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Wolves Among The Sheep: California Conservative Group Scams Christian Voters!

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
December 24, 2007

Wolves Among The Sheep:
California Conservative Group Scams Christian Voters!

Members Of Capitol Resource Institute Advisory Board Of Directors
Endorsing Pro-Gay Candidates While Organization Sells Itself As
Pro-Family Conservative Advocates

(JHReport) California Governor Arnold Schwarznegger's recent signature on California Senate Bill 777 (SB777) is one of the single greatest attacks on children in modern American history. According to World Net Daily, SB777 effectively bans the terms "mom" and "dad" as well as "husband" and "wife" from being used in California's public schools. By signing the bill, Schwarzenegger has ordered all of California's public schools to allow boys to use the girl's restrooms if they so choose. Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families, tells World Net Daily that children as young as five years-old will be mentally molested in school classrooms as a result of SB777.

SB777 is a dream come true for radicalized homosexual activists and a nightmare for parents who do not want their young children to be sexually indoctrinated by teachers who are acting on behalf of their anti-family socialist partners. According to the bill, all students from K thru 12th grade will be taught that people who engage in transsexuality, anal intercourse and lesbianism are positive role models in society. SB777 then goes on to ban any discussions in the classroom where these fetish groups are viewed negatively. In other words, the fact that nearly 85% of all AIDS cases in the United States are the result of men who engage in sodomy will not be told to students because it reflects negatively on male homosexuals.

There is no doubt that SB777 is one of the biggest assaults on parental rights in American history. While many will be blaming radical gay activists and Governor Schwarzenegger for the passage of SB777, they are not the only culprits in this catastrophic attack on California's parents and their children. Perhaps, the more devious villains in this attack on parental rights and family values are actually some of the loudest voices who are now crying out against SB777. Christian Conservative voters in California are about to find out that some prominent conservative leaders are actually helping pro-homosexual candidates to get elected to public office. Indeed there are wolves among the sheep!

~ Wolves Among The Sheep ~

A James Hartline Report investigation has uncovered revelations that a conservative "pro-family" group in California is leading the charge to repeal SB777 at the same time that the group has close ties to elected officials who are helping to elect pro-gay candidates to public office in the state. These revelations indicate that certain conservatives in California are covertly promoting gay-friendly candidates for public office and, in turn, helping to foster the radical redefining of what family means in the state. Using this tactic, these individuals are greatly contributing to the anti-family crisis that is wreaking havoc on California families. This conservative-created crisis allows leaders of certain pro-family groups to "come to the rescue". These pseudo-heroes then make names for themselves among churchgoers and bring in large sums of money for their "pro-family" groups. It is one of the nastiest and most deceptive games being played in California's Culture War.

The conservative family group at the center of this growing scandal is Capitol Resource Institute. What you are about to read is more than just a tale of hypocrisy. It is also a revealing expose on how some "pro-family" groups are actually helping to create the current social conflict between conservatives and the homosexual movement. By constantly keeping this conflict alive, groups like Capitol Resource Institute will always have an opportunity to play the "hero" in the battle and to bring in large sums of money to fight the battles they are, in part, helping to create.

Capitol Resource Institute is the leading proponent for repealing SB777. Under the direction of Karen England, the organization has presented itself as a friend to millions of conservative churchgoers in California. Is Karen England and Capitol Resource Institute really a friend to the millions of Christian Conservative voters in the Golden State? Evidence uncovered by the James Hartline Report indicates that Capitol Resource Institute may not be a friend to any Christian in California. In fact, Karen England, the self-appointed public mouthpiece for repealing SB777, is the leader of an organization with close ties to politicians who are actually helping to spread the homosexual movement.

In the process of playing this damnable game of betrayal, Capitol Resource Institute is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from sympathetic pro-family donors. According to its most recently published IRS filing, Capitol Resource Institute pulled in over $364,000 during the 2005-2006 fiscal year. The really dirty deeds being done by groups like Capitol Resource Institute stems from their ability to feed off of anti-family crises like SB777. Every year it seems that an attack on California's family values occurs right around election time. Each time one of these attacks is launched, Karen England and her Capitol Resource Institute appear in the media to play "the hero come to rescue families from homosexual activists."

Without a moral crisis like SB777 there would be no need for a Karen England and her Capitol Resource Institute. It is important to note that Karen England also serves as a vice-president on the board of directors of the California Republican Assembly (CRA), a group that lays claim to being the "conscience" of the state's Republican Party. Being involved with CRA means Karen England has a vested interest in the success of conservative politicians and making sure that voters turn out at the polls to support those same politicians. In recent years, the Republican Party has used crisis issues like the Mt. Soledad Cross, parental notification laws and gay marriage to motivate Republican voters to go to the polls and, indirectly, support specific candidates. Placing a repeal of SB777 on the 2008 ballot will be a major tool used by Karen England to lure voters to the polls.

The dirty deed of betraying Christian voters by advisory board members of Karen England's Capitol Resource Institute is really, really dirty. Take for example the dirty deeds being done by two members of Capitol Resource Institute Advisory Board of Directors: California State Senators Tom McClintock and Mark Wyland. In recent times, both McClintock and Wyland have endorsed and promoted candidates who are either homosexual or strong advocates for the promotion of homosexuality in the political arena. Nowhere are the dirty and hypocritical deeds of McClintock and Wyland being felt more than in San Diego, California.
San Diegans are currently suffering a serious assault against their families by both Democrat and Republican politicians. Just a few months ago, Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders betrayed the San Diego voters who elected him by signing a city council-approved legal brief in support of same-sex marriages. San Diego Councilman Jim Madaffer, another Republican, also dumped his previous campaign pledges in support of traditional values to join homosexual Democrats in support of the gay marriage legal brief. Added to the disasterous anti-family attacks that are being generated from the San Diego City Council is perhaps the worse assault of all: Capitol Resource Institute Advisory Boardmember Senator Tom McClintock's push to get a homosexual activist elected to the San Diego City Council in 2008.

