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Drinking Harvey Milk’s Kool-Aid by Daniel J. Flynn

From City Journal:
by Daniel J. Flynn
Drinking Harvey Milk’s Kool-Aid
Lionized by Hollywood and California state legislators, the real Milk was a demagogue and pal of Jim Jones.
21 May 2009

This Friday would have been slain San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk’s 79th birthday, and California state senator Mark Leno has introduced legislation to mark the date with a state holiday. The bill doesn’t call for a furlough from work, but instead instructs the governor to proclaim a “Harvey Milk Day” and designates “that date as having special significance in the public schools and educational institutions” and encourages them to “conduct suitable commemorative exercises.” The legislation passed muster with the state senate in overwhelming fashion last week. Though only about one in five Californians polled supports the measure, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a similar bill last year, Leno is optimistic. “If there’s one thing Arnold Schwarzenegger understands, it’s box office,” Leno relates. “And Harvey Milk now has box office.”
Indeed he does—and critical acclaim, too. Earlier this year, Sean Penn won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Milk in the eponymous biopic. A quarter-century ago, the Harvey Fierstein–narrated The Times of Harvey Milk won an Oscar for best documentary film.
Milk makes a rather unremarkable subject for the silver screen. In his seven years in San Francisco, he made four bids for elective office, only emerging victorious in his last—a 1977 run for city supervisor. For his persistence, Milk jokingly referred to himself as the “gay Harold Stassen.” He served for less than a year. In naming the onetime camera-shop proprietor one of the 100 most important people of the twentieth century, Time conceded, “As a supervisor, Milk sponsored only two laws—predictably, one barring anti-gay discrimination, and, less so, a law forcing dog owners to clean pets’ messes from sidewalks.” Eleven months on the city council hardly seems the stuff of Hollywood legend. So Hollywood invented a legend.
Rather than the gentle, soft-spoken idealist portrayed by Sean Penn, the real Harvey Milk was a short-tempered demagogue who cynically invented stories of victimhood to advance his political career. During his successful run for city supervisor, for instance, Milk’s camera store was the object of a glass-shattering attack by low-grade explosives. Milk blamed singer Anita Bryant, the outspoken opponent of gay-friendly legislation. “Years later friends hinted broadly that Harvey had more than a little foreknowledge that the explosions would happen,” biographer Randy Shilts noted. One friend explained to Shilts: “You gotta realize the campaign was sort of going slow, and, well . . .”
The stunt would hardly have been the sole instance of Milk’s employing deceit to further his standing within the victimhood cult. In the upside-down world of San Francisco politics, Milk curried favor with voters by boasting that his homosexuality had resulted in a dishonorable discharge from the Navy in the dark ages before the sexual revolution. But far from the in-your-face, ponytailed “Mayor of Castro Street” of the 1970s, Chief Petty Officer Milk of the 1950s was a closeted homosexual whose discharge papers reflected four years of honorable service.
Milk was far more cavalier about the privacy of others than he was about his own. When Bill Sipple became a national hero for tackling gun-toting kook Sara Jane Moore before she could kill President Gerald Ford in 1975, Milk anonymously leaked news of the former Marine’s homosexuality to the media. “It’s too good an opportunity,” Milk reasoned. “For once we can show that gays do heroic things.” Just as Milk anticipated the “outing” tactics of ACT-Up and Queer Nation, his rhetoric, too, foreshadowed the hyperbole of AIDS activists of the following decade. Milk liberally tossed the “Nazi” label at opponents of various gay-rights proposals and even compared politically moderate homosexuals to Nazi collaborators. “We are not going to allow our rights to be taken away and then march with bowed heads into the gas chambers,” Milk proclaimed at 1978’s Gay Freedom Parade in San Francisco.
Such unflattering details made neither the final draft of the “Harvey Milk Day” legislation nor the final cut of the Milk biopic. Milk’s cheerleaders are guilty of sins of omission and commission. What the film and legislation insinuate—in an effort to depict Milk as a martyr for the gay rights movement on par with Martin Luther King’s martyrdom for the Civil Rights movement—is that homophobia killed Harvey Milk on November 27, 1978.
