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San Diego Christian Activist James Hartline and his team are now a new top news story being featured on the Christian Broadcasting Network:

According to CBN writer Michael Haverluck, the story "San Diego's Gay Agenda Target Youth" will be read and heard by people from all over the world. This will bring an immense amount of attention to the work of Hartline to protect the kids of America. It is an eyeopening news story on how homosexual activists are marginalizing parents so that they can gain access to the youth of America and indoctrinate them into a very immoral and anti-christian agenda.

The more attention brought to this story, the more that the Christian Broadcasting Network will keep it at the forefront of their news rotation stories.

The Christian Broadcast Network also produces the 700 Club which featured an international telecast of James Hartline's testimony. You can watch that video by going to:

To schedule interviews with James Hartline or members of the "Not On My Watch Team" please call 1-800-656-8603
You can also watch the 700 Club by reviewing the program guide at

The CBN News site can be accessed by going to:

Upcoming News:
Get ready for San Diego news to change forever: The James Hartline Report in partnership with the Hillcrest Mission and James L. Lambert, host of Night Lights, will be launching California Christian News. This will be a most innovative news website changing the way California Christians get their news. The launch is set two months from today.

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JHReport Exclusive -- Bad Churches In The 21st Century: Replacing Holiness With Homosexuality

The New Money Changers:
Bad Churches In The 21st Century
A Series Of Reports On San Diego Churches
That Are Destroying Christianity Because of
Greed, Immorality, and Compromise

- Part 1 -

Pacific Beach United Methodist Church:
Where Homosexuality Replaces Holiness

(Photo Copyright From Pacific Beach United Methodist Church Website)
Pacific Beach United Methodist Church In 2001 Gay Pride Parade

(JHReport) The Bible's ancient prophets warned of a future time when there would be a great apostasy that would threaten the foundations of Christianity. Many modern theological scholars are at odds as to what that apostasy or "falling away" would look like. With the exception of a few secularized religious organizations, most church leaders are pointing to the radical shift in beliefs about sexuality as the key indicator in determining which denominations are adhering to the historically accepted teachings of Christ on sexual purity and marriage. In San Diego, California, one liberal Methodist church has expanded its theological borders to such an extent, that some Christians are accusing it of outright blasphemy.

In a shocking display of disrespect for Christian values, Pacific Beach United Methodist Church ( not only embraces homosexuality, but as recently as 2006, the church was an official participant in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade. Although the San Diego Gay Pride Parade features xxx gay porn companies, male escort services and transvestites who dress up as nuns to mock the Catholic Church, the Pacific Beach United Methodist Church has entered a large float in the parade for the last several years (

The denominational leaders that oversee the United Methodist Churches have danced around the homosexual issue for years. Most of the older members of the denomination are extremely opposed to homosexuality and remain loyal to the Biblical position that calls sodomy a sin. These older members are also the main financial contributors to Methodist churches. That is the single biggest factor in why the Methodist Churches continue to oppose ordaining homosexual and lesbian ministers. However, liberal pastors have joined the Methodist Church and continue to advocate ordaining those who practice alternative sexual lifestyles (

The radicalized sexual agenda of Pacific Beach United Methodist Church has not gone unrewarded by extremist anti-christian gay groups. In 2004, the rabid homosexual political organization San Diego Democratic Club awarded the Pacific Beach church with its Gloria Steinem Communications Award ( Photos from the church's website show that in 2006 during the San Diego Gay Pride Festival, the Pacific Beach church was involved in a gay "Interfaith Pavilion" ( One of the features of this pavilion that the church participated in was a new age labyrinth. These labyrinths are becoming a regular feature at many liberal churches that are embracing the occultic practices of the Emergent Church movement (

Bill Daniel, a San Diego public school teacher for twenty years, is appalled at the participation of any Methodist Church in an event as perverted as the gay pride parade. "When you have a church that has gone this far into depravity, there is no other need to explain why churches are becoming so ineffective in today's culture," states Daniel. Bill Daniel was actively involved in standing against the pedophile involvement within the local San Diego Gay Pride organization in 2005 (

In 2005, it was the participation of pro-homosexual religious organizations in that year's pedophile scandal-ridden San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival that helped lesbian City Councilwoman Toni Atkins to marginalize Christian activist James Hartline in his campaign against the event's sex offenders. "Churches like Pacific Beach United Methodist Church make it very hard to protect children from extremist factions of the gay agenda," states Hartline.

When James Hartline successfully prevented the City of San Diego from issuing a 2005 city proclamation to honor the local gay pride organization for the first time in eleven years, Councilwoman Atkins chastised him, stating, "You know, Hartline highlights the extreme things he's most concerned about. I don't hear him pointing out the fact that we have numerous churches who participate in the parade." (

Despite the fact that at least five dangerous sex offenders were working for the 2005 event, Pacific Beach United Methodist Church was fully participating in the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Pride activities. The Gay and Lesbian Times listed the church as entry #81 on the parade route ( Additionally, the church was listed as a gay and lesbian resource on page 50 in the 2005 Gay Pride souvenir program directly across from page 51 which featured nude men in an advertisement for a gay bathhouse in San Diego.

While thousands of Christians were fighting to save the cross atop the Mt. Soledad Veteran's War Memorial in 2006, the pastor of Pacific Beach United Methodist Church, April Herron, was allowing her church's website to proudly brag about their gay pride float being given the parade's "Best Community Organization" award. Another staffer at Pacific Beach United Methodist Church is Fran Materra ( According to Materra's church biography, she is actively involved in creating "Kindred Spirits Ranch". The ranch is a sanctuary for rescued wolves and horses. Apparently, Ms. Materra is not too concerned with rescuing children from the wolves of the San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival.

The Bible has some timeless teachings for indiviuals like Rev. April Herron and Fran Materra. The Apostle Paul wrote to the church at Thessalonica: "For God has not called us to uncleanness, but unto holiness." While Rev. Herron marches her church in a parade that mixes small children with xxx pornographers and twisted male transvestites who dress up as Catholic Nuns, she seems to have no problem with exchanging holiness for homosexuality in her confused religious world. Welcome to the world of 21st century apostasy.

This Has Been Part 1 Of The Series:
The New Money Changers.
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A Parental Wake Up Call: San Diego Children's Easter Egg Hunt Has Ties To Disturbing Gay Perversions

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
March 26, 2007

A Parental Wake-Up Call:
San Diego Children's Easter Egg Hunt
Tied To Transvestites And Gay Sex Perversions

(c)photo: The Gay and Lesbian Times
Male Transvestite Nicole Murray Ramirez Featured At A
Gay Drag Queen Event Is The Main Promoter of San Diego
Children's Easter Egg Hunt. Ramirez Has A History
Of Promoting The Gay Pornography Industry.

(JHReport) San Diego parents need to be extremely concerned about extremist homosexual groups that are accessing small children under the guise of an annual San Diego Children's Easter Egg Hunt in a local community park ( That is the warning being issued by the James Hartline Report as new evidence has been uncovered which shows that individuals with ties to the gay pornography industry are closely tied with the annual children's event. Nicole Murray Ramirez, a San Diego male transvestite who dresses up as a nun to mock the Catholic Church, is one of the main organizers of the event ( Ramirez, who has a history of promoting the sale of xxx gay pornography, as well as perverted contests to judge the size of male genitals, regularly accesses San Diego youth under the premise of doing "charity" work.

Ramirez is not the only individual tied to the children's event who parents should be concerned about. Community activist James Hartline states that parents may not have any idea when they are bringing their children to the park, that their children may be exposed to men dressed up as women, men wearing S & M leather sex attire and women promoting lesbianism. "Many parents in the area are not tied to the gay community's sexualized agenda and not aware of the pornographic history of many tied to the Children's Easter Egg Hunt," says Hartline.

In the University Heights and Hillcrest areas, over 100 dangerous pedophiles and sex offenders reside. Any children's event in these neighborhoods can be an easy target for these types of sex offenders. Additionally, in 2005, the James Hartline Report revealed that the area's Gay Pride organization was utilizing at least five registered sex offenders in its annual festival and parade. One of the sex offenders, pedophile Martin Ramirez, was hired to work in the San Diego Gay Pride Children's Garden (;bp=t). Nicole Murray Ramirez and others tied to this children's Easter Egg Hunt were actively involved in that 2005 San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival.

