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JHReport Citizen's Alert - Radical Judges On California Ballot - Christian Voter Guide For State Judical Elections

The James Hartline Report
- Citizen's Alert -
October 31, 2006

Radical Judges On California Ballot
Declare War On California's Family Values

Look What The Radical Judges Just Did In New Jersey:
And Voters Will Receive A Prophetic Look At What Is
Coming To California Via State Judicial Activism
All seven member of the New Jersey State Supreme Court
ruled that the New Jersey Legislature must grant marriage rights
to homosexual couples.

Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans For Truth, reports that all seven members of the New Jersey Supreme Court were nominated by former homosexual Governor James McGreevey or homosexual Log Cabin Republican supporter Governor Christine Todd Whitman.

Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman with
homosexual activist Patrick Guerrero at the 2005
national convention of the radical Log Cabin Republicans.
Click here for the unbelievable photos of this
Republican governor's involvement with this group:

Former homosexual New Jersey Governor James McGreevey
with good friend Bill Clinton. McGreevey resigned after being
exposed for betraying his wife by having a sexual affair
with another gay male.

November 7, 2006: Will The Voters Of California
Affirm The Most Radical Group Of Judges In
United States History?

Here Are The Judicial Choices On The Nov. Ballot:

California Supreme Court: Vote NO!

Joyce L. Kennard - A radical liberal, Republican appointee, Joyce L. Kennard has already stated that she approves of same-sex marriages. Kennard's grievous rulings on behalf of the abortion industry seem to know no boundaries. She voted to throw out the Parental Notification law, thus depriving parents of the right to know if their minor daughters are getting abortions. Vote No!

Carole A. Corrigan - The Gay and Lesbian Times stated that Corrigan is perhaps the first lesbian appointed to California's Supreme Court when liberal Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed her to the state's highest court in January of 2006. Both Corrigan and Kennard voted with the majority on the Calif. Supreme Court in a recent 7-0 vote to uphold a Berkeley, Calif. city ordinance that ordered the Sea Scouts to accept homosexuality around their little boys or vacate their charity status in the city. Vote No!

Associate Justice Court of Appeals - Fourth Appellate District

Divison One - Presiding Justice Judith McConnell
Vote NO:

Judith McConnell - McConnell is perhaps, the single most radical justice in California. Originally appointed by leftist Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, McConnell was recommended to the Fed. Court of Appeals by Pres. Bill Clinton and nominated by Sen. Barbara Boxer. In 2001, Gray Davis nominated her to the Court of Appeals. McConnell is simply a radical, pro-homosexual judicial activist who made one of the most notorious anti-family rulings in U.S. history. In the case of Betty Lou Batey, a born-again Christian mother who divorced her husband for being involved in homosexuality: McConnell granted child custody to the homosexual partner of Batey's husband after he died of AIDS. When Batey's husband died, Judge McConnell granted custody of their daughter to the deceased husband's living gay lover instead of Mrs. Batey because Mrs. Batey told the court that she felt homosexuality was a sin (http://www.flashreport.org/blog0a.php?postID=2006101314115045&authID=2005091915442370). Voters must Vote NO on returning McConnell back to the Court of Appeals.

Division One - Seat One - Patricia D. Benke
Vote NO:

Patricia D. Benke - Another radical, pro-abortion liberal appointed to the Appellate Court by former Republican Gov. Deukmejian. Benke ruled against pro-lifers in one of the most notorious San Diego abortion cases in U.S. history (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=36787). Benke ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood attorney James McElroy to force USJF pro-life attorneys to pay nearly $100,000 in bogus fees when the pro-life attorneys filed a lawsuit to protect young girls who were getting abortions at Planned Parenthood clinics (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=37440). Benke must be rejected by voters on November 7, 2005. Vote NO!

Division One - Seat 2 - Richard D. Huffman

Richard D. Huffman - Justice Huffman, appointed by former Gov. Deukmejian, has made a recent ruling that was very favorable for pro-life and traditional family values. In the recent case of Benitez v. North Coast Women's Care Medical Group, Inc. et al., Justice Huffman, in a 3-0 ruling, ruled that doctors at the clinic did not have to impregnate a lesbian under their treatment (http://www.casp.net/benitez.html). In supporting the religious views of the doctors, Huffman and the appellate court supported the physicians' right to deny impregnating unmarried couples because it violated their Biblical beliefs. Justice Huffman's support for Christian values in this case is a clear reason to reelect him to the court on Nov. 7, 2006. Vote YES!

Division One - Seat 3 - Judith Haller
Vote NO:

Judith Haller - One of the most radical and liberal supporters of abortion in the California judiciary. Appointed by former liberal Republican Gov. Pete Wilson, Haller ruled against pro-lifers in one of the most notorious San Diego abortion cases in U.S. history (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=36787). Haller ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood attorney James McElroy to force USJF pro-life attorneys to pay nearly $100,000 in bogus fees when the pro-life attorneys filed a lawsuit to protect young girls who were getting abortions at Planned Parenthood clinics (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=37440). All voters must reject Haller's reelection to the appellate court. Vote NO!

Division Three - Seat 4 - Cynthia G. Aaron
Vote NO:

Cynthia G. Aaron - Another radical appointment by former Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, Cynthia G. Aaron was recently honored by the radical liberal group, the American Jewish Committee, whose board of trustees include radicals Bob Filner, Lynn Shenk and gay pride participant Sheriff Bill Kolender, as well as lesbian boardmember Bonnie Dumanis. This group lists as speakers for its leadership program, leftist Congresswoman Susan Davis, embryonic stem cell advocate Joe Panetta of BIOCOM, and radical San Diego City Councilman Scott Peters (http://www.ajcsandiego.org/). The American Jewish Committee has been fighting aggressively for the removal of the Ten Commandments from public squares and is a major proponent of the illgotten "separation of church and state" ideology (http://www.ajc.org/site/c.ijITI2PHKoG/b.836823/k.76DA/ChurchState_Relations.htm). Aaron has already made a major ruling in a lesbian libel case and will continue to be a dangerous judge making rulings hostile to traditional family values. All voters must reject Cynthia G. Aaron. Vote NO!

Division One - Seat 5 - Joan K. Irion
Vote NO:

Joan K. Irion - Appointed by Democratic former Gov. Gray Davis, Irion is sure to continue the radical rulings for abortion and gay rights that other Davis appointees have been handing down. Voters should reject Irion on Nov. 7, 2006. Vote NO!

Divsion Two - Seat 1 - Art W. McKinster
Vote NO:

Art W. McKinster- Appointed by former Gov. Deukmejian, on surface McKinster is not that radical, until a deeper review of his rulings is demonstrated. McKinster's ruling to uphold a $1.4 million jury verdict on behalf of a strip club in 1993 demonstrates that this justice is not interested in protecting society from the adult entertainment industry. The case involving The Flesh Club in San Bernardino, was notorious for the court intervening in the right of a local government to restrict businesses it deems a public nuisance. McKinster, in siding with the strip club, ruled that laws restricting adult entertainment, are unconstitutional (http://www.freespeechcoalition.com/FSCView.asp?coid=865). This perverted-minded judge should be voted down on Nov. 7, 2006. Vote NO!

Division Two - Seat 2 - Betty A. Richli
Vote YES:

Betty A. Richli - Appointed by Gov. Pete Wilson, Justice Richli has mostly been conservative in her rulings. Recent rulings to protect student's and parent's privacy by declaring a state law unconstitutional which had allowed the names of minor students to be publicly disclosed when the student is expelled from school was a fair ruling to protect parental/child rights. Richli has also ruled in favor of the strength of marijuana drug laws. She has ruled that police officers cannot sue for defamation of character when they are falsely accused, a ruling not too favorable with law enforcement. Overall Justice Richli should be returned to the bench on Nov. 7, 2006. Vote YES!

Division Two - Seat 3 - Jeffrey King
Vote NO:

Jeffrey King - Appointed by liberal Gov. Gray Davis, King gave $450 to radical, abortion-extremist Democrat Congressman Joe Baca in 2002 for his congressional campaign (http://herndon2.sdrdc.com/cgi-bin/dcdev/forms/C00325449/68240/sa/11A1). King should be soundly rejected for reelection on Nov. 7, 2006. Vote NO!

Division Two - Seat 4 - Douglas P. Miller
Vote NO:

Douglas P. Miller - As a recent appointment to the Appellate Court by Gov. Schwarzenegger, there is no confidence in any Schwarzenegger appointment with regards to abortion or homosexual issues. Schwarzenegger has not appointed anyone who supports a pro-life or pro-traditional marriage inclination. Additionally, Miller spent a great deal of his educational and teaching history with BYU, thus his prejudicial tempremant towards Mormonism could be a problem for those who are strict Christian traditionalists. Vote No on Miller on Nov. 7, 2006. Vote NO!

