Heaven and on this earth. As I began to recover from this time of intense sickness, the Lord explained to me that He had allowed me to go through a baptism of affliction, a passing through a river of death, where a more intimate relationship with my Father in Heaven would be forthcoming. The attack against my physical body was a spiritual one that had manifested itself with many dangerous physical symptoms. According to the laboratory tests, my liver was toxic. My liver enzymes were thirty times normal. My immune system was diminished and not producing the normal number of t-cells required to fight off diseases. My digestive system was in complete chaos as my entire being was under assault by this enemy.

After leaving the hospital I was tested for dozens of unique diseases, as well as typical ones. The doctors were not able to find any infections or diseases that had caused the type of illness I had battled over the summer. These doctors are some of the finest HIV specialists in the nation and if a disease was causing my illness they would have found it. In the midst of seeking God for relief from my affliction, I was privileged to hear from my Father in Heaven in a most unusual way. What God has spoken to me during the dark nights of my summer ordeal has initiated in me a new and profound understanding of His call upon my life in this generation.

We are not guaranteed to live this day out, but as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ we are required to live each day as if we will not be here tomorrow. If I were to leave this earth tomorrow, what would I want to be doing as I depart? That is the question that the Lord impressed upon me during the time of my recent sufferings.

"What is it you hear in the night, in your suffering?" God would ask me.

I would toss and turn as my body sought to find a comfortable place to lay on my bed in the midst of my heavy night sweats and extreme aches and pains. I responded to God's question by saying, "Lord. Lord I hear the haunting sounds of many mothers crying out for their sons to come home from the homosexuality that has taken them away to a place of destruction."

The voices of these mothers haunted my mind and I was not sure at the time what was more painful for me, my afflicted body or the realization that these mothers live with the knowledge that their sons are destroying themselves.

"Lord, I also hear the cries of a young sister who misses her brother, a brother who has abandoned her and the rest of his family for the degradation of a homosexual relationship. And I hear a dad who agonizes over a son who he did not spend more time with. A son who is now lost to a homosexual lifestyle that will eventually kill him prematurely."

God responded to my answers by saying to me, "You have heard correctly."

Then the Lord announced His new edict for my life. The Lord proclaimed to me, "I am taking you to a place in this nation where you are going to fight to get those children back. There is a chance they will come back, but you will have to make even greater sacrifices in your life than the sacrifices you have already made in obedience to Me. And in this battle to save these lost children, you will be willing to make those sacrifices if you love them enough to give up your life for them."

The Lord has instructed me that I now must make myself even more vulnerable to humanity. In doing so, there is the weight of knowing that the greater one exposes the intimate details of one's struggles in this life, the greater there will be persecution and mockery and pain. Yet, isn't that the experience of our Lord as they beat Him and exposed His tortured and naked body to the world while hanging Him upon the cross at Golgotha?

Part 2: September 16, 2008 -- Night Turns To Morning

It is now the month of September and the sickness that tortured me during the earlier part of this difficult summer is completely gone. I actually feel healthier now then I have felt in years. Still, I am often awakened during the hushed late night hours by the haunting voices of sisters and mothers and fathers who weep over their lost sons and brothers, and their lost sisters and daughters, all of them having gone astray into the homosexual life with all of its horrific and terrifying outcomes.

The suffering of so many families who cannot resolve the loss of their children to homosexuality is the reason that I am about to do something so extremely personal that I have not been willing to do such a thing before. The struggle of so many men and women who would leave homosexuality and lesbianism, if they were shown the way, is the reason I am about to begin this incredibly significant new phase of my ministry.

In all of the years that I have been in public ministry, from appearing on the 700 Club to having my life story told throughout America on television, radio, in newspapers and magazines, I have never revealed the contents of my personal journals. For the past ten years, I have kept scores of journals that contain the most intimate details of my battle to overcome homosexuality, dealing with AIDS, and other important issues in my life. On the pages of my journals are my life and death struggles, the dreams and visions given to me by the Lord, and my innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions as my mind was being converted from the depravity of homosexuality to that of a man who has the mind of Christ. These are my secret diaries and contained in them is the descriptive essence of my transformation into a man of God where all old things pass away and all things become new.

