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When Good and Evil Collide -- Five Courageous Christians Stand Up For Life as the San Diego City Council Votes To Declare a Day in Honor of Abortion

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
February 29, 2008

When Good and Evil Collide
San Diego City Council Honors the Abortion Industry
By Declaring Reproductive Choice Day
in the City of San Diego

Five Courageous Christians Stand Up For Life As the
San Diego City Council Votes Unanimously To Declare
A Day Of Honor For San Diego's Abortion Industry

(JHReport) The horrors of the abortion industry were front and center in the San Diego City Council chambers on February 19, 2008 as the San Diego City Council declared Reproductive Choice Day in the City of San Diego. The declaration to honor the abortion industry in San Diego was initiated by lesbian San Diego City Councilwoman Toni Atkins. Prior to her election as a member of the San Diego city council, Toni Atkins managed a number of abortion clinics, as well as being the Chair of the Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

At odds with Councilwoman Atkins and her use of the city council as a vehicle for promoting the abortion industry were five outspoken Christian activists who attended the Feb. 19th city council meeting. During the contentious debate over the abortion honoring proclamation, San Diego city council candidate James Hartline and local pro-life activist Eddie Brown went toe-to-toe with Atkins and the abortion industry. After the Christian pro-life speakers had issued their fervent pleas asking the council to vote no on issuing the proclamation, the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to declare Reproductive Choice Day in the City of San Diego. Once again, a number of San Diego city councilmembers who claim to be Christians sided with the killing of unborn children and the abortion industry. Councilmember Tony Young was not present for the vote.

Eddie Brown retired three years ago from the Navy to become one of America's most recognized voices in the growing pro-life movement. Brown, 28, changed his entire schedule the day before the Feb. 19th council meeting when he found out that Atkins had scheduled a hearing to honor the abortion industry. Eddie Brown has given his entire post-miliary life to the saving of countless unborn babies. He is a man who understands the pain of losing a child. Eddie and his wife April recently lost their first child to a miscarriage. April Brown is currently blessed to be pregnant with another child.

During the Feb. 19th hearing, Eddie Brown issued a truly historic plea on behalf of the unborn children who are being slaughtered in the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood. For six minutes, Eddie Brown's inspiring and thought-provoking presentation caused everyone present in the council chambers to sit transfixed on the podium and its speaker. He reminded Atkins and the other pro-abortion councilmembers that there is a higher authority that they will be held accountable to than just the voters. Brown warned the council that a "prophetic generation" has been arising in America since the 1973 decision that legalized abortion in the United States.

Joining Eddie Brown at the podium was Gordon MacIlvaine, a 31 year-old former teacher who is currently seeking a Masters in Education. Like Eddie Brown, MacIlvaine is involved in a local prayer and pro-life ministry called the Justice House of Prayer.

Followng Eddie Brown was longtime Christian activist and city council candidate James Hartline. Hartline called upon the city council to stop using the taxpayer's precious time and money during council meetings to honor Councilwoman Atkins' obsession with the abortion industry. Hartline stated that each year, in his estimation, the San Diego city council uses up over three entire work days by issuing city proclamations, which in most cases are issued on behalf of the special interests of councilmembers. He also noted that the photographs which are taken of councilmembers with the recepients of these proclamations are then later used during those same councilmembers' reelection campaigns.

Standing with Hartline at the podium was Julie Smith, who Hartline calls, "one of his faithful assistants." Smith, a mother and grandmother, is an outspoken supporter of life and a strong opponent of the abortion movement. Both Smith and Hartline are longtime members of Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, a church where members are encouraged to take active roles in the affairs of their city government.

Opening up the battlefront for the Christian Community during the Feb. 19th city council hearing was community activist and senior citizen Don Stillwell. Don Stillwell has been attending local city council hearings for many years. During his dozens of appearances at city hall, Stillwell has constantly had to remind council president Scott Peters to say the Pledge of Allegiance before starting the council meetings. Councilman Peters, who claims to be a Christian, is a major donor to Planned Parenthood.

Councilwoman Donna Frye, a former candidate for mayor in San Diego, represents the beach community on the city council. Frye was especially negative to Hartline and the other pro-lifers during the debate over the proclamation to honor the abortion industry. Donna Frye has spent years on the city council mocking Christians and fighting every attempt by James Hartline to bring moral values back to the city council.

After Hartline had concluded his remarks, Frye stated, "I support a woman's right to choose, I always will, I always have." After Frye concluded her comments in support of the abortion industry, one bystander commented to Hartline that he felt Frye had somehow crossed "a point of no return" regarding her anti-christian mentality.

From repeatedly voting to remove the Mt. Soledad Cross from a Veteran's War Memorial to voting to affirm a legal brief in support of same-sex marriages, Donna Frye has become a controversial contradiction to her famous surfer husband Skip Frye. Skip Frye was once a very public born again Christian, but after years of attacks on the Christian Community by his wife Donna, few believe that Skip Frye still follows an Evangelical Christian path.

At the end of 2008, Toni Atkins will clean out her city council office and take her many years of rabid homosexual and abortion activism with her. Atkins will be termed out and pro-life activist James Hartline is determined to make sure that her city council seat is not replaced with another misguided proponent of radicalized anti-christian ideals. For the past eight months, James Hartline has been campaigning to become the next city council representative from San Diego's District 3 which is currently represented by Atkins.

For six years, Hartline has been regularly and consistently confrontling the corruptive and immoral agenda of both Councilwoman Toni Atkins and Councilwoman Donna Frye. There has been no greater proponent of strong Christian values at San Diego's City Hall over the past decade than James Hartline. Hartline has paid a price, however. From receiving repeated death threats to being ostracized by many San Diego pastors, Hartline has been tried and tested in the fires of a city that is on the brink of a complete moral breakdown.

That has not stopped James Hartline or his potent activism. In fact, instead of fading away, Hartline says that he is just getting started. Take for example the words that he declared in his speech as he opposed the vote to declare a day in honor of the abortion industry in the City of San Diego. Hartline stated:

"Today’s vote on this proclamation is about the promotion of the abortion industry.
Today’s proclamation is all about Councilwoman Atkin’s obsession with abortion.

"The idea that we have continuously been forced to have our name used to honor the
abortion industry in this city because Councilwoman Atkins is obsessed with
abortion is something that voters in the city of San Diego need to finally declare:
Enough is enough!

"We are once again outraged that we are being forced to have a personal obsession
of Councilwoman Atkins forced upon us. We do not want our names being used to
honor the abortion industry. When these proclamations are declared by the city,
it does so in our name."

James Hartline also looked the council squarely in the face and warned each member: "Any council person that votes today for this proclamation to honor the abortion industry will never, ever get our votes in any future elections. We will make sure that every voter in San Diego and San Diego County is made aware of those who vote for this heinous proclamation."

Apparently, Councilman Brian Maienschein did not heed Hartline's warning. Maienschein, who has announced he is running for the San Diego City Attorney's seat, has told Chistians in San Diego that he is a fellow Christian. Maienschein, who is now seeking out the support of Evangelical Christians for his upcoming campaign, has repeatedly betrayed those same Christians by voting for gay pride and pro-abortion proclamations. By voting to honor the abortion industry, Maienschein has clearly demonstrated that he is not going to honor his previously professed Christianity while seeking out the Christian vote.

