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BREAKING NEWS: Lesbian's Violent History Brings Into Question The Credibility of Witnesses At Democratic Fundraiser For Francine Busby

Photos of Shari Barman and Rosie Casals The James Hartline Report has obtained an original copy of an article published in the Washington Post dated May 24, 1977 which identifies lesbian Democratic fundraiser Shari Barman as the culprit in a violent assault against law enforcement at the San Francisco International Airport in 1977. It was Barman who was arrested during last Friday's riot at the fundraiser for Democratic candidate for congress Francine Busby. Shari Barman's violent altercation with a sheriff's deputy is eerily similar to the violent altercation she had with law enforcement at the San Francisco International Airport in 1977. Byron Rosen, a staff writer for the Washington Post, wrote of the violent altercation that Barman and "companion" lesbian Rosie Casals had with two men during an incident at the airport in his May 24, 1977 column FanFare. The Washington Post columnist wrote: The Los Angeles Strings broke a 10-

The Deceptive Lesbians Who Play The Victim: Report Shows Lesbian Who Assaulted Deputy At Democratic Candidate Fundraiser Had Prior Arrest For Assault

Exclusive: You heard it here first! The James Hartline Report has obtained a document which states that the lesbian who assaulted a San Diego County Deputy during last week's fundraiser for Democratic congressional candidate Francine Busby has a prior arrest for assault. According to the report, Shari Barman, a lesbian with ties to many other lesbians within the professional tennis industry, was arrested in 1977 for assault at the San Francisco International Airport. The report also states that the violent incident involved another lesbian activist within the female tennis world, Wimbledon champion Rosie Casals. The recent campaign fundraiser for perennial Democratic loser Francine Busby involved a number of lesbian couples and was illegally advertised on the website for San Diego's Gay and Lesbian Center as an LGBT event. When a San Diego sheriff's deputy arrived at the campaign event to respond to a neighbor's noise complaint, the deputy was surrounded by 30+ individ

Blasphemous Attack Against Catholic Church Included In Upcoming San Diego City Council Resolution Declaring Gay Pride Month

The James Hartline Report - On The Frontlines Of The Culture War - Action Alert! Blasphemous Attack Against Catholic Church Included In Upcoming San Diego City Council Resolution Declaring Gay Pride Month Christian Community Must Stand United Against Government-Sanctioned Hate Against The Catholic Church The San Diego City Council, in partnership with San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, is preparing to launch one of their most bigoted and vicious attacks yet against Catholics during an upcoming city council meeting on Tuesday, July 14, 2009. On that day, Mayor Sanders, with the assumed approval of the city council, will honor an event that prominently features an organization declared heretical and blasphemous by Pope John Paul II. The organization deemed heretical by Pope John Paul II is called the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence . The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a bigoted group of anti-catholic transvestites, is given a featured role each year in the annual San Diego Gay Pride Parad

Hate is not a Family Value -- And Neither is Homosexuality

Hate is not a family value: And neither is homosexuality! Pictures of the anti-christian bigots known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a homosexual hate group whose members dress up as Nuns to mock and harass the Catholic and Christian Communities. In these photographs, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are holding their annual " Hunky Jesus " contest to mock the Lord Jesus Christ and demonstrate their utter hatred towards Christianity.

The Road To Hell Is Paved With The Bones Of Many Departed Entertainers

The road to hell is paved with the bones of many departed entertainers. These wealthy servants of this present Babylonian System slipped and fell upon such a doomed path, a path made slippery by the tears of God. And God can find few who claim Christ to go and pick up the dying on that path before they expire, for so many who claim Christ are simply too busy sitting before their own altars of carnal entertainment.


