Wednesday, May 20, 2009

San Diego Padres Schedule Gay Day With Youth Event At Petco Park

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May 20, 2009

A Major League War Against San Diego's Youth:

The San Diego Padres Intentionally Schedule Another
Youth Event At Petco Park During June 7th, 2009 Petco Park Gay Day Celebration

Padres schedule Photo Frames for Kids (14 & Under) at Petco Park DURING "Out at The Park" Gay Pride Celebration: Making June 7th a Strike Out Against Family Values by Padres Team

San Diego Gay Pride organization also reports that
Padres gave $3,000+ in 2008 to pro-gay marriage San Diego Gay Pride group - the same Gay Pride group with a history of hiring a convicted pedophile to entertain minors inside the San Diego Gay Pride Festival

(JHReport) A nationally recognized Christian activist is shining a very public spotlight on the evolving relationship between the San Diego Padres and a homosexual organization that has a history of employing dangerous sex offenders to work in its annual festival and parade. The activist, James Hartline, reports that one of those sex offenders, Martin Ramirez, a registered pedophile, was employed by the San Diego Gay Pride organization as late as 2005 to entertain young minors as "Marty the Clown" in a children's venue within the San Diego Gay Pride festival. A number of the other sex offenders were featured on numerous national news reports after Hartline revealed their involvement with the San Diego Gay Pride festival and parade.

Hartline also reports that the San Diego Padres made a large financial contribution directly to the same San Diego Gay Pride organization in 2008. According to the 2008 San Diego Gay Pride annual financial report, the group received $3,000+ from the Padres last year. At the same time that the Padres were making the sizeable contribution to the homosexual organization, San Diego Gay Pride was actively and aggressively fighting the passage of Prop. 8, a California state initiative that eventually banned same-sex marriages in the state. In their annual parade last year, San Diego Gay Pride featured a number of partnered homosexual and lesbian couples in the event as part of their campaign to legitimize same-sex marriages.

Additionally, San Diego Gay Pride was at the center of a 2008 sexual harassment lawsuit filed by four San Diego firefighters against the City of San Diego. In their lawsuit against the City of San Diego, the four firefighters alleged that they were the victims of continual graphic sexual taunts during their forced participation in the sexually explicit and pornographic 2007 San Diego Gay Pride parade. During the firefighter's civil trial, Ron deHarte, Executive Director of the San Diego Gay Pride organization, testified on behalf of the City of San Diego. Published reports reveal that the lawsuit cost San Diego Gay Pride $5,000 in legal expenses. In 2009, during a retrial of the case, a jury of eight women and four men found that the four firefighters were subjected to explicit sexual advances and obscenities during the 2007 San Diego Gay Pride parade. The jury also determined that the firefighters were sexually harassed by homosexual participants and spectators during the event.

The Padres and the city-financed Petco Park baseball stadium used by the team have numerous financial arrangements and obligations with the City of San Diego. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the City of San Diego has approximately $153 million to pay on Petco Park bonds. The fact that the City of San Diego could have lost millions of dollars in the lawsuit filed by the four San Diego firefighters brings into question why the Padres would be granting thousands of dollars in contributions to San Diego Gay Pride during a period of time when the gay pride group's executive director was testifying on behalf of the city during the firefighters' sexual harassment lawsuit against the city.

Added to the emerging details of the politically incestuous relationship between the Padres and the San Diego Gay Pride organization is the announced plans by the Padres to hold a June 7, 2009 Padres Photo Frames event for Kids 14 and under at Petco Park while San Diego Gay Pride is holding its "Out At The Park" homosexual celebration at the same time in the stadium. To a concerned bystander it would appear that the Padres are deviously putting young and impressionable kids directly in front of Gay Pride participants to ensure the corruption of San Diego's youth. This is the same gay pride group that a jury found was responsible for sexually harassing and making sexual advances on the four San Diego firefighters in the civil lawsuit. On June 7, 2009, parents will have to decide if their children's innocence is worth sacrificing for a Padres photo frame.

James Hartline says that it is disturbing and demoralizing for parents to have a professional baseball team marketing itself directly to young children at the same time that that team is giving thousands of dollars to a homosexual organization with a documented history of employing dangerous child molesters to work in an event that promotes pornography. Hartline also says it is evil and demeaning for the team to schedule a children's event at Petco Park at the same time that the stadium is being used to celebrate homosexuality and transsexuality by a gay pride group notorious for its advocacy of gay sex to minors.

