Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Shake The Nation Rally For The Liberation Of The Persecuted People Of China At The San Diego City Council

We Will Be Silent No More!

A Shake The Nation Rally
For The Liberation Of
The Persecuted People Of China
The San Diego City Council
Tuesday - April 15, 2008
8:30am - 11:30am

San Diego City Council Candidate James Hartline
The "Not On My Watch" Team
Invites You To Make A Stand
For The Persecuted People Of China

- The Facts -

1. China brutalizes and imprisons its own people for practicing
Christianity and other religious beliefs.
2. It is a crime in China for a mother to have more than one child:
the Communist Chinese government rapes all mothers who are
pregnant with a second child by arresting the mother and then
brutally forcing her to abort the child.
3. China sells the harvested organs of innocent political
prisoners after the government kills them for their organs.
4. China imprisons innocent Chinese citizens who possess Bibles.
5. China uses slave labor and then sells the products made in
slave labor factories.
6. The people of Tibet are being brutalized and murdered by a
Communist Chinese dictatorship that is kept in power by the
billions of dollars they make off of the sale of products sold in the U. S.

While China is being honored with the 2008 Olympics,
the Communist Chinese Government commits some of
the most heinous and inhumane crimes against its own people.

It is a moral outrage and a civic abomination that we have
remained silent as the Communist Chinese Government
commits crimes against humanity at the same time that
Beijing prepares for the 2008 Olympics.
We will remain silent no more!

Will you join
San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline
and The "Not On My Watch" Team
for a historic prayer rally and city council hearing
on Tuesday - April 15, 2008 at 8:30am?

We will be praying for our city to experience a civic revival.
We will be standing up for the oppressed people of China.
Then we will be speaking at the San Diego City Council,
asking the council to issue a formal letter to the Chinese
government. This letter will call on the Chinese Government
to end its criminal persecution of Chinese Christians and
other religious practitioners in China.

Will you remain silent while the Chinese government holds
the Olympics at the same time that they are brutalizing
their own people?

If you were a persecuted Christian in China, wouldn't you be
hoping and praying that someone in America would have
the courage to stand up for you while you were being
persecuted, brutalized and then ....... murdered?

We are the only hope for millions of brutalized Chinese
Christians. They are counting on us to cry out for justice
on their behalf.

Please RSVP your intention of attending this historical
stand for freedom at the San Diego City Council
on April 15, 2008 at 8:30am.

San Diego City Council
202 "C" Street
Downtown San Diego, CA. 92101
San Diego City Concourse (Ground Floor)
City Council Chambers (12th Floor)
Parking is free for 3hrs. at Horton Plaza Parking Garage
with a validated ticket.

For more information on the campaign
of James Hartline For City Council:

Produced by the James Hartline Report.
We are a new generation with a new attitude!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hartline vs. 3 Democrat City Council Candidates Who Will Not Protect San Diego's Kids

One of my main campaign issues against the three Democrat candidates for the District 3 San Diego City Council candidates is this:

John Hartley, Todd Gloria and Stephen Whitburn, all three were in last year's San Diego Gay Pride Parade WHERE an elementary school marched their children in the parade, exposing the kids to pornographers, male strippers, male prostitutes and men dressed as nuns to mock the Catholic Church. Hartley, the now charged advocate of public lewd acts, Stephen Whitburn and Todd Gloria celebrated these children being exposed to the sexual perversions in the parade. These are the same guys that now want to represent the families and parents of District 3 on the City Council.

I, for one, am at war with these men who care nothing about our kids or fixing the broken moral compass at city hall.

