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James Hartline To Appear On America's #1 Catholic Talk Radio Network

James Hartline is pleased to announce his upcoming appearance on America's #1 Catholic Talk Radio Network, Relevant Radio. Relevant Radio and The Drew Mariani Show will present James Hartline as he shares his story, "How I Overcame 30 Years of Homosexuality."

To hear the James Hartline nationwide interview on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008 at 3pm (pacific standard time): go to the Relevant Radio website and click the icon link that reads: Click Here to Listen Online

With an estimated audience of nearly 30 million listeners via 35 stations in major urban markets, affiliate stations and worldwide live on the internet, Relevant Radio is a major force in the Catholic, pro-family community.

Michigan Catholic Radio says this about The Drew Mariani Show:
Experience “life as you’ve never heard it” with The Drew Mariani Show, a daily four-hour afternoon drive-time program with down-to-earth sensibility and sharp insights, good humor and intelligence.
The Drew Mariani Show blends reality with strong moral and Catholic values complemented by sound orthodox teaching. This mix has been a hit with listeners. “Your show is absolutely right up my alley,” says Greg W. “It's got excellent, timely and relevant topics. Keep up the good work, Drew! You da man!”
Topics on The Drew Mariani Show explores a myriad of issues ranging from the contemporary to the traditional, covers current affairs, pop culture, and matters of faith, family, and finances in relationship to our Catholic moral standard and will offer an intersection of faith with personal and real life experience. Drew’s message? “Hosting a faith-based show doesn’t mean we have to limit our discussions to Scripture, encyclicals and feast days. Our faith and values extend into every area of our lives.”
Respected as an award-winning journalist, writer and broadcaster, Drew Mariani’s skills and talents are wide-ranging: he has produced everything from music videos to producer of international films and documentaries, and combines his experience, insight and entertaining wit to make any topic interesting. His skill as a journalist enables him to successfully interview guests and get to the heart of the matter.

The Biography of James Hartline

Publisher, California Christian News

James Hartline, Director of the Hillcrest Mission
A Christian Outreach to San Diego's Homosexual Community

Publisher, The James Hartline Report
San Diego's Leading Online Christian Activist Newsletter
Now Read Daily By Over 23,000 Concerned Citizens of Conviction

James Hartline is the leading voice for Christian activism in the San Diego, California area. James Hartline is the least likely man to change one of the largest cities in America, but that is exactly what he is doing. From closing over eight pornographic businesses in the last four years to fighting overt corruption within the radical homosexual agenda, James Hartline is definitely confronting the powers of immorality and political darkness in San Diego, California.

The effective and bold stand for godliness and common sense morality that James is making has earned him respect from Christians throughout the United States. It has also made him the target of vicious opposition from leaders of the leftist homosexual movement. In 2005, national news services like World Net Daily and LifeSite reported on a serious death threat made against James. Despite the fact that he continues to receive many anonymous death threats from members of the gay and atheist communities, James continues to stand up and to stand strong in his assignment to protect the youth of America. In 2005, the Gay and Lesbian Times, a popular San Diego homosexual newspaper, named James as its "Menace of the Year".

Because he was a victim of child abuse for fourteen years when he was a minor, James has taken on the mantle of being the number one advocate for protecting the children of San Diego from predators and child abusers. James considers the rampant sex industry within San Diego's gay community to be one of the biggest perpetrators of teen sex abuse. Subsequently, James uses his well-read online newsletter, The James Hartline Report, to confront and overcome the gay community's pornography industry. In 2005, the James Hartline Report was responsible for discovering that a multitude of convicted sex offenders were working for the San Diego Gay Pride organization. As a result of James Hartline's important work in exposing this child molester scandal, the San Diego City Council, for the first time in eleven years, refused to issue a citywide proclamation to honor the annual gay pride parade and festival.

The focus on exposing all corruption that is harming San Diego, California, has led James to target immorality in both liberal and conservative arenas. This has given him a credibility in the mainstream media that most Christian activists rarely achieve in today's partisan world. Many Christian and secular media sources have taken note of the stand that James continues to make for righteousness. In 2006, an international telecast of the 700 Club broadcast the life story of James. James Hartline has also been featured in San Diego NewsNotes, San Diego City Beat, San Diego Magazine, San Diego Reader and Vyuz Magazine. Interviews on James Lambert's Night Lights, Fox 6 News, KUSI News, the Paul McGuire Show, USA Radio and American Family Radio have made James Hartline one of America's top Christian Conservative trailblazers.

