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"Run! Run! Run! Nathan Run!" Let's See What Happens Tomorrow: Prophesy or Coincidence.

  Let's See What Happens Tomorrow: Prophesy or Coincidence. Several years ago, I had a very unusual dream from the Lord. In the dream, a civil war was occurring just like the American Civl War of the 1860s. In the dream, in the midst of the opposing forces there was a man and a woman who were spinning very quickly, but they were not getting tired. And I heard a voice declare each time they went arou nd, "Run! Run! Run! Nathan Run!" Then I awoke from the dream. In the Bible, the name Nathan means "Gift from God". I know that the dream was a very prophetic revelation to me. Now, fast forward to 2012. In the election tomorrow is a candidate running for mayor named Nathan Fletcher. Now, I am not voting for Nathan Fletcher, but ponder the dream for a moment. Nathan is now running against a homosexual Republican named Carl DeMaio and a lesbian Republican named Bonnie Dumanis. Nathan Fletcher is a an extremely liberal politician who recently left the Republican Part