Division Three - Seat 1 - Kathleen O'Leary
Vote NO:

Kathleen O'Leary - Appointed by former California Democratic Governor Gray Davis, there is no doubt that O'Leary will rule in favor of the radical abortion and gay lobbies whenever those issues come before her court. O'Leary should be soundly rejected by voters. Vote NO!

Division Three - Seat 2 - Raymond J. Ikola
Vote NO:

Raymond J. Ikola - As an apointee to the Appellate Court by Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, Ikola has made controversial rulings on illegal immigrants and video camera survelliance issues vs. free speech. Ikola has the potential to make very dangerous rulings and should be rejected by voters. Vote NO!

"And I charged your judges at that time, saying, 'Hear the causes
between your brethren, and judge righteously between every man
and his brother, and the stranger that is with him.' "
Deuteronomy 1:16

This information has been provided by The James Hartline Report
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I Am Making My Stand! Are You?

James Hartline, Publisher
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Monday, October 30, 2006

San Diego's Political Wars: Cronyism, Bigotry & Corruption Mar East San Diego County School Board Race

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
October 30, 2006

- San Diego's Political Wars -

Cronyism, Bigotry and Corruption
Mar Grossmont School Board Race:

East San Diego County Old Boys Network Launches
Smear Campaign Against Prominent Christian Woman
To Hold Onto Power In GUHSD Educational System

Jim Kelly, GUHSD boardmember
and source of turmoil and cronyism
allegations in the Grossmont School District.

Priscilla Schreiber:
Well Known Christian boardmember
of the GUHSD who has been the target
of bigotry and a smear campaign
by a corrupt Old Boys Network in
East San Diego County.

(JHRexclusive) Two emails being circulated by Bill Wells, a member of the El Cajon, California, Planning Commission, are generating outrage among Christians in San Diego County, due to the fact that one of them contains a vicious attack against one of California's most prominent Christian elected officials. Priscilla Schreiber, the senior boardmember of the Grossmont Union High School District, has a renowned and respected reputation for standing up for Christian values in the political arena. Several years ago, Schreiber made such a bold stand for Christianity in El Cajon, California, that radical elements of the homosexual agenda were driven from the school board that she is now a member of (http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/education/20020314-9999_1m14protest.html). Additionally, Mrs. Schreiber has for years, given financially to a multitude of organizations to help needy children, AIDS patients, pregnant women and Bible students.

Schreiber's valiant stand for moral values on behalf of the students under her jurisdiction has caused her to be the target of many serious threats made by the homosexual community. However, it is not members of the radical left that are now attacking Mrs. Schreiber. Instead, the new attacks against Schreiber are being launched by a group of East San Diego County men who are more interested in holding onto power and self-serving prestige, than upholding the Christian values that they publicly purport to believe in. Their main complaint against Schreiber: she would not "tow their line" and endorse their handpicked cronies for a school board race on the November ballot.

The tragic aspect to Bill Wells attacking Schreiber is that he attends Skyline Church, the same church as Schreiber! Bill Wells is also President of the Grossmont Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee, a group responsible for overseeing audits and public information related to Prop. H, a massive $274 million school bond measure passed by district voters in 2004. Wells may have committed legal and ethical violations for using his official titles when sending out the emails. As a member of the bond oversight committee, Wells is bound by law to remain politically neutral in his official capacity on that committee (http://www.guhsd.net/construction/cboc.php). Due to the fact that the bond oversight committee is responsible for overseeing funds distributed to several schools in the Grossmont District, it is extremely problematic that Wells is interjecting himself in his official capacity on the committee into any school board race in that district (http://www.guhsd.net/construction/ballottext.php).

The City of San Diego has had its share of political corruption in that last two years. The resignation of a mayor, three indicted council members for taking bribes, and a pension scandal that has seen several others charged with crimes, has the entire country focusing on America's Most Troubled City (http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/probe/20050720-9999-1n20council.html). The corruption beginning to manifest in East San Diego County, in particular, the Grossmont School District elections, may eventually dwarf the San Diego city problems. Corrosive tenacles extending out of this school board election have now been attached to a prominent Christian ministry, the local Republican Party, and numerous other cash-hungry citizens who have financial interests in the outcome of the race.

Abusing Christ For Political Gain:
The Betrayal of the San Diego County Christian Coalition

When political cronyism finds a way to infiltrate local churches there will be tremendous turmoil and corruption within those various churches, not to mention the potential legal ramifications. An unholy alliance which has developed between the San Diego County Christian Coalition and a small group of San Diego County Republican leaders has created a catastrophic moral disaster for the hundreds of congregations that have had the Christian Coalition Family Values Voter Guides distributed inside of their churches. There is no doubt at all that the San Diego County Christian Coalition has departed from its ministerial mission and has now become an unclean arm of the local Republican Party.

What most Christian voters do not realize is that the San Diego County Christian Coalition has become so overrun with political bias, that the organization is now listed as an official San Diego County Republican Club (http://www.sandiegorepublicans.org/clubs/):

Republican ClubsOur Republican clubs are a great place to go to get involved with fellow Republican volunteers in your community.

Christian Coalition of San Diego
7675 University AvenueLa Mesa, CA 91941(619) 235-8683

Clearly, the San Diego Christian Coalition is nothing more than a co-opted organism of the local GOP. With tremendous ethical and legal implications, Don Smith, Director of the San Diego Christian Coalition, has turned his ministry into a manipulative tool that places GOP-friendly documents inside of churches with the intent of influencing churchgoers to vote for Republican-endorsed candidates. This disgraceful method leaves other Christian candidates out in the cold when it comes to the Family "Values" Voter Guide.

The James Hartline Report has uncovered an enourmous reservoir of evidence that demonstrates that the San Diego County Christian Coalition is using its voter guides to manipulate church attendees into supporting only those candidates that the local Republican Party has endorsed. In true corruptive fashion, Don Smith has placed his deceptive guides in hundreds of churches throughout San Diego County, giving an unfair advantage to Republican candidates, some who are not even friendly to the very churches being given the voter guides.

Take for example the current voter guide's information on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (www.familyvoterinfo.org/PDFs/6gVGWebAll.pdf). Legislation signed by Schwarzenegger in 2004 made it far more difficult for parents to find out if their minor daughters were getting abortions. The bill, SB1313, removed volunteers at abortion clinics from being mandatory reporters of girls who may have been raped or molested when these same girls come in for abortions. Yet, the Family Values Voter Guide (Page 1) states that Schwarzenegger is for parental notification on the minor/abortion issue. The Family Values Voter Guide also misleads voters on Schwarzenegger's position on marriage, making it appear that the governor is opposed to gay marriage, by stating that he believes marriage should only be between one man and one woman.. This could not be farther from the truth. Schwarzenegger has signed numerous bills which promote radical homosexuality to the detriment of traditional marriage. He has also appointed Carole A. Corrigan, a lesbian justice to the California Supreme Court, making it very likely that the liberal court will legalize same-sex marriage (http://www.theconservativevoice.com/article/19521.html).

Smith's use of the voter guides to help the local Republican Party's endorsed candidates for the Grossmont High School District race is perhaps the most blatant example of his gross misues of the voter guide. In the current Family Values Voter Guide, it appears that Smith intended to influence the race for the Grossmont School Board to benefit the local GOP-endorsed candidates (www.familyvoterinfo.org/PDFs/6gVGWebAll.pdf) Page 4.

Smith's voter guide game is one of the most obscene violations of campaign ethics in recent memory. The local GOP has endorsed three candidates for this particular race, current GUHSD boardmember Jim Kelly and two newcomers, Robert Shield and Shari Groce. Smith conveniently left the other Republican candidate, Dick Hoy, completely off the voter guide (http://www.votehoy.com/). Without giving Hoy's name the same recognition access in the churches where the voter guides are being distributed, Smith has given an unethical and unfair advantage for the GOP-endorsed candidates.

Smith may attempt to say that Hoy's name was left off of the voter guide because he did not fill out the questionnaire. That answer will not hold up during inquiries by campaign ethics investigators. Particularly, in light of the fact that numerous candidates, both Democrat and Republican, did not respond to the voter guide questionnaire, but their names are still listed in the voter guide.

This is not the first time that Don Smith has pulled this reprehensible stunt. When radical pro-homosexual Republican Steve Francis was the local GOP-endorsed candidate for mayor of San Diego in 2005, Smith refused to put out a voter guide, even though the Prop. A - Mt. Soledad Cross initiative was on the ballot. Smith, who had endorsed Francis, apparently did not want Francis' radical views publicized in the churches. Earlier this year, when the local GOP had endorsed pro-abortion candidate Brian Bilbray in the 50th Congressional race, Smith completely left Bill Hauf off of his voter guide. Hauf, a favorite of conservatives, may have beaten Bilbray, but his name never made it into the churches like Bilbray's did, thanks to Smith's voter guide corruption.