But Harvey Milk’s homosexuality played about as much of a role in his murder as San Francisco mayor George Moscone’s heterosexuality played in his. Their murderer, troubled political neophyte Dan White, had donated $100 to defeat the Briggs Initiative, which would have empowered school boards to fire teachers for homosexuality. White hired a homosexual as his campaign manager and voted as a city supervisor to fund a Pride Center for homosexuals. White wasn’t driven to murder by Milk’s vision of gay rights but rather by something more pedestrian: the petty politics of City Hall. What makes for good history doesn’t always lend itself to good theater.
In a sign of the instability he would so dramatically display on November 27, a cash-strapped White had resigned his seat on the Board of Supervisors on November 10, only to demand four days later that the mayor reappoint him. Mayor Moscone publicly responded by saying that he still regarded White as a member of the board, handed back his letter of resignation, and promised him the seat. Enter Harvey Milk, who saw White as an obstacle to progressive initiatives. As the movie depicts, Milk successfully lobbied Moscone to refuse to reseat the former policeman, fireman, and Vietnam veteran. Believing Milk and Moscone guilty of perfidy, the tightly wound, sore-loser White assassinated Moscone and then Milk.
Perhaps the most amazing historical detail of the murders of Harvey Milk and George Moscone is that their dramatic assassinations weren’t the biggest story to hit San Francisco in November of 1978. Bowdlerized from the Hollywood treatment is the role Harvey Milk played in the news story that eclipsed his own murder.
Nine days prior to Milk’s death, more than 900 followers of Jim Jones—many of them campaign workers for Milk—perished in the most ghastly set of murder-suicides in modern history. Before the congregants of the Peoples Temple drank Jim Jones’s deadly Kool-Aid, Harvey Milk and much of San Francisco’s ruling class had already figuratively imbibed. Milk occasionally spoke at Jones’s San Francisco–based headquarters, promoted Jones through his newspaper columns, and defended the Peoples Temple from its growing legion of critics. Jones provided conscripted “volunteers” for Milk’s campaigns to distribute leaflets by the tens of thousands. Milk returned the favor by abusing his position of public trust on behalf of Jones’s criminal endeavors.
“Rev. Jones is widely known in the minority communities here and elsewhere as a man of the highest character, who has undertaken constructive remedies for social problems which have been amazing in their scope and effectiveness,” Supervisor Milk wrote President Jimmy Carter seven months before the Jonestown carnage. The purpose of Milk’s letter was to aid and abet his powerful supporter’s abduction of a six-year-old boy. Milk’s missive to the president prophetically continued: “Not only is the life of a child at stake, who currently has loving and protective parents in the Rev. and Mrs. Jones, but our official relations with Guyana could stand to be jeopardized, to the potentially great embarrassment of our State Department.” John Stoen, the boy whose actual parents Milk libeled to the president as purveyors of “bold-faced lies” and blackmail attempts, perished at Jonestown. This, the only remarkable episode in Milk’s brief tenure on the San Francisco board of supervisors, is swept under the rug by his hagiographers.
Sean Penn’s Harvey Milk is as real as Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man. Who has time for the sordid details of purportedly staged hate crimes and boosterism of America’s most prolific mass murderer when there is a gay Martin Luther King to be mythologized? Even the fervent atheist Milk understood the need for patron saints. When confronted by a jaded supporter over his fabricated tale that the Navy had booted him out because of his sex life, Milk responded: “Symbols. Symbols. Symbols.” He understood his movement better than his movement did. When the facts didn’t fit the script, both Milk and his present-day admirers adjusted the facts. As the elected sponsors of Harvey Milk Day realize, Californians are more likely to remember the celluloid hero they saw depicted by Sean Penn earlier this year than the obscure city official who walked largely unnoticed in their midst three decades ago.
The advocates of a Harvey Milk Day know box office. They don’t know the real Harvey Milk.
Daniel J. Flynn, the author of A Conservative History of the American Left, blogs at www.flynnfiles.com.

