Monday, December 31, 2007


We are asking everyone to join us in prayer for Cathie Adams. Cathie Adams and her husband have just been hit by a drunk driver. Cathie is in critical condition after the drunk driver rammed into her car going over 100 mph.

Cathie Adams is the Director of Eagle Forum, Texas State Chapter. She has been a longtime warrior for protecting kids and standing up for families throughout America. Please pray for Cathie's recovery. Right now she is in great suffering as a result of this horrific accident. I am sure that everyone can sympathisize with her situation.

Below is a blog item posted by her husband Homer after the accident:

Dear Precious Friends,
Many of you have heard but many haven't.
Cathie and I were involved in a very severe car accident on Friday night around 10pm. The Lord has spared our lives. There can be no other explanation.
A hit and run, drunk driver driving a double cab or extended cab truck, around a 100 mph or so weaving in and out of traffic. A policeman was chasing him. We never saw him or the police. He hit the right guardrail, over-corrected and slammed into Cathie's door, pushing it in 12 or so inches of our E320 Mercedes. All we saw was a flash of white and what sounded like a huge wrecking ball hit our car. It knocked us off I-45. When I looked up there were bridge pillar's in front of us that I didn't want to mess with so I took the soggy grassy median between the bridges, barely controlling the car enough to miss the bumper to bumper head on traffic by about 5 feet. I straightened out and then found out why the bridges where there. No water, but an overflow ditch about 25 feet down. We flew over the edge about 4-car length and did a nosedive of 25 feet or so into the dirt. The motor dropped out, airbags deployed, seatbelts restrained, and the frame did what it needed to do. When we hit the ground, Cathie crushed her 1st lumbar vertebra, right 6th rib fracture, right ankle sprained, and glass in the face from the side window. The Lord spared me from major injuries so I could help her out of the car, get help, and see her through this time of recovery.
I was able to pry her door open and she moved over to a concrete slope and lay down with her arms up. She could only take very shallow rapid breaths. I checked her eyes for head injury, bleeding, things sticking out where they don't belong. I knew she had fractured ribs and/or fractures of the spine. I placed my hands on her and ask the Lord to spare her. I had to find help up the embankment and about 150 or so feet to get to traffic.Iran back and forth 5 or 6 times before help finally arrived. It took over 30 minutes. When you are in a place where only God can see you, it's nice having a relationship with Him you could trust.
They took us to Huntsville, Texas hospital. We where there @ 3am, had x-rays showing the fractures and admitted until we could get a CAT scan.
The ER doctor claimed it was an old fracture. I told him no way. The next day it took them 9 hours to read the CAT. We finally got the report around 9:30pm or so. The doctor wanted to ambulance Cathie to Houston for a neurosurgeons evaluation. I wasn't going to keep Cathie their a minute longer if I could help it. I called a friend in Dallas, a neurosurgeon I'd worked with for over 20 years. He picked up his phone personally at 10:30pm. He told me to Care-Flight Cathie to Dallas. He would make arrangements for them to call me. Care-Flight left within the hour and landed by fixed wing airplane with 3 EMS and pilot. I ask them what I needed to do and they said nothing, we will met you at your room and will take you to Presbyterian Dallas ER. They worked out the transfers from the doctors, hospitals, and ambulances to and from both hospitals and the flight. They were real pro's.
Dr. Williams was waiting at the ER when we arrived at 3am. We had an MRI, blood work, x-rays and a private room with comfortable pain medications within a few hours. Not to complain but Huntsville couldn't give the Care-Flight people copies of records or CAT or x-rays because they didn't have someone to transfer information to a CD.
We have been on dilaudid; a pain med 5X's stronger than morphine every 3 hours for 5 days.
Cathie has gotten up a few times and taken a shower--so she feels better and smells like a lady, but the pain level when she moves is an 8 with peak meds. That would have to continue for a long time--months and months, which risks addiction, and the spinal bone would probably not heal with good stability.
Bottom line, Cathie is having "stand-by" surgery, tomorrow morning, to place a couple of balloons into the vertebral space, fill them with cement to raise and fill the space as much as possible taking the pressure off of the fractured pieces, therefore giving some relief from pain, a quicker recovery, and less disability. We may be able to go home in 3-5 days, barring complications.
Cathie told the doctors she has work to do and needs to get with it. She has grandchildren to enjoy, politicians and issues to work with, and needs to get back in the saddle as quickly as possible.
Pray for the surgery tomorrow. One complication that can occur beyond the normal paralysis, death, surgical complications, is if the cement goes into the spinal canal, which is rare, they will need to do open back surgery and uses rods, screws, bolts, plates, etc.
The Lord has sustained us and will continue with us to His glory, honor, and praise.
Merry Christmas to you and your family, and if you have a moment, lift Cathie up to the Lord.
God Bless you and Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Homer Adams

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