What makes the absence of Dick Hoy on the voter guide in the GUHSD race all the more disturbing, is that Hoy is a born-again Christian and a Republican. Hoy's biography reveals that he has been a member of College Avenue Baptist Church for thirty years, as well as a Sunday School teacher for years in that same church (http://votehoy.com/bio.html). Hoy would have been a primary name to be included in any Christian Coalition voter guide. Yet, because he is not a Republican-endorsed candidate, his name was left off.

The absence of Hoy's name in a race that also includes Jim Kelly, the board president of the Grossmont High School District, takes cronyism to a new level. Kelly is also the San Diego County Republican Party's Recruitment Committee Chair: in other words, Kelly is responsible for recruiting new candidates for the county GOP (http://www.sandiegorepublicans.org/about/board/). The incestuous relationship between Don Smith, the Christian Coaltion, which is listed as a Republican Party Club, and Kelly, the Republican Party's candidate recruitment chief, is being well played out in this school board race.

The other GOP-endorsed candidate in the Grossmont race, Shari Groce, has also become the focus of a number of corruption allegations. Several GOP insiders have told the James Hartline Report that Groce has given false information as to who induced her to run for the school board. On three different occasions, they alledge, Groce named three separate individuals each time as the person who motivated her to get into the race. Another prominent Republican leader has claimed that Groce stated to them that she had donated $100 to Debbie Beyer's campaign for the 77th State Assembly Race. It turns out that that was also a fraudulent statement by Groce. Groce did give $100 to Beyer's opponent, Joel Anderson, who is also now listed on Groce's endorsement list (http://www.groce2006.com/).

During an important endorsement meeting with the local California Republican Assembly, whose state group gave over $30,000 to Joel Anderson's campaign, Shari Groce was brought in to be endorsed by the group (http://www.californiarepublicanassembly.com/news.htm?news_id=1&start=0&category_id=&parent_id=&arcyear=&arcmonth=).

California Republican Assembly Endorsements for 2006 General Election:

Grossmont Union High School District
Jim Kelly, Shari Groce and Robert Shield

Dick Hoy has told the James Hartline Report that he received the information that there was a CRA endorsement meeting for the race, less than 48 hours before the meeting, thus making it impossible for him to attend. The same people that arranged for the Groce endorsement with CRA also brought Groce to a large San Diego church meeting to discuss ballot initiatives without Dick Hoy or any of the other candidates for the race being present at the meeting. This illegal move was clearly intended to give Groce an unfair advantage. Those same individuals who engaged in this Groce-Church escapade are also on Groce's endorsement list (http://www.groce2006.com/).

East San Diego County's Old Boys Network:
Dirty Campaign Tricks Take Precedence Over Schools' Kids

Allgegations of cronyism and corruption in the East San Diego County GOP and the GUHSD school board race are swirling about like a tornado. The James Hartline Report has acquired documents which now turn allegations into facts. In a Sept. 7, 2006 letter published in the San Diego Union Tribune, Dick Hoy made it clear that he is committed to the Republican Party, but that he would not be submitting himself to the policies of party chairman Ron Nehring who has been the promoter of numerous anti-christian candidates for San Diego County races (http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20060907/news_lz2e7letters.html). Hoy describes himself as a faithful and committed member of his church (http://votehoy.com/views.html), thus there would obviously be a conflict between Hoy and the anti-christian bigotry of both Nehring and Party Candidate Recruitment Chair/candidate Jim Kelly.

Dick Hoy's independence from GOP leadership liberals quickly earned him the endorsement of several powerful pro-christian Republican leaders, such as Larry Urdahl, Priscilla Schreiber, and La Mesa City Councilmembers Dave Allen and Ernie Ewin (http://www.cityoflamesa.com/Government/CityCouncil.htm). However, it has only been Priscilla Schreiber, a fellow Grossmont School Board member, who has become the target of vicious and degenerate attacks by Kelly and other cronies within the East San Diego County GOP Old Boys Network. Several attendees from a recent GOP club meeting in East San Diego County contacted the James Hartline Report to complain of a speech made by Jim Kelly where he personally attacked only Schreiber. Another woman's club in the area had members report the same type of speech by Kelly when he spoke before them as well.

That is what makes the attacks that have been launched against Schreiber by Bill Wells, Jim Kelly and their fellow cronies especially despicable. It is clear that gender bigotry has been at the heart of the vicious attacks against Schreiber. Schreiber did endorse Ken Sobel, a Democrat for the GUHSD race (http://www.electkensobel.com/). But then so did Republicans Urdahl, Ewin and Allen, as well as other GOP elected school boardmembers Bob Duff and Penny Halgren. Yet, it has been Schreiber, who has been the focus of a filthy smear campaign by Kelly and his corrupt political partners. Numerous local Republican Party members and candidates have expressed to the James Hartline Report, instances of threats and coercion by Kelly in his efforts to control, not only the Grossmont School Board, but also candidates who are seeking GOP support for their campaigns. The word conveyed from many of these individuals is that if they do not comply with Kelly's demands, then they will be denied support from the local GOP.

East County GOP Leaders Need To Be Reminded:
Gender Bigotry Is Not Part Of The "Family Values" Platform

HOWARD LIPIN / Union-Tribune
Grossmont school board President Jim Kelly,
a one-time Baptist minister, speaking for
Gary Cass' Reclaiming America Conference in 2005.
Now Cass & Kelly have launched a gender-bigoted
campaign against Priscilla Schreiber.

Rev. Gary Cass: after abandoning San Diego
for a ministry in Florida, the former
GUHSD board member is still attempting
to control East San Diego politics.
Cass is the source of a vicious and bigoted
letter attacking Priscilla Schreiber.
(c)photo: Union Tribune

As the President of the Grossmont Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee, Bill Wells is contracturally bound to remain non-partisan. Clearly, however his relationship with Jim Kelly, who he had previously shared a business headquarters with, is not remaining neutral in his bid to help Kelly. This is cronyism in hire gear. Not only has Wells been on a tear to support Kelly by using his title as President of the Bond Oversight Committee in his electioneering emails, but he may have violated law in doing so. That really is a secondary factor in this race though, It is a second mass email that Wells sent out that truly is a degrading spectacle of foul play.

In the second email that Wells sent out, he inserted a letter from Gary Cass, a former pastor of a local El Cajon congregation, who abandoned his church to take a job in Florida with Reclaim America. Cass' former local church is now shut down. In that letter, Cass performs a disgusting act of gender bigotry by claiming that Schreiber's endorsement of Sobel was the result of her having a "root of bitterness" towards Kelly. At no time does Cass attack any of the other male Republicans that endorsed Sobel, only the female Schreiber. The following is an excerpt from the Rev. Cass/Bill Wells degrading attack email against Schreiber:

-----Original Message-----From: Bill Wells [mailto:billwellssd@cox.net]Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 12:30 AMTo: billwellssd@cox.netSubject: An Important Message for Republicans
Please read the following message from Dr. Gary Cass regarding the important election in the Grossmont Union High School District....

Dear Friends:
Reluctantly, because of the confusing events of last week, I feel compelled to enter into the controversy which is Grossmont Union High School District politics. I know and care for all the parties involved, but here is what I believe all my conservative friends deserve need to know.
Why did Priscilla Schreiber endorse the liberal teacher union candidates and not the three conservatives, Jim Kelly, Shari Groce and Rob Shield? In my opinion, based on my insider information, the short answer is a root of bitterness.
Pricilla's new friends on the left are working hard to elect at least one liberal so Priscilla can have her way in Grossmont. Ken Sobel, a labor union lawyer, endorsed by Priscilla, the Democratic Party and Grossmont Education Association, is as liberal as Ted Crooks who was recently repudiated by the voters for his left wing radical agenda. Ken Sobel is effectively the new Ted Crooks.
Vote for those who truly represent your values: Vote for Jim Kelly, Shari Groce and Rob Shield. Turn out is absolutely critical this election cycle. Remind all your friends to value their vote, vote their values!
Dr. Gary Cass
Former Grossmont Union High School Board Member

Well's email containing this repugnant attack by Rev. Cass against Mrs. Schreiber has been circulated to hundreds of Republican voters in San Diego County. Most of the recepients of this email who have contacted the James Hartline Report have said they are disgusted with Cass and Wells. The slogan by Cass, "vote their values" is especially repulsive. Cass never mentions all of the other Republicans that have endorsed Ken Sobel in the race. The fact that so many Republicans are endorsing a Democrat in the race should tell most voters something about the lack of confidence and respect these other Republican leaders have for Kelly and his croney crew out in East San Diego County.

One GOP activist best sums up the attacks against Mrs. Schreiber by the East San Diego Old Boys Network:

"Priscilla Schreiber is one of our own, and any bully or bullies
that picks on our Christian sister, will have every Christian brother
of hers in San Diego to contend with!"