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BREAKING NEWS: International news agencies are now reporting that the Communist rogue nation of North Korea has just announced they have successfully tested another nuclear bomb. This continues a long feared concern that the North Koreans are conducting the nuclear tests for the Islamic terrorist nation of Iran. Those who continue to sidestep the reality of Biblical prophecy that these are the Last Days, are going to soon find themselves in a dark world void of security and void of a relationship with the only thing that can save them: the Lord Jesus Christ.

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea announced Monday that it successfully carried out an underground nuclear test, weeks after threatening to restart its rogue atomic program.
The country's official Korean Central News Agency called Monday's test "part of measures to bolster its nuclear deterrent for self-defense."
President Lee Myung-bak convened an emergency security session. His spokesman, Lee Dong-kwan, confirmed that a nuclear test may have been carried out in the North.
Seismologists from the U.S., South Korea and Japan reported earthquakes in an northeastern area, where North Korea conducted a nuclear test in 2006.
A 4.7-magnitude earthquake was registered in northeastern North Korea at 9:54 a.m. (0054 GMT), the U.S. Geological Survey said.
The quake, measured at a depth of 6 miles (10 kilometers) underground, occurred 40 miles (70 kilometers) northwest of the city of Kimchaek, the USGS said.
The Japan Meteorological Agency also said it detected seismic activity Monday morning. "We are checking whether they were due to a nuclear test," agency official Gen Aoki said in Tokyo.
In Seoul, the Korea Institue of Geoscience and Mineral Resources reported a 4.5-magnitude quake in Kilju in North Hamgyong Province.
North Korea also carried out a nuclear test in October 2006 in Kilju, a test that drew sanctions from the United Nations and prompted five other nations to push negotiations on a nuclear disablement-for-aid pact with North Korea.
In Washington, State Department spokesman Andy Laine said the U.S. government had no confirmation of a new nuclear test.
"At this point we've seen the reports and we're trying to get more information, but we're not able to confirm at this time," Laine said.

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Leave Our Kids Alone -- The Idiots of San Diego Gay Pride Are STILL in Denial

San Diego Gay Pride has a documented history of hiring pedophiles to work in their organization, including "Marty the Clown" a convicted pedophile who was hired to entertain children in the San Diego Gay Pride children's garden in 2005. Every year, the San Diego Gay Pride events are overrun with pornography, S & M sex advocates, transvestites dressing up as Catholic Nuns and "The Leather Realm" a leather S & M bondage tent in their twisted festival that teaches participants all about sexual bondage. In a civil trial this year, The San Diego Gay Pride event was found responsible for the sexual harassment of four San Diego firefighters who were forced against their will to participate in the 2007 gay pride parade. Last year, a male dancer hired to perform at a San Diego Gay Pride party, was shot and killed by San Diego Harbor Police when the go-go dancer, deemed to be under the influence of multiple drugs, attacked the police.

And San Diego Gay Pride conducts a youth event within the San Diego Gay Pride Festival each year!
And they can't understand why we don't want their organization around kids at Petco Park???

Sorry, we are not going to apologize for trying to keeps our youth away from your perversions!

Here is the latest idiotic response (Below) from San Diego Gay Pride regarding the growing national outrage at the San Diego Padres mixing a youth event at Petco Park during this year's San Diego Gay Pride Out At the Park event. This twisted organization just doesn't get it. They don't understand that pornography is destructive. They don't understand that responsible adults DO NOT have porn vendors operating in an event that also features a youth event. They don't understand how offensive it is to Californians and Americans to have half-naked men, as well as transvestites marching down the street as nuns, mixed in a parade with elementary school children. The more that San Diego Gay Pride attacks citizens for speaking out against their immoral rot, and the more they defend their sexualization around minors, the more our side gains support.

And the idiots of San Diego Gay Pride wonder why so many African Americans are angry at their agenda and are big supporters of traditional marriage. The idea that these radical homosexual activists continue to compare their demands for acceptance of their chosen sexual activities to the horrific war that was waged against our black brothers and sisters via slavery and racial discrimination continues to backfire. Note their comparison of the discrimination against our hero Jackie Robinson with the outrage being expressed by parents over the mixing of the porn-promoting San Diego Gay Pride group and kids at Petco Park:

Here is their latest response to complaints about their porn-promoting group being around kids in Petco Park:

From the San Diego Gay Pride website:
We've got a long way to go - Action Alert!
HolyCoast.com posted this homophobic warning Friday, May 22 regarding the upcoming Gay Day at Petco Park on June 7 - "You might want to keep the kids out of the special Gay Pride section. There could be some "padres" up there."
This homophobia and outrageous fear mongering has got to stop. The criticism of the behavior is hauntingly reminiscent of the opposition efforts lodged against old time Black baseball leagues and of Jackie Robinson's entry into the major leagues back in 1947, which of course broke the color barrier in professional baseball.It is also reminiscent of when African Americans were forbidden to fight in the military and then later placed in segregated units and battalions while dutifully serving in the armed forces.
To counter these negative, fear-fueled actions against our community we need your support. Don't let hateful propaganda shame the Padres for supporting equality, freedom and diversity. Don't let them keep us out of the ballpark. Click Here for ticket info

