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We are asking everyone to join us in prayer for Cathie Adams. Cathie Adams and her husband have just been hit by a drunk driver. Cathie is in critical condition after the drunk driver rammed into her car going over 100 mph.

Cathie Adams is the Director of Eagle Forum, Texas State Chapter. She has been a longtime warrior for protecting kids and standing up for families throughout America. Please pray for Cathie's recovery. Right now she is in great suffering as a result of this horrific accident. I am sure that everyone can sympathisize with her situation.

Below is a blog item posted by her husband Homer after the accident:

Dear Precious Friends,
Many of you have heard but many haven't.
Cathie and I were involved in a very severe car accident on Friday night around 10pm. The Lord has spared our lives. There can be no other explanation.
A hit and run, drunk driver driving a double cab or extended cab truck, around a 100 mph or so weaving in and out of traffic. A policeman was chasing him. We never saw him or the police. He hit the right guardrail, over-corrected and slammed into Cathie's door, pushing it in 12 or so inches of our E320 Mercedes. All we saw was a flash of white and what sounded like a huge wrecking ball hit our car. It knocked us off I-45. When I looked up there were bridge pillar's in front of us that I didn't want to mess with so I took the soggy grassy median between the bridges, barely controlling the car enough to miss the bumper to bumper head on traffic by about 5 feet. I straightened out and then found out why the bridges where there. No water, but an overflow ditch about 25 feet down. We flew over the edge about 4-car length and did a nosedive of 25 feet or so into the dirt. The motor dropped out, airbags deployed, seatbelts restrained, and the frame did what it needed to do. When we hit the ground, Cathie crushed her 1st lumbar vertebra, right 6th rib fracture, right ankle sprained, and glass in the face from the side window. The Lord spared me from major injuries so I could help her out of the car, get help, and see her through this time of recovery.
I was able to pry her door open and she moved over to a concrete slope and lay down with her arms up. She could only take very shallow rapid breaths. I checked her eyes for head injury, bleeding, things sticking out where they don't belong. I knew she had fractured ribs and/or fractures of the spine. I placed my hands on her and ask the Lord to spare her. I had to find help up the embankment and about 150 or so feet to get to traffic.Iran back and forth 5 or 6 times before help finally arrived. It took over 30 minutes. When you are in a place where only God can see you, it's nice having a relationship with Him you could trust.
They took us to Huntsville, Texas hospital. We where there @ 3am, had x-rays showing the fractures and admitted until we could get a CAT scan.
The ER doctor claimed it was an old fracture. I told him no way. The next day it took them 9 hours to read the CAT. We finally got the report around 9:30pm or so. The doctor wanted to ambulance Cathie to Houston for a neurosurgeons evaluation. I wasn't going to keep Cathie their a minute longer if I could help it. I called a friend in Dallas, a neurosurgeon I'd worked with for over 20 years. He picked up his phone personally at 10:30pm. He told me to Care-Flight Cathie to Dallas. He would make arrangements for them to call me. Care-Flight left within the hour and landed by fixed wing airplane with 3 EMS and pilot. I ask them what I needed to do and they said nothing, we will met you at your room and will take you to Presbyterian Dallas ER. They worked out the transfers from the doctors, hospitals, and ambulances to and from both hospitals and the flight. They were real pro's.
Dr. Williams was waiting at the ER when we arrived at 3am. We had an MRI, blood work, x-rays and a private room with comfortable pain medications within a few hours. Not to complain but Huntsville couldn't give the Care-Flight people copies of records or CAT or x-rays because they didn't have someone to transfer information to a CD.
We have been on dilaudid; a pain med 5X's stronger than morphine every 3 hours for 5 days.
Cathie has gotten up a few times and taken a shower--so she feels better and smells like a lady, but the pain level when she moves is an 8 with peak meds. That would have to continue for a long time--months and months, which risks addiction, and the spinal bone would probably not heal with good stability.
Bottom line, Cathie is having "stand-by" surgery, tomorrow morning, to place a couple of balloons into the vertebral space, fill them with cement to raise and fill the space as much as possible taking the pressure off of the fractured pieces, therefore giving some relief from pain, a quicker recovery, and less disability. We may be able to go home in 3-5 days, barring complications.
Cathie told the doctors she has work to do and needs to get with it. She has grandchildren to enjoy, politicians and issues to work with, and needs to get back in the saddle as quickly as possible.
Pray for the surgery tomorrow. One complication that can occur beyond the normal paralysis, death, surgical complications, is if the cement goes into the spinal canal, which is rare, they will need to do open back surgery and uses rods, screws, bolts, plates, etc.
The Lord has sustained us and will continue with us to His glory, honor, and praise.
Merry Christmas to you and your family, and if you have a moment, lift Cathie up to the Lord.
God Bless you and Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Homer Adams

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Wolves Among The Sheep: California Conservative Group Scams Christian Voters!

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
December 24, 2007

Wolves Among The Sheep:
California Conservative Group Scams Christian Voters!

Members Of Capitol Resource Institute Advisory Board Of Directors
Endorsing Pro-Gay Candidates While Organization Sells Itself As
Pro-Family Conservative Advocates

(JHReport) California Governor Arnold Schwarznegger's recent signature on California Senate Bill 777 (SB777) is one of the single greatest attacks on children in modern American history. According to World Net Daily, SB777 effectively bans the terms "mom" and "dad" as well as "husband" and "wife" from being used in California's public schools. By signing the bill, Schwarzenegger has ordered all of California's public schools to allow boys to use the girl's restrooms if they so choose. Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families, tells World Net Daily that children as young as five years-old will be mentally molested in school classrooms as a result of SB777.

SB777 is a dream come true for radicalized homosexual activists and a nightmare for parents who do not want their young children to be sexually indoctrinated by teachers who are acting on behalf of their anti-family socialist partners. According to the bill, all students from K thru 12th grade will be taught that people who engage in transsexuality, anal intercourse and lesbianism are positive role models in society. SB777 then goes on to ban any discussions in the classroom where these fetish groups are viewed negatively. In other words, the fact that nearly 85% of all AIDS cases in the United States are the result of men who engage in sodomy will not be told to students because it reflects negatively on male homosexuals.

There is no doubt that SB777 is one of the biggest assaults on parental rights in American history. While many will be blaming radical gay activists and Governor Schwarzenegger for the passage of SB777, they are not the only culprits in this catastrophic attack on California's parents and their children. Perhaps, the more devious villains in this attack on parental rights and family values are actually some of the loudest voices who are now crying out against SB777. Christian Conservative voters in California are about to find out that some prominent conservative leaders are actually helping pro-homosexual candidates to get elected to public office. Indeed there are wolves among the sheep!

