Saturday, May 31, 2008


The James Hartline Report has obtained documents which show massive corruption occuring inside of the San Diego County Republican Party and how the organizational central committee members are chosen.

These documents indicate that GOP consultants are helping to buy and control the seats for the San Diego County Republican Party Central Committees. In turn, with these seats controlled then candidates with big wallets can be promised party endorsements.

Not only is this unethical, but quite likely very illegal.

More importantly, documents sent to the James Hartline Report indicate that one candidate for the San Diego City Council helped manage accounting for the contributions to the efforts of buying up all of the slate mailers that would allow only certain candidates for the central committees to be placed on the the exclusion of other candidates.

There are at least three different investigators who are compiling extensive reports on this very ugly corruption.


This is the just beginning of the scandals that will be unfolding in the next few months.

The San Diego Republican Party had its chance to clean out the rot.
The LEADERSHIP loved the rot more than they loved truth, justice and integrity.
And the people of San Diego deserve better!

What a sad day for our beloved San Diego.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline was the big winner in the first major poll for the San Diego City Council race, District 3. Roger Hedgecock is the number one talk radio program in San Diego. In a poll conducted on Hedgecock's website, James Hartline trounced his five opponents in the combative race to replace termed out liberal lesbian city councilwoman Toni Atkins.
The results the poll which can be read by going to Roger Hedgecock are as follows:
Who will you vote for in SD city council district #3 race?
Gloria 5.85 %
Hartley 7.60 %
Hartline 60.82 %
Broadway 16.96 %
Lee 2.92%
Whitburn 5.85%

CAMPAIGN 2008 UPDATE -- ELECT Bill Daniel: A Good Man On A Good Mission

A Special James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -

A Campaign 2008 Election Update

A Good Man On A Good Mission:
Introducing Bill Daniel, Candidate
San Diego City Council - District 7

With April Boling's Pro-Abortion Extremism and Marti Emerald's Anti-Family Vision,
Public School Teacher Bill Daniel is the only logical choice for Christian Voters.

(JHReport) In 2004, voters in San Diego City Council District 7 re-elected one of the biggest betrayers of traditional family values in American history. Jim Madaffer, a registered Republican, won a landslide re-election to the San Diego City Council four years ago based, in part, upon his history of supporting the Boy Scouts. Madaffer was once admired for his public votes to keep the Boy Scouts in San Diego's Balboa Park despite the pressure being put on him by homosexual activists who want the Scouts out of the park because they will not allow homosexuality to be promoted among the organization's young kids.

A good portion of the 20,977 voters in District 7 who voted for Madaffer in 2004 were traumatized and left in shock when Madaffer abruptly abandoned his previous association with traditional family values to support efforts to legalize same-sex marriages in California. After hundreds of San Diegans appeared before the city council in September of last year to plead with the council not to issue a legal brief in support of same-sex marriages, Madaffer cast the deciding vote in support of issuing the legal brief that called on the California Supreme Court to overturn a voter-approved ban on gay marriages in the state.

Madaffer's 2007 betrayal leaves thousands of District 7 Christian Conservative voters more concerned than ever as to who they will vote for to replace Madaffer when they go to the polls on June 3, 2008 to pick a new councilman. With a city council that has done everything possible over the past five years to attack the popular positions of pro-lifers and traditional marriage advocates, Christian voters will find little comfort in the two frontrunners in the District 7 race.

Democrat Marti Emerald, a recently retired television news investigator, is a rabid supporter of the radical left's social agenda. According to the Gay and Lesbian Times, Emerald supports the city council-approved policy of giving new hypodermic needles to drug addicts. She also supports last year's city council vote to issue a legal brief in support of same-sex marriages.

Emerald, who earned a living as KGTV's Troubleshooter, investigated and reported on businesses who were abusing the citizens and families of San Diego. However, now in Madaffer-like hypocrisy, Emerald is politicizing who and what she "troubleshoots". According to the Gay and Lesbian Times, Ms. Emerald is declaring the Boy Scouts' refusal to accept homosexuality as "unconstitutional".

The Republican frontrunner in the District 7 race is April Boling. Christian voters in District 7 will not find any more comfort in Boling than they will with Marti Emerald. As one of the staunchest advocates for the abortion movement, April Boling is perhaps the biggest supporter of abortion rights within San Diego County's Republican Party.

Among the multitude of pro-abortion and pro-homosexual candidates that Boling has worked for in the past are abortion advocate State Assemblywoman Trisha Hunter, pro-abortion Republican Assemblyman Keith Richman in his campaign for state treasurer, Women for Arnold – sponsored by the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition, and abortion extremist State Assemblywoman Charlene Zettel. However, it is April Boling's endorsement by "The Wish List" that serves as the most accurate indicator of Boling's obsession with the abortion movement.

The WISH List -- which stands for Women In the Senate and House® -- raises money to identify, train, support and elect Republican women leaders to public office at all levels of government. WISH is America's largest fundraising network for pro-abortion Republican women candidates. For the last several years, WISH Partners across America have written many large and small checks that, together, add up to over $3,000,000 for WISH-endorsed candidates. Overall, since WISH's inception, they have quadrupled the number of pro-abortion Republican women in the U.S. Senate and maintained the number of pro-abortion Republican women in the U.S. House.

The fact that the WISH List would endorse a local candidate like April Boling outside of the congressional races indicates just how serious they believe Boling's embracement of the abortion industry truly is. According to the the New York Times, during the 2000 presidential election April Boling described her number one political concern to be abortion. The New York Times article stated this about Boling:

"April Boling, an accountant active in this state's Republican Party, said that her No.
1 issue was support for abortion rights but that she too favored Mr. Bush, even
though he opposed abortion. ''I'm not as uncomfortable with his politics as some of
the others,'' Ms. Boling said. ''And his father used to be pro-choice.''

With 25 candidates all vying for seats on the city council, the mayor's office and the city attorney's office, there are few good choices for San Diego's one million Christian voters. It is obvious that Christian voters cannot support the extremist pro-abortion agenda of April Boling or the anti-family agenda of Marti Emerald. With so few options, what are the District 7 voters, who are seeking to save the institution of marriage and the sanctity of life, supposed to do? The answer to that question can be found in this special 2008 Campaign Update.

There is one other District 7 candidate who does exemplify the highest qualities of honor, commitment to family, and service to one's fellow man. That candidate is Bill Daniel. For the thousands of Christian voters in District 7, Bill Daniel is the only logical choice during the upcoming June 3rd California primary.