I am opening up my life so that many lost souls will be retrieved from the fires of hell. I fully intend to rescue as many lost souls as I can from those unending and eternal flames of torment. And if I get burned up in the process, then let everything that is left of me burn up. The Word of God instructs me in Jude v.22-23: "And have mercy on some, who are doubting; save others, snatching them out of the fire; and on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment polluted by the flesh."

God did not bring me this far so that I could look the other way and not feel the despondency and the hopelessness of so many families as they grieve over their sons and daughters who are now engaged in homosexuality and lesbianism. There is also the added weight of knowing that there are people in our world who are actually deceiving these lost sons and daughters into accepting homosexuality as some type of gift from God. This is a demonic lie, a trap designed by satan to lure as many as possible into an eternal hell that they will never, ever be able to escape from.

Does true love look the other way or does true love challenge the enemy until he releases these sons and daughters from their impending demise? My heart beats with a love that will not allow me to remain silent nor standing on the side with those who are too apathetic to care about the condition of the lost children of our generation.

My journals will reveal the hope of deliverance from homosexuality that is available to every human being that seeks the power to be set free. Where there was once so little hope in our society, God is now saying through me, that there is a new wind blowing across these United States, a wind that brings refreshment to the thirsty souls who are bound up in sexual depravity. Things are now changing in our nation. We are not of the same old stale religion that was willing to sacrifice a generation to the deviancy of unfulfilling sexual urges. No, we are so much more than what has been seen in previous generations. The fires of deliverance have begun to burn in our nation and these awesome flames shall not be extinguished.

It is, perhaps, the most evil of all of the devil's assignments, that an arrangement has been made to allow members of the clergy to stand in pulpits under the sacrificial cross of Jesus Christ while such clergy proceed to tell their congregations that being involved in homosexuality is not a sin, but rather the act of two people who love and care for each other. This deception must be challenged by the true servants of the Lord because the eternal destiny of souls is on the line. With the Lord's help, I fully intend to battle against this deception and to contend for every lost soul trapped in the snare of sexual depravity.

All of my struggles, my pains, and my victories are stored in my journals. Today, I allow you to read an entry from my journal that I wrote nearly ten years ago when I was crying out to God to be delivered from homosexuality. Surely you can see that the Lord did not abandon me in such a humbled state. Indeed, He did for me exactly what His word promises. One of my favorite passages in the Bible that is a constant reminder to me that God will always do what He has promised to do according to His word is found in Romans 4:20-21: "Yet, with respect to the promise of God, he did not waver in unbelief but grew strong in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform." The Lord Jesus Christ granted me complete freedom from the very homosexuality that had kept me spiritually, mentally and physically crippled for thirty years.

Part 3: From The Journal of The Dark Days
Entry 1: Dated March 2, 1999

These are the words I wrote as I approached a place of near death. Infected with AIDS, battling the use of crystal meth and alone with no family, these words are the cries of a man who was dying and so very close to the fires of eternal hell.

"I am so sick. I am now closer to dying than ever. And I am pushing myself closer and closer to that point where I will no longer exist in this world. How does a forty year-old man learn those things that he should have learned as a child? I ask myself this day, can God teach me at this point in my life to learn what I should have learned as a child? Will He even answer me? I have sinned and sinned and sinned against God, against my fellow man, against myself. Why should God heal me from AIDS? Why should He do anything for me when I have refused to obey Him? I have been disloyal in every way to Him. I have been unfaithful to Him in every way. I don't know how to be faithful or loyal to Him. I don't know how. I never learned how. I ask Him to forgive me for all of these grievous sins and show me how to be obedient to Him. I need so many miracles. I have HIV. I am a compulsive homosexual. I am a compulsive drug addict. I am a criminal. I am a liar. I am dishonest. I am disloyal. I am a thief. I am lazy. There is nothing good in me. If there ever was a worse person, I don't know him. How does God do His will in a person like me? Oh, what a transforming miracle I need from Him. If He doesn't help me than I am doomed to die the failure that my parents created. I am all alone. O God be with me. I pray this day that He will appear to me and that He is with me and will work this out. Only God can help me now."
Dated: March 2, 1999

