Friday, September 26, 2008

Listen To Audio Archive of James Hartline on National Broadcast of The Drew Mariani Show.

You can now listen to the audio archive of James Hartline being interviewed on the national broadcast of the Drew Mariani Show.
Go to and The Drew Mariani Show and click on the following link to listen to the broadcast:
Click on Hour 3

Listen to this exciting nationwide broadcast and learn how James Hartline completely left homosexuality after being involved in the homosexual lifestyle for over thirty years.

Leaving homosexuality is possible -- If obeying God is your highest priority! Each man and each woman must decide what their highest priorities in life are.

There is God's plan and there is man's plan. At the end of one's life, each person will go before God, whether you like it or not, and you will give an account to God as to whether or not you chose God's way of living. Always, Always, Always, CHOOSE WISELY! Why? Because when you die and go before the Lord, you will not get a second chance to go back to earth and do it all over again. This is it!


David Fisher-Downtown said...

James said,
“There is God's plan and there is man's plan. At the end of one's life, each person will go before God,”

I am very grateful that my God and I work together as a team. We are on this journey called life together. Waiting until after death to give a report on what I did with my life is not an option. I go before God EVERY day; we work as a team. Planet earth is merely a port of call and I know the itinerary beyond for eternity.

My God is not concerned with sexual orientation. He did not place me on this earth to help replenish the earth. He put me here to make the earth a better place for those who will visit this planet later; which I am doing in my own unique way.

Waiting until after death on this earth to meet your God is a horrible way to live. A God worth believing in is a God worth knowing and meeting today, not tomorrow. My God is a living God, not a God that exists only in the pages of scripture.

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely day in Evansville.