For the past 22 years, Bill Daniel has given his life to helping the needy children of San Diego by serving as a public school teacher. Working with some of San Diego's poorest children, Bill Daniel relishes the idea of putting his Christian faith into action by mentoring those who society might throw away -- if they could get away with it.

The Bible says that many are called, but few are chosen. There are some Christians who attend church for years, but who never really embrace the fuller meaning of service to their fellow man. Many in church will read the familiar passages in the gospels which relate to helping and caring for children and widows, but rarely does one find a churchgoer who takes the message of compassion for society's most vulnerable to the level of making it a lifetime mandate. Bill Daniel, a lifetime resident of San Diego, is such a man, who not only believes in the Bible, but has taken the Bible's message and turned it into his passion of caring for the needy children of his city in ways that most churchgoers will never quite apprehend. Simply put, Bill Daniel is that rare jewel who puts the Bible into practice and changes young lives for the better.

A public school teacher for 22 years, Bill Daniel has one of the hardest teaching jobs in public education. Bill works with the developmentally disabled. Having no children of his own, 56 year-old Bill Daniel has made these, the most vulnerable of society's children, his children. For 22 years, city council candidate Bill Daniel has been completely dedicated to helping the neediest children of San Diego to acquire the skills that will allow them the dignity to become respectable, functioning citizens in America's Finest City.

While April Boling is busy supporting the aborting of pre-born children and Marti Emerald is infatuated with the dismantling of the institution of marriage, Bill Daniel is fighting to hold troubled families together. Every parent and child advocate should be applauding the selfless example of long time public school teacher Bill Daniel.

Bill Daniel does not limit his commitment to the youth of San Diego to the public school system. As a member of Mission Valley Christian Fellowship for over eleven years, Bill has also been a volunteer in the church's Sunday School for nine years. For nine years, Bill has taught young children each Sunday the concepts of Biblical morality, love, and kindness. Many of the children coming to Mission Valley Christian Fellowship's Sunday School don't have fathers. Seeing a tremendous opportunity to be a father to the fatherless, Bill has stepped up to the plate and been that constant and consistent father figure to these future leaders of San Diego.

Not just talking about being a Christian, Bill has also put his faith into action by spending thousands of dollars of his own money to buy gifts and supplies for the kids in his church classes to send them this simple message, "You are somebody, and somebody loves you!"

During the past three years, Bill Daniel has decided that his bold vision of embracing the prosperity of San Diego's youth must be introduced into a local political process that often forgets about the next generation. Bill realizes that the young eight, nine and ten year-old kids who he mentors will one day be voters and taxpayers. Combining his vast experience in public education with his extensive knowledge of American history and government, this cream of the crop teacher, mentor and father-figure is now seeking to represent his district on the San Diego City Council.

While many Christian Conservatives complain about the moral collapse in the culture, Bill Daniel is actually doing something about it. It is time that these same Christian Conservatives empower the willingness of public servants like Bill Daniel by voting their true convictions and placing Bill Daniel on the San Diego City Council. On June 3, 2008 destiny and opportunity will have arrived for the voters of District 7 as they embrace Bill Daniel, a good man on a good mission.

You can contact Bill Daniel with your thoughts and interest in his candidacy at his email: or by telephone: 619-818-8278. Or visit Bill Daniel's website here.

This has been a Special James Hartline Report, Campaign 2008 Update
The James Hartline Report, Now Read Daily By Over 20,000 Concerned Citizens!

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Have You Started Making Yours Yet?

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

CALL TO ACTION -- DAY OF PRAYER & FASTING - Saturday, May 31, 2008

California Christian News
In Partnership With
The James Hartline Report
A Call To Action!

Saturday - May 31, 2008
All Day of Prayer & Fasting
Focusing on the will of God being done
during the California Primary Election
that will occur on Tuesday - June 3, 2008

"Whatever is commanded by the God of heaven, let it be done with zeal for the
house of the God of heaven, so that there will not be wrath against the kingdom
of the king and his sons."
Ezra 7:23

To all of my dear friends across America, the Lord has moved upon me to issue a call to action for everyone that has been blessed by the various ministries of James Hartline. To the thousands of faithful readers of the James Hartline Report and the California Christian News, I am asking you to set aside Saturday - May 31, 2008 for an entire day of prayer and fasting.

I am asking that God's will would be accomplished during the June 3, 2008 California Primary Election. For the past year, I have been running for the San Diego City Council. When the Lord urged me to put my name in the race, the powers that control the political system in San Diego said that I would fail and give up. They mocked me and denegrated my efforts every step of the way. With the help of the Lord Jesus Christ, I have stayed the course and followed obediently the path that God has laid out before me. Not one time have I compromised my values or the Word of God to get a vote or to get money.

I am going to set aside the entire day of Saturday - May 31, 2008 to pray and fast before my God. Even though I need to go out and talk to voters and hand out campaign literature every day leading up to the election, I am sacrificing my political needs by putting God first on May 31st. Instead of campaigning on May 31, I will be praying and fasting.

When the ancient nation of Israel was coming out of 400 years of slavery and wandering in the wilderness, the Lord graciously began to bring His people back into the land promised to them by Jehovah. Awaiting them were many treacherous enemies. Ezra and Nehemiah were given the task of helping to rebuild the governmental structure of the Israelites after seventy years of captivity. They knew that without God's help they would not succeed. Indeed, they prayed and fasted, much like I am asking you to do on Saturday - May 31, 2008.

Ezra writes of those difficult times in his book that God orchestrated a successful reclamation of the land from their enemies. It was through prayer and fasting that such a victory was accomplished. Here is what is written in the Bible of Ezra's great plan given to him by God to re-establish the government of Israel:

"And you, Ezra, according to your God-given wisdom, set magistrates and judges
who may judge all the people who are in the region beyond the River, all such as
know the laws of your God; and teach those who do not know them."

"Blessed be the LORD, the God of our fathers, who has put {such a thing} as this in
the king's heart, to adorn the house of the LORD which is in Jerusalem, and has
extended lovingkindness to me before the king and his counselors and before all the
king's mighty princes. Thus I was strengthened according to the hand of the LORD my
God upon me, and I gathered leading men from Israel to go up with me."
From Ezra, Chapter 7

Will you believe with me that God will grant us great miracles on June 3, 2008? Will you join me for an entire day of prayer and fasting on Saturday - May 31, 2008?

Like Ezra and Nehemiah, I will be seeking God through prayer and fasting that our God will send forth His victory on our behalf to reclaim San Diego, as well as the rest of this nation.

