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JHRexclusive: Christian Activist Tells San Diego Board Of Education, "I'm Going To Be As Tenacious As A Pit Bull"

A James Hartline Report Exclusive September 28, 2006 Christian Activist Goes To War To Protect The Kids Of San Diego, Telling San Diego Board Of Education: "I'm Going To Be As Tenacious As A Pit Bull Until Kids Are Removed From Gay Pride Parade Participation!" Outrage Over San Diego Cooperative Charter School's Participation In Gay Porn Parade Spreads Nationwide (JHRexclusive) Christian Activist James Hartline continued his war for the protection of San Diego's youth on Tuesday, September 26, 2006, when he gave an impassioned speech before the San Diego Unified School District, Board of Education. Standing before a packed auditorium, Hartline told the elected five-member board that ultimate responsibility for a district charter school's participation in a porn-filled gay pride parade this past July, would fall directly on the Board of Education ( ). Planting his feet firmly before the board, Hartline

JHRexclusive: "My Name is Kim Tran and I Am Still Here" - Part 1 of The Amazing Story Of State Assembly Candidate Kim Tran

A James Hartline Report Exclusive September 26, 2006 Introducing Kim Tran: Write-In Candidate - 76th District The California State Assembly ( ) "My Name Is Kim Tran and I Am Still Here!" Surviving War, Starvation and Communism: How Kim Tran Became San Diego's Greatest Warrior For The Children Of Her Generation - Part One - (JHRexclusive) In the late 1960's and early 1970's, Kim Tran had seen the carnage of entire villages laid waste by the Communists of North Vietnam. Showing no mercy, the Viet Cong had murdered countless babies in many South Vietnamese towns by their constant bombings and terrorism, and young Kim Tran had many times stood helpless as she watched her generation being murdered, one child at a time. This young girl, desperate to save her village's little boys and girls, vowed if she ever obtained freedom from her war torn nation, would use that opportunity to see that no other child would ever again be destroyed by the bru

Pro-Gay San Diego City Councilman Censors Christians To Block Photos On Public TV Showing Gay Pride Sexual Exploitation Of Children

The James Hartline Report September 21, 2006 Pro-Gay San Diego City Councilman Censors Christians During City Council Meeting: Councilman Scott Peters Honors Gay Pride Celebration Then Rides In Gay Pride Parade - While Blocking Christians From Broadcasting Photos of Parade That Shows Children Being Exposed To Sexually Graphic Images During Contentious City Council Meeting Photo of Councilman Peters riding in the 2006 Gay Pride Parade ( ) (JHReport) In an outrageous act of violating the constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech, a liberal, pro-gay San Diego City Councilman has refused to allow a group of Christian activists to present photographic documentation of children being exposed to sexual obscenities during a July, 2006 San Diego Gay Pride parade and festival. The incident occurred during a September 12, 2006 San Diego City Council meeting when Christian activist James Hartline attempted to present a pow

Six Years In Sodom: From The Journal Of James Hartline

From The Journal Of James Hartline September 4, 2006 - Six Years In Sodom - "But at the same time, God rescued Lot out of Sodom because he was a good man who was sick of all the wickedness and immorality around him. Yes, he was a righteous man who was distressed and vexed by all of the wickedness that he heard and saw day after day." 2 Peter 2:7-8 On September 1, 2000, I moved into the little apartment that I still live in during these hot, closing days of the summer of the year 2006. It is has been a long, hard six years. However, as I celebrate the sixth completed year in this location, I would not have exchanged this experience of trials, tribulations and great triumphs for anything. God has trained me in His school during these past six years and it has prepared me for my assignment in these last days. Most Christians who are placed in the kind of difficult circumstances that God has placed me in for this ministry-training experience, will run, rather than absor

The Vultures Land At The California State GOP Convention - Gay Log Cabin Republicans Mock Christians During Hate Party

The Vultures Land At The California State GOP Convention: Gay Log Cabin Republicans Mock Christians During Hate Party! (JHRexclusive) It is without question, the single most degrading spectacle to have emerged from the current political climate being created by the leaders of the "Big Tent" California Republican Party concept. During the recent California Republican Party's State Convention held in Los Angeles, the radical homosexual group, the Log Cabin Republicans, held a party inside of the event. Revelations surrounding the promotion of homosexuality within the GOP at the Log Cabin Republicans' festivities were nothing new. What was new, however, was the blatant attacks on Christian values that occured at this immoral homosexual party, when some of California's most public pro-family conservatives joined in the celebration of homosexuality at this despicable gay love fest. According to the website, Boi From Troy ( ), Assemblywoma

California's First Lady: Doing Jezebel Proud! Maria Shriver Invites Witchcraft Advocate To Headline Women's Conference

California's First Lady: Doing Jezebel Proud! Maria Shriver Invites Witchcraft Advocate To Headline Women's Conference (JHR) Ted Kennedy and his fellow liberal socialists in Massachusetts must be breaking out their fat cigars as they hoot and holler over the absolute mockery that California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his leftist Democrat wife, Maria Shriver, are making of the California GOP. What liberal Democrats could not accomplish through the failed leadership of ousted Democratic Governor Gray Davis, they have certainly accomplished through the great conservative betrayal of Team Shriver-Schwarzenegger. Both Shriver and Schwarzenegger have each hired homosexuals to be their respective chiefs of staff. Both have taken blood oaths to promote the radical elements of the abortion industry. Both have tagged teamed in their battle to mock and degrade Christians and Catholics in California. It is perhaps Shriver who despises Christians more than Schwarzene