UPDATE - BREAKING NEWS: Documents have now been acquired by The James Hartline Report which show that illegal advertising was utilized to promote the campaign fundraiser of Democratic candidate for congress Francine Busby where a riot broke out during the event on Friday night. The fundraiser was held at the home of partners Shari Barman and Jane Stratton . Stratton co-founded the Acura Classic tennis tournament in San Diego. The Gay and Lesbian Center in San Diego advertised the campaign fundraiser on their official website calendar for Center Sponsored lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender events. The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. As such, they are forbidden by federal and state law from engaging in the support or promotion of political candidates. The San Diego Democratic Party also promoted the campaign fundraiser for Francine Busby at Barman and Stratton's home. Barman was arrested for assaulting the officer in the midst of the riot t


More hypocrisy from those hypocritical Democrats: Riot breaks out at fundraiser for anti-war left wing Democrat candidate for congress Francine Busby. Hostess of Busby fundraiser arrested during melee By Kristina Davis , Union-Tribune Staff Writer 2:22 p.m. June 27, 2009 CARDIFF-BY-THE-SEA — A fundraiser for Francine Busby, who is running for U.S. Congress, ended in chaos Friday night when sheriff's deputies responded to noise complaints and the party's hostess was arrested. Shari Barman, 60, was booked into Vista jail on suspicion of obstructing a peace officer and battery on a peace officer. She has since been released. A court appearance has been set for August 11 in Vista Superior Court. It was unknown if Busby was in attendance; she could not be reached for comment Saturday. Deputies first went to the Cardiff home on Rubenstein Avenue at 9 p.m. to issue a warning after a neighbor called and complained about the loud party, sheriff's Sgt. Chuck

Outlaws of the Cap-and-Tax 8 Posse Also Awash With Radical Gay Group's Campaign Dollars

Nothing could better describe the corrupting influence of the radical homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans on the liberal GOP RINOs in the United States Congress than the votes by the traitorous Cap-and-Tax 8. Six of the Cap-and-Tax 8 Republican Congress RINO Representatives also voted for the Democratic Party's Hate Crimes Bill. Log Cabin Republicans Applaud passage of H.R. 1913 on Hate Crimes Prevention Mary Bono-Mack of California, Mike Castle of Delaware, Mark Kirk of Illinois, Leonard Lance of New Jersey, Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey, Dave Reichert of Washington all joined Democrats to give special rights to homosexual activists. Why are these traitors dumping more debt on the American people and voting to impose persecutorial laws to give special treatment and status to radical gay activists? Follow the money trail: Step 1. Gay Activist group impersonates Republicans via Log Cabin Republicans and then infests the GOP with Democratic Party homosexual political goals. Step 2

Sonny Bono's Widow: The Most Dangerous Republican Woman In America

Sonny Bono's widow: The most dangerous Republican woman in America. Congresswoman Mary Bono, a liberal pro-gay Republican from the Palm Springs area VOTED YES for today's massive Democratic/Obama Cap & Trade Tax Increase. Congresswoman Mary Bono married the former Sonny & Cher entertainer, then she took her husband Sonny's place in congress when he was killed in a skiing accident. Her yes vote today adds billions of dollars in increased taxes, energy and fuel costs onto the backs of the working moms and dads who wealthy Mary Bono is completely disconnected from. Congresswoman Bono has earned a notorious reputation for being a political patsy for the rabid homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans. Perhaps Republican Bono's decision to join leftist Democrats in congress today to pass the dictatorial Cap & Spend tax increase will give GOP voters a greater understanding of what happens to Republican officials who get involved with the contaminating influence of th

BREAKING NEWS: Canadian Child Porn Suspect Arrested in Baja

Canadian child porn suspect arrested in Baja By Angelica Martinez, Union-Tribune Staff Writer 3:27 p.m. June 26, 2009 TIJUANA — A Canadian man suspected of possessing millions of images of child pornography was arrested recently by a special task force, authorities said. Arthur Lelland Sayler, who was living in Playas de Tijuana, in Baja California, was arrested at his home Saturday, said Ramon Gomez, a spokesman with Mexico's Attorney General's Office. Authorities seized four million photos and videos stored in 15 computer hard drives during the arrest. Gomez said there is evidence that the materials are part of an international child pornography ring that was operating in Mexico, the United States and Canada. Sayler has been the only person arrested. Agents in the task force are still investigating, Gomez said. He will appear before a federal court judge on the charges. Mexican federal Internet investigators first discovered the pornography and initiated the