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"Luca WAS Gay" The Top Hit in Italy Is About Successfully Leaving Homosexuality

Watch The International Mega-Hit Ex-Gay Music Video Here
The Ex-Gay Story in the Pop Music World
By Roberto Marchesini NARTH International Representative - NARTH

Italy's "Festival di San Remo," the most important musical happening in my country which is seen on T.V. by millions of Italians, became the unlikely platform this year for a powerful ex-gay testimony. The singer, Giuseppe Povia, winner of the festival in 2006, presented a song entitled, "Luca Era Gay" (Luca was once gay) -- SEE VIDEO HERE The title of his song, implying that some gays can change to heterosexuality, was sufficient to destabilize the Italian gay movement. Gay activists threatened to block the festival, and Europarlimentary member Vittorio Agnoletto asked for a European resolution to stop Povia from peforming the song. Povia, himself, received death threats. The gay association "Everyone" denounced Povia to the Procura of the Republic for alleged "homophobia." These efforts failing, gay activists then asked the Festival organizers to "counterbalance" Povia with a song by a gay singer, about "the perfection of homosexual love." That effort too, failed.

Finally, on February 17th., Povia sang his song on the first evening of the Festival. "Luca Era Gay" recounts the transformation of a man named Luca from the gay lifestyle. Without the help of psychologists and psychiatrists, he digs deep within himself to understand the sources of his homosexual attractions. An emotionally disconnected, detached father and a smothering mother, he says, created confusion about his sexual identity: "I looked for men who would be my father, I went with men not to betray my mother." The song also alludes to a superficiality in homosexual relationships. He says, "between love and deceit, often we betrayed each other."

The song ends with this verse: "This is my story, only my story. No disease. No healing. Dear dad, I forgive you even if you didn't come back. Mum, I often think of you, I love you and sometimes I still bear your reflection, but now I am a father and I am in love with the only woman I have ever loved." The music, a soft rap with dramatic tunes, carries a direct and honest text while never judging homosexually oriented people for their own personal lifestyle choices.
Before Povia's song was aired, the Italian comedian Roberto Benigni presented a twenty-minute show in which he condemned Povia, saying that homosexuality isn't a sin and that gays have been persecuted historically "because they love someone." He then read an excerpt from Oscar Wilde's "De Profundis."

After Povia's song, contrary to all custom, the conductor gave the microphone to Franco Grillini, former parliamentary member and former president of ARCI gay, the foremost gay association in Italy. Grillini said he had received a cellphone message from a friend (although all celphones were supposed to be turned off during the festival...), who had cried when he had just heard Benigni reading "De Profundis," because it brought to mind his partner who had died of AIDS. Grillini concluded by saying that Povia must learn what gay love is.
Then, the unforseeable happened: people in the theater started to hiss at Grillini (in Italy, hissing is like booing)! The crowd's sympathy was with Povia, not with the gay activist.
Povia's song went on to the finals and Saturday night, won second place in the San Remo Festival, while outside the theatre, gay activists continued to protest against him. Povia himself said: "I too had a gay phase--it lasted seven months and then I got over it."