The San Diego Gay Pride festival and parade is the single, most adult-oriented event in San Diego. Hartline says that each year the Gay Pride festival and parade gets more raunchier and sexualized. The annual 'sexcapade' features xxx gay porn vendors, male prostitution businesses and male transvestites who dress up as nuns to mock the Catholic Church. Bill O'Reilly covered the 2007 Gay Pride Padres Youth scandal at Petco Park on a nationally televised broadcast of his #1 cable news program The Factor. You can watch that episode here.

Many local fans are bemoaning the declining morals and play of the former National League Champion Padres. If the San Diego Padres would spend less time on their advocacy for the homosexual agenda and more time on baseball the team might find itself with a winning record. Currently, the Padres have one of the poorest records in professional baseball at 17-22. In 2008, the Padres finished with one of the sorriest records in major league history at 63-99. The Padre's decline into the division basement last year didn't prevent the team from sinking even lower by holding another Gay Pride event at Petco Park in 2008.

In 2007, the San Diego Padres found themselves embroiled in a tumultuous battle with thousands of Christian Conservatives when it was reported that the Padres had scheduled a Gay Pride celebration at Petco Park stadium at the same time that the team had also scheduled a children's free floppy cap giveaway. National and local media reported from the stadium during the game as dozens of Christian ministers and churchgoers distributed information flyers to attending parents with kids about the pedophile history of the San Diego Gay Pride organization. Many parents were shocked and dismayed that they had not been informed prior to their arrival at the stadium about the Gay Pride celebration going on inside of the ballpark.

The Padres attempted to weather the 2007 scandal by claiming they had not intended to do anything wrong by mixing the children's event with the Gay Pride party inside of the stadium. Parents were not so convinced about the lack of culpability among Padres' executives as many parents left the stadium when they were informed about the pedophile hiring history of the San Diego Gay Pride organization.

There is no question that the Padres will find little room for excusing their ensuing $3,000+ contribution to the pedophile-friendly Gay Pride organization in 2008. During the 2005 gay pride pedophile scandal it took weeks to force the San Diego Gay Pride group to fire all of their sex offender employees and volunteers. When the controversy first unfolded, the group refused to fire the pedophiles, citing their group's right to allow such convicted child molesters the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves through their involvement in the porn-filled gay pride parade and festival. 2006 saw another national scandal unfold involving children and the San Diego Gay Pride parade. During that year, James Hartline reported that a local elementary charter school was marching minors in the Gay Pride parade, an event that featured graphic sex businesses, transvestites and other promoters of pornography.

The San Diego Gay Pride organization is one of the most aggressive homosexual groups for repealing Prop. 8 and legalizing same-sex marriages in California. For the Padres organization to contribute $3,000+ in 2008 to a homosexual group seeking to normalize homosexuality and sanction same-sex marriages demonstrates that this San Diego baseball team doesn't know if they are Padres or Madres when they are limply swinging their baseball bats at the fastball pitches of the radical homosexual agenda. Indeed, the Padres are engaged in an unprofessional game of harming families and striking out at the sanctity of marriage.

Take Action: Boycott the Padres & Petco Park!

The only issue that the Padres and Petco Park are going to understand is MONEY. When thousands of Christians stop going to Petco Park and spending their money on Padres tickets and merchandise, then the team executives will understand that the Padres must stop promoting the radical homosexual agenda at Petco Park.

Tell the Padres that you will be boycotting their team and Petco Park until they stop giving money to the San Diego Gay Pride organization and the stadium stops holding Gay Days in violation of the good moral direction of San Diego's Christian Community.

Tell the Padres, you will no longer finance their moral betrayals.
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David said...

James said,
“When thousands of Christians stop going to Petco Park and spending their money on Padres tickets and merchandise, then the team executives will understand that the Padres must stop promoting the radical homosexual agenda at Petco Park.”

The real scandal here is not the fact that the Padres are promoting homosexual day at the park but the fact that some Christians are patronizing these events regardless of whether homosexuals are there or not. Baseball in San Diego is immoral. They encourage alcoholism by selling huge amounts of beer at each game. They show disrespect for the Christian church by scheduling games on Sunday (the Lord’s day). The language and behavior of many of the baseball fans is crude and obscene. Why would any parent who loves their children expose them to a drunken party on Sunday (or any other day). Baseball is not a Christian sport. Jesus would never go to a baseball game, especially on Sunday.

June 7th is on a Sunday. No true Christian is going to attend that game.
If you have to go to a baseball game on Sunday, take the kids to a little league game.

Mixalhs said...

You've got to be kidding me.

George R. said...

This is a non-issue.
Less than 1% of gays are interested in going to a ball game.
The Padres are desperately trying to sell seats and will sell to anyone. Hartline is desperately trying to find scandal and controversy (when there is none).

The vast majority (95%) of San Diego citizens are tolerant and accepting of gay people and have more important things to do than agonize over a nonexistent problem.