He Sold His Soul To Rock & Roll: Michael Jackson Exposed

He sold his soul to Rock & Roll: Michael Jackson Exposed: Watch The Shocking Video

WARNING FOR PARENTS: Pedophile Disguised As A Gay Activist is now on Twitter

WARNING TO PARENTS: KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM CONVICTED PEDOPHILE ON TWITTER! NELSON GARCIA IS A CONVICTED PEDOPHILE ON TWITTER Thanks to the good folks over at Wikisposure: Here is the rundown on Nelson Garcia, the convicted pedophile who now portrays himself as an anti-christian, homosexual activist and defender of gay rights. According Wikisposure : Nelson Garcia, aka NG, nlsngrc, and ng1260, would like the world to believe that he is merely an online gay activist. However, the reality is that he's a pedophile, and one who has been convicted of sex crimes. He has admitted to being a boylover, although he has not expressed his preferred AoA . A regular poster on BoyBliss and , Garcia was arrested and charged following a series of online chats with an undercover police officer from New Hampshire. During the course of those conversations, Garcia transmitted pornographic images of prepubescent boys who were engaged in sexual acts.

Oscar Winner Accused of Rape Out on Bail

(AP) The Oscar-winning songwriter and director behind 'You Light Up My Life' is out on bail Thursday after being charged he lured women to New York City and raped and sexually assaulted them. Joseph Brooks pleaded not guilty earlier in the week. Watch the shocking video of the AP story detailing the brutality of Brooks' crimes and the fact that he used Craig's List to lure 11 women to his home where he raped them and possibly drugged them. You Light Up My Life was one of the biggest hits in American pop history. Evangelical Christian singer Debbie Boone, daughter of Pat Boone, took the slow love ballad, that she devoted to God, to the top of the charts for 10 weeks in 1977 during the height of the disco era.

Hypocrisy At Focus On The Family: Why Christians Are Losing Their Credibility

This is a photo of Focus on the Family staffer Gary Schneeberger , a photo that he placed today on his Facebook account. In placing the photo on his Facebook account, Schneeberger stated, "Not proud of the gesture here ... but that's who I was in college." Schneeberger is Vice President for Media and Public Relations at Focus on The Family. He oversees internal and external media efforts of the international evangelical ministry, as well as Family News in Focus, a radio news program heard by more than 2 million U.S. listeners each day; CitizenLink Daily Update, a daily e-mail news service distributed to about 100,000 subscribers; and Citizen magazine, a monthly publication with a circulation of more than 50,000. Why is this photo a problem? Because Schneeberger earns his money from the sacrificial Christians who contribute to Focus On The Family. He has a responsibility, according to Biblical standards, to conduct his personal and public life, with a holy and righteous st

The Two Faces Of Evil: Gay Pride Activist Attacks Councilwoman After She Pulls Endorsement For Gay Pride Porn Festival

Gay Pride activists are, perhaps, the biggest advocates for why their events should be banned in America. From exposing minors to pornography, hiring pedophiles to entertain children, to lesbians marching with exposed breasts, gay pride parades and festivals are the trashing of American cities and the moral foundation that the United States was founded upon. Gay Pride bigotry knows no boundaries. Gay Pride hate for Christians is unfettered. And Gay Pride moral and political schizophrenia is unresolvable. Take a look at the latest idiotic and manipulative mouthpiece for the San Diego Gay Pride organization. This is the Two Faces of Evil within San Diego's Gay Pride movement. The first video is from Ben Cartwright, a longtime radicalized, anti-christian homosexual activist in San Diego. Cartwright has, for years, spread a radicalized homosexual political agenda at San Diego State University. In this first video for San Diego Gay Pride, Cartwright issues a hate mongering a

Carrie Prejean continues to get thrown under the bus.