In the spring of 1999 you didn't have to ask me if I was dying. I looked the part and most people who dared to gaze at my emaciated body just assumed I was suffering from some terminal illness. In reality, I had been spiritually dead for many years and now my physical appearance was merely catching up to the coffin that my spiritual existence had been buried in for decades.

By the spring of 1999, I had been suffering for nearly two years with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. In 1997, my obsession with homosexuality and crystal meth had led me to become infected with the same deadly disease that had already killed millions of men who had given themselves over to the gay lifestyle. Added to the physical tortures that came with AIDS was the burden of knowing that I had never been able to overcome my involvement with homosexuality, no matter how many times I had tried.

In my journal entry from March 2, 1999, I was crying out to God to deliver me from the sorrows that had harassed me physically and spiritually for so many years. I had never wanted to be plagued with homosexuality and yet, like so many others have stated in our society, the homosexuality had been a part of my personality since childhood. I had first begun to experience homosexual desires at six years of age. For years I had pleaded with God to set me free from a desire that the Bible clearly calls a sin. Not just any sin, but a sin that the book of Revelation says will keep the person out of heaven forever if they practice it and refuse to repent.

When I began keeping my first journal in 1999, I was a classic spiritual misfit because of the homosexuality which had controlled my way of life. Prior to 1999, there were periods of time when I would renounce the homosexuality and give my all to follow God and go to church. When the homosexuality would control me, then I would cease to go to church. I was never one to engage in hypocrisy. It was either all homosexuality or all church, but never the mixing of the two. My conscience would never allow me to be involved in overt sin at the same time that I was sitting in the church and praising the Lord.

Little did I know that God was truly and intently listening to my prayers during all of those difficult years when I would scream out in the midnight hours for His help. Sometimes my heart would feel as if it was being seared with an acidic wounding as I pled for His help because I would interpret God's delays as denials of my requests. Of course, this tortured assumption on my part was the result of fear, rather than faith, controlling my beliefs about God.

Oftentimes, God's timing is not our timing. Thus, we think that God is not listening to our pleas as we continue to suffer. Many men and women who have prayed to God for deliverance from homosexuality have not recognized this critical reality. There is a time for everything under the sun. Unfortunately, most men and women who are practicing homosexuality, and who also claim an experience with Jesus Christ, have not waited for the timing of God's miraculous intervention. Inturn, they give up on God and give themselves permanently over to live a life of complete sexual depravity.

In 1999, God was about to intervene in my own life and answer the thousands of prayers I had prayed to be set free. His intervention intensified during the time when I was starting to feel the real affects of the AIDS virus. That was His time for me to begin the real battle for my freedom from homosexuality. God's timing is different for each man and woman. The sooner we understand that, the better off we will be in our respective journeys to freedom.

God's plan for bringing me out of homosexuality was not the same plan that I had envisioned. I was too fatigued in my life to have wanted any more suffering than what I had already been through. My own personal strength was not a concern to God when He began to take me through my deliverance. In fact, God was about to drain every drop of my own strength out of my life, leaving me mentally, physically and emotionally bankrupt. God didn't want me leaning on my own strength. He wanted me to learn to depend solely on Him as my deliverer, my strength and my comforter.

Deeper wounds and heavier sorrows, these were the realities that I encountered along the path that God was taking me on as I struggled through the afflictions of AIDS, homosexuality and drug addiction. There was nothing in my life that I found enjoyable at that point. And that is just the way that God wanted it. I was literally experiencing my own funeral, a funeral where the pleasures that I had previously experienced in homosexuality and drug use, were no longer viable. Someone once said that we only change what we can no longer tolerate. I have found that statement to be mighty true in my own life.