James Hartline
San Diego City Council, District 3 Candidate

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Opponent to Hartline in San Diego City Council race caught in lewd behavior

City Council candidate arrested for lewd behavior

March 27, 2008
John, Hartley, a San Diego City Council candidate was arrested Thursday afternoon after he was seen urinating in a cup and masturbating in public, said Monica Munoz, a San Diego police spokeswoman.
John Hartley, 65, was being interviewed at the mid-city division station before being transferred to police headquarters, where he was expected to be booked into jail, Munoz said.
Hartley previously served on the council from 1989-93, and is running on the June 3 ballot to replace Councilwoman Toni Atkins, who cannot run again due to term limits.
In terms of fundraising, Hartley is running behind two other candidates. Congressional aide Todd Gloria has raised $21,727, Red Cross spokesman Stephen Whitburn has raised $23,138, and Hartley has raised $15,774, of which $12,000 was his own money.
Hartley lives in Normal Heights.

On a Union-Tribune candidate survey, he listed his occupation as a teacher. He said he is the chairman of Partners for Safe Neighborhoods, and has organized 30-plus Neighborhood Watch groups. He said he led graffiti clean-ups and is the president of the Friends of Kensington/Normal Heights Library. He said he was the Sierra Club Volunteer of the Year.
Police were called to the area of Vista Street near Adams Avenue in Kensington about 4 p.m. when they found Hartley. He could not be reached for comment Thursday night.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

James Hartline On The Nation Radio Show, "The Complete Story." Listen Now!

You can listen to the new nationally syndicated interview that James Hartline did this morning with Dick Bott, founder of the powerful Bott Radio Network of stations.
Go to listen live:
The program is The Complete Story with Mr. Dick Bott.
You can listen live the first replay today at 12noon pst.
Replay Two: Saturday, 7:30am central standard time.
Replay Three: Saturday, 7:30pm central standard time.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


World Net Daily continued it national reporting on James Hartline's big stand against the ACLU at the San Diego City Council. Read the new report:

City council votes 5-2 to praise ACLU 'hate machine'After organization sues city, collects $900,000 from taxpayers
Posted: March 25, 20083:19 pm Eastern© 2008 WorldNetDaily
The ACLU backed a suit to remove the Mt. Soledad cross

The San Diego City Council voted 5-2 to honor the American Civil Liberties Union with a special day of recognition, even after the organization sued the city and collected $900,000 in taxpayer funds.
The plan was offered by council member Toni Atkins, who said she stood "by the resolution" and commended "the ACLU for the work they do."
Even before the vote, a spokeswoman for the ACLU expressed gratitude for the formal honor.
"Thank you for recognizing the ACLU," said Rebecca Roberts.
Two speakers opposed the recognition, including Heather Cameron, a representative of the law firm of Charles LiMandri.
LiMandri also serves as the West Coast director for the Thomas More Law Center, which along with other organizations, including the American Center for Law and Justice, donated thousands of hours of time to fight the ACLU's demand that San Diego remove a historic cross from the Mt. Soledad Veterans' Memorial. The case continued even after the federal government took over the site and San Diego no longer had control over it.
(Story continues below)

Cameron told the council members "one of the great myths" is that the ACLU started out as a pro-civil rights organization.
ACLU founder Roger Baldwin said, "Communism is the goal," she told the council.
Cameron said Baldwin asserted that only a "small group of highly educated intellectuals" should dictate what everyone else believes.
In San Diego, the ACLU cost the city's taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars by raising the fight over the Mt. Soledad cross and continued the battle even after 76 percent of the voters supported maintaining the cross where it was built.
James Hartline, a Christian activist in San Diego, also spoke. He said the proposal to honor the ACLU was "one of the most repugnant acts" ever accomplished by the council and blamed the ACLU for a "long-term campaign of hate and religious bias against Christians."
He cited a previous case brought against the city by the ACLU in which the organization collected $900,000 from city taxpayers.
"We do not want our names to be used to honor the American Civil Liberties Union," Hartline said. "You are doing so in our name."
A bipartisan team of council members, Tony Young and Brian Maienschein, opposed the resolution, and Jim Madaffer did not vote. The other five members – Kavin Faulconer, Atkins, Donne Frye, Ben Hueso and Scott Peters – went along.
Hartline previously told WND, "There has been no greater hate machine against our constitutional right to free religious expression in America than the ACLU."

