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Friday, May 24, 2019

The Lord rains fire and brimstone down upon the last remaining San Diego gay sex club AIDS factory that Ex-Gay Christian Activist James Hartline has been campaigning to shut down for 20 years

The Lord rains fire and brimstone down upon the last remaining San Diego gay sex club AIDS factory that ex-homosexual Christian activist James Hartline has been praying and campaigning to shut down for twenty years. Last night at 2:30am all of the crystal meth addicts who engage in AIDS-spreading homosexual orgies were forced to run out into the streets after Club San Diego gay bathhouse caught on fire.

credit: SDGLN

Every single day that I walk to the UCSD hospital to receive medical care for AIDS, I walk past this evil, demonic hell hole pleading with God to shut it down. It has been the source of thousands and thousands of young men getting infected with HIV, being involved in gay prostitution and becoming addicted to crystal meth. The powerful gay activism lobby lead by homosexual politician Todd Gloria who is campaigning to become San Diego's next mayor changed the local municipal code laws to prevent the bathhouse from being shut down.

Then the Lord rained on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven, and He overthrew those cities, and all the valley, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and what grew on the ground. But his wife, from behind him, looked back, and she became a pillar of salt. Now Abraham arose early in the morning and went to the place where he had stood before the Lord; and he looked down toward Sodom and Gomorrah, and toward all the land of the valley, and he saw, and behold, the smoke of the land ascended like the smoke of a furnace. Thus it came about, when God destroyed the cities of the valley, that God remembered Abraham, and sent Lot out of the midst of the overthrow, when He overthrew the cities in which Lot lived. Genesis‬ ‭19:24-29

Here are photographs that I've taken over the years as part of my campaign to shutter this horrible AIDS factory death trap called Club San Diego. It was in a San Diego bathhouse in 1997 where someone intentionally infected me with the AIDS virus and I have devoted my entire life to shutting down these despicable AIDS-spreading businesses that have destroyed countless lives and stolen the futures of countless numbers of young men who never got the chance to change their lives or to show the world the potential they had BECAUSE THEY GOT INFECTED WITH AIDS IN BATHHOUSES AND DIED FROM THE DISEASE. AND WHILE HE SERVED ON THE SAN DIEGO CITY COUNCIL TODD GLORIA GOT THE MUNICIPAL CODE LAWS CHANGED TO KEEP CLUB SAN DIEGO OPEN AND PREVENTED IT FROM BEING SHUT DOWN. PRIOR TO GLORIA DOING THIS CLUB SAN DIEGO WOULD HAVE BEEN FORCED TO CLOSE BECAUSE THE PRIOR OWNER HAD DIED AND UNDER PREVIOUS CITY CODES AN ADULT ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS HAD TO SHUT DOWN WITHIN FIVE YEARS IF IT CHANGES OWNERSHIP IN A RESTRICTED ZONED AREA. BECAUSE OF TODD GLORIA TAKING THE SIDE OF THE DANGEROUS AND DEADLY GAY BATHHOUSES CLUB SAN DIEGO WAS ALLOWED TO STAY OPEN WHERE MANY MORE MEN GOT AIDS AND WERE HOOKED ON CRYSTAL METH. NOW TODD GLORIA WANTS TO BECOME SAN DIEGO'S NEXT MAYOR IN 2020.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Sexual Abuse Scandals Engulf Democrats As Nobody Showed Up For Bogus Joe Biden's Campaign Rally in Philadelphia

The City of Philadelphia has a population of 1.6 million residents. The greater metropolitan area of Philadelphia has over 6 million residents. On Saturday May 18, 2019 Joe Biden proved there is absolutely no reason for him to be running for president. There were, at most, a very small percentage of Democrats in Philadelphia performing as standing prop attendees who turned out for the Biden campaign roll out in Philadelphia on Saturday, a dismal, ridiculously low and uninspired turn out for a completely boring, uninspired, purposeless Joe Biden. Biden has NO original ideas, none. He never has. In the decades he has been a professional career crony Washington DC bureaucrat, Biden has never authored a single piece of substantial legislation, nor is his name mentioned on any legislation that has had a lasting impact for improving America. Biden is simply clinging on to a career that has been over for years. He hasn't done a single thing to improve America or to inspire a new generation of American citizens since the American voters ejected the Obama agenda from the White House in 2016.  Biden's speech is old, stale, repetitive talking points from every other political candidate over the last thirty years. Biden never speaks beyond warn out cliches. He never says anything that hasn't been said a million times before. What Biden really represents is filler for a Democratic Party that is completely broken and morally bankrupt. The Democratic Party establishment knows they are doomed with the current crop of socialist Democrat activists who have nothing in common with the vast majority of Americans who will be voting in 2020. Joe Biden is simply a Democratic Party filler ingredient for a recipe for disaster that is coming in 2020. They have no inspiring national figure to call upon to be the main ingredient for a winning campaign in 2020. They drug out Biden out from a bare kitchen cabinet to fill the void and put him in the recipe. That's the same Biden who has been accused by the #MeToo Party of touching women inappropriately while smelling their hair. The same #MeToo Party that refuses to remove a racist Democratic Governor in Virginia and an accused serial rapist Lt. Governor in Virginia. 