With over 17,000 daily readers and thousands more on various other news websites throughout America, James Hartline has one of the most effective and established networks for conveying information to San Diego Christians. One of the things Hartline has told JHReport he intends to do after the Feb. 19th vote is to make sure that voters are aware of how the council voted on the abortion industry proclamation.

"No Christian of conscience can vote for Councilman Brian Maienschein to become our city attorney after he so blatantly violated his commitment to Jesus Christ by honoring the abortion industry," says an emphatic James Hartline. "It is time we vote out these hypocritical politicians who will say anything to get our vote and then ever so quickly they will betray us and our values. The day of dishonoring us without consequences is officially over," Hartline adds.

You can watch the February 19, 2008 Abortion Proclamation City Council Debate:
When Good Collides With Evil, by going to the following website:

Here is the San Diego City Council video archive link:
Click on View Video for February 19, 2008
Click on Item 106: Coalition For Reproductive Choice
Time of 01:43:00

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Do Boycotts Work? Ours Is! Starbucks Is Feeling The Pain!

Nearly three years ago, we started a slow-growth boycott against Starbucks. The reason: Starbucks sponsors the San Diego Gay Pride events where small kids are exposed to porn companies, nearly naked male strippers, and a parade that features men dressed up as nuns to mock the Catholic Church. Additionally, the Starbucks Foundation gives thousands of dollars each year to organzations that support abortion and the indoctrination of young kids into homosexuality. As Christians we cannot continue to support companies like Starbucks who are violating our Christian faith and desires for our youth. If Starbucks wants to destroy our nation's moral foundation, it will not do so with our money!

It is clear that Starbucks is feeling the effect of our boycott. Over the last three years, thousands of Christians and their churches have joined the James Hartline Report Action Center in boycotting Starbucks.

Do boycotts work? Absolutely, they work. Just read the following article from today's MSNBC report:
Starbucks to close all U.S. stores for training
Three-hour shutdown designed to educate, energize 135,000 workers

MSNBC staff and news service reports
SEATTLE - Starbucks is shutting its doors for three hours Tuesday night, the latest drastic step in a companywide bid to improve its sagging fortunes.
The shutdown is one of several big moves spearheaded by Chairman and Chief Executive Howard Schultz, who recently took back the reins of the company amid concerns that it was losing its edge and facing increased competition from the likes of McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts.
Schultz has said the shutdown, which begins at 5:30 p.m. local time, is a way to energize its 135,000 employees and provide some barista re-education in the "art of espresso" at its 7,100 U.S. locations.
In a memo to employees and the public, Schultz said the goal of the closure was to improve the so-called "Starbucks Experience" — the company's shorthand for its mixture of service, ambience and coffee that spurred its explosive growth and success in recent years.
"We are passionate about our coffee. And we will revisit our standards of quality that are the foundation for the trust that our customers have in our coffee and in all of us," Schultz wrote in a memo titled "Howard Schultz Transformation Agenda Communication #8."
The move comes about a year after a memo was made public in which Schultz openly fretted about whether the Starbucks brand was being watered down by changes including adding automated espresso machines and using pre-ground, pre-packaged coffee in stores. Both moves have robbed the stores of some of their aroma and romance but have allowed customers to get their caffeine fix more quickly.
Schultz, Starbucks' longtime chairman, has made several changes aimed at reviving Starbucks' growth since taking on the chief executive role in January.
Last week, the company announced that it was cutting 600 positions.
Starbucks also recently announced that it was droppping its hot breakfast sandwiches, which some customers liked but which many baristas said were smelly.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


The James Hartline Report Action Center
February 25, 2008
~ Action Alert ~

"The Chinese People, Shackled in Chains, Welcome the Olympics!"
~ Chinese Blogger & Poet Guo Weidong ~

The U.S. Olympic Team Prepares to Go For the Gold in Beijing as
China's Brutal Communist Government Forces Mothers to Get Abortions,
and Political Prisoners Are Executed So That Their Organs Can Be
Harvested and Sold on the Black Market to Wealthy Elites.

Chinese House Churches are Bulldozed, Religious Leaders are Imprisoned,
and Political Dissidents are Tortured as America Honors China by Sending
The U. S. Olympic Team to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Will American Christians Stand Up To China's Evil Red Dragon?

Meng Shulan's fearful and sleepy eyes abruptly pop open as she hears the agonizing screams pierce through the cold and merciless winter night. The tormenting screams are a painful reminder that Meng Shulan will never find a complete night of rest in her homeland of China as long as the brutal Communist regime in Beijing is allowed to continue its murderous reign of terror. The screams belong to Meng's friend, Zhou Chenxiu. Once again Zhou is being beaten by the local police because she will not reveal the source of the Gospel literature that she distributes in the country town of Moding.

Meng Shulan buries her dreams and her face into her dirty, well-worn pillow. No matter how much she attempts to muffle the sound of her beloved Christian friend screaming in response to the police brutality, Meng knows that the beatings will never stop because Zhou Chenxiu will never tell the state police where she obtains her Bibles and Gospel literature.

Shuang Shuying, a neighbor of Meng Shulan, hears the screams as well. Shuang, a 33 year-old mother of one son, stares silently at the dirt floor in her two room house. As she slowly rocks herself back and forth, Shuang holds back great tears of grief. Her tears trickle down her face as she hears the tormenting sounds of Zhou Chenxiu crying out after each slap in her face and after each punch in her stomach.

Shuang Shuying has much to cry over. It is still painful for her to recall the day, ten years ago, when the medical police broke into her tiny home and drug her away to the abortion clinic. She will never forget the day that she was tied down on the cold, stainless steel table and her precious five month-old baby ripped from her womb. Shuang Shuying is one of the millions of Chinese women who have been victimized under Chinese law which bans any woman from having more than one child.

The Chinese government's forced abortion law is strictly carried out in China against any woman who refuses to willingly abort her pregnancy after the woman has already had her first child. This is the cruel legalization of rape by the murderous Communist regime that has ruled China for nearly sixty years. This is also the same murderous Chinese government that was given the right to hold the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

The Communist Madmen of China have been well-rewarded for their heinous crimes. In an incredible act of hypocrisy and cruelty, United States President George W. Bush has agreed to attend the Olympics in Beijing. According to the New York Times, President Bush said on September 6, 2007 that he has accepted an invitation from President Hu Jintao of China to attend the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing, a move that is likely to inflame China’s critics, who are calling for a boycott of the games to protest human rights abuses in that country.

Back in Moding, Meng Shulan is now silent. The beating has stopped for the night and she is returned to her prison cell in the Moding Province labor camp. The labor camps are always busy. Nearly 100 million Chinese Christians live with the possiblity of being taken to one of the Chinese labor camps where they will be beaten, tortured, and deprived of basic human dignity. Their crimes: attending Christian services at one of China's secret house churches or distributing Bibles and Gospel literature.