The Bible describes in Revelation 2:10 the full spectrum of the process that God brought me through in delivering me and granting me a permanent victory over homosexuality: "Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life."

To know God is to know suffering. It is the way of Jesus. That is why He was willing to go to the cross and die for us. The reward that comes at the end of the suffering far surpasses the pains caused by that same suffering. That is what the writer in Revelation is describing when he talks about the crown of life one receives if they remain faithful in the midst of the trial of suffering and the imprisonment to sin.

God tells us in His word that if we are to apprehend Him, then we must follow the same path that Christ took to the cross. The great difference between myself and those who are still in bondage to homosexuality is their attitude towards suffering in this life. The man who refuses to pick up his cross, or refuses to deny his flesh, will never be able to give up homosexuality. Homosexuality is completely selfish and self-serving. A person who is not willing to die to self, so that God can mold that person into a new creation, will never draw close enough to the Lord to be purified and changed into His image. Instead of being transformed into the image of Christ, that person will always remain a slave to sexual sins of the flesh.

I know that many people are looking to my life example of leaving the homosexual lifestyle as a sign of hope that men do overcome that sin. I know that I carry a tremendous responsibility in my assignment and I take that assignment very seriously. How I live my life in public is the same way that I live my life behind closed doors at home, one of obedience to the will of God. As I share my road to redemption with the readers of the Journal of James Hartline, I hope and pray that you will come to know the consuming satisfaction that I have come to know in living a life of complete abandonment to Jesus Christ, the eternal savior of all mankind.

This has been a published article from The Journal of James Hartline.
"Preparing For My Departure - But Running My Race Until I Leave!"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yes on Prop. 8 Donors Giving Millions and Millions of Dollars to Save Marriage in California

Supporters of Homosexuality Give $15,000-20,000 per day for No on 8 Campaign compared to $400,000 per day in contributions from Yes on 8 supporters. Expect voters to pass Prop. 8 by a 54-46% margin.

Campaign Contribution filings with the California Secretary of State reveal that supporters of Prop. 8, the California initiative to ban same-sex marriage in the California constitution. are beginning to overwhelm the homosexual contributers to the campaign to stop Prop. 8.
On average, nearly $400,000 per day is coming into the various Yes on Prop. 8 campaigns. It is estimated that members of the Mormon Church have agreed to contribute $10-15 million dollars to the campaign, which would explain the enormous number of large individual contributions that are flooding the Yes on Prop. 8 offices. With one million voting Mormons in California, the Yes on Prop. 8 campaign is guaranteed to get 20-25% of the votes needed to pass Prop. 8 on Nov. 4th from followers of the Mormon religion.

Count on the growing trend by moderate Democrats and Independets towards supporting the McCain-Palin ticket to have a positive impact on helping pass Prop. 8. Those that vote for the Republican ticket are going to support Prop. 8.

Millions of dollars has also been promised from the Catholic Church and its followers for passage of Prop. 8. Already the Knight of Columbus, which is one of the charity ministries within the Catholic Church, has contributed in excess of $1 million to the Yes on Prop. 8 campaign. Traditional Values Catholics make up an estimated 15% of the voting population in California. An additional 10% or more of moderate Catholics who tend to vote Democrat, will break ranks with their party and will support the Catholic Church's order to support Prop. 8.

Over 15,000 Evangelical volunteers are giving up their summer and fall vacations to help pass the Prop. 8 campaign. These volunteers are already on the move and are out in neighborhoods across California talking to moms and dads, husbands, wives, teachers, union members, Democrats, Republicans, Independents and others about the need to pass Prop. 8.

Over 2,000 California pastors have signed up to fight for the passage of Prop. 8. Expect nearly 50,000 evangelical churches throughout California to bring the Yes on Prop. 8 message to their neighborhoods in the biggest grassroots church effort in California history. Most Christians view this battle over gay marriage in California to be a declaration of war against Christianity and a war mentality is beginning to grip the hearts and minds of most Christians in California in ways not seen since the civil rights movement of the 1960's.