New information uncovered by the James Hartline Report also reveals that a radicalized homosexual group called the San Diego League of Gentlemen (SDLOG) is circulating an email advertising a profane fundraiser for the children's Easter Egg Hunt. The email states:

"Please join 'boy ron' (boy is a gay sex slave term), Knight of Leather 2006
and Russ, Mr. San Diego Eagle 2007 for an evening of Baskets and Bulges,
a benefit for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community
Children's Egg Hunt to be held on Sunday, April 8 at 2pm at The Trolley Barn Park.

"There will be a visit by the Nasty/KInky Easter Bunny at 9pm."

The San Diego Eagle is a gay bar that features some of the most offensive and immoral aspects of the extremist gay movement. On the bar's website advertisements for "Red Hanky Night" and "Yellow Hankies Night" can be seen ( Red Hanky is a term used to describe men who engage in the act of inserting their fists into the rectums of other men. Yellow Hanky refers to men who urinate on other men for sexual gratification. San Diego parents would be shocked to learn that the San Diego Eagle is tied to fundraising for any children's event. Most San Diego parents do not understand the graphic nature of the events that are being advertised at the fundraising event tied to the Easter Egg Hunt. The terms "basket" and "bulge" are used in the gay community to describe the area of the male genitals.

The offensive contents of the SDLOG email goes on to reveal the full meaning and dimension of the children's fundraiser, stating:

"Russ will be hosting the 'bulge' portion during the second half,
those of you that have big bulges then show them off in your underwear
with a chance to win a cash prize of $50 for first place and a $25 bar tap
for the San Diego Eagle."

The James Hartline Report warns parents that if they care about their children they need to be educated on what the San Diego gay community is actively involved in. "We are in a culture war with an aggressive army of sexual anarchists who want to destroy all existing defintions of family," warns Hartline. "The idea that a gay bar which promotes men who urinate on other men for pleasure is tied to any children's event should be renounced by all citizens who are seeking a better society for our youth."

Hartline also encourages San Diego parents and other concerned citizens to either keep their children away from the Trolley Barn Park on the day of the Easter Egg Hunt or come to the park and take pictures of those who are inappropriately exposing children to unhealthy images and activities. Those pictures should then be turned over to law enforcement.

- Concerned Citizens Are This Generation's Only Hope -

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The New Miraculous Medical Report For AIDS Patient and Christian Activist James Hartline

The James Hartline Report
-On The Frontlines Of The Culture War-
March 22, 2007

Former Homosexual James Hartline Receives An Amazing Miracle:
Medical Tests Reveal Miraculous Immune System Recovery!

San Diego Doctors Are Amazed That Hartline's Immune System
Is Functioning Normal After Battling AIDS For Ten Years.
Hartline Responds, "That's What My God Can Do!"

(JHReport) There are few people in America who have been more open about their personal battle with AIDS than San Diego Christian activist James Hartline. Infected in December of 1997 with the virus that causes AIDS, Hartline has publicly chronicled his journey from being a promiscuous homosexual to becoming a born-again Christian and leading Christian activist in the national culture wars. Many local and national newspapers, magazines and television programs have reported on Hartline and his many endeavors to spread his Christian faith. Hartline's efforts to protect children from pornography, as well as educating Christians about the destructive elements within the homosexual movement, have earned him the reputation of being a Christian pit bull when it comes to his faith and activism.

Eight years ago, James completely renounced all involvement with the homosexual lifestyle. For the last seven years, he has been completely celibate and free from any desires for the sexual sin that had previously cost him so much. Hartline notes that it was his life and death struggle with HIV that became the final turning point for recognizing the moral bancruptcy that practicing homosexuality had earned him. By 2003, James had become so ill from AIDS that his physical well-being was in dire jeopardy. That year he was struck with a bad case of shingles, and without medical intervention, James could have easily died. In fact, his disease had progressed to the point where his immune system was producing only 1/20 of the healthy T-Cells necessary to fight infections. T-Cells are the cells that the immune system produces to fight off viruses and infections.

Most patients who start taking AIDS medications usually show some type of immediate improvement in their medical condition. James Hartline was no exception. However, Hartline's immune system has never really bounced back significantly. Depsite taking thirteen different medications everyday, James has never regained the normal immune functions required to stave off all opportunistic infections. In reality, without a miracle, James Hartline probably only has two-five years remaining on his life.

Known as one of America's most energetic and effective Christian activists, most people do not know that Hartline suffers with great pain in his physical body. Everyone sees the public appearances, the prayer walks and the celebrations when another pornographic business is shut down due to Hartline's efforts. They usually are not cognicent that James is suffering tremendous pain. Over the last several years, Hartline has received thousands of emails and telephone calls from fellow Christians who say they are praying for him to be healed of AIDS. It now appears that those prayers are paying off. James Hartline just might be one of the biggest walking miracles since the AIDS epidemic began in 1981.

There are two important factors that physicians look at when they are testing AIDS patients to determine the progression of the disease. Those factors are the T-Cell counts and the percentage of new T-Cells that the patient is producing to fight off opportunitistic infections. When a patient's T-Cells fall below 200 the patient is classified with an AIDS diagnosis. The percentage of newly produced T-Cells is critical to fighting diseases. A normal percentage of new T-Cells for a healthy person is 30% or higher. There was no question that James Hartline was very sick in 2003. That year his T-Cell count had dropped to 67, a critically low level. Even worse, his percentage was 5%. Literally, Hartline's immune system was failing. The incident with shingles forced him to undergo two weeks of intravenous acyclovir treatment. The attack with shingles was the final event that caused James to decide to start the complicated regime of daily HIV medications.

Since going on the HIV treatments, Hartline's immune system has never fully recovered. After 42 months of non-stop medical treatments, his T-Cells have rarely been above 300 and his percentage has hovered around 20%, not incredibly encouraging numbers. Dr. Jennifer Blanchard has been Hartline's physician for five years. Dr. Blanchard has told James that patients usually gain a good spike in their T-Cells within six months after initiating HIV treatments. The fact that James has not gotten higher T-Cell counts or percentages is an indication that he might not reconstitute a healthier immune system.

That was the case until something very strange began to happen about two months ago. After receiving several bad blood test reports over the past year, out of nowhere Hartline's T-Cell numbers began to dramatically improve. He hadn't changed medications. He was still obedient to his commitment to Jesus Christ and abstinate from all sexual and illicit drug behaviors. How is it possible that James Hartline could now be presenting such healthy laboratory test results?

Do miracles happen to people like James Hartline? Thousands of Christians throughout America have been praying constantly for James in his ten year battle with AIDS. Take a look at the remarkable laboratory results for James Hartline's February 20, 2007 blood test:

T-Cells: 450
Percentage: 32%

450 T-Cells and 32% are completely normal numbers for any person. For a person who has been fighting fighting AIDS for ten years these are miraculous numbers. When you consider that Hartline has never had percentages within the normal range since that dark time he was forced go on HIV medications nearly four years ago, even an atheist might have to reconsider the possibility that miracles do happen.

To complicate matters, James Hartline has also been fighting a long battle with Hepatitus-C. When a person is co-infected with HIV and Hepatitus-C, the prognosis is fairly grim. Usually, co-infected patients dies much quicker. The liver specialist who is treating Hartline's Hepatitus-C recently told James that he thinks Hartline's immune system has suddenly come alive and is fighting off the Hepatitus. This doctor thinks that is why there is so much hyperactivity being recorded on Hartline's liver tests. Just like the recent and unusual immune system improvement, Hartline's liver panel is also registering dramatic improvements.

Does God really bless those who are obedient to the Bible? James Hartline wanted to find out. Eight years ago, James made a decision to test the parameters of God's grace. He decided to give up all involvement in homosexuality. The Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin. The Bible also says that God is a rewarder of those who seek Him. There are some people who will never take the chance that James has taken. Those people will die having never given up involvement with homosexuality. Would God reward James Hartline for giving up homosexuality? Would God actually heal James if he became obedient to the call of Christ?