There are other vile crimes being committed against the oppressed citizens of China by their demonic communist dictators. Yes, many, many other evil crimes. NewsMax reported on December 15, 2004 about the horrific infanticide and forced abortion crimes being perpetrated by the Communist dictators in China. According to NewsMax, the U.S. State Department reported that despite some changes, China's one-child family planning program remains a source of coercion, forced abortions, infanticide and perilously imbalanced boy-girl ratios. Testimony before the House International Relations Committee focused on a Shanghai woman who, since her second pregnancy in the late 1980s, has been assigned to psychiatric wards, coerced into an abortion, and removed from her job. She is reportedly subject to torture in a labor camp. "Mao Hengfeng," said Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., "is the most egregious example of China's mistreatment of women who do not comply with China's draconian policies, but there are thousands of other victims."

"The one-child policy is the most pervasive source of human-rights violations in China today," said Harry Wu, a human- rights activist who spent 19 years in the Chinese labor camp system. Wu cited a 2003 document from an area of southern Guangdong Province where party secretaries and village heads were told their salaries would be cut in half if, in a 35-day period, they did not reach a goal of sterilizing 1,369 people, fitting 818 with IUDs and carrying out 163 abortions.

While the murderous leaders of Communist China are authorizing a demonic reign of terror against the millions of defenseless citizens of China, there may be one crime that will be committed against the Chinese people in August, 2008 that will be worse than anything they have yet to experience. That crime will be the refusal of America's Olympic athletes to speak out against the murderous crimes being inflicted upon the wonderful Chinese people by their brutal Communist dictators.

U.S. Olympic athletes are now lifting weights, running laps, taking their vitamins and eating plenty of nutritious meals in preparation for the Beijing Olympics. At the same time that U. S. athletes are living in unequaled freedom, Chinese political dissidents like Hu Jia, 34, and his wife, Zeng Jinyan, are being abused, imprisoned and silenced as part of the Chinese Communist regime's oppressive pre-olympic steps.

According to the International Herald Tribune, human rights advocates and Chinese dissidents say that Hu's detention is the most telling example of what they describe as a broadening crackdown on dissent as Beijing prepares to stage the Olympic Games in August. In recent months, several dissidents have been jailed, including a former factory worker in northeastern China who collected 10,000 signatures after posting an online petition titled "We Want Human Rights, Not the Olympics."

"This is a coordinated cleansing campaign," said Teng Biao, a legal expert who has known Hu since 2006. "All the troublemakers — including potential troublemakers — are being silenced before the Olympic Games."

There was a time in America, when the U. S. government had the courage to stand up to oppressive regimes like the Chinese government. There was once a national American front that said NO to the evils of Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. Today, powerful corporate interests are working through the U. S. government to make trade deals with the dictators in Beijing. Yesterday's great American honor has been exchanged for today's corporate greed.

There is no difference between the slave traders that once controlled U. S. plantations and the Chinese factories that manufacture the billions of dollars worth of goods sold in America's shopping malls. There is no difference between the Apartheid regime that once controlled South Africa and the murderous regime that killed 10,000 Chinese students in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

America's civil rights advocates once spoke out boldly against the world's atrocities. Today those same civil rights advocates are either working for Corporate America or playing politics for financial gain. In fact, many of yesterday's powerful voices for freedom will have their eyes glued to their television screens during the Olympics and their mouths shut as they refuse to speak out against the venemous crimes of Beijing's cruel Communist dictators.

There are many U. S. Olympic Athletes who call themselves Christians. As they win their events in Beijing, they will move aside the heavy gold crosses hanging around their muscular necks to make room for their gold medals. As they are interviewed by network sportscasters, they will wipe sweat from their brows and declare, "I want to thank God, my mother and all of my fans for my great victory today." Will these same Christian U. S. Olympians actually demonstrate their commitment to Christ by calling on the Communist dictatorship in Beijing to let religious freedom ring in China? While the television cameras are rolling and the world's audience is watching, will these Christian gold medal winners give back their Olympic medals in protest of the murderous governmental mobsters that control Communist China?

Indeed, will U.S. athletes be bold enough to boycott the Beijing Olympics? Will these same Christian athletes prove their faith is more than just a feel-good syrupy Joel Osteen sermon by actually bringing Bibles into China where they are so desperately needed....and wanted by the 100 million Chinese Christians who are currently banned from owning a Bible?

While America's Christian athletes will be practicing and racing in Nike shoes made in China and reading Bibles printed at China's Zondervan factory, few, if any, will consider the horrific conditions their fellow Christians in China are enduring. Take the following recent case being reported by China Aid, a watch dog organization that monitors the evil crimes being committed against Chinese Christians at the hands of their Communist government persecutors:


Xilinhaote City, Inner Mongolia -- China Aid has learned that the President of the Inner Mongolia Branch of the Chinese House church Alliance, Wang Dawei, was detained along with more than 40 co-workers on Wednesday, February 20, 2008. The leaders were in the 3rd day of Bible study when more than 100 Police officers from the State Security Bureau and members of the Religious Affairs bureau disrupted the meeting and detained the ministers. Police officials also confiscated the offering collection and more than 30 boxes of Bibles and other Christian literature. Security Bureau members then searched the personal residence of Wang Dawei later on in the afternoon. The leader of the meeting, a South Korean minister, was also detained during the incident, his whereabouts remain unknown.
The intensity of persecution amongst members of the Chinese House Church Alliance continues to increase as the Beijing Olympics draw near.

American athletes, some wealthy, some students, are all determined to go to Beijing to earn a gold medal necklace and a million dollar endorsement contract should they win their respective events. While U. S. athletes are eating well, getting their massages and garnering the adulation of their U. S. fans and supporters, Chinese citizens will be beaten, tortured, starved and imprisoned.

Bill Getz of the Washington Times reavealed in his March 24, 2006 expose that a hellish industry exists in China where human organs are being harvested for sale. According to Getz, a Chinese journalist has uncovered a secret detention center in northern China that is being used by a hospital to harvest human organs for sale to domestic and international buyers.

Jin Zhong, a pseudonym for the journalist who fled China recently, also said in an interview that a failed Chinese intelligence operation led to the 2004 death of a Japanese diplomat who committed suicide rather than give up secrets. On the prisoner abuse, Mr. Jin said he first learned of the harvesting operation between October and December and that the prisoners used were members of the outlawed Falun Gong religious group.
"This is murder, and murder sponsored by a state," said Mr. Jin, who in the past has been a contributor to a Japanese news agency. "It must be stopped."

This is the environment that U. S. athletes will be competing in during the 2008 Olympics. This is the nation that President Bush will celebrate when he visits Beijing to root for Americans to go for the gold.

On a daily basis, Communist thugs roam the streets of Chinese cities looking for Christian house churches. Christians are regularly rounded up, beaten, tortured and imprisoned. Their crimes: holding church services, distributing Bibles and Christian-based literature. Bob Fu, director of the American-based organization China Aid, monitors the ongoing epidemic of religious persecution of Christians by the atheist communist government in China. Fu issued a press release on February 19, 2008 which reads:

21 Major House Church Leaders Sent to Labor Camp in Shandong at the Same Time. LINYI CITY, Shandong, Feb. 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- In the most massive persecution case since 1983, CAA learned 21 major house church leaders were sent to labor camp at the same time recently by Linyi City Re-education through the labor Commission. They were all detained on December 7, 2007 when they gathered together for leadership training with other 249 leaders in Hedong District, Linyi city, Shandong. After paying fines and finishing detention from a few days to a few weeks, 249 were released. The 21 most senior leaders were sentenced to 3 years to 1 year and three months. They were accused as "evil cult" members, an arbitrary charge to any non-registered house churches by the PSB. Among the 21 sentenced, 17 are men and 4 are women.