The popularity of "Luca Era Gay" has given courage and dignity to the ex-homosexual community in Italy, who, until now, have been thoroughly intimidated by gay activists. The text's real-life insights regarding the ex-gay experience are undeniable.
LUCA WAS GAY - translated from Italian lyrics of popular ex-gay song:
Luca was gayand now he's dating her luca talks honestly luca says I'm a different man luca says before telling you about my sexual change I want to say even if I do believe in God I don't recognize myself in what others think about this topic even if they have different opinions I didn't consult psychologists and psychiatrists priest or scientist I went in my past I dug in my past and I found out a lot of things about myself My mother loved me too much a love that became obsession so convinced about her beliefs I couldn't breathe because of her attentions My father didn't take any decision and I couldn't talk to him He was always away, working I thought he wasn't even real So my mom decided to divorce I was 12, I didn't understand much My father said "It's the right thing to do"and after sometime he started to drink Mom talked bad about dad she said "Don't get married, for god sake!" she was jealous, morbid, of my female friends and my identity was more and more confused Luca was gayand now he's dating her luca talks honestlyluca says I'm a different man Luca was gay and now he's dating her luca talks honestly luca says I'm a different man Im a different man but back then I was looking for answers I was ashamed and I looked for them secretly They said to me it was natural but I was studying Freud and I thought it wasn't so Then I grow up, but I didn't know what happiness meant an older man make me tremble so I found out I was a homosexual with him there were no inhibition there was courting and I though it was love with him I was able to be myself then it was like a sex-competition for who was making best sex and I felt guilty sooner or later they're gonna catch him but if the evidences disappear he will be absolved I was looking for my father I had sex with men so I wouldn't betray my mother Luca was gay and now he's dating her luca talks honestly luca says I'm a different man Luca was gay and now he's dating her luca talks honestly luca says I'm a different man luca says for 4 years I dated a man it was love and lies, we often cheated on each other I was still looking for my truth and endless love then during a party, between all those people I met her who didn't really fit inS he listened to me, she understood me, she stripped me I just remember that the day after I missed her this is my story just my story no illness no treatment dear dad I forgive you even if you've never come back mom I often think about you I love you and I see your reflection in me but now I'm a father and I'm in love with the only woman I've ever loved Luca was gay and now he's dating her luca talks honestly luca says I'm a different man Luca was gay and now he's dating her luca talks honestlyl uca says I'm a different man
Versions of the video on YouTube have been watched over 3 million times!

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BREAKING NEWS ON WORLD NET DAILY: San Diego Gay Pride - Padres Youth Scandal Becomes Major National Story

World Net Daily has just published a breaking news report on the San Diego Gay Pride - Padres Youth scandal.

Free gifts attract kids to 'gay' day at ballpark -- Homosexuals schedule 'pride' event for same time as children's promotion