~ Wolves Among The Sheep ~

A James Hartline Report investigation has uncovered revelations that a conservative "pro-family" group in California is leading the charge to repeal SB777 at the same time that the group has close ties to elected officials who are helping to elect pro-gay candidates to public office in the state. These revelations indicate that certain conservatives in California are covertly promoting gay-friendly candidates for public office and, in turn, helping to foster the radical redefining of what family means in the state. Using this tactic, these individuals are greatly contributing to the anti-family crisis that is wreaking havoc on California families. This conservative-created crisis allows leaders of certain pro-family groups to "come to the rescue". These pseudo-heroes then make names for themselves among churchgoers and bring in large sums of money for their "pro-family" groups. It is one of the nastiest and most deceptive games being played in California's Culture War.

The conservative family group at the center of this growing scandal is Capitol Resource Institute. What you are about to read is more than just a tale of hypocrisy. It is also a revealing expose on how some "pro-family" groups are actually helping to create the current social conflict between conservatives and the homosexual movement. By constantly keeping this conflict alive, groups like Capitol Resource Institute will always have an opportunity to play the "hero" in the battle and to bring in large sums of money to fight the battles they are, in part, helping to create.

Capitol Resource Institute is the leading proponent for repealing SB777. Under the direction of Karen England, the organization has presented itself as a friend to millions of conservative churchgoers in California. Is Karen England and Capitol Resource Institute really a friend to the millions of Christian Conservative voters in the Golden State? Evidence uncovered by the James Hartline Report indicates that Capitol Resource Institute may not be a friend to any Christian in California. In fact, Karen England, the self-appointed public mouthpiece for repealing SB777, is the leader of an organization with close ties to politicians who are actually helping to spread the homosexual movement.

In the process of playing this damnable game of betrayal, Capitol Resource Institute is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from sympathetic pro-family donors. According to its most recently published IRS filing, Capitol Resource Institute pulled in over $364,000 during the 2005-2006 fiscal year. The really dirty deeds being done by groups like Capitol Resource Institute stems from their ability to feed off of anti-family crises like SB777. Every year it seems that an attack on California's family values occurs right around election time. Each time one of these attacks is launched, Karen England and her Capitol Resource Institute appear in the media to play "the hero come to rescue families from homosexual activists."

Without a moral crisis like SB777 there would be no need for a Karen England and her Capitol Resource Institute. It is important to note that Karen England also serves as a vice-president on the board of directors of the California Republican Assembly (CRA), a group that lays claim to being the "conscience" of the state's Republican Party. Being involved with CRA means Karen England has a vested interest in the success of conservative politicians and making sure that voters turn out at the polls to support those same politicians. In recent years, the Republican Party has used crisis issues like the Mt. Soledad Cross, parental notification laws and gay marriage to motivate Republican voters to go to the polls and, indirectly, support specific candidates. Placing a repeal of SB777 on the 2008 ballot will be a major tool used by Karen England to lure voters to the polls.

The dirty deed of betraying Christian voters by advisory board members of Karen England's Capitol Resource Institute is really, really dirty. Take for example the dirty deeds being done by two members of Capitol Resource Institute Advisory Board of Directors: California State Senators Tom McClintock and Mark Wyland. In recent times, both McClintock and Wyland have endorsed and promoted candidates who are either homosexual or strong advocates for the promotion of homosexuality in the political arena. Nowhere are the dirty and hypocritical deeds of McClintock and Wyland being felt more than in San Diego, California.
San Diegans are currently suffering a serious assault against their families by both Democrat and Republican politicians. Just a few months ago, Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders betrayed the San Diego voters who elected him by signing a city council-approved legal brief in support of same-sex marriages. San Diego Councilman Jim Madaffer, another Republican, also dumped his previous campaign pledges in support of traditional values to join homosexual Democrats in support of the gay marriage legal brief. Added to the disasterous anti-family attacks that are being generated from the San Diego City Council is perhaps the worse assault of all: Capitol Resource Institute Advisory Boardmember Senator Tom McClintock's push to get a homosexual activist elected to the San Diego City Council in 2008.

Carl DeMaio, a carpetbagger candidate for the San Diego City Council, announced to the world in an April 2007 edition of San Diego Magazine that he was involved in homosexuality. DeMaio went on to disrespect the majority of churchgoers in San Diego in that interview by saying he didn't think voters would consider the issue of his homosexuality to be a very important one. It can be assumed that DeMaio would have also supported the same-sex marriage legal brief had he already been elected to the San Diego City Council. Perhaps, the most troubling aspect to homosexual activist Carl DeMaio's candidacy: Capitol Resource Institute Advisory Boardmember Senator Tom McClintock has endorsed DeMaio for the city council seat!

Here is what Carl DeMaio told San Diego Magazine in its April, 2007 edition:

Carl DeMaio: as a private individual, can I live with the public scrutiny? Am I prepared to have the public shine a light on my personal life?
TB: Do you have some particular issue there?
Carl DeMaio: The fact that I’m gay, I suppose. But at the end of the day, I don’t think it’s very relevant when you consider all the things that are really important to voters. We have the city’s greatest financial crisis ever. We have city services being cut in our neighborhoods. Our leaders breaking the public trust by violating the law.
TB: You wouldn’t be our first gay councilmember.
CD: True. And even though it may be uncomfortable for me——coming out, being honest with the people——I think that’s what people want. It certainly hasn’t been relevant in the past five years, as we’ve sought to bring the city’s problems to public light, although some of the folks we were shining a light on did put pressure on us in regard to my personal life——in an effort to get us to back off. We didn’t.

After DeMaio had revealed his disturbing involvement in homosexuality to the conservative voters of San Diego, he and two other strong advocates for the homosexual movement, Tony Freeman and Tom Hebrank, were seen together in a photograph in transvestite activist Nicole Murray Ramirez's May 17, 2007 column in the Gay and Lesbian Times. One month later, Capitol Resource Institute Advisory Boardmember Senator Tom McClintock endorsed homosexual activist Carl DeMaio for the San Diego City Council.

McClintock wrote in his endorsement of homosexual activist Carl DeMaio:
June 11, 2007
Dear San Diegans:
I am writing to you to express my strong support for Carl DeMaio’s candidacy for the San Diego City Council.
San Diego taxpayers will be well-served by having Carl DeMaio—the city’s leading fiscal conservative—on City Council to act as the eyes and ears of taxpayers. As he has shown through his leadership in the past, Carl will be a voice of responsibility, integrity, and accountability in your city.
I ask that you join me in strongly supporting Carl DeMaio for San Diego City Council.
Sincerely, Tom McClintock

In 2005, Senator Mary Wyland, another Capitol Resource Institute Advisory Board of Directors member, was at the forefront of pushing for the election of Steve Francis for mayor in San Diego. Francis, one of San Diego's most rabid pro-gay Republicans, appeared at a mayoral forum at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center where he said that he supported gay civil unions. Additionally, Francis and his wife both have extensive ties to the homosexual community. Yet, during the 2005 mayoral race there was Mark Wyland with one hand tied to Karen England's Capitol Resource Institute and his other hand tied to the campaign of pro-homosexual Republican Steve Francis.

