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The Vultures Land At The California State GOP Convention - Gay Log Cabin Republicans Mock Christians During Hate Party

The Vultures Land At The California State GOP Convention:
Gay Log Cabin Republicans Mock Christians
During Hate Party!

(JHRexclusive) It is without question, the single most degrading spectacle to have emerged from the current political climate being created by the leaders of the "Big Tent" California Republican Party concept. During the recent California Republican Party's State Convention held in Los Angeles, the radical homosexual group, the Log Cabin Republicans, held a party inside of the event. Revelations surrounding the promotion of homosexuality within the GOP at the Log Cabin Republicans' festivities were nothing new. What was new, however, was the blatant attacks on Christian values that occured at this immoral homosexual party, when some of California's most public pro-family conservatives joined in the celebration of homosexuality at this despicable gay love fest.

According to the website, Boi From Troy (, Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia( discarded her feigned public pro-family values gameplan, to join the Log Cabin Republican's homosexual party to show her support for their cause. While Garcia has been able to astutely convince state conservatives that she is a pro-family advocate, her dance with gay activists at the Log Cabin Republicans party during the convention confirms what many have begun to see in her: an undercurrent of moral compromise. It was Garcia who broke with the GOP in 2004, to join the gay activists in the Democratic Party to vote for SB1234 which declared speech against homosexuality in California, a hate crime, if the hearer of said speech feels threatened by its content ( SB1234 now has the potential to charge ministers who preach against homosexuality with a hate crime thanks to Garcia and three other Republicans, including Shirley Horton (R) Chula Vista ( who voted for SB1234. Gov. Schwarzenegger then proceeded to sign into law SB1234 despite receiving hundreds of thousands of emails and telephone calls from Christians pleading with him to veto the bill.

No sooner had Assemblywoman Garcia left the gay Log Cabin party, when in walked California State Republican Chairman Duf Sundheim with the Log Cabin California Director Jeff Bissiri.
California State Republican Chairman Duf Sundheim staring at Rainbow
Leis at the Log Cabin Republicans' anti-christian, homosexual party
during the state party's convention.

The regular degrading attacks against Christians by the Log Cabin Republicans makes the appearances by conservatives at the Log Cabin's state convention party even more appalling. Here is what the Log Cabin Republicans think of Christian Conservatives in the GOP:

Talking Points: Why It's Okay Being A Gay Republican

"Defeating the radical right (Christians) and transforming the GOP will allow gay and lesbian Americans to achieve full equality much sooner - decades sooner. The radical right represents the last obstacle on the path to full equality. Defeat them in the grassroots of the GOP and all of us can enjoy the benefits of liberty much sooner."

The Log Cabin Republicans radical homosexual ideology is so blatantly anti-christian and hostile to Biblical beliefs that they actually line up with a very similar thought process to atheists who want to tear down public crosses like the one atop Mt. Soledad. The idea that any group views Christians as an obstacle to full equality is indeed a dangerous group within the Republican Party and yet, during this group's convention party, a number of high profile conservatives decided to join this hostile group to celebrate their foul attack on Christianity.

Perhaps the biggest slap in the face to Christian Conservatives came from the extremely conservative group California Republican Assembly (CRA), whose main public mission is to keep the GOP in California aligned with more traditional family values. Yet, the leadership of the CRA decided to take a dance with the devil and make a complete mockery of their commitment to the many Christian Conservatives who are counting on the CRA to fight for their values in the GOP. When Steve Frank, a very conservative board member of CRA ( joined the gay Log Cabin convention party, they simply used it as an opportunity to mock him and other Christians.
Steve Frank, conservative boardmember of the CRA (on the right)
partying it up at the Log Cabin Republicans gay party.

The most shocking attack against Christian Conservatives at the Log Cabin's homosexual party came by way of the President of the California Republican Assembly himself, Mike Spence ( Log Cabin took special joy in mocking Spence for attending the gay love fest at the convention calling Spence's appearance, "Mike Spence getting lei'd by 'Uncle' Frank Richiazzi." "Getting lei'd" was easily interpreted to have a sexually degrading connotation.
CRA President Mke Spence, who claims to believe in the Bible, having a lei
placed around his neck by homosexual activist Frank Richiazzi
at the Log Cabin's gay party during the California State Republican Convention.
Spence also serves on his local school board!

Spence, who writes a regular blog on the California Republican Assembly website, now seems to be disturbed that Governor Schwarzenegger just signed yesterday one of the four homosexual bills which forces homosexuality on all California schools, including Christian ones, who take public funds ( Spence writes:

"The Governor signed AB 1441 minutes ago. SB 1441 extends so called anti-discrimination laws concerning sex, sexual orientation and one's perceptions about their sexual oreintation to ANY entity that receives any amount of state funding.Translation: Does your Christian school take any money for disabled kids? Does your Religious College takes students on Cal-Grants? Any relgious instituition that provides CALWORKS childcare or any service now must protect the jobs of any kind of sexual choice you can think of."

Spence then concludes his article by stating, "And Phil (Angelides) would have signed the bill. Thanks Governor (Schwarzenegger) for showing us the difference." In true hypocritical fashion, Spence berates Schwarzenegger for acting in the same manner that a potential Governor Angelides would have acted in signing SB1441. Spence has now demonstrated the same hypocrisy by claiming to be a conservative on family values, but then parties up with the very homosexual activists, the Log Cabin Republicans, who are helping to destroy the family values that are espoused in the public arena by the California Republican Assembly (

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