The story of James Hartline's journey out of homosexuality and his ten-year battle with AIDS has been told all over the world. In 2006, Hartline's testimony was featured on an international broadcast of the 700 Club ( Recently, James also self-published his first testimonial booklet, "After The Gay Life Isn't Gay Anymore." You can obtain that booklet by contacting Hartline's ministry.

Taking a risk that few Christians take in today's compromised world, James Hartline has claimed that God will heal him of his AIDS infection. Not everyone has been happy with the confidence that James has in God's promises to heal. In fact, Hartline has become the target of some of the most vicious attacks launched against any Christian in America by leaders of extremist homosexual groups. In 2005, one lesbian website in San Diego, California posted a death threat against Hartline ( Another homosexual website wrote this about the battle James is having with AIDS:

"AIDS isnt God's revenge on homosexuals--its his revenge on ex-gay assholes like
Hartline. I hope whatever cocktail he's on fails utterly
and he dies a painful, drawn-out death."

One of the most aggressive anti-christian homosexual activists in the United States is Wayne Besen. Here is what Besen wrote about James Hartline when Hartline claimed he would be healed of AIDS:

"I believe Hartline, however, probably is clinically insane. It's clear that he's delusional (he thinks he's a prophet who will be miraculously healed from AIDS) and schizophrenic (he thinks he's seen demons). Hartline is annoying and actively seeks to make the lives of others less pleasant. Hartline says things that are outrageous and cruel. And I have no desire to let Hartline go unchallenged or not point out that he's not a credible source. But on some level I pity him."

Some people respond to such bigotry by saying, "Talk to the hand!" James Hartline simply responds, "Talk to the lab results!"

The exciting thing for Hartline is his belief that there is an unlimited potential for miracles to occur when Christians have good relationships with God. "God has promised to bless His obedient servants with all good things," says James. James Hartline believes that those good things include new immune systems that can beat AIDS.

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Prophetic Insights For The Last Days -- Remembering Jonah: How America's Pastors Have Run From Confronting Evil

In The Classroom Of James Hartline
March 20, 2007

- Prophetic Insights For The Last Days -

Remembering Jonah:
How America's Pastors Have Run From Confronting Evil
Caused The American Church To Be Thrown
Into The Coming Catastrophic Storm
Now the word of the Lord came unto Jonah, the son of Amittai, saying,
"Arise, go to Nineveh, the great city, and cry against it; for its wickedness
has come up before me." But Jonah rose up to flee to Tarshish
from the presence of the Lord, and went down to Joppa; and he found
a ship going to Tarshish: so he paid the fare thererof, and went down to it,
to go with them unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord.
Jonah 1:1-3

But the Lord sent out a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty
tempest in the sea, so that the ship was likely to be broken. Then the mariners
were afraid, and cried every man unto his god, and cast forth wares that were
in the ship into the sea, to lighten it.
Jonah 1:4-5a

But Jonah was gone down into the sides of the ship;
and he lay, and was fast asleep.
Jonah 1:5b

Over the last several years I have had dozens of prophetic dreams from the Lord where He has shown me great disasters occurring in various locations in the United States. In many of these dreams, I have learned of dark spiritual forces that operate in the unseen world. There is a spiritual realm where demonic beings plot and plan to harm humanity by accessing spiritual breaches created by corrupt human beings. In fact, God is very clear about the existence of such places and our relationship to them. Remember, in Paul's letter to the Ephesians, the apostle documents such places:

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities,
against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world,
against spiritual wickedness in high places."
Ephesians 6:12

If God is so concerned with our earthly affairs and the decisions we are making, then shouldn't we also be as concerned? It has never been the will of God that we allow evil to prevail. In fact, the Bible says that Jesus came to destroy the works of the Devil: "But when people keep up sinning, it shows they belong to the Devil, who has been sinning since the beginning. But the Son of God came to destroy these works of the Devil." 1 John 3:8. It is not God's will either, that we end up being controlled or destroyed by evil governmental or political leaders. Considering that millions of Christian leaders in America pray, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven," how have we ended up with so many anti-christian bureaucrats controlling this nation?

God describes the Christian Church with many dynamic definitions and concepts. We are the Body of Christ. We are the Bride of Christ. We are the Warriors for Christ upon this earth. We are heaven's ambassadors. We are also His flock. As His flock, we are assigned shepherds. The assignments of the shepherds, also known as pastors, are wide and varied. Most importantly, the pastors are the guardians of the flocks of Christ. If there are wolves or evil agendas coming against the church, it is the responsibility of the pastors to stand up and confront these evil threats. The Bible describes false shepherds as those who see evil coming and they retreat, leaving their vulnerable flocks to be devoured by the wolves:

"He who is a hired hand and not a shepherd, who does not own the sheep,
sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees,
and the wolf snatches them and scatters them."
John 10:12

There is overwhelming evidence that the American Church is being devoured by wolves. The Reverend Ted Haggard is the perfect example of a pastor, engulfed in perversion, who allowed his flock to be devoured by a world looking to destroy the effectiveness of those representing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who is responsible for addressing the corruptive political forces that are demoralizing this nation? Who does God appoint as His representatives with the responsibility of standing up against those who are driving God's purposes from the public square? I think the Bible gives us some very clear and effective answers to these questions. Let us take a journey back in time to visit the story of the Prophet Jonah and we will find a most interesting comparison to God's dealings with the ancient City of Nineveh and our own distressing political situations in America.

We need to look no further then the Biblical account of Jonah to find an example which perfectly describes the current display by America's pastors and their epidemic apathy towards the sin in this nation. Like Jonah, American pastors have been given a prophetic assignment. They have accepted and professed God as the Lord Most High. With that assignment comes marching orders. God told Jonah: "Arise, go to Nineveh, the great city, and cry against it; for its wickedness has come up before me." God has not changed, nor have His commands. Like Jonah of old, pastors today have been commanded by God to go speak out against the wickedness in their respective communities.

One of the clearest examples of the gross apathy of today's pastoral leaders towards our many cultural problems was seen in 2004 during the battle to save the Mt. Soledad Cross. The ACLU and their anti-christian attorney had been seeking to tear this cross down for nearly two decades. Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, a large homeless church in San Diego, California, held a rally the night before the November 1, 2004 election to save the cross that sits atop this famous veteran's war memorial. Despite sending out thousands of invitations to the 1,700 pastors in San Diego, only four pastors showed up for the rally (

Recently, I personally sent out thousands of requests to local Christians to stand with me at a board meeting of the San Diego Unified School District in the hopes of stopping a local elementary school from marching young minors in the annual pornographic gay pride parade ( Dozens of local pastors were among the recipients of my request. It was a heartbreaking time when no local pastors showed up at the meeting to speak up for protecting the kids. I think there is no greater sign in America that we are in the Laodicean Church period. I really don't know how San Diego pastors sleep at night as they collect their big paychecks while they do nothing about the sexualization of children in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival.

- Coping With Pastoral Abandonment -

When I was a little boy, I was one of the most perplexing students that my teachers had ever come across. So perplexing, in fact, that my parents were repeatedly called in for parent-teacher conferences. My brother, who preceded me by one year, was a straight-A student. Additionally, he was rewarded with those same A's for conduct and citizenship. My sister who was a year younger than me, did just as well as my brother. This is why my teachers had such a hard time figuring me out. Oh, I got the good grades, just like my siblings, but my conduct and citizenship received the annual "F" because I was always fighting or getting in trouble. My parents always told my teachers that they had no idea why my behavior was so different from that of my brother and sister. Eventually, the truth came out, and school leaders learned that my mom had been abusing and beating me everyday, which inturn triggered my outbursts at school.

Eventually, juvenile authorities in Carson City, Nevada placed me in a group children's home to get me away from my abusive mother. During my stay at the children's home I began to runaway and steal. This led to my placement in the Nevada Youth Training Center. While there, my family simply moved to another state. They never said they were abandoning me. They just left and moved away. In my greatest hour of need, those who should have cared about my young and troubled life simply abandoned me. I learned at a very young age to readily identify abandonment.