If these Republican state senators were serious about stopping the homosexual movement in California they could have done it years ago. They could have put pressure on Schwarzenegger to veto SB777. Instead, Senator McClintock was busy appearing on the Roger Hedgecock show to announce his endorsement of homosexual activist Carl DeMaio for the San Diego City Council. Instead, Senator Mark Wyland was busy being part of the recent fundraising host committee in San Diego for another pro-homosexual politician: Mitt Romney.

If Karen Englund and her Capitol Resource Institute were really serious about stopping the homosexual movement in California then she wouldn't have advisors who are endorsing candidates like homosexual activist Carl DeMaio for the San Diego City Council or pro-gay civil unions advocate Steve Francis to become mayor of San Diego.

The Capitol Resource Insitute (CRI) states on its website that it has been "supporting and defending California families since 1987". Really? How does Senator Tom McClintock's endorsement of homosexual activist Carl DeMaio fit into Karen England's defense of families? How does Senator Mark Wyland's endorsement of Steve Francis who supports embryonic stem cell research and gay civil unions fit into Karen England's support of California families?

If he is elected in 2008, there is no doubt that homosexual activist Carl DeMaio will be embracing such anti-family events as the San Diego Gay Pride Festival when it comes up for a vote on the San Diego City Council docket. DeMaio's current campaign endorsement list includes a number of homosexual politicians and activists: Mike German, Frank Tierney, Thomas Hebrank, Bob Lehman, and Log Cabin Republican leader Patrick Sammon. Additionally, pro-homosexual Republicans Phil Thalheimer and Tricia Hunter endorsing DeMaio demonstrates that DeMaio is prepared to push for an extremely dark future for Christian values if elected to the San Diego City Council.

Senator Tom McClintock, in issuing an endorsement for homosexual activist Carl DeMaio for the San Diego City Council, is helping to propel the homosexual movement in California. And by having such advisors as Tom McClintock and Mark Wyland, there is no doubt that Karen England and her Capitol Resource Institute are nothing more than opportunists who are more interested in promoting their organization to churchgoers than actually protecting churchgoers and their families.

This has been a James Hartline Report Update.
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The Journal of James Hartline: How A Girl On A Bicycle Saved My Life and Taught Me How To Fight For The Kids of My Generation

The Journal of James Hartline:
From The Diary Of A Christian Warrior
In The Last Days
- Dated December 17, 2007 -

How A Girl On A Bicycle Saved My Life
Taught Me How To Fight
For The Kids Of My Generation

Over the last few years I have intensified my public campaign to protect the children of San Diego, California from predators and radicalized homosexual activists. There is a passion in my soul that causes me to stand up for my generation's youth. In this war to fight for our kids, I have been castigated and attacked by gay community leaders and even some church leaders. These attackers say that I am too aggressive and too divisive in my efforts. Well, let me tell you -- there is a reason that I am an extremist when it comes to fighting for our kids.

Let me take you back to 1966, to a time when I was just nine years-old. It was the winter season in my hometown of Bakersfield, California. That winter was colder than most people in southern California were used to experiencing. For me, the winter weather was not the only thing that was cold in my nine year-old life. Life indeed, had become frigid and cruel for me. Already, I had experienced years of beatings and daily torture at the hands of my disturbed mother. She was the kind of mom that ranted about immorality in the culture at the same time that she used every kind of profanity imaginable when describing how worthless I had become in her life. Her verbal assaults were always finished off with the swinging of a belt or a punch in my face from her angry fist.

By the age of nine, I had become a real expert in the art of covering up bruises and welts. I had also become a master at converting my well-worn pants and shirts into effective camouflage bandages that hid the evidence of my mother's use of belts, electrical cords and cooking spoons which she used when beating me.

At school, I had a reputation for always getting into trouble. For me, the fourth grade was more like the fourth round in a boxing match. Eventually, my parents could no longer explain my outbursts at school as evidence that I was just a "problem" child in need of psychological counseling. Fist fights at school had become my way of expressing my deep frustration over the injustices that were inflicted upon me in my own home. Finally, my apathetic father and my abusive mother handed me over to the Kern County foster care system where they could "fix" me. My vicitmizers had finally thrown me away as if I was an old coat that they no longer wanted to keep in a crowded closet.

Thinking that my escape from the vicious hands of my mother would free me from the beatings that I had endured every day of my life, I was even more dismayed to find out that abuse was not limited to my parent's home. At such a young age, I had no idea why I had been placed in a foster home of foreigners where my new foster parents had decided that they had the right to hit me and deprive me in the same cruel fashion that my mother had.

The foster home that I was placed in was run by a middle-aged mother and father who still had three older teenage boys of their own living there. Added to this crowded situation were four other teenage foster boys. I, being nine years-old, was now a very small boy living in the land of dangerous giants. Not only did this new foster mom decide that foster boys were a means of profiteering off of government welfare checks, but she also decided that foster boys didn't merit such things as hot meals or milk with your cold cereal. What was a kid to do with a bowl of corn flakes and no milk? I found out real soon what happened to a little boy who stole milk in a foster home. He got beat up by the real sons of the foster mother.

Who was I to go to in that dark hour? My parents had sent me to this new home of deprival and degradation. They wouldn't be helping me. I remembered always seeing a big family Bible laying on the table in our living room when I was at home. As a little boy, I didn't know much about praying. Occasional trips to my Dad's Baptist church usually consisted of me going to Sunday School and singing songs about "stepping on a tack and breaking the devil's back." Whatever that meant, I certainly didn't see much help coming from those experiences. Particularly, since my Dad had always shown more interest in his obsession with football games on television than he did with standing up to my mom when she abused me.

The one escape from abuse that I experienced as a child came in the form of my ability to get to school and stay there as long as possible. While most kids couldn't wait to get out of school, I ususally found a way to arrive early and stay late. The foster home I found myself in was an extra long walk to my new elementary school. Oftentimes I had to decide between breakfast and making the school bus. Sometimes my little belly made the choice for me. Unfortunately, this particular foster mother decided that she was going to keep the food money and spend it on herself. Breakfast usually consisted of cold cereal without the milk. Only the woman's real sons got milk on a regular basis.