When the Communist dictators in China were bidding on the 2008 Olympics, the Chinese government promised to improve its heinous restrictions on religious freedoms in China. To this day, China has deceived the world and not delivered on its promises. There are more crackdowns on dissidents and Christians than ever before in China.

While President Bush and Democratic presidential contender Barak Obama will be attending church services this weekend, there will be no talk coming from the pulpits of their respective pastors about the vile torture being inflicted upon Christians in China. Much will be preached about the need for "change" in America and little will be said about the blood running in the streets of pre-olympic Beijing.

According to Prisoner Alert, a ministry of The Voice of the Martyrs, in July 2007, 42-year-old Li Mei and nine Chinese house church leaders were arrested, when they were discovered having a Sunday worship service. They were charged with singing Christian hymns to villagers, showing the JESUS film in a nursing home and praying for healing for a disabled elderly man. The nine were sentenced to "re-education" through labor for 12 to 18 months. Li Mei served part of her one-year sentence in a hospital with both hands chained to her bed. Repeated beatings and torture caused her to require a hysterectomy. She is currently serving the remainder of her sentence at home under house arrest.

On December 22, 2006, Pastor Wang Weiliang and seven other church leaders were sentenced from one year to three and one-half years in prison by the People‘s Court of Xiaoshan District, China. Four are in prison, four received suspended sentences. In prison, the men are forced to make clothing and shoes for export and prohibited from praying openly or reading the Bible. These leaders were arrested after thousands of PSB officers bulldozed their church building on July 29, 2006.

Since Pastor Weilang's arrest and imprisonment for being the leader of a house church, the United States government has continued to encourage even more trade with China. Time after time after time, the Bush administration has financially rewarded China despite its horrific record on human rights. Most Americans will take no notice of the "made in China" stickers attached to the products they buy. Most Americans will take no thought that their purchase of Chinese goods is empowering one of the most cruel dictatorships on the face of the Earth.

On February 7, 2008, Pastor Bob Fu, president of China Aid Association, was awarded the 2007 John Leland Religious Liberty Award at the Library of Congress. When accepting the award, Pastor Fu called on Christians to stand up for believers in China who face harassment, detentions and sometimes death because of their faith. Pastor Fu said, “From my own experience of being arbitrarily detained in a Chinese jail, and from the hundreds of documented cases of harassment, arbitrary detentions, seizing of property, torture and even the death of some of my Christian friends and former coworkers in China, I cannot stay silent for those who share our same faith, but not all our basic freedoms.”

While wealthy U.S. corporations will be sponsoring America's Olympic team, there is virtually no possibility that television giants like ABC, NBC, CBS and ESPN will focus on the atrocities being inflicted upon Chinese Christians in Communist state-run prisons that are within walking distance of the Olympic sports venues. Will America's television viewers hear about the following crime that occured in the Yunan Province on January 23, 2008:

YUNAN, China, Jan. 30 /Christian Newswire/ China Aid Association has learned that members of a House Church in Yunan Province were severely beaten by police officials on the morning of January 23. The incident occurred after two church members walked into the Xishan District's Public Security Bureau office to request an account of the items, including Bibles, that were taken from the church and burned by police officials in early December of 2007. After ignoring the members' request, officials proceeded to violently remove them from the office. One female church member 54-year- old Ms. Liang Guihua was thrown into a wall and rendered unconscious for more than 10 minutes.

~ Take Action~
What would you do if you were trapped in a nation where you were beaten every day for being a Christian? Helpless and hopeless, wouldn't you hope that someone, somewhere in the outside world, would stand up for you? Chinese Christians are defenseless against their evil persecutors? They are crying out for American Christians, who have been given so much prosperity and liberty, to rise up and make their stand for religious freedom in China.

San Diego Christians are critical to the current crisis in China. San Diego County plays a significant role in the battle over the rights of Chinese citizens during the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics. Chula Vista, California is located in the heart of San Diego County. Chula Vista is also home to the U.S. Olympic Training Center. The Training Center rests on a 150-acre complex adjacent to Lower Otay Lake in San Diego County. The center has sport venues and support facilities for nine Olympic sports: archery, canoe/kayak, cycling, field hockey, rowing, soccer, softball, tennis, and track & field.

Many U. S. Olympic athletes who will be competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympics are practicing at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. Christians in San Diego, as well as every American citizen, must contact the U.S. Olympic team and demand that they issue a public statement that denounces the horrendous abuse of Chinese Christians by the Communist regime in Beijing. In addition, both the Chula Vista City Council and the San Diego City Council must issue declarations calling on the Communist regime in Beijing to release its religious prisoners and allow all Chinese citizens the right to practice their religion freely and without governmental intrusion or oppression.

This may be the finest hour of Christianity in American history. As we make our stand for our oppressed and abused brothers and sisters in China, we expect to hear the shouts of "We are Free! We Are Free!" reigning in every church in China and in every heart of every Christian in America!

Contact Information
U.S. Olympic Training Center
800 Olympic ParkwayChula Vista, CA 91915-6000TEL: (619) 656-1500FAX: (619) 482-6200

Alicia Mandel, Director, Olympic Clint Kofford, Manager, Olympic
Carlee Wolfe, Coordinator, Olympic

Chula Vista Convention & Visitors Bureau
233 Fourth AvenueChula Vista, CA 91910(619) 426-2882 tel(619) 420-1269

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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Journal of a Christian Candidate in an Anti-Christian World

The Journal of James Hartline
~ Dated February 18, 2008 ~
The Joy and The Agony of Being
A Christian in 21st Century America

There Is A Price To Pay For Making A Stand
As A Christian Candidate In An Anti-Christian World.
~ On The Campaign Trail In 2008 ~

It was Sunday, February 17, 2008 and I had just finished going to the grocery store to buy some fruit to contribute to a local church picnic in the relaxed San Diego neighborhood of Kensington. I was happy to have a brief respite from the harsh schedule of my campaign for the San Diego City Council. I was also gratefully enjoying the early afternoon walk towards the park where friends from Mid-City Christian Fellowship were gathering for food and fellowship. However, my comfortable walk to the park soon turned into a drastic brush with death. Seconds after I had stepped off of the curb and onto the pedestrian crosswalk leading into the park, I was hit by a black four-door Toyota station wagon.

Time seemed to stand still as I watched the car approaching me at about 15 mph. I just assumed that the driver was going to stop at the red light. Instead, this madman behind the wheel kept coming at me. Already six feet into the pedestrian walkway, there was little room for me to maneuver away from the inevitable impact I was about to have with the murderous grill attached to the front of the Toyota.

My shock soon turned into a strange dancing motion that allowed me to roll along the hood of the car and safely land feet first at the left side of the assaultive vehicle. Once again, I have had my faith in God reconfirmed as I was miraculously spared any injury. The driver got out of his car which was now stalled completely across the pedestrian walkway. With bloodshot eyes and a twisted disposition, the driver had been drinking, something he admitted to me when I accused him of being drunk. Because I was not injured and the drunk driver had returned to the accident scene after fleeing, the police said that they would not be charging him. In fact, the police officers only gave him a sobriety test because I had stated that they were going to let a drunk driver leave without charging him which could potentially endanger other vunerable community members.

