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Defy The Lie! Defy DeMaio! Defeat Satan's Little Chameleon Carl DeMaio! Massive Protest Against Gay Republican Carl DeMaio at San Diego Gay Pride Parade!

Defy The Lie: that is what this is all about. No matter what political persuasion one might be, San Diego is fed up with greedy and deceiving political operatives who move to San Diego from other states, set up shop in the midst of our city and then prostitute themselves to the highest bidder. Carl DeMaio is a snake who has slithered into San Diego courtesy of Grover Norquist and his ilk. He has no obligation to uphold the truth, for his carpetbag is filled with deceit and corruption. He is the flip and the flop, a dirty little mop, satan's little chameleon who will sell your soul because he does not have one of his own left to sell. Why an anti-gay zealot is backing Carl DeMaio DeMaio promised Charles LiMandri what? Read LiMandri's email to James Hartline. A church is an intimate and central emotional place of connecting to God for some of us. And when a demon politician slithers into a church, 30 pieces of silver falling out of his pockets, the choir begins to dance, o