My memories of having a family that abandoned me in my most dire moment has given me an easily identifiable example of today's church leaders who are abandoning our grievously troubled culture. In epidemic fashion, our pastors have left far too few Christians to take on the evil people who are destroying our nation. These pastors will not make waves. They will not engage the moral conflicts being ignited by radical pro-homosexual and pro-abortion activists. America is drowning in a cesspool of immorality and the thousands of well-paid pastors in America will not throw us any life preservers. I know this abandonment well. God experienced abandonment as well, when He commanded Jonah to go and speak out against the wickedness of Nineveh. Jonah simply moved away from God's assignment and basically told God, "Love the title, but not the trouble. See you later."

Today's pastors are well aware of the great wickedness that has swept across America like a violent and evil wind storm. These pastors have accepted payment from their churches to be spokesmen for the cause of Christ. Pastors have nice homes, nice cars, vacations, paid medical bills, all the result of accepting paid positions with their respective churches. God says, "Okay, now that you have been paid, go speak to the wicked culture what My word says." Instead of following the Lord's commandment to go and make public stands for righteousness, the pastors in America simply refuse to say anything. They won't go to their respective city councils. They won't go to their local school boards. They won't go to the street corner, nor to the train or bus stations. No, these pastors are far too busy to be bothered with that. What was Jonah's response to the Lord's commandment to go and speak out in Nineveh against that city's great wickedness?

But Jonah rose up to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord,
and went down to Joppa; and he found a ship going to Tarshish:
so he paid the fare thererof, and went down to it,
to go with them unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord.
Jonah 1:1-3

There is no doubt that we Christians are suffering because the pastors will not speak out against the moral rot that is destroying our nation. We are being broken because the pastors in this nation are too busy to go to their respective city and government officials and speak out against the immorality that is destroying our nation. We Christians are being beaten down while our pastors have their nice cars, their nice homes and their lovely vacations. Our nation is burning under the tyranny of a vocal and aggressive anti-christian army. It is easy for these pastors to speak of such dire matters in the comfort of their congregations where there is no opposition. Such opposition would not be tolerated in most churches. In fact, in most congregations if you demand that your pastor go and speak out at the local city council, he would probably instruct you to leave the church. Recently, I was actually threatened by one San Diego ministry leader because I was exposing the financial corruption at one large East San Diego County Church.

Look at what happened when Jonah ran from the Lord and His order to go to Nineveh:

But the Lord sent out a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty
tempest in the sea, so that the ship was likely to be broken. Then the mariners
were afraid, and cried every man unto his god, and cast forth wares that were
in the ship into the sea, to lighten it.
Jonah 1:4-5a

We know that we are never going to return to the self-confident days of pre-911. Nothing will ever be the same again. We are in the last days and these are dark days. Yet, by the complacent attitudes of most Christians, you would never think that we are in such dire straits. From one end of this nation to the other, coast to coast, state by state, radical homosexual activists are engaged in a relentless war to seize the minds of this nation's children. The response of most pastors to this national nightmare: they have banned any mention from their pulpits of the issue of homosexuality or the gay agenda's war against our children. This year, nearly two million babies will be butchered in the wombs of American women. The response of most pastors: they have banned from the pulpit any mention of abortion or Planned Parenthood's vile corporate agenda. On issue after issue, the pastors in this nation have waved a putrid white flag that offers up no resistance to the forces of evil that have made America the world's largest exporter of perversion, pornography and child abuse. Recently, a group of pastors did find the time, however, to speak out against global warming (

In one dream that I had about five years ago, I saw a terrible storm strike the place where I was speaking. Everything was destroyed. Outside of the destroyed building I was standing and encouraging a steady stream of men who were coming out of the rubble. Not to belabor all of the details of this dream, I will say that I know that this dream represents a terrible thing that is coming upon the church. I know some of us will survive the catastrophe. But it will be a time of great hardship. We must take heed from the story of Jonah and how God dealt with this prophet's refusal to follow through with his assignment:

"Now the Lord prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah.
And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights."
Jonah 1:17

None of us have wanted our churches to go through distress. We all want prosperity and expanded ministries, great Christian schools and preaching halls. But the pastors have given God no choice. They will not comply with God's simple demands to go out and speak to the ungodliness that is destroying our nation. So, like Jonah, we are about to see the great humiliation of the American Church. We will suffer. We will be swallowed up in the belly of a great beast. It is not want any of us have wanted. None of us want to suffer needless pain. But the pastors will not listen. And thus, we all are going to suffer for it.

What Do We Do Now?

The Bible says that when Jonah got fed up with being in the belly of that tortuous fish, he finally humbled himself and cried out to God:

Then Jonah prayed unto the Lord his God out of the fish's belly,
and said, "I cried by reason of mine affliction unto the Lord,
and He heard me; out of the belly of hell cried I and thou heardest my voice."
Jonah 1:1-2

Eventually, Jonah obeyed and went to Nineveh. As a result of Jonah's fine preaching, Nineveh humbled itself and mass repentence for its great sins occurred. The sins of Nineveh were horrific. Mass killers, abortion, sexual immorality, rampant crime and child abuse were all public practices of the Assyrian culture. Nineveh was Assyria's capitol. Imagine combining the evil of Jeffrey Dahmer with the Taliban, NAMBLA's pedophilia and San Francisco's homosexual agenda, and you would have a semblance of Nineveh's cultural profile. Despite the hopeless carnality that controlled the minds of Nineveh's citizens, the annointing that God had placed upon Jonah was strong enough to bring the entire city to repentance. This is exactly what God is asking of the pastors in America. God wants the pastors of America to rise up and make a public and united call to this nation to repent.

Will the pastors of America heed the demands of God? We can only pray they do. But should the pastors continue to refuse, then we must prepare for the hard times to come. We who know the will of God for this nation must move ever closer to God. We must hear from the Lord in this dark hour. When the storm comes we must be prepared to suffer. We must also believe that God will humble these pastors, and in the midst of the suffering, they will come to God and finally agree to stand in the public square and cry out against America's great evil leaders and their sins. Remember Jonah. Remember Jonah. Remember Jonah.

Thank You For Spending Time In The Classroom Of James Hartline
James Hartline, Director of The Hillcrest Mission

The Journal of James Hartline


Monday, March 12, 2007

Prophetic Insights For The Last Days: The Sleep Of Death - How The Lukewarm American Church Will Be Destroyed If It Doesn't Wake Up

In The Classroom Of James Hartline
Prophetic Insights For The Last Days
March 12, 2007

The Sleep of Death:
How The Lukewarm American Church
Will Be Destroyed If It Doesn't Wake Up

"So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot,
I will spew thee out of My mouth. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten:
be zealous therefore and repent."
Revelation 3:16,20

I have authored hundreds of Bible studies and other related writings all with one goal in mind: to inform Christians about the troubles in our culture and hopefully motivate them to do something about it. The work of being a Christian activist is really a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is gratifying to know that I am doing what God has commanded me to do. However, on the other hand it is a painful calling. When Jesus proclaimed, "Many are called but few are chosen," I don't think most believers fully appreciate His words or the high cost that must be paid by those who are called to stand in the gap for Christ in our culture.

With so many threats regularly launched against me by my opponents, as well as the great physical pain and exhaustion that comes with my assignment, it is a particularly painful blow to my spirit when so many church leaders close their ears to my cries for help in this battle to save our nation. I have cried out against the abuse of our youth by homosexual and lesbian activists, and rarely do the pastors ever respond. For many years now, I have regularly gone to the San Diego City Council to represent God's people by speaking out on issues of moral significance. I send thousands of emails out requesting that Christians stand with me during these city council meetings. Rarely, do I get more than ten people who will stand with me on issues like child abuse and pornography. There is nothing that has troubled my spirit more than the recurrent apathy that seems to have a death grip on the American Christian church. Why is this? What has created the soil from which this root of oblivious apathy has sprung up in western Christianity?