One hour after I had first been hit by the drunk driver, I finally left the location of the incident and walked into the park. Having my life threatened has become routine for me in the assignment that God has given me to save our nation. Some things are more easy to endure than others. While I expect the constant threats to come my way from the radical gay activists who are determined to stop my stand for Jesus Christ, there are other kinds of spiritual assaults and pitfalls along this path that are not so easy for me to dismiss.

For me, there is nothing so agonizing as the sight of my city suffering the fires of moral decay -- and only a handful of professing Christians willing to come and help me to put out the destructive flames. As I compete for a seat on the San Diego City Council, I am confronted daily by a Christian Community that seems to have been injected with a sedating toxin so spiritually devastating that I fear they may never awaken from their comatose state.

In 2004, we were on the brink of losing a major component of our constitutional right to free religious expression. The cross that sits atop the Mt. Soledad Veteran's War Memorial was close to being removed and most San Diegans had lost all interest in the legal case. I began to rally Christians to reinject themselves into the battle. I was able to get hundreds of Christians to turn out for hearings at the City Council. Long before the rich politicians got involved in the Mt. Soledad Cross battle so that they could gain political favor with the voters at election time, I was crying out for churchgoers to make their stand for our religious freedom at city hall. You can watch one of my many speeches on religious liberty and the Mt. Soledad Cross legal battle at the San Diego City Council by logging into the following:

San Diego City Council Video Archive --
Go To View Video -- Mar. 08, 2005 --
Click on Break Return and slide time ruler to time of 44:08.

Despite the fact that one million Christians in San Diego are now enjoying the blessing of seeing the Mt. Soledad Cross still standing, only 34 Christian voters have contributed to my campaign for a seat on the San Diego City Council.

After all of these years of fighting for the protection of the kids of my city, and after all of the battles that I have waged to clean up the moral rot in our community, I am virtually treated like a dog by the vast majority of pastors in San Diego. In my campaign for the San Diego City Council only 7 of the 2,000+ pastors in San Diego have endorsed my campaign. These seven courageous pastors are good and faithful men. They are more concerned with pleasing God than what others may think. Out of the 2,000+ pastors in San Diego, only one pastor has contributed financially to my campaign.

Two years ago when the holy city of Jerusalem was about to be infested with some of the most perverted sexual events in history, I was the first voice to cry out against this ungodly injustice. I wrote the first Christian news story about the World Gay Pride event and the plan by gay activists to come to the holy sites in Jerusalem where they would pollute them with evil and vile perversions. Because of my initial reporting on this disgraceful event, a worldwide protest began to stop the World Gay Pride event in Jerusalem. Christians and Jews throughout the world were eventually able to celebrate the stopping of the World Gay Pride event.

Two years later, as I campaign for the San Diego City Council, only 34 Christians out of the millions who have been blessed by my work to stop the World Gay Pride event in Jerusalem have even contributed to my campaign for the city council.

Last year, I was the first Christian writer to report on the horrible event at Petco Park where thousands of young San Diego children were going to be exposed to the gay organization which had hired dangerous pedophiles in 2005 as part of the San Diego Gay Pride festival. Thousands of San Diego parents were able to protect their kids because of my reporting and my Christian activism against the Petco Park assault on the youth of our city. One year later, only 34 Christians and one pastor have said thank you by contributing financially to my campaign for the San Diego City Council.

Over the last five years, I have led the charge to shut down nine pornographic businesses in the city of San Diego. Included in the list of these terrible businesses that are now shut down is a gay bathhouse location where thousands of men over a period of 22 years were exposed to AIDS and illegal drug use. Today, many lives are being spared because this death house is now closed. Today, only 34 Christians have said thank you by contributing to my campaign for the San Diego City Council.

I recently asked God about the role of my particular city council campaign in our city. The Lord responded by letting me know that my campaign is a test for the Christians of San Diego. You see, pastor after pastor preaches in the pulpit about the corruption and immorality in our culture. These same pastors now have a chance to do something about the things they have been preaching about. If they do not support my campaign for the city council, than all of their complaining is just empty rhetoric.

My campaign is a test for me and it is a test for the Christian Community of San Diego. For me, it comes down to my obedience to God. God instructed me to run this race. Whether anybody supports me or not, I still have an obligation to God to follow Him and to remain obedient to His call for my life. For the Christians in San Diego, my campaign is an opportunity for them to prove whether their years of complaining about the corruption and immorality on the San Diego City Council has been an honest concern of theirs or just the bitter verbage of lukewarm Christians who are all talk and no action.

I would imagine that if I was rich and influential in our culture, the 2,000+ San Diego pastors would be lining up to support me. After all, when wealthy politicians like Leslie Devaney ran for the San Diego City Attorney in 2004, pastors in San Diego gave her their pulpits and their time to help her campaign. I recently found out that one of the most influential pastors in San Diego brought mayoral candidate Steve Francis before a conference of hundreds of Christian leaders to introduce him. Francis is one of the most rabid supporters of homosexuality in the Republican Party. He is also one of the richest.

While millionaire Steve Francis has been campaigning to become San Diego's next mayor, and at the same time, destroying the Republican Party's opposition to homosexuality, he is being helped by pastors in his campaign. These same pastors have never helped me with anything in my years of faithful service to God, yet they can help a pro-homosexual millionaire in his bid to become mayor of our city.

Perhaps if I supported homosexuality and had millions of dollars, this same pastor who is helping Steve Francis would help me in my campaign for the city council. Sadly, this pastor has never once offered me any help or assistance with my ministry, much less my campaign. Instead, I now see this pastor more in the light of this story told by Jesus:

Jesus said, "There was a certain rich man who was splendidly clothed and who lived
each day in luxury. At his door lay a diseased beggar named Lazarus. As Lazarus lay
there longing for scraps from the rich man's table, the dogs would come and lick his
open sores. Finally, the beggar died and was carried by the angels to be with
Abraham. The rich man also died and was buried, and his soul went to the place of
the dead. There, in torment, he saw Lazarus in the far distance with Abraham. "The
rich man shouted, `Father Abraham, have some pity! Send Lazarus over here to dip
the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in anguish in these
flames.' "But Abraham said to him, `Son, remember that during your lifetime you had everything you wanted, and Lazarus had nothing. So now he is here being
comforted, and you are in anguish." Luke 16:19-25

My campaign volunteers and I may not have the wealth of this pastor and pro-homosexual candidates like Steve Francis and gay Republican activist Carl DeMaio, but we know we have our dignity and we are obedient to our God. We may live in one of the poorer neighborhoods in San Diego rather than the wealthy suburban safezones of pro-abortion mayoral candidate Steve Francis and homosexual activist Carl DeMaio, but we will not compromise our obedience to God or His word.

When I caused a media uproar in late 2007 by reporting on the treacherous plan of the San Diego City Council where the council was planning to issue a legal brief in support of gay marriage, all of the so-called family organizations like Concerned Women For America were down at city hall in front of the cameras clamoring for televsion time to promote their organzations and their opposition to gay marriage. Yet, during my campaign for the city council, not one of these women have helped me with my campaign. Not one has contributed to my campaign or endorsed me.

