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James Hartline Ministries - Ten Years of Victory Over AIDS and Homosexuality

Having survived AIDS, overcome 30 years of homosexuality, drug abuse, imprisonment for being a thief and many other life difficulties and sins, James Hartline has used the last ten years of his life ministering to thousands of men, women and teenagers with the love and power of Jesus Christ. This video is photographic evidence from ten years of ministry and proof that God still uses the most unlikely men and women to declare that Jesus Christ is still Lord of heaven and earth. You too, just lke James, can overcome the sin of homosexuality, drug abuse and you can also get strength from God for overcoming the sickness of AIDS. The music in this video is provided by a very good friend of James Hartline by the name of Dwayna Litz. Her smash hits The Prize and Place of Surrender are now available on her website at

The Chronicles of Sodom - Ex-Gay James Hartline Issues Prophetic Warning in 2004 about child abuse in San Diego's gay community that proved to be true

In one of his early speeches before the San Diego City Council, former homosexual James Hartline warns San Diego about the dangerous attempts by the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center to harm the kids of his city. This 2004 televised speech by James served as a prophetic warning of what was coming against the kids of San Diego due to the sexual perversions being forced on young minors by the government funded San Diego LGBT Center. Sure enough, just a few years later, Republican homosexual activist Carl DeMaio was elected to the city council to represent the District 5 area. It was in DeMaio's district that Chelsea King and Amber Dubois were raped and murdered by a known sex offender. The city council still refuses to take action against their political partners in the gay community who are mxing very young teens with grown adults in perverted sexual activities. The following year after James Hartline issued his 2004 prophetic warning, he reported on the 2005 San Diego Gay Pride pedo