This information has been provided by The James Hartline Report.
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James Hartline, Pubisher
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

San Diego Gay Pride Mayor Rejects Christian Values - But Wants Christian Voters To Approve His Business Propositions On November Ballot

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
October 24, 2006

San Diego Gay Pride Mayor Rejects Christian Values,
But Now He Wants Christians Voters To Approve
His Business Propositions On November Ballot:
Many Christians Outraged At Mayor Sanders' Continuous
Promotion Of Gay Pride Agenda Over Their Family Values

Mayor Jerry Sanders riding in the 2006 Gay Pride Parade
with City of San Diego Official Emblem on his vehicle

(JHR) San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, who has an extensive history of promoting the more radical elements of the anti-christian gay agenda, is now asking the citizens of his city, which includes hundreds of thousands of Christian voters, to approve his business plan propositions on the November-2006 ballot. In July of this year, Sanders rode in his eighth San Diego Gay Pride Parade in a vehicle that featured the official seal of the City of San Diego (http://htfttf.com/sdgaypride2006/pages/Sanders_jpg.htm). That parade featured scores of pornographic participants including men who dressed up as sexualized nuns to mock the Catholic Church (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=52103).

Christians and Catholics throughout San Diego expressed outrage at how their faith was trampled on during that homosexual parade and festival. Much of that anger is being openly directed at the mayor who participated in the event.

Earlier this summer, news services around the nation reported on how a large number of Christian activists were rebuked by the San Diego City Council when the Christians spoke out in opposition to a proclamation issued by the city to honor the San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival (http://www.sdnewsnotes.com/ed/articles/2006/0609no.htm). During a contentious hearing on July 25, 2006, nearly thirty of the Christians in attendance where subjected to repeated verbal assaults by leaders of the homosexual community and the city councilmembers who supported the gay pride proclamation. Mayor Sanders, in complete agreement with those who supported the gay pride proclamation, prooceeded to ride in the parade.

At a press conference that opened up the 2006 gay pride festivities, Sanders continued his propaganda campaign on behalf of gay community leaders by telling homosexual activists present at the event, that the city of San Diego benefited greatly from the infusion of cash brought in by the annual homosexual festival (http://www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=7856&terms=jerry,sanders).

Since being voted in as mayor of San Diego, Sanders has promoted homosexuals and lesbians into some of the highest positions of power in the city, including the appointment of lesbian Tracy Jarman as the city's fire chief (http://www.365gay.com/Newscon06/06/062106sdfire.htm). While Christians make up the vast majority of the city's population, and homosexuals only a small portion, Sanders has not named any prominent Christians to any top posts in his administration. The message of religious discrimination in Sanders' agenda could not be more pronounced.

There is no mistaking Mayor Sanders' message to the hundreds of Christian churches in the city of San Diego: Sanders is determined to replace Biblical morality in the city of San Diego with the sexualized standards of radicalized homosexuality.

However, the mayor has now gotten himself into quite a predicament. While the mayor is desperate to see his business plans implemented in the city via two propositions on the November ballot, he is now being forced to plead for support from the same Christian voters that he has repeatedly degraded and disrespected during his gay pride escapades.

Perhaps Sanders was not thinking through his need for the city's many Christian voters when he has made his numerous stops at the vehemently anti-christian Gay and Lesbian Center to participate in their various immoral functions. In fact, the many high level gay activists that Sanders has hired to work in his administration are continuing to mesh the mayor's office with the Gay and Lesbian Center. The following article was recently published in the Gay and Lesbian Times which documents the continuous and politically incestuous relationship between the mayor's office and the radicalized Gay and Lesbian Center:

Openly GLBT Members of Mayoral Staff Speak at Community Coalition Breakfast"
"The (Gay) Center's LGBT Community Coalition Breakfast will feature
some of the openly gay members of Mayor Jerry Sanders' staff
on Friday, Oct. 20, from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m.
at The Center, located at 3909 Centre St. in Hillcrest.
Speakers will include Fred Sainz, director of communications and
press secretary to Mayor Sanders; Jeff Gattas, director of council affairs;
and George Biagi, deputy press secretary."
"This will be a unique opportunity to hear what it is really like to be an out LGBT
staffer in an elected official's office, and specifically in the office of the mayor
of San Diego," said Sean Wherley, public policy director for The Center.
"They will also share how their being out impacts their work, the work of
Mayor Sanders, as well as the LGBT and larger San Diego communities."
In addition to Sanders' continous promotion of homosexuality via his official position as mayor, he has used his office to promote the distribution of hypodermic needles to drug addicts. It was Sanders that proposed and promoted the recently passed clean needle exchange program that now allows all street drug addicts to continue shooting up illegal drugs via the distribution of free needles (http://www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=7715&terms=needle,exchange).

Since the governmental structure of San Diego began promoting the radical elements of the gay and lesbian agenda during the early 1990's, the city has seen a tremendous spike in financial and political scandals. From the current pension crisis to the removal of three councilmembers for taking bribes from strip clubs, a clear pattern has been established which demonstrates a correlation between the promotion of homosexuality in the city government and a breakdown in the morality of the city council. Perhaps there really is something to the Biblical verse in Proverbs 14:34, "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people."

Mayor Jerry Sanders v. The Christian Voters of San Diego

Sanders has placed two propositions, B and C, on the November ballot where he has asked for the support of all the voters within the city of San Diego (www.sdcounty.ca.gov/voters/Eng/proptext/BC.pdf). In Proposition B, the mayor is asking voters to change the way increases in retirement benefits for city employees are approved. In Proposition C, the mayor is asking voters to approve outsourcing of city jobs to private companies.

Mayor Sanders has done everything possible to disenfranchise the hundreds of thousands of Christians in the city of San Diego by replacing their values with those of the radicalized homosexual agenda. Now, Sanders is asking those same Christians to temporarily reenter the government to approve his ballot propositions. There is something terribly amiss, when a mayor rejects the moral values of a majority of the citizens of his city, but then wants to use those same citizens whenever he needs a financial bailout. Mayor Sanders weaves in and out of his marriage to the convoluted doctrince of "separation of church and state" as easily as a polygamist has multiple wives.

Christian voters in the city of San Diego can now send a clear message to Mayor Sanders on November 7, 2006: "You cannot have our Christian Votes while mocking our Christianity!" Until Mayor Sanders stops using his office to promote homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle to the detriment of San Diego, Christian voters will not be too eager to vote for any of his ballot measures.

This information has been provided by The James Hartline Report
Now Read By Over 7,500 Concerned Citizens Everyday!

We Defy The Lies - By Telling The Truth!

I Am Making My Stand! Are You?
Vote On November 7, 2006

James Hartline, Publisher
The James Hartline Report
Educating The Church
Fighting For Our Generation

Monday, October 23, 2006

JHReport Voter Guide Recommendations - Pt. 4 - State & Local Propositions - Reclaiming California, One Voter At A Time!

A Special James Hartline Report
October 23, 2006
Christian Voter Guide
- Part 4 -

The 2006 Election Ballot Propositions:
Reclaiming California - One Voter At A Time!

"Much wealth is in the house of the righteous,
But trouble is in the income of the wicked."
Proverbs 15:6

As we continue our series on Christian Vote 2006, we now look at the multitude of propositions that have been placed on the ballot for the November 7, 2006 election. Generally speaking, many of these propositions are merely the schemes of wealthy corporations, activist organizations or greedy business owners who are never satisfied with the great wealth that they already have: they want more money and they want you, the hard working taxpayers, to give it to them! On the other hand, there are meritorious and honorable initiatives which seek to save lives and protect Californians from bigger governmental intrusions. We must certainly support such ballot propositions.

The greedy and immoral will never be satisfied until they have taken everything that can be taken from the common man or woman. Now is the time to say NO to anymore of their ill-conceived ballot propositions. For the propositions which seek to prosper the good citizenry of California, we say vote YES. We now will help you, the voter to decide.

The Sample Ballot For Your San Diego County District

The California Secretary of State Description of State Propositions

The James Hartline Report Voter Recommendations

Yes Votes On The Following:

State Prop. 1A - Vote Yes
Transportation Funding Protection
This proposition prevents the greedy Democrat-controlled California State
Legislature from taking taxpayer funded highway construction monies and
redirecting them to other wasteful bureaucratic programs.

Prop. 83 - Vote Yes
Jessica's Law
Implements much needed legal restraints on sexual predators to protect
children. The radical Democrat-controlled California State Legislature has
refused to protect the vulnerable children of California, thus Prop. 83 is a
way for the voters to take the needed action to protect California's kids.

Prop. 85 - Vote Yes
Parental Notifcation Law
The radical Democrat-controlled California State Legislature refuses to
sustain healthy parent-child relationships. They have deemed that the state
knows better than parents how to raise their children. Thus, many young girls
are raped and molested, and the state, in their devious drive to promote
abortions for all girls, refuses to notify parents when these horrific crimes
have occurred against their young daughters. Prop. 85 is a common sense
remedy for this terrible injustice. Prop. 85 simply notifies parents when
their young daughters are in trouble as the result of rape, molestation or
unprotected illegal sex, and the daughter is seeking an immediate abortion.
Prop. 85 does not limit abortion in California, it merely provides a 48-hour
parental notification before such abortions are provided to their minor daughters.