It is clear that this is the biggest grassroots movement in the history of California when it comes to fighting for the passage of a state wide proposition. This is even bigger than when Californias got fired up to pass Prop. 13, the property tax amendment.

On the other side of the fence, the gay advocates against Prop. 8 are equally fired up, but are not even remotely close when it comes to the Yes on Prop. 8 side and giving of money. Perhaps, $15-20 thousand dollars per day is coming in on the No on Prop. 8 side. Homosexuals, lesbians and transvestites usually never give much money when it comes to politics. They simply want the government to come in and force the gay agenda on society for them, without them paying a price for such sexual benefits.

At the end of the day, coming November 4, 2008 expect California to pass Prop. 8 by a 54-46% margin.

There is a recent event which gives a clear picture of where Californians are really at when it comes to forcing an unwanted legal action on the voting population. Californians are very giving when it comes to allowing people to do what they want, good or bad, in the privacy of their own homes. But when the courts and the government come in and force a behavior or a law on voters that citizens simply do not want or the government forces them to accept something that violates their faith, then voters will take action at the polls to rectify such dictatorical actions on the part of the government. And it is clear that homosexual advocates plan to sue churches to force them to hire homosexuals as pastors, Sunday School teachers and to marry them in church sanctuaries. Like the ACLU has done hundreds and hundreds of times, money hungry homosexual lawyers will sue churches to get money out of churches for not marrying homosexuals. Every pastor in California knows that this is coming and it has pastors and their congregations worried and angry.

It is worth noting that the California legislature would not allow a church exemption to be put in the homosexual addition to the the Unruh act. This was a clear indication two years ago when this law came down that the liberal, anti-christian forces in the California Legislature were laying the groundwork for future lawsuits against churches once gay marriage was sanctioned by the California Supreme Court. It was a dirty plan and Prop. 8 is the only solution to such unconstitutional acts by California's anti-christian, pro-gay government.

This recent event worth scutinizing is the battle over the Mt. Soledad Cross.

I was involved for several years in that battle and we ultimately prevailed. Despite the fact that gays, Democrats and atheists were determined to see the cross removed atop Mt. Soledad (the gay Democratic Club endorsed a no vote on saving the cross, as did the Democratic Party), voters in San Diego voted 76% - 24% to save the Mt. Soledad Cross and turn it over to the Federal government. This means Republicans, Democrats, Independents, every group across the board, were so insulted in the tyranny of a federal judge and the liberals on the San Diego City Council who were determined to removed the cross, that they revolted and saved the cross on election day. That cross is still there despite its enemies.

The same type of energy and anger is moving throughout the state of California in support of the Prop. 8 campaign. Voters of all types are angry that four activist judges on the California Supreme Court decided to legislate from the bench rather than upholding the will of 61% of California voters who voted in 2000 to pass Prop. 22, the law which makes marriage in California a covenant relationship between one man and one woman.

Those who decided to engage in homosexuality and lesbianism and then force their ideas of playing house on the vast majority of Californians who voted for Prop. 22 thanks to an unconstitutional ruling by four activist judges, have now angered the voters of California in the same way that 76% of San Diegans were angered when one federal judged attempted to tear down the Mt. Soledad Cross.

Evidence that multiple millions upon millions of dollars are flowing into the Yes on Prop. 8 coffers demonstrates that many voters who typically are quiet on the gay agenda issue are finally coming out of hiding to engage the culture on something as fundamental as passing a constitutional amendment that will protect the reality of what marriage really is: a covenant between one man and one woman. These pro-marriage voters are determined to save the historical significance of marriage from those who really want to do away with marriage and family altogether via their efforts to create a catstrophic society overrun with sexual anarchy and an oppresive government that holds the pieces of society together after such anarchists destroy it.

You can review the contributions to Prop. 8 by going to the California Secretary of State website: