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Boycott Forces Brad Pitt Movie To 3rd Place Finish

Weekend box office returns show that a James Hartline Report nationwide boycott has forced Brad Pitt's new movie THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON into 3rd place following the Christmas weekend. James Hartline, Publisher of The James Hartline Report, had stated last week that if the boycott could force Pitt's movie into 3rd place or lower that would be a major victory. Most Brad Pitt movies open in 1st place at the box office. Hartline is leading a nationwide boycott against Pitt because Pitt donated $100,000 to the homosexual agenda's attempt to defeat Prop. 8, the California Marriage Protection Amendment. Hartline hopes to take at least $1 million away from ticket sales of the new Pitt movie. Scores of Catholic and Christian organizations have joined the boycott including the Catholic Exchange , a leading Catholic news website. Hartline says that the boycott is just beginning. Other entertainers like Steven Speilberg will be added to the boycott list. Speilberg and his

James Hartline Article #1 on Catholic news website

One of the leading online Catholic News services, The Catholic Exchange, has made my article Tell Brad Pitt: No Marriage, No Movies, No Money! their number one news article today: This story has been picked up by readers of the James Hartline Report and spread throughout the United States and Canada. Normally, a Brad Pitt movie debut would be number one or number two at the box office for its initial weekend. If we see this new Brad Pitt movie come in at number three or lower that would be a huge win for our side and will definitely send a message that we are going to fight this marriage issue in California until we have permanently stopped the promotion of same-sex marriages in California. A copy of the editor's note from the Catholic Exchange on my article reads: [CE Editor’s Note: As many of you know CE was on the front lines in the campaign for Proposition 8 in California. We urge you to continue resisting the legal redefinti

ACTION ALERT: Tell Brad Pitt, "No Marriage, No Movies, No Money!"

The James Hartline Report - On The Frontlines Of The Culture War - - - Action Alert - - December 22, 2008 Tell Brad Pitt: No Marriage, No Movies, No Money! Brad Pitt Attacks The Christian Community By Giving $100,000 to the Homosexual No on Prop. 8 Campaign. Brad Pitt Now Wants You To Go See His New Movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" on The Christian Holiday of Christmas Show Brad Pitt and His Hollywood Elite Friends That You Support Traditional Marriage Values By Boycotting Movies Involving No on 8 Supporters A nationally recognized Christian activist will not be among those who attends the 2008 Christmas debut of Brad Pitt's new motion picture The Curious Case of Benjamin Button . The Christian activist, James Hartline, also hopes that millions of fellow Christians will follow his example by boycotting the movie. Hartline says that this past September, Brad Pitt contributed $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign in an effort to defeat Prop 8, the California Marria

The Prophetic Error and Barack Obama's Citizenship Problems

Will the issue of President-elect Barack Obama's U. S. citizenship end up disqualifying his recent presidential election victory? As many of you know, I receive prophetic dreams from the Lord. Over the past ten years, I have received hundreds of such dreams. Many of those dreams have resulted in insights that have helped me to accomplish things that I could not have accomplished based upon my own abilities or education. I have seen events come to pass many times after seeing those events in dreams. And I am awaiting events to unfold based upon many prophetic dreams I have had in the past. On October 19, 2008, I had a prophetic dream in the night. I wrote a hint of that dream on the blog for that day . In the dream, there were two opposing forces that were in a battle. One force was far more powerful and superior than the other force. The superior force was also the bad force. The dream ended up on a baseball field where the two forces were playing a baseball game. The superior for