HARTLINE IN THE NATIONAL NEWS: James Hartline Makes Big Stand Against ACLU During San Diego City Council Meeting

Here is a link to the new World Net Daily article on our stand today at the San Diego City Council in opposition to the proclamation to declare "ACLU Day" in the City of San Diego. With all of the horrific battles our city is facing, including the potential for bancruptcy, the idea that they want to spend hours in preparation for bringing this declaration to a vote during the city council today is truly pathetic. We will be standing up for the Lord today as we battle this real assault against Christianity in America.

This is the link to the article on World Net Daily's website, which is read by over 8 million people each month:

Friday, March 07, 2008

Christian Pro-Lifers Help Planned Parenthood By Supporting Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who!

The James Hartline Report Action Center
Action Alert!
March 7, 2008

Christian Pro-Lifers Continue To Support Planned Parenthood
By Purchasing Dr. Seuss Products.
Audrey Geisel - Widow of the late Dr. Seuss Author Ted Geisel -
Is one of America's Leading Supporters of Planned Parenthood.
Audrey Geisel is Also The Executive Producer of
the New Dr. Seuss movie "Horton Hears A Who!"

Take Action! Send a message to Audrey Geisel that you WILL NOT
be purchasing tickets to Dr. Seuss' "Horton Hears A Who!"
You Will Be Boycotting ALL Dr. Seuss products, movies
plays and books until Audrey Geisel STOPS
her rabid abortion activism and support of Planned Parenthood

Action Alert -- Once again, pro-life activists in America will have the opportunity to demonstrate whether their pro-life activism is more than just sidewalk talk and verbal rhetoric. With the upcoming release of the new Dr. Seuss movie "Horton Hears A Who," Christian pro-lifers will either uphold their publicly professed support for the unborn or they will once again, as they have so many times in the past, discard their pro-life activism by giving money to rabid pro-abortion supporter Audrey Geisel.

Audrey Geisel, the widow of deceased Dr. Seuss author Ted Geisel, is one of the most rabid supporters of Planned Parenthood in the United States. Audrey Geisel is also on a crusade to degrade the pro-life movement. According to many documented news sources, Mrs. Geisel ordered her attorney to take action against pro-lifers who wanted to use a slogan from her husband's book Horton Hears A Who on pro-life posters.

As a local San Diego resident, Audrey Geisel has been a significant leader for the local Planned Parenthood organization. From serving on fundraisers with Planned Parenthood to helping with many other local events with the abortion provider, there are few who can claim the title of San Diego's abortion queen like Audrey Geisel.

When Christian pro-lifers give their money to Dr. Suess products, movies, plays or books, the hands of Audrey Geisel are right there to take the money. As Mrs. Geisel takes the pro-lifers' money and laughs all the way to the bank and the Planned Parenthood organization that she embraces, pro-lifers are mocked and ridiculed by her insidious support for the abortion movement.

In this James Hartline Report Action Alert you will have the opportunity to read a previous James Hartline Report article entitled: "Audrey Geisel: The Real Grinch Who Supports Abortion -- Widow of Dr. Seuss Is Major Planned Parenthood Supporter." This insightful article outlined Audrey Geisel's disturbing support for Planned Parenthood. When Christian pro-lifers support and purchase Geisel's Dr. Seuss products, they are helping the destructive industry of Planned Parenthood. A real opportunity to take a financial bite out of Audrey Geisel and Dr. Seuss is available to those who will boycott the new Dr. Seuss movie "Horton Hears A Who."