With five foster boys and three other sons in the house, I was forced to engage in some real food warfare to survive. Quick dashes into the kitchen, and even quicker, hand-in, hand-out, refrigerator tactics to get some milk for my corn flakes, had taught me early on that life is primarily combat maneuvers over the basic necessities of life.

The one great joy of my life during that foster home experience was my membership in my elementary school choir. I used to sing, sing, sing, in those dark days. I don't know how I would have ever made it through those degrading days if I had not been accepted into the choir. The problem was, however, that choir practice occurred before school started. That also meant that choir practice occurred during my kitchen excursions to look for food to eat. Life just seemed to get more complicated for this hungry nine year-old singer in foster care.

One early December morning, the students at my school were informed that auditions would be held for the school's Christmas play. Arising extra early, I thought I could get into the kitchen, get my milk and corn flakes, and hit the road to make it to the auditions. My plan was not to be. Waiting for me as I snuck into the kitchen was the foster mother -- and a belt in her hand that looked more like a rattle snake than a piece of leather to hold up her husband's pants.

"Don't you ever steal from me, you greedy brat!" she screamed. Hungry, beaten and demoralized, she kicked me out of the house and into the cruel December winter. What made the cold weather even more bitter was the fact that I only had ten minutes to get to the school auditions. And it always took me at least fifteen minutes to walk the distance to the school from my foster home.

I wasn't much of a prayer warrior in those days, but I think I prayed harder during that harsh incident than all of the times I had prayed before -- combined! You never know how a prayer is going to be answered...expectations can be quite wild for a nine year-old. My answer quickly came in the form of a bell...a miracle bell. A bell on a bicycle that is. Slowly coming up behind me was a girl on a bicycle -- and she was ringing her bicycle bell. Turning around and wiping the snot and tears off of my gaunt nine year-old face, I came face to face with a freckled face girl riding on a boy's bicycle -- the kind with a seat that could illegitimately carry two kids.

"Hey you better hurry," she exclaimed to me above her loudly ringing bell. She slowed her bike down so she could ride at my walking pace.

"What?" I retorted in fearful shock.

"Oh, I just moved up the street from you and I joined the choir yesterday. Aren't you going to be in the play? We have to hurry if we're going to make it for the auditions," she cried in her best motherly voice. She was that kind of best friend who knows everyone...and knows what's best for everyone as well.

"I can't make it in time," I responded in my angry and dejected 'me against the world' attitude.

"We have to have you. You are the best boy singer in our school!" she said as she campaigned to win me over to her side.

As I kept walking, she pulled slightly ahead of me, bringing her bicycle to a stop. "Come on now, get on! I'll get us both there." She was bigger than me and more persuasive than I could be. I was in no condition to fight against the cold or her offer to help.

This girl on a boy's bicycle got us both to the audition on time. And every morning leading up to the actual Christmas play, there she was: waiting for me out in front of my house to give me a ride on the back of her bicycle. And everyday, her and I used to sing a little louder than the rest of the kids as we practiced our parts. I really got to like this girl enough to actually laugh with her as we both made ridiculous and goofy faces behind the choir director's back.

On the night of the Christmas play, all of the parents showed up to proudly watch their kids perform. All of the parents except mine. My foster parents did not show up. For them, my participation in the school play was merely a means to have one less kid and one less voice to hear in their home. I didn't care. All that mattered to me was the victory that I and my friend on the bicycle had achieved by being in our school's Christmas play. That Christmas, the girl on the bicycle had become my family.

Over forty years have gone by since that Christmas play. I eventually spent many more years in foster homes, reform schools and prisons. It took me many years to undo the tragic abuse that had been inflicted upon me by my own parents and a foster care system that had added further scars to the ones I had already borne upon my skinny, nine year-old body.

For the past seven years, I have been standing up for the kids of my city. I remember what it was like to be so small and have no defenders. With the help of God, I have every intention of fighting for the children of San Diego, California in the hopes that they will always have a voice speaking out on their behalf. As long as there is a breath in my body, I will be the kid on a bicycle who comes to the rescue of abused children -- children who might not make it without the extra help of a mysterious friend who shows up at just the right time.

When my opponents judge me for going after their pornographic businesses they had better realize that I will never stop fighting to keep their wares from harming the children of my city. When gay activists scream at me because I publicly protest the events they hold to target teenagers, they had better realize that I will not move out of their way as long as God is keeping me alive. I know what it is like to be abused as a young child. And I will fight to make sure that every child in my city is free to be children and free from the same trauma that I knew in my early years.

This Christmas, I hope in some small way, like the girl on the bicycle who befriended me when I so desperately needed a helping hand, I can be a friend to a child in need. And Lord knows there are lot of kids who need my help.

This has been a writing from the Journal of James Hartline.
James Hartline is a current candidate for the San Diego City Council
where he hopes to become a bright light for the needy kids of his city.

I Am Making My Stand!
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James Hartline, Publisher
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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gay Activists Take A Page Out Of Hitler's Mein Kampf To Evict Boy Scouts From Philadelphia Headquarters

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
December 10, 2007

Gay Activists Take A Page Out Of Hitler's Mein Kampf:

Reminding America Of How Bad Persecution Can Get,
Boy Scouts Are Evicted From Their Philadelphia Headquarters
Because They Will Not Promote Homosexuality To Their Youth

(JHReport) Historians have termed it "The Night of the Broken Glass." It was a night that saw the darkest aspects of humanity form into an event called the Kristallnacht. Nazi persecution and perverted oppression of German Jews culminated in the Kristallnacht, an event that began Adolph Hitler's final demonic push to eradicate all humans whom he deemed unworthy to extist in the land of the living.

On November 9, 1938, the Nazis unleashed a wave of pogroms against Germany's Jews. Within a few hours, thousands of synagogues, Jewish businesses and homes were damanged or destroyed. Though portrayed as spontaneous outbursts of popular outrage, these pogroms were calculated acts of retaliation carried out by the SA, SS, and other Nazi party organizations. What began as a political plot against the Jews after Austria had been incorporated into the third Reich in March 1938 had finally culminated into the violent uprising of the Kristallnacht night of terror.

Fast forward to December, 2007: many Americans who remember the dark deeds committed by Germany's Nazi Party, are now seeing a similar pattern arise in metropolitan communities throughout the United States. Instead of synagogues and Jewish-owned businesses, the target of such persecution has now become the Boy Scouts of America. The latest of such targeted attacks against the Boy Scouts has occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In an incredible act of injustice, the City Council of Philadelphia, acting on behalf of a propaganda campaign being waged by the city's gay and lesbian movement, has voted to evict the Boy Scouts from their downtown headquarters.

