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When Good and Evil Collide -- Five Courageous Christians Stand Up For Life as the San Diego City Council Votes To Declare a Day in Honor of Abortion

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February 29, 2008

When Good and Evil Collide
San Diego City Council Honors the Abortion Industry
By Declaring Reproductive Choice Day
in the City of San Diego

Five Courageous Christians Stand Up For Life As the
San Diego City Council Votes Unanimously To Declare
A Day Of Honor For San Diego's Abortion Industry

(JHReport) The horrors of the abortion industry were front and center in the San Diego City Council chambers on February 19, 2008 as the San Diego City Council declared Reproductive Choice Day in the City of San Diego. The declaration to honor the abortion industry in San Diego was initiated by lesbian San Diego City Councilwoman Toni Atkins. Prior to her election as a member of the San Diego city council, Toni Atkins managed a number of abortion clinics, as well as being the Chair of the Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

At odds with Councilwoman Atkins and her use of the city council as a vehicle for promoting the abortion industry were five outspoken Christian activists who attended the Feb. 19th city council meeting. During the contentious debate over the abortion honoring proclamation, San Diego city council candidate James Hartline and local pro-life activist Eddie Brown went toe-to-toe with Atkins and the abortion industry. After the Christian pro-life speakers had issued their fervent pleas asking the council to vote no on issuing the proclamation, the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to declare Reproductive Choice Day in the City of San Diego. Once again, a number of San Diego city councilmembers who claim to be Christians sided with the killing of unborn children and the abortion industry. Councilmember Tony Young was not present for the vote.

Eddie Brown retired three years ago from the Navy to become one of America's most recognized voices in the growing pro-life movement. Brown, 28, changed his entire schedule the day before the Feb. 19th council meeting when he found out that Atkins had scheduled a hearing to honor the abortion industry. Eddie Brown has given his entire post-miliary life to the saving of countless unborn babies. He is a man who understands the pain of losing a child. Eddie and his wife April recently lost their first child to a miscarriage. April Brown is currently blessed to be pregnant with another child.

During the Feb. 19th hearing, Eddie Brown issued a truly historic plea on behalf of the unborn children who are being slaughtered in the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood. For six minutes, Eddie Brown's inspiring and thought-provoking presentation caused everyone present in the council chambers to sit transfixed on the podium and its speaker. He reminded Atkins and the other pro-abortion councilmembers that there is a higher authority that they will be held accountable to than just the voters. Brown warned the council that a "prophetic generation" has been arising in America since the 1973 decision that legalized abortion in the United States.

Joining Eddie Brown at the podium was Gordon MacIlvaine, a 31 year-old former teacher who is currently seeking a Masters in Education. Like Eddie Brown, MacIlvaine is involved in a local prayer and pro-life ministry called the Justice House of Prayer.

Followng Eddie Brown was longtime Christian activist and city council candidate James Hartline. Hartline called upon the city council to stop using the taxpayer's precious time and money during council meetings to honor Councilwoman Atkins' obsession with the abortion industry. Hartline stated that each year, in his estimation, the San Diego city council uses up over three entire work days by issuing city proclamations, which in most cases are issued on behalf of the special interests of councilmembers. He also noted that the photographs which are taken of councilmembers with the recepients of these proclamations are then later used during those same councilmembers' reelection campaigns.

Standing with Hartline at the podium was Julie Smith, who Hartline calls, "one of his faithful assistants." Smith, a mother and grandmother, is an outspoken supporter of life and a strong opponent of the abortion movement. Both Smith and Hartline are longtime members of Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, a church where members are encouraged to take active roles in the affairs of their city government.

Opening up the battlefront for the Christian Community during the Feb. 19th city council hearing was community activist and senior citizen Don Stillwell. Don Stillwell has been attending local city council hearings for many years. During his dozens of appearances at city hall, Stillwell has constantly had to remind council president Scott Peters to say the Pledge of Allegiance before starting the council meetings. Councilman Peters, who claims to be a Christian, is a major donor to Planned Parenthood.