If you are in agreement to pray and fast on Saturday - May 31, 2008, will you send me a reply to this email?

God Bless You,
James Hartline, Candidate
San Diego City Council
Preparing For My Departure:
But Running My Race Until I Leave!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Who Won the San Diego City Council District 3 Debate?

Here is the audio from San Diego City Council, District 3, Debate on the Roger Hedgecock Show featuring James Hartline, John Hartley, Robert E. Lee and Paul Broadway. Stephen Whitburn and Todd Gloria decided to play hide and seek and refused to show up. What are they hiding?
Listen and send us your opinion on who won this debate:

GET READY TO RUMBLE! James Hartline Will Be On The Roger Hedgecock Show Today at 4:30pm pst LISTEN LIVE!

James Hartline will be participating in a rough and tumble debate today on the very exciting Roger Hedgecock Show.
The time 4:30pm pst.

You can listen live at 4:30pm pst by going to and clicking on the "Listen Live" logo.

The debate will feature the candidates from the San Diego City Council race, District 3. The candidates will feature homosexual activists Todd Gloria and Stephen Whitburn, gay Republican Robert E. Lee, blue collar liberal Paul Broadway, John Hartley, who recently plead no-contest to a lewd act while campaigning, and Christian Conservative James Hartline.

Expect a real combative, but interestingly entertaining debate as Roger Hedgecock pulls no punches to get to the truth on his program.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dr. Luauna Speaks! A Powerful Testimony of a Woman Politician in San Diego County.

Dear James,

Just a note, I sit on an elected seat of my town, Ramona, in San Diego County, but what a fight.

Let me share a little of our battle! When I first arrived in the San Diego area 12 years ago, I rented a hotel, in hotel circle for three days to pray for direction to know what area the Lord would have our base, ATFA located. Praying for three days in the Holy Spirit for up to eight hours a day, I felt led to drive around the whole city to look at different locations around San Diego County. I had never ever been to San Diego, yet praying at the Hotel for those three days; the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said, “I have much land.” The Lord had placed a vision in my heart for many years back too build a Prayer Mountain, a place for God’s people to come and pray. After living in Korea for over one year and traveling back and forth into Korea for ten years I witnessed Christians praying 24/7.

My heart was burdened for USA, knowing the GREAT need for a place for God’s people to spend time in prayer and fasting like I saw in Korea, I knew the same Holy Spirit could do the same here. With California being the very seat that influences the world, I saw the need to have a place to teach God’s people how to pray. I’m talking about prayer that touches the very heart of heaven and changes the hearts of people for eternity. With “A Touch From Above” desire to build a place for prayer, I chose Ramona. It was perfect, being only 35 minutes from any part of San Diego; I knew God had a plan.

I placed money down on an apartment in Ramona, and returned to get my small team of 6 waiting and praying in the state of Oregon. With trucks packed; we headed back to Southern California. When we arrived, our battle started upon arrival, only to discover our apartment was rented and we had no place to live. Our moving trucks packed, and a team of six, tired and desiring to get some rest, were now stuck in our moving trucks. I told the team, wait lets pray. I drove around looking for something, when I noticed a very small office for rent. It was maybe 400 square feet. I called the landlord, and asked to see the little office. He was happy to show me the office; to my surprise it had a small kitchen and bathroom with a shower. I rented it on the spot, and paid in advance a few months. I drove to get the team waiting around the block, tried and hungry sitting patently in the moving trucks. I showed them the little office they just smiled, but we were all happy to take showers and use the bathroom, rest and stretch our legs. All the apartments were filled, and nothing was available at that time in Ramona. So I rented storage space unpacked the moving truck and told the team, God is good, get your sleeping bags, and let’s set up some desks for work. This little space became our home for the next few months, crowded six of us sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags. Every morning putting the sleeping bags in the closet, it became our office by day. Writing out the vision, for ATFA, we just prayed and trusted God as He had led us to this back wood country town, we had confidence He would show us the land for the future of Prayer Mountain and “A Touch From Above.”

Finally a two bed room apt. opened up and we were more than ready to at least have beds set up. Keeping our little office, and now a rented apartment, we continued to pray in the Spirit for hours a day. One day the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, He was going to open TV, and Radio. I reminded Him of the land for a Christian prayer center. After one year of waiting, TV opened up. I was on my way down the hill to film, when the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, “There is your land…!” As I looked to the left, while driving down the hill, I thought to myself, wow Lord. But I was going to be late for filming, so I could not stop, (but I will share that part later). Finally placing money down on the land (that’s another testimony), we all danced and rejoiced in the Lord. Knowing He has a perfect plan for ATFA, and Prayer Mountain. We started to share with people about the place of prayer, only to RUN HEAD ON INTO A DEMONIC FORCE OF HELL.

With in three months, every county dept, was called and tried to shut us down. Demanding, you will STOP ALL Bible studies on any part of the 25 acres of land. The town chair, (at that time) demanding us to leave his town. I had death threats, calls came all hours of the night and day. Code enforcers were called every time I had a small bible service. Giving me $750.00 dollar tickets every time I had a bible study on site. After receiving a few of these tickets, I asked them WHAT do I DO? They demanded I go to the San Diego planning dept and apply for a Major USE Permit, which was to only cost me $3,600.00 which ended up being almost $200.000 and six years of time stolen.

Yes we finally received our Major Use Permit, through much time, money, and prayer, and tears. Yet because of all the cost and time lost, we are still working towards building our buildings. I told you this part of our testimony to tell you this, while praying through this craziness, and complaining to God. One day the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, and said, for me not to complain in prayer, if I was going to do nothing about it.

Then He spoke to my heart with this Word: “Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when the wicked man rules, the people groan.” And “As Joseph was in a dark place held back; I raised him up and placed him over all.”

With that Word from the Lord, I told our team, San Diego is held captive by a stronghold from Hell. After much prayer I decided to run for the Board of my town Ramona, the very man who told me boldly in front of everyone in a planning meeting “GET OUT OF RAMONA, WE DON’T WANT YOU IN THIS TOWN. I told Him, “This day say’s the Lord; I shall have your seat.”

I was elected, (two years later), and I have seen such change in the four years, (yet we still need more change) I have been sitting on the board of Ramona. I’m up for re-election this coming November. Christians MUST rise to positions of authority in all their areas of their city. If we do not rise, the wicked will rise. We still have much to do in Ramona, but I know we are making the difference. James You KEEP DOING WHAT you are doing…, little by little, that STRONGHOLD WILL BOW in JESUS NAME…! As we make impact in San Diego, tearing down the enemies camp, our God is faithful, to wake those who are sleeping.