The Cradle of Liberty Council, located in downtown Philadelphia, is one of the largest Boy Scout Councils in the United States. Serving over 69,000 young children, the Cradle of Liberty Council is housed in the center of what is hailed as the birthplace of the Boy Scouts. The Scouts have been located in their current downtown Philadelphia location since 1929 and have received contributions from Hellen Keller, Babe Ruth and Winston Churchill during their many years of helping the youth of Philadelphia.

Advocating good citizenship, character development, friendly service and spiritual growth, the Philadelphia-based organization has endeavored to raise up generations of young men to make positive contributions to society. However, those contributions were not enough for the current Philadelphia City Council. Bowing to pressure from radical homosexual groups, the council decided to raise the rent on the Scouts to $200,000 per year if they did not allow the promotion of homosexuality within their youth programs. The Philadelphia City Council would have made Hitler proud if they had made this kind of decision in 1930's Germany.

In an interview with the New York Times, The Cradle of Liberty Council spokesman Jeff Jubelirer questioned the timing of the city's move. "With an epidemic of gun violence taking the lives of Philadelphia's children every day, it is ironic the administration chose this time to destroy programming that services 69,000 children in the city," Jubelirer said.

Jubelirer also said it could not afford $200,000 a year in rent, and that such a price would require it to cut summer-camp funds for 800 needy children. He added that the organization serves more than 69,000 young people, mostly from the inner city, and that its programming focuses on mentoring and after-school programs instead of camping trips.

Stacey Sobel, executive director of Philadelphia's Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights, said she's pleased the city is taking action. "If they are going to discriminate, the taxpayers shouldn't be subsidizing it," Sobel told the New York Times.

The Boy Scouts of America's policy on gay leaders was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000. In 2003, the council in Philadelphia said it would adopt a nondiscrimination policy on gays. However, weeks later the group dismissed an 18-year-old Scout who publicly acknowledged he was involved in homosexuality.

The Cradle of Liberty council has a clearly articulated non-discrimination policy which reads: "Prejudice, intolerance and unlawful discrimination in any form are unacceptable within ranks of Cradle of Liberty Council."

While the non-discrimination policy satisfies most rational Americans, the fact that the promotion of homosexuality is not being mentioned, was enough to cause radical homosexual activists to push forth their tyrannical agenda via the Philadelphia City Council's ruling against the Scouts.

One of the most outspoken critics of the Cradle of Liberty Boy Scouts has been Philadelphia's City Solicitor Romulo L. Diaz Jr. As Philadelphia's City Attorney, Romulo Diaz has publicly demanded that the scouts specifically include a non-discrimination policy that mentions the term "gay." Romulo L. Diaz, a homosexual and former official with President Clinton's office, has a biased agenda against those who oppose his homosexuality. According to Fox News, Diaz made these comments regarding the Scout's refusal to accomodate his pro-homosexual agenda:

"They had been put on notice over the last year by the mayor, the City Council and the Fairmount Park Commission that they had a choice to make," Diaz said in a phone interview. "They need to provide evidence that they would not engage in discriminatory practices against gays as either Scout masters or Boy Scouts. .... They have either not responded or essentially played the victim."

The campaign against the Philadelphia Boy Scouts is one of many such efforts being carried out against traditional groups in America by radical homosexual activist organizations. Churches, youth programs and schools throughout America are under assault by homosexual and lesbian activists who are demanding that all children be indoctrinated into the gay lifestyle. For many older Americans, it is a chilling experience to watch familes and their children forced out of programs by goverment officials who are acting on behalf of the homosexual movement. These older Americans have seen this all before: Nazi Germany 1933-1945.

In the same manner used by the Nazis when they began to evict Jews from their homes, businesses and synagogues, city officials acting on behalf of their homosexual partners, are engaged in the same insidious actions. From the recent Philadelphia case to the ACLU's pro-gay efforts to remove the Boy Scouts from public parks in San Diego, California, homosexual activists are incrementally seeking to marginalize and remove all entities that do not bow to their radicalized agenda.

It is important to inspect the ideology behind these attacks against the Boy Scouts. In reality, many of these attacks are being orchestrated by those who are vehemently atheistic and anti-christian. Indeed, it has been a good fit for those who embrace a certain anti-religious bigotry to hide behind the gay rights issue as a means for accomplishing their goal of secularizing America.

John Simkin, in his insightful website Spartacus Educational, details tactics used by Hitler that are stunningly similar to those being used by gay activists in America to erode the establishment of groups like the Boy Scouts:

"Once in power Adolf Hitler began to openly express anti-Semitic ideas. Based on his readings of how blacks were denied civil rights in the southern states in America, Hitler attempted to make life so unpleasant for Jews in Germany that they would emigrate. The campaign started on April 1, 1933, when a one-day boycott of Jewish-owned shops took place. Members of the Sturm Abteilung (SA) picketed the shops to ensure the boycott was successful.

"The hostility towards Jews increased in Germany. This was reflected in the decision by many shops and restaurants not to serve the Jewish population. Placards saying "Jews not admitted" and "Jews enter this place at their own risk" began to appear all over Germany. In some parts of the country Jews were banned from public parks, swimming-pools and public transport."

The Swastika - Rainbow Flag Connection

There are tremendous similarities between early members of Germany's Nazi Party and fringe elements of America's gay rights movement. Homosexual activists are leading boycotts of businesses that refuse to promote homosexuality. And they are identifying pro-gay businesses with rainbow flags much like Nazis identified their sympathizers with the swastika.

In San Diego, California, a number of registered sex offenders were found to be supervisors in the city's Gay Pride organization during the 2005 San Diego Gay Pride Festival. In that city, there continues to be a number of homosexual groups that target youth for sexual indoctrination. At the same time, many of these gay activists are seen dressing up in attire eerily similar to the uniforms worn by members of Hitler's Nazi armies. On the Mr. Leather San Diego website, just like hundreds of other homosexual websites, male contestants can be seen wearing uniforms closely resembling those worn by Nazi officers.

In Scott D. Lively's shocking expose entitled "The Pink Swastika," a disturbing picture is painted of rampant homosexuality and pedophilia that operated within Nazi Germany. In the Pink Swastika, Dr. Lively details Germany's Gestapo reporting forty cases of man-boy erotic relationships (pederasty) in just one troop of Hitler Youth in 1934. Dr. Lively quotes extensively from Hanz Bleuel, the architect of much of Germany's 20th century embracement of Wandervoegel, a homosexual youth movement. Understanding the Wandervoegel Movement is critical to understanding how homosexuality fueled much of the sadistic components of Hitler's Nazi army -- and why rabid gay activists are targeting youth groups like the Boy Scouts for sexual indoctrination.

