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James Hartline Talks About GOP Corruption on The Wiley Drake Show on Thursday, May 1, 2008 at 9:35am.pst

San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline will be appearing on the nationally syndicated Wiley Drake Show tomorrow, May 1, 2008, at 9:35am.pst. James will be talking about the recent controversy surrounding San Diego GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric. Recent revelations that Krvaric was the co-founder of an international piracy ring has sent shock waves throughout the California GOP. James Hartline has been standing up for years to the corruption inside of the local San Diego Republican Party, as well as to the party's leaders who recently refused to interview him with the rest of the Republican candidates for the party's endorsements for the June 3, 2008 primary. Numerous media news services are now carrying stories on Hartline's battle with Krvaric and Krvaric's mistreatment of Hartline. Wiley Drake will be interviewing James on this battle of good vs. evil, as well as Hartline's campaign for the San Diego City Council and his upcoming March Against Poverty to h

SAN DIEGO GOP Scandal Gathers Steam! Part 2 of a Series of national stories on San Diego GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric's Criminal History.

The San Diego Republican Party scandal continues to gather nationwide attention. Raw Story, a prominent internet news service with 3.2 million readers, has just published its 2nd part in a series of articles exposing the corruption and criminal history of San Diego Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric. The James Hartline Report has received an enormous number of emails and telephone calls from various parties involved in this situation. Many party followers are calling for Krvaric to resign. Krvaric's friends are demanding that the party faithful stand by their man. It appears that those who are bound and determined to stand with Krvaric are those who believe they have been promised leadership roles within the party under Krvaric's watch. A sinking ship is still a sinking ship, no matter how many try to throw water overboard! San Diego Republicans react to chairman's piracy past Miriam RafteryPublished: Wednesday April 30, 2008 In Part I of this series , RawStory reveale

WE TOLD YOU SO: San Diego GOP chairman co-founded international piracy ring

The Warning Signs sent out by the James Hartline Report are now turning into a tidal wave of breaking news stories around America regarding the GOP Scandal involving San Diego County Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric. Of course, Krvaric is not the only story on this matter that will be breaking in the days ahead. The James Hartline Report has been vigorously attempting over the past three years to get the San Diego Republican Party to clean out the moral rot and corruption inside of its party's leadership. The response from the party bosses has been to fight and resist every effort to take inventory of themselves and to clean up the problems. Sadly, instead of doing the right thing, they are now beginning to reap the whirlwind of troubles which are going to cause great damage to many GOP candidates. Here is one the stories that is breaking from the news service The Raw Story: San Diego GOP chairman co-founded international piracy ring Miriam RafteryPublished: Tuesday April

NEWS ALERT: San Diego GOP Scandal Reveals Dark Side Of Party Chairman Tony Krvaric

The James Hartline Report - On The Frontline Of The Culture War - April 28, 2008 News Alert! San Diego GOP Scandal Reveals Dark Side Of San Diego Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric Chairman Tony Krvaric's Hypocrisy Is Demonstrated After He Refused To Interview Christian City Council Candidate James Hartline For The County GOP Endorsement The year was 1972. President Nixon was preparing for a landslide presidential victory and eighteen year-olds were about to vote for the first time ever in a federal election thanks to a 1971 constitutional amendment. Far away from the muggy and chaotic political stew being cooked up in Washington D.C that year, a youth probation officer was making an unsettling stop in front of a very common-looking, three bedroom house on Lewis Street in the small gambling town of Carson City, Nevada. Not much happened in Carson City, Nevada that could shake the nerves of former marine-turned-probation officer Donald Mullins. Runaway kids who engaged in steali

Listen to the Rick Amato Show interview of James Hartline

You can listen to the critically acclaimed Rick Amato Show from April 14, 2008 when Rick interviewed San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline by going to the following link: Then click on the following link to get the interesting and thought-provoking segment: 4-14-08 HR 1 James Hartline Running for City Council District 3 Do you want to know how James Hartline got out of a thirty-year involvement in the homosexual lifestyle? And do you want to hear how the last eight years of James being completely free from homosexuality or any desire for that sin, affects his political decisions? Then tune in and listen to the Rick Amato as he interviews San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline by going to the link provided. And go to to support and donate to James Hartline's campaign for the San Diego City Council. email: telephone: 619-793-9961


WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Get ready for the biggest scandal in the history of San Diego politics to unfold in the next few days. The tale of corruption and a criminal enterprise that was a daily component of a man who is now one of the top leaders of San Diego's Republican Party is about to become a catastrophic headline news event in San Diego County. And the consequences for a number of Republican candidates for public office in San Diego County will be devastating for their supporters. For the past three years I have been confronting the corruption within the Republican Party's leadership in the hopes that the GOP would clean out the rot inside of their ranks. The response from these corrupt party leaders has been to attack me, mock me and fight against me every step of the way. Instead of heeding my warnings and efforts, the local GOP is about to enter into a disasterous episode right before the June 3rd elections. Tony Krvaric, Carl DeMaio, Ron Nehring, Jim Kelly, Gary Ca