Prop. 90 - Vote Yes
Regulating Governmental Confiscation of Private Property
This is an incredibly important proposition which prevents the government
from confiscating the private properties of hard working taxpayers and giving
such properties to greedy wealthy private business owners. Millions of
homeowners, churches and small businesses are vulnerable to politicians
who have been bought by rich redevelopers. This has been most evidenced
by corrupt politicians who have condemned, via eminent domain claims,
many private properties to give them to their wealthy private redeveloper friends.
Prop. 90 prevents such injustices from occurring in the future. This proposition
protects homeowners, small businesses and churches from being victimized
by having their private properties taken and given to other larger private
businesses that have no bearing on "common good' enterprises such as
schools or highways.

We recommened voting No on all other state propostions, particularly
where new burdensome bonds are to be issued to pay for said

Prop. 1B - Vote NO!
Highway Safety Bond Act of 2006
A horrendous big government proposition that will burden the taxpayers
with over $38 billion in repayments debt over the next 30 years. It is time
for the bureaucrats in Sacramento to use the money they already have to
take care of the highways of California.

Prop. 1C - Vote NO!
Emergency Housing Trust Fund Act of 2006
Another big government housing program which will burden the taxpayers
with another $6.1 billion in debt over 30 years. Hundreds of millions of dollars
of this bond will go to bureaucrats for "administrative" costs, in other words
more expensive state supervisor jobs. If the corrupt politicians would quit
allowing affordable apartments to be converted to expensive condos there
would be more accessible housing for low-income citizens. Until the political
machinery in Sacramento fixes its dysfunctional budgetary deficiencies, it does
no good to have voters give them more money to flush down the money toliet.

Prop. 1D - Vote NO!
Public Education Facitilies Bond Act of 2006
The educational system in California is already glutted with billions of dollars.
This wasteful bond will add $20 billion in new bond debts over 30 years to the
taxpayers' bond debt in California which now stands at over $100 billion dollars.
It is insane for the taxpayers to continue funding an endless demand by the
educational system for more billion dollars bonds until the Sacramento liberal
bureaucracy mends its misuse of the finances it already has.

Prop. 1E - Vote NO!
The Flood Prevention Bond Act of 2006
Another big government rip off of the taxpayers that will saddle the taxpayers with
$8 billion in new bond debts over 30 years.
Thomas Hudson of the California Taxpayer Protection Committee,
in arguing against Prop. 1E stated:
"It won't surprise you to learn that the legislature adopted it after 3 a.m. when
they got tired of arguing. They couldn't agree on a list of projects or even a list of
priorities. What is worse, with politicians in charge of selecting the projects
(not hydrologists, scientists, and engineers), funding will be based on political
influence rather than critical need."
The monies gained from this big government bureaucratic debacle can be spent
on unnecessary water projects for Indian gaming industry friends of corrupt
politicians or it can be spent on the water infrastructure desires of those associated
with the big money biotech industry.
Needless to say, the common taxpayer who will be footing this enormous bill will
get nothing out of this debt.

Prop. 84 - Vote NO!
Water Safety & Natural Resources Protection and Park Improvements Bond
Another monstrous big goverment waste that will burden the taxpayers with another
$10 billion in new bond debt over thirty years. Millions of dollars of the money
gained from these bonds will go to wasteful administrative jobs, thus adding to
the bloated Sacramento bureaucracy.

Prop. 86 - Vote NO!
Tobacco Tax
This $2.1 billion tax added to the cost of tobacco purchaces in California will mean more money added to the pockets of the liberal Sacramento bureaucracy. California politicians already have billions of dollars in revenue from settlements from tobacco lawsuits and they spend that money on many programs outside of the intended terms of the settlements. For example, the San Diego City Council just borrowed money from their tobacco settlement payments to fund other government programs. Prop. 86 will be no different. It is like putting perfume on a pig. This pig will still get dirty.

Prop. 87 - Vote NO!
Alternative Energy Incentive - Oil Revenue Tax Initiative
Another big government $4 billion tax on oil companies that will surely
be passed down to the consumers in higher energy costs.
This tax will just create another big government
bureaucratic department that will ultimately add further costs
to a debilitating state budget.

Prop. 88 - Vote NO!
Parcel Property Tax For Education Funding
An outrageous big government tax that further intrudes on the comman man and
hardworking taxpayers of California. Would force homeowners to pay an
additional $50 in taxes per parcel owned to fund more big government
education programs. The parasitic architects of Prop. 88 can never get enough
of someone else's hard earned money.

Prop. 89 - Vote NO!
Political Campaigns. Public Financing & Corporate Tax Increase
Another big government $200 million tax that will finance public campaigns.
This will allow corrupt politicians and their negative campaigns to have said
campaigns paid for by the taxpayers. Make no mistake about it, any tax
levied on corporate America will be passed onto the consumer at some
point. Candidates would be forced to collect $5.00 for every signature they
collect in the process to be certified as a publicly financed candidate,
a truly burdensome defect in the American political system.
This proposition will give an unfair advantage to liberal
union causes while burdening more conservative business interests.

San Diego Local Propostions

PROP A - San Diego County Airport Authority - Vote NO!
Violates federal law which states that civilian airports cannot be mixed with
military airbases. This proposition seeks to move forward the greedy
business interests of San Diego who want to turn Lindbergh Field into a monstrous
redevelopment project by moving the airport out to the military base at
MCAS Miramar by 2020.

PROP B - Amends City Charter On City Employees' Retirement Benefits.
Vote NO!
Proposed by Mayor Jerry Sanders, this proposition does nothing to address the
gross immorality that permeates San Diego City Government. While Mayor Sanders
continues to rabidly promote the radical homosexual agenda in the city of San Diego
in defiance of the will of the majority of this city's citizens, he is now asking those
same citizens to approve of his business plans. Sanders just rode in his
eighth gay pride parade, has hired numerous homosexual activists to run his
administration and continues to take taxpayer money to
fund the Gay and Lesbian Center,
and he now wants the Christians of San Diego to approve his business plans.
It is time to say NO to Sanders and his radical agenda. Vote NO on Prop. B!

PROP C- Allows Outsourcing Contracts of City Employees.
Vote NO!
Another business plan proposed by Mayor Jerry Sanders that does nothing
to guarantee public safety. Again, while Mayor Sanders continues to promote
the most radical elements of the gay agenda, including promoting the pornographic
2006 Gay Pride parade and festival that he also rode in, he is now asking offended
Christian voters to go along with his business plans. Until Sanders decides to
respect Christianity, then we must not support any of his business plans.
Additionally, Councilman Kevin Faulconer is joining Mayor Sanders in promoting
Prop. C. Faulconer joined Sanders in defying the will of the voters and voted for the
issuance of needles to drug addicts earlier this year, as well as voting to celebrate
the gay pride parade and festival. Now these two liberal politicans want Christians
to approve of their business deals. It is time to tell these politicians that they
cannot disrespect us on serious moral issues and then ask us to go along
blindly to approve of their business deals. Vote NO on Prop. C!

This information has been provided by The James Hartline Report.
San Diego's Premiere Christian News Source:
Read Everyday By Over 7,500 Concerned Citizens.


I Am Making My Stand! Are You?

James Hartline, Publisher
The James Hartline Report
Educating The Church
Fighting For Our Generation

Friday, October 20, 2006

Citizen's Alert: Stop Gay Marriage In California - Vote NO on Returning Two Liberal Judges To Calif. Supreme Court On Nov. 7th

The James Hartline Report Action Center
October 20, 2006

On Returning Liberal Pro-Gay
Justices Kennard & Corrigan
To The California State Supreme Court
On November 7, 2006 Ballot:
Justices Joyce L. Kennard & Carol A. Corrigan
will rule in favor of same sex marriages
when case comes to Calif. Supreme Court!

Stop Kennard & Corrigan Now with a No Return Vote!

Justices Kennard & Corrigan
Just Voted To Force Berkeley Sea Scouts
To Accept Homosexuality or Lose City Location:
Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Is Next On Their Radical Agenda!

(JHRactionCenter) On Nov. 7, 2006, California voters will have another opportunity to make their position on the definition of marriage very clear. Two liberal California State Supreme Court Justices are up for reelection and whether or not the voters return these two women to the state's highest court will clearly determine the fate of marriage in California. Personal lifestyles and court rulings by these two radical women make it abundantly clear, that when the California Supreme Court hears the appeal of a current same-sex marriage case, both Joyce L. Kennard and Carol A. Corrigan will vote to legalize homosexual unions. California voters can do something about this impending moral catastrophe by voting NO on returning Kennard and Corrigan to the California Supreme Court on Nov. 7th (www.co.san-diego.ca.us/voters/Sample_Ballots/Eng/310.pdf).

