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ACTION ALERT: San Diego School Superintendent States, "Parents Don't Have A Problem With Their Kids Being In Gay Pride Parade!"

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Action Alert!
March 1, 2007

San Diego School District Superintendent Says:
"We Investigated the Complaints about the Charter School Kids
Marching in the Gay Pride Parade, And We did not find any
Parents who had a problem with this." Carl H. Cohn

San Diego School District
Superintendent Carl H. Cohn (photo)

(JHReport Action Alert) If there hadn't been any witnesses, most people would not have believed what the superintendent of schools for the San Diego Unified School District told a packed audience during a February 27, 2007 school board meeting. In response to complaints that an elementary school in San Diego, California was exposing small children to pornographic imagery when marching the kids in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade last year, school superintendent Carl H. Cohn stated, "We investigated these concerns and did not find any parents who have a problem with their kids in the gay pride parade."

Cohn's response came after James Hartline, a local community activist and child protection advocate, issued a stinging speech condemning the school board's refusal to stop the children from marching in the parade under the banner of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School. Joining Hartline were eleven other supporters including attorney Robert Sutton and his wife Kim Tran, a Republican candidate for the California State Assembly. In his speech, Sutton likened the battle to save kids from the gay pride onslaught to that of the struggle to free the slaves during the 1800's. Ms. Tran, a mother of five children and numerous foster children, is especially outraged that small children are being marched in a parade that openly displays xxx porn companies and male prostitutes. "I cannot believe that this school board doesn't do anything about what this charter school is doing to these little children. It is so heartbreaking," cried Tran.

What makes the cold and apathetic silence of the school board all the more disturbing is the fact that a number of the board members claim to be Christians. Take for example, school board Vice President Sheila Jackson. Jackson has not made one public statement to demonstrate concern over the marching of San Diego Cooperative Charter School in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade. Ms. Jackson's hypocrisy is made all the more stunning based upon the fact that she mentions in her biography her involvement in the Bethel AME Church Missionary Society ( Something very dark is going on beneath the surface with Jackson. After further investigation of Jackson, the James Hartline Report has learned that Ms. Jackson was endorsed in her campaign for the school board by the radical homosexual group, the San Diego Democratic Club ( The San Diego Democratic Club are huge participants in the annual San Diego Gay Pride Parade.

Equaling the hypocrisy of Sheila Jackson, is the dead silence of fellow boardmember Mitz Lee. Lee's biography details her involvement as a Cub Scout leader and her history of being a Little League Team mom ( Lee made sure that she reminded voters of these types of "child-friendly" involvements when she ran for the school board in 2004. Here is what Ms. Lee stated on her campaign website regarding the protection of children: "Our children must become educated, independent and productive citizens. Every year in a child's life is critical - we all know how quickly they grow up. We cannot afford lost learning opportunities while adults fail to "get it right." (

In true bureaucratic fashion, Lee has conveniently forgotten those campaign selling points while ignoring the sexualization of minors by the San Diego Cooperative Charter School as they march small children in the pornographic gay pride parade.

School Boardmember John DeBeck is another example of amazing hypocrisy. On his school board bio, DeBeck claims to have seven children, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren, yet he has remained completely silent on the matter of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School marching small children into the perverted fires of the San Diego Gay Pride Parade (

It seems that these San Diego School Boardmembers and the district's superintendent are more than willing to sacrifice the children of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School upon the altar of political correctness. Why make waves when you can keep your highly paid and influential jobs with the school district. What's 360 elementary school children attending San Diego Cooperative Charter School compared to the access to elitist circles, incomes and political power that these six adults receive from their positions with the district.

There is an even more frightening aspect to the story of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School and its marching of small children into the immoral hell of the San Diego Gay Pride Parade. The darker aspect of this story is due to the absolute apathy towards this horrific situation by thousands of pastors and their assistants in San Diego County. Out of the 1,700 churches in San Diego County, not one pastor showed up to speak out against the terrible and horrific abuse caused by San Diego Cooperative Charter School when it exposes small children to the pornography of San Diego Gay Pride.

For many weeks prior to the February 27, 2007 school board hearing, community activist James Hartline begged and pleaded for Christians to come and stand up for the kids who are being exposed to the pornography of the San Diego Gay Pride events. Hundreds of San Diego pastors received emails from Hartline. Not one pastor showed up. It is as if 1939 Germany is happening all over again. During the rise of Hitler's Nazism, the pastors of German Churches remained neutral as Jews were persecuted and ultimately sent to the death chambers of the concentration camps. That same apathetic spirit is resting upon the pastors of San Diego County. What do these pastors say from their pulpits about child abuse? How do these pastors articulate the New Testament verses where Jesus condemned those that harm little children while these same pastors refuse to do anything about San Diego's most vulnerable youth who are being exposed to the pornography of San Diego Gay Pride?

Yet, when these same pastors receive an email begging them to show up and speak out against immoral adults who are forcing little children in their city to march in the perversion of the San Diego Gay Pride Parade, they simply ignore it. What will be their excuse when they are asked to give an account for America's new holocaust, a holocaust declared against its own children? This nation is in deep trouble. Every day it gets darker. And every day, the pulpits remain inactive and silent while children are being harmed by groups like the San Diego Gay Pride organization.

Who is responsible for bearing the moral compass in society? If a school board that oversees the safety of school children refuses to intervene when they learn that an elementary school is marching small children into an event with pornography, who then is responsible for reminding the culture that they are slipping into a moral and catastrophic point of no return? As James Hartline stated during his speech to the school board, "What is next for the San Diego Cooperative Charter School, a field trip to Cheetah's Strip Club?"

How can church leaders remain silent while their churches are co-existing in the very same city that little children are being forced to march in something as perverted as the San Diego Gay Pride Parade? What good is a pulpit that remains silent about the abuse of children just outside of the church door? What value is there in a pastor who preaches on Sunday, for a paycheck on Monday, but cannot be at a school board meeting on Tuesday, to stand against those who are destroying the very children in that pastor's city? Something is truly broken in San Diego's Christian community.

There is a reason that the city of San Diego does not have any respect for Christianity. There is a reason that evil people who abuse children do not fear those that name Christianity as their religion. The reason is clear: evil people have no respect for the cowardly. Is this what we have come to, a city with 1,700 pulpits full of 1,700 cowardly pastors who refuse to speak out against the San Diego Gay Pride organization and an elementary school that marches young children in that diabolic and perverted parade?

On February 27, 2007 twelve brave men and women stood up for the kids of San Diego who are being abused during the San Diego Gay Pride events. The Bible says that God is looking for men and women who are willing to lay down their lives for the cause of Christ. He may not find many in the church pulpits in San Diego County, but He certainly found twelve on February 27th who decided that the youth of their city are worth fighting for.

- Take Action -

If you want to contact the San Diego Unified School District Board and
the School District Superintendent Carl H. Cohn to express your displeasure
with their refusal to stop elementary schools from marching in the pornographic
San Diego Gay Pride Parade, you may do so with the following contact information:

Board of Education OfficeSan Diego Unified School District4100 Normal Street, Room 2231San Diego, CA 92103Phone: (619) 725-5550Email:

Office of the Superintendent(619) 725-5525 - PhoneEmail:

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