Carrie Prejean continues to get thrown under the bus. Authored By T. Michael Cart Go to T. Michael's Home Page San Diego Christian Examiner By now, it is common knowledge that San Diego's Carrie Prejean has been released from her role and responsibilities as Miss California. A recent story on World Net Daily sheds some more insight into heart of what has become a national drama. Apparently, she was released for failing to meet her contractual obligations including attending events that were scheduled by the organization. Seems clean and clear on the surface; you don't do your job, you get fired, right? According to the article, a spokesperson for Keith Lewis, the producer of the Miss California Pageant stated that Carrie "was rude. She was obnoxious. She's a liar, and she's not a nice person. … There's nothing 'Christian' about her." Really? I suppose that the fact that Keith Lewis is openly gay, a gay marriage activist and who actually made a

Prop. 8 Attorney, Andrew Pugno, To Run For State Assembly

From The Sacramento Bee Prop. 8 leader, Folsom attorney, readies run for Assembly seat By Jim Sanders Published: Saturday, Jun. 13, 2009 - 12:00 am Page 4A A leader in this year's successful ballot fight to ban same-sex marriage in California is planning to run for a Sacramento-area Assembly seat. Andrew Pugno has filed "intention to run" papers with the secretary of state, targeting the 5th Assembly District seat that will be vacated when Republican Roger Niello is termed out next year. Pugno, who crafted Proposition 8 and helped qualify it for the ballot, is a Folsom attorney, married with two boys ages 6 and 13. He has created a campaign Web site at . A Republican, Pugno, 36, is seeking the seat of a suburban district that covers swaths of Sacramento and Placer counties, from Folsom to North Highlands to Granite Bay. "California is on the verge of a complete meltdown if we don't change course," Pugno said. "As a


This is a critical alert! From The James Hartline Report San Diego City Council To Vote On Resolution IN YOUR NAME That Calls For The Legalization of Homosexuality In our Armed Forces. On Tuesday, June 23, 2009, the San Diego City Council will be voting on a resolution in the name of the people of San Diego that declares that the City of San Diego supports the legalization of homosexuality and lesbianism in the United States military. This resolution calls on the military to repeal the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, thus allowing for the open display of the homosexual lifestyle in every area of the military including the housing of new military recruits at boot camp. This city council resolution is an extremely dangerous attack against our values, our faith and against the strength, security and discipline of our military: particularly during a time of war. Item #106, scheduled for a vote during the 10am council meeting states: REQUESTED ACTION: Approve Resolution in support


Kids attend prom from 'sexual hell' You won't believe how children as young as 12 years old partied Posted: June 12, 200910:50 pm Eastern By Chelsea Schilling© 2009 WorldNetDaily Note: This story contains material that readers might consider graphic and offensive. Family advocates are outraged by a prom held at Boston City Hall that was open to children apparently as young as 12 featuring crossdressers, homosexual heavy petting, suspected drug use and a leather-clad doorman who teaches sexual bondage classes. Children from middle schools and high schools across Massachusetts on May 9 attended a Youth Pride Day event ending with a prom inside of Boston City Hall sponsored by the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Youth, or BAGLY , a group seated on the Massachusetts Commission for GLBT Youth. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino issued a proclamation welcoming homosexual and transgender youth to the celebration. A man in drag introduced a homosexual activist from


In another sign that Americans are showing their disdain for the radicalized homosexual agenda and their drive to redefine family and marriage, a breaking news story out of the state capitol in New York is now reporting that two Democrats have joined Republican senators to give control of the state senate to the GOP. This puts the nail in the rainbow coffin in New York this year for legislating homosexual nuptials. And the story from : 5:06 PM Senate GOP Seizes Control In Political Coup By: NY1 News With the help of two rogue Democrats, a group of state Republicans have seized control of the New York State Senate. Leadership in Albany has been thrown into question as a result. Republicans in the State Senate say they have seized power from State Senate Majority leader Malcolm Smith, a Democrat, and installed a bi-partisan majority. Within an hour of the defection of Pedro Espada Jr. of the Bronx and Hiram Monserrate of Queens, Republicans anointed Dean Skelos of Long Island as