The prophet Isaiah provides a keen answer to this tragic mindset:

"For the Lord has poured over you a spirit of deep sleep,
He has shut your eyes, the prophets;
And He has covered your heads, the seers."
Isaiah 29:10

Why would the Lord do such a thing? Why would He pour out such a spirit of blindness and apathy over our leadership? Look how Isaiah answers this perplexing dilemma:

"Then the Lord said, 'Because this people draw near with their words
And honor Me with their lip service,
But they remove their hearts far from Me,
And their reverence for Me consists of traditions learned by memory and repetition.' "
Isaiah 29:13

Why is this so important to me? Why am I so concerned with the superficiality of church leaders and the apathy of those that follow their instructions? Because I have a love for my fellow Christians that will not allow me to give them over to the coming destruction of our culture. You see, there is not a day that goes by that I do not feel the devil's breath being exhaled into his unholy plans for this nation. In hundreds of dreams from the Lord over the last eight years, God has permitted me to see satan's blueprints for this country and the church. Satan has an unholy scheme for this nation and he is hatching it. It is coming. It is something so terrible and so vile, that it causes me to freeze in a consuming contemplation over our future.

The other day as I was praying and fasting, I asked the Lord, "Am I on the right course Lord, for hardly anyone will listen to me?" That night, God revealed to me through a dream, "Stay the course, you are doing what I have required of you." There was some solice for me in God's response. However, there was little comfort for me with the awareness that the American Christian church is, in reality, comatose. Truly, the American church as created its own "separation of church and state" mindset, where the pastors don't mess with the culture and they don't encourage their followers to make waves either. As a result, we are completely vulnerable to the impending catastrophes that are sure to come.

- A Prophetic Revelation Of The Coming Catastrophe -

Nearly three years ago, I received a prophetic dream from the Lord that has troubled me ever since. It was a vision of something terrible that is gathering energy in America. For all general purposes, what I saw was the construction of an evil, anti-christ system being built while the church sat idly by watching. Let me describe this dream for you:

-- I could see inside of a gigantic construction project. It was the largest structure I have ever seen, more massive than a football stadium. At the peripheral of the structure, lining the outer walls, were bleachers on which individuals were just sitting and watching the structure as it was being constructed. All of sudden I heard a voice shout, "Show me how it works." Then all of the exits and entrances to the structure were closed with no escape. The spectators began to panic and run around looking for a way of escape. Out of nowhere came these horrible gigantic guards who began to round up all of the spectators who had been sitting and watching the construction of this gigantic structure. The spectators were forced to get in a line. Each one of spectators was brought before a judgment table and asked by the judge to give an account for themselves. None could give any justifiable explanation for their passivity and their inaction over the building of this gigantic structure. It then appeared that each spectator was judged and found guilty. --

I have spent the last three years seeking God for an answer to this vision. It has been a great burden upon my mind and upon my soul as to what I saw in that dream. I have asked God many times, "Who were these spectators?" "Why were they so passive, so apathetic, so uninvolved while this structure was being built?" And I have asked God many times, "What is this gigantic structure?" As time has gone on, God has given me answers in varying degrees of revelation. The answers are as troubling for me as was the vision.

The "Too Comfortable" Church

For the past six years, I have been actively fighting to save the City of San Diego from its own corruption and moral pollution. I have exposed corrupt politicians who falsely claim to be Christians just to win the Christian vote. I have fought with our city government to shut down pornographic businesses located right across from elementary schools. And I have stood against radical homosexual activists who are seducing our young kids into sexual anarchy. Yet, the most difficult aspect in these battles has not been the wicked forces which are seeking to destroy our city. The hardest part has been the extreme apathy of pastors and those who follow their example. I believe that the spectators which I saw in the vision are the apathetic Christians and pastors who refuse to engage the culture and the moral catastrophes that are routinely being launched in America. One of the clearest signs that this is true can be seen while reading the various ministry lists within most churches. One look at most church websites and you will find almost no evidence for local evangelism or local missionary training programs.

While advocates for homosexuality are on an insidious march, pulpits throughout America are deadly silent on the matter. While nearly two million babies will be aborted this year, most church websites are completely void of any mention of the abortion issue. Most studies reveal that over 1/3 of all pastors are struggling with pornography. Yet, there is almost no mention on any church website of this moral debacle. I believe this terrible display of silence and apathy was manifested in the vision God gave to me. He showed me that these were the spectators who were sitting and silently watching the construction of this gigantic anti-christ system.

Literally, the comatose Christian church in the United States has sat idly by while our nation has been completely overrun with evil. We have sat by and watched as this anti-christ system has been constructed without any interference. How is this possbile? How can we have 90% of this nation claiming to be Christian, yet, our country has been completely polluted by the greatest moral rot in the history of humanity?

Applying sound theological standards, the Bible astutely calls the person who is lukewarm in their Christianity to be in great sin. Read what Jesus said to the Apostle John when speaking of the lukewarm church in Laodicea:

"So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot,
I will spew thee out of My mouth. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten:
be zealous therefore and repent."
Revelation 3:16,20

This is truly a profound matter according to the Lord. Think about this: Jesus, the Master, is telling the lukewarm Christian to repent. How do we define this state of lukewarmness: the condition of the soul wretchedly fluctuating between torpor and a fervour of love. The implication of being in a state of torpor is very serious. Torpor means to be apathetic or in a state of hibernation. If we can consider what this means for an active Devil and his evil minions, then we can certainly begin to understand why God considers the Chrisitan who is lukewarm to be in great sin. Diruna torpor is when creatures 'deep sleep' for only part of a day. Examples of Diruna torpor are bats, the California pocket mouse and the dormouse who 'sleep' (are dormant) during the daytime but are active at night. I know alot of Christians who are like this: they are dormant when it comes to making a stand in the culture for our values, but they are extremely active when promoting their favorite sports teams and movies. One of the most horrific fruits from this travesty of torpor Christianity was seen in the recent 2006 elections, when millions of Christians helped to reelect pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Governor Arnold Schwarznegger, yet they refused to vote for Prop. 85, the Parental Notification Initiative.

Look at what Jesus said about the Laodicean Church:

"Because thou sayest, "I am rich, and increased with goods,
and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou are wretched,
and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked."
Revelation 3:17

The Coming Church Catastrophe

I believe that the dream I had of the gigantic structure being built was a prophetic vision of a coming catastrophe for the American church. The Christians were mere spectators while that structure was being built. I believe that the structure being built was the current anti-christian system that has taken over major parts of this nation. It has consumed the political system. It has taken over the educational system. And it is being weaved into the church as well. Eventually, it will be fully activated and there will be nowhere for us to turn when it comes after us. It will be triggered in a moment, and like Nazi Germany, it will begin to terrorize God's people in ways that we cannot even fathom.

The Apostle Paul warns the church at Thessalonica about this terrible time. He identifies the circumstances that would be pervasive leading up to this evil period. Read what Paul says and tremble:

"For when they shall say, 'Peace and safety; then sudden destruction
cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child;
and they shall not escape.' "
1 Thessalonians 5:3

This is why Jesus considers it such a sin to be in this passive and apathetic state. When Christ has appointed us to be warriors on His behalf, God considers it to be a most foul thing for Christians to be appeasers with the ungodly culture. All of the modern day American church that is preaching a rancid gospel where we avoid all trouble, is the opposite of everything that Christ and the Apostles Paul and John preached. Instead of attacking the devil and his works, the "can't we all just get along" crowd is holding cute seminars on diet, marriage and wealth building.

Paul goes on to emphatically demand that the Thessalonians stay on the alert. He commands this young church to stay awake so that they would not be caught up in the Day of the Lord and all of its implied disasters:

"But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you
as a thief. You are all the children of light, and the children of the day:
We are not of the night, nor of the darkness.
1 Thessalonians 5:4-5

Oh, how the Lord warned me in the vision of the Christians who were nothing more than mere spectators during the construction of this anti-christ system. Is it not so in today's world? Isn't the church nothing more than spectators in this ungodly world? It just seems that the church is watching the world become darker and darker, as if they are watching a movie, a video, like the Left Behind series. Who is leading the multitude of Christians to act this way? If there is someone in our church who is commiting adultery or reading pornography, would we not confront them and demand that they repent? Yet, the pastors in America, for the most part, are leading their flocks to look at the corruption in the government and the perversion in the culture and do nothing more then sit on their hands and remain silent.