Scott Lively writes in his book that Hans Bleuel documented the case of one supervisor, a 20 year-old man who was dismissed from the Hitler Youth in 1938. Yet, he was transferred to the National Socialist Flying Corps (Civil Air Patrol) and was assigned to supervise work by members of the Hitler Youth Gliding Association and eventually detained to help with physical check-ups. The man was once again caught sodomizing young men, but was not dismissed from the NSFK” (the National Socialist Flying Corps).

Conditions were essentially the same in 1941. Bleuel reports of another homosexual flying instructor involved in “at least ten cases of homosexuality with student pilots of the Hitler Youth” and “a student teacher and student ...[who] had committed twenty-eight proven acts of indecency with twenty boys at Hitler Youth and Young Folk camps." He adds that “these cases were only the tip of the iceberg, for few misdemeanors within the Party became public in later years and even fewer came to trial.”

According to Scott Lively, homosexuality continued to spread inside of Hitler's troops during the war years when Hitler's Jugend boys frequently became victims of molestations at the hands of SS tutors. While Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, consistently took a hardline against it publicly, he was quite willing to mitigate his penalties privately and keep every incident as secret as possible.

Next to Adolph Hitler, Ernst Roehm was the man in Germany most responsible for the rise of Nazism. A driving force behind the National Socialist movement, Roehm was one of the early founders of the Nazi Party. Both Roehm and Hitler had been members of the socialist terrorist group called the Iron Fist. In his classic Nazi history, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, author William Shirer describes Ernst Roehm as “a stocky, bull-necked, piggish-eyed, scar-faced professional soldier...[and] like so many of the early Nazis, a homosexual”. Roehm was recruited into homosexuality by Gerhard Rossbach.

Roehm, as the head of 2,500,000 Storm Troops had surrounded himself with a staff of Nazi perverts. His chiefs, men of rank of Gruppenfuehrer or Obergruppenfuehrer, commanding units of several hundred thousand Storm Troopers, were almost without exception homosexuals. Indeed, unless a Storm Troop officer were homosexual he had no chance of advancement.

California - Schwarzengger - The Nazi Connection

The disasterous pro-homosexual laws currently being implemented in California could just as easily have been written in Hitler's Germany. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a history of close ties to those involved in Nazism. In fact, Schwarznegger's father, Gustav Schwarzenegger, was a volunteer member of the Sturmabteilung, or SA — the notorious Nazi storm troopers also known as brownshirts.

One new radicalized piece of legislation that Schwarznegger just signed into law is the controversial SB777. According to World Net Daily, SB777 bans anything in California's public schools that could be interpreted as negative toward homosexuality, bisexuality and other alternative lifestyle choices. "SB 777 will result in reverse discrimination against students with religious and traditional family values," said Meredith Turney, legislative liaison for Capitol Resource Institute. "These students have lost their voice as the direct result of Gov. Schwarzenegger's unbelievable decision. The terms 'mom and dad' or 'husband and wife' could promote discrimination against homosexuals if a same-sex couple is not also featured."

Governor Schwarznegger has repeatedly signed legislation in California which promotes the extremist desires of the radical homosexual movement at the expense of the constitutional rights of Christians who oppose such sexual indoctrination. Like his Nazi counterparts, Schwarzenegger has been quietly laying the foundation for a public educational system that is creating an army of children representative of Germany in the 1930's. To better understand Schwarzenegger's affinity for these Nazi-like machinations, it is worth noting the ties that the California governor has with one of the Nazis' most notorious soldiers: Kurt Waldheim.

Writing for Slate Magazine, Timothy Noah detailed the Schwarzenegger/Waldheim connection: Arnold Schwarzenegger has a well-documented longtime friendship with Kurt Waldheim, whom he invited to his wedding in Massachusetts in 1986. At the time, Waldheim, a former United Nations secretary-general, was running a successful campaign that would see him elected to the Austrian presidency, while conveniently "forgetting" his own central role in Nazi atrocities. Waldheim didn't attend the wedding, but Schwarzenegger offered a tribute that stunned the assemblage into shocked silence:

"My friends don't want me to mention Kurt's name, because of all the recent Nazi stuff and the U.N. controversy, but I love him and Maria does too, and so thank you. Kurt."

After the wedding, Schwarzenegger permitted Waldheim to use his name on campaign posters, protested a year later when Waldheim, then president of Austria, was banned from entering the United States, and was seen in Waldheim's company as recently as 1998 (according to the New York Post), just five years prior to being elected governor of California.

Schwarzenegger's New California StormTroopers: The Log Cabin Republicans

In 2003, and again in 2006, the radical homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans helped to get Schwarzenegger elected and reelected governor of California. Like Germany's Nazi Party, homosexuality and vehemenous anti-christianity are key components of the Log Cabin Republicans. The Log Cabin Republicans describe Christian Conservatives this way on their website:

Talking Points: Why It's Okay Being A Gay Republican
"Defeating the radical right and transforming the GOP will allow gay and lesbian Americans to achieve full equality much sooner-decades sooner. The radical right represents the last obstacle on the path to full equality. Defeat them in the grassroots of the GOP and all of us can enjoy the benefits of liberty much sooner."

In 2006, Governor Schwarzenegger rewarded California's Log Cabin Republicans and their insidious attacks on California's religious and conservative communities by being their keynote speaker for the organization's fundraiser. Also at that event was lesbian San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis who presented the Log Cabin Republican's American Visibility award to Desperate Housewives Creator and Executive Producer Marc Cherry. The Log Cabin Republicans are currently engaged in campaigns to pressure congress to put homosexuality into federal hate crimes legislation. Hate crimes legislation is being used in many states to censor opposition to the homosexual movement, as well as an educational tool for indoctrinating school children into the homosexual lifestyle. If Adolph Hitler were alive today, he would certainly be proud of the work that the Log Cabin Republicans are doing.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

San Diego GOP Leadership Refuses To Interview Christian Candidate During Endorsement Meeting

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
December 5, 2007

San Diego GOP Leadership Refuses To Interview Christian Candidate
During Endorsement Interviews Of City Council Candidates

San Diego Christian Candidate James Hartline Is Turned Away
From County GOP Endorsement Meeting By Party's Executives

(JHReport) "Out with Christianity and in with homosexuality." That was the perceived theme of the San Diego County Republican Party's Novermber 2007 meeting, according to James Hartline, a well-known Christian candidate for the San Diego City Council. According to Hartline, individuals who are promoting homosexuality were celebrated at the monthly November GOP gathering, while he and other Christians were disrespected and ignored at the meeting.

