Friday, June 19, 2009


This is a critical alert!
From The James Hartline Report

San Diego City Council To Vote On Resolution IN YOUR NAME That Calls For The Legalization of Homosexuality In our Armed Forces.

On Tuesday, June 23, 2009, the San Diego City Council will be voting on a resolution in the name of the people of San Diego that declares that the City of San Diego supports the legalization of homosexuality and lesbianism in the United States military. This resolution calls on the military to repeal the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, thus allowing for the open display of the homosexual lifestyle in every area of the military including the housing of new military recruits at boot camp. This city council resolution is an extremely dangerous attack against our values, our faith and against the strength, security and discipline of our military: particularly during a time of war.

Item #106, scheduled for a vote during the 10am council meeting states:

Approve Resolution in support of H.R. 1283, The Military Readiness Enhancement Act that will repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) law.
Approve Resolution
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF ITEM BACKGROUND: At its April 15, 2009 regular meeting,
the Human Relations Commission voted unanimously (ten present, one absent and three
excused) to forward this letter to The Honorable Mayor and members of the San Diego City Council regarding support of H.R. 1283 that repeals the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law of 1993 replacing it with a non-discrimination policy.

The San Diego City Council cannot fix the catastrophic financial problems in San Diego, but they can find the time and money to attack our military and force homosexuality on our soldiers during a time of war. Not caring one bit about the need for discipline and cohesiveness in the military, these bureaucratic councilmembers have deemed it necessary to issue a policy statement demanding the legalization of sodomy and lesbianism within the Armed Forces during a time of two major wars and possibly, a third war impending. AND THEY WANT TO DO THIS IN YOUR NAME, IN THE NAME OF THE CITIZENS OF SAN DIEGO: WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!

And guess where this resolution idea originated from: the city's Human Relations Commission that is led by a transvestite named Nicole Murray Ramirez. Additionally, Lesbian State Senator Christine Kehoe, another radical state bureaucrat who has never served in the military, sent a letter to the city council urging them to support the legalization of homosexuality and lesbianism in the military. Kehoe has also been one of the main causes of the massive financial meltdown in Sacramento in the nearly ten years she has been serving in California's state legislature.

If we do not stand up to these radical, pro-homosexual bureaucrats, then they will force on us, our families, our children and our churches, a complete eradication of everything we believe in. We cannot allow this attack on the military by radical homosexual activists to go unchallenged. If we remain silent in the face of such a terrible undermining of our culture then we are giving a green light to our demise and the demise of the generation to come.

And remember, two of these councilmembers are Republicans who used our side to get elected to the city council. They need to know that such support in the future is over! Republican Councilmembers Kevin Faulconer and Carl DeMaio are now siding with homosexual Democrats in their efforts to Repeal Prop. 8. Councilman Tony Young, a Democrat, claims he is opposed to same-sex marriage, but his support for this resolution demonstrates his confused priorities.


Anonymous said...


Obviously James, you have never served in the military. I am a gay veteran. Homosexuality in the military is 100 percent legal. The only thing you can not do is advertise the fact that you are gay and hit on the straight guys. During my tour of duty I met many gay and bisexual guys, both enlisted and officer personnel. I think most of the men that I worked with knew that I was gay but they really did not care (unless they were horny and then they were very interested!).

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of gay men in the military in San Diego county.
They are serving their country honorably and the majority of the commanding officers have no desire to discharge the gay guys in their units. The United States is one of the few NATO countries that do not allow gay men to serve openly. There have been no problems in other NATO countries. The real problem is the religious fundamentalists and they should be barred from the military because their infallible Bible says “thou shall not kill”.

Of course the city council will be voting in my name. That is their duty. If you don’t like the way they vote, vote for someone else next election or better still, run for office yourself.

James Hartline said...

Obviously, YOU haven't served in the military or you would know that homosexuality is illegal in the military in any form including sodomy. Your statements are absolutely idiotic and incorrect. We have an enormous amount of information which will be released to the public demonstrating the predatory nature of active homosexuals who will act out their sexual desires if placed in closed quarters with young and impressionable men in the military. In nearly every homosexual community in this nation there are gay bars that actively promote military men as sex objects. Homosexual porn websites agressively promote sex with military men. Homosexual newspapers continuosly advertise sex with military stereotypes.

So stop the charade and the idiocy.

We are fully ready to engage this battle to stop this madness of corrupting our military.

Michael said...

You're about to lose another one, Hartline.

Jose said...

Homosexuals have been serving in the military since the beginning of recorded history. The problem is not with the military but with certain civilians that can't accept the idea that homosexuals are entitled to express their sexual desires just like anyone else. Get over it.

AMH said...

All this rhetoric & drivel from an HIV+ gay drug addict once notorious for his "predatory" exploits in bathhouses and bushes all over the city. Please, James, save it for "your" Jesus, because everyone else (yes, even your so-called followers) thinks you're a total comedian.

Sam said...

As a disabled veteran of the United States Navy, and a gay man, I am here to say to Mr. Hartline that he is seriously deluded. Sir, you have no idea what you are talking about when speaking of anything that is legal or illegal in the US Armed Forces. I will concede that the UCMJ does forbid the act of sodomy, but it is not illegal to be gay in the military. It is only against standing operating procedure to openly disclose that one is homosexual. It is also against policy for the Armed Services to inquire if an individual is gay or lesbian. As long as someone isn't caught in the act of sex while on base or aboard a military vessel, it is perfectly alright. Adding to that, it is illegal for servicemembers who are not married to each other to engage in sexual intercourse while on base or aboard a military vessel, regardless of sexual orientation.