Monday, April 14, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: Rally to End Chinese Persecution at San Diego City Council - April 15, 2008

Press Release - April 14, 2008 - time: 12pm.pst
From the James Hartline Report - and - Hartline For City Council Campaign
Contact: James Hartline, telephone: 619-793-9661

Prayer Rally and City Council Stand against religious persecution in China.
And Opposition to San Diego City Council honoring the gay pornography industry
via a declaration of "Gay and Lesbian Times Day" in the City of San Diego.
Time: Begins at 8:30am at the San Diego City Council Concourse - Ground Floor
Where: 202 "C" Street, San Diego, CA. 92101 - Ground Floor at 8:30am and
12th Floor at 10am.

On Tuesday - April 15, 2008, several leaders of San Diego's Christian Community, as well as candidates for public office and members of various San Diego County churches will be assemblying on the San Diego City Concourse to hold a public rally. The primary focus of the rally will be praying for the suffering citizens of China who are being brutally oppressed by the Communist regime in Beijing. With San Diego County being the home to the U.S. Olympic Training Center, it is incredibly important that the governmental leadership of San Diego speak out against the horrific crimes being committed in China, particularly the oppression and repression of Chinese citizens based upon their religious practices. Currently, the Chinese government imprisons Christian pastors for preaching, arrests citizens for distributing bibles, and bulldozes home churches. Additionally, forced abortions are a governmental regularity in China, as well as the sales of human organs harvested from executed political prisoners.

While the Americans who train at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista will be competing for gold medals in Beijing, Chinese citizens are being beaten, imprisoned and tortured for merely practicing their respective religions. The April 15, 2008 rally at the San Diego City Council will be a public plea by concerned San Diegans on the behalf of the suffering people of China.

The rally will be followed up with a request by San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline during the council's non-agenda public comment time. James will ask the city council to issue a letter to the Chinese government for the purpose of ending the religious persecution in China.

The rally participants will also attend the April 15th city council meeting to oppose Councilwoman Toni Atkins' request that "Gay and Lesbian Times Day" be declared in the City of San Diego. The Gay and Lesbian Times is one of the most notorious promoters of gay pornography in San Diego. San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline and other concerned San Diegans believe that the city council should not be endorsing or honoring publications which profit from the sale of pornography.

San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline is also pleased to announce his upcoming media intinerary. Mr. Hartline has been booked for the following radio program interviews:
-- Monday - April 14, 2008 (at 9:00pm.pst) The Rick Amato Show on KCBQ 1170 AM.
The program can be heard on the internet live via the station's website:
-- Tuesday - April 15, 2008 (at 7:00am.pst) Preparedness Now with Pam Stegner on
WASB 1150 AM and WRSB 1310 AM.
The program can be heard on the internet live via Pam Stegner's website:

-- Thursday - April 17, 2008 (at 6:00am.pst) The Mancow Show. James will be speaking with Mancow on the popular nationwide broadcast of The Mancow Show. Mancow is one of America's most respected and entertaining media personalities. James Hartline is honored to be a guest on The Mancow Show. To listen to this broadcast live go to and select an internet live radio station from the list of stations throughout America broadcasting The Mancow Show.

To schedule an interview with James Hartline or community leaders attending the April 15th city council rally call James Hartline at 619-793-9661

Parking for the rally is free at Horton Plaza Parking garage with a free validated ticket. Refreshments will be provided free of charge to rally participants.

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Anonymous said...

I think its kind of funny that you are crying about people being punished for trying to practice their religion, when religion itself is responsible for the death and persecution of gays living in theocratic societies. Your belief in your "supreme being" causes persecution of innocent people to happen due to the ignorance of the people that subscribe to religion and all of its rhetoric.