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The Lord rains fire and brimstone down upon the last remaining San Diego gay sex club AIDS factory that Ex-Gay Christian Activist James Hartline has been campaigning to shut down for 20 years

The Lord rains fire and brimstone down upon the last remaining San Diego gay sex club AIDS factory that ex-homosexual Christian activist James Hartline has been praying and campaigning to shut down for twenty years. Last night at 2:30am all of the crystal meth addicts who engage in AIDS-spreading homosexual orgies were forced to run out into the streets after Club San Diego gay bathhouse caught on fire. credit: SDGLN Every single day that I walk to the UCSD hospital to receive medical care for AIDS, I walk past this evil, demonic hell hole pleading with God to shut it down. It has been the source of thousands and thousands of young men getting infected with HIV, being involved in gay prostitution and becoming addicted to crystal meth. The powerful gay activism lobby lead by homosexual politician Todd Gloria who is campaigning to become San Diego's next mayor changed the local municipal code

Sexual Abuse Scandals Engulf Democrats As Nobody Showed Up For Bogus Joe Biden's Campaign Rally in Philadelphia

The City of Philadelphia has a population of 1.6 million residents. The greater metropolitan area of Philadelphia has over 6 million residents. On Saturday May 18, 2019 Joe Biden proved there is absolutely no reason for him to be running for president. There were, at most, a very small percentage of Democrats in Philadelphia performing as standing prop attendees who turned out for the Biden campaign roll out in Philadelphia on Saturday, a dismal, ridiculously low and uninspired turn out for a completely boring, uninspired, purposeless Joe Biden. Biden has NO original ideas, none. He never has. In the decades he has been a professional career crony Washington DC bureaucrat, Biden has never authored a single piece of substantial legislation, nor is his name mentioned on any legislation that has had a lasting impact for improving America. Biden is simply clinging on to a career that has been over for years. He hasn't done a single thing to improve America or to inspire a new generatio