Our city is burning - burning down. Our morals are disintegrating and sexual anarchy is exploding in our city. I am fighting the good fight. Yet, less than two dozen San Diegans have even contributed to my campaign. While homosexual activists have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to my opponents, I am left with a few good people supporting me and the rest of the churches completely turning their backs on me during this grave battle.

God has spoken to me about my campaign. The Lord has said to me that my campaign is a test of where the churches in San Diego are. While Christians do alot of talking about the problems in our culture they show little action. They show even less interest when it comes to supporting Christians who run for office. While I have been going to the city council for years to stand up for God's people, only one pastor in San Diego has contributed financially to my campaign.

If Christians are not willing to suppport a faithful Christian candidate in their own community than all of their complaining about gay marriage, abortion and bad politicians is just a bunch of hot air.

I am not the first servant of the Lord to articulate the apathy of a lukewarm group of believers. And I won't be the last either. The Bible talks quite a bit about those who are negligent with the things of God. 2 Chronicles 29:11 states:

"My sons, be not now negligent: for the LORD hath chosen you to stand before him,
to serve him, and that ye should minister unto him, and burn incense."

The word negligent means to deceive. When we promised the Lord to serve Him, to honor Him and to help our fellow Christians as we gave our lives to Christ, that was a vow we made to God. When we become negligent in our vows to God, we are deceiving the Lord. When we say that we need to get rid of the bad politicians, but then we won't even support our Christian candidates, we are deceiving ourselves if we think that God is going to be pleased with our actions.

If we don't turn this nation around by electing Godly leaders we are going to be the generation responsible for destroying the great land that God gave His servants 400 years ago. Let us remember that the Bible clearly states that revival and the healing of the land is solely the responsibility of Christian believers. Let us remember the plan of action that God gave us in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and let us be diligent to act upon it:

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and
seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will
forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

This has been an exclusive story from the Journal of James Hartline.
Now Read Daily By Over 17,000 Concerned Citizens Of Conviction.

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James Hartline, Publisher
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gay-Friendly Community Group Blocks Christian Candidate From Participating In Candidate Panel At Public Elementary School

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
February 14, 2008
~ Campaign 2008 Update ~

Religious Discrimination Corrupts San Diego City Council
Race For The Second Time In Four Weeks.

Gay-Friendly Community Group Blocks Christian Candidate
From Participating In Candidate Panel At Public Elementary School.

This is the second time San Diego Christian Candidate James Hartline
has not been allowed to participate with gay candidates
in District 3 City Council candidate's forum.

(JHReport) For the second time in recent weeks, complaints of religious discrimination are being alledged in the highly contested San Diego City Council race to replace lesbian City Councilwoman Toni Atkins. James Hartline, a nationally recognized Christian activist and San Diego City Council candidate vying to replace Councilwoman Atkins, has been the target of political attacks and discrimination by homosexual activists during his campaign. Last month, Hartline was denied the right to participate in a candidate forum at a gay-friendly church with other candidates who are campaigning for the District 3 City Council seat.

The religious discrimination being directed towards Hartline by members of San Diego's homosexual movement has been so pronounced that even the Gay and Lesbian Times called for an end to the discriminatory efforts that are targeting Hartline. An editorial in the Gay and Lesbian Times stated:

"Regardless of whether you agree with ex-gay religious crusader turned candidate for
District 3 City Council James Hartline, there’s no disputing the fact he has a voice. Some
local political and community organizations, however, are working their hardest to make
sure you don’t hear it. The Kensington-Talmadge Community Association, for example, did
not invite Hartline to attend its candidates forum. Likewise, The San Diego County
Republican Party and the San Diego Democratic Club went out of their way to prevent
Hartline from participating in candidates forums."

Four weeks after Hartline was blocked from participating in the candidate forum at Kensington Community Church, there is new and troubling evidence that gay-friendly political forces in San Diego are intensifying their attempts to keep Hartline out of venues where the other candidates in his race are participating in public forums. On Tuesday, February 19, 2008 the South Castle Neighborhood Association will be holding a candidate panel discussion at Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary School located at 4721 Myrtle Avenue in the heart of San Diego's City Heights district. While other candidates in the District 3 race have been invited, James Hartline is not being permitted to participate on the panel at the school.

"No one contacted me or invited me," states Hartline. "This is another case of gay activists who demand tolerance from Christians, but then these same gay activists are willing to corrupt our political system by blocking Christians from participating in our constitutionally-guaranteed political process," he adds.

Hartline says that he was recently contacted by one of his supporters who is a member of the South Castle Neighborhood Association, the group that is hosting the Feb. 19th candidate event. His supporter says that one of the leaders of the association who is homosexual told the organization's members that Hartline wasn't invited because "he probably wasn't interested in participating in the event." Hartline's supporter would not have known otherwise if she hadn't called him.

This Hartline supporter also states that she spoke with one of the women who was involved in organizing the candidate event at the public elementary school on February 19th. She tells Hartline that the organizer told her that instructions were given to John Hartley to invite the other candidates to participate in the panel discussion at Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary School. John Hartley, a liberal Democrat who is running against Hartline in the District 3 race, never contacted Hartline to invite him. According to Hartline's supporter, she was told that Hartley did invite the gay candidates in the city council race to attend the panel.

John Hartley is the described coordinator for an alliance called "Neighborhoods For Clean Elections." It is clear that Hartley does not extend support for clean elections when it comes to Christians like James Hartline running for public office. John Hartley has never made any effort to contact Hartline about participating in any campaign forums or discussions. "Hartley's hypocrisy in the matter of the discrimination being waged against me is a blackeye on the face of fair political practices in our city," says Hartline.

Organizers for the candidate forum on the school property have had ample time to invite Hartline. District 3 candidate Todd Gloria, a gay activist who advocates legalizing male sodomy in the military, has had the February 19th candidate's event posted on his campaign website for several weeks. At no time has anyone contacted Hartline to make sure that he was given an invitation.

While advocates for San Diego's radicalized gay movement are determined to block Hartline from appearing at various forums with the other candidates in his race, District 3 voters are not very happy with the attacks on him. "The more they discriminate against me, the more phone calls I am getting with offers to help my campaign," says Hartline.

Hartline says that he now has six volunteers who are circulating nominating petitions for his campaign. "One week ago, I only had one volunteer who was gathering signatures for my campaign. I now have six. Support is growing for my campaign despite attempts by gay special interests to stop me from enjoying the same constitutional rights that the other candidates are taking for granted."

San Diego voters would be well-served by taking a closer look at the corruption that is going on in the District 3 race. It is an important opportunity to see how the problems at city hall are first conceived and created at the grassroots level in the city council districts.

"What you have in this situation are certain leaders of community groups who are willing to deceive and to discriminate to make sure that their candidate is elected and then they have control over the people's business at city hall," says Hartline.

"Once again, hypocrisy and corruption are playing key roles in promoting a specific segment of the gay community in San Diego, California. And my job as the District 3 Councilman will be to drive out the moral rot and corruption at City Hall so that our district's communities will have fairness and integrity when the people's business is being conducted by the city council," Hartline strongly contends.

For Hartline, he is trusting in God and the good judgment of his district's voters to help him win his election. Hartline also believes that over the next three months, thousands of Christian voters in District 3 will line up to support him and his message of bringing integrity, justice and truth to San Diego's municipal government.