Will You Join in Hartline's Campaign March Against Poverty? May 8, 2008

The James Hartline Campaign March Against Poverty Thursday - May 8, 2008 12noon - 1pm Where: City Heights Retail Village Corner of Fairmont Ave. & University Ave. San Diego, CA. 92105 The Revolution Has Begun! The 20 Year Long Era Of Radical, Anti-Family Politics Is Finally Coming To An End in The District 3 Area of San Diego, California. For Eight Years, Thousands of Christians throughout America have been Praying For James Hartline as he has fought battle after battle after battle in the midst of a great war to reclaim San Diego. This is our time! This is what we have all been waiting for! This day we will march for the people who have been crying out for justice and for an end to the dark vision of radicalized lesbian District 3 Councilwoman Toni Atkins. In District 3, for the past 8 years, thousands of families in the City Heights area of District 3 have been so poor that moms and dads have had to send their kids to bed without food. Many of their homes are covered with mold, i

NEWS ALERT: San Diego City Council Votes 7-0 To Honor Gay Porn Industry

The James Hartline Report - On The Frontlines Of The Culture War- April 17, 2008 San Diego City Council Honors Gay Porn Promoter By Declaring "Gay and Lesbian Times Day" In The City of San Diego. Christian City Councilmembers Joined the Majority In Voting to Honor One of the Biggest Promoters of Gay Pornography in the City of San Diego. Catholic San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre and Lesbian City Councilwoman Toni Atkins led the charge in repeated attacks against Christian activist James Hartline and other Christians who pleaded with the city council to reject the honoring of the pornographic Gay and Lesbian Times. (JHReport) San Diego father and businessman Mike Farmer accurately summarized what many were thinking during an April 15, 2008 San Diego City Council meeting when the city council voted to issue a proclamation in honor of a porn-promoting publication called the Gay and Lesbian Times. During his speech in opposition to the proclamation, Farmer told the council,

PRESS RELEASE: Rally to End Chinese Persecution at San Diego City Council - April 15, 2008

Press Release - April 14, 2008 - time: 12pm.pst From the James Hartline Report - and - Hartline For City Council Campaign Contact: James Hartline, telephone: 619-793-9661 website: Prayer Rally and City Council Stand against religious persecution in China. And Opposition to San Diego City Council honoring the gay pornography industry via a declaration of "Gay and Lesbian Times Day" in the City of San Diego. Time: Begins at 8:30am at the San Diego City Council Concourse - Ground Floor Where: 202 "C" Street, San Diego, CA. 92101 - Ground Floor at 8:30am and 12th Floor at 10am. On Tuesday - April 15, 2008, several leaders of San Diego's Christian Community, as well as candidates for public office and members of various San Diego County churches will be assemblying on the San Diego City Concourse to hold a public rally. The primary focus of the rally will be praying for the suffering citizens of China who are being brutally oppressed by the Commu

BREAKING NEWS: San Diego City Council To Honor Gay Porn Industry

The James Hartline Report Breaking News! April 11, 2008 San Diego City Council To Declare A Day of Honor For The Gay and Lesbian Times Porn Newspaper Gay and Lesbian Times is one of San Diego's biggest promoters and advertisers of the gay porn industry. The James Hartline Report invites you to go to the San Diego City Council on April 15, 2008 to stop this madness! Take Action: If the San Diego City Council hasn't already crossed the point of insanity, Tuesday, April 15, 2008 will surely be the day when they do cross their insane point of no return. From honoring the abortion industry in San Diego by declaring Reproductive Choice Day in San Diego to declaring ACLU Day in the City of San Diego, the San Diego City Council has repeatedly beaten down San Diego voters with their constant parade of insane decisions. Thousands of dollars is wasted each year on these ridiculous proclamations. While the city council cannot get itself out of debt, it can find the time and mon

San Diego Mayor to Speak at Anti-Christian Gay Republican National Convention

The James Hartline Report - On The Frontlines Of The Culture War - April 3, 2008 San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders Scheduled As Featured Speaker At Vehemently Anti-Christian Gay Republican Convention. Annual Log Cabin Republican National Convention To Be Held In San Diego, California Will Feature A Movie That Mocks Christians Log Cabin Republican National Convention To Be Held In San Diego From April 10-13, 2008 will feature Mayor Jerry Sanders, Lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and non-stop attacks against Christian Conservatives who hold a Traditional Biblical View that Homosexuality is a Sin. Gay Republican Convention will also Feature the Extremist Anti-Christian Movie "For The Bible Tells Me So." New York Times Review : "Movie entitled 'For The Bible Tells Me So' features an animated short in which a gay man, a lesbian and a booming Voice of God (Don LaFontaine) disabuse a homophobe of his ignorance. The dummy’s name? Christian." (JHReport) The mayor