A recent ruling by these two radical, pro-gay justices demonstrated how they will vote on same sex marriage when it comes before the California State Supreme Court. In the case of Berkeley vs. the Sea Scouts (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=52339), the Sea Scouts, an affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America, was being forced out of its free marina status in the city, a right granted to all charities in Berkeley, because the group will not allow homosexuals to have access to the young boys in its organization. For sixty years, the Sea Scouts have rented at the same rate as other charities in the city's marina, until the radicalized Berkeley City Council began a hostile campaign against the Sea Scouts in 1998. Under a revised city policy, the city of Berkeley created a discriminatory policy that gave favor to homosexuality over the constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of association, which was then used by city officials in their campaign against the Sea Scouts.

Appealing to the California Supreme Court, the Sea Scouts were denied such rights by both Justices Kennard and Corrigan (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=51018). In a 7-0 ruling, the California Supreme Court ruled that the city of Berkeley can discriminate against the Sea Scouts by denying them equal charitable access to the berthing location unless they allow homosexuals access to the young boys in their organization.

Kennard, a radical socialist, has already said that she will support homosexual marriages. In a recent 5-2 decision by the high court that ruled against San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom when he illegally issued gay marriage licenses, Justice Kennard dissented in that ruling, stating:

"Individuals in 'loving' same-sex relationships have waited years,
sometimes several decades, for a chance to wed, yearning to obtain
the public validation that only marriage can give." - Justice Joyce Kennard

Joyce Kennard is typical of how liberal Republican governors and presidents are packing the courts with pro-abortion and pro-homosexual judges who fight their closeted liberal agendas for them. Nearly all of the abortion and homosexual rights cases that have radically reengineered America have come via so-called "moderate" Republican judges appointed by elected Republican governors and presidents. That way, those that nominate them can appear loyal to their constituents while orchestrating their agenda via the courts. Kennard, a Republican, was appointed by former California Republican Governor Deukmejian. In addition to her support for same-sex marriage, Kennard has also voted on the high court to strike down the Parental Notification Law, a ruling highly favorable to the radical abortion lobby (http://www.flashreport.org/blog.php?postID=2006101314115045).

In the Gay and Lesbian Times legal commentary, California Western School of Law Professor Robert DeKoven stated in his column that Corrigan is a lesbian (http://www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=6539). Recently appointed by liberal, pro-gay California Governor Arnold Schwarznegger, Corrigan fits into Schwarznegger's pattern of appointing liberal, anti-family lesbians into places of power. Shortly after Schwarzenegger hired lesbian Democrat Susan Kennedy as his chief of staff (http://www.gay.com/news/article.html?2005/11/30/1), the governor chose Corrigan to be the replacement for Justice Janice Rogers Brown who had left the California Supreme Court for the federal bench. At the time of Corrigan's appointment, the Los Angeles Times described her as an unmarried women who lives with another woman in Oakland, California. Further research reveals that Corrigan was a registered Democrat until former pro-abortion Republican Governor Pete Wilson gave her a court appointment and she switched party affiliations.

Tack Action On November 7, 2006
Stop The California Supreme Court
From Legalizing Gay Marriage!
Vote No!
On Returning
Carol A. Corrigan and Joyce L. Kennard
To the California Supreme Court

This Action Alert has been provided by
The James Hartline Report Action Center
California's Top Christian Activist Organization

I Am Making My Stand! Are You?


James Hartine, Publisher
The James Hartline Report
Educating The Church
Fighting For Our Generation

Thursday, October 19, 2006

JHReport Voter Guide, Pt. 3 - 2006 Election: The Prodigal Party - Bad Candidates You Should NOT Vote For

A Special James Hartline Report
October 19, 2006
Christian Voter Guide
Part 3
The Prodigal Party:
Bad Politicians Who Have Run Away From Home!
These are the candidates you should NOT vote for
in San Diego County

"And King Ahab, the son of Omri, did evil in the sight of the Lord
above all that were before him."
I Kings 16:30

Why did these candidates make this list?
We used the following criteria when conducting a comprehensive review
of each candidate. It was determined that the candidates that made our list
had seriously engaged in one or more of these activities.
A. Has the canididate been engaged in destructive social reengineering
(i.e. support of homosexuality, abortion, embryonic stem cell research)?
B. Has the candidate placed politics over the best interests of the
Christian Community (back room deals to further campaign interests)?
C. Has the candidate contributed financially to other bad politicians?
D. Will this candidate further contribute to the political catastrophe of
keeping the same old corrupt system in power?

Our Warning To Voters: If you see the following candidates: grab your wallets, your children, turn, and run as fast as you can the other way! Do not vote for these candidates under any circumstances!
(As Christians, if you don't have a good choice to vote for, PLEASE,
DO NOT vote for a bad one. Remember the lesser of two evils
is still evil!)

These candidates are placed in order of severity, #1 determined to be the most severe and #25 the least severe.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Republican Candidate for Calif. Governor
2. Jerry Brown - Democrat Candidate for Calif. Attorney General
3. Phil Angelides - Democrat Candidate for Calif. Governor
4. Debra Bowen - Democrat Candidate for Calif. Secretary of State
5. Bob Filner - Democrat Candidate for 51st Congressional District
6. Bill Lockyer - Democrat Candidate for Calif. Treasurer
7. Cruz Bustamante - Democrat Candidate for Calif. Insurance Commissioner
8. Brian Bilbray - Republican Candidate for 50th Congressional District
9. Darrell Issa - Republican Candidate for 49th Congressional District
10. Francine Busby - Democrat Candidate for 50th Congressional District
11. Diane Feinstein - Democrat Candidate for United States Senate
12. Susan Davis - Democrat Candidate for 53rd Congressional District
13. Ralph Denney - Republican Candidate for 76th Calif. Assembly District
14. Lori Saldana - Democrat Candidate for 76th Calif. Assembly District
15. Joel Anderson - Republican Candidate for 77th Calif. Assembly District
16. Rod Shelton - Democrat Candidate for Superior Court Judge Office #36
17. Michael German - Republican Candidate for Southwestern Comm. College
18. Michael McSweeney - Republican Candidate for San Diego Unified School
19. Jim Kelly - Republican Candidate for Grossmont Unified School
20. Shari Groce - Republican Candidate for Grossmont Unified School
21. Penny Halgren - Republican Candidate for La Mesa/Spring Valley School
22. Steve Padilla - Democrat Candidate for Chula Vista Mayor
23. Frank Tierney - Democrat Candidate for Coronado City Council
24. Art Madrid - Democrat Candidate for La Mesa Mayor
25. John Rinaldi - Democrat Candidate for 52nd Congressional District

This information has been provided by The James Hartline Report
Now Read By Over 7,500 Concerned Citizens Everyday!

We Defy The Lies - By Telling The Truth!

We Are Watching Out For You!
Who Are You Watching Out For?

James Hartline, Publisher
The James Hartline Report
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

JHReport Christian 2006 Election Voter Guide - The Problematic Candidates Series Pt. 1 - Tom McClintock

The James Hartline Report
Christian Voter Guide
The 2006 Elections
The Problematic Candidates Series
Part 1
Tom McClintock
Candidate for California's Lt. Governor

"And they shall teach My people the difference
between the holy and the profane.
and cause them to discern between
the unclean and the clean."
Ezekiel 44:23

We are at the most critical turning point in the history of these United States. There is no government in world history that has given itself over to gross immorality and then lived to tell the tale. Certainly, with California's steady drop into the abyss of moral degradation, the clock is ticking ever so rapidly into an unfortunate encounter with a Katrina-style disaster. Only a true spiritual revival where God-fearing citizens partnered with truly righteous political leaders can turn our state's madness around. Revival will not come about by California's continuous recycling of spritually dead politicians and the tyranny of a sexually deviant minority.

The primary mission of the James Hartline Report is to provide the Christian Community and its allies with the most accurate information on issues relevant to the strengthening of their families, churches and business interests. Simply, we seek to serve God and our fellow Christians. As such, we will pull no punches when it comes to informing God's people about the lives and actions of those political candidates who seek the votes of God's people.

Of critical importance to us at the James Hartline Report, is whether or not, the political candidate represents the best interests of California's Christian community. Does the candidate's life personify one of clean living and Biblical morality? Or does the candidate promote the interests of the industries of vice, where money and indulgence rule his or her political decision making policies.

The James Hartline Report will now present a 2006 election series entitled "The Problematic Candidates." In this series we will briefly review candidates that we are not opposed to, but we also cannot endorse because of troubling, but not fatal, events surrounding their lives or campaigns. We hope these fresh insights will help our readers make a more informed decision on who will be the leaders of our government and our very future.

Tom McClintock - Republican candidate for Lt. Governor
On The Edge: Will He Jump Off The Cliff Or Save Himself?

