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JHReport Christian 2006 Election Voter Guide - The Problematic Candidates Series Pt. 1 - Tom McClintock

The James Hartline Report
Christian Voter Guide
The 2006 Elections
The Problematic Candidates Series
Part 1
Tom McClintock
Candidate for California's Lt. Governor

"And they shall teach My people the difference
between the holy and the profane.
and cause them to discern between
the unclean and the clean."
Ezekiel 44:23

We are at the most critical turning point in the history of these United States. There is no government in world history that has given itself over to gross immorality and then lived to tell the tale. Certainly, with California's steady drop into the abyss of moral degradation, the clock is ticking ever so rapidly into an unfortunate encounter with a Katrina-style disaster. Only a true spiritual revival where God-fearing citizens partnered with truly righteous political leaders can turn our state's madness around. Revival will not come about by California's continuous recycling of spritually dead politicians and the tyranny of a sexually deviant minority.

The primary mission of the James Hartline Report is to provide the Christian Community and its allies with the most accurate information on issues relevant to the strengthening of their families, churches and business interests. Simply, we seek to serve God and our fellow Christians. As such, we will pull no punches when it comes to informing God's people about the lives and actions of those political candidates who seek the votes of God's people.

Of critical importance to us at the James Hartline Report, is whether or not, the political candidate represents the best interests of California's Christian community. Does the candidate's life personify one of clean living and Biblical morality? Or does the candidate promote the interests of the industries of vice, where money and indulgence rule his or her political decision making policies.

The James Hartline Report will now present a 2006 election series entitled "The Problematic Candidates." In this series we will briefly review candidates that we are not opposed to, but we also cannot endorse because of troubling, but not fatal, events surrounding their lives or campaigns. We hope these fresh insights will help our readers make a more informed decision on who will be the leaders of our government and our very future.

Tom McClintock - Republican candidate for Lt. Governor
On The Edge: Will He Jump Off The Cliff Or Save Himself?

Of all the candidates during this election cycle, Tom McClintock presents us with the most problems deciding. McClintock's opponent, liberal Democrat John Garamendi, is truly a horrifying prospect. Garamendi is an avowed liberal and extremist supporter of abortion and homosexuality. We would really like to vote for Tom McClintock just based upon the dire prospect that Garamendi could win. However, a prospective Garamendi win, is not what we base our decision upon to remain neutral on McClintock. We don't have a problem with those that will vote for McClintock. McClintock is one of the most sound business conservatives in California and there is no doubt in our minds that he will move to cut the wasteful big government spending that is rampant in Sacramento.

There are big concerns, however, with McClintock's social agenda. One of the biggest problems is with his position on embryonic stem cell research. McClintock is very foggy when it comes to articulating his real position on this critical issue. In fact, it appears that McClintock may be in favor of embryonic stem cell research, and if that case can be proven, then we will quickly move to renounce McClintock. During the 2004 election when voters were asked to decide the fate of Prop. 71, the terrible embryonic stem cell initiative that authorized the taxpayers to spend $6 billion for a research conglomerate that murders human embryos, McClintock authored the opposition statement on the ballot. Here is what McClintock stated: page 73 (page 75 on pdf)
"We all strongly support Stem Cell Research, but oppose this blatant taxpayer rip-off that lines the pockets of a few large corporations."
Tom McClintock, California State Senator
Offical Ballot Statement For
Prop. 71 Embryonic Stem Cell Initiative

Even more disconcerting to the James Hartline Report, is the fact that we contacted Tom McClintock's campaign four times with concerns about McClintock's statements regarding Prop. 71 and his position on embryonic stem cell research. Each time we were rebuffed with no answer at all to our questions. We were told that the campaign would call us back. They never did. We are greatly concerned with the apparent evasive and elitist attitudes of McClintock's staffers who will not answer the critical moral positions of candidate McClintock.

After further researching McClintock's written record on Prop. 71, we came away with even more disturbing findings. Political USA, a conservative website, provides this article by McClintock which contained further insights on his position on Prop. 71:

"Stem cell research is a promising and exciting new field that might someday open an array of new medical advances. But how did it become the responsibility of the most debt-ridden state in the country to fund medical research for the rest of the world?

"But the real tragedy is that they are preying on the suffering of those many families who are watching helplessly as a loved one struggles with a disease or disorder that
stem cell research might alleviate or cure. My father, suffering from advanced
dementia, is one of them. And I think that's what I resent the most:
using a worthy cause like stem cell research in such a tawdry and obviously
self-interested grab at billions of dollars of money borrowed by a state that is
literally sinking in debt."

It is apparent, that Sen. McClintock will not answer specific questions during this campaign season on his moral positions. In the current San Diego Christian Coalition voter guide, McClintock did not respond to the questionnaire. He mentions his support for "stem cell" research, while refusing to clarify whether he means "adult" or "embryonic", thus we must assume, given the context that he has made his statements, as in the case of Prop. 71, that he is referring to his support for embryonic stem cell research.

To further McClintock's apparent dance with the embryonic stem cell debacle, it must be noted that on 8/16/2006 McClintock participated in a fundraising event with Invitrogen valued at nearly $1,000. Invitrogen is one of the biggest embryonic stem cell researchers in the world (

There is another substantial piece of evidence which brings further troubling concerns to mind regarding where McClintock stands on the issues of embryonic stem cell research and abortion: his campaign contributors. On 08/15/2006, McClintock's campaign received $2,500 from the Los Alamitos Race Course which is owned by America's most notorious abortionist, Edward Allred ( Allred owns Family Planning Clinics in nearly two dozen different locations and has been responsible for the abortions of thousands and thousands of little babies. There is no more disgraceful a matter then when Republican politicians who claim to be pro-life take any contributions from Allred's Los Alamitos Race Course.

While we believe that Tom McClintock will bring much needed sanity to Sacramento as Lt. Governor, we are also concerned with his tremendous campaign contribution list of Indian gaming money. While McClintock presents himself as a conservative on the "family values" platform, we have a real problem with his untoward relationship with the gambling industry. Thousands of families are destroyed every year by the gambling industry, yet McClintock's campaign war chest is overrun with gambling industry contribtutions, and one must wonder, why are Indian gaming tribes giving so much money to this candidate?

In Conclusion

The Red Flags Are Up - Proceed With Caution!

Based upon the many concerning factors relating to his statements on stem cell research, his receiving contributions from abortion fanatic Edward Allred's Los Alamitos Race Course, and his extensive financial contributions from Indian gaming tribes, we are emphatic in telling voters to proceed with caution when considering Tom McClintock for Lt. Governor. We are not convinced that McClintock is pro-abortion, but we are very concerned that he will, in the future, support embryonic stem cell research.

We are not opposed to those that will vote for McClintock, we simply cannot endorse him. We understand that he is brilliant in his efforts to reign in big government spending. However, it seems that money is really all that McClintock cares about. The Bible give us a sound and clear warning about being overly concerned with money: "the love of money is the root of all evil." Randall "Duke" Cunningham reminds all us how true this Biblical verse really is.

We are becoming convinced that Tom McClintock is really a libertarian. This means that he is a conservative when it comes to big governmental intrusion, thus his drive to get the governmental monster of high taxation and spending on a needed diet. Sadly, on the opposite side of the coin, libertarian-minded individuals like McClintock also believe that the government should never be in the business of making laws which restrict abortions, embryonic stem cell research, or destructive sexual behaviors like homosexuality. In the long run, without common sense laws that restrict such destruction, we will inevitably end up with anarchy.

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