For many Christians are sleeping, like the boiling frog, the enemy has them in a pot of lukewarm water, turning up the heat little by little, until one day they are dead in sin.
I’m trusting God for our Prayer Mountain to be filled with people who will pray…! For twelve years, I too have written letters to thousands of pastors to come and pray. I have asked the saints COME and pray. Less than 10 pastors and less than 200 saints have come to pray at the Prayer Mountain in 12 years.

But I have been and seen with my own eyes, and have been apart of a place filled with Korean Christians, over ten thousand come to pray a day. I HOLD tight to the promise, and the vision the Lord gave me for USA, in time thousands will come up to Ramona, A Touch From Above, to pray, they will come to His holy mountain and seek His face and He will answer them. Our God is faithful to turn the hearts of His people, and bring many lost out of darkness. James you are a blessing, keep fighting the good fight. OUR GOD IS ABLE! We are praying for you. God Bless YOU!

Dr. Luauna Stines

PO Box 2800
Ramona, CA 92065

Sunday, May 18, 2008


The James Hartline Report
~ Voter Recommendation List ~
June 3, 2008 Primary Election

For the past seven years, I have been as diligent as humanly possible to ensure that God has a man standing in the gap for His people in the city of San Diego. We have come to a place in San Diego where Christians have been evicted from every elected position in our city. With 2,000 churches and an estimated one million citizens who claim to be Christian, how is it possible that this city of 1.3 million people has no Christians elected to any city office? Whatever answer you may come up with, I have obeyed my God and answered His call by running for the San Diego City Council. I have made that commitment to the Christian Community in San Diego, as well as to the Lord Jesus Christ, that I would make sure that there is a Christian representing the higher calling of public service.

What is my politicial philosophy for this June 3, 2008 primary election? It is the same philosophy that I am using to release this year's James Hartline Report Voter Recommendation list. I believe that our vote is our seed. With our voter seeds we can either plant another anti-christian crop of politicians who care nothing about our values or our traditions, or we can plant our voter seeds in good soil, only voting for good candidates that closely model our own values and refusing to vote in races where we have no good candidate at all. A good example of this is the mayoral race in San Diego. Both Jerry Sanders, the current mayor, and his chief rival Steve Francis, are extremely anti-family, pro-homosexual Republicans. We simply cannot vote for either candidate and our recommendation is to refrain from supporting any candidate in the mayor's race.

On the other hand, the District 5 city council race presents us with a real opportunity to do the right thing even though it means we must support a pro-family candidate from the Democratic Party. In this case, the San Diego Republican leadership has forced voters to accept a rabidly pro-homosexual, anti-christian, carpetbagger by the name of Carl DeMaio. The Democrats have chosen a pro-life, conservative Catholic by the name of George George. The current Republican leadership has been determined to destroy family values on the city council by forcing gay activist Carl DeMaio on our city. We could not be more opposed to this catastrophic anti-family move on the part of the local GOP. In this case, we are recommending that San Diegans cast a vote for pro-life conservative Catholic Democrat George George.

Each election, my voter recommendation list has been sent to more and more receptive readers. This year, I am pleased to announce that we will be sending out the James Hartline Report Voter Recommendation List to over 20,000 readers: a new record! Additionally, we have three new components to our voter recommendation readership which will increase our influence during this election by adding thousands of additional voting readers outside of the James Hartline Report.

In addition to the 20,000 James Hartline Report readers that will be receiving this year's voter recommendation list, we are pleased to announce that we have matched many of our recommendations with the list of John "Woody" Woodrum, a distinguished member of the San Diego County Republican Party Central Committee. John Woodrum's list is also quite extensive. Like the James Hartline Report, John "Woody" Woodrum is also taking the bold and courageous stand of supporting George George over the anti-family Carl Demaio.

We are also pleased to announce another source in agreement with our voter recommendations. That source is the outstanding Election Forum by Craig Huey. The Election Forum is read by thousands of committed Christians in Southern California and we hope that readers of the James Hartline Report will embrace Cray Huey's outstanding presentation of his 2008 voter recommendations for the various counties in southern California, including our own San Diego.

~ The James Hartline Report Voter Recommendation List ~

High Priority Races - These are our highest priority races; these are the candidates that we ask for you to give your most attention to -- and please make sure that you contact your friends, family members, churches, co-workers and ask them all to help elect these high priority candidates.

San Diego City Council:

District 3: James Hartline: HIGH PRIORITY RACE
San Diego's best known Christian activist and protector of kids and their families. We encourage all voters to support James Hartline for the San Diego City Council.

District 5: George George: HIGH PRIORITY RACE
We believe that Carl DeMaio is the single, most catastrophic candidate running for the San Diego City Council. We believe that DeMaio is self-serving and a carpetbagger who has no ties to the district he is currently seeking to represent. As an avowed homosexual, Carl DeMaio will be another opponent of San Diego's Christian Community. George George is a very conservative Catholic Democrat. George has told the James Hartline Report that he is pro-life. Here is a statement from Mr. George that he emailed to the James Hartline Report:
"I hope I can give you some additional insight into who I am. I am a social conservative who is on record with the Democratic Central nominating committee as being against abortion. My Children all attended St. Michael's Catholic Grade School and believe in the Sanctity of life. I believe most religions believe marriage is a Sacrement between a man and a woman, as does mine. In a muti-cultural society I do not believe anyone should be discriminated against and domestic registry meets that need, however what society ultimately calls it is not a city council issue."
Sincerely, George George.
The James Hartline Report is encouraging all voters to reject the disturbing candidacy of Carl DeMaio by voting for George George.

District 7: Bill Daniel: HIGH PRIORITY RACE
We highly recommend voting for Bill Daniel. As a public school teacher for 22 years, Bill Daniel is a faithful advocate for students, parents and voters in San Diego. As a committed Christian, "Mr. Bill" is the best candidate for the District 7 seat. Republican candidate April Boling is a rabid supporter of abortion. David Tos, another Republican in this race, refused to answer any questions related to abortion or homosexuality. His refusal to answer our questions on these matters, in light of the fact that he has tried to convince church members to vote for him, is a sign that he cannot be trusted on these issues. Marti Emerald, the Democratic candidate in this race, is a rabid supporter of the gay movement. As such, we are convinced that Emerald would continue the enormous waste of public time, energy and money on radical social issues in the same mold as Councilwoman Toni Atkins. Voters are fed up with Atkins and would do well to steer clear of Marti Emerald.

