Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Lesbian's Violent History Brings Into Question The Credibility of Witnesses At Democratic Fundraiser For Francine Busby

Photos of Shari Barman and Rosie Casals

The James Hartline Report has obtained an original copy of an article published in the Washington Post dated May 24, 1977 which identifies lesbian Democratic fundraiser Shari Barman as the culprit in a violent assault against law enforcement at the San Francisco International Airport in 1977. It was Barman who was arrested during last Friday's riot at the fundraiser for Democratic candidate for congress Francine Busby.

Shari Barman's violent altercation with a sheriff's deputy is eerily similar to the violent altercation she had with law enforcement at the San Francisco International Airport in 1977.

Byron Rosen, a staff writer for the Washington Post, wrote of the violent altercation that Barman and "companion" lesbian Rosie Casals had with two men during an incident at the airport in his May 24, 1977 column FanFare.

The Washington Post columnist wrote:

The Los Angeles Strings broke a 10-match World Tennis Team losing streak Friday night, and now maybe we know why: Rosie Casals got all tigered up and won both her singles and doubles matches against the New York Apples, maybe because she was still spittin' mad over a fracas at San Francisco International Airport that afternoon.

The Airport Police account surfaced yesterday, relating that Casals and former tennis pro Shari Barman, her "housemate" in Sausalito, Calif., arrived to catch their flight to L. A., parked, a car pulling out brushed the fender of Rosie's auto. The report says Casals, 28, jumped out, pulled the other motorist, Glenn Wolffe, 30, out of his car and began punching and scratching at him.

An Airport Security Officer, Bernard Sullivan, approached to break it up, only to have Barman, 28, jump him from behind.

Four hours, a couple of assault charges, and $1,000 bail later, posted by Casals for Barman, the tennis star hastened to the airport again just in time to make the WTT match in Los Angeles."

My, My, My, those lesbian Democrats are not as peaceful as they are now presenting themselves to be in front of the media in an effort to place the blame on a San Diego County Deputy for the violent riot that broke out during Democratic candidate Francine Busby's fundraiser.

According to the Union Tribune, "The San Diego County Sheriff's Department has launched an internal investigation into the incident Friday night at the home on Rubenstein Avenue in the Cardiff community of Encinitas. Undersheriff Bill Gore said in a statement Monday that Internal Affairs investigators will interview witnesses and examine evidence to determine what happened at the event."

Really? Is Undersheriff Bill Gore investigating the violent history of Shari Barman, the angry lesbian Democrat, or is he bowing to the political pressure of the radical homosexual political machine in the hopes of winning gay votes for his 2010 campaign for sheriff?


Anonymous said...

James said, "Is Undersheriff Bill Gore investigating the violent history of Shari Barman?"

James please give us a listing of all of the horrific crimes that Francine committed from 1977 to the present time. Also, make sure you call the Sheriff's Dept. to let them know about that incident in 1977.

daffyphack said...

Yeah, because a woman did something stupid when she was 28 means she'll do it again when she's SIXTY. That's a bit of a stretch.

Anonymous said...

So, by the comments listed here, a rapist who raped 30 years ago and then raped again now is ok, because how dare they use something that was 30 years ago!

Come on! What upsets me about this story is that the lack of respect for law enforcement. All she had to do is provide her DOB and he would have filed his noise complaint. Told the neighbor, I did what I could and moved on.

The woman brought it on herself and now we find out she has a history of this sort of behavior.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a link to the original Washington Post article since I couldn't find it. Maybe atleast the title of the article? Section number? Anything that would help verify that Mr. Hartline did not just 1) make this up or 2) take the original article completely out of context

James Hartline said...

You can purchase the original article just like I did from the Washington Post archives. It is a copyright restricted column that can be viewed for a fee on the Washinton Post website, but cannot be reproduced in its original form. You have already been provided with the citation information and author in my article as the reference information for viewing the item at Washingtonpost.com
Do your own homework. I always do mine.

Robert said...

Yes James, you always do your homework except religious homework.

Did you know?

* Of 32,000 verses in the Bible, only five directly mention homosexuality.
* The Qur'an only directly mentions homosexuality once.
* Leviticus, the book of the Bible which stipulates death for homosexuality,
requires the same punishment for adultery, pre-marital sex, disobedient children
and blasphemy. Does your church preach the death penalty for adultery and pre-marital sex?
* The Biblical Jesus does not condemn homosexuality.
* The destruction of the Biblical city of Sodom was due to their mistreatment of
* The Bible never condemns same sex marriage.
* The Biblical David and Jonathan had a formal same-sex union.
* 'Traditional marriage' in the Bible includes polygamy.
* No known sacred text forbids same sex marriage.
* Very few sacred texts even mention homosexuality.
* Hindu and other far eastern sacred texts do not condemn homosexuality.
* Homosexuality is not unnatural, it is practised by hundreds of species of

Anonymous said...

James, you may do your "homework," but your use of somewhat over the top language creates an edge to everything. You referred to the disagreement as a "riot"....which could be accepted, but come on! Get real. As to the woman who said that we must respect law enforcement, yes, we must respect but not be in agreement. Officers are just as human as we are. They can make WRONG decisions, not by the book, in these situations. Image if you were confronted by pepper spray? How would you feel?

James Hartline said...

And I am supposed to believe your completely erroneous and false interpretations of the Bible because..... huh...huh... why, I can't think of a single reason why you, who support homosexuality, would cause me to grant any credibility to your understanding of what the Bible ACTUALLY says and teaches about the issue of homosexuality.
I have no interest in listening to what homosexual propagandists have to say about the Bible.
The Bible teaches that a man cannot understand or accurately discern the teachings of the Bible without the Holy Spirit guiding them.
And when a man or woman is in blatant transgressions and sins against God, like the sin of homosexuality, the Holy Spirit is not going to be in that indidividual's life, much less give them guidance on the word of God.
The sheep are certainly not going to follow the wolves. Jesus said the true sheep will know His voice and follow Him, but a false teacher, His true sheep will not follow.

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad they police were able to save Encinitas before the rioters burned the city to the ground.

Too bad the MSM is covering it up, though. Totally downplaying the scope and scale of the rioting.

Anonymous said...

Once again you inflate, losing a lot of credibility with many of us. This was well over 30 yrs ago and then it is compared to a rapist? Wow, huge stretches

James Hartline said...

I'm not looking for credibility with anonymous people. The facts are the facts and I report the facts. Try embracing the truth. It will set you free anonymous.

Anonymous said...

James, what prison were you in in 1977?

James Hartline said...

Read the interview I did with San Diego CityBeat if you haven't taken the time to know the details of my past. It has been out there for your mental consumption for years:

And as of late, I have been far too busy covering the violent campaign parties of violent lesbians to get into any trouble myself.

Zahir al Daoud said...

Wait a minute. A woman gets into a fight in 1977 and then is assaulted in her own home in 2009 when she's sixty years old -- and the first incident somehow makes it all her fault? Especially since you make the point over and over and over again that she is a lesbian as if that were in any way relevant? You continue to use the word "riot" as if that were at all accurate, and ignore facts like the San Diego Sheriff's Department sending HELICOPTER and multiple officers to check out a noise complaint in an upscale neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

It's very hard for a violent person to change, no matter how many years have past. Once you commit violence and you live a public life, that's it. You carry your history and better behave in order to avoid being exposed.

James, you are one of the best writers I've ever known. Your answers to the comments are really powerful. You are the teacher.