Thursday, March 27, 2008

Opponent to Hartline in San Diego City Council race caught in lewd behavior

City Council candidate arrested for lewd behavior

March 27, 2008
John, Hartley, a San Diego City Council candidate was arrested Thursday afternoon after he was seen urinating in a cup and masturbating in public, said Monica Munoz, a San Diego police spokeswoman.
John Hartley, 65, was being interviewed at the mid-city division station before being transferred to police headquarters, where he was expected to be booked into jail, Munoz said.
Hartley previously served on the council from 1989-93, and is running on the June 3 ballot to replace Councilwoman Toni Atkins, who cannot run again due to term limits.
In terms of fundraising, Hartley is running behind two other candidates. Congressional aide Todd Gloria has raised $21,727, Red Cross spokesman Stephen Whitburn has raised $23,138, and Hartley has raised $15,774, of which $12,000 was his own money.
Hartley lives in Normal Heights.

On a Union-Tribune candidate survey, he listed his occupation as a teacher. He said he is the chairman of Partners for Safe Neighborhoods, and has organized 30-plus Neighborhood Watch groups. He said he led graffiti clean-ups and is the president of the Friends of Kensington/Normal Heights Library. He said he was the Sierra Club Volunteer of the Year.
Police were called to the area of Vista Street near Adams Avenue in Kensington about 4 p.m. when they found Hartley. He could not be reached for comment Thursday night.

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Anonymous said...

How disrespectful we, especially in North America, have become of our bodies! ......... you know, that wonderful free physical GIFT from God - (the creator of all) Himself. How disrespectful, also, we have become ofour body's functions and the the intended purposes of these functions! - all of which are also gifts.

What antics one goes to, to attract attention as in this stated instance when one choses to not believe in one's own worth!

These are the actions of one who is totally bankrupt in the self value department.

Holy spirit of Truth enlighten and direct us and heal us from this pain of disrespect so that we may discontinue insulting ourselves with such behaviours.