Of all the candidates during this election cycle, Tom McClintock presents us with the most problems deciding. McClintock's opponent, liberal Democrat John Garamendi, is truly a horrifying prospect. Garamendi is an avowed liberal and extremist supporter of abortion and homosexuality. We would really like to vote for Tom McClintock just based upon the dire prospect that Garamendi could win. However, a prospective Garamendi win, is not what we base our decision upon to remain neutral on McClintock. We don't have a problem with those that will vote for McClintock. McClintock is one of the most sound business conservatives in California and there is no doubt in our minds that he will move to cut the wasteful big government spending that is rampant in Sacramento.

There are big concerns, however, with McClintock's social agenda. One of the biggest problems is with his position on embryonic stem cell research. McClintock is very foggy when it comes to articulating his real position on this critical issue. In fact, it appears that McClintock may be in favor of embryonic stem cell research, and if that case can be proven, then we will quickly move to renounce McClintock. During the 2004 election when voters were asked to decide the fate of Prop. 71, the terrible embryonic stem cell initiative that authorized the taxpayers to spend $6 billion for a research conglomerate that murders human embryos, McClintock authored the opposition statement on the ballot. Here is what McClintock stated:

http://www.vote2004.ss.ca.gov/voterguide/english.pdf page 73 (page 75 on pdf)
"We all strongly support Stem Cell Research, but oppose this blatant taxpayer rip-off that lines the pockets of a few large corporations."
Tom McClintock, California State Senator
Offical Ballot Statement For
Prop. 71 Embryonic Stem Cell Initiative

Even more disconcerting to the James Hartline Report, is the fact that we contacted Tom McClintock's campaign four times with concerns about McClintock's statements regarding Prop. 71 and his position on embryonic stem cell research. Each time we were rebuffed with no answer at all to our questions. We were told that the campaign would call us back. They never did. We are greatly concerned with the apparent evasive and elitist attitudes of McClintock's staffers who will not answer the critical moral positions of candidate McClintock.

After further researching McClintock's written record on Prop. 71, we came away with even more disturbing findings. Political USA, a conservative website, provides this article by McClintock which contained further insights on his position on Prop. 71:

"Stem cell research is a promising and exciting new field that might someday open an array of new medical advances. But how did it become the responsibility of the most debt-ridden state in the country to fund medical research for the rest of the world?

"But the real tragedy is that they are preying on the suffering of those many families who are watching helplessly as a loved one struggles with a disease or disorder that
stem cell research might alleviate or cure. My father, suffering from advanced
dementia, is one of them. And I think that's what I resent the most:
using a worthy cause like stem cell research in such a tawdry and obviously
self-interested grab at billions of dollars of money borrowed by a state that is
literally sinking in debt."

It is apparent, that Sen. McClintock will not answer specific questions during this campaign season on his moral positions. In the current San Diego Christian Coalition voter guide, McClintock did not respond to the questionnaire. He mentions his support for "stem cell" research, while refusing to clarify whether he means "adult" or "embryonic", thus we must assume, given the context that he has made his statements, as in the case of Prop. 71, that he is referring to his support for embryonic stem cell research.

To further McClintock's apparent dance with the embryonic stem cell debacle, it must be noted that on 8/16/2006 McClintock participated in a fundraising event with Invitrogen valued at nearly $1,000. Invitrogen is one of the biggest embryonic stem cell researchers in the world (http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/science/20060730-9999-1n30stems.html).

There is another substantial piece of evidence which brings further troubling concerns to mind regarding where McClintock stands on the issues of embryonic stem cell research and abortion: his campaign contributors. On 08/15/2006, McClintock's campaign received $2,500 from the Los Alamitos Race Course which is owned by America's most notorious abortionist, Edward Allred (http://www.sdnewsnotes.com/ed/notes/0101note.htm). Allred owns Family Planning Clinics in nearly two dozen different locations and has been responsible for the abortions of thousands and thousands of little babies. There is no more disgraceful a matter then when Republican politicians who claim to be pro-life take any contributions from Allred's Los Alamitos Race Course.

While we believe that Tom McClintock will bring much needed sanity to Sacramento as Lt. Governor, we are also concerned with his tremendous campaign contribution list of Indian gaming money. While McClintock presents himself as a conservative on the "family values" platform, we have a real problem with his untoward relationship with the gambling industry. Thousands of families are destroyed every year by the gambling industry, yet McClintock's campaign war chest is overrun with gambling industry contribtutions, and one must wonder, why are Indian gaming tribes giving so much money to this candidate?

In Conclusion

The Red Flags Are Up - Proceed With Caution!

Based upon the many concerning factors relating to his statements on stem cell research, his receiving contributions from abortion fanatic Edward Allred's Los Alamitos Race Course, and his extensive financial contributions from Indian gaming tribes, we are emphatic in telling voters to proceed with caution when considering Tom McClintock for Lt. Governor. We are not convinced that McClintock is pro-abortion, but we are very concerned that he will, in the future, support embryonic stem cell research.

We are not opposed to those that will vote for McClintock, we simply cannot endorse him. We understand that he is brilliant in his efforts to reign in big government spending. However, it seems that money is really all that McClintock cares about. The Bible give us a sound and clear warning about being overly concerned with money: "the love of money is the root of all evil." Randall "Duke" Cunningham reminds all us how true this Biblical verse really is.

We are becoming convinced that Tom McClintock is really a libertarian. This means that he is a conservative when it comes to big governmental intrusion, thus his drive to get the governmental monster of high taxation and spending on a needed diet. Sadly, on the opposite side of the coin, libertarian-minded individuals like McClintock also believe that the government should never be in the business of making laws which restrict abortions, embryonic stem cell research, or destructive sexual behaviors like homosexuality. In the long run, without common sense laws that restrict such destruction, we will inevitably end up with anarchy.

This infomation has been provided by The James Hartline Report.
Now Read By Over 7,500 Concerned Citizens Everyday!

We Defy The Lies - By Telling The Truth!

I Am Making My Stand! Are You?

James Hartline, Publisher
The James Hartline Report
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Monday, October 16, 2006

The Pink Connection - GOP Leaders Plotted Gay Infiltration Inside of San Diego Republican Party

Photographs provided by the Log Cabin Republican Events Website

A James Hartline Report
Exclusive Investigation
October 16, 2006

The Pink Connection: The Foley Scandal
Reveals GOP Leaders Plotted Gay Infiltration
Inside of San Diego Republican Party -
California Delegation of Brian Bilbray, Darrell Issa,
Ron Nehring, and Gov. Schwarzenegger all
play key roles in Log Cabin Confederation

Predatory Gay Congressman Mark Foley
speaking at the radical homosexual activist group,
The Log Cabin Republicans, at their 2003 National Convention.
Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth
reports that the Log Cabin Republicans organization
removed the Foley photograph from their website
to cover up evidence of their association
with the sex offender GOP leader.

-The Pink Elephant -
Republicans Now Realize Homosexuality
Comes With A Terrible Price Tag

Something has gone terribly wrong with the national Republican Party. How could a political entity achieve so much success, so quickly, and then switch on "suicide-mode" and crash just as fast? Their financial decisions are the same as when they were at the top of the mountain. Their stand on being tough on terrorism is just as serious now as it was right after 911. So what has gone wrong? There is one issue that seems to be a guide into the rapid demise of the GOP: the infiltration of homosexuality and its promotion within the Republican leadership. That issue was at the heart of the Democratic Party's catastrophic losses in recent years. So why then, would the Republican Party allow itself to be impregnated with such a poisonous pill? A fascinating article by Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media, provides tremendous insights that answer this troubling question.

In his article "Republican Gays Are Closet Dems," (http://www.aim.org/aim_column/4931_0_3_0_C/), Kincaid clearly articulates that liberal Democrats have infiltrated the Republican Party, masquerading as GOP supporters, for the sole purpose of corrupting the party in favor of the gay agenda. History is replete with examples of nations which set a course of embracing the libertarian path of promoting homosexuality. Each example ends with the destruction of those parties that embraced such liberal sexuality. The Democratic Party in America has been undone by its liberal sexualization and has lost the support of the majority of Americans. Republican leaders for their part, have made an even more horrific decision when they did not discern the tactics of their gay infiltrators. Not ready to handle such a disasterous course, the GOP is now faced with losing its majority control of congress due to sex scandals resulting from such infiltrators. For their part, the gay infiltrators have accomplished their goal: destroying the GOP's pursuit of family values.

Brian Bilbray Has Been Historical Key Player In Log Cabin
Republican Homosexual Agenda

Nowhere is there a better example of how liberal "big tent" Republicans are attempting to play the deceptive role of secretly catering to radical gay activists while manipulating their GOP majority conservative base, then in San Diego, California. Take the case of newly elected Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray, who replaced convicted, former Congressman Randall "Duke" Cunningham in a special election earlier this year. With a history of being an aggressive supporter of abortion and homosexuality, Bilbray has a well developed pattern of telling his constituents that he is "family-friendly," but then voting the opposite whenever he is given the opportunity.

