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Pro-Gay San Diego City Councilman Censors Christians To Block Photos On Public TV Showing Gay Pride Sexual Exploitation Of Children

The James Hartline Report
September 21, 2006

Pro-Gay San Diego City Councilman
Censors Christians During City Council Meeting:

Councilman Scott Peters Honors Gay Pride Celebration
Then Rides In Gay Pride Parade -
While Blocking Christians From Broadcasting Photos of Parade
That Shows Children Being Exposed To Sexually Graphic Images
During Contentious City Council Meeting
Photo of Councilman Peters riding in the 2006 Gay Pride Parade

(JHReport) In an outrageous act of violating the constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech, a liberal, pro-gay San Diego City Councilman has refused to allow a group of Christian activists to present photographic documentation of children being exposed to sexual obscenities during a July, 2006 San Diego Gay Pride parade and festival. The incident occurred during a September 12, 2006 San Diego City Council meeting when Christian activist James Hartline attempted to present a power point presentation of photographs taken during the parade and festival. Video tape from that meeting clearly shows Councilman Scott Peters blocking Hartline's attempts to show the photographs.

On July 25, 2006, it was Councilman Peters, along with lesbian Councilwoman Toni Atkins, who helped pass a city resolution declaring San Diego Gay Pride Week in the city. Peters and Atkins, along with Atkins' lesbian sex partner Jennifer LeSar, rode together in that parade. During a Sept 12th Council meeting, Hartline and a team of thirty Christians attempted to show photographs of the parade that Peters participated in, but Peters proceeded to censor many of the photos and even attempted to block Hartline from speaking to the council on the issue altogether.

Many of the Christians in attendance were angered by the disrespect shown them by Councilman Peters. Priscilla Schreiber, an elected member of the Grossmont Union High School District who was at the meeting, was disturbed by Peters' performance. "Why this councilman decided to disallow photographs of an event that he participated in, and sanctioned, is cause for serious concern," Schreiber told the James Hartline Report.

The battle between Councilman Peters and the Christians of San Diego has been ongoing for several years. Since Peters was first elected to the council six years ago, he has voted with the side attempting to remove the public Cross atop the Mt. Soledad Veteran's Memorial. A national firestorm was also ignited earlier this year when Councilman Peters, who is a major donor to the local Planned Parenthood organization, used his council vote to declare a day in honor of Mark Salo, the former CEO of that same local Planned Parenthood group ( Peters' opposition to San Diego's Christian Community has been clearly evident by his council votes. However, since his appointment as President of the Council under the new "Strong Mayor" format, the liberal councilman has been outright hostile to Christians during his tenure in that position.

While taking the typical liberal position of anything goes, Peters has not been willing to extend that same liberty to Christian activist James Hartline or his team that appears before the San Diego City Council each month on issues of importance to San Diego's Christian Community. In fact, Peters may have violated the United States Constitution when he refused to allow Hartline and his group the right to present photographs of the San Diego Gay Pride. "When you deny one citizen the same rights and opportunities that you are affording others, then you are crossing the line into discrimination and constitutional violations," says Hartline.

You can watch the war of words that ensued between Councilman Peters and Christian activist James Hartline during the San Diego City Council meeting when Hartline attempted to present the Gay Pride Parade Photographs by going to:
Go to Sept. 12, 2006 and click on View Video.
Slide Time Ruler to time of 1:11:35

The city council video clearly shows Councilman Scott Peters telling Hartline, "I can't allow you to put those pictures on television." The pictures in question were taken at the San Diego Gay Pride Parade in which Councilman Peters not only issued a proclamation to honor, but personally rode in the parade along with fellow Councilwoman Toni Atkins. Additionally, sixteen different law enforcement agencies, as well as the Mayor of San Diego, were in the parade where the pictures were taken.

The irony and hypocrisy of Peters regarding his actions against Hartline is most evident as Peters had encouraged San Diegans to attend the parade and festival when he voted to issue the proclamation to honor the homosexual event. Standing with numerous gay activists at the council podium during the July 25th hearing, Peters was emphatic in his support for the gay parade. Why he would then censor photographs of that same parade from being shown in the council is very troubling. All citizens have a right to show three minutes of photographs for broadcast on public access television of any city-sanctioned event. To stop such a right, as Peters did in this case, clearly violated Hartline's right to free speech and equal access.

Hartline, for his part, is not accepting what Councilman Peters has done. The well known Christian activist refuses to allow this prejudicial and anti-christian councilman to take his rights away; or the rights of any other Christian in San Diego. Hartline has contacted an attorney with the American Family Association and asked him to investigate the actions of Councilman Peters.

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