Will you make a stand in this nation for the unborn? I know I am. The following is the article from the December 7, 2006 James Hartline Report on Audrey Geisel:

The James Hartline Report
Citizen's Alert
December 7, 2006

Audrey Geisel: The Real Grinch Who Supports Abortion!
Widow of Dr. Seuss Is Major Planned Parenthood Supporter

According to the biography of Ted Geisel, the now deceased author of the successful Dr. Seuss books and entertainment paraphernalia, Geisel made this statement shortly before his death: "The best slogan I can think to leave with the U.S.A. would be, 'We can...and we've got better than this.' " (Morgan, p. 287). Apparently his extremely wealthy widow, Audrey Geisel, didn't get the message. In the annals of abortion extremism, two San Diego women are in the highest echelons of supporting the abortion industry: Jinx Ecke of the Ecke Ranch Flower industry and Audrey Geisel, controller of Dr. Seuss Enterprises.

Audrey Geisel's fanatical obsession with supporting the abortion industry seems to know no bounds. Like her counterpart, poinsettia industry matriarch Jinx Ecke, Geisel's appalling support for abortion is masked by her funding of child-friendly causes that makes her look like a great female shepherd of society's littlest of lambs. In reality, Audrey Geisel's tremendous support for the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood demonstrates that she is more of like a wolf in sheep's clothing than a shepherd of the lambs.

-The Audrey Geisel Abortion Record-

According to a May 2003 report in San Diego NewsNotes, Audrey Geisel was one of the chairpersons of the annual San Diego/Riverside Counties Planned Parenthood Dinner held at the Sheraton Hotel on Harbor Island.

In an explosive revelation entitled Rogues' Gallery, San Diego NewsNotes reported in its May 1996 edition that Audrey Geisel served on the honorary committee of the same Planned Parenthood organization for its April 23, 1996 annual abortion dinner fundraiser. Geisel's involvement that year with San Diego's top abortion mill organization helped to honor Chula Vista abortionist Fred Schnepper who was given the Margaret Sanger Award. Margaret Sanger, an avowed racist who idolized Adolph Hitler, was the original founder of Planned Parenthood.

The San Diego Foundation, which is associated with numerous radical pro-homosexual and pro-abortion causes, described Audrey Geisel this way in its 2001 annual report:

"Audrey Geisel brings a special passion to her work, preserving and expanding
the work of Ted "Dr. Seuss" Geisel. Her story is constantly changing as the
energy of her philanthropy touches almost every corner of the community. The
beneficiaries of Audrey Geisel's kindness and generosity are many. Among them:
the Boys and Girls Clubs, the Birch Aquariam, Human Rights Watch,
Planned Parenthood, the San Diego Center for Children, San Diego Hospice
and Mama's Kitchen."

In its 2002 annual report, the San Diego Foundation includes participation from Geisel, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center and this disturbing statement from Elizabeth Ecke of the radical abortion-supporting and poinsettia-farming Ecke Family:

Elisabeth Ecke - Isabella Fund 1999
This Advised Non-Endowment Fund supports
general charitable purposes, excluding religious causes.

Audrey Geisel is not just supportive of abortion causes. She embraces the radical homosexual agenda as well. In their 2005 year-end list of Donors and Supporters, the Gay and Lesbian Center of San Diego listed the Dr. Seuss Foundation among its cheering squad of supporters. As strong of a warrior as Geisel is for aborting babies, she is just as strong in opposing pro-life groups. Published comments on the Independent Televison Service in late 2005, reveal just how nasty Audrey Geisel has been towards the pro-life movement:

AUDREY GEISEL, WIDOW OF DR. SEUSS (Theodor Seuss Geisel), became "very
disturbed" when she found out a pro-life group in Ottawa, Canada used a line from
her husband's book Horton Hears a Who on a poster. The line, "A person is a
person no matter how small," accompanied a picture of an eight-week-old fetus.
"We don't want to take a position one way or the other," said Geisel's San
Francisco lawyer, Cathy Bencieengo. "But this is not an area in which Dr. Seuss
participates."National Post, January 29, 2001 Ontario: Use of Seuss protested OTTAWA - The lawyer representing the widow of Theodor Seuss Geisel, known around the
globe as children's writer Dr. Seuss, is protesting the reprinting of a quote from the author's
work, Horton Hears a Who!, on an anti-abortion poster being distributed in Ottawa Roman
Catholic churches. Cathy Bencieengo said she will ask the local anti-abortion group Action
Life Ottawa to remove the line "A person's a person, no matter how small" and Dr. Seuss's
name from a color poster showing an embryo.