Posted: May 21, 2009 10:55 pm Eastern
By Chelsea Schilling© 2009 WorldNetDaily

The San Diego Padres will once again offer a free event to attract children on the same day that the area's homosexual organization celebrates 'gay pride' at the ballpark.
As WND reported in 2007, the Padres' July 8 game presented free caps to children while also formally recognizing San Diego Pride.
The promotional event this year, on June 7, will feature a Padres photo day presented by Sony. Fans will be allowed to take pictures of their favorite players, coaches and the Swinging Friar on the field prior to the game. Macy's will present children younger than 14 with a Padres photo frame.
The Major League Baseball team has also announced a homosexual pride "celebration" scheduled for the same day on its website.
"Celebrate Pride at the San Diego Padres game versus the Airzona (sic) Diamondbacks on Sunday, June 7th at 1:05 p.m. This is an opportunity to celebrate LGBT Pride while enjoying a day of fun and baseball with other San Diego LGBT community supporters and volunteers," it states.
James Hartline, who publishes the The James Hartline Report and addresses issues involving homosexuality, told WND, "There's no getting around the facts now. They've booked that event again this year at the same time they are having a 14-and-under event to get kids to come to the stadium. They can't say this is a coincidental thing this time. And to really twist the knife, the Padres gave more than $3,000 to the gay group last year. There's just no way they can defend this because the parents are not informed when they bring their kids that they're going to have this gay day. "
Hartline referred to the 2008 San Diego Pride Annual Report, which states, "San Diego Pride thanks the following individual donors and corporations who made a financial contribution during the 2008 fiscal year to support the programs of San Diego Pride. We encourage you to support those who support San Diego Pride."
A list follows, and it includes the San Diego Padres in its $3,000+ supporter category.
(Story continues below)
Review the World Net Daily news site to see whose lying: San Diego Gay Pride or the San Diego Padres about the $3,000+ donation.
Tim Katzman, director of corporate communications for the Padres, told WND the team will not have an actual "gay" pride celebration. He said the team simply cannot exclude certain groups from coming to its games.
"We're not in a position to dictate when a group can come to the ball park or not come to the ball park," he said. "This is a group that's buying tickets in various places throughout the ballpark. On any given day, there are probably hundreds if not more than that of gay people here at the ball park. We just don't discriminate."
Children will receive free frame in addition to photos
Katzman said San Diego Pride chose Sunday, June 7, as the day for its function. On its website, San Diego Gay Pride invites everyone to "come out in support of the gay day at the ballpark!" and "celebrate Pride with the San Diego Padres."
The group offers specially discounted tickets for "everyone who wants to show their support of equality, freedom and diversity." Attendees need only enter the promotion code "PRIDE" for a price reduction.
San Diego Pride also announces the photo event and frames for children as an "added bonus" on that day.
As for the reported $3,000+ donation to the group from the Padres, Katzman said, "The information couldn't be any more inaccurate. With groups, whether it's the Girl Scouts or the Boy Scouts or church groups or whomever it is, we provide tickets for them, and they go out and sell them. Then the proceeds for that go to the groups. Mr. Hartline really doesn't get it. We don't donate."
Asked about statements on the San Diego Pride Annual Report indicating that the team is a supporter of the organization, Katzman said, "That's just not accurate. The group may choose to list it that way. We have no control over how they submit their financial report. We don't make a donation like that."
As WND reported, as many as five dozen concessions workers planned to walk off their jobs in 2007 after hearing about the gay pride event, even though they expected it would cost them hundreds of dollars in income to protest the team's plans.
Hartline has had considerable experience dealing with San Diego "gay" pride events. He reported in 2005, it was learned the group had hired sex offenders to work with various events, including a registered pedophile who was working as "Marty the Clown" in a "Children's Garden."
(photo: San Diego Pride)
"San Diego Pride has a 'Children's Garden' set up in the middle of their gay pride festival," he said. "This festival is full of pornography and XXX porn vendors. They have an S&M tent where people actually go in and take S&M demonstration classes on how to abuse each other sexually. This is all going on in this festival, and they put this 'Children's Garden' in the middle of this venue for children 2 and under where homosexuals can drop off their kids off for babysitting services."
As WND reported in 2007, four firefighters sued the city of San Diego for being forced by their superiors to attend the a "Gay Pride" parade promoted by San Diego Pride where they endured a barrage of sexual taunts and lewd gestures.
They were awarded $5,000 each for emotional damages from the event, where they were forced to witness "simulated sex acts." The men then suffered harassment and retaliation after complaining to superiors, the complaint said.
San Diego Pride issued a statement claiming the firefighter lawsuits were about "hate, pure and simple. Hate against you. Hate against me. Hate against our LGBT community and our struggle for equal rights."
It accepted donations to "take a stand against religious extremism" to surpass the settlement granted to the firefighters.
In 2006, numerous small children were marched in the parade under the banner of a local charter school.
San Diego Gay Pride has fought the passage of Prop. 8, California's constitutional definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman, and boycotted its donors.
The organization also hosts an "Equality Torch Relay" through every city in San Diego County, a "San Diego Dyke March and Dyke Fest," a "Red Light District" pride party, a "Pride Community Breakfast," a "Mile High Club" celebration, a "Boot Camp Military Party" honoring homosexual service members and several other gay pride events through the year.
According to the website Gay Baseball Days, several other "gay" and lesbian events have taken place at Major League Baseball games in which the following teams were playing: Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, Colorado Rockies, Toronto Blue Jays, Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland A's, New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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San Diego Padres Schedule Gay Day With Youth Event At Petco Park

The James Hartline Report Action Center
Action Alert!
May 20, 2009

A Major League War Against San Diego's Youth:

The San Diego Padres Intentionally Schedule Another
Youth Event At Petco Park During June 7th, 2009 Petco Park Gay Day Celebration

Padres schedule Photo Frames for Kids (14 & Under) at Petco Park DURING "Out at The Park" Gay Pride Celebration: Making June 7th a Strike Out Against Family Values by Padres Team

San Diego Gay Pride organization also reports that
Padres gave $3,000+ in 2008 to pro-gay marriage San Diego Gay Pride group - the same Gay Pride group with a history of hiring a convicted pedophile to entertain minors inside the San Diego Gay Pride Festival

(JHReport) A nationally recognized Christian activist is shining a very public spotlight on the evolving relationship between the San Diego Padres and a homosexual organization that has a history of employing dangerous sex offenders to work in its annual festival and parade. The activist, James Hartline, reports that one of those sex offenders, Martin Ramirez, a registered pedophile, was employed by the San Diego Gay Pride organization as late as 2005 to entertain young minors as "Marty the Clown" in a children's venue within the San Diego Gay Pride festival. A number of the other sex offenders were featured on numerous national news reports after Hartline revealed their involvement with the San Diego Gay Pride festival and parade.