California State Assembly - District 76: HIGH PRIORITY RACE
Perennial homosexual Republican candidate Ralph Denney is an avowed enemy of San Diego's Christian Community. Denney has continuously promoted the gay movement within the Republican Party. Current Assemblywoman Lori Saldana has done absolutely nothing for San Diego and should be replaced. We recommend voting for Kim Tran in this high priority race.

Republican Central Committee - 76th Assembly - HIGH PRIORITY RACE
James Hartline
Robert Sutton
Kim Tran
John "Woody" Woodrum

Republican Central Committee - 78th Assembly - HIGH PRIORITY RACE
Loretta Q. Peer - We give Loretta Q. Peer our highest rating due to her long term commitment to the Christian Community. Please support Loretta Peer in the Chula Vista City area and the 78th District.

Republican Central Committee - 79th Assembly - HIGH PRIORITY RACE
Donald Hamer
Joseph Hamer

County Board of Education - 4th District - HIGH PRIORITY RACE
We highly favor and endorse Rose Urdahl for the 4th District Board of Education. Mrs. Urdahl is a longtime champion of children and a committed Christian. Students, Parents and teachers will have a great friend in Rose Urdahl and we recommend voting for her.

U. S. Representative - 52nd Congressional District - HIGH PRIORITY RACE
We highly endorse Duncan D. Hunter in this race. Hunter, who has served this nation bravely on the Iraqi battlefield, has demonstrated great courage and bravery in his military service. Additionally, both Duncan and his wife are dedicated Christians.

Other election races of importance:

Superior Court Judge - Office No. 45
Robert Faigin - We have received many professional recommendations for Robert Faigin to become the next superior court judge, office no. 45. We recommend voting for Mr. Faigin.

San Diego Mayor:
We are recommending that all voters refuse to cast votes for Jerry Sanders or Steve Francis. Both Sanders and Francis are avowed enemies of the Christian Community in San Diego. Both have a history of tearing down families, their values and supporting the destruction of marriage by supporting gay civil unions. We are so opposed to both of these candidates that we are encouraging all voters to protest them by refusing to vote in the mayor's race.

San Diego City Council - District 1
We are opposed to all of the candidates in this race. We do not believe that any of the candidates in this race can be trusted to uphold our family values. As such we are recommeding that Christian voters abstain from voting in this race in the same manner that we recommended for the mayor's race.

San Diego City Attorney:
We are highly opposed to a number of candidates in this race. Scott Peters and Brian Maienschein have been two of the most destructive members of the San Diego City Council in its history. It is a political abomination that either one of these men have the audacity to run for the San Diego City Attorney's seat. Current City Attorney Michael Aguirre is responsible for filing the legal brief in support of same-sex marriage. Aguirre has been a huge problem as the San Diego City Attorney, thus we recommend that he be removed from office. Jan Goldsmith has a history of being a big supporter of abortion while in the state assembly. We have very little confidence that Goldsmith will rule in favor of the Christian Community as the city attorney, thus we are remaining neutral in supporting him.

U. S. Representative - 49th Congressional District
We cannot support any candidate in this race. Congressman Darrell Issa continues to be an enemy of conservative family values, having attended and supported the anti-christian homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans national convention. Issa also voted to support new federal funding for expanding human embryonic stem cell research in 2007.

U. S. Representative - 50th Congressional District
We cannot support any candidate in this race. Republican congressman Brian Bilbray continues to support human embryonic stem cell research. In fact, Bilbray violated a campaign pledge that he would not support new federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research. In lying to voters, as soon as he was elected Congressman Bilbray violated his earlier campaign promise and voted to override Pres. Bush veto of new federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research. Bilbray also has a history of supporting the homosexual movement, making him the poster child for RINOs.

U. S. Representative - 51st Congressional District
We believe that Congressman Bob Filner is perhaps one of the most anti-family, anti-American politicians in Washington D.C. Filner is the single biggest political hater of the U.S. military. Simply put, Filner needs to be replaced. However, we cannot recommend any of the current candidates running against Filner at this time.

U. S. Representative - 53rd Congressional District
Congresswoman Susan Davis is one of the most ineffective and do-nothing politicians in the congress. When was the last time you heard Congresswoman Susan Davis' name attached to anything meaningful to the families of San Diego? We cannot find one, single thing done by Davis that has benefited San Diego. She is nothing more than a professional, career politician who does nothing of substance for San Diego. Having said that, we cannot, at this time, recommend voting for any of the current candidates running against Davis.

California State Senate - 39th District
State Senator Christine Kehoe is an avowed enemy of San Diego's Christian community. Kehoe is a puppet for the gay lobby and every Christian voter will breath a sigh of relief when Kehoe is termed out. We do not support any of the candidates in this race.

California State Assembly - District 66
Current Assemblyman Kevin D. Jeffries has done a good job representing the 66th District and we recommend his re-election.

California State Assembly - District 73
We cannot recommend supporting any candidates in this race at this time.

California State Assembly - District 74
The James Hartline Report is preparing an upcoming report that connects current District 74 State Assemblyman Martin Garrick to a very disturbing and catastrophic problem associated with San Diego mayoral candidate Steve Francis and California State Assemblyman Joel Anderson. We are highly opposed to the re-election of Assemblyman Martin Garrick, but we also cannot recommend voting for any of his opponents.

California State Assembly - District 75
We are opposed to all of the candidates running in the District 75 race. The current frontrunner, Nathan Fletcher, is tied to the same business and political interests which have destroyed the Christian conservative base within the Repubican Party. We believe that once he is elected, Nathan Fletcher will become another RINO, anti-christian professional politician. It should be noted that we have obtained a video of Fletcher meeting with Grover Norquist as he signed Norquist's "No New Tax Pledge." Norquist is tied to some of the most notorious political hacks in the United States, as well as his doing fundraising for the homosexual group the Log Cabin Repubicans.

California State Assembly - District 77
We are highly opposed to the re-election of Assemblyman Joel Anderson. Anderson continues to violate his previous pledges to support traditional family values. There is an upcoming James Hartline Report which links Joel Anderson to a catastrophic business plan associated with San Diego mayoral candidate Steve Francis. The fact that Steve Francis has a long term history of promoting homosexuality, and Joel Anderson is listed on the Francis mayoral campaign endorsement list, is enough to reject Anderson's re-election. We cannot recommend any candidates in this race.