"This corruption will be defeated. I will fight the good fight until this religious discrimination against Christians in San Diego is fully prosecuted and these anti-christian bigots are given their eviction notices from the political system," contends a determined James Hartline.

Concerned Citizens can contact Florence Griffith-Joyner Elementary School to demand that they put a stop to the religious discrimination occuring on their school's property via James Hartline being kept out of the candidate's forum on school property.
Florence Griffith-Joyner Elementary School
Phone Numbers(619) 640-4000(619) 640-4090

This has been an exclusive James Hartline Report - 2008 Campaign Update.
Now Read Daily By Over 17,000 Concerned Citizens Of Conviction.

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James Hartline, Publisher
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Halleluhah! Hartline Campaign Is Doing Great Things!

We are nearing the completion of collecting the required number of signatures for the James Hartline For City Council campaign nominating papers!

Today is the Day that the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ministry Alert -- Spiritual Warfare Training For The Last Days: The Great San Diego Siege Has Begun

James Hartline Ministry Alert!
Spiritual Warfare Training For The Last Days
~ The Great San Diego Siege Has Begun ~

Siege: to confine, secure, besiege, to be an enemy to your adversaries;
-- to form and fashion things your way in the midst of your opponents.

"When you lay siege to a city for a long time, fighting against it to capture it, do not
destroy its trees by putting an ax to them, because you can eat their fruit. Do not cut
them down. Are the trees of the field people, that you should besiege them?"
Deuteronomy 20:19
"However, you may cut down trees that you know are not fruit trees and
use them to build siege works until the city at war with you falls."
Deuteronomy 20:20

In the past ten years, I have met many citizens in San Diego who have come to this city, not knowing why they are really here. They have a deep and abiding yearning to know their destiny and how living in San Diego plays a role in the God-ordained purpose for their lives. I believe that this is the season when many revelations are about to be granted to God's people that they might know the tremendous significance of San Diego in the last days and their reason for being here.

There are great and horrific tragedies coming to our nation. The approaching years will be difficult ones. God has shown me that San Diego has been appointed as a holy refuge for our nation during the times of impending calamities which will shake these United States. In order for San Diego to be prepared for this troubled season ahead, the city must be purified. San Diego must be tried. San Diego must be cleansed.

There are Christians who have been sent to San Diego to help in the preparation for this city's holy assignment. These particular believers may not yet fully understand their important assignment, but they know that God has been getting them ready for something extremely important. They have been drawing close to the Lord through great trials and in the process of these trials, God has been purifying them, much like He will do to the city of San Diego.

When these Christians are ready, they will be uniting into a mighty army for God to help in the construction of this great holy city of refuge in San Diego. As one who has been granted a forerunner assignment, God has been using me to go ahead of God's people to begin laying the blueprint for this political and moral revival in San Diego. Per God's instruction, I have laid a plumb line down in this city that would clearly distinguish the God-serious Christians from the lukewarm Christians. Oh yes, it is easy see who is serious about God, and who is just plain lukewarm in their faith, when people hang out with me.

As part of our ongoing Classroom in Spiritual Warfare, we will be having a number of educational and pro-active events in the next few weeks. These events will be connected to the ongoing battle to take back the city of San Diego, allowing our city to be the ignition for a third great spiritual awakening in America. If you are serious about taking your faith to the next level, then you will certainly want to take part in these insightful and spiritually signifcant endeavors. If you are not in the San Diego area, you can contact me to set up a similar event schedule for your city.
These events are great training exercises in spiritual warfare:

All Day Prayer & Fasting - Saturday - March 8, 2008

We are asking everyone to set aside Saturday - March 8, 2008
for a day of prayer and fasting. Send me your prayer requests and I
will be taking them before the Lord. This is our season for God to
move powerfully upon our behalf. There are difficult times ahead in
our nation. Let us put God first on this day by setting aside
everything else for a time of intercession, cleansing and purification.

Journey Along The Street Of The Lost Generation
Saturday - March 15, 2008 - 10am - 12noon

And a main road will go through that once deserted land. It will be named the
Highway of Holiness. Evil-hearted people will never travel on it. It will be only for
those who walk in God's ways; fools will never walk there.
Lions will not lurk along its course, and there will be no other dangers.
Only the redeemed will follow it.
~ Isaiah 35:9-10 ~

We will be conducting an educational tour in an area where hidden witchcraft,
devil worship and idolatry is being established in a place that is polluting
the entire city of San Diego. If you want to learn a powerful lesson in the hidden
war against Christianity in a major U. S. city then you will not want to miss this
important lesson in spiritual warfare. There is a reason that I have been getting
stronger in the Lord Jesus Christ despite having lived in a major devil's stronghold
for the past eight years. We must learn the spiritual weapons of our warfare.
I will show you how on this educational tour. AND I will show you how God
desires to use us to turn this area of unholy industry into a Highway of Holiness.
For information on the location of this event you must register via an RSVP.

Will you help me take back my District in the City of San Diego?

We will be prayer walking, handing out my campaign literature and
witnessing to neighbors in San Diego's District 3. These are great opportunities to
put your Christian Faith into action!
Saturday - March 22, 2008
Saturday - March 29, 2008

I Am Laying Down My Life For The Cause Of Christ!
Having You Started Laying Down Yours Yet?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

WE DID IT! Romney To Suspend Presidential Campaign!

BREAKING NEWS: Romney to Suspend Campaign
The Associated Press
February 7, 2008 - WASHINGTON - Mitt Romney will suspend his presidential campaign for the Republican nomination, The Associated Press has learned, effectively ceding the nomination to John McCain.
THE BRODY FILE:Romney's Loss, Whose Gain?More to follow soon.
Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

San Diego Pastors Trade In Bibles For Apathy & Silence During Gay Candidate's City Council Race

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
February 5, 2008
~ Campaign 2008 Update ~

San Diego Pastors Trade In Bibles For Apathy & Silence
In Wealthy Church District Where Gay Candidate
Is Seeking A Seat On The San Diego City Council

Silence By District 5 Church Pastors Is Empowering
The Campaign of Homosexual Republican Carl DeMaio
In San Diego's 5th District City Council Race

(JHReport Update) The majority of evangelical churches in San Diego, California have an official theological position that calls the act of homosexuality a sin. However, in this 2008 campaign season there is not one pastor in San Diego who is speaking out against the candidacy of local homosexual Republican activist Carl DeMaio. DeMaio, who revealed his personal involvement in homosexualiity in an April, 2007 edition of San Diego Magazine, is the endorsed Republican candidate for the 5th District of the San Diego City Council.

During the April, 2007 San Diego Magazine interview, DeMaio degraded the opinion of Christian Conservatives by stating that voters were not concerned with the issue of homosexuality. DeMaio's comments were made right before hundreds of outraged San Diego voters turned out at the San Diego City Council to oppose a pro-gay marriage legal brief that was being issued in the name of all San Diego voters by the city council.

When revealing that he was homosexual, DeMaio stated of his homosexuality: "But at the end of the day, I don’t think it’s very relevant when you consider all the things that are really important to voters." Shortly after DeMaio decided that the public needed to know about his homosexuality, transvestite activist Nicole Murray Ramirez placed a photograph of DeMaio with two other prominent San Diego homosexual activists in his column in the Gay and Lesbian Times.