Hartline also reports that the San Diego Padres made a large financial contribution directly to the same San Diego Gay Pride organization in 2008. According to the 2008 San Diego Gay Pride annual financial report, the group received $3,000+ from the Padres last year. At the same time that the Padres were making the sizeable contribution to the homosexual organization, San Diego Gay Pride was actively and aggressively fighting the passage of Prop. 8, a California state initiative that eventually banned same-sex marriages in the state. In their annual parade last year, San Diego Gay Pride featured a number of partnered homosexual and lesbian couples in the event as part of their campaign to legitimize same-sex marriages.

Additionally, San Diego Gay Pride was at the center of a 2008 sexual harassment lawsuit filed by four San Diego firefighters against the City of San Diego. In their lawsuit against the City of San Diego, the four firefighters alleged that they were the victims of continual graphic sexual taunts during their forced participation in the sexually explicit and pornographic 2007 San Diego Gay Pride parade. During the firefighter's civil trial, Ron deHarte, Executive Director of the San Diego Gay Pride organization, testified on behalf of the City of San Diego. Published reports reveal that the lawsuit cost San Diego Gay Pride $5,000 in legal expenses. In 2009, during a retrial of the case, a jury of eight women and four men found that the four firefighters were subjected to explicit sexual advances and obscenities during the 2007 San Diego Gay Pride parade. The jury also determined that the firefighters were sexually harassed by homosexual participants and spectators during the event.

The Padres and the city-financed Petco Park baseball stadium used by the team have numerous financial arrangements and obligations with the City of San Diego. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the City of San Diego has approximately $153 million to pay on Petco Park bonds. The fact that the City of San Diego could have lost millions of dollars in the lawsuit filed by the four San Diego firefighters brings into question why the Padres would be granting thousands of dollars in contributions to San Diego Gay Pride during a period of time when the gay pride group's executive director was testifying on behalf of the city during the firefighters' sexual harassment lawsuit against the city.

Added to the emerging details of the politically incestuous relationship between the Padres and the San Diego Gay Pride organization is the announced plans by the Padres to hold a June 7, 2009 Padres Photo Frames event for Kids 14 and under at Petco Park while San Diego Gay Pride is holding its "Out At The Park" homosexual celebration at the same time in the stadium. To a concerned bystander it would appear that the Padres are deviously putting young and impressionable kids directly in front of Gay Pride participants to ensure the corruption of San Diego's youth. This is the same gay pride group that a jury found was responsible for sexually harassing and making sexual advances on the four San Diego firefighters in the civil lawsuit. On June 7, 2009, parents will have to decide if their children's innocence is worth sacrificing for a Padres photo frame.

James Hartline says that it is disturbing and demoralizing for parents to have a professional baseball team marketing itself directly to young children at the same time that that team is giving thousands of dollars to a homosexual organization with a documented history of employing dangerous child molesters to work in an event that promotes pornography. Hartline also says it is evil and demeaning for the team to schedule a children's event at Petco Park at the same time that the stadium is being used to celebrate homosexuality and transsexuality by a gay pride group notorious for its advocacy of gay sex to minors.

The San Diego Gay Pride festival and parade is the single, most adult-oriented event in San Diego. Hartline says that each year the Gay Pride festival and parade gets more raunchier and sexualized. The annual 'sexcapade' features xxx gay porn vendors, male prostitution businesses and male transvestites who dress up as nuns to mock the Catholic Church. Bill O'Reilly covered the 2007 Gay Pride Padres Youth scandal at Petco Park on a nationally televised broadcast of his #1 cable news program The Factor. You can watch that episode here.

Many local fans are bemoaning the declining morals and play of the former National League Champion Padres. If the San Diego Padres would spend less time on their advocacy for the homosexual agenda and more time on baseball the team might find itself with a winning record. Currently, the Padres have one of the poorest records in professional baseball at 17-22. In 2008, the Padres finished with one of the sorriest records in major league history at 63-99. The Padre's decline into the division basement last year didn't prevent the team from sinking even lower by holding another Gay Pride event at Petco Park in 2008.

In 2007, the San Diego Padres found themselves embroiled in a tumultuous battle with thousands of Christian Conservatives when it was reported that the Padres had scheduled a Gay Pride celebration at Petco Park stadium at the same time that the team had also scheduled a children's free floppy cap giveaway. National and local media reported from the stadium during the game as dozens of Christian ministers and churchgoers distributed information flyers to attending parents with kids about the pedophile history of the San Diego Gay Pride organization. Many parents were shocked and dismayed that they had not been informed prior to their arrival at the stadium about the Gay Pride celebration going on inside of the ballpark.

