Saturday, June 27, 2009

Outlaws of the Cap-and-Tax 8 Posse Also Awash With Radical Gay Group's Campaign Dollars

Nothing could better describe the corrupting influence of the radical homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans on the liberal GOP RINOs in the United States Congress than the votes by the traitorous Cap-and-Tax 8.
Six of the Cap-and-Tax 8 Republican Congress RINO Representatives also voted for the Democratic Party's Hate Crimes Bill.
Mary Bono-Mack of California, Mike Castle of Delaware, Mark Kirk of Illinois, Leonard Lance of New Jersey, Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey, Dave Reichert of Washington all joined Democrats to give special rights to homosexual activists.
Why are these traitors dumping more debt on the American people and voting to impose persecutorial laws to give special treatment and status to radical gay activists?
Follow the money trail:
Step 1. Gay Activist group impersonates Republicans via Log Cabin Republicans and then infests the GOP with Democratic Party homosexual political goals.
Step 2. Log Cabin Republicans target morally compromised Republican politicians like Republican (I've got to have sex with a minor male page) Congressman Mark Foley and then they either endorse or contribute corruptive rainbow dollars to these particular GOP campaigns.
Step 3. Republican politicians who have made covenant with the corrupting influence of the Log Cabin Republicans go on to betray the GOP's stance on family values by voting for the Democratic Party agenda of special rights for gays, i.e. Hate Crimes Bill.
Step 4. Numerous Republicans, influenced by the Log Cabin Republican's peddle & meddle Democratic Party-friendly sex agenda, vote for the massive Obama Cap-and-Tax bill.
In 2008, the equally traitorous gay activist organization Log Cabin Republicans dropped these rainbow dollars via their PAC into the campaign coffins of the following Cap-and-Tax 8 outlaws:

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