How does Bilbray, a professing Catholic, assuage his conscious when he continuously proclaims his affiliation with the Catholic Church during elections, but then supports the more radical elements of the abortion and gay lobbies during various votes and political functions? Only Brian Bilbray can really answer that question. What can be answered is Bilbray's constant flip-flopping on moral issues. Bilbray's hypocrisy is the perfect manifestation of the epidemic betrayal of GOP conservatives that is spreading like a plague among Republican Party leaders.

For example, during a March 15, 2006 appearance on the Roger Hedgecock Show (http://rogerhedgecock.com/content/view/350/60/), Bilbray was confronted by a caller about his membership on the advisory board of the Log Cabin Republicans, a radical homosexual group that hosted sex predator Mark Foley in 2003 at its national convention. That program can be listened to by going to Roger Hedgecock's program archives (http://rogerhedgecock.com/files/best-of/BRIAN%20BILLBRAY%203%2015%2006.mp3). During his comments on the program, Congressman Bilbray repeatedly denied any knowledge of being affiliated with the Log Cabin Republicans. Instead of acknowledging that he has been a regular supporter of Log Cabin Republicans, which rabidly supports gay marriage and legalizing homosexuality inside of the military, Bilbray stated that he had been one of the most outspoken supporters of the "Defense of Marriage Act" while in Congress.

Perhaps, Mr. Bilbray was simply having temporary amnesia during his Hedgecock Show interview. In 1998, Bilbray was a speaker for the Log Cabin Republicans - Texas Chapter, along with homosexual Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe of Arizona, whose statement was read to the group (http://www.lcrga.com/archive/98061501.shtml). During his speech for the homosexual Republican crowd, Bilbray stated:

"The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln
and Ronald Reagan, and it must remain
the party of the big tent...including gay and lesbian
Americans. Don't stop advancing 'the cause of equality and liberty'
(code words for the gay agenda) that so many Americans from all
walks of life share with you and me."

While Brian Bilbray now denies any knowledge of his affiliation with the Log Cabin Republicans, he was certainly active in the group in addition to his speaking for the Texas Chapter convention. He was listed as a member of the Log Cabin National Board of Advisors as recently as early 2006 (http://online.logcabin.org/about/advisoryboard.html), along with gay Congressman Jim Kolbe, who is now under investigation in the Mark Foley sex predator scandal. During Bilbray's previous run for congress in the 49th congressional district, he was endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans (http://www.ontheissues.org/CA/Brian_Bilbray_Principles_+_Values.htm) because of his support for their radical agenda. In 1999, Bilbray cast the decisive vote to block a ban on gay adoptions in Washington D.C. Bilbray was one of only four Republicans who joined the Democrats to defeat the bill that would have prevented homosexual couples from adopting children in the nation's capitol.

Brian Bilbray promoting gay activism along with
homosexual Congressman Jim Kolbe
for the Log Cabin Republicans Gay Club - Texas Chapter in 1998.
Kolbe is now being investigated for taking underage male pages
camping as part of the Foley sex offender scandal.

Congressman Darrell Issa is another clone of the Brian Bilbray tactic of speaking the "family values" rhetoric to his conservative base, but when given the opportunity, he presses forward at an expedited pace, the radical reengineering of society. Issa's congressional website is replete with photos of him playing the "good dad" role with children (http://issa.house.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=AboutDarrell.WelcomeMessage&CFID=23804065&CFTOKEN=20502871), but Issa's support of radical and liberal social causes, speaks of a far darker Issa biography. As recently as 2003, Issa attended the national convention of the Log Cabin Republicans homosexual club along with sexual predator Congressman Mark Foley (http://online.logcabin.org/photo_gallery/photo_gallery_2003_national_convention.html).

There is also an evolving pattern among Republican Congressmen like Darrell Issa and Brian Bilbray that is chilling in its fullest dimension. It seems that all of these self-proclaimed "conservatives" who have been supporting the Log Cabin Republicans, like Bilbray,Issa and Congresswoman Mary Bono (http://www.logcabin.org/logcabinca/index.html), are also supporting the abortion industry's embryonic stem cell research programs. In the recent battle over President Bush's veto of more federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, Bilbray, Issa and Bono voted to override the Bush veto, so that they could fund new federal spending for that diabolic and wasteful program (http://www.christopherreeve.org/site/c.geIMLPOpGjF/b.1859529/k.A2D9/HR_810_Roll_Call.htm).
Congressman Darrell Issa supporting gay activism
at the 2003 Log Cabin Republicans National Convention
which was attended by predatory Congressman Mark Foley.

The Great San Diego GOP Betrayal:
While Telling Conservative Base They Support
Their "Family Values" To Get Their Vote,
Local GOP Leaders Are Constantly
Supporting Homosexual Agenda
Behind Closed Doors.

Michael McSweeney: The Hypocrites' Hypocrite

Michael McSweeney, San Diego Republican Party Vice-Chairman
Presents this "child-friendly" photo on his campaign for
San Diego School Board website (http://www.mcsweeneyforschoolboard.com/goals.html), while
telling gay activists at Log Cabin Republicans that the GOP
will be promoting their homosexual agenda.

At a previous monthly meeting of the radical homosexual group, the San Diego Log Cabin Republicans, Michael McSweeney, the first vice-chairman of the county GOP, told the group:

"The gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community had 'great untapped
potential' and insisted that the community's voice was both welcomed and
needed within the Republican Party. It's the people in this room
(referring to the homosexuals of the Log Cabin Republicans)
who are better sales people for what this party stands for than I could ever be....as a straight, white man in a suit."
Michael McSweeney at Log Cabin Republicans Meeting.
McSweeney is now campaigning to access San Diego's children
as a San Diego School Boardmember

According to the article in the Gay and Lesbian Times, McSweeney was a last minute replacement for San Diego County GOP chairman Ron Nehring, who had been the scheduled speaker. It was party chairman Ron Nehring that sent both Michael McSweeney and party CEO Jonathan Buettner into the Log Cabin Republicans for that meeting (http://www.sandiegorepublicans.org/about/board/). McSweeney concluded his remarks to the group that promotes legalizing gay marriage and the legalization of gay sodomy in the military by stating:

"If a gay candidate could successfully campaign and be elected for the
Republican Party, 'I can guarantee that this party (GOP) will be all over them with support'."

GOP San Diego homosexual activist Ralph Denney, candidate
for the California State Assembly - 76th District,
riding in the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade that featured
pornographers and male strippers along with school children.

Following up on McSweeney's promise, the San Diego Republican Party has placed Ralph Denney on its website list of candidates to vote for (http://www.sandiegorepublicans.org/election2006/). Denney, who is running for the California State Assembly - District 76, is most notorious for being a volunteer with the pedophile scandal-ridden 2005 San Diego Gay Pride Festival and Parade (www.theconservativevoice.com/article/16998.html). Denney is a board member of the San Diego Log Cabin Republicans, a group that fully supports gay marriage. While the national organization of the Log Cabin Republicans has fully supported sex predator Congressman Mark Foley at its previous national conventions, Ralph Denney was riding in this year's pornographic San Diego Gay Pride Parade to campaign for gay votes (http://htfttf.com/sdgaypride2006/pages/RalphDenney_jpg.htm).

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger:
Terminating Family Values in Exchange
For the Values Of The
Log Cabin Republicans and Mark Foley

Gov. Schwarzenegger helped raise over $300,000
for gay activism at Log Cabin Republicans - California Chapter
Convention in 2006.

Long before the Mark Foley predator scandal broke, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was supporting Foley and his Log Cabin Republican organization with a fundrasing event in California. During this year's California State Log Cabin Republicans event, Schwarzenegger blasted Christian conservatives by raising over $300,000 for the Log Cabin Republicans' agenda of promoting gay marriage and legalization of sodomy in the military (http://www.savecalifornia.com/getpluggedin/news_details.php?newsid=49). From appointing a lesbian to the California Supreme Court to ensure that the state's highest court will sanction gay marriage when the court hears the case, to signing more extremist gay bills then his predecessor Democrat Gov. Gray Davis, Schwarzenegger has eradicated all remnants of traditional moral values from California's government.

San Diego County is the last major county in California that exists as a bastion of conservative family values. Sadly, since his appointment as county GOP chairman, Ron Nehring has sought with vicious vigor to eliminate support for those values by his promoting of candidates that will prosper his liberal social vision. Nehring's promotion of pro-homosexual millionaire Steve Francis in last year's San Diego mayoral race, as well as sending his surrogates into the radical Log Cabin Republicans to promote GOP gay activism, is exactly what liberal Democrats want the Republican Party as a whole to do: displace traditional America with a socially reengineered democracy that reeks of greed but is absent of moral character.

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