Christians, Christmas and The Grinch

Each year, the Old Globe Theater in San Diego produces its extravagant production of Dr. Seuss' "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". And each year, hundreds of Bible-believing Christians will line up and pluck down the $49 for adult tickets and $25 for children's tickets. In times past, one has even seen Audrey Geisel sitting in the audience. One must also wonder, if Geisel continues to have her way, whether or not Planned Parenthood will leave any future child actors to perform in her plays. Planned Parenthood could invaribly put Geisel's Grinch play out of business, having killed off all future child actors. Does Audrey Geisel actually envision herself as the real Grinch when she is watching the children cooing over the fictitious Grinch as he steals the Christmas gifts from Whosville, knowing that her rabid support for the abortionists of Planned Parenthood are killing precious children?

As Christians throughout America walk their children into churches this Christmas, holding onto a little baby in one hand, and a Bible in the other, isn't it time to consider where they are spending their money and what they are really financing. It is the greatest of hypocrisies to go to church while giving money to a woman who supports the killing of millions of babies via the Planned Parenthood abortion rampage.

This has been an Exclusive James Hartline Report.
Now Read Daily By Over 17,500 Concerned Citizens Of Conviction.

I Am Making My Stand in 2008!
Have You Started Making Yours Yet?

You can read other major Christian Conservative news stories
at California Christian News

James Hartline, Publisher
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Monday, March 03, 2008

ALERT: March 8, 2008 - All Day of Prayer & Fasting - Send Us Your Prayer Requests!

Day of Prayer & Fasting
Saturday - March 8, 2008

"With this news, strengthen those who have tired hands, and encourage those who
have weak knees. Say to those who are afraid, "Be strong, and do not fear, for your
God is coming to destroy your enemies. He is coming to save you."

And when he comes, he will open the eyes of the blind and unstop the ears of the
deaf. The lame will leap like a deer, and those who cannot speak will shout and sing!
Springs will gush forth in the wilderness, and streams will water the desert."
Isaiah 35:3-6

In the next few years, we will be facing catastrophic circumstances in
the United States. Are you ready for such times? I believe that the Lord's
desire is to make sure that His people are strong and well-prepared
for whatever may be coming down the road.

On Saturday, March 8, 2008, we will be devoting the entire day to
prayer and fasting. Will you join with me in setting aside this day
for intercession and prayer and fasting?

We need to get ready for hard times. God is ready and able to meet our
every need. He wants to strengthen us. He wants to prosper us.
He wants to draw us close to His throne so that we can hear clearly
what His desires are for us.

Please send me all of your prayer requests and I will be taking them
before the Lord on Saturday - March 8, 2008.
I believe that this is our season to receive everything that God has
been promising to us for our lives, our families and to the
manifesting of our destinies upon this earth.

God Bless You and Me as we co-labor for the
Cause of Jesus Christ in our nation.

Special Requests:
Please pray for the Christian candidates to prevail in the upcoming elections.
Financial provisions for all of those who are serving God in ministry.
The overthrowing of the works of darkness in San Diego, California.
For Revival in the state of Oregon.
Favor for Ohio State Assembly candidate Patrick Johnston.
Favor and protection for San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline.
Favor for San Diego City Council candidate Bill Daniel.
Favor for Grossmont School Board candidate Priscilla Schreiber.
Favor for Grossmont School Board candidate Larry Urdahl.
Provisions for the America Asleep kNOw More Ministry.
Favor for Presidential Candidate Alan Keyes.
New housing for ministry volunteer Rosita Gonzales and her three kids.