California State Assembly - District 78
We cannot recommend any of the candidates in this race. It should be noted that Republican frontrunner John McCann voted as a Chula Vista city councilman to endorse the San Diego Gay Pride Parade by signing a proclamation to endorse the parade and festival when disgraced Chula Vista Mayor Steve Padilla came out of the closet to announce to the world that he was gay in front of his little daughter during the gay pride rally. This is enough to vote against McCann.

California State Assembly - District 79
We cannot support any of the candidates in this race at this time.

This article has been published by the James Hartline Report.
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

San Diego Marchers Confront One Of The Greatest Political Hypocrisies During March Against Poverty

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
May 10, 2008

When Justice Confronts A Great Political Hypocrisy:

65 San Diegans March & Confront One of San Diego's
Greatest Political Hypocrisies During The March Against Poverty.

The Office of Congresswoman Susan Davis Looks Down Upon
The Poorest Neighborhood in San Diego, While She and Her Staff
Make Big Salaries and Do Nothing For The Poor!

(JHReport) Sixty-five San Diegans gathered on Thursday, May 8, 2008, in the economically-challenged San Diego community of City Heights to kick off a two-part event called the "March Against Poverty." The March Against Poverty has been organized by San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline. The event is part of Hartline's overall vision of bringing about long overdue economic improvements to the long-neglected City Heights area. With the large turnout for the first day of the two-day event, it is clear that San Diegans are ready to help increase public awareness of the terrible conditions that the poor and needy families in City Heights are living in.

While Hartline and his fellow marchers knew that they would see some of the most disenfranchised people in San Diego during the march, nothing really prepared them for one unbelievable encounter during the May 8th event. In the midst of City Heights, Hartline and the other marchers brought attention to the area's dirty slums, asthma-causing mold, extreme hunger and the devastating poverty that seems to engulf the community. However, there was one situation that city council candidate James Hartline says is one of the greatest examples of societal and governmental hypocrisy that he has ever seen.

The example that so shocked Hartline, as well as the others who attended the May 8th event, was the realization that Congresswoman Susan Davis, a politically entrenched Democrat representing the district, has an expensive high-rise district office in the midst of the horrific economic conditions which are plaguing City Heights families.

For the past two decades, liberal Democrats have controlled District 3 and the City Heights area. Incredibly, City Heights has gotten more polluted and even more financially devastated under the leadership of Democrats who claim to be more concerned about the social welfare of the area's citizens, as well better stewards of the environment, than their Republican counterparts.

What event leader James Hartline and the other sixty-five conscientious protesters discovered during their City Heights march is sure to shock the voters in Hartline's district. In the midst of the catastrophic pollution, extreme poverty, and gang-related activities of City Heights is this massive, disproportionately large skyscraper located at 4305 University Avenue. Among the rundown discount stores, the dirty liquor outlets, the hopeless moms and the homeless drunks, stands this gigantic, steel and glass palace located at 4305 University Avenue. Inside of this strange, bureaucratic tower is the district office for Congresswoman Susan Davis.

"It is absolutely a societal abomination that Congresswoman Susan Davis has an elitist office in the midst of all of the poverty in City Heights and she is doing absolutely nothing about it," says Hartline. Even more shocking for Hartline is the realization that one of his opponents for the District 3 City Council seat, Todd Gloria, has sat in the same expensive high-rise office as Congresswoman Davis, doing absolutely nothing about the gross poverty and injustices occurring right outside of his government funded office.

"This is one of the most pitiful examples of hypocrisy I have ever seen," says Hartline. "While City Heights families are lining up for bread in the local soup kitchens, Congresswoman Susan Davis and her district representative Todd Gloria have been getting rich off of their fat government salaries right in the middle of all this suffering."

Hartline points out that Todd Gloria makes it a point at every one of his candidate forums to let voters know that he lives with his homosexual partner in City Heights. Giving the appearance that somehow Gloria and his gay lover have much in common with the suffering families of City Heights, the district aide to Congresswoman Davis has sought to paint a picture with the district's voters of a man who has empathy with the City Heights families living in poverty.

"Todd Gloria has conveniently forgotten to inform voters that he has worked out of an expensive government office in the midst of San Diego's poorest families doing nothing about the poverty while he has collected a big, fat government paycheck," Hartline declares angrily.

"Both Todd Gloria and Susan Davis should be run out of City Heights," declares Hartline. "It is time that good and truly concerned people be given the opportunity to help the people of City Heights. These two are doing absolutely nothing about the horrific environmental pollution and poverty that is killing our people."

Among those participating in the May 8th March Against Poverty was Grossmont Union High School District boardmember Priscilla Schreiber. Mrs. Schreiber, who has spent the past eight years as a member of the East San Diego County school board, was shocked that a politician would have an office so close to so much suffering, but appearing to do little, if anything, to alleviate that same suffering.

Mrs. Schreiber was not alone in her dismay regarding Congresswoman Davis. A large contingent of mothers who are currently participating in a long-term program at the San Diego Rescue Mission joined Schreiber in their concern for the obvious lack of action on the part of the congresswoman. Nearly a dozen women from the Rescue Mission, most of whom have very little in this life, gave up their afternoon to stand with the moms of City Heights. Being aware of how difficult it is on poor families in the City Heights area, many of the Rescue Mission moms felt it was important to stand in the gap for their City Heights sisters who cannot put enough food on the table to feed their kids.

While dozens of working moms participated in the first day of the two-day March Against Poverty, San Diego pastors were conspicuously absent during the event. Although hundreds of local San Diego pastors had been given invitations to stand with the suffering families in City Heights during the two-day event, not one pastor showed up for the May 8th kickoff of the March Against Poverty.

For James Hartline, this is a reality which challenges his creative skills. "We are just going to have to come to terms with the realization that taking care of the poor families in City Heights is going to have to be done without the help of the pastors who will not leave their comfortable suburban homes to help the poor in City Heights," says Hartline. "We will have to make it without their help. And with the large turnout for this first part of the two-day event, we are convinced that God is moving upon the hearts of the right people to come help us in City Heights," he adds.

In addition to all of the overwhelming poverty that is unneccesarily plaguing City Heights, parents are now forced to forego buying basic food purchases at Albertsons, the only major retail grocery store in City Heights. Albertsons is aware that they are the only store that many of the mothers in City Heights can easily get to, yet they continue to drastically mark up their prices on basic food items. This is one of the most grievous examples of corporate greed being inflicted upon the poorer families in San Diego.