Carl DeMaio, a carpetbagger candidate for the San Diego City Council, announced to the world in an April 2007 edition of San Diego Magazine that he was involved in homosexuality. DeMaio went on to disrespect the majority of churchgoers in San Diego in that interview by saying he didn't think voters would consider the issue of his homosexuality to be a very important one. It can be assumed that DeMaio would have also supported the same-sex marriage legal brief had he already been elected to the San Diego City Council. Perhaps, the most troubling aspect to homosexual activist Carl DeMaio's candidacy: Capitol Resource Institute Advisory Boardmember Senator Tom McClintock has endorsed DeMaio for the city council seat!

Here is what Carl DeMaio told San Diego Magazine in its April, 2007 edition:

Carl DeMaio: as a private individual, can I live with the public scrutiny? Am I prepared to have the public shine a light on my personal life?
TB: Do you have some particular issue there?
Carl DeMaio: The fact that I’m gay, I suppose. But at the end of the day, I don’t think it’s very relevant when you consider all the things that are really important to voters. We have the city’s greatest financial crisis ever. We have city services being cut in our neighborhoods. Our leaders breaking the public trust by violating the law.
TB: You wouldn’t be our first gay councilmember.
CD: True. And even though it may be uncomfortable for me——coming out, being honest with the people——I think that’s what people want. It certainly hasn’t been relevant in the past five years, as we’ve sought to bring the city’s problems to public light, although some of the folks we were shining a light on did put pressure on us in regard to my personal life——in an effort to get us to back off. We didn’t.

After DeMaio had revealed his disturbing involvement in homosexuality to the conservative voters of San Diego, he and two other strong advocates for the homosexual movement, Tony Freeman and Tom Hebrank, were seen together in a photograph in transvestite activist Nicole Murray Ramirez's May 17, 2007 column in the Gay and Lesbian Times. One month later, Capitol Resource Institute Advisory Boardmember Senator Tom McClintock endorsed homosexual activist Carl DeMaio for the San Diego City Council.

McClintock wrote in his endorsement of homosexual activist Carl DeMaio:
June 11, 2007
Dear San Diegans:
I am writing to you to express my strong support for Carl DeMaio’s candidacy for the San Diego City Council.
San Diego taxpayers will be well-served by having Carl DeMaio—the city’s leading fiscal conservative—on City Council to act as the eyes and ears of taxpayers. As he has shown through his leadership in the past, Carl will be a voice of responsibility, integrity, and accountability in your city.
I ask that you join me in strongly supporting Carl DeMaio for San Diego City Council.
Sincerely, Tom McClintock

In 2005, Senator Mary Wyland, another Capitol Resource Institute Advisory Board of Directors member, was at the forefront of pushing for the election of Steve Francis for mayor in San Diego. Francis, one of San Diego's most rabid pro-gay Republicans, appeared at a mayoral forum at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center where he said that he supported gay civil unions. Additionally, Francis and his wife both have extensive ties to the homosexual community. Yet, during the 2005 mayoral race there was Mark Wyland with one hand tied to Karen England's Capitol Resource Institute and his other hand tied to the campaign of pro-homosexual Republican Steve Francis.

If these Republican state senators were serious about stopping the homosexual movement in California they could have done it years ago. They could have put pressure on Schwarzenegger to veto SB777. Instead, Senator McClintock was busy appearing on the Roger Hedgecock show to announce his endorsement of homosexual activist Carl DeMaio for the San Diego City Council. Instead, Senator Mark Wyland was busy being part of the recent fundraising host committee in San Diego for another pro-homosexual politician: Mitt Romney.

If Karen Englund and her Capitol Resource Institute were really serious about stopping the homosexual movement in California then she wouldn't have advisors who are endorsing candidates like homosexual activist Carl DeMaio for the San Diego City Council or pro-gay civil unions advocate Steve Francis to become mayor of San Diego.

The Capitol Resource Insitute (CRI) states on its website that it has been "supporting and defending California families since 1987". Really? How does Senator Tom McClintock's endorsement of homosexual activist Carl DeMaio fit into Karen England's defense of families? How does Senator Mark Wyland's endorsement of Steve Francis who supports embryonic stem cell research and gay civil unions fit into Karen England's support of California families?

If he is elected in 2008, there is no doubt that homosexual activist Carl DeMaio will be embracing such anti-family events as the San Diego Gay Pride Festival when it comes up for a vote on the San Diego City Council docket. DeMaio's current campaign endorsement list includes a number of homosexual politicians and activists: Mike German, Frank Tierney, Thomas Hebrank, Bob Lehman, and Log Cabin Republican leader Patrick Sammon. Additionally, pro-homosexual Republicans Phil Thalheimer and Tricia Hunter endorsing DeMaio demonstrates that DeMaio is prepared to push for an extremely dark future for Christian values if elected to the San Diego City Council.

Senator Tom McClintock, in issuing an endorsement for homosexual activist Carl DeMaio for the San Diego City Council, is helping to propel the homosexual movement in California. And by having such advisors as Tom McClintock and Mark Wyland, there is no doubt that Karen England and her Capitol Resource Institute are nothing more than opportunists who are more interested in promoting their organization to churchgoers than actually protecting churchgoers and their families.

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Excellent research, James - I've always had a suspicion about CRI and now you've confirmed why. May God bless you in fighting the good fight.

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Please read the postings at as this site gives the public information about Mike Spence, President of the California Republican Assembly and another leader of the conservative SB777 movement. They show what Mike Spence is really like and what he is about.

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