Is this how the Apostle Paul instructed us to conduct ourselves. I say, "No!" Look at what the Apostle Paul said regarding our attitude and mental alertness:

"Therefore, let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober."
1 Thessalonians 5:6

I believe if the Apostle Paul were alive today, he would be the first one to stand with me at the San Diego City Council or the school board when I ask Christians and their pastors to stand with me to fight the gross immorality and child abuse that is rampant in our culture. Yet, I can tell you, that there are pastors in San Diego who have actually threatened me for my constant petitions to get their church members involved in my various civic protests. There are even pastors in San Diego who have used their pulpits to mock me and fight against me in the battle that God has called me to.

It is extremely important to take a closer look at the word watch that the Apostle Paul uses in 1 Thessalonians 5:6. Look at how this word is defined:

Watch - Greek (gregoreou)
1) to watch
2) metaph. give strict attention to, be cautious, active
a) to take heed lest through remission and indolence some destructive calamity suddenly overtake one
a) to arouse from sleep, to awake
b) to arouse from the sleep of death, to recall the dead to life
c) to cause to rise from a seat or bed etc.

I have spent many hours crying out to God that He would somehow move to awaken the church before it is too late. I can see the coming disaster. I have seen the coming storm. No matter how unjust the pastors have treated me, I cannot give up. No matter how I have been tormented by the apathy of most Christians, I cannot leave the course that God has set before me. I cannot bear the thought of quitting on God. Nor, can I wish or desire that any of my brothers and sisters go through the terror that the devil is seeking to unleash upon our nation.

Oh, Christian will you wake up? I am begging you to wake up. Do not think that you are going to avoid the catastrophes that are rapidly approaching. They are coming. I have seen them in my dreams. I have seen them in my visions. They are coming.

We will now come to a most serious question in this study: Is God willing to intervene? I know He is. Why does the Lord show me the coming disasters? Does it really matter who He shows divine things to? God shows His dreams and visions to whomever He wishes. I just happen to be one of many who are recepients of God's flowing Spirit and revelations.

Hopefully, after reading this Bible study, you the Christian reader will take a more intimate look at 2 Chronicles 7:14:

"If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves,
and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways,
then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

Amazingly, the grace of God is even extended to the unbelieving nation. If they will repent, then God will relent and withhold His promised judgment. Remember the story of the Prophet Jonah and the city of Nineveh? God told Jonah, "Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me." Like many of today's church leaders, Jonah did not want to speak out against the evil of Nineveh. In fact, Jonah ran from his assignment, just like many today are doing. After repenting of his own disobedience to God, Jonah finally obeyed and went to Nineveh where he cried out against the sin of that vile city. Heeding Jonah's warning of impending judgment, Nineveh humbled itself and repented:

"And Jonah began to enter into the city, a day's journey, and he cried, and said,
'Yet forty days and Nineveh shall be overthrown.' So the people of Nineveh
believed God and repented, and proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth,
from the greatest of them even to the least of them."
If we could find a city today that looked like Nineveh we would find a city replete with the terrorism of al-qaeda and the sexual immorality of San Francisco--combined! That is how evil Nineveh was. Yet, they repented after hearing the preaching of Jonah. And look at the merciful response of God to Nineveh's humility and repentance:

"And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way;
And God repented of the evil, that He said that He would do unto them,
and He did not do it."

If Nineveh can do it, can't we in America? I pray so. I pray so. Will the American church rise up and take the mantle of Jonah? Will the American Christian, from San Diego to San Francisco, from New York to Miami, rise up and cry out like Jonah did? Or will we continue to remain neutral and spiritually neutered? Will we remain silent until God's judgment is unleashed? Hopefully, those that read this Bible study will be provoked to move from the status of spectator to that of active leader in our battle to save this nation.

Thank you for spending time in the Classroom of James Hartline.
Preparing A New Generation For The Next Great Awakening!

James Hartline, Bible Teacher
Preparing For My Departure
But Running My Race Until I Leave

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The James Hartline Report Action Center
March 7, 2007
Action Alert!

San Diego Gay Pride Organization To Use City Property
To Promote The Adult Entertainment Industry:
Minors Will Be Key Presence During Annual Festival

Take Action: Tell The San Diego City Council To Ban Use
Of Public Property By Porn Companies During Gay Pride Festival.
City Should Not Allow Public Park To Host Gay Pride Event
That Allows Minors Into Pornographic Gay Pride Venue.

(Action-Alert) Once again, the children of San Diego are under siege. The same old crowd of supporters of the gay pornography industry will not stop exposing the young kids of San Diego to the porn-promoting and graphic sexualized events during the annual San Diego Gay Pride parade and festival ( The Gay and Lesbian Times is now reporting that the organizers of the annual pornographic event are actually planning to increase the amount of explicit adult entertainment that has been a staple of this annual anti-family carnival. This announcement follows on the heels of the Gay Pride organization's recent press release that they will be hiring a high school teenager to recruit other minors to participate in this very vile party. Here is what the unbelievable March 1, 2007 Gay and Lesbian Times article stated about the increased porn industry presence for this year's San Diego Gay Pride festival:

"The Freedom Zone will be located at the south end, near the large beer garden. It will allow vendors with adult-oriented items and materials to fully display their merchandise. “Vendors who sell adult-oriented merchandise will be stationed in the Freedom Zone,” deHart said. “We’re also going to encourage special events such as autograph signings and contests and other events to take place in the Freedom Zone. It may be an opportunity to partner up with some of our local bars and clubs to do fun events and activities inside the Freedom Zone. The Freedom Zone was created to serve the percentage of the adult GLBT population who want to see more adult-themed booths. “The Freedom Zone will appeal to a segment of the population that hasn’t had their own space for a while,” said Philip Princetta, Pride co-chair."

The sheer audacity of this organization's intentions of adding even more unhealthy and anti-family pornographic activities is made all the more despicable due to the fact that the annual event is held on public, city-owned property! Can you imagine what the original founding fathers of San Diego would have said, if they knew that in 2007 the City of San Diego was allowing male escort services, male strippers and gay porn vendors to hold a party while young minors are present in the same event. Even last year, Councilman Scott Peters would not let photographs of the 2006 Gay Pride parade and festival to be seen on the city council video screen because they were so disgusting ( Yet, the city continues to allow this event with minors incorporated into the festival grounds, to occur on city property.

It seems that the twisted thinking of those that administrate the San Diego Gay Pride organization is incredibly void of any recognition of the damage that they are doing to the families and the children of San Diego. Incredibly, while gay pride promoters are seeking to accomodate the degenerate advocates of the porn and alternative sexual lifestyles, they are also actively recruiting young teenagers for this year's pornographic festival. You can read the recent press release from the San Diego Gay Pride website when they announced their desire to hire a high school teenager who would then recruit other teens for their organization's various affairs (

Even more unbelievable than the youth recruitment announcement are the statements in the Gay and Lesbian Times which are justifying the involvement of minors in the festival even though the venue has a reputation for displaying some of the most raunchy and disgusting sexual activities which are a routine part of the gay community:

"One carryover from last year will be the Youth Express Entrance, which offers 16- and 17- year-olds free entrance to the festival in exchange for participation in a brief orientation. The program was an experiment last year, partially in response to the 2005 Pride scandal, in which three Pride volunteers and one Pride employee were discovered to be registered sex offenders. Rather than ban youth as a result of the scandal, the organization is educating them with regard to participating safely."

Clearly, the San Diego Gay Pride organization is stepping up its terrible war against the youth of San Diego by recruiting high school teenagers to be a part of their annual pornographic parade and festival. The time has now come for all moral citizens to rise up and say, "Enough is enough!" We cannot continue to remain silent or neutral while an entire city's population of teenagers are under the threat to be sexualized by homosexual activists within San Diego's gay community. If we remain silent on this matter, than we are just as culpable as are those who are harming these kids.

2005: The Year Of The San Diego Gay Pride Pedophile Scandal

In 2005, the San Diego Gay Pride organization was embroiled in one of the America's biggest sex offender scandals. The group had hired a registered pedophile to work as a clown in the San Diego Gay Pride Children's Garden (;bp=t). In addition to sex offender Marty the Clown who was hired to entertain the children, at least four other registered sex offenders were hired to work in voluntary and salaried supervisory positions. This is quite astonishing since the San Diego Gay Pride organization is a 501(c)3 charity. Adding to the sex offender debacle that year was the fact that the gay pride leaders allowed gay porn companies, male escort services and manufacturers of sex toys and lubricants to advertise their wares throughout the festival and parade: all on public city property!