James Hartline and the large contingent of concerned San Diegans will continue to march on behalf of the families in City Heights who are crying out for help in this time of great financial distress. Up to this point, those cries for help have fallen on the deaf ears of the San Diego City Council and the mayor's office. "We are going to see that a financial revolution is created in San Diego," says candidate James Hartline. "We will not rest until justice is apprehended for those who are suffering in City Heights and if that means we have to march every week in City Heights, than that is what we will do."

Part Two of the two-day March Against Poverty will be held on May 15, 2008 beginning at 11:30am at the City Heights Retail Village. The City Heights Retail Village is located in front of the Albertsons Grocery Store on the corners of Fairmount Ave. & University Ave., San Diego, 92105.

A donor who believes in James Hartline's vision to help the poor and needy families of City Heights has donated 200 t-shirts which are being distributed to participants of the two-day event. T-Shirts can be obtained by calling James Hartline at 619-793-9661.

March Against Poverty, Part 2 of 2 Events, May 15, 2008 - starting at 11:30am
City Heights Retail Village, Fairmount Ave. & University Ave. (in front of Albertsons)
200 San Diegans will be participating during the two events.

For further information or interviews:
James Hartline
cell: 619-793-9661

This article has been published by the James Hartline Report.
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Friday, May 09, 2008

Christian Team Turns Out To Support James Hartline's March Against Poverty

65 Christian Community members joined San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline for Phase 1 of a two part March Against Poverty on Thursday, May 8, 2008 in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego. Moms and their kids, Dads and ministry leaders, as well as elected officials like Grossmont Union School District Boardmember Priscilla Schrebier, made a tremendous stand on behalf of City Heights residents who are truly struggling with poverty, sickeness and environmental pollution. Photos included in this report are just the beginning of the shocking things that were documented during the march. Stay tuned for some big news involving Congresswoman Susan Davis and her district representative Todd Gloria. What we have discovered about Gloria and Davis is going to shock San Diego and the taxpayers who pay their salaries. Part II of the March Against Poverty will be held on May 15, 2008. Attendance is now expected to easily exceed 200 for the two event. T-Shirts are available for all participants. Call 619-793-9661 to get your free t-shirt.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

San Diego GOP Chairman Scandal Continues To Destroy San Diego County Republican Party's Reputation

The ongoing scandal involving San Diego County Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric continues to have devastating consequences for the GOP in that county. Krvaric's refusal to resign in the wake of revelations that he was the founder of one of the most notorious criminal computer networks in the 1980's is feeding media outlets throughout the United States with fodder for permanently impeaching the San Diego County Republican Party with catastrophic signs of corruption.

A recent article on Krvaric's criminal past is one of scores being written on news services throughout America. The following is one of the worst and one that has an enormous amount of comments posted in response to the article. It is clear, that the further Krvaric digs his heels in and refuses to resign for the good of the San Diego Republican Party, the more damage he is doing and further demonstrates that all Krvaric cares about is himself.

Warez Leader Is Chairman Of San Diego Republican
Written by enigmax on May 02, 2008
This week, a 30 year old man was sentenced to 30 months in prison for his involvement in the so-called pirate ‘warez scene’. In what appears to be some sort of bizarre parallel universe, it’s been revealed that another notorious pirate has an interesting job - he’s chairman of the San Diego Republican Party.
Reading about the case of David M. Fish, this week almost seemed like an action reply of other similar cases of busts in the ‘warez scene‘. Operating between 2003 and 2005, Fish was found guilty of various copyright infringement offenses and was jailed for 30 months with a further three years on probation, which is pretty standard fare in these type of cases.
So imagine if you will, the amazing contrast between Mr Fish’s predicament and that of Tony Krvaric, chairman of the San Diego Republican Party. At first glance, they seem very different - but look closer.
To better appreciate the gap, here is some background on Tony Krvaric, courtesy of a Raw Story report and the Republican Party website:
Born and raised in Sweden, Tony Krvaric was inspired by President Ronald Reagan to come to America. Though only a youth, he vowed to one day become an American and pursue his American Dream. The first step was to start his own business, and in 1992 when the opportunity presented itself, he moved to San Diego.
After becoming a naturalized citizen in June of 2003, he decided to become politically involved. Having seen, first hand, the devastating effects of socialism in Sweden and the rest of Europe, he was determined to stand up for the traditional, conservative values that helped make America great.
So what does a politician have to do with warez? Well, the strange truth is that Tony Krvaric is none other than a co-founder of notorious warez group, Fairlight. Krvaric -who started his cracking career at the “West Coast Crackers”- was in fact one of the most well-known individuals in the Warez scene at the time. Fairlight remained active after Krvaric left in 1993, and several members of the group were eventually arrested by the FBI in 2004.
During Fairlight’s earlier days and their involvement in the Commodore 64 cracking and demo scene, although cautious, the members couldn’t have imagined the punishments that are given out today. Although Krvaric isn’t shy in letting the world know some of his history and present-day situation on the C-64 Scene Database;
Presently works as a full-service financial consultant for individuals and families who share his values - helping them grow, preserve and distribute their wealth. He lives in San Diego with his wife and four children. Is a member of the Republican Party.
The excellent article goes on to list other alleged infringements by Krvaric over the years, and although he appeared to leave Fairlight in 1992, there are suggestions that he was still in charge of the group as late as 2004. It’s not possible to say if this is true or not, but according to sources, the group appeared to be operational in late 2007.
Apparently, Krvaric has now sent an email out to fellow Republicans, trying to calm the waters:
Apparently there’s a hit piece floating around on me, “exposing” my wild high school, teenage years where I was in a computer club where we swapped Commodore 64 games (similar to how kids swap mp3 music files these days). This was in the 80’s, on a computer that’s long since defunct!
[In] 1990 I graduated high school, grew up and started my own business, and then in 1992 I came to this country, continuing the same business (selling computer and video game chips and accessories as well as some nonperishable foodstuffs, taking over my father’s business for a while after he died in 1994) until I left that field when the profit margins became too thin to make any money – around 1997 or so. That’s when I became a financial consultant, which I remain to this day.
I’m sure glad they didn’t look in to my elementary school years, as there’s some really embarrassing stuff that I did in 4th grade. BTW, I also heard a rumor that another fellow committee member (who shall remain unnamed) once made a tape copy of his friend’s favorite vinyl record.
I don’t know who is spreading this but just wanted to let you know what’s going on out there. Likely it’s someone who wants us to take our eye off the ball in 2008, be it the democrats, labor or someone else. Either way, we’re not going to let them get away with it. Thanks for your leadership.
I wonder which way the newly-convicted copyright infringer David Fish would vote - if he was allowed to? Speaking of voting, Krvaric - running for reelection in 2008 - registered his email address with the Registrar of Voters. No-one can accuse him of trying to hide anything, that’s for sure:
tkrvaric@fairlight.comSaved in: Copyright Issues, P2P and Filesharing, Pirate Talk Tagged with:
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To read all of the comments posted in response to this article, go to:

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

PRESS RELEASE - 200 San Diegans Expected For March Against Poverty Events in City Heights

Press Release
From James Hartline, Candidate
San Diego City Council - District 3
May 6, 2008 (10am.pst)

March Against Poverty, Two Events, May 8th and May 15th, 12noon both days
City Heights Retail Village, Fairmount Ave. & University Ave. (in front of Albertsons)
200 San Diegans will be participating during the two events.