The Padres attempted to weather the 2007 scandal by claiming they had not intended to do anything wrong by mixing the children's event with the Gay Pride party inside of the stadium. Parents were not so convinced about the lack of culpability among Padres' executives as many parents left the stadium when they were informed about the pedophile hiring history of the San Diego Gay Pride organization.

There is no question that the Padres will find little room for excusing their ensuing $3,000+ contribution to the pedophile-friendly Gay Pride organization in 2008. During the 2005 gay pride pedophile scandal it took weeks to force the San Diego Gay Pride group to fire all of their sex offender employees and volunteers. When the controversy first unfolded, the group refused to fire the pedophiles, citing their group's right to allow such convicted child molesters the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves through their involvement in the porn-filled gay pride parade and festival. 2006 saw another national scandal unfold involving children and the San Diego Gay Pride parade. During that year, James Hartline reported that a local elementary charter school was marching minors in the Gay Pride parade, an event that featured graphic sex businesses, transvestites and other promoters of pornography.

The San Diego Gay Pride organization is one of the most aggressive homosexual groups for repealing Prop. 8 and legalizing same-sex marriages in California. For the Padres organization to contribute $3,000+ in 2008 to a homosexual group seeking to normalize homosexuality and sanction same-sex marriages demonstrates that this San Diego baseball team doesn't know if they are Padres or Madres when they are limply swinging their baseball bats at the fastball pitches of the radical homosexual agenda. Indeed, the Padres are engaged in an unprofessional game of harming families and striking out at the sanctity of marriage.

Take Action: Boycott the Padres & Petco Park!

The only issue that the Padres and Petco Park are going to understand is MONEY. When thousands of Christians stop going to Petco Park and spending their money on Padres tickets and merchandise, then the team executives will understand that the Padres must stop promoting the radical homosexual agenda at Petco Park.

Tell the Padres that you will be boycotting their team and Petco Park until they stop giving money to the San Diego Gay Pride organization and the stadium stops holding Gay Days in violation of the good moral direction of San Diego's Christian Community.

Tell the Padres, you will no longer finance their moral betrayals.
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Monday, May 11, 2009

It Ain't Hip To Be A Hypocrite: The Idiots That Run The Miss California - USA Organization

While the rabid pit bulls of perversion that are directing the sinking ship of the Miss California - USA organization continue on their failed mission of trying to silence the steady platform of Miss California Carrie Prejean, there are now dark and disturbing details coming forth about the sordid history of the organization's leadership.

Whether state pageant co-director Keith Lewis is so adamant about his support of gay marriage out of fear that if he defends Prejean he will see a mass exodus of homosexual make-up artists and hairdressers from next year's state beauty pageant is anyone's guess. What is known is that the pageant's other co-director Shanna Moakler has a pornographic history that makes Prejean even more the victim of the state organization's vendetta against morality.

Shanna Moakler has been the loudest, pro-homosexual voice within the Miss California organizational leadership. Recently, she performed in a public announcement ad for promoting homosexual marriage. As the co-director of the state beauty pageant, Moakler has been blasting Carrie Prejean for pre-pageant lingerie ads, as well as the outspoken Christian's stand on behalf of marriage in California.

It seems Moakler didn't have any morals at all -- OR -- any problem with any kind of public nudity prior to Prejean's public advocacy for marriage after Prejean was attacked by anti-woman homosexual activist Perez Hilton. In 2001, Shanna Moakler was a centerfold in Playboy Magazine. Why Donald Trump OR any beauty pageant organization would choose a porn star to run a legitimate state beauty pageant organization is truly bizarre. But the cesspool of Moakler's porn and whoredom past, really brings into focus the hypocrisy and idiocy of her attacking Carrie Prejean. If anyone should be booted from the Miss California organization it needs to be Shanna Moakler.

From her multiple fornicating relationships with a number of male entertainers to her posing nude in Playboy, Shanna Moakler is the last person that should be criticizing Christians for their positions on marriage, beauty or morality. It is time that Donald Trump declares, "You're Fired!" to the anti-christian, immoral and perverted likes of Perez Hilton, Shanna Moakler and the buffoons who are involved in judging beauty in the state of California and replace them with men and women who actually honor and appreciate the example that Carrie Prejean established on stage during the Miss USA contest earlier this year.