In 2006, San Diego Gay Pride pushed the envelope of deviancy even farther by allowing an elementary school to march in the gay pride parade, thus exposing children, some as young as six years of age, to an enormous amount of sexually explicit filth (

In 2007, the San Diego Gay Pride organization is sinking to new lows in their quest to sexualize the youth of San Diego. They are now recruiting young high school students to be involved in their annual pornographic events. Needless to say, the San Diego Gay Pride organization and its sex partners feel no shame about what they are doing to the kids of San Diego. Even worse, the City of San Diego is allowing this terrible abuse of children to occur on city property: your property! Truly, this is like pouring salt into a gaping moral wound for the millions of Americans who have been the victims of child abuse. Victims of child abuse can readily recognize when children are being harmed. And make no mistake about it: the pornographic events of the San Diego Gay Pride organization are hurting children.

How Low Will San Diego Gay Pride Go?

How low do the leaders of the San Diego Gay Pride organization intend to sink? At what point do they intend to stop introducing young minors into the graphic and demoralizing world of alternative sexuality? Based upon this group's recent history, we know that the San Diego Gay Pride organization cannot be trusted with minors. Hiring a registered pedophile to entertain children in their children's garden must serve as a warning of where this group would like to go with the youth of San Diego.

As a taxpayer, you should be outraged that your tax dollars are paying for public land that the city is turning over to San Diego Gay Pride. Your public land is being used for the promotion of xxx gay pornography and minors who are being mentally sexualized by the pornographic supporters of the gay pride organization.

How low do the leaders of the San Diego Gay Pride organization intend to sink? The children of San Diego cannot afford to have us wait to find out. We must make our stand now on behalf of these potential victims.

Take Action Now!

Unfortunately, the San Diego City Council has put politics over the protection of our city's most valuable asset: its children. Those of us who care about children and their future, do not agree with the city's perspective on this matter. We do not believe that children should be in any event where pornography plays a key role, or for that matter, any role. We do not believe that it is in the best interest of our city's children for sexually-motivated adults to be encouraging these children to explore alternative sexual activities. Children should be left alone to be children, rather than pawns used for a political agenda led by advocates for sexual anarchy. Furthermore, we are firmly opposed to the San Diego City Council endorsing any event that has xxx adult entertainment sponsors or supporters.

We will not rest until every child in San Diego is protected from those who want to harm or sexualize them.

The James Hartline Report Action Center
Asks You, the Concerned Citizen,
To Take The Following Actions To Motivate The San Diego City Council
To Do The Right Thing For The Children Of San Diego:

1. Contact the San Diego City Council: Tell them to stop allowing city property
Like Balboa Park to mix minors with any event that has Adult Entertainment
As a Sponsor or Promoter. This includes the San Diego Gay Pride Events.

2. Boycott those businesses that are Sponsoring San Diego Gay Pride Events.
The San Diego City Council needs to understand that their continued support
For mixing minors with pornographic activities
during the Gay Pride Events is going to
Cost the City lost revenue from these Boycotts.
Sponsors of last year's San Diego Gay Pride Event included:
Starbucks * Travelocity * Cox Communications * Vitamin Water *
The Old Globe * Wells Fargo * Avis * 100.7 Jack FM * Viejas Enterprises

Over the last four years, the James Hartline Report Action Center alerts has grown to over 10,000 activists. We believe that accelerated growth in our stand for basic moral decency will see a tremendous increase in our numbers as well as the impact on the local political structure of San Diego. While the City of San Diego has continued to resist our demands to remove the mixing of minors with pornographic activities during the annual gay pride events, eventually, they will be forced to face our growing numbers and demands.

Contact Information:

San Diego Mayor
Jerry Sanders
telephone: 619-236-6330
fax: 619-236-7228

San Diego City Council
District One
Councilman Scott Peters
telephone: 619-236-6111

District Two
Councilman Kevin Faulconer
telephone: 619-236-6622

District Three
Councilwoman Toni Atkins
telephone: 619-236-6633

District Four
Councilman Anthony Young
telephone: 619-236-6644

District Five
Councilman Brian Maienschein
telephone: 619-236-6655

District Six
Councilwoman Donna Frye
telephone: 619-236-6616

District Seven
Councilman Jim Madaffer
telephone: 619-236-6677

District Eight
Councilman Ben Hueso
telephone: 619-236-6688

Additional contacts:

This Action Alert has been provided by The James Hartline Report Action Center.
The James Hartline Report is now read daily by over 9,000 Concerned Citizens.

I Am Making My Stand In 2007!
Have You Started Making Yours Yet?

James Hartline, Publisher
The James Hartline Report
Educating The Church
Fighting For Our Generation

Monday, March 05, 2007

BREAKING NEWS; San Diego Christian Activists Make National News For Standing Up For Kids At San Diego School Board

Break News From The James Hartline Report:

The San Diego Twelve, as they are now being called, are now the focus of a headline news story being featured on World Net Daily, the world's largest internet news website.

On February 27, 2007, twelve Christian men and women stood up for the protection of young minors at a contentious San Diego School Board meeting. Their protest was targeting the terrible abuse of minors who are being forced to march in the pornographic San Diego Gay Pride Parade under the banner of a public elementary school. The school, San Diego Cooperative Charter School, has quickly earned the reputation of being one of the most immoral and perverted public schools anywhere in the State of California. The school's principal Wendy Ranck-Buhr remains defiant, stating that she will continue to march her school in the annual San Diego gay event that features xxx pornography, male strippers and male drag queens who mock the Catholic Church by dressing as sexualized nuns.

Today's headline story in World Net Daily by nationally recognized conservative reporter, James L. Lambert, is titled: "School Kids March In 'Gay' Parade Protested: Angry Citizens Point Out Students' Exposure To Pornographic Scenes."

Posted: March 3, 20071:00 a.m. EasternBy James L. Lambert© 2007

Eleven local citizens appeared at a San Diego School District meeting this week to confront officials about the San Diego Cooperative Charter School's active participation in the city's annual Gay Pride Parade.
The activists were especially concerned about the school's elementary-age children marching in the annual event. The group presented the school board with pictures from the parade of scantily dressed men, sadomasochists and drag queens.
James Hartline, who several years ago renounced his homosexual lifestyle before becoming a Christian, spoke first. He reminded the board of previous attempts to speak to them about the issue when he repeatedly was interrupted by parade supporters, booed and "called names while speaking."
Hartline asserted it was wrong to expose small children to pornographic scenes and sexual imagery that included overt public displays of affection between homosexuals, along with displays of pink phallus symbols.
Each board member was presented with a package of photographs from the parade. The activists said they were particularly disappointed that two board members they thought would be sympathetic – Sheila Jackson and Mitz Lee – had no comment about their concerns or the evidence presented.
Jackson refers, in her biography, to her involvement with the Bethel AME Church Missionary society; and Lee, prior to her election in 2004, attended monthly meetings of Women in Politics, a conservative Christian organization.
Also, Lee's touting during her election campaign of involvement with the Cub Scouts and Little League gave the activists the impression she was "a friend of the family."
San Diego School Superintendent Carl H. Cohn was the only one to respond to the complaints.
He said he had "a meeting about these concerns" and "did not find any parents who had a problem with their kids being in the gay pride parade."
Cohn's office did not reply to numerous attempts by WND to get further comment from the superintendent.
Kim Tran, a mother of five, and former Republican candidate for the California State Assembly who witnessed the board meeting was appalled.
"I cannot believe that this school board doesn't do anything about what this charter school is doing to these little children," she said. "It is so heartbreaking."

The stand against the San Diego Cooperative Charter School's exposing numerous children to the pornographic filth in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade began last year when James Hartline obtained a photograph taken during the parade. Hartline immediately recognized that these defenseless children were being harmed in irreprebable ways including sexually explicit images being permanently integrated into their unprotected memories. Hartline then began a crusade to protect these kids as if they were his own children.