James Hartline, candidate for the San Diego City Council, District 3, will be participating in a two-part community event to bring public awareness to the grave conditions of poverty and environmental contaminations that are devastating the District 3 community of City Heights. 200 San Diegans have signed up to join candidate James Hartline for two "March Against Poverty" events that will occur on Thursday, May 8, 2008 and Thursday, May 15, 2008. Both events will begin at 12noon in front of the Albertsons Grocery Story located in the City Heights Retail Village. The City Heights Retail Village is located at the corner of Fairmount Ave. and University Ave.

While wealthy politicians like San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders live in District 3, just a few blocks away from City Heights, hundreds of City Heights families will send their kids to bed without nutritious dinners. Within a few blocks of City Heights, million dollars homes are located in Mayor Sanders' neighborhood of Kensington. While these homes are reminders of the vast wealth that is concentrated within District 3, hundreds of City Heights children are suffering with chronic asthma because there is mold covering hundreds of apartment buildings and homes in the poverty-stricken areas of City Heights.

In addition to all of the overwhelming poverty that is unneccesarily plaguing City Heights, parents are now forced to forego buying basic food purchases at Albertsons, the only major retail grocery store in City Heights. Albertsons is aware that they are the only store that many of the mothers in City Heights can easily get to, yet they continue to drastically mark up their prices on basic food items. This is one of the most grievous examples of corporate greed being inflicted upon the poorer families in San Diego.

In 2006, Supervalu and CVS purchased Albertsons for $17.4 billion. With that purchase, Wholesaler Supervalu said it would triple its retail operations to 2,656 stores with an estimated $44 billion in revenues by adding the 1,124 stores in Albertsons' portfolio, including Acme Markets, Bristol Farms, Jewel-Osco, Shaw's Supermarkets and Star Markets. That makes Supervalu the second-biggest grocer behind Kroger Cos., with 2,510 supermarkets and 792 c-stores and sales of $45.8 billion for the first nine months of fiscal 2005.

James Hartline and the large contingent of concerned San Diegans will be marching on behalf of the families in City Heights who are crying out for help in this time of great financial distress. Up to this point, those cries for help have fallen on the deaf ears of the San Diego City Council and the mayor's office. Councilwoman Toni Atkins has been the District 3 Councilwoman for nearly eights years. During that time, millions of tax dollars have been poured into one of Councilwoman Atkins' favorite projects, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center, located in the District 3 neighborhood of Hillcrest. While the Gay and Lesbian Center has received millions of dollars thanks to Councilwoman Atkins, City Heights families have continued to suffer malnutrition, devastating poverty, an epidemic of mold-causing asthma, gang-related crimes, and non-existent business investments within City Heights.

The March Against Poverty events to be held on May 8th and May 15th will involve over 200 marching citizens during the two day event, as well as a number of candidates for public office and supporting churches. 200 T-Shirts with "March Against Poverty" printed on them have been donated for the two events.

For further information or interviews:
James Hartline
cell: 619-793-9661

March Against Poverty
Sponsorship & Supporters List
James Hartline, Candidate, San Diego City Council, District 3
Priscilla Schreiber, Member, Grossmont Union High School District
Gregory Thompson, Candidate, Governor, State of Missouri
Bill Daniel, Candidate, San Diego City Council, District 7
Diane Chapman, Owner, Flex Systems, Inc.
The Hillcrest Mission
California Christian News
The San Diego Christian Chamber of Commerce
Harar Ethiopian Cafe
Serra Mesa Christian Fellowship
Mid-City Christian Fellowship
Calvary Temple Assembly of God
America Asleep Know More
Coach Dave Daubenmire

Monday, May 05, 2008

WATCH! Video of James Hartline on KUSI and Good Morning San Diego

You can now watch the interview of James Hartline, Candidate for the San Diego City Council from KUSI and Good Morning San Diego.
The website link to the video feed is:

Today is a great day in the City of San Diego!


San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline is pleased to announce that the one and only Priscilla Schreiber will be hosting Cafe San Diego on the well known website Voice of San Diego, Monday, May 5, 2008. Mrs. Schreiber will be blogging for San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline.

Priscilla Schreiber is a two-term elected boardmember with the Grossmont Union High School District. In 2004, Mrs. Schreiber was re-elected to the GUHSD with over 82,000 votes, the largest landslide in East San Diego County for that school board.

Each candidate for the San Diego City Council has been offered the unusual opportunity by the Voice of San Diego to have one of their supporters blog on their behalf on the website, which is one of the most visited news websites in San Diego.

James Hartline chose Priscilla Schreiber because of her tremendous commitment to the youth of San Diego County. As a dedicated Christian, there is no greater example in San Diego's education arena of an elected official who has given more to helping students and their parents. James Hartline has absolutely no reservations of publicly stating that his friend and supporter, Priscilla Schreiber, is a woman of the highest integrity, incredible intellect, and most importantly, uncompromising in her service to Jesus Christ.

So, we invite you to go to the Voice of San Diego website throughout the day of May 5, 2008 and enjoy the blog entries that Priscilla will be writing throughout the day on James Hartline's behalf.

And remember, despite her extremely busy schedule, and the fact that she is running for her third term on the school board this year, Priscilla Schreiber still set aside an entire day to serve James Hartline by blogging on his behalf.

"I say to Priscilla Schreiber: thank you for being my mentor, my friend, my good political example, and above all, my sister in the Lord Jesus Christ," says James Hartline to the world.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

James Hartline on KUSI and Good Morning San Diego -- Monday, May 5, 2008 at 6:20am

San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline will be appearing on
Good Morning San Diego on KUSI, Channel 51, or 9,
at 6:20am. Monday, May 5, 2008.

Good Morning San Diego
Happy 50th Birthday to James Hartline
born May 5, 1958

This is the Year of Jubilee!