Despite the fact that DeMaio disparaged the city's Christian voters in the San Diego Magazine interview, pastors in San Diego's 5th City Council District have remained astonishingly silent on the possibility that DeMaio will be representing their church families on the city council. For all general purposes, pastors in San Diego's 5th City Council District have spiritually neutered themselves on the matter of opposing DeMaio.

San Diego's 5th City Council District includes the communities of Mira Mesa, Rancho Bernardo, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Sabre Springs, Scripps Ranch, Sorrento Mesa, and San Pasquel Valley. Some of San Diego's wealthiest and most influential churches are located in these communities. Yet, on the matter of confronting the Republican Party's promotion of a homosexual activist who will be representing the important city council seat where these large and influencial churches are located, pastors have become verbally castrated, trading their Bibles in for complete apathy and silence. In one of the great moral catastrophies in San Diego history, these pastors have exchanged their pastoral obligation to be courageous for the embarrassment of cowardice.

Maranatha Chapel is perhaps San Diego County's largest and most prosperous church with 7,000 members. Located in the community of Rancho Bernardo, Maranatha Chapel is located in the heart of San Diego's 5th City Council District. The idea that Pastor Ray Bentley is not confronting the potential that his church will be represented by a homosexual activist on the city council, is a demonstration of just how disconnected from the political process these wealthier churches in San Diego have become.

Horizon Christian Fellowshp - North County, an extremely large and wealthy Rancho Santa Fe-based church, has enormous influence on the business community in San Diego. The church's pastor, Bob Botsford, has been completely silent on the matter of Carl DeMaio being elected to the San Diego City Council. Recent events surrounding Horizon Christian Fellowship may give some hint as to why the pulpit of its extremely wealthy sister church, Horizon Christian Fellowship - North County, is silent on the DeMaio campaign. In recent years, a number of wealthy members of Horizon Christian Fellowship have supported pro-abortion and homosexual candidates for public office.

Horizon Christian Fellowship Pastor Mike MacIntosh has refused to publicly rebuke his wealthy members for their political compromise. One Horizon Christian Fellowship member, Larry Stirling, endorsed homosexual Republican Ralph Denney for the California State Assembly in 2006. In 2004, Stirling endorsed rabid pro-abortion Republican Tricia Hunter for the 76th District of the California State Assembly. Stirling has continued his sell-out of San Diego Christians in 2008. Both Larry Stirling and his wife Linda have both endorsed Carl DeMaio for the city council and both have given the maximum amount of financial contributions to DeMaio's campaign.

Linda Stirling supports homosexual activist Carl DeMaio at the same time that she promotes herself to the Christian community as a corporate member of a local Christian women's business group. Linda Stirling's immoral flip-flopping places her in the top echolons of hypocrisy. She is currently involved with the Professional Women's Fellowship. The website states this about Stirling: she is a "founding board member of Ken Blanchard’s Lead Like Jesus Foundation, as well as a member of the Finance Committee for the San Diego Billy Graham Mission. Linda is also a founder and current corporate member of PWF."

Horizon Christian Fellowship - North County is awash in wealthy members. The church is located in the community of Ranch Santa Fe which is listed as the highest income community in the United States with at least 2,500 households at $196,298. Forbes reported Rancho Santa Fe as having the third most expensive zip code in the United States, and most expensive in California, with a median home sale price of $2,585,000. In recent years, the area was represented by Congressman Duke Cunningham, who is now in prison for taking bribes.

Two years ago, James Hartline, a well-known Christian activist, was driving with a friend in the area around Horizon Christian Fellowship - North County. Driving past the church, Hartline could not believe what his eyes were seeing. In the church facility parking lot was a limousine, a Rolls Royce, Jaguars, numerous Mercedes Benz vehicles, BMW's, and a multitude of expensive Cadillacs. Hartline, who ministers in one of San Diego's poorer neighborhoods, felt a sense of nausea at the magnitute of seeing so much hoarded wealth on a church property while many Black and Hispanic churches in San Diego are so poor they can barely keep their doors open.

There is no vocal opposition against Carl DeMaio coming from any Horizon Christian Fellowship Church. "We are all going to suffer because these San Diego pastors will not show any backbone or moral courage during this political crisis," declares James Hartline. "Opposition to the homosexual political movement has been replaced with the promotion of golf and tennis tournaments by many of these wealthy church pastors," Hartline states.

San Diego pastors cannot say that they do not have any options regarding the District 5 City Council race. DeMaio has a strong pro-family opponent in the District 5 race by the name of Bob Ilko. Bob Ilko, a former police officer who nows earns his living as an attorney, is a member of a local synagogue. The James Hartline Report has spoken with Ilko on a number of occasions. Although JHReport has asked Ilko to fill out a family-values questionnaire, Ilko has been hesitant to fill out a Christian voter guide because he is Jewish.

Even without reading his answers on a questionnaire, it is fairly easy to conclude that Bob Ilko is a strong supporter of families in San Diego's 5th District. Having received numerous awards from local community groups, Bob Ilko has a sixteen-year history of volunteering to help San Diego families during difficulties like the 2003 Cedar Fire. Carl DeMaio, on the other hand, just recently moved into District 5, having almost no ties to the district. Despite his capretbagger status and involvement in homosexuality, the county GOP is backing DeMaio over Bob Ilko.

Long before he declared himself a candidate for the San Diego City Council, Bob Ilko was working to gain justice for the District 5 community he has lived in for many years. In a 2003 newsletter that contained information on the devastating Cedar Fire, Bob Ilko wrote a compassionate and inspiring article on what he personally experienced during the catastrophe. He concluded his article with this statement:

"As I sit at my office desk this early Monday morning, I wait for the sun to rise to see
what can be done for those who lost and to pray that more do not have to bear the
same suffering. I hope that those who lost will have the strength to find their way
back home."
Sincerely, Bob Ilko, Scripps Ranch Planning Group

Two months ago, James Hartline contacted Community Bible Church, one of the largest churches in District 5. Hartline spoke briefly with Pastor Barry Minkow, informing him of the potential of having a gay Republican representing his church's district on the city council. Additionally, Hartline sent emails to all staffmembers of Minkow's church regarding DeMaio. Hartline says that there was absolute apathy among the church's leadership and staff regarding the District 5 race.

The very people who have the responsiblity for making sure that Christians maintain the moral compass in San Diego, California are the city's 2,000 pastors. Out of those 2,000 pastors, not one has spoken out against the Republican Party's promotion of the candidacy of homosexual activist Carl DeMaio.

When the cameras were rolling late last year as the San Diego City Council was voting on the gay marriage legal brief, there were the traditional "family" values groups and pastors crying out against the injustice of gay marriage. However, when the cameras disappeared and Carl DeMaio began to express his homosexuality right before he began his official city council campaign, San Diego pastors nervously shuffled their feet and made reservations for their next paid vactions. Perhaps, while they are in Hawaii, Europe or anywhere else where they are putting their feet up and enjoying their vacations, someone else with some God-given courage will step up into a San Diego pulpit and declare war on the moral abyss being created in San Diego by the apathetic spirit of Christian leaders in San Diego's 5th City Council District.

This has been an exclusive James Hartline Report - 2008 Campaign Update.
Now Read Daily By Over 16,000 Concerned Citizens Of Conviction.

I Am Making My Stand!
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James Hartline, Publisher
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