Friday, March 28, 2008

Hartline vs. 3 Democrat City Council Candidates Who Will Not Protect San Diego's Kids

One of my main campaign issues against the three Democrat candidates for the District 3 San Diego City Council candidates is this:

John Hartley, Todd Gloria and Stephen Whitburn, all three were in last year's San Diego Gay Pride Parade WHERE an elementary school marched their children in the parade, exposing the kids to pornographers, male strippers, male prostitutes and men dressed as nuns to mock the Catholic Church. Hartley, the now charged advocate of public lewd acts, Stephen Whitburn and Todd Gloria celebrated these children being exposed to the sexual perversions in the parade. These are the same guys that now want to represent the families and parents of District 3 on the City Council.

I, for one, am at war with these men who care nothing about our kids or fixing the broken moral compass at city hall.

James Hartline
San Diego City Council, District 3 Candidate

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