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JHRexclusive: "My Name is Kim Tran and I Am Still Here" - Part 1 of The Amazing Story Of State Assembly Candidate Kim Tran

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
September 26, 2006

Introducing Kim Tran:
Write-In Candidate - 76th District
The California State Assembly

"My Name Is Kim Tran
I Am Still Here!"
Surviving War, Starvation and Communism:
How Kim Tran Became San Diego's Greatest Warrior For
The Children Of Her Generation

- Part One -

(JHRexclusive) In the late 1960's and early 1970's, Kim Tran had seen the carnage of entire villages laid waste by the Communists of North Vietnam. Showing no mercy, the Viet Cong had murdered countless babies in many South Vietnamese towns by their constant bombings and terrorism, and young Kim Tran had many times stood helpless as she watched her generation being murdered, one child at a time. This young girl, desperate to save her village's little boys and girls, vowed if she ever obtained freedom from her war torn nation, would use that opportunity to see that no other child would ever again be destroyed by the brutality of communism or, for that matter, any other type of tyranny.

Now, over thirty years later, in 2006, it was as if Kim Tran had been transported back to the war zone of her Vietnamese homeland. Never again had Kim believed that she would be faced with those involved in the kind of political activism where they would seek to harm children like the Communists had done to her village children those many years ago. Yet, in a frightening replay of that abusive episode of atheistic tyranny during the Vietnam war, Kim Tran was seeing something so repulsive happening in the city she now calls home, that a rekindled anger began to stir deep within her soul.

Kim could not believe that in the current campaign for California's 76th State Assembly District, which is her district, both candidates, the Democrat, Lori Saldana (http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/9597297/detail.html), and the Republican, Ralph Denney (http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2004/02/17/MNGQQ523351.DTL), are big supporters of the radical homosexual agenda. Kim Tran recently watched in horror as both of these candidates proudly rode in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade this past July. This particular parade saw many small children exposed to xxx pornographers and other obscene individuals and images (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=52103). Kim was truly dismayed that both Saldana and Denney had happily embraced this filthy spectacle. It is now clear to Kim Tran that both Lori Saldana and Ralph Denney are promoters of same-sex marriage and other aspects of the radical homosexual political agenda. Kim Tran sees Saldana's and Denney's Gay Parade debacle as a real threat to the stability of families in San Diego, California.

Faced with choosing between these two liberal activists in the upcoming November election, Kim Tran knew she had to do something to stop them. That something turned out to be Kim deciding to run as a write-in candidate against Saldana and Denney. Thus, the Kim Tran write-in campaign for the 76th State Assembly District was born (www.votekimtran.org). Destiny is swirling all around Kim Tran's choice to enter into this dangerous political battlefield. She knows that the radical homosexuals who are supporting both Saldana and Denney will be ready to attack her decision with their typical viciousness. But Kim Tran has been attacked before. She is battle-ready to fight, once again, for her babies: this time for all of the children, both young and old, who live in a land that has given her so much: San Diego, California.

Kim knows that her write-in campaign is a war for the future of California's children. It will test her will, it will test her soul. Yet, this is clearly not the first time that Kim Tran has had to look a dangerous enemy in the face. Take a journey with us as you learn of the amazing story of this mighty woman of God. This is Kim Tran's story.

1972: The Killing Fields Of South Vietnam

The sound of death rang out again throughout the village. The North Vietnamese were once again firing missles and bullets directly into the countryside surrounding Kim Tran's hometown. It was the bombs racing towards her home that caused little fifteen year-old Kim Tran to shriek, "My babies! My babies!" Her momentary fright turned to immediate action, as this very young mother to many of her village's orphans, raced out of her house to rescue the children playing in her front yard. It was a race where the speed of Kim Tran's very short legs would determine whether some of the babies lived or died. "You can't have my little ones," Tran shouted defiantly at the air that was filled with black smoke and the rancid smell of exploding shells. Having gathered all of the babies up and secreted them under her house in a makeshift basement, Kim would huddle in the darkness for hours until the shelling stopped. Occasionally, she would race out to gather rice or noodles to feed the children, much like a mother hen with her baby chicks.

Raised in a small countryside Catholic school, Kim had learned to pray at all times, and this had become a bedrock characteristic in her daily battle to protect the countless abandoned babies in her village. Many of the mommies and daddies had been shot to death, or blown away by the daily bombings that fell in Kim's homeland. Caring for orphans was not something that Kim had been taught in the classroom. It was simply instinctive within her soul, perhaps placed there by God Himself. That love for all children would always stay with Kim. It would be her destiny and the simple love for the world's boys and girls would reside within her all of the remaining days of her life.

1975: The Great Escape

It was a pitch black night. For a brief moment there were no bombs falling on the land. There was no time to lose. In the stillness of that eerie moment, a small, young woman of seventeen could be seen holding the hand of one small boy as they exited the jungle growth of tropical trees. In the hand of the little boy was the hand of another boy who held the hand of a small raven haired little girl. And so the connection went. Child in hand, child in hand, child in hand, all being escorted by one brave, young woman. That woman was Kim Tran. Without the help of any other soul, Kim walked those village children for hours that night. With little food, Kim had hidden vitamins in her undergarments for safekeeping, so that she could give them to her babies and keep them healthy.

There it was. Kim wiped the sweat out of her eyes, just to make sure that she was seeing clearly. Yes, there it was, the makeshift boat that would allow Kim and her orphans to escape from the impending ground invasion of the Communist murderers who were sure to kill her and her children once they arrived inside of her village. She knew that she might never see Vietnam again, but the saving of the children who had no other parents, outweighed Kim's desire to stay in her country. As she started the young children running towards the boat, she heard the bombs once again hitting in the distance. The flashes and explosions told Kim that her village was gone. Rushed onto the boat, Kim was forced down into the bottom of the boat with the children. With little water and only a few days worth of food on the ship, Kim kept the vitamins a secret so that the older adults above board did not take them from her.

Kim's ship floated out to sea and sailed for fourteen days before it was finally rescued in the middle of the Pacific Ocean by an American war vessel. It was a dangerous journey. Of the 160 adults who originally boarded the ship that dark night two weeks previously, one-third died during the ocean voyage. Left in the care of Kim Tran, all of the babies survived thanks to her little vitamin "secret". Kim Tran's religious instruction as a young girl, coupled with this "trial by fire" experience of helping these children cling to life against all odds, formed the immovable pro-life philosphy of this committed Christian warrior.

For the next two years, Kim would be held in an internment camp in the Phillipines where those who managed to escape Vietnam were held. For nineteen year-old Kim Tran, this would be the place where her dreams of a better life in the United States were conceived. Finally, after months of agonizing captivity, Kim Tran was told that she would be permitted to immigrate to the United States. One, tiny nineteen year-old woman who had saved so many of Vietnam's babies from the onslaught of the murderous Viet Cong, would be rewarded with her golden day of freedom in the land of great liberty: America. Kim Tran's story would now be added to the glorious phrase: "America: Home of the Brave." (This is part one of a two part exclusive series on the unstoppable Kim Tran, candidate for the California 76th State Assembly.)

Be looking for Part Two of Kim Tran's amazing journey in an upcoming James Hartline Report Exclusive.
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