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The War To Tear Down The Stronghold of Perversion in Hollywood: Serial Predator Harvey Weinstein Spotted Without His Walker

Harvey Weinstein spotted without his walker: Is he only using one for sympathy? Page 6 By Oli Coleman Page 6 That’s weird! It seems as if  Harvey Weinstein  might only use his walker when it could win him some valuable sympathy. A Page Six spy recently spotted the disgraced mogul in Manhattan with his attorneys, shuffling into a meeting with a potentially hostile group and using a walker for support. So the same source was surprised to spot Weinstein a few days later at a Target in Mount Kisco, NY, near Bedford, with his family — striding around without any support whatsoever. And the source was once again surprised on Wednesday to see  Weinstein arrive for a bail hearing  related to his upcoming sexual assault trial in New York — hobbling into court with his walker once again. "He’s just using it for sympathy,” concluded the spy. A rep told us that Weinstein underwent  a three-hour operation  on his back on Thursday. “He had a bilateral laminectomy and i

New Poll Shows Republican City Councilman Scott Sherman Skyrockets To 2nd Place For San Diego's 2020 Mayoral Race

Scott Sherman (R) pulls in $100,000 in campaign contributions just since announcing his candidacy for San Diego's mayoral race in early December 2019. The other three main candidates for mayor are all self-declared Socialist Democrats who have been running for mayor for over a year.  Sherman also skyrocketed to 2nd place in the latest Poll for the mayoral race. These are all strong indications that San Diego which is the 2nd largest city in California and the 8th largest city in the U.S. are not inclined to turn the city over to the control of socialist bureaucrats who support the same policies that have completely ruined San Francisco and every other major American city under the control of Progressive Socialist Democrats. #Shermanator  #Sherman2020


Democrats Blindsided By Late Entry of Republican City Councilman Scott Sherman in The #2020 Race For San Diego Mayor Scott Sherman For Mayor #Sherman2020 Democrat Socialists have been plotting a takeover of the San Diego Mayoral seat and the entire City Council for the last four years. San Diego is currently the only city among California's Top Ten Most Populated Cities  that has a Republican mayor. A few short years ago the majority of the nine city council seats in the City of San Diego were elected Republicans. Apathy, a bleeding of registered Republicans from the city's voting population and a disconnect between registered Republicans and the GOP establishment leadership has resulted in a near complete takeover of the city council by Democrats.  Currently, Democrats hold 6 of the 9 city council seats, while Republicans hold just 2 seats and 1 seat is held by Mark Kersey, a ex-Republican who recently switched his party affiliation to Independent.  The p