Added to the explosion of repugnant and sexually immoral gay sex scandals involving powerful Democratic Party officials and donors across America and it is easy to see how the Democrats are blindly sabotaging their path to 2020. Recent reports of California Democratic Party powerbroker and donor Ed Buck, a wealthy white West Hollywood gay activist, being instrumental in the deaths of two black gay male prostitutes is fomenting a revolt among the state's African American voters. Buck has been directly tied to a sick sadistic fetish of stalking black male prostitutes and then supplying them with crystal meth and syringes so that he could watch them overdosing on the drugs while he sexually gratified himself. In both cases, the black men were found dead from drug overdose in Buck's affluent West Hollywood home. In both cases, law enforcement refused to adequately investigate Buck or the crimes he committed. Therefore, no prosecution was ever initiated. Many believe that Buck's huge campaign contributions to the most powerful Democratic politicians in America - politicians directly tied to the election of Barak Obama as president and Joe Biden as vice-president - contributed to the police and prosecutors in Los Angeles taking no action against Buck's perverted, racist criminal acts.

In San Diego, California another powerful gay political figure has been accused of raping and other grotesque and violent acts against men, including his own campaign intern in 2013. Kevin  Beiser was elected to board of the San Diego Unified School District with the assistance of every powerbroker in San Diego's Democratic Party bureaucracy as part of its crusade to sell gay marriage, gay adoption and electing gay candidates as a normal part of society and an acceptable, beneficial element of politics. Elected Democrats proudly marched down the streets with Beiser and his now homosexual "husband" Dan Mock. The sexual assault allegations against Beiser, dating back to 2013, were well known by the same Democratic Party leaders who not only endorsed Beiser, but they pranced up the streets of the gay community with him during annual gay pride parades. We know this is true because gay activists who had contact with Beiser back during his earlier campaign for the school board are now coming forward with claims that they were warned by Democratic Party leaders not to be alone in a room with Beiser because of his notorious reputation for sexually attacking men in vulnerable situations. 

Since first being elected to the school board, Kevin Beiser went on to become the president of the San Diego Unified School District and he is now pursuing election to a seat on the San Diego City Council. Beiser refuses to resign from the school board and Democrats have not initiated a re-call against him. If Beiser were a Republican, the hypocritical Democrats would be out in mass protest with tv cameras rolling to pressure him to resign. 

Democrat gay politicians Keven Beiser and Ed Buck's nauseating crimes are only the most recent in a long line of sexual abuse cases by powerful Democrats. Democrat San Diego Mayor Bob Filner sexually abused a multitude of women for years while all of the Democratic Party women who knew about his abuse of women remained silent. These are the same women who constantly rant about women's rights and impeaching Donald Trump as well as the completely fabricated charges they made up about Brett Kavanaugh to prevent him from being seated on the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Democrats completely ignored the horrific sexual misconduct of Democrat Gavin Newsom when they elected him as governor of California in 2018. As mayor of San Francisco, Newsom cheated on his wife by having a sexual affair with a city employee who was the wife of his ex-best friend and campaign staffer. Despite all of Newsom's abuse of his then-wife and his completely illegal and unethical sexual affair with a city employee working in his office, Democrats trashed their #MeToo rantings as they elected Newsom to be the state's governor.

The reality is that Democrats have no moral compass. They ignore any and all sexual crimes and abuses being committed by their own members and elected officials at the same time they weaponize their demands for protecting women as a totally political tool for attacking the GOP as being anti-woman and anti-civil rights. It's time to dump this farcical charade by the Democrats and remove them from making generational changes to laws and rights in our nation.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Death Threats, Doxxing Rape Victim's Private Info, Harassing Phone Calls and An Organized Criminal Conspiracy Called #HisSideToo To Destroy Rape Victim Melissa Schuman: Introducing Accused Rapist Nick Carter's Rape Victim-Shaming CyberTerrorist BFF Marissa "molly golightly" Zdazinsky

Introducing CyberTerrorist Marissa "molly golightly" Gonzales Zdazinsky

Melissa Schuman, a pop singer with the top-selling early 2000's female singing group Dream, revealed in November of 2017 that she had been brutally raped by Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter in 2003 when Melissa was an 18 year-old virgin. After Melissa revealed that Carter was the man who raped her, notorious CyberTerrorist Marissa Zdazinsky created an organized criminal group called #HisSideToo to destroy Melissa to pressure her to recant her rape allegations against Carter and to pressure her to drop rape charges she filed against Carter with the Santa Monica Police Department. Zdazinsky would later reveal on numerous occasions that she had closed connections to Carter, his now-wife Lauren Kitt Carter and that Nick Carter was fully aware of the #HisSideToo criminal conspiracy to silence Melissa Schuman. 

In February of 2018 Zdazinsky's organized criminal #HisSideToo mob attempted to recruit me to join their efforts to destroy Melissa Schuman after they witnessed my investigative reporting on actress Nicole Eggert's and her fellow Charles In Charge TV show actor Alexander Polinsky's false accusations against actor Scott Baio. Zdazinsky's criminal accomplices had no idea that I actually knew Melissa and her husband since 2005 and that I had personally heard Melissa share her life story at a Pro-Life youth event in 2006 where she shared with the youth at the event that she had been raped when she was 18 years-old. At that time she did not disclose the name of the rapist. Melissa shared this traumatic part of her life at the event to encourage the youth to trust in Christ when they are faced with trajedy and hardships.

After I began defending Melissa Schuman against Zdazinsky and her criminal accomplices they began a fourteen month long campaign to terrorize me, issuing death threats against me, doxxing my private information, warning me they were watching my home, ridiculing my battle with AIDS and Cancer, attacking my Christian faith and smearing my name and reputation with baseless, slanderous accusations - all designed to pressure me to renounce my support for Melissa Schuman and to drive me off of social media so that I could not report to the public the horrific crimes of Zdazinsky and her #HisSideToo accomplices.