Friday, June 26, 2009

Sonny Bono's Widow: The Most Dangerous Republican Woman In America

Sonny Bono's widow: The most dangerous Republican woman in America.

Congresswoman Mary Bono, a liberal pro-gay Republican from the Palm Springs area VOTED YES for today's massive Democratic/Obama Cap & Trade Tax Increase. Congresswoman Mary Bono married the former Sonny & Cher entertainer, then she took her husband Sonny's place in congress when he was killed in a skiing accident. Her yes vote today adds billions of dollars in increased taxes, energy and fuel costs onto the backs of the working moms and dads who wealthy Mary Bono is completely disconnected from.

Congresswoman Bono has earned a notorious reputation for being a political patsy for the rabid homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans. Perhaps Republican Bono's decision to join leftist Democrats in congress today to pass the dictatorial Cap & Spend tax increase will give GOP voters a greater understanding of what happens to Republican officials who get involved with the contaminating influence of the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans.

Mary Bono, who married Florida Congressman Connie Mack after the death of Sonny, is reported by numerous sources to have extensive ties to cult Church of Scientology. She is also an aggressive proponent of promoting the interests of the homosexual movement and the abortion industry.


David R. said...

James, how goes your culture war?

Anti-gay animus is not only waning, four states now allow gay marriage. Abortion is still legal and a majority of Americans are still pro-choice. School prayer isn't even on the political world's radar screen anymore. Pornography is not only a multi-billion industry; it's more accessible than ever. The single fastest growing segment of the American spiritual landscape is non-believers, those with no religious identification, and those who identify with non-Christian religions.

In San Diego the gay agenda is advancing at a frightening pace while our religious community is cowering in their closets. Their appears to be a conspiracy and underground revolution involved but our religious leaders are too busy trying to protect their base to get involved in a public way.

Kevin said...

Congresswoman Mary Bono represents the future of the Republican Party. She is pragmatic and devoted to the ideals of the traditional Republican Party. She supports individual liberty, states rights, smaller government, and lower taxes.

If the Republican Party is to survive it must return to its original roots, become less ideological, and move to the center and away from extreme policies.

Mary Bono, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and a few others are becoming role models for Republicans of the future. Until then, as a former Republican, I will continue voting for the Democrats and pray that God will send a moderate Republican to challenge Susan Davis.

James Hartline said...

Yeah, keeping thinking with your Log Cabin leadership mentality and and like the divorcement of Bono that is underway on every leading GOP forum, so shall the Log Cabin Demo...I mean Republicans be sent a dancing away.

We certainly saw Schwarzenegger and Bono on the right side of the outcome of the Prop 8 campaign, now didn't we?

I Love Prop 8!

David said...

James wrote
, “We certainly saw Schwarzenegger and Bono on the right side of the outcome of the Prop 8 campaign, now didn't we?

I Love Prop 8!”

James you are absolutely correct on this issue. Most people incorrectly assume that all gay people were AGAINST Prop 8. This is nonsense! Many gay people are opposed to gay marriage for good reasons. Marriage is a religious concept. Domestic partnerships and civil unions on the other hand are based on contract law and are more flexible while giving 95 percent of the “marriage” benefits. Many gay people do not want to be part of the institution that has about a 50 percent failure rate among heterosexuals. We only want the benefits not the name. I too love Prop 8. Momentum is building to replace ALL marriages with civil unions. While this will not happen soon, the tide is turning.

Regarding your comment on the Log Cabin Republicans; the Log Cabin is essentially a dead organization. Again, you are correct, it has danced away. It has been replaced by GOProud the new gay Republican organization that has already made inroads into the Republican hierarchy. Republicans are desperately seeking to build a bigger tent and compromise is the name of the game. By the end of this year you will see some bold new programs emerging from the Republican National Committee and GOProud will be part of these new initiatives.

Anonymous said...

I've quoted your post and linked to it from US Congress currently in archival form.