Monday, June 04, 2012

"Run! Run! Run! Nathan Run!" Let's See What Happens Tomorrow: Prophesy or Coincidence.

Let's See What Happens Tomorrow: Prophesy or Coincidence. Several years ago, I had a very unusual dream from the Lord. In the dream, a civil war was occurring just like the American Civl War of the 1860s. In the dream, in the midst of the opposing forces there was a man and a woman who were spinning very quickly, but they were not getting tired. And I heard a voice declare each time they went around, "Run! Run! Run! Nathan Run!" Then I awoke from the dream.
In the Bible, the name Nathan means "Gift from God". I know that the dream was a very prophetic revelation to me. Now, fast forward to 2012. In the election tomorrow is a candidate running for mayor named Nathan Fletcher. Now, I am not voting for Nathan Fletcher, but ponder the dream for a moment. Nathan is now running against a homosexual Republican named Carl DeMaio and a lesbian Republican named Bonnie Dumanis. Nathan Fletcher is a an extremely liberal politician who recently left the Republican Party and declared himself an Independent. Nathan Fletcher was also a marine in the Iraq War.
Today, while I was at the hospital, a mother and father were also in the waiting room attempting to get an appointment for the father's liver biopsy. They had two little children running around, very hyper-active. I asked the parents if I could put a prayer and blessing on their two children. They said yes, particularly because the little boy had been a breech birth that caused him to be born with a broken arm. As I was laying my hand upon the boy's head to bless him, I asked the parents what their little son's name is. They said, "Nathaniel, for he is a gift from God."
Another thing: Nathan Fletcher was born in Carson City, Nevada. I was raised in Carson City, Nevada and was placed in an orphanage there when my parents abandoned me.
One more thing, to add to this story: yesterday, Nathan Fletcher ran in, and completed the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon. We will see tomorrow if my dream from God was related to Nathan Fletcher and the mayor's race in San Diego. Prophesy or Coincidence: we will see.