According to Hartline, he was not even permitted to put his name on the sign-in sheet for announced Republican candidates when he showed up at the monthly GOP meeting. "When I went to the table to put my name on the sign-in sheet for candidates, I was told that that there was no such sheet." As a result, all of the candidates for public office were recognized during the meeting by having their names announced to those in attendance -- every candidate except Hartline.

Accompanying candidate Hartline to the meeting were ten supporters and members of his campaign for the San Diego City Council. "Not one member of the county's GOP executive leadership greeted any of our team," says Hartline. Adding insult to injury was the fact that Mayor Jerry Sanders was given a standing ovation by approximately 90% of those in attendance. Sanders recently approved a San Diego City Council order to issue a legal brief in support of same-sex marriage: something Sanders had promised voters he would not do during his 2005 mayoral campaign.

"It was a sad night," bemoans Hartline. "It seemed to be a room full of people who were heavily drinking alcohol while making decisions that will affect the lives of every citizen in San Diego." For the ten Christians who showed up with Hartline, it was a very uncomfortable evening. "We just had to sit there and endure a bunch of middle aged caucasian men and women drinking booze and mocking our faith. This is what has become of our local party leadership," adds Hartline.

James Hartline states that leaders within the San Diego County Republican Party refused to interview him along with other candidates for the San Diego City Council. On the evening of Nov. 6, 2007, Hartline received an application for the party's endorsement from the San Diego Republican Party headquarters. Hartline was given less than 72 hours to fill out the extensive application and fax it back to them no later than 12noon on Nov. 9, 2007. Additionally, Hartline was ordered to call the party headquarters directly to confirm that they had received the application. Hartline followed their instructions completely. Yet, no one from the party bothered to inform him that they would be interviewing candidates the following Tuesday night for endorsements for the city council races.

Red County, a San Diego County political website, ran an updated blog at the exact same time that the party was meeting on Tuesday night to interview candidates for possible endorsements. While writers on that blog were telling readers that homosexual activist Carl DeMaio had just been interviewed and endorsed, Hartline was not even told by the party headquarters that interviews were being conducted. While Hartline and his ten member team were at the party meeting for 90 minutes, not one person informed him or his team that endorsement interviews would be conducted that night.

"In my seven years of fighting for the protection of children from predators, as well as standing up for morality in the city of San Diego, this is the first time that real bigotry prevented me from doing my job," declares Hartline. "The idea that a person involved in homosexuality like Carl DeMaio was patted on the back, while they refused to interview a Christian candidate should tell all Christian voters in San Diego that the local Republican Party has gone down a very dark path."

Carl DeMaio, who announced to the world in an April edition of San Diego Magazine that he was involved in homosexuality, is seeking a seat on the San Diego City Council. DeMaio went on to degrade the will of the voters during that interview by stating: "But at the end of the day, I don’t think it’s very relevant (his homosexuality) when you consider all the things that are really important to voters."

Robert Sutton, a prominent San Diego attorney and former law enforcement officer, is serving as Hartline's campaign manager. Sutton contacted party headquarters to find out why Hartline was never called in for an interview with the other city council candidates during their Tuesday night endorsement meeting. After two days of silence, Sutton was finally contacted by county Republican Party COO Jonathan Buettner. "Buettner told me that a vote was held prior to the endorsement meeting to exclude any candidate from being interviewed based upon three specific criteria. Those criteria included any candidate who had previously been convicted of a felony and candidates who had given support to non-Republicans."

It would appear that the local Republican Party is picking and choosing when they apply these newly-found exclusionary standards. Dayna Hydrick, Voter Registration Task Force Committee Chair for the San Diego County Republican Party endorsed and supported liberal Democrat Scott Peters in his 2004 campaign for the San Diego City Council. Yet, Hydrick is a chairwoman within the local party's leadership. Additionally, while the party's state platform forbids the promotion of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle, a number of party leaders are backing DeMaio. Some of DeMaio's backers also claim to be Christians.

Having overcome tremendous obstacles in his life, Hartline is accepted around the United States by church leaders and many other Christians for his bold stand for Jesus Christ. He is currently scheduled to participate at a national leadership summit along with Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes and conservative activist Coach Dave Daubenmire. That event, called "A Gathering of Eagles," will commence on December 14th in Coshocton, Ohio.

In 2006, James Hartline's life story was featured on an international broadcast of the Christian Broadcasting Network's 700 Club. While he is standing up for Christian values around the United States, as well as his own city of San Diego, Hartline is forced to endure great disrepect from his own party's local leadership. "The message that local Republican leaders are now sending out to all Christians in San Diego is that 'it's fine if God forgives you, but we are God in San Diego elections, and Christians with a past need not apply,'" says Hartline.

James Hartline has every intention of confronting the bigotry that is percolating within the hearts and minds of certain San Diego Republican leaders. "If they think that Christian voters are going to accept this mistreatment of me while they are glorifying homosexuality and alcoholism, they are indeed very mistaken," warns Hartline.

"I have come too far and overcome too many obstacles to allow a few small-minded and misguided Republicans to defeat me," Hartline declares. "I am part of a new breed of political leaders in San Diego and corruption, bigotry and greed are not a part of our agenda."

To put the disturbing bigotry of the GOP attack on Hartline in perspective consider this: While Hartline has been in a long conflict with many leaders of San Diego's gay community, even they allowed Hartline to present his campaign credentials and platform at the Hillcrest Town Council's candidate forum in October. "Although we disagree on many family values issues, even gay community leaders were far more respectful to my campaign than have been leaders of the San Diego GOP executive committee," said Hartline.

This should really show Christian voters in San Diego just how spiteful and anti-christian are certain local GOP leaders. "Is there any wonder why the San Diego Republican executive committee reaffirmed their committment to Jerry Sanders in his re-election bid for mayor even though he disrespected every voter in San Diego when he flip-flopped and endorsed gay marriage?" The Republican Party of San Diego simply does not want the Christian vote. And after their treatment of me, they certainly don't deserve it!" Hartline retorted.

Dozens of prominent Republican leaders, pastors and businessowners are supporting Hartline's candidacy. This support runs in complete contrast to those who are currently running the San Diego party headquarters. Former judicial candidate for the San Diego Superior Court Larry Kincaid and popular board president of the Grossmont Union High School District Priscilla Schreiber are two of the many GOP stalwarts that have endorsed Hartline.

"There is a real evil spirit that has saturated the San Diego Republican Party headquarters. My recommendation to every Christian in San Diego: Vote for Christian candidates and boycott every other anti-christian Republican candidate in the county of San Diego. "If they don't want our values, then they are not going to get our votes!" This is the only way that they are going to get the message that they had better start respecting us -- and they had better do it now before the 2008 election comes around," states Hartline.