National recognition of his radical stand for Jesus Christ did not come easy for James Hartline. In fact, one Calvary Chapel pastor said of James several years ago, "He is a Lazarus, a man once dead!" In 1997, two critical events occurred in James' life which set the stage for the transforming work and ministry that he is now involved with. That year James was released from his fifth term in a state prison for a 1989 conviction for burglary, a crime he committed to support a deadly drug addiction. 1997 also saw James infected with the virus that causes AIDS. Up until that time James had also spent nearly thirty years in the homosexual lifestyle. It was during his involvement in the homosexual community that James was first introduced to intravenous drug use. These consuming and self-destructive behaviors led James to battle a grave mental illness and suicidal depression.

Truly, James should be dead, perhaps in hell. However, the living God decided to write a different ending to the script of the James Hartline story. God is in the business of taking society's misfits from the pits of horrible destruction and placing them in the palaces of overwhelming victory. Imagine the wonderous, real life story of a man who spent over nineteen years in prisons and mental hospitals who has been so radically changed by Christ that he recently helped lead the charge to prevent the cross atop the Mt. Soledad War Memorial from being torn down by the ACLU.

Today, James speaks at many churches, conferences, youth groups and civic events. He is a regular commentator on radio, television and in print publications, speaking on issues of moral consequences in America. His newsletter, the James Hartline Report, started with only twenty subscribers in 2003, but has now grown to over 23,000 daily readers. His JHReport Citizen Alerts have allowed thousands of Christians to contact their local political leaders to influence governmental policies on family values. James has created a group called the "Not On My Watch" Team which regularly speaks out at the San Diego City Council and the San Diego School District Board.

James Hartline knows what it is like to suffer disease, loneliness, imprisonment and bondage to homosexuality. That is why it has been the great pleasure of James to start a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry, the Hillcrest Mission. The Hillcrest Mission helps those struggling with the destructive aspects of homosexuality, the AIDS epidemic and other life threatening problems. The ministry also prays fervently for the sick and oppressed, and provides food and nutritional supplements free of charge to those in need.

One of the most important parts of the ministries of James Hartline has been a revolution in taking spiritual warfare right into the heart of those neighborhoods trapped in demonic captivity. The Hillcrest Mission conducts regular educational tours and prayer walks in different areas of San Diego. The result has been an ending of many destructive adult entertainment businesses inside of the gay community.

James is also a prolific writer and Bible teacher. His weekly email Bible class, In The Classroom of James Hartline, has influenced many readers with fresh insights in spiritual warfare, as well as Biblical answers to overcoming some of life’s greatest difficulties. Recently, James authored and self-published his first powerful testimonial booklet, "After The Gay Life Isn't Gay Anymore." With an unshakeable faith and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, James Hartline has the potential to be used by God to help many who are struggling to overcome homosexuality, AIDS, drug use, mental illness and other life-controlling issues. In these last days, there is going to be a major move of God sweeping through homosexual communities around America. Great prophets of God will be birthed in this mighty move of the Holy Spirit. James Hartline has firmly planted his feet in the midst of this move, volunteering his life up to God, as a catalyst for this revival.

You can schedule interviews with James Hartline by contacting him via the following information:
Office Telephone (619) 757-1295

If you wish to correspond with James Hartline or wish to make a contribution to his ministry, The Hillcrest Mission, you can do so by mail.

Mailing Address:
James Hartline
c/o The Hillcrest Mission
P.O. Box 632763
San Diego, CA. 92163
Contributions to The Hillcrest Mission are tax-deductible. The Hillcrest Mission is a registered 501(c) 3 organization.

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Revival? Yes. But if the wicked continue to reject the promptings of the Holy Spirit, I think that real Christians should collectively pray that the Lord will soon do whatever He has to do to stop or at least slow down the same worldwide flood of perversion! BTW, Googling "Obama Supports Public Depravity" is something everyone should do. Sharon