In September of 2006, Hartline went by himself to the San Diego School Board to speak out against this immoral school exposing children to the gay pride pornography. He declared at that meeting, "I am going to be as tenacious as a pit bull" referring to his campaign to protect the kids from being exposed to the gay pornographers of San Diego Gay Pride events (

True to his word, James Hartline has repeatedly spoken at the school board and sent out over 15,000 emails to fellow Christians to rise up and stand with him in the battle to save the students of San Diego Cooperative Charter School . Each time Hartline has spoken at the school board he was booed, called names and shouted down. In the February 27th meeting, Hartline did not go alone. This time, eleven other fellow Christians who braved extreme weather and took time off from their jobs, joined him, all deeming that saving the youth of San Diego was more important than anything else they could be doing that day. One woman drove all the way from Los Angeles to join Hartline and the rest of his team for the school board hearing. Hartline plans to continue protesting at the school board and the San Diego City Council until all pornography and children are removed from participation in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

ACTION ALERT: San Diego School Superintendent States, "Parents Don't Have A Problem With Their Kids Being In Gay Pride Parade!"

The James Hartline Report Action Center
Action Alert!
March 1, 2007

San Diego School District Superintendent Says:
"We Investigated the Complaints about the Charter School Kids
Marching in the Gay Pride Parade, And We did not find any
Parents who had a problem with this." Carl H. Cohn

San Diego School District
Superintendent Carl H. Cohn (photo)

(JHReport Action Alert) If there hadn't been any witnesses, most people would not have believed what the superintendent of schools for the San Diego Unified School District told a packed audience during a February 27, 2007 school board meeting. In response to complaints that an elementary school in San Diego, California was exposing small children to pornographic imagery when marching the kids in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade last year, school superintendent Carl H. Cohn stated, "We investigated these concerns and did not find any parents who have a problem with their kids in the gay pride parade."

Cohn's response came after James Hartline, a local community activist and child protection advocate, issued a stinging speech condemning the school board's refusal to stop the children from marching in the parade under the banner of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School. Joining Hartline were eleven other supporters including attorney Robert Sutton and his wife Kim Tran, a Republican candidate for the California State Assembly. In his speech, Sutton likened the battle to save kids from the gay pride onslaught to that of the struggle to free the slaves during the 1800's. Ms. Tran, a mother of five children and numerous foster children, is especially outraged that small children are being marched in a parade that openly displays xxx porn companies and male prostitutes. "I cannot believe that this school board doesn't do anything about what this charter school is doing to these little children. It is so heartbreaking," cried Tran.

What makes the cold and apathetic silence of the school board all the more disturbing is the fact that a number of the board members claim to be Christians. Take for example, school board Vice President Sheila Jackson. Jackson has not made one public statement to demonstrate concern over the marching of San Diego Cooperative Charter School in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade. Ms. Jackson's hypocrisy is made all the more stunning based upon the fact that she mentions in her biography her involvement in the Bethel AME Church Missionary Society ( Something very dark is going on beneath the surface with Jackson. After further investigation of Jackson, the James Hartline Report has learned that Ms. Jackson was endorsed in her campaign for the school board by the radical homosexual group, the San Diego Democratic Club ( The San Diego Democratic Club are huge participants in the annual San Diego Gay Pride Parade.

Equaling the hypocrisy of Sheila Jackson, is the dead silence of fellow boardmember Mitz Lee. Lee's biography details her involvement as a Cub Scout leader and her history of being a Little League Team mom ( Lee made sure that she reminded voters of these types of "child-friendly" involvements when she ran for the school board in 2004. Here is what Ms. Lee stated on her campaign website regarding the protection of children: "Our children must become educated, independent and productive citizens. Every year in a child's life is critical - we all know how quickly they grow up. We cannot afford lost learning opportunities while adults fail to "get it right." (

In true bureaucratic fashion, Lee has conveniently forgotten those campaign selling points while ignoring the sexualization of minors by the San Diego Cooperative Charter School as they march small children in the pornographic gay pride parade.

School Boardmember John DeBeck is another example of amazing hypocrisy. On his school board bio, DeBeck claims to have seven children, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren, yet he has remained completely silent on the matter of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School marching small children into the perverted fires of the San Diego Gay Pride Parade (

It seems that these San Diego School Boardmembers and the district's superintendent are more than willing to sacrifice the children of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School upon the altar of political correctness. Why make waves when you can keep your highly paid and influential jobs with the school district. What's 360 elementary school children attending San Diego Cooperative Charter School compared to the access to elitist circles, incomes and political power that these six adults receive from their positions with the district.

There is an even more frightening aspect to the story of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School and its marching of small children into the immoral hell of the San Diego Gay Pride Parade. The darker aspect of this story is due to the absolute apathy towards this horrific situation by thousands of pastors and their assistants in San Diego County. Out of the 1,700 churches in San Diego County, not one pastor showed up to speak out against the terrible and horrific abuse caused by San Diego Cooperative Charter School when it exposes small children to the pornography of San Diego Gay Pride.

For many weeks prior to the February 27, 2007 school board hearing, community activist James Hartline begged and pleaded for Christians to come and stand up for the kids who are being exposed to the pornography of the San Diego Gay Pride events. Hundreds of San Diego pastors received emails from Hartline. Not one pastor showed up. It is as if 1939 Germany is happening all over again. During the rise of Hitler's Nazism, the pastors of German Churches remained neutral as Jews were persecuted and ultimately sent to the death chambers of the concentration camps. That same apathetic spirit is resting upon the pastors of San Diego County. What do these pastors say from their pulpits about child abuse? How do these pastors articulate the New Testament verses where Jesus condemned those that harm little children while these same pastors refuse to do anything about San Diego's most vulnerable youth who are being exposed to the pornography of San Diego Gay Pride?

Yet, when these same pastors receive an email begging them to show up and speak out against immoral adults who are forcing little children in their city to march in the perversion of the San Diego Gay Pride Parade, they simply ignore it. What will be their excuse when they are asked to give an account for America's new holocaust, a holocaust declared against its own children? This nation is in deep trouble. Every day it gets darker. And every day, the pulpits remain inactive and silent while children are being harmed by groups like the San Diego Gay Pride organization.

Who is responsible for bearing the moral compass in society? If a school board that oversees the safety of school children refuses to intervene when they learn that an elementary school is marching small children into an event with pornography, who then is responsible for reminding the culture that they are slipping into a moral and catastrophic point of no return? As James Hartline stated during his speech to the school board, "What is next for the San Diego Cooperative Charter School, a field trip to Cheetah's Strip Club?"

How can church leaders remain silent while their churches are co-existing in the very same city that little children are being forced to march in something as perverted as the San Diego Gay Pride Parade? What good is a pulpit that remains silent about the abuse of children just outside of the church door? What value is there in a pastor who preaches on Sunday, for a paycheck on Monday, but cannot be at a school board meeting on Tuesday, to stand against those who are destroying the very children in that pastor's city? Something is truly broken in San Diego's Christian community.

There is a reason that the city of San Diego does not have any respect for Christianity. There is a reason that evil people who abuse children do not fear those that name Christianity as their religion. The reason is clear: evil people have no respect for the cowardly. Is this what we have come to, a city with 1,700 pulpits full of 1,700 cowardly pastors who refuse to speak out against the San Diego Gay Pride organization and an elementary school that marches young children in that diabolic and perverted parade?

On February 27, 2007 twelve brave men and women stood up for the kids of San Diego who are being abused during the San Diego Gay Pride events. The Bible says that God is looking for men and women who are willing to lay down their lives for the cause of Christ. He may not find many in the church pulpits in San Diego County, but He certainly found twelve on February 27th who decided that the youth of their city are worth fighting for.

- Take Action -

If you want to contact the San Diego Unified School District Board and
the School District Superintendent Carl H. Cohn to express your displeasure
with their refusal to stop elementary schools from marching in the pornographic
San Diego Gay Pride Parade, you may do so with the following contact information:

Board of Education OfficeSan Diego Unified School District4100 Normal Street, Room 2231San Diego, CA 92103Phone: (619) 725-5550Email:

Office of the Superintendent(619) 725-5525 - PhoneEmail:

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