Councilwoman Donna Frye, a former candidate for mayor in San Diego, represents the beach community on the city council. Frye was especially negative to Hartline and the other pro-lifers during the debate over the proclamation to honor the abortion industry. Donna Frye has spent years on the city council mocking Christians and fighting every attempt by James Hartline to bring moral values back to the city council.

After Hartline had concluded his remarks, Frye stated, "I support a woman's right to choose, I always will, I always have." After Frye concluded her comments in support of the abortion industry, one bystander commented to Hartline that he felt Frye had somehow crossed "a point of no return" regarding her anti-christian mentality.

From repeatedly voting to remove the Mt. Soledad Cross from a Veteran's War Memorial to voting to affirm a legal brief in support of same-sex marriages, Donna Frye has become a controversial contradiction to her famous surfer husband Skip Frye. Skip Frye was once a very public born again Christian, but after years of attacks on the Christian Community by his wife Donna, few believe that Skip Frye still follows an Evangelical Christian path.

At the end of 2008, Toni Atkins will clean out her city council office and take her many years of rabid homosexual and abortion activism with her. Atkins will be termed out and pro-life activist James Hartline is determined to make sure that her city council seat is not replaced with another misguided proponent of radicalized anti-christian ideals. For the past eight months, James Hartline has been campaigning to become the next city council representative from San Diego's District 3 which is currently represented by Atkins.

For six years, Hartline has been regularly and consistently confrontling the corruptive and immoral agenda of both Councilwoman Toni Atkins and Councilwoman Donna Frye. There has been no greater proponent of strong Christian values at San Diego's City Hall over the past decade than James Hartline. Hartline has paid a price, however. From receiving repeated death threats to being ostracized by many San Diego pastors, Hartline has been tried and tested in the fires of a city that is on the brink of a complete moral breakdown.

That has not stopped James Hartline or his potent activism. In fact, instead of fading away, Hartline says that he is just getting started. Take for example the words that he declared in his speech as he opposed the vote to declare a day in honor of the abortion industry in the City of San Diego. Hartline stated:

"Today’s vote on this proclamation is about the promotion of the abortion industry.
Today’s proclamation is all about Councilwoman Atkin’s obsession with abortion.

"The idea that we have continuously been forced to have our name used to honor the
abortion industry in this city because Councilwoman Atkins is obsessed with
abortion is something that voters in the city of San Diego need to finally declare:
Enough is enough!

"We are once again outraged that we are being forced to have a personal obsession
of Councilwoman Atkins forced upon us. We do not want our names being used to
honor the abortion industry. When these proclamations are declared by the city,
it does so in our name."

James Hartline also looked the council squarely in the face and warned each member: "Any council person that votes today for this proclamation to honor the abortion industry will never, ever get our votes in any future elections. We will make sure that every voter in San Diego and San Diego County is made aware of those who vote for this heinous proclamation."

Apparently, Councilman Brian Maienschein did not heed Hartline's warning. Maienschein, who has announced he is running for the San Diego City Attorney's seat, has told Chistians in San Diego that he is a fellow Christian. Maienschein, who is now seeking out the support of Evangelical Christians for his upcoming campaign, has repeatedly betrayed those same Christians by voting for gay pride and pro-abortion proclamations. By voting to honor the abortion industry, Maienschein has clearly demonstrated that he is not going to honor his previously professed Christianity while seeking out the Christian vote.

With over 17,000 daily readers and thousands more on various other news websites throughout America, James Hartline has one of the most effective and established networks for conveying information to San Diego Christians. One of the things Hartline has told JHReport he intends to do after the Feb. 19th vote is to make sure that voters are aware of how the council voted on the abortion industry proclamation.

"No Christian of conscience can vote for Councilman Brian Maienschein to become our city attorney after he so blatantly violated his commitment to Jesus Christ by honoring the abortion industry," says an emphatic James Hartline. "It is time we vote out these hypocritical politicians who will say anything to get our vote and then ever so quickly they will betray us and our values. The day of dishonoring us without consequences is officially over," Hartline adds.

You can watch the February 19, 2008 Abortion Proclamation City Council Debate:
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