Monday, June 08, 2009


In another sign that Americans are showing their disdain for the radicalized homosexual agenda and their drive to redefine family and marriage, a breaking news story out of the state capitol in New York is now reporting that two Democrats have joined Republican senators to give control of the state senate to the GOP. This puts the nail in the rainbow coffin in New York this year for legislating homosexual nuptials.

And the story from

5:06 PM
Senate GOP Seizes Control In Political Coup
By: NY1 News

With the help of two rogue Democrats, a group of state Republicans have seized control of the New York State Senate.
Leadership in Albany has been thrown into question as a result.
Republicans in the State Senate say they have seized power from State Senate Majority leader Malcolm Smith, a Democrat, and installed a bi-partisan majority.
Within an hour of the defection of Pedro Espada Jr. of the Bronx and Hiram Monserrate of Queens, Republicans anointed Dean Skelos of Long Island as the new Majority Leader, and Espada as President Pro Temp.
Following the news, the Democrats walked out of the Senate Chamber and the power and television feed were cut.
In a released statement, Monserrate said, "I am a life-long Democrat and remain a loyal Democrat. After today’s proceedings, I am proud to form a bi-partisan coalition that has elected the first Latino President pro Tem of the New York State Senate, my colleague, the Honorable Pedro Espada Jr. We look forward to conferencing with fellow Democrats to ensure that real reforms become a reality in the State of New York."
NY1 is following the developments out of Albany and will have more information when it becomes available.


George N. said...

James, some gay marriages are legal in New York. New York and Rhode Island recognize out-of-state marriages of gay partners. So, if a gay couple in New York wants to marry they simply go to one of the New England states that permit gay marriages to get married, have a honeymoon, and then return to New York where they will be recognized as legally married.

Here in California, in spite of Prop. 8, over 50,000 gay people enjoy all of the rights of marriage that California offers through the Domestic Partnership law which is still in effect and was not changed by Prop. 8.
Personally I prefer the Domestic Partnership law rather than the "marriage" law because domestic partnerships in California offer a few advantages for gay people.

17 states now offer gay people some recognition and rights if they are in a partnership. Times are changing. I note that while Jesus mentioned marriage as an option for straight people, he did not object to partnership arrangements, including marriage, for gay people. In fact, the wedding where he performed his first miracle may have been a gay wedding. Read the scriptures carefully and you will understand why this is so.

Kaitis28 said...

James, just found your blog and I'm grateful for it...keep up the good work!

Kaitis28 said...

P.S. George I believe you are delusional-the first miracle Jesus performed was at a gay wedding? Get a grip on reality