James Hartline encourages Christians to support him by sending their endorsement of his candidacy via email: or visit his campaign website at

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

James Hartline Joining Presidential Candidate Alan Keyes At Historic Culture War Summit In Ohio

A Special James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
December 3, 2007

The "Gathering Of Eagles" Leadership Summit Will Feature
Historic Assembly of America's Top Culture War Leaders
In Effort To Educate Christians About It's National Moral Crisis

San Diego Christian Conservative Leader James Hartline
To Join Republican Presidential Candidate Alan Keyes
And An All-Star List of Christian Leaders
At Major Culture War Summit In Coshocton, Ohio

(JHReport) Some are billing it as one of the greatest gatherings of top American Christian Conservative leaders in recent years. Nationally recognized radio talk show host Coach Dave Daubenmire is calling it the finest event to ever come to the state of Ohio. A "Gathering of Eagles" Leadership Summit, scheduled for December 14-15, 2007, will bring together many of America's most experienced Christian Conservative leaders for the two day conference in Coshocton, Ohio. The goal of the conference: to ignite a spiritual fire that will awaken Christians throughout America.

The keynote speaker for the event will be 2008 Republican Presidential candidate Alan Keyes. As the two-time Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Maryland, Alan Keyes challenged liberal Democrats Paul Sarbanes (1988) and Barbara Mikulski (1992). In the 1996 and 2000 Republican presidential campaigns, Alan Keyes eloquently elevated the national political debate as a candidate for president. With his unequivocal pro-life, pro-family message, he forced the GOP leadership to address America's moral crisis. His political views are consistently based on America's founding ideals, those in the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.

Dave Daubenmire, a coordinator and speaker for the Gathering of Eagles Conference, is known throughout America for his courageous stand for religious liberties. Daubenmire, a veteran 25 year high school football coach, was spurred to action when attacked and eventually sued by the ACLU in the late 1990’s for alledgedly mixing prayer with his coaching. After a two year battle for his 1st amendment rights and a determination to not back down, the ACLU relented and offered coach an out of court settlement. God honored his stand and the ACLU backed off. Coach’s courageous stand, an inspiration to Americans everywhere, demonstrated that the ACLU can be defeated.

Vision America founder Rick Scarborough will be joining the conference as a featured speaker. Dr. Scarborough holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Houston Baptist University, with a double major in Political Science and Speech.

In 1992, Dr. Scarborough gained national recognition when he exposed the contents of a disturbing assembly program at a local high school. Under the auspices of an “AIDS Presentation,” a young lady, sponsored by the AIDS Foundation of Houston, candidly discussed every sex act imaginable expressing the opinion (presented as fact) that “safe sex” was attainable by using condoms. Dr. Scarborough recorded the assembly and then made transcripts available to his congregation the following Sunday morning. The resulting furor that erupted caught the eye of the national media. The Washington Times has referred to Dr. Scarborough as one of the "rising stars in the politically active arm of American evangelicalism."

Peter LaBarbera, considered to be one of the preeminent threats to the radical homosexual lobby, will be bringing his many years of Christian Conservative leadership to the Gathering of Eagles Conference. LaBarbera, 45, is president of Americans For Truth (about Homosexuality, or AFTAH), a group dedicated to exposing the homosexual activist agenda. Founded as a part-time venture in 1996 but newly reorganized in August 2006, AFTAH seeks to apply a single-minded determination to oppose the radical homosexual agenda and to stand up for God-ordained sexuality and the natural family.

America Asleep kNOw More, a Missouri-based Christian ministry, is providing a number of speakers for the two day event. Gregory Thompson, the founder of America Asleep kNOw More, has traveled throughout the United States to sound a clarion call for Americans to awaken to the moral dangers which are quickly costing them their civil and religious liberties.

From 1998 - 2004, Thompson was the Superintendent of Humansville R-IV School District in Polk County, Missouri. He was President of the Ozark School Superintendents from 2000 - 2004. It was in 2004, that President Gregory Thompson sacrificed his career on behalf of Christians everywhere in America. He was officially fired on Sept. 8, 2004 for refusing to keep the Ten Commandments out of the school, the Cross off of his office wall, the Bible off of his desk, and for indicating that he would pray for U.S. military veterans, children and their families.

Joining Gregory Thompson at the conference will be America Asleep kNOw President Mark Kiser. Mark Kiser serves as a pastor in Springfield, Missouri and is the father of seven children. Kiser has earned a reputation throughout Missouri for his Biblical stand against sexual immorality, illegal drug use and abortion.

The pro-life movement will be well-represented at the Gathering of Eagles Summit. Rev. Flip Benham, who was the national director for Operation Rescue in 1994, will be bringing his many years of activism to the conference. Appearing on numerous local and national television and radio programs (Good Morning America, 48 Hours, Sonja Live, David Praegger Live, ABC World News Tonight, CBS News, NBC News, Hannity & Colmes, and CNN), Rev. Benham is a bold witness for the Lord Jesus Christ in the public arena.

Dr. Patrick Johnston, not only works to help young women have healthy lives and healthy babies, but he and his wife, Elizabeth, practice what they preach at home. They are the parents of six, very young children. Patrick and Elizabeth Johnston reside in central Ohio with their six young home-schooled children. Dr. Johnston is a family practice physician and founder of the Association of Pro-life Physicians. He is also a candidate for Ohio's 94th District in the 2008 elections. Dr. Johnston will be a featured speaker at the Gathering of Eagles Conference.

California's Christian Conservative movement will be represented at the Gathering of Eagles Summit by San Diego-based activist James Hartline. Hartline is the founder of California Christian News. Hartline caused a stir in national and local news services in July when he announced that he would be seeking a seat on the San Diego City Council. As a former homosexual, James Hartline's city council district is located in the area that is home to much of San Diego's gay community.

In 2006, James Hartline's life story was featured on an international broadcast of CBN's The 700 Club. During that broadcast, James told the story of how he was infected with the AIDS virus in a San Diego gay sex club in 1997. As a result of that broadcast and a four year battle waged by James to shut the club down, the City of San Diego shuttered the club's doors for good in 2007. It marked the eighth time in the past five years that Hartline has successfully shut down a pornographic business in the city of San Diego.

"I am going with an expectation that something big is going to happen in America as a result of this conference," says Hartline. "So many of the men coming to this event have given their lives for the cause of Christ and we will not be denied our goal of spiritually igniting Christians in America to awaken this nation!"

For further information on the other speakers at A Gathering of Eagles Christian Leadership Summit and Biblical Worldview Conference go to

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